Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Civil Liberties Trojan Horse

We cannot extend civil liberties to uncivil illiberal people. How can we take seriously the likes of Chakrabati of the absurdly misnamed Liberty pressure group when she is a left wing crackpot with socialist leanings and so cannot possibly be a champion of liberty in any true meaning of the word? If her kind prevailed Al quaeda would already have won the war.

The silly David Davis who seems to have allowed the even silier chakrabati to gain an unhealthy ascendancy over his mind is one of the many useful idiots of Al Quade and the terrorists who cannot surely believe their luck in managing to get so many figures of the establishment to sing their tune and so smooth their path to total victory over the West.

That so many Conservatives have fallen for this civil liberties propaganda is an indication of how far to the left they have drifted.

Let us not take seriously the cry of civil liberties from people who have spent all their political life taking ours away with their dirigiste socialist policies.The hollow ring of their words when they unctuously utter the civil liberties mantra has become a deafening and cacophonous din.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why I Could Never Be A Libertarian

I was sitting on a park bench enjoying the summer sun when a moron came and sat down and lit up.Now her vile smoke was billowing in my direction and I was inhaling what she was exhaling.I am with Roy Masters on this one.People who smoke are not addicts but plain wicked.The idea that they should be permitted to wander around blowing their toxic smoke in people's faces is quite frankly insane and so stupid it is the kind of thing that only intellectuals /libertarians could believe in. Let them smoke in their own houses.Nowhere else.

Abortion is another reason I couold never be a libertarian.They would have people free to kill their babies right left and centre. The basic inhumanity of the libertarian is laid bare.

Homosexuality. The libertarians are keen to allow the sodomists free rein.Sodom and Gomorreah is ok with them.I'm for making it illegal again.

Drugs.The libertarians want to decriminalise these too.Is there no end to their moral degeneracy? How many argument can they be on the wrong side of?

Alcohol.The libertarians want people to be free to wander arund in public consuming alcohol.They don't like any restricitions on licentiousness.The kind of people who drink out of cans in the streets are anti social drunks and the public should be protected from them.

42 days.The libertarians don't want people locked up without trial even if they are plotting psychopathic murderous genocidal muslim maniacs.We can all be blown to kingdom come as long as we preserve our libertarian ideals.Er,sorry,this is the philosophy of the madhouse.

Libertarians want to give mad scientists free rein to create Frankensteinian monsters in the name of scientific progress.Monkeying around with genetics to create a Brave New World of of hybrid humanoids is apparently a libertarian ideal.

Beggary.I was again sitting on a public bench.The woman next to me asked me if I had 30p.I replied yes thank you. I took out my mobile phone to check the time and she asked me if she could borrow my phone to make a call.I said no.She then proceeded to ask every passer by if they could give her 30p.Most said no.This seemed to make her indignant.It's only 30p.What's the problem? she asked her drunken Irish cohort. Harrassing people is the problem with aggressive begging.I would do what the French used to do which is bundle both of them in a polic car ,drive them five miles out of town into the contryside and make them get out and drive away. No I am not a libertarian.

Whoever said libertarianism is the perversion of liberty sure knew what they were talking about

Saturday, June 14, 2008

David Davis Dead Man Walking

The Sun has its finger on the pulse of the nation which supports the 42 days. Kelvin McKenzie is a man of the people in a way that the sorry looking Davis will never be.Standing there making his awkward rambling speech he cut a sad pathetic lonely figure -looking more like a whipped cur than a leader anyone could possible take seriously.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

42 Days Is Way Not Enough!

For muslim suspects there should be absolutely no limit whatsoever to how long they can be detained.I like 'indefinitely' It would only apply to them, not to British people. We had internment during ww2.What's not to like?

At least most British people agree with this. This perverse,counter intuitive and I would say overtly cynical,amoral unpricipled tory opposition to 42 days detntion for terrorist suspects is yet another reason not to vote tory -as if there were'nt enough already.

Monday, June 09, 2008


BBC4 had a retrospective on Thatcher last night.It is clear from all subsequent events within the Party that she was an abberration.When it became obvious that she was seeing the EU for what it was she had to go.Matricide was carried out. What is left now? The party is peopled by glassy eyed adherents of the Cameron Cult -Cameronistas,running dogs of dirigisme,New Labour entryists,trashy novelist feminists like the obscence Bagshawe woman,sexual inverts,environ-mentalists,vacuous careerists.Only the shell of Conservatism remains,an empty vesel devoid of principle or moral compass.