Friday, April 29, 2016

Sympathy for the Devil

The Devil got a bad press. He was the good guy. He never got to tell his side of the story. In the greatest novel ever written the Bible he is presented as the seducer and destroyer when he was in reality the saviour of mankind.

 God ordered Abraham to kill his own son. How satanic is that? The Devil on the other hand urged man to use his mind,reject the totalitarian deal of eternal security that God offered man in exchange for his soul in the form of blind  obedience and mindless obesiance and passivity, living in Edenic sheltered accommodation for eternity - a veritable living hell of North Korean proportions.

Fortunately Adam listened to the Devil's wise counsel when he urged him to use his mind,to think, reason, gain knowledge achieve his own greatness and happiness.Man learned and studied,created a world of magical invention and ingenuity,he wrote books,accumulated knowledge and lived happily ever after.

Well, not quite... Although a great work of fiction the tragedy is that man fell for the hoax of the Bible and sought to follow God's counsel instead of the Devil's.We are living with the consequence of that to this day.

Man is forever looking for the next Fuhrer,The Donald, the Bernie, the Pope,the King or Queen,the EU, the UN, Nato ,some authoritarian guide to take the place vacated by his mind and reason. The dire consequences are all around us as we tip toe once more towards totalitarianism.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Praise of Uncertainty

The harshest criticism the Remainers can level against the Brexiters is that their way will lead to uncertainty and that they cannot draw a picture of what Brexit will look like.Uncertainty is in the nature of freedom. Freedom leads to uncertainty because no one can predict what people will do with it. It rests on millions of individual choices that are entirely unpredictable.

If you want certainty go to North Korea - we know without a doubt that with that system in place people will continue to be slaves,live in mass poverty and privation and misery whilst being forced on pain of their lives to endlessly worship the dictator Kim il song. That is what certainty looks like. Or in fact what it looks like if we remain in the EU. The UK will continue to be humiliated,ignored,held in contempt,bullied,pushed around, regulated unto death,taxed,robbed blind and have its laws over ruled and be forced to import yet more dangerous muslims into the country. That is what certainty re our membership of the EU looks like.

The fact that the Remainers want certaintly speaks to their statist anti freedom anti individual rights control freakery mentality.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Towards the Disintermediated State

What will save mankind from the tyranny of statism and collectivism but Science and Reason and its appliction in modern technology. The emergence of science via the enlightenment gave us the industrial revolution, Caxton's printing press brought literacy to the masses and robbed the clerics of their tyranical sway over the masses as the latter could read and question the Bible for themselves without benefit of clergy.

 Now in the 21st century we see another wave of the cultural and scientific revolution. Before the rise of the internet the press whilst free was limited to a small cadre of journalists but now anyone can publish their writing at the click of a button.Aspiring artists no longer require a producer but can promote themselves on youtube and get a following in the millions. Anyone can set up a business at a fraction of the cost it was hertofor and draw from a potentially limitles pool of customers across the globe.

Even more importanly than the abovementioned liberation via science and technology is the freedom people now have from the oppressive and tyranical state particularly in the field of politics and education. Before the internet homeschooling was looked upon however unfairly as the preserve of a small eccentric minority of parents but now any child can acquire a comprehensive education via the internet and this poses a direct threat to the statist who seek to capture the minds of youth for their ideological collectivist purposes and control education.

With the emergence of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies  people can completely bipass the State and taxation system dealing a deathblow to the collectivists everywhere with their big governement agendas. The age of the disintermediated state is upon us and it  will emerge as the greatest revolution in world history and will do more to bring about the capitalist revolution than any philosophical movement before it.

Here we go again

The opinion polls put Brexit and Remain neck and neck but have we not been here before,and very recently at that? First we were told that SNP would win the referendum on independence and then we were told that there would be another coalition government after the last election. Both were wrong so why should we pay the pollsters any mind since there is no evidence that their dodgy methodology has been in any way corrected. If they are wrong a third time it will be time to bury these voodoo soothsayers forever.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Master of confidence tricks

I once heard arch charlatan Roy Masters bemoan his wife's bovinity and remark that she was lucky he had not gone to his reward and left her ' alone on this miserable earth'.Havin been the subject of almost daily ritualistic vile misogynistic  abuse and character assassination for decades from Roy Masters on the radio one could forgive the poor Mrs Masters from lamenting 'if only'.

Religion is of course man made but one can imagine Roy Masters knocking on the gates of heaven exclaiming ' let me in I tell you, I'm Roy Masters'. To adapt  a line from Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice 'what does God put such idiots as Roy Masters on earth for  if not to provide  sport for our amusement?'.

Master Essays in Evil

Cult leader Roy Masters excoriated Sinatra's My Way because it celebrated man's achievements apart from God and was an exercise in egotism highlighting yet again the fundamental evil malevolent misanthropism of religion the jealous God that will not brook any human achievement without due recognition of its alleged Godly provenance.

Religion is of course a man made evil, the greatest hoax in human history that  allows psychopaths and sociopaths like Masters to gain an unhealthy ascendancy over the minds of his hapless dupes who buy into his God complex and worship at his Fhu shrine of vacuity and gobbledegook. It is my privelege to expose this fraud and arrant knave and by so doing hopefully free people from the hypnotic thrall he has over them.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Slavery of Taxation

A counter narrative to the near universal approbation of taxation  as a  morally laudable and legitimate tool of  governments is long overdue. The Panama leaks of tax evasion and avoidance and the faux moral outrage of leftist statist commentators against businessmen who have the temerity to circumvent the crippling tax regimes of their respective countries highlight this need even more.

Taxation far from being moral is nothing more than wholesale looting and theft by governments using altruism as their philosophical firewall which philosophy when challenged will prove as leaky as a colander but up to the present time has only been challenged by a few cultural outliers chief among them being Ayn Rand.

There is no real distinction between avoidance and evasion in relation to tax except in bogus legal terms. If one sees a mugger approaching and crosses the road is it an act of avoidance or evasion? Only with an appreciation of the importance of individual rights and the role of the State can one mount a moral case against taxation. If one comes from a philosophy of altruism and collectivism and this is the prevailing orthodoxy as it plainly is then a sizable amount of groundwork would be needed to counter the false inverted morality behind taxation.

It is the ideology of altruism that all statists use to justify their continued depradations and violations of private property and kleptocratic seizures of personal income through taxation by  aggressive and abusive States across the Western hemisphere and beyond. Challenge this with a coherent moral code of self interest and individual rights and the ramparts of statism will crumble like pie crust and with it the whole superstructure of taxation.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Why the UK needs a British Capitalist Party

The political struggle is not as it is always presented, ie, between Left versus and Right - Socialism versus neo liberalism but rather between what is loosely termed libertarianism versus authoritarianism. It is possible to be on the Right and be authoritarian and statist: witness Trump   who is an outright pro tarriff protectionist and anti immigrationist. Ukip too have the same protectionist agenda promising to close the border to immigrants to protect British jobs and also is pro tariff, excoriating Chinese steel 'dumping'. Both left and right therfor share the same statist premises.

In this false alternative between Left and Right what is conspicuous by its absence is any non statist party and consequently a  vacuum lies at the heart of British politics as a result which it is the intention of a capitalist party to occupy.In the week when a Conservative government has introduced the so called Living Wage which mandates compulsory wage rises for the low paid -an outright socialist policy that even old Labour did not dare introduce the need for a pro capitalist party in the UK has never been greater or more urgent.

At the heart of the Capitalist Party agenda would be an enshrinement of individual rights that the state would be prevented by law from violating. Any coercive act by the State namely the initiation of force against any citizen would be outlawed. This would preclude taxation which is out and out theft by the State,the use of force to deprive individual citizens of what is rightly theirs,the fruits of their labours. This process of tax elimination would happen not instantly but over a generation to enable people to prepare for the change and would involve an incremented decrease of the level of taxation over two decades or so. The moral argument against State coercive taxation would have as its base the right of the individual to make his own choices about his life and a complete rejection of the idea of altruism,self sacrifice, the pernicious collectivist notion and evil doctrine that the individual exists not to further his own life and happiness but to sacrifice to others, for the wholly bogus and mythical construct known as the 'public good'.

To shake off the rank odour of tradition and   moral stasis at the rotten heart of the British establishment two institutions that would have to be rejected are the monarchy and the church of England so dissolution of the first and disestablishment of the second would be the sine qua non of a free country liberated from the shackles of these twin evils casting a long shadow as they undoubtedly have of tryanny and arbitrary rule over British history.

The British Capitalist Party hereafter known as the BCP would eliminate the national debt by selling of or auctioning all State land and property and this with the addition of Royal property held by the monarchy would probably eliminate the debt in itself. Money would also be raised by selling off the NHS and the BBC, the prisons, and fire service.

 Tariffs and import duties will be unilaterally scrapped as the futility of  tariffs wars is amply historically documented and as if to illustrate the point only today  it has been announced that China will be imposing tariffs on British steel in retaliation for the latter's stand against its  so- called steel dumping.

Leaving the EU will also help to eliminate the debt and long lengthy treaty negotiations can be obviated by the abovemention unilateral tariff elimination so countries from around the world can 'dump' cheap products on the British market thus reducing the bills of the very poor far more effectively than the Living Wage which of course will also be scrapped.

In order to free up the entrepreneurial spirit of the British people all regulation of the economy will be scrapped along with all business taxes such as capital gains tax,corporation tax,business rates but again over a twenty year period to allow people to adjust. The licensing system will also be scraped which is just another defato taxation and has the demotivating initiative killing effect that all socialist bureaucracy does. Setting up a business should not require permission by the State with pettifgging rules that kill enterprise.

 There will be a complete separation of economy and State,privatisation of the Bank of England and the introduction of competing currencies. The state will have no borrowing powers and the state bailing out of banks will be outlawed. The energy market will be deregulated with no state funding or interference and offgem and all other regulatory state agencies across trade and industry will be abolished.

All State schools will be sold off and a separation of school and State effected as the State has no business running schools or controlling its curicula which has inevitably led to the politicisation  of schools and their capture by tenured statist radicals dominating the sector and contaminating academe  with their  agendas of political correctness.