Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is Cameron A Latent Schizophrenic?

One reason why Tory leader Cameron refuses to fess up re his cannabis use is that it has left him with a spliff personality, a bifurcated bicameral-cameron consciousness whereby the patient holds two mutually exclusive belief systems at the same time.Left and right are waging unresolved war in his head and this manifests in his muddled pronouncements and contradicitory positions.All the classic symptoms of schizophrenia provenanced by cannibis abuse are exhibited in his eratic statements.

This personality disorder manifested in Cameron's conflation of political irreconciliables can prefigure severe psychosis if not treated at an early stage.Cameron should be forced to subject himself to a lie detector test re his past drug history before his unchecked path to power spells national doom.

Dianne Abbot Hypocritical Black Bitch

The smug awful woman Dianne Abbot on Desert Island Discs with her precious phoney cut glass English accent is a piece of work even by dismal Labour standards.Specialising in rank hypocrisy this is the woman who was on the hard Marxist loony left in the 80's who ended up sending her son to a private school plumbing new depths of hypocrisy and double standards.Even now she cannot admit that that she is a two faced lying bitch who likes to preach to the masses egalitarian claptrap and opts for elitism and privilege for her and her own.

This 'working class' woman whose parents (referred to repeatedly as 'mummy and daddy') owned property and rented rooms like any Rackmanesque landlord, were pre-Thatcherite Thatcherites yet Abbot with her leftist pretensions decided to infiltrate the establishment to promote her mad Marxist agenda,ending up at Oxford,on to the civil service and thence to Labour - at that time red in tooth and claw.

This is woman who looks back on the inner city black riots of the early 80's when Enoch's chickens were coming home to roost with something akin to relish as the launching pad for her ignominious carreer.She proudly reminisces on how she was at the vanguard of this seditious period,fomenting discord and racial strife,planning strikes and faning the flames of uncivil unrest.This is how the BBC uses licence payers money,putting on pedestals characters who in former times would have fetched up in the Tower of London.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Am I The Lost Conscience Of The Conservative Party?

The Conservative Party is a ideological wasteland,vast tracts of conservatism have been given over to moral derlection and social blight.Where it was once peopled by political giants bestriding the party like a colossus it is now populated by political pygmies,scurrying around to se what remaining values they can prostitute in their insensate lust for power. Sexual inverts,mad environ-mentalists,all are welcome into the broad church of conservatism.

Historical revisionism requires a total repudiation of the past. Ergo:Thatcherism was an abberration, an embarrassing episode to be airbrushed out of the tory record, a shameful period to apoligised for.All that is behind us now.We have embraced moral relatavism.There is such thing as society!Conservatism is managerial socialism.We will keep all Labour's tax pledges,will will just run everything more efficiently.The future belongs to us!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Conservatives Hate Criticism!

It would seem that if any criticism is levelled at Conservatives now over their values-free non agendas it prompts a veritable avalanche of ad hominem hate mail as the insensate reactions to my comments here show.Perhaps Teresa May was right: it is the Nasty Party!

I just wish all the power luster entryist who now seem to dominate the party would come clean and admit that all principles have been jettisoned in a naked pursuit of power for power's sake and that the party would stop flying under false colours and change its name to something more apposite.It certainly has no claim to the name Conservative now.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Stephen Fry: 50 And Not Funny

BBC4 is showing a repeat of the celebration of Mr Fry.An orgy of sycophancy is served up.One problem.All the clips of the 80's performances reveal a painful fact that the man was not/ is not funny.Maybe it was funny at the time, let us charitably allow.

A few days ago the same channel aired a speech the man made about public service broadcasting -the future therof.No surprises for guessing that it was pro.If they paid people for spouting melifluous nonsense Mr Fry would be on top dollar.Oh,he is!The words specious claptrap come to mind when searching for a description of his performance.Here is the only salient point.It was a carefully crafted piece of special pleading,a flagrant defence of vested interests,culture delivered at the point of a gun in the form of the licence fee.The Fry argument is that people who oppose public service broadcasting are phillistines and ideologically motivated.The fact that those defending public service broadcasting are equally ideologically driven is either beyond his grasp or something he chooses to ignore.

Liberals also have the insuperable problem that in order to deliver their liberalism a degree of coercion by the State is required from which any genuine lover of freedom would recoil.They thus reveal themselves to be profoundly illiberal.Liberal totalitarianism (elephant ,drawingroom).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Capitalism Rules

Capitalism triumphs over all attempts to defeat it.Even avowed socialist like Galloway smokes expensive cigars,has a villa in Portugal, sells books and merchandise,goes on lectures which rake in the money,buys expensive clothes,They may speak socialist but they live capitalist.

Labour politicians are obsessed with money,they vote themselves their own pay increases,fiddle their expenses,invest in property.Proof if proof were needed that hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.They worship Statism,but it turns out, for other people not themselves as many send their children to private schools or pull out all the stops to get them in the best State school other people's money can buy.

Rock musicians are purely driven by the bottomline but you wouldn't think it to hear their socialist patter.Socialism is the fig leaf they use to conceal their love of money.In fact those involved in the arts in general are the biggest bunch of hypocrites entirely driven by financial interests.Their disdain of the market place manifests in seeking money from the taxpayer through subsidies so they don't have to be contaminated with the commercial transaction.Someohow money that is filched from the taxpayers goes through a governmental cleansing process and comes out purified the other side in the form of state subsidy.

Teachers Unions -the most money grubbing group of mercanaries of them all!In fact all government employees with their gold plated pensions who have zilch vocational values and would sell their grandmother for a pay increase.Somehow we have bought the propaganda that State employees are more committed to their jobs and are there to serve the public rather than those in the 'private sector'(ie real world') who of course are only working for money!

Brown -Lost Leader

Never glad confident morning again! Just for a handfull of euros he shaft us,just for a ribbon to stick in his coat,found the one gift of which taxes bereft us,lost all the others - but let us not gloat.Marx and Engels watch from their graves...

This one eyed basilisk glowering in the dark, the darkness he carried around with him, was always Salieri to Blair's Motzart,playing second fiddle,fulminating with seismic sulks at his political eclipse,festering,planning for the day he would wear his master's crown.The hubris was waiting in the wings.Almost as soon as he set stumbling foot in 10 Downing Street the cracks started to appear.Unlike Blair he could never make a failure into a sucess with a few short spun sentences.The clunking inelegant gauche social autistic one lacked the magicians verbal conceits and sleight of hand.

As we watch the Greek tragedy unfold the sad fact is we have a pretty decent man way out of his depth,elevated beyond his capacity floundering like a fish out of water.New Labour was always a political defiance of gravity,an illusionist act,a linguistic trick, an ideological fudge,a giant confidence trick pulled off by sheer dint of political will,devoid of substance or rationale, sans substance,sans principle,sans everything.

For Brown it was always a case of obsfuscation means never having to say you're sorry.Even now he cannot bring himself to say the word re the 10p tax debacle,Having created the byzantine tax system how appropriate that he should have become its ultimate victim.They say most political careers end in failure but in Brown's case it actually began with failure.This is a politcal car crash, a bloody carnage and the only thing you can do is avert your eyes and not intrude into personal grief.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Matriachal State We're In

Dysfunctional families are caused and created by Socialist governments.They instigate feminist insurrection in the home.When the family unit is destroyed by their socialist machinations -easy no-fault divorce,normalisation of homosexuality,trashing of patriachal values,abortion,'equality' between the sexes,they step in to 'help' the very situation they created in the first place.

Operating the Marxist Hegelian dialectic principle they instigate a problem and they propose a solution which will make it worse and entrench their total control over the family.Bourgeoise values are anathema to the Statist Marxist.The family has to be trashed, the father figure domonised and marginalised.Taxes are raised, one parent income cannot suport the family, the wife is driven out of the home and transfers her allegiance to the workplace, the children are left with socialist chicken hawks who indoctrinate them with statist Marxist values,corrupt them with sex education and anti family ethos.

The emasculation of the male is the sine qua non of all feminised Marxist matriachal states.The male is feminised from an early age via the State Education system which is practically run by females,male role models are conspicuous by their absence.Political correctness driven curicula fosters a feminised mindset in the population.

Now the agenda is roled out to society at large and all its institutions.Leftist writers incorporate anti father,family ideology into their work deseminating it into the culture.Law and order through the judiciary is infiltrated with feminist thinking where the criminal receives soft sentencing,cosseted in jail and the victims are left unrestituted.A lawless society with uncorrected feral youths tyranising a defenceless population results.When anarchy threatens to engulf the nation the socialist totalitarians are there to usher in their Socialist dystopia.