Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Intellectuals part 3 Postscript

Every organisation has its jargon and internal language to keep outsiders and the uninitiated at bay. It seeks exclusivity to provide it with status and cachet amongst its self elected fellow elites. The intellectual classes are no exception to this human flaw and indeed have all the means at their disposal to create a hermetically sealed environment for themselves being as they are masters of subterfuge via language manipulation. Their biggest enemy is clarity because this would make clear what their deliberately intended opaque language makes obscure. They must perforce employ euphemism to conceal their true intent. It is much harder to get away with a wrong flawed and fallacious argument if it is couched in simple language than if it is hidden in dense abstruse esoteric prose.This of course is why politicians do the same thing and hide behind the figleaf of euphemism to conceal their true intent.They are not therfor plundering the citizenry via taxation but merely 'asking the public to pay what is fair' ad nauseam.

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