Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Curse of Islam

I have included the much visited 20 things you should know about Islam' sidebar primarily because one of my contributions is included therin under parasitism. I have to do my little bit to expose this Death Cult.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Rallying call

I am thinking of starting my own tiny political party. My millions of readers are free to offer me any advice as long as they are all Thatcherite neo libertarian quasi objectivist neocons. (Don't be confused).

Here are a few sine qua nons to affiliation. Manifesto wise we are looking at a ban on abortion, abolition of the Welfare State, withdrawal from the EU, return to 1950 status quo re homosexuality, the right to bear arms as written in our Bill of Rights, abolition of income tax, vat and 99% of all other taxes hidden or otherwise eg corporation tax, capital gains tax,gift tax ad nauseam, separation of School and State...

Get back.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lisbon Munich Heir Disaster

Here's the lowdown on what Labour's signing of this Faustian pact really means.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Script By Lewis Caroll

This way madness lies.

Instead of working day and night to get terrorists and their fellow travellers out of this country we are working day and night to bring them back into the country. Lord Goldsmith should be hung by a rope till dead.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Madness Of Islam

The pathology of Islam is stark and exposed for all to see in the latest spasm of outrage in Sudan. We are giving this country hundreds of millions of pounds in foreign aid. The moral bankruptcy of this policy, the obscenity of it all beggars belief. As Enoch said we are busily heaping up our own funeral pyre.

Ex Post Facto Rationalisation

We are told there will no longer be a morning post. We haven't had that for the longest time. It really is time they shot the messenger.Privatisation beckons. Sorted

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm The Taxman

These people don't need to hire punchbags. That's what the taxpayers are for.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Merde Most Foul

They should use live rounds on these scum.

Storms and Teacups

This is so silly. If private individuals want to fund their preferred political party that is their business. Could this all be a ruse to introduce tax funding of political parties? The unreconstructed leftist Francis Maude was promoting it yesterday on the back of this contrived controversy. Let the unions and the masochistic businessmen fund Labour and not force the hapless taxpayer at gunpoint to do so.

Muhhamad Stuffed

Who would want to name a teddy bear after a paedophile? Poor old Muhum-mad though. I doubt even he deserves these stupid followers.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

France Spasmodic Psychosis (take 1000)

The sick man of Europe is throwing another hissy fit and hurling its toys out the playpen.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Heard It All Before

2.6 million people are swinging the lead and claiming disability benefit. Does anyone really believe that this government is going to do anything about it? Characteristics are reliable. Expect more creative accounting and Enron style sleights of hand. Labour needs its client group and will not do anything radical that is required to shift these worthless people off benefits.

Babies For Lezzies

Child abuse takes many forms. Lesbians wanting access to children is a no-brainer one would think -but here we are debating whether dyke couples can have their perversion enshrined in law.At least the Catholic Church knows when something is rotten in the State and is prepared to stand up and be counted.

Lets Blow £2.5 Million Giving Heroin To Junkies

The government has got some more interesting uses for your taxes...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Porous Borders

The UK is the fourth most densely populated country in the world. The welfare state is a magnet that draws the scum of the earth to this land and have reduced it to a multicultural cess pit. Mass deportation may not be practical but it should be contemplated. In Canterbury prison the whole population is full of foreign criminals. They cost the taxpayer millions of pounds a year. We could deport them immediately. That would be a start.

Muslims and Arabs in the UK Don't Have Any Rights

Habeas corpus does or should not extend to muslims and arabs in this country because make no mistake we are at defacto war with them. 29 days - 56 days there should be no cap on how long we should be able to detain these scumbags. If they don't like it they can leave this country and take their treacherous human rights lawyers and the whole Liberty Amnesty fellow travellers with them

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sodomite Rule

The corelation between homosexuality paedophillia fascism is now complete

Slouching towards Sodom and Gomorrrah the UK is waiving its last freedoms goodbye. Unless there is a concerted assault on this kind of thing the shirt lifters will prevail. Religious persecution rules UK.

Monday, October 22, 2007



Definition: Any country that tolerates 67% tax on its petrol (eg UK)

UK masochism is well known and finds its greatest expression in its enthusiasm for paying extortionate taxes. No better example of this is the above stated egregious and crippling 67% tax on petrol. Not a squeak or murmur from the public can be heard the length and breadth of the land. The clear message this sends the PM is that there is no limit to how much tax can be levied on the British public. It is a lesson he has learned and acted on over the last 10 years to a deleterious extent.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Why does a staunchly conservative outlet like the Mail on Sunday give houseroom to this sort of thing? The BBC wouldn't give Daily Mail values two minutes of airtime. Another thing the unfinished Thatcher revolution fell down on: not privatising the BBC.

Friday, October 19, 2007

An Iron Curtain Has Descended over the Continent

Brown's Chamberlain moment will give him pride of place in the Rogue's gallery of traitors of this country alongside the quislings and Haw Haws. He was never opposed to the EU and all its dark deeds and here is proof in this ultimate betrayal.

Britain must end its masochistic relationship with the EU now and only complete withdrawal from it will do.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Reflections On The Feminist Revolution

On UKTV they were showing the extended documentary entitled I think, the Beatles Decade. Interspersed with the usual Beatle footage was a social commentary glib, facile, fatuous and wholly befitting of the shallow decade it was discussing.

The viewers were invited to accept the tired shopworn and crackerbarrel thesis that the emancipation of women was a good thing and the sexual revolution was a liberating phenomenon, when in fact it was about as liberating as the Soviet tanks that rolled into Czechoslovakia at the same time in that misbegotten decade.

1967 was the glorious year when the feminst movement reached its hideous and squalid apogee with the legalisation of mass murder of the innocents in the Orwellian euphemism of abortion. Since then 6 million babies have been sacrificed on the altar of feminism - a veritable hollocaust indeed.

The only thing anyone had been liberated from of course, was self restraint and decency. Divorce was made easy,families were broken, liberals lied and people died. Drugs addled what was left of the soft brained youth suckled on welfare and 'free' liberal education aka liberal brainwashing.

As the great social commentator Anne Coulter has recently observed female suffrage is the true culprit of this social catastrophe. There is a clear statistical link between female voting patterns and the election of liberal welfare governments.

Stay at home mums could thus save the country simply by staying home and having their voting papers gently but firmly removed from them.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What We Wish For

A friend of sorts is always anticipating the fall of capitalism with a relish which is altogether unhealthy. He particularly enjoys tales of property investors whose calculations go askew and end up with negative equity. If you point out that his pleausre at others hubris has its roots in the repossession of his house for bad debts decades ago he brushes it off as having nothing to do with it.

For myself I relish and anticipate the fall of socialism in this country with equal if not greater intensity than my friend wishes the demise of capitalism. To me capitalism is about the survival of the fittest and most intelligent whereas socialism is about the survival of the unfittest and stupidest. Who in their right minds would want the latter to prevail -other than envy-eaten mediocrities?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Going Postal

This is what happens when State monopolies rule.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Betweween Northern Rock and a Hard Place

Bailing out failure only begets more of it as we know from the disastrous welfare experiment. Greenspan may be taking the pragmatic line in supporting a bail-out but it is surely a misconceived act albeit one totally in keeping with the meddling interventionist statist leftist PM riding in on his charger to enable the wrong in their folly.

Investment is always a risk. Why should taxpayers foot the bill for a risk gone wrong? How many more banks are waiting in the wings in a similar position? What precedent does it set for future acts of banking folly?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Battle Of Britain Lost In 1945

After fighting National Socialism for over 5 years the British people voted for it in 1945. The Labour government embarked on its National Socialist Welfare State and stripped the country's assets to the bone in an act of kleptocracy unrivalled in modern times.

In the words of Ayn Rand: "The British people sold their souls for a pair of National Health spectacles." Now they not only have no soul but they have to pay for their spectacles as well! Promised the moon they got green cheese.

The timid timorous British rolled over for a right royal screwing and have been doing it ever since. A more contemptible race it would be hard to find. The next act of surrender was only a matter of time. Britian opened up its borders to the social detritus of the world that flooded in claiming British citizenship and a liberal helping of welfare benefits bankrupting future generations in perpetuity.

Having lost the will to live the country has been turned over to middle eastern religious fascists terrorists who have dotted the country with mosques from which they plot the final downfall of Britain and its replacement with an Islamist caliphate.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Topic Of Cancer

Whenever cancer is discussed the word 'battle' is never far behind.

Phooey I say. Disease is turned into a virtue. An heroic battle takes place between the 'victim' and the disease until the victim is vanquished and the media steps in and begins the deification process. The victim's noble battle was lost, ad nauseam.

Give me a break. Why does no one stop to consider the possibility that the victim may have had some part in their dis-ease if not the main part? That would be too painful to the ego of us all so we indulge in this fiction that disease is enobling and it becomes yet one more vehicle for the boundless ego to wallow about in and derive its sustenance from. Are you following all this gentle reader/s?

Love is the only answer, hate is the root of cancer. Not my words but those of a rock singer back in the 70's called Jon Anderson (Yes, 'Then')

The cancer cure industry has been living parasitically off the parasite cancer in symbiosis. The last thing they want is a cure. No need for anyone to hold their breath. Cancer rules OK and is now a defacto cult, a new religion its millions of members worshippiing at the altar of Sick.

Miseducation, Miseducation, Miseducation

Millions of children will be feeling a sense of dread today as they confront the horror of another season in the hell that is the state school system. We don't need no state education, we don't need no thought control...

Future generations - if there be any - will look back in disbelief that such a system was ever countenanced and that people had such blind faith in the State to run education.

Socialist change agents run the school system and are busy inculcating socialist non values into their hapless charges, brainwashing them with socialist environmentalist propaganda, politically correct hysterical revisionism, propagating amoral secular humanist non values of homosexualism and pro abortionism.

Parents have been so dumbed down by this socialist propaganda themselves that they are powerless to challenge such abuse when it is visited on their children. They lead them to the slaughter of State education, in much the same way that an abused child goes on to abuse others.

Thousands now home school to save their children from this abuse or send them to private schools which means they are paying twice for one service. Why don't the tories do something to address this injustice and give said parents their tax money back?

Big Brother Was Watching Him


A commie by any other name...

Monday, September 03, 2007

He Loved Big Brother

I am missing it already. Now I will just have to get a life I guess...

But wait, X Factor to the rescue!

Friday, August 03, 2007

How To Deal With Drug Peddlars

Like this

Muslims are Psychos -Official


When are we going to stop pandering to these scum and throw them out of the country?

Great News

Great news!

A long and painful death we trust?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Environmentalism and the New Political Breed of Witchdoctors

Gullible warming. Scam report . Scam alert! If any modern superstition and pseudo science was tailor made for politicos and chancers, environmentalism is it. It has all the composites for mass manipulation and tax raising revenue. Fear. Fear. And more fear. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. This tool of Fear is the geatest in the politican's arsenal and he wields it with all the panache of a master hypnotist.

Guilt is the back up ploy. Do you want to leave a ruined planet for your heirs? Small wonder the Leftists fell on environmntalism like a starving man on food. Just when everyone was beginning to see the utter bankruptcy of the left a new superstition was constructed guaranteed to keep them in business for decades. From the ashes of socialism rose the phoenix of environmentalsim. Collectivism was taken off the life support system,given a makeover, a new meme, lexicon and dialectic and the monstrous hybrid is striding across the politcal landscape like a colossus.

All political parties have had to give obesiance to the God of Environmentalism, offer it sacrifices, mouth its pieties, spew its plattitudes, observe its rituals, rehearse its vacuities, spout its doggerel.Heretics are burned at the stake of 'public opinion' (definition: whatever the liberal elite bien passant say it is).

Politicians are used to playing God and now they can assume that role officially. They can now control the weather! The kudos, the maniacal power!

Lies and the Lying Liberal Leftists Who Tell Them

Why are liberals so in the ascendancy when all their shibboleths and fallacies have been exploded a thousand million times? Because the human race has a preternatural genetic predisposition and need for lies. The liberal merely plays on this predisposition for his own political gain. That is why there is no real hope for the human race.

Every day a new get rich quick con appears because there is a sucker born every minute. People want to hear lies. They want to be told that if you roll this dice, bet on that horse,buy this business report and the rights to reproduce it and send out mail shots you will end up with the flashy car and the women hanging on your arm that are featured in the glossy brochure that arrived in the post this morning. Small wonder Labour jumped on this bandwagon of get rich quickism and licensed all those casinos. The lottery mentality can be milked to the max for revenue.

All such schemes and ponzi pyramid scams pale into insignificance however when compared to the greatest scam of all time -the Welfare State. At least with the former you can choose to be scammed. With the WS there is no choice. This is a cult which does not allow refuseniks. All must be a member. This gigantic fraud and confidence trick spanning over six decades has stolen billions from its countless victims and not a single person responsible has ever seen the inside of a prison cell. The crime of the century -and they got away with it!

For politicians the lie is always their best gambit. People want to hear that they can be paid for not working, paid for having children by different fathers,paid for some imaginary racial slight,paid for falling over their own feet and injuring themselves,paid for existing.We get the kind of governement we deserve and if you are one of those tiny weeny minorities, the independent minded, free thinking individual the best thing you can do is hide in a cave and wait for the whole stinking show to come crashing down.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feral Youths Rule

On the TV BBC news we were told that the judges were de-wigged to protect the pre- teen thugs from the 'trauma' of being in court. (Yes, I had to do a double-take too!)

Lets have corporal punishment for these scum bags.

Cameron Unmasked

Liberals run the criminal justice system and the criminals are the beneficiaries. Their victims are hoodwinked by the liberals with carefully doctored statistics that show that crime is falling.The stats themselves are the product of criminal deception. No one trusts this corrupt system and the country is in very real danger of being overun by criminal elements.

The political party hitherto regarded as the party of law and order,the tories have sold the pass to the liberals and are now out-bleating the left on the need to 'understand' the criminals - to 'hug a hoodie' in the modish parlance adopted by the Tory pretender Call meDave Cameron. This counter intuitive surge to the left surely represents a misreading of Middle England unrivalled in modern times and this has been reflected in the catastrophic poll and bielection results just recorded.

If the party has indeed been hijacked by a lunatic left fringe which is now tail wagging the dog one would expect to see open revolt in the ranks but up till now this has not happened. Now that Dave is in apparent freefall with the electorate it now is.Could this foppish twat soon be history?

Monday, July 30, 2007

BBC Rumbled and Exposed

This was so good. Charles Moore on Any Questions lays into BBC bias. (To just hear that piece go 30 mins forward and two mins back)

How insulting to everyone's intelligence for BBC presenters to tiresomely insist that there is no bias and it is all a figment of Conservative imagination. They have to peddal that line because if they came clean that would be the end of the licence and their cosy little number. But think of the corruption of journalism that this deception necessitates. Here are people who stake their reputation on reporting the truth and they are forced to perpetuate a lie on a daily basis that is every bit as big and monstrous as those lies of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stray Thoughts on Liberalism As Secular Religion

Like phoney religionists the liberal is the high priest of a perverted religion which takes from the good and gives to the bad. He seeks power over his flock by instilling an unearned guilt into them to extract royalties. They must worship at his man made shrine of liberalism. They must earnestly and unctuously repeat its mantras and observe its rituals. The right hand must always know what the left hand is doing. Trumpet your good works across the land and use the extracted royalties to pay for the trumpetting!

Any dissent is heresy leading to public shame and humiliation.

The people had no sooner shaken off the tyrannous yoke of religiosity than they proceeded to yoke themselves to an even greater one of liberalsim. Its incantations were naked and transparent: 'to each according to his need', 'free at the point of use', 'cradle to grave welfare'. A return to the Edenic state, the New Jerusalem -without the need of repentance! Who could resist the siren cry of the unearned?

Liberals Are Fascists

Liberals are all fascists to varying degrees. They want to use the State to force people to do things they would not otherwise do - like hand their hard earned money over to workshy layabouts so they can reproduce more of their shiftless kind. The liberal doesn't see this as fascism but rather, humanitarianism. But it is of course fascism.

So liberalism flying under false colours for 60 years plus, most people are conditioned into thinking this perverted humanitarianism -a sort of vicarious philanthropy is the genuine article. They would be able to see through it had they not been conditioned like statist robots through the state education system. They thus sanction their own victimhood.

Freeing such people from this mental and physical slavery is absolutely impossible. Such moral and spiritual serfdom is imbred and the only outcome is totalitarianism - that we see creeping upon us right now here in the UK.

What Can Be Done?

Is Britain a totalitarian state in the making -yes! We all know it. A Damocles sword of total statism hangs over our heads. The clouds are forming, the gathering storm approaches, yet Britain sleeps on, comatose, staring blankly at its tv screen soaking up the daily dose of trivia.

The slave state of unconscious victims strung out on legal and illegal drugs walks zombie like to its doom. The few remaining un-body-snatched look on in horror and helplessness, blogging into serfdom.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Come Friendly Bombs....

Here's proof even the open borders liberals will find hard to Slough off

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good One

Let that be a lesson to you.Let regular similar treatment be your lot.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Socialism is for losers. Capitalism is for winners. Crudely put, but true. Socialism taps into the very primal human emotion of envy. It says the chap next door is doing better than you. Vote for us and we will take some of his money and give it to you. To losers this is an offer they cannot refuse.Kleptocracy is the result. Yet Socialists claim the moral highground!!!! Everyone buys it. Philosophers endorse it. Teachers teach it. The media promotes it. The tax system is predicated on it. Churchmen preach it. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth said Hitler -and then proceeded to put it into practice. Hitler was a socialist too...

Modern government is little more than organised crime. Government as mafia. Mobocracy. Mob rule.They say hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue and true to form the socialist dress this plunder up as a virtue.

200,000 Years Before Global Warming...

How could this be?

Crime Pays in Brown's Britain

Between Brown's hitmen in the treasury and the thugs on the street small business is beseiged and as shown here has no faith in the legal system.

We know Labour hates private enterprise and that all of this is no accident. Here's the proof.

PC Holding the Ring

Another example. Except religion and ethnicity wins only if it is an eastern persuasuion: muslim rights, hindu rights - and christian rights go hang.

To cultural cringe we must add religious cringe. In retreat and beseiged by all sides the last vestiges of christianity are stripped away, its adherents mocked and reviled. Mosques and muslims are kow-towed to, institutions bend over backwards to appease the deadly cult of Islam. The only consolation to draw from all this is that when Islam finally triumphs in the West the PC fascists-useful idiots who helped bring it about will be first in line on the muslim chopping block.

PC Trumps TB

Never mind about the collective good which is what leftism is supposed to be about. When ethnicity and religion is involved the PC fascists know exactly which way to jump.Bull shit rules ok?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't Mind The Gap

This is the sign of a healthy society. One where they all get the same is a levelled and dumbed down, socialistic coommunistic, egalitarian mediocracy no one is their right mind would want to live under. Viva la difference.

One solution to the poverty trap would be to get rid of the welfare state. Nothing has created poverty on a mass scale like this socialistic monolith that sucks the life out of countless generations, blighting the aspirations of millions.

The Lunatic Is On The Grass

If this man was a right wing loony instead of a left wing loony would the BBC be wetting itself over him fawningly, idolatorously, uncritically, hagiographically as it is here?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Strikes Are For Losers

The featherbedded dinasaurs are flicking their tails in a last atavistic spasm of futile gesturing. Strikes are for losers because they are an act of desperation by the powerless. What they cannot win by persuasion or strength of intelligence they seek to win by brute force. But striking is a very blunt instrument and it usually lands on the strkers.

It goes like this. Stike affects productivity and reputation of the company which causes loss of buiness to rival companies which causes yet more job losses. A three year old child could figure it out and it doesn't require much intelligence but since when were unions ever known for their intelligence?

There is a bigger issue here and that is why people place themselves in a position where they are dependent on a parent company to employ them. The employer gives them a job and the job represents a comfort zone for them, almost like a welfare situation. No thought is required, they merely turn up every day at bicycle factory number 26, go through a series of prescribed motions and pick up their paycheck at the end of the month. They react with childlike hostility and tantrums when they are informed that they may not have a job for life and could face redundancy.Reduced to a state of near infantilism they begin to throw their toys out of the playpen and go on strike.The company owes them a job for life!

Militant economic illiteracy and ignorance is badge they wear with pride. They took no part in creating the company they work for and have no conception of how the market operates. It is very hard to be an employee and actually mature into an adult and clearly the postal workers have failed to make the transition.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Only In Socialist Britain

Yet more hatred of the producers stirred up by the socialist BBC. Operating outside the free market they spout their poisonous propaganda against capitalism which they do not understand but greatly fear. This is so transparent even the general public in a recent poll seem to have got it and regard the BBC as out of touch with the real world, tendentious and hopelessly mired in liberal leftism.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Muslims Killing Muslims= GOOD!

This is how to reduce the muslim population. Let them do what they do best which is killing one another. Islam it is now clear is nothing but a death cult and it is being played out on the killing fields of Iraq. Muslims hate one another far more than they hate America.

The anti war brigade need to recognise that the mess in Iraq is caused soley by muslims.They are on an internicine civil war of self immolation.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Muslim Doctors Of Death

The cancer of Islam knows no bounds. Hippocratic oath? Forget it. The decades long folly of opening our borders to the scum of the earth has come back to bite us with a vengeance. Only the Prophet Enoch was right in warning that we were as a nation heaping up our own funeral pyre. The burning inferno of car bombers in Glasgow is a graphic reminder of how prescient he was.

Now we try half heartedly to lock the stable doors but PC overrides all sanity and we allow thes scum to practice their black arts of medicine on the NHS. Anyone with any brains will now categorically refuse to be treated by muslim doctors.

Isn't it time to recognise that Islam can be given no house room in the UK and that all mosques should be immediately dismantled and the whole lot of them sent Paking?

Not So Gullible Warming

The public won't get fooled again. They think this gullible warming thing is a racket. The leftist environ-mentalists will have to spin even more furiously to get the public to swallow their loopy anti capitalist agendas. The Today programme will have to mention the environment 200 times an hour instead of just 150. Al Gore will have to make even more absurd hyperbolic claims, Private frasier will have to be exhumed to declaim 'We're doomed, doomed!' on an endless tape loop; brainwashing environ-mentalist change-agents in the schools will have to work even harder, accelerating to fever-pitch less this dangerous skepticism counters all the work of the socialists to take away the last freedoms of the British people. No time to lose!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Diana Myth Revisited

Necrophillia rules! So this is what happens when people abandon religion. They worship false Godesses.

The cult of celebrity started here. What did this woman ever DO? False right down to here dyed hair, and as a friend remarked: 'this woman had more p##### than a second hand dart board'. Yet she is Di-eified by the world. Mother Teresa who at least did something for her fame died on the same day as Diana but because she was an ugly hag got no press and media coverage....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From Left Field..

The tory identity crisis continues. Whilst this old federast's defection is no loss to Cameron it is an embarrassment and a kick in the head. What he says of 'Dave' is spot on. Smarmy superfices do not a party make.

Meet The New Boss...

The madness of King George. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. As the coronation approaches the man who would be king has had years of experience extracting royalties from the people and is about to be crowned. A right royal screwing awaits. These are taxing times...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Constitution By Any Other Name

When is a constitution not a constitution? When they call it a Treaty.40 years of trickery over the EU and still it goes on. Nothing straight or transparent has ever come out of the EU. The biggest scam after the welfare state and they are still at it.

Politicians are so cynical and hold the public in complete contempt. Words mean what they want them to mean and if the public doesn't like something they are doing they will just give it another name and carry on doing it. The EU is a byword for treachery,deceit and scam. Its rotten heart needs tearing out.

The Satanic State

Brave New World. The UK State turning children into sex objects. No one on the media has commented on the absolute obscenity of this sinister development. Secularism's final triumph.

Will there be a public backlash against this? Ha ha will there.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Manning RIP

The scourge of PC Bernard Mannings was everything British humour should be, lambasting all targets with extreme prejudice. No race or colour was safe from his merciless wit. We shall not see his like again.

Sir Salman

A well and richly deserved award and one in the eye for muslims. Pakistan's response should be treated with utter and complete contempt.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pope's Got The Dope

Right again. Why would anyone support Amnasty when they are a bunch of left wing activists period though?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What's The Fuss

I would be deeply concerned if they weren't torturing muslim terrorist suspects. Rendition is a legitimate tool of interrogation. If I were a cartoonist I would draw a picture of the UK after a nuclear terrorist attack. In the rubble are two injured and dying liberals. The one says to the other just before his dying breath "At least we preserved habeas corpus".

Keep Death....

Shouldn't they have to pay a higher insurance premium?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Not A Penny More

These people deserve Nothing. Why do we allow politicians to steal our money and funnel it down the black hole of Africa? This is wholesale larceny. How dare they present it as a humanitarian gesture. Africa is going to hell in a handbasket and we are footing the bill. Let them rot in hell. Foreign aid is an obscenity. Charity at the point of a gun. It is done to make politicians look good.Ignoble people seeking nobility through noble causes - that doesn't cost them a penny. We pay for their vicarious philanthropy.

Africa takes the Darwin award every time. Let us leave it to its well deserved fate. If you want to throw your money at this godforsaken continent no one will stop you. In my kind of world no one will be forced to give their money to lost causes. That is tyranny.

Political Correctness is the Nigger In The Woodpile

The brouhaha over Emily's faux pas on BB has revealed one thing about 21st century Britain, namely that it is a nation haunted by the spectre of totalitarian thought control. PC fascism on the march has brought about a liberal Spanish Inquisition.

In the abscence of religion a vacuum, a spiritual void has been exposed and false religions have rushed in. One of the most insidious being Political Correctness, a cult that seeks out heretics to metaphoriacally burn at the stake. Today we have the totalitarian show trial on TV where the guilty have to cravenly abase themselves and apologise for their incorrect thoughts.

As Andrew Marr's BBC programme on post war Britain attests the country was effectively invaded 50 years ago and is now at the endgame of an identity crisis, reduced to grovelling on its knees to appease the invading mongrel hordes of immigrant sub species who are raping and pillaging the nation on the installment plan.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another Mystery...

Why is it that Western technology is 21st century but Western politics is mid 20th with residues of late 19th? The incompetent dysfunctional lumbering leviathan State is still the prime mover and source of all that is good and true - (yeah right.) State worship is alive and well (in a virulent sort of way) casting a dark shadow on progress and enlightenment freedom and liberty.

A British citizen is less politically free today than his forbears were 150 years ago. He is taxed in his comings and goings in ways which a century and a half ago would have been regarded as inconceivable and downright unconscionable. This is back to the future with a vengeance.

Where, as I have asked recently, is the latter day William Wilberforce who will free the people from the shackles of State slavery?

State monopoly on education has mass produced statist mentalities working through government agencies to promote liberal pro totalitarian mindsets in the people and their vested interests will be very hard to counter so entrenched and fixed are they.

Leftism Counter Intuitive

It's okay to kill your baby. Give people things for nothing and you will teach them independence and self reliance. Let politicians run the health service. Levy high taxes and the econmy will flourish. Politicians should be trusted with the education of the youth. Pander to criminals and make excuse for their bad behaviour and they will become good.

No matter what leftist shibboleth you examine every one is counter intuitive and goes against common sense, reality, reason and human nature. Why then does leftist thought have such a stranglehold on the West to this day even though all its solutions have created the very opposite of its claimed intentions, leading to social collapse and civil degradation?

Search me.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Are Germans Mad?

Why not use live rounds on these anarchist nazis? The arrested moral and mental development of these young people is surely a product of the oppressive and extensive German welfare system. Someone tell them the 60's are over please.

Endgame For Faux Tory?

Has this fraud been smoked out? His grammar school debacle could be the start of his unravelling. There is time to fell this impostor and retreive the party before this bizarre dorian gray character destroys it forever.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dyke Smokes Out Fag Reith

Reith was a fag! Greg Dyke revealed all on BBC 4 last night. A curmudgeonry fantasist and mediocrity envious of achievers in the real world like Churchill and delusional, Reith was the perfect head for an organisation with totalitarian ambitions which has achieved its goal of stretching a monstrous reach across the world's airwaves with baneful and pernicious effects on freedom of thought and enquiry. Like a oppressive pall it casts its hypnotic thrall, subjugating the masses with pc driven agendas and a malignant world view.

In the 40's George Orwell worked for the organisation and it was his experience there that imbued his worst nightmarish visons of state control and totalitariansm in his book 1984. This monopolising tyranny of the airwaves has reached its nadir of thought control. It is now clear that its founding leader was a delusional megalomaniac and it should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Andrew Marr's Attack On Reason

The obscene sight of oleaginous Marr near wetting himself as he drooled over the creation of the NHS, slobering and slathering over the socialist miscreants of post war Britain -the architects of its ruin. A licence to propagandize socialist claptrap and he went to it with relish. When will this BBC Socialist dinasaur be burried?

Travesty Of Justice

These two should have been given 20 lashes and sent to guatanamo for 2 years. This sends out the message that treason and sabotage are okay.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Arabia Death Cult Gene

There is no other explanation for the Arab mindset than that a pathology of death worship imbues it. A suicidal death cult characterises the whole arabic continent with the sole exception of Israel and its worship of life and light. Darkness descends on Arabia and Israel the beacon of light is found guilty in the international Alice in Wonderland MSM driven Kangaroo court of injustice.

As the contrast between Israel and all the sub cultural Arab States of altered consciousness becomes more stark so the shrill voices of the arab advocacy around the world become more shrill and insistent that Israel must be brought to account. Such are the perverse ways of a sick world where death is embraced lauded and excused and life and goodness are pilloried and traduced.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Is The BBC A Cult?

I have always thought Panorama producers were mad. Here's the proof.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Altruism is ok when practised between consenting adults but watch out for Statist altruists who get some parasexual thrill from playing philanthropist with your money.Some unbounded diseased inverted egoism propels them to go on raiding parties to the midddle England heartlands pillaging all before them and then handing over their stolen booty to the non productive trolls who elect them to power up North.

Any radical conservative government would slash the State payrolls by a millionfold and those remaining would have their vote gently but firmly removed from them. Gerrymandering would be off limits. Millions of useless parasitic clients of the state would be robbed of their sustenance and the people unburdened of this fiscal drain.

No longer would state power lusters be able to get away with counterfeit virtue, to bask in the warm glow of unearned goodness. But for this to happen there would need to be some re education. The blogosphere is the tool of choice but whether it will be sufficient remains unclear right now. The MSM is like a juggernaut crushing all before it and it is manned by statist mentalities who will never let their status quo be challenged. Right now this roadblock appears insuperable. Is there anyone anywhere who will challenge the liberal hegemony and finish the Thatcher Project so fatally derailed and truncated by her Machievellian minions?

Statist Assumptions Must Be Challenged!

Two givens that rile me most are the Health and Education Givens - ie, it is the government's job to provide us with a health and education service. If those two assumptions could be challenged by some party and roundly defeated we would be a long way towards turning this country around. Of course it is the socialist ideology of state altruism underlying it that needs to be taken on but there is no organised opposition to that whatsoever so we are stuffed for the forseeable future.

The old lumbering corrupt clapped out State machinery is going to be clunking along destroying the wealth of the nation for a long time yet.Communism may have died in Eastern Europe but its spirit is alive and kicking right here in our health and education systems like a malignant virus for which there is no antitdote.

And One More Thing...

What most ticks me off is when the msm tells us over and over that Gordon is responsible for our great economy. There was me thinking it was the working people of this country when it was in fact that wealth producing dynamo Flash Gordon, starting up businesses all over the country, innovating business concepts, initiating cutting edge entrepreneurial processes, a one man GDP superkind. Where would we be without the media putting us straight on these things yegods?

The most the burk ever did was get out of the way and not obstruct this torrent of business genius and dynamism but to thank him for that is a bit like thanking a burglar for not burglaring your house. Would anyone claim that the desisting burglar was responsible for the creation of your wealth and possessions? Not in a sane world they wouldn't......

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Talking of Myths

After he has torn the guts out of the nation and reduced it to a servile state and multi cultural cesspit he asserts that it is the greatest nation on earth. What planet is the man living on? I always saw through this popinjay but but for a while I did cut him some slack and must admit I have been swayed by his oratory from time to time. Perhaps I am just more cynical or whatever but when I have watched him recently a whole other Blair has been revealed to me: shifty, evasive, shy, diffident, halting in speech a ham actor with a girlish charm belying his age.

What a gargantuan struggle it was for him to get the words out when praising Brown!He came not to praise but to bury in faint praise. It was risible and quite a contrast to Brown's fluent breathless torrents of words expressly designed by their rapid speed of delivery to obviate any objections on the part of the hapless media interlocutors. A second hand car salesman would envy this man's patter.

Pedalling Myths To The End

Commentators and retrospectives of New Labour's last Ten Years in government have all harped on a common theme including I'm Mandy Fire Me and Postman Prat Johnson and that is, The Middle Way or Third Way Myth. The squared circle way which when divested of its semantics and hair splitting amounts to a fudge, an ideological and linguistic sleight of hand.

The New Labour fiends knew the gig was up re overt smash and grab in your face taxation so they had to hide the larceny in the small print and like a thief in the night purloin under cover of darkness in the form of stealth taxation which Brown perfected to the point of evil genius. For this he is hailed as the New Labour second coming. Chutzpah matched only by depth of cynicism he got away with it and is now about to take over the Reigns of power in a coronation which should make all Democracy loving folk more than a little queasy.

Since when was it a virtue to thieve and plunder on an industrial scale? Under Labour's perverted ideology 'redistribution of wealth' from the dos to the do nots is the gift that keeps on taking and the amount of good and value that is accomplished in the bloated 'public sector' is always in inverse proportion to the amount of money extracted from the hapless and it would seem hoplessly psychotic sado masochistic British public.

Working on the Hitlerian adage that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth the old mantra is Trotted out that the old Left-Right divides no longer made any sense in 1997 - as if to say gravity may have been relevant before but now its laws have been suspended and we can all jump off high buildings with impunity. With no explanation as to why this amazing and miraculous state of affairs had occurred it was simply reiterated as a given, beyond challenge or debate. From here it is but a skip to assert as the same commentators did, that in this new age the old class divides have blurred. Specifically one cannot assume that working class people would automatically vote labour and business men vote Conservative. Whilst this is true in practice there is no earthly logic to it. Why on earth would anyone owning a business vote labour with its anti business ethos of taxing it to death on the instalment plan? Blank out.

As if to get in on the act of cocking a snook at reality Cameron comes along -Lord Snooty to some, and asserts more or less the following. 'For years we asserted in the face of fierce opposition from Labour that one and one was two. Twenty years later and after four electoral defeats they threw in the towell and finally admitted in so many words that we had been right all along and that one and one was indeed two. Now we had a dilemna. But we have solved it by asserting that one and one is in fact three, thus repositioning ourselves and offering a clear alternative to Labour.

At this point all self respecting tory voters run screaming into the night.That is where we are now.

Come Friendly Bombs...

Not something the government can lightly slough off

Brown: Salieri To Blair's Motzart

The dark brooding creature of the night hove into view, stumbled into a press conference with all the panache of an elephant in a crockery store, crowned his display of social autism with a door being shut in his face: heavy with overt symbolism, the door that had been closed to him for over a decade. An omen of when he faces the electorate and they too slam the door in his face?

Let this be the last time someone can sneak into no 10 through the back door without facing the electorate. Machievellian pacts conceived in a restaurant are no way to run Government but are more fitting to a banana republic. Hang on a minute! Dysfunctional government, corrupt, sleaze ridden - they are entirely fitting!

The incredible Sulk promised no u turns on identity cards, so is not exactly going to win too many friends and influence people.

Racism, The Left's Dirty Secret

We usually think racism -a Left-coined term - is the preserve of the Right. But the Left has its own virulent brand of racism all the more toxic for being covert and concealed. The liberal hate that dare not speak its name of racism flies under the false colours of Anti-Americanism and Anti Israelism. Such is its sugar coated poison that an arrant knave like George Galloway can hurl brickbats at rightist racists and then come out with anti semitic bile such as: 'All roads lead to Israel' and roundly abuse George Bush with foul obloquoy as a mass murderer.He will then claim that he is not Anti American, just anti George Bush. But George Bush IS America, he represents its soundest values. To hate him is to hate America and all that is stands for and to be de facto, racist.

Friday, May 11, 2007

At Last! Anti Feminist Backlash Begins

I like this if it is a trend. The surrendered wife. Women are beginning to learn that pretending to be men will only lead to grief. They are at last learning their place! Perhaps English men will no longer have to go to Asia to find a woman who knows how to be womanly.

Law, Ass, Ass, Law

Look here

What I want to discuss is the left wing coup of the judiciary. In the 1960's the angry young men of the militant left were on the streets of Britain throwing bricks at police and fomenting the revolution in their fervid and feverish brains. After the fall of the far left student rebellion in France when it became obvious to these starry eyed Marxists that the revolution was not going to happen they changed tack and realised that if they were to turn society upside down in a political and social social seismic way they would have to work from within the institutions and undermine them there.

Many of these failed street revolutionaries chose the judiciary as their point of entry where they would lay seige to the moral values upon which the judiciary was predicated.If we wonder why murderers and rapists can be jailed and out walking the strets in a few years to murder and rape again it is to these leftist entryists into the judiciary that we must look. What better way to destroy the society they hated and loathed with a passion than to unleash upon it all the social and moral detritus from the jails?

Witness their daily low level attempts to turn reason and justice on its head in the above link of the dogbite incident.

But the first thing they had to do was abolish the death penalty. If murderers are killed how can they be used as a deadly weapon against civil society! Child torturers and murderers have rights too! While they are incarcerated we will will make their lives as amenable as possible. Why, we'll even give them the vote! Who will they vote for -the Conservatives?

Identity Crisis

The surveillance servile society gathers apace. I'm against identity cards. Just target the Muslims who are the cause of all our troubles on the security front and problem solved. Muslim profiling is essential. Don't target the whole country and make us pay through the nose for your politically correct false consciousness, you governing elite morons!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Princess Tony's Whimpering Valediction

With all the fake sincerity of an Elmer Gantry Blair takes his leave and hands over to Quasimodo ending the most bizare double act in British political history. Ten years of smoke and mirrors. Small wonder that a recent poll has Britsh politicans being more mistrusted than second hand car salesmen. Blair's legacy and one that only he could dare to be proud of.

Quasimodo waits in the wings. You Couldn't make it up....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not Star Crazy

I have always like this bloke. Even more now.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Portillo goes native on radio 4

Mr Portaloo (because he used to hang around men's toilets? - a little Cottage on the Heath?) did a prog on radio four about the welfare state and NHS yesterday. Turns out Winston Churchill wholeheartedly approved of the NHS and there was an extract of a speech which was unequivocal. He also introduced pensions prior to WW1 or just after, so two black marks for the old boy.

Far from being embarassed by all of this Portaloo was crowing about it.The fact is the tories did precious little to stop the welfare onslaught and must share at least half the blame for it. Instead they seem to want to trumpet their craven collaboration with this alien communistic assault on British Liberty. Shameless.....

Maggie French Election Victory

Sarkozy has made me like France. It was like 1979 all over again.

The liberal bien passant/ have choked on their croissant.

Maggie Rules. Ca Va?

Mayday Mayday Musings

May day.I don't like it. Without the benefit of any research and only going on memory I think it has something to do with Universal Workers Socialism or something. Michael Foot aka Worzell Gummidge introduced it as a holiday way back or some Labour Leader. Should be scrapped. (If any of this is factually wrong my stalker commentators will no doubt put me right.)

Cardinal Error, Mac

A most unwise foray into secular left wing politics if I may say so. The Church has enough on its plate keeping the sodomistas away from its adoption system, fighting off women priests, standing firm against baby killing and the condom culture.

Kiddy fiddling and now promoting illegal immigrant's "rights" are two black marks it doesn't need.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Reading: Unalloyed Good?

We are told that reading is good per se and children should be given every encouragement to do so but is this so? Reading can all too often dull the mind, easily leading to geekiness, introversion, passivity and - somewhat paradoxically - imaginatioon deficit and stupidity.

In a recent debate the great Burchill no less laid into Jamie Oliver and the most damning thing she could think to say about him was that he boasted that he had never read a book. According to Burchill this is the unfogiveable sin, Oliver is 'boring' and she wouldn't want to be stuck in a lift with him. Well I have watched Jamie on Naked Chef and he is anything but; very articulate actually and with a street smarts that most bookworms would gladly trade for their dusty tomes.

Not reading, claims Burchill in her autobiography I Told You I Was Right, "can screw you over in a major way". Perhaps this is why she hates Richard Branson - a self confessed academic duffer and dyslexic? On the Today prog Miss Julie claimed that dyslexia was just stupidity and an affliction of the middle classes. More likely it is a product of the stupid educational system that chooses perversely to teach children to read by pictures and guess work rather than the tried and tested phonics.

Whatever the case, book learning is no substitute for the school of expereince and university of life. It leads to unoriginality of thought, hagiography, worship of received wisdom, intellectual and moral sclerosis.

The written word has caused revolutions. Thanks to Marx millions of people have been slaughtered on the altar of a perverse and poisonous creed. Intellectuals on the whole are a nasty unpleasant lot. If you don't beleive this read a book by Paul Johnson, Intellectuals on the subject and see the damage they have done.

Reading can lead to intellectual laziness, a sort of letting other people do your thinking for you. The world is drowning in words, the printed matter is at critical mass but it doesn't solve anything. Our politicians lead us by the nose. Perhaps the educational book centred learning has actually set us up for intellectual and political slavery? Without books there would be no socialism. Put all the books written about socialism next to those on capitalism and you will see I am correct. The more you have to lie to convince people that one and one is three the more books you need to write. The obvious hardly needs stating. As a book seller said to me when I complained that all the books seemed to be written by lefties: "well perhaps conservatives don't feel the need to write books" End of.

Contradictory here? No. I have read lots of books but I am beginning to see I would be a lot more advanced in so many other areas not least financial if I had not spent so much time with my nose in books.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mother Socialism Or Father Capitalism?

The French have got a real choice which means that their Democracy is much healthier than ours right now.Lets hope they spurn the Royale bitch. She is a perfect illustration of why women should stay out of politics.

Liberal or Libertarian?

Those on the left who are in favour of gay rights, abortion and liberal drug laws have bedfellows in the libertarians. The latter do not like to be classified as liberals but they really are. Conservatives on the other hand stand alone in opposing all three abominations and much more besides.

The liberals do have a further agenda which differentiates them from their coeval, co-evil libertarians, which is to empower the State for their totalitarian ends. First they promote licentiousness. When the social collapse that inevitable follows from such freeing of moral constraint occurs they are ready with the handcuffs and the Nanny State, monitoring their subject's every move via modern technology. Of course the innocent come under such State surveillance in the process, which is their design.

When I say Conservatives I should add American Conservatives. British Conservatives are of course Liberals flying under false colours. They wouldn't know a moral issue if it kicked them in the teeth.

Feminised Education

Something rotten in the State of Education methinks.

School -and University is for girls. They like academia whereas males tend towards the practical and entrepreneurial. There are horses for courses but the State educational system is a one size fits all and boys are getting the short end of the stick.

The idea of forcing them to stay in this system till 18 is merely adding insult to injury. The system is bust, instead of fixing it they want to use State coercion to maintain their captive audience into near adulthood. Yet another reason to have a separation of school and state it would seem.

Welcome Trend

Is the tide turning against legalised infanticide? It out Herods Herod and now people are beginning to challenge this death cult. Certainly it should not be done on the NHS.

With now 6 million murdered the NHS stands for the National Hollocaust Service. In the NHS killing fields the death toll is probably double when all the botched operations, misdiagnoeses and bugs are taken into account. How many more homicidal maniacs a la Shipman are practising their psychopathy under Hippocratic cover?

The nurses have got above themselves too and act like doctor manques. A little nursing wouldn't go amiss but then service is a dirty word to Brits. Perhaps they don't like working under a Hippocratic oaf.

The NHS has a totemic significance for the British people because with the death of religion nature abhors a vacuum and they now worship the God of Medicine. Even though the shaky edifice is crumbling around them they cling to the rubble of the bankrupt Socialist 'free at the point of use' mantra even though its hypnotic thrall has long since ceased to work its magic and they end up paying for a compromised de facto pyramid scheme which had it been dreamt up by Big Business would have seen its architects locked up in the slammer for the duration.

Bevan the author of this instituional monstrosity is lauded and deified by Lefties. If the NHS is the monument to Socialism its critics are surplus to requirement. There it stands, in all its gothic horror, a fitting etipaph to a morally and spiritually bankrupt ideology.

Parents From Hell

I hope they get charged with criminal negligence. Leaving a three year old child in a house while you go dining out is not something any sensible loving parents would do. Don't expect the media to point this out anytime soon.

They checked on her every half hour. Dumb and dumber. How long does it take for the chicken hawks to swoop?

Britain's Death Wish

Britain has lost the will to live. The Muslims haven't. Even if they are just breeding suicide bombers.

Britain, a mongrel mix of global effluence washed in by the New Labour Welfare-Open Borders tide is now a multicultural swamp from which has been dredged subhuman forms from the sub continent.

Like the Roman the grim visaged ghost of The Prophet Enoch looks down on the sorry mess, the heaped up funeral pyre of miscegenated abortions and snuffed out glory as the stench of decaying hopes and aspirations wafts in the vaporous pall of Death.

The walking dead march solemnly zombie-like to the poll booths and put a cross by their executioner and in one fell swoop vote in the Balkanisation of Britain. New Labour unleashed the genie of Nationalism via devolution and the balkanised chickens have come home to roost. "We didn't mean it" they cry crocodile fashion as the homing Salmon ushers in his Socialist coup.

There may be a l;ot of ruin in a nation but the tipping point has surely been reached. Failed suicide attempt after failed suicide attempt can only have one final ending.

The fat lady may not be singing, but she is clearing her throat...

S. Pacific To Stop Bottom Trawling

Perhaps Boy George and George Michael should follow suit?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Life Is A Pill

To the Godless medical chemical solutions are all they have.

They don't understand the metaphysical human dynamic and are poor earth-bound creatures with the comprehension of a flea. Where else can they go but the pill- popping rout. But the Drugs Don't Work and they are having to up the ante to a quite alarming degree. 70 pills a day?! Its that pesky codeine that is the must have.

One thing they cannot tolerate is self awareness and the drugs dull the pain of their stupid existence. Evolution? Evilution more like. Humans are degenerating and there are not enough pills in the world to block out reality try as they may.

All Smoked Out

In town today sitting on a bench. It was windy but a woman sitting a few feet away from me was smoking and I was getting the full benefit of her smoke stream. Sorry to all you stray libertarians who may visit here ocasionally but I am in favour of an outright smoking ban. Excommunicate me from the Church of Libertarianism if you will. I don't want to breath in that foul odour.

Maybe I am maligning the Libs but most of them I know at least are against all such constraints on perspnal liberty. But this isn't personal, it is public and my liberties to breathe unsmoky air are being violated. Maybe I AM the true Libertarian after all?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Told You So

This kind of validates what I said here, and got some grief for saying it. Ah well, that is the price you pay for being one of the last lone dissident voices and remote outposts of anti political correctness I suppose....(sigh)

Pay particular attention to the words from Civitas regarding the issue of Black gangs in the UK from abovementioned piece:

David Green, director of the Civitas thinktank, said: "We are importing 15, 16, 17 and 18-year-olds brought up in countries with an anarchistic warlord culture in which carrying knives and guns is routine.

"That is no exaggeration. We are asking for trouble if we do not confront this issue, and co-ordinate Government policy properly." He claimed "squeamishness" was preventing the Government or the police tackling the issue.

"If people come from a culture which is anarchistic, they are more likely to be violent, but the police will be frightened to target these people.

"The fear is that it would be called stereotyping. Actually, it is a valid group generalisation."

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Imbecilic George and Gullible Warming

We were informed by Mad Georgte that the earthquake yesterday was due to global warming. It happened in the 14 th century too but never let the facts get in the way of your delusions george and fellow flat earthers. They do say scratch a Green and find a Red.

The only tectonic plates he should worry about are the political ones that are going to sweep lefties to oblivion and usher in a new age UKIP BNP hegemony.

We have a university lecturer who is standing as a BNP candidate and I will probably vote for him or UKIP. As I have said before we have no Conservative Party anymore.

I am seriously thinking of staging a mock funeral for the Tory Party, marching solemnly through the streets with a Tory embossed coffin and wreaths. It is time to lay this sorry Tory corpse to rest once and for all and give it the fitting send off it deserves. Only then can we start the long process of building a real conservative party with Thatcheresque credentials. The limp wristed faggoty Camerons will be forced to call themselves by another name under the trades descriptions act. Suggestions. The Metrosexualives Party?

Wayne To Go

These are taxing times. One man has decided to fight back. Must find his website and write to him. Only last week I had the same idea of finding ther names and addressess of the tax scum parasites and posting them here. The battle against the parasites it would seem has truly been joined.

Planet Galloway

For those who are interested in science fiction a good place to visit is Planet Galloway, a strange universe on Talksport where all the laws of logic are stood on their head,where Lewis Carrol meets Edward Lear and weird moral inversions stride across the loony landscape like spasticated gargoyles grinning and grimacing in weird contortions of rage and splenetic fury.

Only those versed in Gallowayspeak can participate. Those who beg to differ are hung out to dry, ridiculed, cut off their words twisted by knaves and fools to their master's bidding.

Yesternight someone of Scottish extraction (a sine qua non for invitees onto Planet Galloway) called Cameron phoned in and informed us that life was so much better in Russia under the Soviets before the evil Yeltsin and co staged their undemocratic coup. Children and adults skipped through the daisies with beatific smiles on their faces glad to be alive and enjoying the fruits of Soviet beneficence. Why, our trusty acolyte went there himself to witness the delights of Soviet life firsthand and could vouch unwaveringly for all his astute observsations. The West has been roundly duped by the Moscow spring and the fall of East Berlin.

For these amazing insights into Soviet nirvana Galloway informed his avid listeners that the trusty Cameron will appear live on stage with his exalted self at a location in London where George, apparently, to rapturous applause and a full house regularly dispenses his pearls of political wisdom. Tickets can be purchased on his website and a telephone number is given out.

No kooky conspiracy theory no matter how weird or bizarre is exluded and is given houseroom on Planet Galloway. Group-think and all things counter intuitive are embraced with a glee and relish only possible from glazed-eyed acolytes of the Galloway Cult. One hundred callers a weekend clog the lines with their unique brand of Galloway Gibberish and are unfaltering in their benisons to the Master of tergiversation and doublespeak who can spout the utmost arrant melifluous nonsense with all the panache and aplomb of the most accomplished demagogue, without missing a beat. Tis truly a wonder to behold. The listener is transfixed, spellbound by the mastery of the verbal prestidigitation, as wild a priori leaps of logic are executed with faultless agility and mesmerising chutzpah.

The beloved Leader will periodically read out fan letters/emails from his flock, fulsome in their praise for him. Detractors will only be included if they are illiterate and praise Hitler with the clear inference that if you oppose the cast iron certainties and absolutes of George you are a fascist and only worthy of the flames of hell.

This week we were informed that our George has been holding it in for weeks due to the laws governing broadcasting during local elections! He has been holding back, repressing. What we thought were wild rants and irrational pronouncements of an escaped lunatic were but little ripples on the still pond of George's mind. Next week the torrents will be unleashed!

Why not visit now? The scales will fall from your eyes, your conflict will be over. You too will love Big Brother George.

Here It Is

Here. A freind in Dover has told me he heard a very large bang/explosion which suggests it wasn't a quake.

Earthquake or Nuclear Attack?

8.15 approx. My cupboard rattled and shook, the door almost opening. A sort of extra terrestrial shuddering that lasted for about 5 to 10 seconds. Thought it was a truck going by the road which sometiomes elicts a similar result but nothing like on this scale. Humphries on Today said there were reports of a minor tremor or quake just before signing off at 9.

Weirder still I woke up and the first thought I had was one morning I will turn on the radio and they will be talking of a nuclear attack in London. An hour later the shudder. My hand to God (as Woody Allen says in Broadway and Danny Rose.)

With only four hours sleep I have to admit it kinda shook me up slightly. Like Captain Spock I would like to apologise for that minor er, Fault.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Godless God Of Socialism

And they said communism wasn't a religion?

Methinks Russia like the Leviticus dog is returning to its vomit.

Government Health Warning

Never mind Gullible Warming. What about a Goverment Health Warning? OK: Government is Bad for Your Health.

What are politicians but parasites sucking on the public teat? Politics is little more than Organised Crime and we would all be better off taking our chances with the Mafia. The latter has less scope for menace, less reach and less power by a millionfold.

The least we should do is stop voting for them. Sanctioning evil. That is what we are doing.

Now the local elections are grinding into gear we have to witness the insufferable spectacle of people all sensible folk would not entrust with used toilet paper knocking on our doors and spouting their unctuous drivel with as much sincerity as a double glazing salesman or estate agent. (Sorry, I malign the two latter.)

Allowing ourselves to be ruled by these inferior beings -why?! I've puzzled over this for decades and have yet to find an adequate answer. It is the proverbial elephant in the drawing room: we are the electors and authors of our own downfall. Sado-masochism? A self destructive gene?

Every day we see evidence that shows us that market based solutions and services work. Yet we entrust two of the most important services, Education and Health to the State. 60 years of brainwashing will be hard to counter. No one on the political horizon is even attempting this. We have no Conservative Party any more. If one of them comes round here I will spit in his eye. It is a party now full of faggots - and crypto Cameronian communists. Con Servitude Party more like.

My disgust is positively Tonbridgian for these mock Tories, limp wristed, effete Camp followers. I can't see Lord Snooty's face without wanting to punch it.....

BBC Sinks To New Lows

The Britsh Buggering Copulation is broadcasting a 'Gay Mass' this Sunday.( Sorry, no link yet. ) Live from Sodom And Gon-a-rear?

The church of the poisoned behind. Is there no level of depravity the Beeb will not descend to?

Satans' Black Mass. Licence payers are in for a real treat. A licence to satanize indeed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Raised By The Hand Of God

Last night's Channel five prog was somewhat disturbing. Familiy homeschooling and bringing up their children through Bible teaching. A mother administering a beating to her 6 yr old son for claiming he had cleaned up the dishes when he hadn't? This was sinister, creepy and contained parasexual elements that were disturbing.

For a start it is not a woman's job to administer such corrections. Secondly it was totally unjustified, thirdly it was followed by comforting which is just confusing for the child. Fourthly the woman needed a damn good thrashing for her impudence and malice.

An otherwise good programme was undermined by the whacky whacking mother and the positive message of homeschooling and Bible oriented child/ adolescent rearing totally eclipsed.

Wrong Place Wrong Time

What was she doing there? What were her parents thinking of? Sad, but in so many of these cases young people stumble towards their fate blindfold and alone.You see it on Crimewatch. Young girl murdered, raped etc. She is walking home alone at midnight through an alley...

Grumpiness Causes Diabetes

Makes sense. (Of course my grumpiness is purely intellectual so I'm OK.)

The Unacceptable Faeces of Faggotism

So it wasn't only the country he was buggering up

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

What happens when you disarm a University campus. Only mad MSM liberals could conclude from the Virginia incident what is needed is More Gun Control. The whole university was a gun control zone. Unilateral disarmament kills ok.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pirates Of The Carribean

They say you can take the boy out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy. The black gangs in the UK doing the shootings should be rounded up and deported back to country of origin, third or fourth generation 'British' notwithstanding. You cannot let in people from uncivilised parts of the globe, slap British citizenship on them and expect them to meld into a non existent melting pot. These are tribal people and their atavistic instincts are to kill and despoil. Their natural habitat is the jungle from which they have been plucked. They have turned our urban streets into jungles.

Send in the army and disarm them, using live rounds on them if necessary. If the countries of origin will not have them back just fly over, give them a parachute and drop them.

To refer to the 'black community' is to indulge in fancy euphemism and to dignify the subhuman. Blair was right to accuse this so-called community of being the problem but he was castigated by the stupid black 'leaders' as making racist comments. Lets call them what they are - gang leaders - and deport them too.

Socialism's Lexicon of Lies

Orwellian manipulation of language is socialism's lifeblood. Free at the point of use is a weasel concept which translated into plain English means not free at all. Now even the lie has caught up with the con artists as it always does. Whether it will be enough to wake people up to the gigantic fraud of Socialism is another matter....

It was the arch socialist Hitler himself who reflected "The broad mass of a nation are more likely to fall prey to a big lie than a small one".

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oxfam Veers Leftwards

The leftward politicisation of charity groups will ultimately backfire on them. Seen as just another pressure group public support will tail off. These latest pronouncements will just confirm many people's suspicions that Oxfam are beyond the pale and are using their charity cover to promote their insidious left wing views. Jeopardising their charity status in the process will hardly help the people they pretend to care for.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Banality Of Evil

As crude and banal as the evil rogue State of Iran is it has well got the measure of the West. The outrageous hostage taking was just a trial balloon to see how we would respond. The obvious lesson is we are a roll over, patsy, weak, vacillating, appeasing, grovelling, truckling, pusilaminous, fawning, obsequious, toadying, Chamberlainesque, defeatist, craven, cowardly,pathetic.

To send out such signals to a deranged demented psychopathic regime is downright madness in itself, and is a indication of the moral decadence of the West in the final throes of a death wish .

Sodomistas Have it all Arse Backwards

The Cardinal did pretty well in this interview but I wish he could have been a bit more robust against the shirt lifters instead of so apologetic. They sure do have chutzpah in spades and they organised a phone in campaign (as they so often do) in which they presented themselves the victims of the church's unchristian attitudes.

They are not the problem, it is the church for failing to sympathise and support them in their depraved acions. This sort of delinquent projection goes unchallenged every time and Mc Cormac did not address it at all and in his ommission and failure to do so many stupid people would have come away thinking the problem lay with the church rather than the sick perverts who are whining about 'unchristian' attitdes towards them.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Soul Of a Socialist Laid Bare

I wouldn't trust this man with used toilet paper. Nor it would seem would a majority of British people if the latest opinion polls are to be believed.

Another Sacrifical Victim on the Altar of Feminism


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Feminism In the Dock

Knife crime is caused by the feminisation of society. Policewomen send out a signal that the police are soft and weak and feminised. Criminals wax strong. They come from fatherless mother dominated 'families' and are dysfunctional rage filled feral and delinquent. The socialists created this sick society, it is hardly going to salve it.

Feminism wanted the destruction of the family and the patriachal order. Now chaos is come again.

Lacking self respect and moral autonomy the Lord of the flies children seek to impose a phoney respect at the point of a knife. Instead of a public whipping they will probably get (if caught) namby pamby (female) social workers filling their stupid heads with liberal nonsense about self esteem and social worker jargon.

Public hangings for murdering youths would send out a clear message that the great liberal experiment is over and the new order of male authority and discipline has dawned.

BBC Mouthpiece For Terrorism

From Lord Reith to Lord Haw Haw the BBC is the conduit for every terrorist outfit it can give air time to. It mouths its propaganda and presents it as news. A smart bomb on Bush House is in order. Hopefully the Gaza correspondent who has been taken hostage will meet a grizzly end. Would we could send all the Middle East reporters there to be devoured by that which they have so uncritically embraced.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Winston's 1984 Revisited

Churchill was a prophet as well as great war leader and historian etc. He said in the 1945 election that a Labour victory would entail a Gestapo to enforce its Socialism. The left was outraged -as it always is when it is nailed. Roll forward 6 decades and we have this and police arresting people for having the wrong thoughts, cameras that speak and tell people off in the street,children brainwashed by the PC cult in schools.

All the signs were there in Labour's 45 election manifesto which read like the communist one. Hell, Atlee even looked like Lenin. As the American poet said 'they did not listen then, they are not listening now. Perhaps they never will..'

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Woke Up and it was a Chelsea Mourning

Monstrous regiment of women indeed storm another barricade. When will men be invited on to Woman's Hour etc....

A Damn Good Thrashing

Chickens coming home to roost. It is so good to see British hooligans get a good drubbing. Why can't our police show the same vigour towards our hooligans? Well done Italy.

Wasn't it hillarious to hear the indignation of the Brit fans and the unconscious irony of their complaining.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What Blair should have said to Arm A Dinner Jacket

"Listen you monkey in a suit and worshipper of a paedophile prophet. We're gonna kick your sorry ass for taking our people hostage. No crying to the UN or 'EU'. Nukes are coming your way. How dare you , you pygmy. For this hooligan insolence you will pay dearly."

Instead Blair whimpered his way through the whole sorry saga, told Iran 'we bear you no ill' (?!) and the MSM organ grinder did the monkey's bidding. File under How the West was lost..

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Woman's Place is in the Home

Feminism aka collectivism seeks to destroy capitalism. It wants to turn business into a giant playpen. To feminize the workplace and make it dysfunctional and inoperative. Feminism is the cancer that eats its way through the political businesss world and devours it to the marrow.

PC Faggot

The link between the sodomistas and Fascism is now established. Bent coppers are on parade. God hates fags but the police will bend over backwards to accommodate them.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slave To Fashion

When politicians need to apologise(which is about every day) you won't get a peep out of them. What they like doing is apologising for things that had nothing to do with them. Preferably things that happened centuries ago.This serves a dual purpose: A) it makes them feel omnipotent apologising for momentous events they had no hand in, and more importantly for them: b) it detracts from the things they really should be apologising for in the here and now.

This gesture politics has bedevilled the political scene for too long and now it is taking on surreal dimensions. The added irony is that in the case of slavery we have a very modern version of it whereby we are slaves to the State which takes from those who work and gives to those who do not (less a deduction for itself in the poverty industry.) That is the very definition of slavery in any dictionary you care to read. One group of people extracting tribute from another by force.

Where is the latter day Wilberforce who will free us from the shackles of the overmighty State?

Becket Is Waiting For Godot

Putting a woman in charge of foreign affairs can only lead to this. Where are all the men? The UK has been made a laughing stock with girly boy Blair doing his impression of Frank Spencer standing up to Iran. The Americans are ashamed of us. How did we let it happen and why are we pusillaminous in our response? No closing of our embassy in Tehran and sending the Iranians in the London embassy packing. Just wringing of hands and polite diplo-speak. How the mighty are fallen. The Bulldog has become a peckinese. Shame of it all.....

Yeah, Right (Part 3)

Relative poverty they call it. A bit of honesty creeping in to the debate? No holding of breath. Welfare causes poverty. Logic would dictate the scrapping of welfare. Logic and politics? Not something that goes together like a horse and carriage eh? There sure is a niche market for someone to come along and propose radical surgery to our social ills. If I had a few million I would throw my hat into the ring. Just be patient everyone. I'm working on it.....

Sleeping With The Enemy

Now it is official. The article is half right. It is not the snoring or the hogging of the duvet of course that is causing the male brain drain.

Perhaps a government health warning to men is in order? Or an essay by Roy Masters on female sexual psychic vampirism?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Snappy Dresser

If she wanted to hide a reptile under her dress why didn't she choose a Paleswinian male?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Don't Say...

Gordon a Stalinist? Coming next: The pope is Catholic..

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mother's Day

Why? What for? The flower companies and the card companies make a killing. The rest of us get killed giving under pressure. A little bit of us dies every time we bend and truckle to mass suggestion and manipulation. Most people don't even know they are being worked on it is so subtle. (Well I don't think it is subtle but it is for them I suppose or they would see through it.)

Guilt is the motivator, played upon by the commercial bodies. In a free market system that is fine by me. As Mr Masters once said : "It's ok to sell dumb things to dumb people". Still, how dumb can you get? The implicit inference of Mother's Day is that we neglect our mothers the rest of the year so this is make-up time. Well, speak for yourself!

It seems like human beings need 'special days' to mark and observe because they are outwardly motivated. They cannot move and have their being except someone guides them and tells them when to go to the bathroom. I beleive sociologists refer to such people as 'other directed'.

We end up with a situation where the State directs our every move and monitors every human impulse. A machine has been created that actually reads people's thoughts. Bet Tony would like to get his hands on that.......

Female Navigation Oxymoron

Here we go again. Some people are slaves to machines and think they don't have to use their commonsense because the machine will do it for them. Same as pedestrians who wait at a traffick light becuse it is red even though there are no cars coming...

Woman's Hour (sexist!) had a comic relief item where a comedian insists on bringing up the subject of map reading. Martha Carney is not amused.

Why turn Woman's Hour into a comic relief event? Every prog provides limitless amusement and laughs (albeit unintentional) on a daily basis.

Eco Loonies Start To Panic

Having been rumbled the science fraternity is back peddaling furiously. In a damage limitation excercise they are urging 'moderation' of comments by their doomsaying bretheren. The Eco cult has been busted and they are scurrying for cover. Seen for what it is, a secular religion backed up by junk science the end is nigh scientists have been exposed as frauds and charlatans who have prostituted their profession for government tax largesse.

There is no doubt that science is being used to push a political agenda. The newspapers who are pushing the green ideology are all left wing. This is no accident. The Guardian, the Independent(cough) the BBC are all riding the eco bandwagon as it carreers out of control and lurches hysterically leftwards. At least one wheel has come off this bandwagon or gravy train and bystanders can simply await its final and hopefully fatal collision with reality.

Burning HIS Money

This makes me a little queasy but that is my personal feeling. The man is spending his own money. He lives in Monaco and so his tax level is much reduced. Even though his hard earned money is going on wine women and song it is still preferable to the alternative. If he lived in the UK all that money would be going on single parent mothers to have yet more bastards, illegal terrorist immigrants and parasitic government employees.

So: Bon appetit Mr Green!

Council Tax Review Scrapped!

Even slimeball Brown knows when he is beat.

Now we need to challenge the whole premise of this evil Socialist tax. When a man is down give him a good kicking!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Biggest Heist in British History?

Olympian waste of money on a truly breathtaking staggering scale that only governments can achieve. A perfect illustration of why the State should not do Bread and Circuses. It was how Rome fell. This is shaping up to be the financial crime of the century.

Disgraceful Verdict

Shameful. The US will rightly ignore this.Friendly fire is as old as war itself. During the World Wars 1 and 2, it was a staggering 40% rate. This case was politically motivated. One more example of Political Correctness infiltrating the military.

Commonsense Breaks Out

I like it. Children are corrupted at an ever younger age. This will help avoid cross contamination. Older students corrupt younger ones.

A Damn Good Thrashing

Is what he deserves

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God (and the US Military) Hates Fags

Three cheers. At last anti gay has come out of the closet.

39 Stepford Wives

In the film version of John Buchan's 39 Steps which I saw the end of last evening with Keneth Moore, he had a female sidekick who was handcuffed to him in the plot. She was a pill but the interesting thing was the way Moore dealt with her: like a little misbehaving child. He had to constantly chide and reprove her for her delinquent emotional spasms and petulance. She is a typical female, unstable and resentful of her inferior status in the sexual food chain.

Such a film would not be made today or if it was they would have to change it to show the woman as the heroine and Hannay as the incompetent bungling male who looks to her for guidance and direction. This is how men are depicted on adverts now. ('Sexism' - that heretical impulse, is apparently okay if it is inverted.)

Such writers as Buchan are out of fashion now of course if not banned, along with Enid Blyton's Golliwogs and Agatha Christie's Ten Little Niggers. Po faced PC fascism has rooted them out and we have instead children of four being subjected to sodomite homosexaul books in school. Those who predicted such when they repealed clause 28 have been vindicated. Paedophile homosexuals are now grooming your children gentle readers (all four of you). But what do I know? I'm just a bigot and homophobe....

Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum Seekers

My solution to this would be very simple. Use live rounds to quell the riot.

Hypocrisy Of Feminism (Part 10000)

Men and women are equal -unless otherwise stated. Suddenly the idea of equality isn't so appealing huh? Poor little women mustn't go to jail. You see, men are naturally bad and evil and go to jail. If a woman commits a 'crime' it isn't really a crime at all! She has been driven to it -by men! Got it? Get with the program.Therfor, she/ they do not belong in jail.

When it comes to feminism only one thing is clear: they get out of jail free.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who Cares?

A bunch of government bureaucrats get kidnapped in some Ethiopian hellhole and its headline news. If you go to uncivilised black holes and work for the goverment foreign office you run a risk of being captured and eaten by the natives. They better not have cut a deal with these people for their release. Whats' a few less State bureaucrats? One was from the sinister British Council for aid and develepment. That's our taxes given to countries that I wouldn't spit on or give the sweat off my brow to.How can you develop savage nations? They just become more savage....

Multicultural Cesspit.

Funny how when the truth is printed the messenger is accused of scaremongering. Migration Watch Mr Green was barely allowed to finish a sentence on R4 Any Questions last week. 'You want the truth? You can't handle the truth'.

We are paying for the liberals criminal open borders policy stretching back 50 plus years. If only we could find those responsible, line the jup against a wall and shoot the bastards. Quickest way to destroy a country is to allow in all the social effluence from the four corners of the earth.

What to do now? Mass deportations, repatriations. But who has the political will to do it?

Yeah, Right (Part Two)

These creepsand scumbags should be strung up. When they are dangling from the end of ropes and breathing their last we can say 'Sorry. We didn't MEAN to hang you.....'

Court Martial? Give Them Medals

What a disgrace that these men were court martialled for doing a great job in Iraq. When the cancer of political correctness spreads into the army the battle against evil will be lost.

Yeah, Right..

Teaching languages? These guys can't even teach them English. Laugh? I nearly payed my income tax.....

Horse Sense

Is it true that female horses cannot be trusted to run with males in races because they are too skittish and unreliable. Punters wouldn't put a penny on them. There are separate races for female horses called something like maiden stakes I believe. Interesting...

A friend's child got a hamster. It was female and apparently they are more aggressive and bite frequently. I draw no human parallels of course...

But .. there are studies which show that boys and girls do better in single sex schools. When you are a 14 year old male and the girl sitting in front of you in class has a micro skirt on and plunging neckline your first interest is hardly likely to be the Irish potato famine or the study of sedimentary rocks is it? Go figure. Apparently those in authrority cannot as some of the best schools in Kent have been infiltrated by the female species and school has gone from being a rarefied place of learning to a forlorn place of yearning.

Levy Was Dry

All of this is a ruse to get public funding for political parties which is the sine qua non of totalitarians. They are moving to get a cap on financial contributions from individuals. Unless this is resisted Democracy will be supplanted by political gangsterism. Government as Mafia is what we defacto have. The British people (well the mongrelised rump therof) is sleepwalking into slavery and unless the few who are awake take action it will be curtains. The fat lady may not be singing, but she is clearing her throat....

Worthy Of Notes

It's about time. Now how about according recognition to Maggie on a ten pound note? Suggestions for who they could put on the Euro: Del boy. Al Capone. Hitler. (Isn't he the true architect behind the EU, a supra Socialist State?)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Clueless In Gaza

If you choose to report on a moral cesspit don't be surprised if the denizens of this netherworld kidnap you. (They will probably let him go when they realise he is one of them.) A grizzly end for him would be nothing more than hubris. The BBC is the home for many lost causes and its support for the Paleswinians is just one more of them. It has more camels than London Zoo. It should be called Camel lot.

What is happening in this black hole of incipient internicine civil war has a certain poetic symetry to it. Arabs don't discriminate it would seem: they hate Everyone, especially themselves. Israel can now sit back and watch as the nextdoor neighbours from hell implode.

Hang A Hoodie

This man thinks he can get to 10 Downing St by patronising youth scum (pictured). They do say a Conservative is a person who has been mugged by reality. Cameron's counter intuitive approach to law and order seems to suggest that whatever else he is he ain't a Conservative.

When will he be rumbled. Does he truly think Toriy voters have nowhere else to go? The Ukip and BNP must get on their knees and thank God every morning for CaMoron.