Monday, May 20, 2019

What's wrong with Jordan Peterson?

Leaving aside all his virtues, communication skills as a brilliant speaker and entertainer his major flaws are his emotionalism, his religious premises -the two are closely connected as religious belief is emotionalism - and again associated with those two things, his morbid malevolent world view which colours and informs his whole schtick.That is to say his message is life is hell here's how you can make it better.No matter how great his instruction on how to make it better is, how trenchant the insights and psychological analysis are if it is based on a false foundation it is a house built on sand.

His emotionalism is particularly bad and he not infrequently brings himself to the verge of tears,his voice shaky with emotion making an embarrassing spectacle leaving a question mark over his mental stability. This is tied up with his religiosity which is not overt but more insidious and sinuous but still based on unreason and emotionality.

His analysis of the left is good and he is always worth listening to but ultimately a flawed thinker undone by his religious emotionalism and his work will have little if any lasting value.