Friday, January 27, 2017

The State and War : What is it good for?

As I have stated previously the State does a million and one things it has no business doing whatsoever but the very few delimited  things it is properly mandated to do it does very very badly indeed. Take war as a prime and horrifically infamous example re both the US and the UK.The Middle East cataclysmic debacle  speaks for itself as an object lesson lifted right out of the Handbook of How Not to Fight Wars -every conceivable error of judgment objectives and execution is on sickening display rendering both our countries veritable laughing stocks around the world, a standing joke,an unserious player, a rag tag Dad's army of serial incompetents,faux combatants and blowhards,reducing our once respective armed forces in the public' eyes to a source of national shame and ignominy and making our enemies strong and emboldened by our very feebleness and rank amateurish incompetence and thus endagering our national security going forward and making it far more likely that said enemies will further trespass against us with what they will rightly suppose will be impunity.

This sorry state of affairs is down to of course to political bungling and incoherent policy objectives and the Vietnam Syndrome. We simply do not have great war leaders anymore,no Churchill or Thatcher prepared to engage in all out war, a take no prisoners, wham bam, in and out,smash and defeat the enemy with no holes barred, the Hiroshima spirit,not the insane masochistic milque toast namby pamby soldiers as politically correct social workers converting the natives and savages to Democracy ye gods. The armies have been feminised,women on the front line (their male counterparts refer to them secretly as the WRAC -weekly ration of c###)  -this is how to lose a war before it has even begun, it is a form of national suicide disguised as foreign policy. It is for this reason that I advocate no more foreign interventions until we know what we are fighting for and are prepared to destroy the enemy with extreme prejudice and then come home rather than try and save the lessers breeds without the law and bring them Democracy ye gods. The  Liberal Blair Delusion is now hopefully dead and buried forever -along sadly with its victims the hapless misled,ill ruled and betrayed British soldiers sacrificed to the evil altruistic creed of the Great Neo Con.

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