Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sodomite Rule

The corelation between homosexuality paedophillia fascism is now complete

Slouching towards Sodom and Gomorrrah the UK is waiving its last freedoms goodbye. Unless there is a concerted assault on this kind of thing the shirt lifters will prevail. Religious persecution rules UK.

Monday, October 22, 2007



Definition: Any country that tolerates 67% tax on its petrol (eg UK)

UK masochism is well known and finds its greatest expression in its enthusiasm for paying extortionate taxes. No better example of this is the above stated egregious and crippling 67% tax on petrol. Not a squeak or murmur from the public can be heard the length and breadth of the land. The clear message this sends the PM is that there is no limit to how much tax can be levied on the British public. It is a lesson he has learned and acted on over the last 10 years to a deleterious extent.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Why does a staunchly conservative outlet like the Mail on Sunday give houseroom to this sort of thing? The BBC wouldn't give Daily Mail values two minutes of airtime. Another thing the unfinished Thatcher revolution fell down on: not privatising the BBC.

Friday, October 19, 2007

An Iron Curtain Has Descended over the Continent

Brown's Chamberlain moment will give him pride of place in the Rogue's gallery of traitors of this country alongside the quislings and Haw Haws. He was never opposed to the EU and all its dark deeds and here is proof in this ultimate betrayal.

Britain must end its masochistic relationship with the EU now and only complete withdrawal from it will do.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Reflections On The Feminist Revolution

On UKTV they were showing the extended documentary entitled I think, the Beatles Decade. Interspersed with the usual Beatle footage was a social commentary glib, facile, fatuous and wholly befitting of the shallow decade it was discussing.

The viewers were invited to accept the tired shopworn and crackerbarrel thesis that the emancipation of women was a good thing and the sexual revolution was a liberating phenomenon, when in fact it was about as liberating as the Soviet tanks that rolled into Czechoslovakia at the same time in that misbegotten decade.

1967 was the glorious year when the feminst movement reached its hideous and squalid apogee with the legalisation of mass murder of the innocents in the Orwellian euphemism of abortion. Since then 6 million babies have been sacrificed on the altar of feminism - a veritable hollocaust indeed.

The only thing anyone had been liberated from of course, was self restraint and decency. Divorce was made easy,families were broken, liberals lied and people died. Drugs addled what was left of the soft brained youth suckled on welfare and 'free' liberal education aka liberal brainwashing.

As the great social commentator Anne Coulter has recently observed female suffrage is the true culprit of this social catastrophe. There is a clear statistical link between female voting patterns and the election of liberal welfare governments.

Stay at home mums could thus save the country simply by staying home and having their voting papers gently but firmly removed from them.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What We Wish For

A friend of sorts is always anticipating the fall of capitalism with a relish which is altogether unhealthy. He particularly enjoys tales of property investors whose calculations go askew and end up with negative equity. If you point out that his pleausre at others hubris has its roots in the repossession of his house for bad debts decades ago he brushes it off as having nothing to do with it.

For myself I relish and anticipate the fall of socialism in this country with equal if not greater intensity than my friend wishes the demise of capitalism. To me capitalism is about the survival of the fittest and most intelligent whereas socialism is about the survival of the unfittest and stupidest. Who in their right minds would want the latter to prevail -other than envy-eaten mediocrities?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Going Postal

This is what happens when State monopolies rule.