Thursday, September 22, 2011

Global Mixed Economy Crisis

The chickens of the global mixed economy are coming home to roost with a vengeance. To mix metaphors, all the world's leaders are running around like headless chickens but it is almost risibly obvious that they haven't got a clucking clue.Commentators are also in the dark and can only muster tired bromides about leaders lacking 'political will' to do anything.An intellectual paralysis has set in,the mixed economy is twitching like a recently deceased chicken(again) but all the leaders are saying its not dead it just needs another dose of quantitative easing!

The pathology of denial is endemic across the board.No one is saying it: the mixed economy is going through its death throes.No amount of stimulus will save it, no pumping it with money hot off the over used printing press will help, we have a profound implosion of an intellectual fraud,a Ponzi scheme so large it is invisible but nevertheless deadly.The failure is a philosophical one, an abandonment of reason and the results are as inevitable as they are are catastrophic.The mixed economy wherin Socialism is fused with Capitalism is such a hideous intellectually schizophrenic anti concept that the consequences flowing from such an absurdity could only ever have been as they indeed are , namely political chaos and economic ruin.We have sown the mixed economy wind and we have reaped the mixed economy whirlwind: bankruptcy,fraud,wholesale larceny,cronyism,corporate welfare fascism.

Having created this chaos deliberately the architects will now step forward and declare that the cure for this moral philosophical intellectual collapse is more of the same,more Statism,more Government, more Socialism,more taxes.The pathology of their denial and mendacity is bottomless.The world's media feeds this insane crackerbarrel rationalisation back to us in its incessant range of the moment commentary,obsessed with the minutaie of the calamity but never exploring its roots,the intellectual breach that has led us to the brink of extinction economically and politically. Like a mental psychotic lost in his own twilight world of subjectivist delusion the global mixed economy axis can only mutter incoherently to itself,chanting mindless mantras of denial crying out for more medication, more stimulus,more debt drugs,more deficit spending,more government,more programmes and it descends remorselessly into catatonic paralysis and political dementia.The mixed economy can only mutter alzheimically now as it disappears up its own sorry fundament and we are left to survey the desolation before us and stare off into the shadowy hinterlands that was once our future.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hiway Niconoclast Revisited: A Self Critique

Looking back in languor at my blog over time I have to admit the tone has seemed implacably rancourous and splenetic with some of the views expressed not those I frankly share now.The writing is overwrought and verbose so in both style and content there is much I would now edit away or radically prune and excise but then it is the raw material of what was felt at the time so why indulge in palimpestic revisionism but rather see it as a sort of journey towards the light with lots of faltering steps,excursions into blind alleys and downright erroneous assumptions in liberal proportions before the destination of truth is arrived at or approximations therof.Let my critics if there be any point to past errors and point out my extravagancies hyperbolic licences and seeming inconsistencies and dwell in the past if they so choose.I shall leave all my glaring errors to the judgemnt of posteriority and embrace the now and the battle for clarity of expression and meaning. Forgive this self indulgent regardant essay as it is probably more me thinking out loud than for any general reader but if anyone is still following at this point I can assure you this will be the last self regarding post you will get from me...

The Great Liberal Con

Somehow the Liberals have managed to con Vince people that they are not as way out Leftist as their Labour cadres yet in reality they are to the Left of Labour on key issues.They are more rabidly pro EU than Labour, more rabidly pro eco, they cannot see a business without wanting to slap taxes and regulations on it,they play the envy class anti business card with Leftist ideological zeal and they are to the Left of Labour on law and order and their ideological progenitor was the arch Communist and real begetter of the Socialist Welfare State the evil Lloyd Goorge.If it waddles like a Leftist and quacks like a Leftist it is a darned Leftist.The Tories are in bed with Satan.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Taxation Is Slavery

Taxation is the use of force by the State against a defenceless populace to deprive it of its property.It is an act of theft and should not be sanctioned or rationalised away by eupehemisms or evasions.The State's sole function is to protect individual rights not to violate them by arbitrary dictat and appropriation of private property in the name of some subjectivist mushy non defined 'public good'.Any country that practises such larceny is violating the liberty of its citizens and is rightly speaking Communist and totally without moral legitimacy.

The argument for taxation is couched in deliberately vague terms,words such as 'fairness' are deployed, tired phrases such as 'those with the broadest shoulders should bear the most',(shades of Animal Farm) and bizarre comments such as the rich will not down tools because the highest earners are compulsive entrepreneurs who cannot stop working even if they tried with the obvious implication that therfor they can be taxed with impunity.The tax mongers have become so mad and arrogant with power that they do not feel the need to even disguise their naked wealth grab and are brazen in their contempt for such pesky little matters as property rights,liberty and the individual rights of the wealth creators.They have sussed the zeitegeist and know that they can stick it to the rich and be respected for it by the non productive envy ridden mediocrities who are the liberal's natural voting clientiele.

Once it becomes clear in the public mind that taxation is indeed theft no matter how many euphemisms are deployed and layered upon it to disguise the fact,then taxation will no longer be tolerated and no governement that tried to impose it would be given the time of day.We have a distance to travel before we reach that destination but it can be done if presented in clear terms and explained in such a way that the big lie of taxation is exposed and the elaborate obsfuscation painstakingly constructed around it is stripped away to reveal the nasty little secret of the great tax con.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Capitalism Takes The Rap For Mixed Economy`s Sins (hold the front page!)

Capitalism is in the dock and is being falsely accused of felony,malfeasance,corruption ledgerdemain.The evidence is not even circumstantial and the real offender,the Mixed Economy is getting away scot free.For generations Capitalism has taken the rap for the Mixed Economy and the media, one of its tools is perpetrating this canard in concert with our politicians.Until a political movement arrives on the scene to expose this hideous travesty of the truth we will continue to stumble about in the dark falsely and unwittingly chasing Capitalist scapegoats and perpetuating the folly with compund interest.Socialism and the Mixed Economy has done it again and pulled of the prestidigitatory scam of debauching our economy via taxation and Government and dumping all the evidence at Capitalism's door.

Bringing It All Back Home

Well its been a long long time since I`ve been gone due to computer breakdown. Back now without a vengeance except for evil liberals Communists Socialists and divers such jokers who are wrecking our world.There have been riots and large insurrections here and elsewhere but when all the peices thrown up by such seismic events come back to earth we find the global landscape pretty much unchanged so the work continues to bring sanity to insanity and restore it back to that happy but sadly distant place,the sunny uplands of Capitalism.I will go about the task with revivified relish gentle readers.