Saturday, June 27, 2015

Holidays from hell

It never even occurred to me that Brits would be holidaying in Tunisia.One struggles to get one's mind round the sheer  madness, folly and disregard for safety that such recklessness represents.Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the Middle East scum.(They may not be Cowards but they sure are dumb).File under No Sympathy Whatsoever.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

See the booty of the Royal Scam

Another £40 million folks,6% rise, the royal family have to live in the Manor(s) to which they have become accustomed so tug that forelock,tote that bale! This is so easy,we just take the candy from the British baby subjects in tax whilst they can coo over pictures of baby whatshisname and admire the svelte form of Kate with an admixture of prurient servility and vicarious pleasure at the opulence of the royal tax supported parasites.

If the British people can swallow this one whole there is manifestly no injustice,no state depradation and incursion on their liberties,purses and wallets that is not possible.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MillieBrand hoist on own peturd

Brand has finally gone the way of all revolutionary manques and been denounced as a traitor by prolier than thou lefties accusing him of selling out to the cause.You have to laugh but no sympathy is in order for this obnoxious toe rag and hypocrite with his tax avoidance schemes and his  pietistic utterances.As long as he is run out of town on a rail the political composition of those doing the running out right now is immaterial.

Gun grabbing race hustler speaks

With his assiduously studied faux sincerity the racist president lost no time turning a squalid meaningless homicidal act by a sad loser into a political grandstanding opportunity in act act of cynicism beyond which  even he has previously sunk to.

Black on black homicide in the US occurs on a daily industrial scale but does not make the headlines.Only homicide committed by whites on blacks does. I guess black homicides by blacks don't count as there is no political capital to be garnished from them. So black lives are dispensable.This is to be born in mind when one evaluates the hysterical outrage generated in Charleston.

On the guns issue it must be remembered that Charleston is a gun grabbers paradise with stringent gun control laws and thus there was no possibility for the church goers to be armed and protected against a stray loser seeking worldwide attention for his twisted cause.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Islam may triumph

The reason Islam poses such a threat globally is because as I have said there is no fundamental philosophical opposition to it.Intellectually disarmed liberalism can only offer concession after concession,endless acts of retreat,apology, masochistic self doubt,excuses for not confronting it,self abasement before Islamic tyranny and threats and ultimate moral intellectual capitulation to it.

The roots of this craven appeasement go back to religion itself,ie Christianity.Never having fully shaken off the altruist self sacrifice ethos of Christianity its remnants in liberal philosophy totally disarms any moral philosophical opposition to Islam.In the words of current jargon the liberal west has no counter narrative to the moral absolutism of Islam and its totalitarian message.

Unless the christian heritage of altruism is rejected and we declare our unequivocal  commitment to reality and life on this earth and the pursuit of happiness without sacrificing to others or being sacrificed to them we will ultimately succumb to Islam's murderous deathly embrace.

Mo the paedophile

Do all the muslims who go in their mosques and point their raddled arses to the sky in grotesque worship of Mohamud know that he was a paedophile who wed a 7 year old girl? This is institutionalised paedophile worship.So why does the West accomodate this evil death cult,allowing it to build mosques that are shrines to a known paedophile?

The nerve centre of the cult of Islam the mosques should not be allowed to spread like a virulent cancer across the West spreading out its evil message of hate and nihilism,fomenting and giving succor to the muslim psyhopaths who go to fight their jihad war against civilization.

Mohumud was also an epileptic,a frothing at the mouth deluded mental basket case who heard voices and was convinced God was talking to him.A world wide religion has spread up around him,the greatest death cult in human history.Lets all tip toe round it and give our respects to it,lets truckle to its emissaries,tug the forelock to it,give it special protection,appease it,finance it,make special laws to privilege it.Lets not offend it by pointing any of this out,lets just roll over and die.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baroness Warsi wicked evil bitch

The woman from hell is at it again,the apologist of evil,the self elected spokeswoman for British muslims 'Baroness' Warsi thinks her party which for some bizarre reason I have never been able to fathom she is a member of, is guilty of 'demonising the muslim community'.Mr Cameron does not have to do that as the 'muslim community' is perfectly capable of doing that job all by itself

This vile woman with her ridiculous Birmingham accent is congenitally incapable of uttering a sensible comment.and the party should rid itself of her once and for all.It is telling that she chose to write her muslim apologist drivel in the Guardian newspaper.

As I pointed out a few days before Cameron's excellent speech there are no moderate muslims,it is a big fat lie.The mosques are the intellectual breeding ground and clearing house for all the toxic barbarism of these primitive nihilistic bestial islamic subhumans across the globe,they offer their tacit imprimatur to the heinous acts committed worldwide and without the mosques they would have no intellectual ammunition to stage their international jihad against civilization.

Think it is time to ship out and deport the likes of Warsi and her evil demonic islamic cohorts and thus send a clear message to the 'muslim community' that we as a nation will no longer brook excuse making self exculpating rhetoric from muslim apologist attempting to defend the indefensible that is Islam in all its vile manifestations.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Greece goes in search of another sugar daddy

We all know how the Greek farce is going to end with the EU throwing it tons of money to keep the EU charade playing for a few more years till Greece reaches another crisis point and the same psychodrama is re-enacted.

Now it has another ace up its sleeve if the threat of defaulting and bringing the EU house of cards tumbling down does not work.Greece is going to suck up to Russia.With cold war rhetoric at fever pitch,NATO bristling on Russia's borders,the latter's planes nudging UK airspace the last thing the EU will countenance is Greece going over to Russia, the ultimate geopolitical nightmare.

So the wily Greeks will have their EU cake and eat it too -and then ask for more.We should be grateful to them however as they may well be responsible for bringing about the EU's demise as it eventually collapses upon its own internal and irreconcilable contradictions.Lets drink some ouzo to that delightful prospect.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pre natal guilt

Patty Smith sang 'Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine'. She was not with the programme clearly for according to the religionists man inherits original sin and has no choice about it.According to our religious snakeoil salesman alluded to in past posts this is how things are and were we in the same position as Adam we would have made the same mistake and brought mankind down to its present degraded cursed state by so doing.Wither free will? We have none according to Mr Snakey,we are predetermined to fall.

If Mr snakey were told his brother had committed murder but the authorities had decided to throw him in jail instead he would no doubt consider that a grievious injustice and the grievance would only be compounded if when complaining Mr S was told by way of explanation that he should not complain because had he been in his brother's situation he would have done the same thing!

 But that is small beer injustice as we are told that a crime committed thousands of years ago is our crime and our sentence to serve.Monstrous injustice from a capricious psychopathic deity!Were it true of course...A God who has deliberately set people up to fail.Worship that? as the late lamented Frank Cain once asked.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Religion and its malcontents

Mr religious snake oil salesman said before God man is female.He should defer to the superior being like a woman presumably should defer to her man in a spiritual hierachy of authority that begins with God,then man,then woman and then their children.

The infantilisation that religion engenders here is clear.Man has no autonomy,his own judgement and desires in life are of naught.He exists in servility to his creator and he can no more question this servility than a pot can question the pot maker who has crafted him.

The psychopathology of religion is thus laid bare: mindless obedience,passivity and craven obesiance. But there is more.

Mr religious snake oil salesman favours a theocracy,rule by religious dictat,but do not fear because he  advocates,(roll of drums): a 'benign dictatorship'.I shall pause gentle reader whilst you grapple with that oxymoron.One can no more be a little bit enslaved than one can be a little bit pregnant.One is either one thing or the other.A is A as they say.Either you live under a dictatorship and have no freedom  or you are a free, autonomous agent.What if you are given instructions and resist?What does the benign dictator do? Blank out.

Mr snakeoil salesman is very calm about all this.His modulated tones denote reasonableness but in essence it is  a fire and brimstone fist in a velvet glove.He is not frothing at the mouth but then neither is Mr Cool President Obama.But he is a sociopath nevertheless.Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace as Dylan once intoned.Not that we beleive in Satan of course but the point is well made.

How to destroy Islam part two

The myth and theory of moderate Islam has been well exploded.It is something the apologists for Islam always produce after every atrocity committed by muslims.There are no more moderate muslims than there are moderate Nazis.It goes with the territory.

As Islam poses a clear existential threat to the world and civilization only radical steps to destroy it will do.What is the spiritual home of Islam but Mecca and Medina.These should be taken out militarily and destroyed,raized to the ground.Mosques should be identified as a threat to western values and dismantled.Islam has to be driven from the West and eradicated like Nazizm was.The only cure for cancer is radical surgery.The terrorists have to be terrorized.

If Islam will not reform itself and it shows no sign of doing so it will have to be done by external forces.It is not the 15th century.Modern technology has enabled the muslim hordes and barbarians to gain access to sophisticated arms and it poses a genuine threat to human survival.The time to act is now especially with Iran on the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons.

Call it sleep

A  religious snake oil salesman in the US (where religion has always been privatised unlike in the UK which has a national state religion going back centuries) was preaching on the radio and he said hypnosis cannot help people because they are hypnotised already and in this hypnoidal state bad things beset them.This idea that the human race is asleep has biblical corroboration  and support as Christ himslf said 'asleep ye come in to the world,asleep ye go out'.

So what is this sleep that is referred to by religious people which view is broadly held by most religions albeit expressed in different language,the Buddhist for instance talk of lowered states of conciousness and proffer meditation techniques to raise it to a state of blissful consciousness,an at oneness etc.The religious snake oil salesman abovementioned preaches a similar thing attempting to meld East and West in a hybrid admixture and he refers to this state of at oneness as At.onement.

The rational mind knows only two states of consciousness: asleep and awake apart from altered states of conciousness induced by drugs which impair cognition but this is not in the ordinary human experience but rather in the realms of medical and social pathology.

To posit some higher state of consciousness achieved by connecting with an omnipotent supernatural entity from another dimension beyond human senses through which humans can achieve awakeness is to the rational mind bizarre, fantastic and absurd.

For people to take refuge in such an abject delusion is not a guarantee of human happiness and health but rather a  hopeless craven abdication of the mind and an abandonement of any possibility of human efficacy and hapiness. To quote Thomas Paine, 'the sleep of reason brings forth monsters'.That is the only sleep guaranteed those who sell their soul to faith.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to defeat Islam

The West is prostrate and helpless in the face of Islam and cannot defeat it on the battlefield with weapons  because the real battle is intellectual and it has no defense against the moral absolutism and  totalitarian construct at Islam's core.Liberalism has for generations promulgated moral relativism and in more recent times the toxic anti ideology of pragmatism,the idea that objective reality is an illusion,coupled with multiculturalism -no culture is superior to any other and political correctness which is a latter day inquisition against free thought and expression if it falls outside the narrow parameters of liberal orthodoxy.

Thus disarmed and paralysed when confronted with the in plain sight evil of Islam liberal west is impotent and has nothing to say to counter its nihilist narrative because it has itself embraced nihilism,a belief that no values are possible or worth defending as superior to any other and is thus reduced to bleating bromides about democracy which is after all the description of a process of voting and not an ideology itself -Hitler was voted democratically and that was no protection against Nazim.

It is hardly surprising that in  this intellectual vacuum emanating from the intellectuals and universities students muslim and otherwise take solace and succor in the ultimate anti reason,anti mind ideology of Islam.They have been offered no alternative and have been taught that the mind is impotent,reason a mere Westerncentric cultural construct, a conceit  and illusion.The liberal anti ideology agenda has set the West up for its own destruction and this betrayal of the intellectuals is as near as treason as it gets.

Until this self defeating liberalist agenda is roundly rejected and a strong pro reason pro liberty philosophy replaces it no amount of drones will defeat Islam as its extreme nihilism will triumph and the West will decline and fall.The writing is on the wall.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lets trust the surveillance state -Not!

Those nasty Russians and Chinese have breached US security data thanks to the wicked Edward Snowden leaking all that information about the secret service.That's what we are being told -by government officials and operatives in the US and echoed by their UK counterparts.Apparently they have cracked the encryption code which tells us that encryption is not a fail safe security we have been led to believe.

Even if it is true that Snowden failitated this in part, which I personally doubt, we have to ask ourselves the following.Are the US and the UK, both advanced welfare states, a staunch defender of civil liberties,individual rights,a bulwark of freedom against a hostile totalitarian world beyond its borders as they seek to present themselves?To ask the question is to appreciate its absurdity.We are less free now than a hundred years ago,our liberty is in danger of being eliminated,the biggest threat we have to contend with is not a bunch of prehistoric savages in the Middle East (which incidentally we have been busily appeasing for half a century with our suicidal altruistic foreign policy) but our own governments hell bent on surveiling us around the clock and stripping us of our last remaining liberties on the installment plan.

In the light of this the fact that hundreds of thousands of government operatives have had their personal data breached is not something to decry but to welcome.The State snoopers are now being snooped upon,the tables have turned.Lets see how they like it.

Beyond belief

A new environmentalist encyclical is to be issue by the pope.His followers already have the capacity to believe six impossible things before breakfast and having swallowed the ginormous camel of faith believing in the unscientific theory of environmentalism and man made global warning will be the mere swallowing of a very small gnat.

To mix metaphors the pope may be unwittingly walking in to a hornet's nest.He is in danger of making it official that environmentalism is as some of us have for a very long time suspected not a science but a religion with its articles of faith, dogma, total disregard of the facts,distorting of evidence, pious utterances, apocalyptic warnings and last but not least the  persecution ridiculing and silencing  of detractors and unbelievers.Methinks it is a perfect fit.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Negotiation for dummies

Why does a dinky insignificant basket case loony tunes country like Greece wield so much power over the combined bureaucratic political force of the EU empire? Simples.It knows the EU wants it to remain within it as the whole  project itself would be put in jeopardy if one of the national dominoes fell.

Greece can therfor play games of brinkmanship,stalling,prevarication,deceit,chicanery,bluster grandstanding,lying,propagandising,threatening, and abusing the EU operatives, knowing full well it has the advantage and leverage and eventually,if it holds out long enough, it will get the desired outcome: a massive dollop of EU fudge and an agreement to its terms which will allow it to continue its corrupt insane socialist policies at the expense of EU taxpayers.

For the same reason Cameron having already signaled his ultimate intention is to remain within the EU,his negotiating powers are of nought.Hence the contempt he is held in by the EU negotiators and bureaucrats who have already told him his proposed reforms are not going to be accepted.

So an elaborate pretense is being played out to convince the British public that Mr Cameron is going to Brussels to talk tough,all done in response to the rise of Ukip not because Cameron has suddenly seen the light re the EU.Like Mr Chamberlain before him he will go seeking peace in our time and come back with a worthless piece of paper.Then the hoodwinking will begin as he seeks to convince the British people that something momentous has been achieved and that  they  should vote to stay within the EU.

This is an elementary negotiation principle schoolkids practice in the playground: if you've got something you know your prospective buyer really really wants because he is dumb and has signalled as much to you in advance by his undisguised desire for it you can name your price.Pity our so called leaders have forgotten it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Os.bourne Legacy?

Tearing up the State's credit cards seems like a good idea to me.We are told no government can bind future governments but why not if it is written in law and  protects future generations from being mortgaged to pay for Labour's spending depredations.The trouble is the proposition  is couched in deliberately vague ambiguous terms,referring to 'normal' times with the implication that when the gov deems we are not living in 'normal' times the credit cards can be reactivated for deficit spending.Never give the state wriggle room because it will drive a coach and horses through it.

As a statement of intent this policy is therfor commendable but its execution will have to be seen before it is believed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cameron's EU Fudge Productions

Mr Slippery did not wait long to start his old tricks re the EU referendum,seeking so silence his critics within the party by whipping them,then resiling from it when confronted.And now we hear that governmental bodies,civil service and the EU itself will be free to unleash a tsunami of tax funded pro EU propaganda just as it did in'75 to rig the vote in favour of UK remaining within the EU.

There is hardly a devious ploy and stratagem that has not been exposed by diligent MPs so it is unlikely that the dirty tricks will  succeed this time round but it is an indication of how treacherous and deceitful the Yes advocates are in seeking to achieve their desired objective.They must be watched every second of this campaign.

And on that matter of the Yes camp the question itself has been skewed as  some MPs pointed out by the staus quo advocates who have the positive Yes to campaign on.And who is going to ensure the BBC does not use its licence to propagandize for and part orchestrate the Yes result it so devoutly and rabidly favours?

Monday, June 08, 2015

NHS and the Mixed economy blues

If you think the mixed economy has a lot to commend it look no further than the NHS which is spending tens of millions of pounds on agency nursing,money no object cos its coming out of the national purse thru taxes -that's right you suckers are funding this madness.There is only one thing worse than socialism and thats a mixture of socialism and capitalism which is the worst of all possible worlds.A system built on irreconciliable principles ends up looking like the NHS and this way madness lies.

The victims of this irrational system are of course the doctors,the patients and the reputation of capitalism which is compromised by association with this corrupt political state system.

Navy Lark

Thought the armed forces were there to protect British citizens and defend UK interests? Wrong! Its got into the people trafficking business.Picking refugees up on the high seas and transporting them to Europe where they can form a disorderly queue to the UK Welfare State or Wayfare State.Just when you thought UK foreign policy could not get any more irrational and insane...

Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Real Lib Lab con

The Kennedy Assination raised the issue of his political philosophy and great play was made of his early rejection of socialism - apparently Gordon Brown attempted to persuade him to join Labour in the early 80's but according to the BBC journalist discussing the matter he refused because he was not a 'Big Government man'.Er excuse me?

As I have pointed out on numerous occasions the Liberals were the handmaidens  of the welfare state which was practically lifted from the Communist Manifesto.Talk about flying under false colours.The Liberals have been doing this for a century or more.It is a good cop bad cop routine.Vote for us Liberals or you will end up with Labour - but they are one and the same.The only reason they did not make this official and join a coalition with Labour was because the electoral numbers did not stack up.Ideologically there is not a cigarette paper between the two.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Kennedy character assasination

It was dancing in the streets when Maggie died but when a nonentity liberal loser dies its wall to wall hagiography led of course by the liberal cheerleader BBC who gave a perfect illustration in its coverage of Kennedy's death why the institution needs to be sold off forthwith.

As for the poor old Charlie himself he did not die of the disease of alcholism but of a deep character flaw that led him to self destruct with alcohol.It is not an addiction,it is not a disease,it is a lifestyle choice.Human beings have volition.Of course the whole liberal meme is that people cannot help themselves,they are victims,it is the very essence and lodestar of their determinist philosophy.At the end of the day as well as at the start of it reality exists,we are beings of a self made soul.Some just choose to pickle theirs.

Friday, June 05, 2015

The Employer strikes back

It  is generally considered fair that employees can join unions but the rights of employer's tend to be ignored.The CBI is supposed to represent their interests but it seems to be a toothless body whose pronouncements are characterised by a temporising timorous pusillanimity and a servile truckling support of statism, happy to accept any piffling nugatory morsels of deregulation the gov may throw its way.

What is sauce for the employee goose must be  sauce for employer goose as well and to that end an organization needs to be formed that will truly stand up and represent business interests and just as unions claim the right to strike so too must employers assert this universal principle of withholding service to protect their rights that have been sorely violated over generations.

What would such action involve?The right to strike would manifest as a witholding of taxes such as national insurance contributions,capital gains and corporation tax,business rates,Vat returns and an across the board non compliance with all gov directed regulations including those of supra national bodies such as the EU.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

BBC Boss offers gov an ultimatum

The head of the BBC has warned the government that if it stops throwing people in jail for not paying their TV licence he will be forced to pull the plug on some of the Beebs Tv programmes.The only response from the gov should be go ahead punk,make my day.One thing I can predict with certainty is that the licence review that comes up every decade will result in the BBC maintaining its licence with a few minor adjustments.You don't have to be Nostradamus.If I am wrong it may be the gov decides to finance the Bbc through thru taxation so no one has the opportunity to avoid paying for it and all this talk of not throwing people in jail anymore is just a preparation for that switch over into the tax system.

No gov will challenge the ethos of public service broadcasting,they may rail at the wall to wall liberal content if the gov of the day is Conservative but it will merely huff and puff and continue with the status quo.Trust me on this one folks,it has past form.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Liberal soak is dead

The only good liberal is a dead one and the old Russian proverb that if you cannot say anything good about someone don't say anything at all is particularly silly.Charles Kennedy's death will be much talked about today but one thing is sure: in years to come no one will be asking where were you when Kennedy died.

I have said before that the real destroyers of this country were not Labour but the liberals before them who sowed the seeds of the welfare state with their liberal reforms.Yes liberals are nice and personable but their policies are toxic and the fact that Kennedy poisoned himself with alcohol tells us something about the true psychology of liberalism which is not the benevolent philosophy it presents to the world.

Uman rights

It is clear that so called human rights   beloved of left wing activists and lawyers are nothing more than a series of socialist demands and edicts disguised as noble principles of freedom and liberty.It is  right that this gov is seeking to extricate the UK from this insidious and oppressive tyranny imposed from Brussels.

 This is the start  hopefully of a long journey away from European madness and back to historical principles of liberty which are completely alien to Europe and its entrenched institutionalised statism  and upon which principles British law is founded albeit in somewhat compromised and attenuated form in recent times via creeping welfare socialisation.

Rand Paul National hero

If Rand Paul has put a temporary spanner in the works of the FBI,the evil Whitehouse incumbent and the Nsa he has performed an admirable patriotic service to the beleaguered American people whose land of the brave is now a Brave New World of Stasi like State snooping and Orwellian surveillance with its mass data Hoovering.

At last someone has stood up to this madness and kudos to the great hero Edward Snowden who had to flee America and is now holed up in Russia which kind of shows how totalitarian the US has now become.He is a latter day Solzhenitsyn who will one day be feted as a great American and saver of the nation.

Empire no more

The UK is no longer an empire duh,it is not the world's policeman and the country cannot afford such a role even if it were moral which it is not.Nato and the Americans can go do one,if the latter want to posture on the world stage let them get on with it and much good it has and will do them.

America's foreign policy for over a hundred yeas has been largely immoral and it should return to it founding principles which is to defend its national interests and stop its altruistic follies and forays.A question mark hangs over Nato itself and the UK should withdraw from it as it is still fighting the cold war.