Thursday, January 12, 2017

What is the Constitution Good For?

If the Constitution of the United States can permit the socialist depradations of a Roosvelt and Johnson to say nothing of Wilson before them and Obama after, then the best thing for it is to be put through a shredder as it has done nothing whatsoever to protect Americans from the progressive liberal advances over the past 100 years that have had the cumulative effect of making it a de facto quasi European Socialist Republic which is why Americans were prepared to even entertain the out there eccentric leftist Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate who only narrowly lost to Clinton herself a leftist.

The flaws in the Constitution that allowed this essential capture of the State by collectivists must be systemic and fundamental and now almost everyone is prepared to admit it as they wait in horrified anticipation for the annauguration of an arrant knave and mountebank of positively Hitlerian proportions,a petulant sollipsist and demagogue not even imagined in the the most polemical and extravagant outpourings of Mencken and Sincalir Lewis. Behold, the thing some of us feared the most has come upon us.

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