Saturday, December 10, 2011

Democracy Stupid

It would be very hard for a man to argue that the world owed him a living.Even politicians would never come out with such a bald statement.In order to get away with such an obscene proposition the defender of such an untenable argument would have to deploy deliberately vague imprecise language with liberal helpings of euphemism and obsfuscation.Ostensibly laudatory statements along the lines of 'no man should go hungry or be without shelter' would have to be put to service.Even better, hunger ignorance and want could be presented as enemies to be fought and overcome by the benevolent State which is exactly what was done at the inception of the welfare stte in 1945.Thus the wool is pulled over people's eyes and no one has to think about where the money for such noble aims is going to come from.An impersonal agent called 'the government' is somehow going to magic this money out of thin air and play santa claus to every bum who chooses not to work or provide for himself.Thus all anathema can be heaped upon the government for not providing enough or for being heartless in its meagre response to the needs of the indigent.

No man would go to his neighbour and demand that he feed and shelter him,that indeed it is his duty to so do but he will vote for the politician who promises to take money from his neighbour in taxes to do just that.How can anyone doubt or question that such a system is depraved,corrupt and evil,that it robs people of their substance in the service of parasitism and mendicancy? Is it even possible to comprehend the state of moral depravity of the man who would make a career out of redistributing the money from the productive to the non productive and that a whole body of philosopy and politics could have been constructed to present such criminality as a moral ethical system and that if anyone demurs from such a view they would be castigagted as themselves being immoral and heartless?Such is the audacious achievement of the collectivists and socialists who now dare not speak their name and rather present themselves as social democrats or liberals.

How is this injustice to be properly challenged? Anyone who chooses to take on the collectivists would have to challenge the language they deploy and translate their true intent therby.No easy task...