Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Peasants Revolt Is Wat We Want

We are serfs ,feudal vassals of a mighty,tyranical despotic,tax-crazed out of control, super totalitarian State! Wat we going to do about it? Are we going to wait for the nice hog-tied Tories in the marriage of convenience called the Coition to save us? No one hold their breath there.

The liberal tail is wagging the Tory dog.Mad Vince with his anti Capitalist rhetoric is hardly going to free us UK tax slaves.Freedom will not emanate from parliament.That is where the tyranny is coming from.The British people should not expect their Socialist taskmasters to liberate them from the yoke of tyranny.They must do it themselves.Grass roots liberation, our own British Tea Party.

To give just a small hint about what such a revolt would entail we could mention witholding of council tax, TV licence, not filing self assessment tax return.Such things if done en masse could send a clear message to our slave masters in parliament.Employers would refuse to be tax collector for the government re Nat ins, not deduct VAT,not pay Corporation tax,Capital gains,business rates tax etc.

The last peasant revolt was very bloody.This will be a bloodless,velvet revolution.Non cooperation with the bully State.

Social Cleansing? About Time!

The synthetic hysteria of the BBC Left chateratti this past week over housing benefit has been very instructive.One moron from Shelter or some other shouty group for the so called disadvantaged came out with the startling observation that people who lived in these expensive over subsidised inner London dwellings were,quote,'real people'.Interesting.Does that mean that the people who actually work and cannot afford to live in such rich houses so have to commute into London and whose taxes support these thousands of idle parasitic specimens of social pathology are not 'real people'?I think they should tell us so we can get the matter sorted out.In the meantime all sensible fair minded peple can see the patently blatant unfairness of the present system where the hard working are the effective slaves and serfs of the non working,forced to keep them in the Manors to which they have become accustomed.Wasn't slavery supposed to be abolished centuries ago?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Conservatives: Get Nasty

Listening to the nice Mr Tim Montgomerie of Conservativehome debating with Polly Tuscanny Toynbee I was struck by the contrast between the two's interlocutory tactics.It was a bit like watching a pussycat being torn to pieces by a rottweiller.The rhetoric of the Left may be rabid and hysterical and not to be emulated but I do feel Conservatives need to be a bit more aggressive in defending Coalition policies especially when they are so patently justified and correct.Why the timorous apologetic tone?

I just think too many Conservative are too nice for their own good.We need a Tebbit who hasn't been to Eton or wherever these Cameroons have been.Perhaps they are trailing some (unjustified) guilt for their background and so cannot say what needs to be said about the depraved poor and their feckelss welfare dependent ways.A working class Tory is something to be.If we are to win this battle for the hearts and minds of our nation the Coalition needs to let loose the attack dogs of war. The alternative, a world where the mad Toynbee Leftist view prevails is one that would not be worth living in.

Why Does The Left Talk More Than The Right?

I once asked a female member of staff at Waterstone bookstore why in the political section almost all the books were by Left of centre writers.Her answer was in retrospect quite insightful but at the time I was too irked to notice.She said 'maybe Conservative writers don't feel the need or the necessity to write books.'Spot on!Why bother writing books stating the bleedin obvious ie putting the Conservative pro freedom argument?Only of course it is necessary to assert core values even if this puts one in danger of being accused of stating the obvious.It may be obvious that freedom is better than slavery but in an age where slavery is dressed up in clever words as freedom it behoves us to expose the great liberal lie.

So why does the Left have so much to say for itself?Like the conman they have a lot of explaining to do.They must convice us by clever specious argument that up is down, and one and one is three and why we are foolish and mad and evil for not seeing it.This takes a lot of words,lots of books!

Islam. An Existential Threat To Humanity

The West continues to bend the knee to tyranical Islam.Totalitarianism is given a free pass as long as it is garbed in religious dress.Strip away the thin veneer of Islamic peity and the ugly face of Fascism is revealed and it is on the march in a street near you.Creeping Sharia law threatens our liberties and it is akin to allowing Germans living in the UK to set up their own alternative legal system based on the ideology of Nazism.Would we allow Germany to bradcast propaganda on British soil during WW2? Why then do we allow Iran to broadcast Press TV from London -a country with developing nuclear arsenal that has threatened to wipe Israel from the face of the earth? A country moreover that is a failed pariah State which funds terrorism.

Instead of waging war on Islam we are waging war on anyone who criticises it.The religious so called hate laws are designed to silence all criticism of Islam and the evil anti human barbaric primitive nihilism at its core.The leader of this sick religion was a paedophile child rapist,serial killer and epileptic MohuMad,crazed leader of a death worshipping cult who if he were alive today would be serving a very long jail sentence.This psychopath is what millions of Muslims worship.Let them,but we must be free to expose the insanity they embody and the unholy war on reality they have waged against the rest of us.

Ridicule,critique,satire,cartoons,polemic,contempt, all these and more are perfectly justified weapons in the war against the cancer of totalitarian Islam.

In Defence Of Tax Avoidance and Evasion

Is tax evasion the last taboo?To hear even Conservative views on this you would think it was the greatest human evil after paedophillia.In fact it probably carries with it a longer prison sentence than the latter.I think it needs a champion and in the absence of anyone stepping up to the plate I will will offer my own humble services to this unpopular cause.

If we see someone who looks like a mugger in the street coming towards us good sense tells us to cross over or go down another street to evade him.Is this not what the State has become, a mugger, except that in its case it is mugging on an industrial scale,wholesale larceny,a form of organised crime with the whole panoply of the state behind it?True,it has a whole Statist Socialist philosophy to justify its criminality,a lexicon or rationalised euphemisms about,'duty', 'moral responsibility' 'those with the broadest shoulders' ad nauseam. But when all the ratiocinations are stripped away is this not what the criminal does to rationalise his actions? He too picks on on those with the 'broadest shoulders' to plunder in his nightly sorties on the wealthier properties around the country, engaging in his own personal wealth redistribution programme.

It makes about as much sense to accuse the individual who evades the mugger in the street of 'exploiting a loophole' as it does to accuse the wealthy businessman of the same thing who has worked hard to achieve success and does not see why he should allow the fruits of his labour to be plundered by career criminal politicians spouting their pious cant about duty and moral responsibility.

The Phoney Drugs War

Why is it that the Governement that cannot even police the streets and protect us from serial criminals wants to police our bodies, telling us what we can and cannot ingest?Isn't this rather odd?Something is wrong with this picture.Our thoughts are policed as well and those with politically incorrect ones could well have their collar felt by PC Taliban invoking religious hate crime legislation. So, we have to ask ourselves what is behind this bizarre morally inverted universe our police authorites inhabit and what is the thinking behind their twisted priorities.

The State is a jealous God.It wants a monopoly on drug distribution.It does not want the private sector muscling in on it.The hypocrisy is staggering.We have alcohol,tobacco,tea,coffee,sugar,all legal drugs.

BBC Watch

I am going to try and monitor and report back over the next few months on my BBC listening to document Left wing bias where I observe it.To build up a sort of dosier as it were.To start the process I will refer to a comment by Justin Webb whom I lothe with a viscerality that is is frankly verging on the unhealthy.In fact this whole excercise may just be a reflection of my latent masochism.For a sort of Tory/Capitalist having to listen to the BBC period is an exquisite form of torture but someone has to do it gentle readers and I have elected to suffer as it were on your behalf - so you don't have to.Bear with me.With nose firmly held I shall proceed.

Today on a discussion about funding of the arts by philanthropists, Justin Webb referred pejoratively(believe me, I have an acute antennae for this sort of thing) to 'Big Money'.Has he ever made pejorative reference to 'Big Governement'?Has he ever.Is it not odd incidentally to reflect on the attitude of those who think the Arts should be funded by the State in that they are effectively saying that unless people are forced to support the Arts by the compulsory extraction of taxes the Arts would perish?What a profound lack of confidence in the Arts this implies.Or is it that they see the State as a tool in their cultural war,funding their thinly disguised propaganda masquerading as Art? I think both.

I think we need a Conservative journalist like Andrew Neil on the Today panel to get a little balance.Perhaps I should start a campaign?

You will notice that on the BBC the Left are always given twice as much time to put their case.They will even take up the time of their Conservative opposite number,interrupting,talking over them and of course the host will allow this trespass as he or she is coming from the same liberal left position.The host will almost always let the liberal guest have the last word.

Finally, the Today programme would not be complete without a performance by their own liberal darling Sham Liberty Chuckyourbalti prissily defending in faux moral terms the rights of would-be terrorists to go about their business of blowing us all up unmolested by the securtiy services.This apologist for all things terrorist and the free pass she gets from the BBC makes my gorge rise and is probably inimical to my blood pressure but, - all in the course of duty!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Osborne's' 4 Year Plan to De-Sovietise the British State

There was a certain undisguised relish in the coalition back benches at Osborne's bravado performance of unpicking the Socialist welfare Leviathan State. A gargantuan feast of ideological red meat was served up.When we study it in detail enthusiasm may wane but the mood music at the moment is we are heading in the right direction and the age of the Big State with its devouring maw consuming aspiration,creativity,intelligence and industry is passed and the new age of liberty and freedom ushered in.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Creeping Nationalisation Of Business

No one runs their 'own business' anymore! They are the mere operators of a defacto State controlled,monitored,regulated,socialised,bureuacratised,taxed enterprise.From maternity to paternity leave, the minimum wage impost,health and safety tyranny, EU directed maximum working hours, business is tied in Liliputian fashion and reduced to being a mere extension of the welfare State and unofficial tax collector for the government.This is Fascism in all but name.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marr and the Liberal State

Andrew Marr does not think much of bloggers.He thinks they are weird.(Has the man looked in the mirror recently?) He complains about their anonymity and thinks this contributes to the coarse and vituperative dialogue on the net.Perhaps he wants them to identify themselves so th thought police can come round and arrest them for thoughtcrime? They are anonymous because like samizdat the net provides a forum for people who cannot speak openly in public without the BBC like forces of political correctness, of which Marr is an obscene specimen,attempting to circumscribe their freedom of speech.

The sheer chutzpah of Marr and his ilk is breathtaking. The BBC has virtual hegemony of the airwaves and does so by compulsion by the State. The British people are forced to finance the corporation if they want to own a TV on pain of imprisonment. But this is not enough for Marr it would seem. He wants to put a stop to all the independent expressions of thought not officially sanctioned by the State.It is worth paying attention to Marr because in his person we see the soul of the liberal fascist laid bare.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

France, Manana Republic?

France is a foreign country.They do things differently there.Suggest that people who can now live to nonagenarianship should not retire at 6o and they are out on the streets acting out their puerile Bastille psychodramas.Rather than confronting such delinquency the EU has enshrined it.Do we really want to be part of such a system as France lurches towards its own Greek tragedy and drags us down with it?Having a de facto Marxist country as neighbour is the definitive reason why the UK should NOT pool its nuclear sovereignty with it.We may need friendly nukes to drop on Brussels one day...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

What Would a Country Based On Individual Rights Look Like?

Freedom is scary for people who have been born in slavery.There are very few people alive today who were of voting age in 1945 and so the very idea of freedom and liberty is foreign to the post war generation.This is why the near hysteria that erupts if you dare to venture that the Welfare State should be abandoned.It is akin to questioning apple pie and motherhood -or the British equivalent.You are howled down.We msut have this debate regardless!We must not be bamboozled into silence.There is too much as stake to simply cower apologetically for the sin of believing in freedom and a limited state which is its sine qua non.

The extent to which the Conservatives have sold the pass to liberalism is scary.Statism has gained such an ascendancy over their minds that whatever defence of freedom they can muster is feeble, half hearted, mealy mouthed and reeks of insincerity.When freedom and individual rights are damned with such faint praise it is small wonder that no one rallies to the Conservative flag and even in the light of the catastrophic Labour legacy they are now umbillically joined to the liberals in the coalition.Such are the bitter fruits of pragmatism.

To be cont

Know Your Enemy

If you want to know how the Left thinks you have to listen to them however unpleasant the experience is.With their counter intuitive anti intellectual irrational cloned collectivist groupthink and hair brained ratiocinations you can learn all about the enemy and how it thinks or what passes for thinks.

For this purpose the BBC is essential viewing and listening.Here is liberalspeak incarnate.Of course their condescension delusion and malice can be hard to stomach but the effort will be worth it as you get an invaluable insight into the sheer demented madness of the Left.

Try also Press TV the Iranian mouthpeice broadcasting from London with the delusional rabid Muslimophile lickspittle George Galloway,AlJazeera,and RT with the insanely entertaining Max Keiser and his idiosyncratic take on economics.

What has been achieved by Fox in bringing right wing anti government perspective to the news is an invaluable template for a British version especially in the light of the abovementioned channels with their tendentious broadcasting which has gone unchecked and as the coalition has promised a review of broadcastig ownership this could lead to the possibility of a Conservative free market oriented news station in the near future.

Monarchy Endgame

When the Queen dies it will be time to say goodbye to this absurd carbuncle on the face of Democracy called the Monarchy.Charles must not be allowed to take the throne!He is a demented Muslim loving eco nut.Kings and Queens speak to our blood soaked shameful past of tyranny and totalitaian monarchial rule with its arbitrary powers and blood sucking tax imposts.

Torture Works,Torture Is Moral!

During the seige of Vienna a Turk was caught and tortured which revealed where expolisives had been placed thus preventing Turkish victory.So torturing muslims has a long and respected history and preserved European civilisation from the dark age ridden forces of muslim evil.Using the thumb screws or their modern equivalent on the muslim foe is a moral responsibity if we are to remain free from the barbarous muslim sub human baboon like race with their medieval neo communistic totalitarian anti human agendas .

Banking On A Bailout

Blaming the banks for our economic woes is like a mother blaming sweet manufactuers for her childs rotting teeth, or a man with lung cancer blaming the cigarette manufacturers.Who took out all the godamn credit cards,loans and mortgages? Doesn't anyone take moral frickin responisibility for their own actions? If we mustplay the blame game at least lay it where it belongs -firmly and squarely with Government for letting the banks know they would receive a bailout if they failed which of course is exactly what happened.

America,Prohibition Drug War Folly

I am a great fan of America but it shocks me that it can lock up so many of its citizens for drug possession and prostitution.That a country born in freedom could end up seeking to police people's souls and dictate what they can and cannot ingest is troubling.If we believe in a limited State we must be consistent and not then seek to wage war on people's choices however dumb they may be. It is for this reason that I think the war on drugs is insane,illiberal and a criminal waste of taxpayers money.There is so much hypocrisy too in that alcohol and legal drugs abound.

Prostitution may well be abhorrent but again the hypocrisy abounds.Marriage could be seen as glorified prostitution.The man brings home the bacon and the women provides sexual services. There is a financial element to marriage as testified by the legal alimony battles during divorce proceedings.It is not the role of the state to make people moral.Let each man work out his own salvation in fear and trembling (as the good book sayeth!).

The Bible and Other Fairy Tales

Human imagination is limitless.Millions if not billions of books have been written,works of the imagination.The Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter, the Bible.Is it just another fairy tale? It was written by human beings and we know how it is human to make things up. Yes,God is supposed to have infused them with the words but I could make up a story and say it was dictated by God.Why should we take such things on trust?

Religious people have left a trail of havoc and oceans of blood through the centuries.I think a large dose of cynicism is in order.Scott Peck thinks most religious beliefs are neurotically determined and he could be right.Most religious people I know are nincompoops.Even Roy Masters sounds kooky to me these days.He claims you can find God in physics but I find most of what he says incoherent gibberish.If we can find God in physics why do we need faith?Does that not undercut the whole belief thing?

There should be a separation of school and State.These government tax funded faith schools are troubling.I do not want to subsidise mad mullah Muslim schools or any other religious ones for that matter.Have we not got religion to blame for Communism and Socialism? The idea that we are our brother's keeper informs the Left thinking and from which was forged the Welfare State -which was even called the New Jerusalem.

When we examine God objectively he is not avery sympathetic character, displaying totalitarian psychopathic tendencies.If man created beings who had created the havoc and horror that humans have he would have a lot to answer for.Hasn't God got a lot to answer for if we accept he is the creator of mankind?He seemed content to sit back and watch jews herded into the gas chambers.

I am not saying any of the above is necessarily my viewpoint but I do think we should be a bit more critical of religious belief and ask ourselves whether to suspend disbelief re God is that healthy.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Kleptocratic State

Conservatives are paid up advocates and believers of the Kleptocrratic State with its coecive despotic tyrannical abuse of power,its levying of punitive taxes on the productive and its facilition of the idle.

What Are Women For?

Women have two functions.Reproductive and child minding.Note I do not say child rearing as this is the male function,to bring the child up as a rational unemotional person.They have a decorative function which facilitates the reproductive one.Feminism is an emotional spasm given a pseudo intellectual gloss with its roots in Marxism.

Women in marriage should have no role in society outside the home least of all in politics.Their irrational unstable emotionalism has given birth to the horrors of Socialism and Communism.There are a few rational women in history namely Ayn Rand and Thatcher but the exception does not prove the rule.

Freedom of the individual of course must prevail and I speak here only of the moral ideal,not what shoud be enforced by the State.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Shrouded In History

Michael Gove wants England's island history taught but frankly I do not think State schools are up to the job.They will just serve up more hysterical revisionism.It is not a history to be proud of with centuries of tyrant kings wading through oceans of blood prefiguring the 20th century totalitarian monsters Hitler Stalin et al.They have been taxing since the start and we still have the parasitic monarchy sucking the lifeblood of the people.The State is as arbitrary and monstrous in its reach,we have a de facto kleptocratic State based on plunder and taxation is the tool of tyranny.Those who think they will learn through history will go on repeating it ad nauseam.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Ed Militant and the Winter Of Disconnect

Tail wagging dog days are over.It is time for the people who hold the country together to go on strike! A tax strike!The Union parasite charter must be ripped up.Borris Johnson is proposing some needy union reforms.The taxpayers need a union.My computer is buggered so I cannot expatiate right now but service will be resumed in due course...