Friday, November 30, 2012

Negligent Parents and divers Others Scapegoat Free Press

The nauseating outcrop of the Levenson farrago continues.This time it is the McCans,the appalling negligent parents who left their young child unattended and now want to destroy our free press to expiate their own well deserved guilt.Yesterday it was the ridiculous stupid bitch Ann Diamond wanting to shackle the press -'just like we have in broadcasting' yeah right bring that on, a state controlled left wing tax funded biased and abusive government controlled media -what a good idea that is.Self awarenes bipass award goes to Miss Diamond or perhaps she can share it with the McCans.There has been a serious concerted assault on the press this year amounting to the most serious in centuries.Organised by the rabid bigoted Fascist Left,the likes of Spew Grant and the Hacked Off Communists with their shady anonymous funders(North Korea,Cuba,Iran who knows? - the hypocrite Hugh does not want any daylight shone on his murky fifth column of freedom-hating fellow Nazis and he is given full rein to pedal his illiberal bile on tax funded Channel 4.History has been rewritten to spare the poor guilt racked Liverpudlians and after the airbrush and hysterical revisionism it turns out that the scouse fans were all Florence Nightingales and Mother Theresas,social workers and do gooders and not the marrauding drunken rioting criminal rampaging semi humans we have always known them to be.How could we have got them so wrong ye Gods.A newspaper has been destroyed because of the pecadillos and bagatelles of a few over enthusiastic journalists motivated by an over developed sense of public service.The great Rupert Murdoch has had his wings clipped and deprived of a very sensible business deal which would have benefitted the public enormously and now this appalling criminal assault on freedom of the press.Cameron must resist the siren calls of the liberal left and refuse to budge an inch re Statutory control of our beloved free press.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hugh Grant, Left Wing Fascist

The great dictator -actor-clown Hugh Grant was fulminating against the free press last evening on the state subsidised more left wing than the BBC Channel 4 and it was a predictably nauseating affair.A one way ticket to North Korea may be the only solution for this hater of liberty and freedom of the press and the sophistry and dissembling he deployed was worthy of any left wing dictator justifying muzzling of the press in the public interest.This self serving drivel is well rehearsed and anyone with any sense can see through it but the ultimate irony which the likes of Grant are either oblivious to or are happy to ignore is this.Here we have a cynical ploy to deprive people of free press broadcast from a channel that is subsidise by the public without their consent!If people refuse to pay the TV licence they get sent to jail. No one is sent to jail for not buying the Sun,Mail,or Telegraph.They are free to choose whether to buy these 'evil right wing' papers.They have no choice about subsidising the likes of CH 4 and BBC.That is the ultimate tyranny these left wing people sanction and champion.They are left wing fascists all and we should dismiss their freedom-hating black propaganda with the utter contempt it deserves.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Virtuous State = No Cakes And Ale

An inevitable corollary of Welfarism is of course Nannyism.What and how much you drink and eat becomes the business of the State.The inexorable logic goes like this.We Big Government are going to take care of you from cradle to grave whether you like it or not - you have no choice.We will provide you with Socialized healthcare -you have no choice about that either by the way but we know best.From that it also means that what you eat and drink is Our business,not yours.Ergo control on alcohol sales and junk food also follows and is now up to us Big Brother to determine.The Road to Serfdom is well delineated.Don't say you were never warned....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A 70 Year Mistake

The BBC pushed the boat out,wet its pants presenting a three hour marathon anniversary edition on R4 to mark the 70 years of the inception of the Welfare State. Saint Beveridge the author of this evil construct was of course lauded in the customary way Leftists do and no critical eye was cast on the purblind amorality of the concept and the inevitable corollary of its misbegotten misconceived fallacious premises.The lives it has blighted is incalculable,the miscreants it has bred and sustained beyond the wit of man to say,the mendicants it has spawned and nurtured,the hopes dashed,the aspirations crushed, the ambitions extinguished,the dreams anhilliated -if one were to attempt such calculation one would not know where to begin - and it would never end.A land cursed by such a monstrous moral inversion,an idea so stupid and fatuous a three year old child could have seen through it,yet here we are to this day bedevilled by the evil welfare leviathan and yet, a chorus of idiots to sing its praises.When human madness reaches such a pitch of godawful absurdity one can only grieve at the folly of the intellectuals in the grip of insanity who devise such utopias and deliver dystopias and never ever it would seem, have to say sorry.Nay they are proud of their folly and trumpet it far and wide.It is truly a wonder that as a human race we are still standing on two feet.The devolution of man and the role Socialism and welfare played in it,that would be a worthy study albeit grim,requiring the genius of Gibbon to encapsualte the horror of it all.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Obscene Insidious Evil Of Rotheram Social Services

Most know there is something rotten at the heart of Social Services in England,how it is run and driven by Left wing zealots with virulent pc agendas but yeseterday with the news about Rotheram and the adoption couple re UKIP this has been confirmed and illustrated in a horrific display of Leftist bigotry and malevolent discrimination.This Labour council has a load of explaining to do and the people involved in this McCarthyite witch hunt against the decent couple who have devoted their lives to bringing up the next generation through adoption work should be summarily dismissed and never allowed anywhere near social services work again.A purge on the Leftists who run these services is vital and essential and Labour must disavow such monstrous behaviour unequivocally.Yesterday the Left's multicultural chickens truly came home to roost with a vengeance.Shame on all those concerned and the ideological malcontents who created this unholy morally criminal mess.

The Intolerant Illiberal Fascist Left

Perfect example this week to illustrate the sheer molten visceral hateful,abusive Fascist illiberal tendencies of the Left when confronted with an opposing view.Firstly the Church of England vote against women bishops.The supporters will not accept they have lost!Ungracious in defeat is one thing and that is bad enough in so-called religious people -of course they are nothing of the sort but rather Satan-worshipping Feminazist entryists who seek to destroy the church from within and make it a secular sewer to reflect so-called 21st century values but I digress - no it is bad enough that they are ungracious in defeat but far worse than that they have actually refused to accept the result and are making the most threatening,un-Christian,abusive intimidating noises against those who are simply standing up for the true traditional beliefs of the church.Shameful and wicked unconscionable evil behaviour.At least they have shown their true colours and have been given ample opportunity by the liberal mainstream media to spew their hatred and venom against those decent folk who were not going to be intimidated into giving up the true and timeless values of the church.What ugly vicious people these female pro-women bishops have revealed themselves to be.And shameful for Conservatives to join in the witch hunt against the traditionalists.The Left - for such the pro women bishops are - will not rest until the verdict has been overturned just like the EU forced those countries who voted No in referendums to go back and vote again until they got the 'right' answer.Left wing fascists!

Adolf Joseph Fidel Levenson

Screw Levenson! Cameron must reject any proposals by this Fascist hater of liberty and freedom to muzzle the press in any way shape or form. Only an outright, swift, uncompromising wholesale rejection of any legislation will do for this is the potentially biggest assault on freedom of the press for many a generation and must not be allowed to succeed.The Left are gathering like slathering jackals to pounce on and silence the press which is effectively the only check on their Communist anti liberal impulses and aspirations and they must not be allowed to get away with it.The Left already controls the airwaves with the BBC and CH 4,for the sake of freedom they must not get their filthy corrupt criminal hands on our free press.Cameron,send the Levenson report right back to hell from which it is about to ooze and strike a resounding blow for Liberty!

Friday, November 23, 2012

BBC's Jeremy Bowen - Evil Anti Semitic Bastard

It was a great pity that Israel's attack on Gazza did not despatch the vile Jeremy Bowen to hell but missed him by a glass shard as his windows were shattered at the hotel he was in.This despicable human being has been sending out anti Israel despatches for the BBC over the years and is an utter disgrace.This subhuman piece of slime cannot report without the odious 'both sides' phrase tripping from his mealy mouthed lips thus giving moral equivalence to the Paleswinians the instigators of the whole conflict.Maybe next time things flare up Bowen will get his just desserts,we can only hope and pray.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yellow Red Spawn

Communist China has put pressure of Hollywood and got them to censor their updated version of the classic 80's film Red Dawn because it featured Chinese characters portrayed as the baddies.So cravenly, Hollywood redigitalises the Chinese characters replacing them with North Koreans.Why not just replace the Hollywood sign with the hammer and sickle and have done with it? Only good thing is China is no real threat because it is terrified of freedom and liberty and will never be an enduring super power economically as America was.Rather than being a sign of strength its muscle flexing over this issue and sensitivity to criticism betokens a weakness and political and philosophical fragility just under the surface.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

State Funding Of Arts Is Immoral And Evil

Left wing artists need your support! You may be struggling to meet your bills but their free artistic expression of left wing views is essential to our culture!Only phillistines would disagree.Have you no culture for shame?No one really wants what they have to offer,their turgid tomes of self referential masturbatory self congratulatory infantile agit prop disguised as art,but we must keep on funding them anyway,mustn't we.HELL NO! These left wing parasites with their pseudo art need to take what they have to the market place and if people voluntarily want to pay for what they produce all well and good but we will no longer tolerate a gun being placed at the head of the hapless taxpayers to fund these leftist parasites with their narrow politically correct obsessions masquerading as art.Let them starve,or produce art people want rather what they in their deluded arrogant, phoney, pseudo acculturated full of crap posturing pomposity think us plebs need in order to enrich our sad culturally impoverished lives.Screw them!

Israel -Hatred Of The Good For Being The Good

We don't like heroes.We like underdogs and more dog they are the more we love them.Heroes we cannot handle,brave countries that stand on principle,valour courage,tenacity morals and ethics we loathe and fear in equal measure.Israel the nation is hated by all for just those things.It reminds us of how we back down and appease,truckle and compromise with evil on a daily basis in our own lives and nationally.The last thing we want is a reminder of our own moral depravity and sickness,our evil and cowardice,our inability to stand for anything and Israel by standing firm against the obscene evil as represented by Hamas and the Palestinians in general is a terrifying terrible painful reminder of our own immorality and appeasement of evil so we hate Israel and side with the subhuman Arabs.We want to see Israel brought low, to 'compromise' with the evil Paleswinains, anything but see them triumph and slay the evil.We want the UN to force them to capitulate and give in.To Hell with that.Go for it Israel,flatten Gazza and settle the Arab's hash once and for all.Shalom!

The Road Less Travailed

Travelling on some of Britain's roads I am shocked by the Third World standard of some of them.As I am jolted about, potholes and all I cannot help reflecting that this country is sending billions of pounds to other countries in Aid and we don't even have half way decent roads.It is clear one day we will just have to line all the politicians up against a wall and shoot them for they truly are Communist psychopaths and sociopaths who love the idea of giving other people's money away and enjoy the warm feeling of vicarious philanthropy -the gift that keeps on giving them warm feelings.We need to stop all foreign aid for it is nothing more than industrial scale looting by the State of the people for foreign people for whom most of us if we had any say in it - which of course we don't, wouldn't give the sweat off our brows.

C Of E Grows Cojones

Well well well, the Church has finally got some and voted against women priests.I have now raised it a few rungs on the ladder of hell for this.The angry mob of feminizsts are not happy which means the rest of us can be.Rejoice,the evil Satan-worshipping Left have been frustrated in their plans to corrupt and deprave the church from within!Even some silly Conservatives are not happy,they want to be all liberal about it but the whole point of the church is that it is not supposed to reflect the secular world back to its people.It is supposed to hold to a higher, timeless standard of what is right,not what is politically correct/right.Let the Satan worshipping he-women start their own church and leave the C of E alone.Of course I am aetheist practically but I still like to see the Left thwarted in their campaign of Evil!

Buddhists Kick Muzlim Ass!

In Burma the Buddhists seem to know how to deal with the Muzlim contagion and have driven it out of their country.Can we borrow some of these doughty Buddhists please?Wherever Izlam goes death is not far behind as its spreads its cancerous pall,devouring and laying waste as it insinuates itself into the obliging,weak and accomodating host country,infiltrating,corrupting,infecting,depraving,depradating,poluting and ultimately conquering.Buddhists are leading the fight against this evil cancer of Izlam and we should all be pleased about that.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bravo Israel

Turns out Arafat was probably poisoned by the Israelis.They know how to get their man.This piece of Arab slime was a terrorist murderer and psychopath.Thank goodness there is one country in the world that knows how to deal with such human offal.We roll out the red carpet for ours and let them wander at liberty around our streets.The latest fiasco re Jordan and the muslim qatada or whatshisname is one more example why we are rightly regarded as a laughing stock around the world.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fat Bloated Parasite Chris Patten Must Go

The smarmy arrogance of this man is nauseating.Patten the liberal's friend was a perfect fit for the pinko BBC.His purblind hear no evil see no evil is all of a piece for this weird Conservative with a penchant for patrician posturing and grandee pretensions.It now turns out he has held a personal grudge against the wrongly accused 'Conservative from the Thatcher government' and his looking the other way and 'nothing to do with me governor' looks suspicious, calculated and cynical.Whatever the case this preposterous deluded oleaginous ball of slime should be given his marching orders immediately.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

BBC Beyond Shame

The relish with which the BBC repeated over and over 'a senior minister in the Thatcher government' last week was telling enough.Now we learn the whole thing was a tissue of lies and smears against the gentleman in question and the Conservative Party.They should both sue the organisation for millions of pounds.The BBC is drinking in the Last Chance Saloon.Will this be the tipping point to breaking it up and putting it out to private tender? The BBC has always been anti Tory and heaven know the Conservatives don't have many principles or believe in anything at all really other than power but even the little bit of commonsense and pro capitalist tendency they do possess is hated and feared by the BBC and this antipathy goes back half a century.In the early 60's Evelyn Waugh in the famous Face To Face Series made refernce to the institution's Left wing bias so this problem goes back a very long way and is really insoluble.Tebbit tried to get it in line in the 80's but failed dismally.Now there is perhaps real opportunity to give this Marxist organization the kicking of its life and purge it of it's Leftist culture.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

666 The Beast Is Back

Channeling Elmer Gantry,Hitler and Stalin his victory speech foreshadows an out of control presidency lurching further Marxwards to the ultimate endgame,the Redding and ultimate destruction of Amerika.Good mourning America,a pall of toxic cancerous sulphourous smoke hangs over your once hallowed now sadly benighted land.Obuminatiion is here to finish its job of anhiliation and decimation devastation and ruin.Another kick in the solar plexus another lurch European Socializtwards,down to the pits of Hell.You wanted a Democracy,you spurned the Republic.You now have your wish.God help you all.Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

BBC Obummer Love-In

The disgraceful wall to wall partisan coverage by the BBC of the American elections should be a cause for investigation by the bodies set up to ensure non bias at the institution.There is surely a case here for it to lose its licence as the tendentiousness has been so marked and brazen.I have never witnesses such jaundiced and slanted reporting although I am a seasoned observer of BBC Left bias over the decades.This has plumbed new depths and is some sort of nadir on another level from its standard customary institutionalised everyday bias.I have watched in the last few days in sheer disbelief at what has almost seemed to be the Obummer channel and it has been quite surreal.Heads must roll and the BBC deserves to have licence revoked this time for sure.

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Road To Selfdom - Business Shrugs

Employers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chainstores.You are bled white to feed an ideology of death that claimed millions of lives over the centuries but just in recent times decimated lands and peoples and now like the dog returning to its vomit the States across the world seek to reimpose this tyranny with burdensome taxes and micro managing business and free enterprise, weighing it down with Marxist Red tape and directives from bloshevik bureaucracies across the western world intent on another round of serfdom and tyranny.No! Resist,refuse,strike for liberty!We do not mean put down your tools and close up shop.No we need more sophisticated measures than that.Let us be as subtle and serpentine as the enemy.Let us learn from its insidious stealth handbook.I propose witholding of taxes across the board,incrementally in unison.You need a Union! Study the enemy,the enema within and learn from the instruction.To be continued(here)

Romney Wins

There is no Death Wish! Americans are exceptional,they have exceptionalism written into their dna.They will not go down the European Socializt Road to Serfdom,they have stared into the Obama abyss and pulled back in trepidation and horror.As Europe crumbles and disintegrates into apocalyptic ruin and decay like the Roman empire itself,whole towns and cities ravaged and decimated by Socializm and welfare depradation,wastelands of lost utopias, its citizens scavenging for food across derelict swathes on Desolation Row they know this way perdition lies.Americans are stout and canny and survivalists, loving freedom far more than the seductive siren lure of unearned welfare largesse funded by their own ever onerous taxes.They will fight for their liberty,to be free men,they will not bow the knee to their upstart Socializt de-Magog in chieftan,Obummer the Impostor,the enslaver,the rabid Marxist change agent,the bringer of death,the plague of liberty,the enemy of promise,the Dark Knight of the soul,the mountebank,the spiritual criminal, the larcenous incubi of doom.They will survive,let Romney in and traverse the sunny uplands to freedom and liberty and send the charlatan Obummer back to the hell from which he oozed out of whilst America slept.Arise America and meet your Manifest Destiny!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Fat Slob Christie Hands Obama 5 More Years?

What an oaf Christie is standing side by side with the great black Satan just days before the most important date in American history for a generation.Do Republicans have a death wish or what? Why? Why do that,it beggars belief.Natural disasters are not the province of politicians and if Christie understood the role of the State he would know that but it seems that just under the surface of every Republican is a Socialist trying to get out.The dam breaks,the water floods in and suddenly all principles fly out the window and its we are all Socialists in this together.Calamitous and insane.The American people have little choice but to vote Mitt and save the country from complete and utter disaster.But bloated idiots like Christie do not make it an appetising choice and the man is looking more like a liability after such a promising start.Still one can only hope and if necessary pray that Americans do the right thing and rid themselves of the worst President since Roosvelt.

Obama Communist Spawn Of Satan

The incumbent is a scum bag pretending to be a nice decent reasonable man.He is a Sociopath,a psychopath,an Elmer Gantry,a charlatan,a Muslim,a Kenynan,a Benedict Arnold,a Communist,a lying, mendacious,deceitful,dissembling,parasitic,never had a real job,piece of human offal,a socialist, a pathological peddlar of fairy tales,Roosveltian Marxist, predatory,plundering, usurpatious, freedom hating, anti-American protoplasm of human garbage.If Americans vote for this vile evil human turd they deserve everything that coming to them.

NHS Witch Doctors

It must be good to be a NHS doctor.A patient comes in,whines about being depressed and you know that in 5 minutes you can get them out of your surgery by writing out a prescription for anti depressants which will probably addict them if not kill them and for this you get £1000,000 a year. Nice work if you can get it.More fictitious diseases are being created all the time and with them an attendant pill which the taxpayers have to subsidise though the socialized healthcare system and so general unhappiness is pathologised and we have half the nation addicted to toxic mind bending drugs.Who can doubt that the same cockamayne system obtains re cancer too?The only solution I can see is to have a free market in healthcare and people can subsidise their own drug dependency so us healthy non neurotic folk do not have to.As a friend once said when visiting a nurse in a mental establishment, what these people need is the 'Peter Lorrimar treatment'. He was a footballer in the early 70's who had a very big kick.All the patients would assume the position and Lorrimar would administer to each in person a tremendous kick up the arse and the cure would be effected .

Friday, November 02, 2012

Evil Communist Criminal EuroFederast McShame Collared

The vile Europhile Dennis McShane has finally been exposed as a criminal and fraudster and lost his Labour job.This will hopefully be the last time we have to listen to this insufferable bore and hypocrite with his Euro communist ramblings as he has been exposed as a felon and hopefully the police will resume the enquiries they dropped into the murky skulduggery of this obnoxious little runt and parasite.