Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Great Speech

Forget everything I have ever written about Cameron.This was a great speech.I felt I was watching the next prime minister.He is such a cool customer.He makes Blair look like a rank amateur.He struck the right note to perfection.It was measured,calm, impassioned,lucid,visionary,radical,progressive in the true tory meaning of the word,revolutionary,and he dissected the monstrous abortion of Brownism with forensic precision and aplomb.

Yes I would rather not have heard him talking up the absurdity that is the NHS and dishing up some rather feeble liberal whimsy about the underclass needing love and the obligatory nod towards eco ism etc but I know he has to throw the liberal bien pasant PC BBC metro elite a few morsels to salivate over and am hoping it is just that and not a genuine reflection of his true beliefs.The core message was salutary and a welcome antidote to the insensate Statism we had from Labour last week.
The mixed economy chickens are coming home to roost.An American on Radio 4 informed us today that this is the third time in 25 years Government has bailed out the banks.Small wonder they keep coming back for more.The Socialists love it because it gives their dracula nature another infusion of taxpayers money to gorge on,and appears to vindicate their crackerbarrel ideology of Statism whilst in reality it does the very opposite.