Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lost Leaders

An associate claims that human beings are suggestible by design in that they are meant to be impressionable in order to be imprinted with the good or right way.This has the obvious downside of us being prone and prey to false teachings and ideas which seem plausible to us in our gullible receptive state.

From birth almost, we are subject to false teachings,in the space of a few years we have taken in all the garbage of the world.From our parents with their flawed nature to our teachers who systematically bamboozle and confuse, to the books we read, the media we are immersed in, the 'experts', the authorities we listen to, we are led up the garden path to confusion and error. A woman who had committed grave crimes was once asked what her biggest mistake was and she simply replied'"listening to other people".

There you have it. Listening to to other people. There is no such thing as an original thought, true enough but some people go out of their way to be second handers! Take the issue of money-making. Thousands of books are printed promising to make us rich. It is a huge industry. Business gurus make millions promising to show us how to think and grow rich. They have no record of success.They are hope peddlars.Dream peddlars.They are in the business of making themselves rich.They profess great love of humanity. They want to help us.Why are they selling their knowledge instead of giving it away if their motivation is love for humnaity? Logic is important here. If they know how to make millions why aren't they doing it instead of trying to sell us a business manual for $100 ?!? The desperate clutch at straws..

We may not know the right way to go but we surely have the capacity to know the wrong away and the sense enough to void it? Bottom line is surely, we are lazy and would rather have other people do our thinking for us and chew our food for us.That's why most of us working for someone else.We can then moan and complain and join unions and try and screw our employer for more than we deserve and demand a minimum wage and 6 weeks holiday and a job for life and divers other benefits.Our life is someone else's responsibility - and that's how we like it!

This way tyranny lies. Politicians know full well this disposition of ours to want the unearned,the free lunch.They tap into our greed and inherent parasitic nature and they exploit it to the full. Received wisdom is the tyranny that holds sway over us.Politicians are on the cutting edge of societal evilution.They love doing our thinking for us -and it always leads to disaster.Never mind, we can throw them out at the next election and vote in another bunch of criminals!

Women's Proper Role

What is women's proper role in society you ask? Very well, I will tell you.

1. To meet man's physical needs - seasonly, within marriage.

2. To bear children (not to rear them -that is man's job)

3 What was the third one? Oh yes, to do the dishes -to be man's help meet.

Thats it! In the words of Roy Masters who was once asked what is a woman's role in soociety: "Nada,Nicht, Zilch -she has no role in society."

Do I hear a witches chorus of "chauvinist,sexist,neanderthal etc? The usual noises of feminists who cannot think straight but resort to ad hominems thinking that is all they have to do to shut down the debate.

The best women can be is pale imitations of men. To quote Roy Masters again, "Men are better than women at everything - even at being women".

Gender morphing is the result of allowing the feminists to set the agenda leading to the ugly phenomena of Fe-males and She-males. Homosexuality is rife. This of course is partly due to the de-industrialisation of the modern world. Men no longer do manly labouring jobs but have been forced into soft service industries which lend themselves to the more feminine skills. Homosexuality is a Bi-product of soft decadent post-industrial modernism.

Female enfranchisement has eroded the obvious differences and distinctions between the sexes and led to the infiltration of women into male work territory with catastrophic results.The armed forces and the police have been seriously emasculated posing a real threat to the survival of Western Democracy. Schools have been largely taken over by female teachers destroying the essential base of male role models for boys.Social workers employ a regiment of women leading to further inappropriate and wholly inadequate role models for mentally disturbed male youths.

Politically the result of feminism as discuseed previously is Communism, Socialism, Welfarism, Liberalism. The case against women playing any equal role in society is thus palpably manifest and self evident.

This is not to denigrate women or detract from their talents and skills etc although it may come across that way. Women can be very accomplished in all areas and there are exceptions to the general rule. Think of Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Ayn Rand,Margaret Thatcher.Admitteldy the list is rather short.)I can think of a few other great female writers for instance like,Olive Schreiner,Flannery O'Connor, Christina Stead and more recently Julie Burchill, Melanie Phillips. There are even a couple of bloggers I have linked to! But the general rule holds.We are not in a good .

place Society-wise and unpleasant uncomfortable truths have to be confronted..

Note Disclaimer Wrote this years ago and it is frankly er bollocks!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Those Who Can't Teach

Wouldn't it be good if we could forget our teacher's faces as effortlessly as they forget ours? Then we wouldn't have their wretched visages etched on our memories for a lifetime.

Forced into the company of these wretched mediocrities,bores,time-serving government hirelings and change agents, enemies of promise,blighters of aspirations,crushers of the human spirit -surely there has to be a special place in hell reserved for these malevolent spiritual criminals and tormentors of youth?

Bitch From Hell In Heist Of Century

This evil witch has chutzpah oozing from every pore.Now (in her words) she can fund her charities with the spoils.Has this brazen bitch no shame,has her self awareness been amputated along with her leg? Another illustration of the parasite playing the victim role.The whining self pitying whore!
Hat Tip to fhuiac Al Fulchino for including my article on Feminism-Socialism on his new website which I have now linked to under warzoneus.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

1968 The Year Of Moral Delinquency

1968 was a very bad year for Western Democracy.Now we have to re-live it as the liberals of the MSM who spent their golden years rioting and causing mayhem on the streets reminisce through their pink tinted spectacles and history gets re written once more.

The students were revolting, the liberal decadence reached its nadir,flower power and hippy loopiness gave way to naked violence and the rise of the Fascist Left seeking to overthrow the compromised democracies of the West through street violence and Marxist agitation in the State funded universities.

Political posturing, 'happenings', demonstrations,gesture politics were the order of the day.Loss of nerve from the Establishment sent signals to the unwashed hippies turned street thugs that they were in with a chance and they pushed their advantage.France nearly fell to the Fascist Left and was saved by De gaule.Communist change agents in the universities funded by Moscow fomented social unrest,the liberals staged a coup at the BBC and promoted their soft Marxism across the airwaves.The only saving grace was perhaps the flowering of creative pop music which served as a backdrop to the general anarchy lending it a roseate hue wholly at odds however, with the stark reality of what was happening on the ground.

Pseudo mysticism was the flavour of the day as embodied by the bizarre figure of the Maharashi exponent of 'Transcendental 'Meditation given prominence by the Beatles.John Lennon became a figurehead for the Peace movement which ammounted to little more than appeasement towards every evil power wishing to destroy the West.We have him to thank for the pop celebrity turned Saviour of Mankind,the 'Geldof Syndrome' which is an egregious legacy indeed.

So 1968 was a very bad year where collective insanity reigned,whole nations lost the plot and almost fell prey to a pan communist tyranny.The idea that it should be celebrated and looked back on with fondness by its architects is frankly depressing and perfectly illustrates how people who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it -ad nauseam.

Mr Osbourne Is A Typical Spineless Tory!

Perhaps the Conservatives will tell us if they think 60%(plus) tax on petrol is ok and if not what they would reduce it to.No one hold their breath for an answer!

Has any other country got a tax level like that? Mr Osbourne says he cannot see a way to cut taxes.If that's the case he should resign and be replaced by someone who can and will.

Voting is like signing a blank check. There are no payments by results in politics as there are in business.That's the problem.There is something rotten and corrupt in the State and no one is promising to fix it.Turkeys don't vote for Christmas do they?

Conservative Choice: Principle Or Popularity

People pleasers want to be liked.They are chameleonic,all things to all people. They have no principles.In politics they are the ideological free-zone. (Yes, I'm talking about the Tories again!) They worship at the altar of pragmatism.They actually pride themselves in not believing in anything.What they exhibit is a dogmatic uncertainty.An eye to the main chance,power for power's sake.

A far cry from the 80's when Thatcher brought principles back into politics.This was such a painful experience for the Tory grandees and caused them so much pain and conflict that in the end they had to stage a coup to get rid of her. From then on it was back to business as usual.

With Cameron this values free politics has reached its nadir.He is the kind of person who would apologise for his virtues if he had any. A man without qualities,a moral vacuum,a supercillious popinjay he is surely the perfect figurehead for a party that abandoned principles for political expediency, with a gaping void where its soul used to be.

What Do Conservatives Believe?

Conservatives don't seem to believe in anything these days. Mr Osborne sees no room to cut taxes which suggests he is either very stupid or a Socialist.(Either or?!) What else do we have to judge the Conservatives on but their words and actions? They have sold us down the river on the EU.They support the leviathan State.There is hardly a Socialast institution they don't think they can't manage better than Labour.Conservatism is the waddling quaking duck of Socialism!

Where's the fire,the passion the integrity? Listening to Milliband demolish Hague in debate on the EU recently was like witnessing the proverbial savaging of a dead sheep.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Patriachism Or Socialism Part One

The feminine guileful spirit resides in the socialist. The socialist shemale seeks to subvert the natural hierachical order in the home to insert the Mother State into the family unit and so destroy it. The feminist movement in the early 20th century began this process.

Beatrice Webb was an early socialist who began her career working for the great sociologist Herbert Spencer but she did not benefit from the experience, taking a sharp turn leftwards and was the Shirley Williams of her day,do-gooding around, pandering to the feckless and indigent poor,promoting socialist programmes ostensibly to help the wretches but in effect laying the foundations of 'social reform' which would lead to the establishment of a full-blown socialist welfare state -the baleful effects of which we are Labouring under to this day.

Those who resisted female suffrage were no neanderthal troglodytes as they have been portrayed but prescient beings who could see what would result from the incursion of feminist values into the polity. An emasculation of the body politic began,eroding manly values of independence,industry and social stability.The femal spirit of enabling and entitlement supplanted thrift and individual responsibility. It no longer rested with the father and husband to be the head of the household taking care of his charges,rearing them on the straight path. The State muscled in to this dynamic and assumed the role of provider and nurturer,supplanting the male principle with the guileful feminine State Welfare one, 'securing' the family members 'from the cradle to the grave' A serfdom spanning a lifetime with no release or reprieve!

How did these predatory socialists with alien European values imported from Asiatic countries like Russia gain a foothold on British soil? Through the middle class intellectuals, the Bloomsbury set, the self-loathing liberal intellectual elite with subversion of bourgeoise values on their mind.They were imported like some malevolent and toxic baccillus, infecting the intellectual climate and establishment -the first recorded case of effective, de facto intellectual germ warfare.

It was not long after female enfranchisment was effected that the first Labour party came to power promising bread and circuses.The two events are inextricably bound up with each other. For reasons not know by myself as I have done no research into the matter this first Labour government failed and soon bit the dust.But it learned from its experience and the '45 administration was full blown socialist and nationalised everything in sight including human social values.

Thus began the decline of the British character and its supplanting with the British Social Man;no longer a self-made individual but now a mere social construct, a servile vassal of the State,taxed and regulated to within an inch of his life, a mere extension of the State,designed to do its bidding,to serve its ends, reflect its inverted moral values, to be a mere mouthpeice of the totalitarian will as embodied in the State. Politicians of the day truly did see themselves, in Stalin's words as: 'Engineers of human souls'.

This sinister development, this radical shift barely registered on the political radar as all its advances were characterised as 'social reform'. To be in favour of this social experiment was to be seen as 'progressive' and 'enlightened'. Those who opposed it were dismissed as 'reactionary' 'backwoodsmen'. The Conservative party were effectively cast in this light but instead of challenging this egregious misrepresentation they (characteristically) bought into the categorisation and thus began the long and ruinous collusion between the Tories and the Labour socialists known as the 'post war consensus.'

Of course the irony doesn't escape us that this cosy and corrosive con-sensus was smashed by none other than the great Margaret Thatcher who handbagged socialism into the history books - I exaggerate alas! - (proving if nothing else that God has a sense of humour).

Where are we now? Well,the cultural wars have been won by the social engineers.Women are free to murder their babies,divorce at will and claim huge alimony settlements,third ,fourth fifth generation welfare dependents replicate to spread their human misery in fatherless ghettoes ridden with crime, prostitution,drugs and violence in a short squalid meaningless existence subsidised by the real working classes taxed to the hilt to further this social experiment of down-breeding, this inversion of eugenics wherby the fit and healthy are immolated and the sick and depraved are supported and facilitated in the promotion of their compromised and diseased gene pool.

The ravages of socialism can be seen the length and breadth of the land, sretching like a human scar across the benighted landscapes of post industrial Britain,a living pustulating indictment of socialism in all its satanic works.

With a camera on every corner Socialist Britain has a beady eye on us. Not the criminals of course who always get a free pass, but to keep an eye on the law abiding.It is all very simple. The businessmen are criminals and the criminals are victims. Victims of poverty, adverse circumstances,anything but their own stupidity. The Left give criminals a free rein, releasing them from jail with derisory short sentences to wreak their revenge on society for giving them everything and teaching them the value of nothing. Working on the principle that 'property is theft' the left unleash the criminal classes on the hapless populace and allow them to indulge in widescale looting and urban terrorism, a variant of redistibution of wealth by proxy minus the middleman State.

Parasitism Organic And Social

We all know about parasitism in the animal and insect world.The creatures who lay their eggs in others bodies and use them as hosts eventually devouring the latter and using it to serve as sustenance. As gruesome as this is there are human equivalents and at least animals have the excuse that they are obeying their natures and the animal kingdom is a survival of the fittest with no rules of engagement as such -dog eat dog, each one obeying their instincts for survival.

What excuse do human parasites offer? They are doing it for our benefit! Sucking the life out of us, extracting tribute in the form of taxes they present their parasitism as service! Philanthropy. The organic parasites are more honourable.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Personal is The Political

The role and the only role of the State is to defend and uphold individual rights.The initiation of force by the State against the individual is a violation of the individual and any State that commits such an act is immoral evil and illegitimate! Such a State has forfeitted the right to exist and has no moral legitimacy.

We refer to such a system as Democracy and revere it and give it our moral sanction! This is surely the very definition of masochism. In the UK the three main political parties adhere to this status quo and merely differ in detail,in substance,not in kind.They actually connive to maintain this tyrannical system by pretending to offer an alternative when they are merely representing the vested interests of the elite political classes.

Self defence is within the rights of individuals against those who initiate force against them.Taxation is the inmplementation of force to deprive a person of their livelehood and property and the individual is perfectly within his rights to use force against the plunderer.Just as one can repel a burglar robbing ones house so individuals can repel the State when it violates property rights and takes by force that which belongs to the individual.

We as individuals may not be able to do anything about this at the moment. A disarmed population is powerless aganst the leviathan State with tentacles into every area of our existence,with its vast array of extensive and intrusive arbitrary powers to coerce and force us into submission.But what we do have is the power to withold any moral sanction of such an evil.That we do not have to give. If we do we are acting in symbiosis with the evil.We are the handmaidens of our own destruction, the enabler and facilitators of our own immolation.

The tyrants who hold sway over us demand our acquiescence and validation.Withold it! Do not participate in this charade.Do not ventriloquise their evil and lend it your imprimatur.Not content to enslave us they desire to have us see their enslavement of us as an act of service and love, a moral virtue.That we cannot and must not allow.

If we just start calling things by their proper names and not allow the psychic vampires of Democracy to get away with their sophisms and Orwellian euphemisms we will go some way in turning the tide of totalitarianism which is slowly engulfing us.The lexicon of lies needs to be challenged.No longer can we allow political change agents to get away with in effect declaring that words mean what they want them to mean.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Democracy - Ponzi Scam

It's a big lie! The biggest con of all time. To lie to people and convince them they are free when they are slaves.That is Democracy. It is repeated like a mantra.The very word lulls people to sleep,puts them into a mild hypnosis.It has a soothing semi religious power to put people in a trance,to persuade them to leave their critical faculties at the door when they check in to Hotel Democracy.

It requires a willing suspension of disbelief. It's subliminal power is the potent force in the politician's arsenal.He only has to utter the magic word Democracy and the power is his.

I personally beleive the only was to defeat the Democracy chanting demagogues is through force.Give me liberty or give me death. These people are not going to go quietly. I am not addvocating force and violence. I am simply stating that these fascists of Democracy will not be unseated through the 'Democratic' process because the institutions are designed and shaped to enable them to prevail with force and violence using the power of the State.

The instigation of violence by the power elite, the elected demagogues, is a gross violation of individual rights. The levying of taxes,euphemistically called 'redistribution of wealth' is theft and nothing more -it is a violation of property rights and as such is an act of violence perpetrated by the State by force of arms against the disarmed civilian population. It is tantamaount to an act of war.

Budget Schmudgit

'At the end of the day' politicians can do what they want and we have no control over them.They indulge in vicarious philanthropism -with our money. Many people are slowly realising that re-Democracy they have been sold a pup. If only they stayed at home election day the politicians would finally get the message.Either that or vote libertarian.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Socialist Mission Creep

All taxes start off from a very low base to minimise dissent. That's how the Minimum Wage was introduced. In the last nine years it has risen by 60%. The yea sayers claim it hasn't affected employment figures which goes against logic and commonsense.

The Tories should promise to abolish this socialist intervention in market forces but of course they won't for the reasons I gave below. Scratch a blue and find a red!

Barak Osama's Terrorist Links

And he could also be a closet fag! Americans need to wake up. Fast

Saturday, March 08, 2008

If It Waddles Like A Duck...


Yes! Here's why:

Conservatives are for high taxation. They support the NHS. They are pro State Education. They are pro abortion, pro BBC,pro foreign aid,pro state funded art,pro environmentalist pro EU,pro Welfare State. What else do they have to beleive in before they are named what they are: SOCIALIST! Suppport for any or a combination of the above defines a socialist!

The mystery why Conservatives have always been hesistant and timorous and defensive about capitalism is now obvious.They don't beleive in it! They damn it with faint praise,they defend it half-heartedly, apologetically,feebly,weakly.Their pusilaminous defense of freedom and liberty is worse than no defense at all because it creates the impression that theirs is a guilty,furtive,shameful,embarrassing belief, a love that dare not speak its name.

Why then have Conservatives been represented as pro-freedom and anti-big government when all their actions in office have contradicited this? Have they ever challenged the fundamental tenets of welfarism?

The most they can commit to is a better managed organised Socialism, a reformed socialism.Thus the argument against collectivism is never made and the collectivists orthodoxy prevails to decimate yet another generation and advance its inexorable road to serfdom.

Taxing Commonsense

The BBC World Service had a business programme on taxation this morning. All three guest speakers (surprisingly!) were pro taxation. One of the panel was from a London School of Oriental studies or some such and his remarks were telling. Taxation was a moral good,all those who 'stepped out of line' ie attempted to protect their earnings from predatory state confiscation should be 'named and shamed', the equivalent of being 'put in the stocks', an 'iron fist' should be used against them.

You can hardly imagine the same person using such violent language in the context of punishment for some criminal burglar or mugger. No, these words are directed against those criminal types who seek to keep what they have worked to achieve.

Until we can challenge this flagrant inversion of morality and expose it for what it is - a brazen assault on reason, values and liberty there is no hope a change in the culture will be effected.The defenders of taxation will maintain the higher moral ground by default and their monstrous impudence and chicanery will go unchecked.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Lisbon - A Betayal of the Political Classes

I am still trying to work out why a referendum on UK membership of the EU is a bad thing and why we are villifying the liberals for proposing it. One thing the Lisbon 'Treaty' House of Commons debacle has surely proven is that we cannot trust Parliament to get us out of this mess.

The Conservatives are constantly fighting a rear guard action on the EU,debating the layout of the deckchairs on the EU Titanic whilst it is sinking fast.Are they merely embarrassed that the liberals have exposed their precarious and untenable position on the EU?

I want a vote on UK membership on the EU and a vast majority of Conservative voters do too.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Will Democrats Usher In A New Race/Gender War?

It is scary to think American people are voting on ethnic racial gender lines. That is so Un American! The Democrats are fomenting tribal warfare -the kind of thing you see in African states - Kenya most recently, where the country is riven with tribal warfare and ethnic cleansing is the result.

There should be no hyphenated Americans.The kind of politician who plays on such divisions and manufactures them is not worthy of the name American.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Bitch Is Back

Just as it was propitious for the Nazis and Communist Soviets to wipe each other out in WW2 on the battlefield, we should all welcome the cancelling out process which has seen Hillary come barak from the dead last night. The ridiculous posturing fake Barak Osama has had his wings clipped somewhat and now they can proceed to knock six bells out of each other while we sit back and watch.

The shrill harpie feminist witch can go head to head with the racist muslim loving black commie and the American people can hopefully say to themselves a 'plague on both your houses', we'll go for the urbane patrician patriot Mc Cain who won't sell the country down the river to the muslim foe.

You don't have to be of a patriachal bent (though you should) to be more than uneasy about a woman putting herself in the manly position of running for president(even the writer Ayn Rand was against a woman president)especially when the woman in question exhibits all the worse feminine tendencies of instability, hysteria, emotional incontinence and irrationality as Hillary does in spades(and that's just on a good day)

Contrast her with the dignified elegant black woman called Condoleeza Rice and you get to see how far Hillary has betrayed her sex for an unseemly Lady Macbethian scramble for power.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Barak Osama

The Democ-rats are surely screwed. Their internal internicine battle rages on and looks like dragging on for months to come and now there is little doubt that Osama is indeed a muslimista.The dressing up, the words,(waddles like a duck,quaks like a duck) all things point to a most unsavoury un American candidate even by deplorable Democ-rat standards.

Mc Cain the liberal left Republican surely now has a clear path to the Whitehouse?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Taxation Is The Tool Of Tyranny

There is now no longer any reason for those who loathe Collectivism and Socialism and massive Government 'redistribution' of earnings through taxation to vote Conservative.Here is the alternative.

For too long the Tories have pretended to be pro-capitalist and anti-Socialist but all their policies have belied their protestations. Time after time we have given them the benefit of the doubt,held our noses and voted for them and time after time we have been screwed over.

In recent times they have even given up the pretence of being pro small governemnnt and have taken to boasting about how they will maintain Labour spending pledges. Well enough is enough. Let them vye with and out -Labour Labour.We have Laboured with the Tories long enough. They have gone native.It's time for a divorce on the grounds of irreconciliable differences.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Something Rotten In The State

Politicians are people pleasers and for the most part delluded inadequates who have never held a real job but who enjoy controlling those who do.They like to play vicarious philanthropism with other people's money.They pull the kind of stunts which if pulled by individual citizens would land them in jail but - they of course have immunity.

The system is corrupt.Democracy is a flawed concept because it gives 'each man the right to be his own dictator' to plunder from his neighbour with the politician being the middle man. Unless individual rights are enshrined in law democracy is little more than mobocracy -rule by the mob,of the lowest common denominator.

Man has gone to the moon,we have rocket science but politics is stuck in the the middle of the last century with all the old socialist structures - we are all socialist now.Tories apologise for their existence and promise not to lower taxes and tory voters are disenfranchised.(I could go on,I won't go on)

Daily Hell Seeks Brown-ie Points

The only reason carrier bags clog up rivers and streams threatneing wild life,and are seen entangled in tree branches is because litter morons and cretins drop them instead of disposing of them properly. This is primarily a litter problem not an enivornomental one.

Better Late Than Never

I don't really understand Israel's and the US foreign policy these days. I had expected Bush to have struck out Iran's nuclear installations by now with the assistance of Israel. I guess that isn't going to happen. At least this is something -but why so late?

De Ja Vous - All Over Again

Like a bad meal history can repeat on us..