Thursday, December 28, 2017

Why is the BBC promoting Religion and the Monarchy?

I will preface my comments with a sick note re five days of absolutely  horrendous flu under my belt (thanks a lot flu jab) plus a sleepless nite but still feel compelled to address this phenomenon abovementioned which when examined turns out to be no such thing at all and which I will hopefully be able to explain.

We tend to buy into the argument that to be left wing is to be anti monarchy and anti religion.Yet where did communism choose to plant its jackboots but in the most primitive,backward steeped in superstition country on earth namely Holy Russia itself.

This was no accident.A people already softened by religious credulity and servility are ripe for totalitarian rule as they have already bent the knee and subjugated their minds to a holy tyranny of obedience and obesiance to priest craft and its hierachical stipulations.Its but a small step from worshipping God to worshipping Stalin -a seminarist let us not forget.

Civilised advanced industrial nations fully embracing science reason and technology -forget it they would not buy the communist line although of course they would later succumb to the equally irrational albeit Germanic nationalistic blood race theory of Hitler.

The essential characteristic of both institutions of monarchy and the Church is Collectivism,a virulent anti individualism so those who wish to bring about a socialist state will find both those institutions very helpful in ushering in their dictatorship.

Hence the BBC's allegiance to both monarchy which it is pushing tirelelssly of late and the Church which just as it is announced that religious belief is in sharp decline in the nation it has decided to give yet even more coverage to.

So do not fall for the propaganda that the likes of Peter Hitchens is forever pushing that the Left is anti religion and anti monarchy but instead trust the overwhelming evidence to the contrary illustrated every day in the nauseating sycophantic coverage of both those things on the BBC day in day out.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Tories Time for a er, Realignment?

I've been saying for some time that the tories need to have a Corbynesque internal purge,open up party membership to the public as Milliband did with Labour at a fiver a time and it will quickly become apparent that the membership are far to the right for want of a better word than its MPs.

This is the only hope for the party if it is to have a future,to recognize that the public are restless and Brexit-intolerant of leftist malcontents within the tory ranks who it is becoming painfully obvious if left unchecked will drag us all screaming back into the clammy embrace of the Brussels federasts.

A day of reckoning with these running dogs of leftist revisionism is long overdue,they do not belong in the party and never did - the Ken Clarkes  Soubreys and prince of darkness himself Dominic Grieve and the sorry cabal of their acolytes,nameless nonentities all who should be driven out of the party on a rail -presumably to the open arms of the Labour and Liberal ranks.

So be rid of its traitorous treacherous vermin or allow them to drag the whole party down in ignominous defeat and certain Corbyn hegemony from which consequent economic catastrophe and depradation  this country could very well never recover.

Suitably purged of its broad church satanic leftist Brusselphiiliac cliques it could then have a clear unobstructed path to Brussels,suitably armed with with cast iron ultimatums and demands brooking no dissent or compromise.If it is spurned it will go to WTO rules forthwith and sail off to brighter shores and sunnier uplands free from the oppressive yoke of the Brussels potentates who can devour themselves, no longer having the productive UK to batten on for their parasitic sustenance.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

UK: Stay in the EU - Or have a Civil War?

It's true. I thought Peter Hitchens was being hyperbollick when he said a while ago that the UK was on the brink of civil war but now especially after the Westminster chicanery last evening I see it is a distinct possibility.

What are the options? The numbers in the house of commons are stacked against the UK exit of the EU. The Conservatives are arithmatically on the Remain side -hell's teeth we have a tory prime minister who is an avowed Remainer and who has steadfastly refused to answer when asked directly if she would voter differently were a second referendum called today.

We can either accept the inevitable, that the corrupt elite political class will not let us leave the EU or very bluntly seek its overthrow by direct action - there is no third way.

Democracy has been spurned by the very people who made the most noise in favour of it -when it was going their way. But as soon as the people voted against their grand plan they decided that it was a pesky thing and needed to be replaced with rule by a self selected patrician elite of technocrats.

Of course they seek to cloak this undemocratic naked power grab in the guise of parliamentary supremacy but no one should be fooled by this cynical act of doublespeak for a minute since their sole aim is to keep us bound hand and foot to Brussels with parliament reduced to a rubber stamping institution for the the Eu

To use the  principle of parliamentary democracy as the very  tool to destroy it is the kind of cynicism that even Macheivelli would never have imagined.

But so it is and we awake this morning with the sober thought that our so called representatives are iredeemably corrupt and wicked beyond all reason and are the product of a degenerative rot 40 years in the making,captured body and soul(?) by Brussels,the kind of moral reprobates for whom the tower of London is way too good.

So where do we go to now? May can hardly call an election to have it out with her Remainers when she is one herself.

She could do the decent thing and stand aside for Borris or Gove to fight on with no hands tied behind their backs (yeah,right) and dare the country to commit national suicide by voting Corbyn but that seems unlikely as it would take prescience and intelligence on her part which she is clearly and entirely lacking.

Then we have the problem that the tories and Corbyn are not that far apart ideologically so no concerted consistent critique of the mad Marxist has been proffered and there is hardly time to mount one now even if it had the ideological credentials to do it.

We are left with the stark choice of mute acquiescence with the inevitable Brussels business as usual model or civil unrest and since the latter is unpalatable and most likely logistically impossible we better get used to continued rule by the oligarchic apparatchiks across the channel - in perpetuity.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

America 1 Evangelism/God 0

Yes! Elmer Gantry defeated! It Can Happen here!

Donald attached his wagon to a fallen star. Is the  net finally closing in on the molestor-in-chief - will his Gotham ingress be halted?

(It's supposed to be Congress Donald,not sexual Congress).

When will he be Weinsteined? Holy hubris batman!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Deep blue sea,meet Devil

What an invidious position we find ourselves in: de facto staying in the EU with the present cobbled together dispensation wrought last week or  the very real prospect of a  Corbyn government. Treason May the arch remaining Remainer has saved her skin but sold the country down the stygian Eu river

Or how about: the present dispensation or -the IRA will resume bombing the bejesus out of us? The DUP arrangement has been revealed as the pact from Hell.

So where to next,how to extract us all from another fine mess May has gotten us into?

Three letters: WTO. Wir kann nicht anders.

We get to pay zil;ch to the Brussels Bastards,call their bluff and usher in a true laissez faire,unregulated free market capitalist tarriff and protectionist - free market - and probably inspire other countries to follow suit and bring the EU house of cards tumbling down.

Yeah,like that's gonna happen! EU serfdom it is then.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Time to tell the EU where to put its 'negotiations'?

There comes a time when we have to acknowledge the elephantine creature in the  drawing room location wearing emperor's clothes commonly answering to the name of EU,(or the vernacular Brussels Bastards) -and tell it  few home truths.

We cannot negotiate with a bad faith partner who sees its chief role as humiliating scourge of the errant UK for daring to quit its dysfunctional loony tunes outfit of misbegotten collectivist fantasists o d'd on protectionist and supra statist delusions.

We think we better leave right now, we are getting weaker and weaker trying to reason with EU guys when all you want is to ensnare us in your serpentine games of smoke and mirrors,your byzantine Kafkaesque word games,semantic chopping conceits and all round linguistic circumlocutions.

Enough,we are out of here before you can say WTO,ready to embrace the sunny uplands of liberty,to inhale the intoxicating invigorating winds of change sweeping EU into the dustbin of history as we go as you fold like a pack of cards upon your own internal contradictions.

With a Nixonian flourish we have to tell you there will be no UK to kick around anymore,you will have to find someone else to milk to fund your bottomless appetite for danegeld - good luck with that one as Europe is near to bankrupt thanks to your shennanigans -'there's no money left,Germany is prostrate and its 4th Reich delusions will crumble like pie crust as they did before in the wastelands of Stalingrad all those years ago. France continues to be a basket case of leftist retards fighting the endless revolution and so on.

Bye bye,nice not knowing you!

Shroud waving time at BBC Grenfell

There's nothing like a good vicarious wallow at the scene of a disaster to facilitate truckloads of finger pointing grievance mongering-left politiking-faux moral outrage -hand wringing and censorious posturing at the BBC - such a pity to let a tragedy go to waste after all.

Cue the BBC camped at the burnt out wreck of Grenfell, the perfect location upon which to launch its  lavish gruesome pity fest exercise in virtue signalling. The takeaway: the government is evil,probably plotted Grenfell to get rid of chav detritus,is unfeeling,uncaring - and lets have dollops of taxpayer's money to shower like confetti upon the poor victims of government larceny and callous insouciance at the grief of its despised underclass - yada yada yada (repeat to not fade).

Form an orderly queue at the vomitorium....

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Theresa May wins Chamberlain Negotiation Prize

(Or: It's easy to join the EU but impossible to leave. Or: It was hard for us to join the Eu but even harder to leave).

Ve hav vays of making you stay in the Eu. When the hoopla and the smoke and mirrors of yesterday's staged euphoria have evaporated like a snowflake in sun we are right back where we started from.Stasis is spun as movement,  status quo as change.You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave...

Cynicism rules and what is abundantly  clear now amidst all the semantic prestidigitation of the faux negotiation terpsicorain go round (or dance macabre) is that when it comes to arrant chicanery and doublespeak, Westminster is  in every way Brussel's equal.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Uk low productivity Why?

Is it the taxes, regulations,British tea and coffee addiction ('drink coffee and do a lot of stupid things quickly') famed British bloodymindedness, the entitlement culture, political correctness in the workplace - feminism, the anti business envy culture Yep, cracked that one in a sentence! Only a capitalist party could fix all of that bar the coffee of course.. So be prepared for the Uk downward economic spiral to continue apace or if Corbyn prevails a high speed version of the same.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Open Letter To Trump

Stop twittering and take out North Korea. The idea of a nuclear tipped missile winging its way to the UK -well it would spoil my whole day. Please do not conflate bluster with action.Your bragaddociao has made America the laughing stock of the world and you are only one year into the presidency.What have you accomplished? I shall leave the rest of this page blank -nada nicht nothing.A few timorous tax reforms.

Right now you are doing a brilliant impersonation of the Wizzard of Oz. The world knows you are full of sound and fury signifying nothing.Kim very ill knows it too believe me which he why he keeps on hurling weapons hither and thither.The enemy sense your weakness,your paper tigerishness.Donal get your gun,you ain't foolin anyone.

Your moral impotence is in inverse proportion to your bluster. Striking poses,looking bullish will not cut it.You think you will be heard for much twittering, your strenght is mad imperfect by weakness. Instead of being castigated by the Left for things they accuse you of doing which you are not doing why not be castigated by them for actually doing those things?

You end up in the absurd position of being attacked for values you do not possess or choose not to act upon - the worst of all possible outcomes.

Even your base will rumble you sooner or later unless  of course what you have going which many suspect is a cult,like Bernie Sanderism and Corbynism where the glassy eyed adherents sing your lavish praises no matter what you do or fail to do.Like the character in 1984 as long as you give your acolytes their daily one minute of tweet hate they will continue to swoon at your clay feet and keep on taking the Trump tablets. 

Meanwhile the world goes to hell in a handcart,bereft of a moral steer and in that vaccum what hell awaits when the greatest military power in human history cowers before muslim troglodytes in caves and a psychopathic Marxist in the dysopia of North Korea?