Saturday, January 28, 2017

Muslim Immigration Moratorium and other Good Ideas

A temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration into the States makes sense - until the global Jihadism problem is sorted.  Scrapping the calamitously suicidal, irresponsible masochistic Obama Iran deal as well as putting the Saudis on notice that they too will be on the sharp end of things if they persist in exporting terrorism are further sensible measures that should be swiftly activated. North Korea could possibly receive similar warnings. Nato  needs to be rebooted and the US is rightly aggrieved that it is paying for Europe's security and the latter is having a free ride at America's expense, something long overdue for remedy. And why not close down the UN altogether a ridiculous organisation that serves no purpose whatsoever but as a grandstanding bureaucratic behemoth that sucks in the wealth of nations and contains within its membership some of the most barbaric uncivil nations on earth.This is what Trump should concentrate on, not waging war against Americans with his devastating destructive anti American protectionist measures that could well plunge his country into the worst depression since the 1920's if it triggers as it inevitably must if implemented a terrible global trade war.It is to be hoped that he will be reined back by wiser counsel within his Whitehouse circle but this is mere hope indeed rather than expectation.

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