Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fart for the day

Try listening to radio 4's Today programme at ten to 8 in the morning  and not hear some cleric saying his little prayer to collectivism and talking pejoratively about the individual.This is such a norm and staple of all Thought for the days that it is hard not to conclude that the collectivist meme is the most  defining characteristic of all religions as all denominations are now given airtime at the politically correct BBC.

If there is a conservative take on religion it is certainly not represented on Thought for the day and maybe it is just leftist clerics using their religion to smuggle in political messages but I rather think there is not much difference between conservative religion and socialist variety as the essence of all religions is of course altruism,sacrifice,non selfish relationships ad nauseam.The individual must defer to the collective which in a way is the essence of mysticism -the negation of the self and the melding into a collective conciousness.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

One Nazion

It really did sound like a Socialist manifesto from Camoron,a big government programme.The Liberals and Labour are wiped out but we have the SNP in the commons with the clap.Kind of embarrassing to see them clapping one onother till the Squeaker rightly stepped in and silenced the Sasenach claque.So we now have a Scottish communist rump in Westminster and even Mr Slippery invoking Disraeli powers of Machieveilism will not be able to square this invidious circle.

The house of commons has always invoked a freak show. Now its official.

Monday, May 25, 2015


John Prescott.Just the name makes you laugh.But when he opens his mouth its beyond hillarious.Now John has a problem with Aspiration as he explained to Jim Naughtie this morning.He can't understand it.Getaway.Its a pesky little thing aint it John? It kind of gets in the way of the Labour agenda to render everyone helpless,without ambition -Aspiration.Away with it! No time for it at all.

Now why did Labour lose? John has some thoughts on that too.It wasn't left wing enough.There we are then,mystery solved.It was that darned soft rightist Milliband what did for Labour.They should have trumpeted the NHS more.Moral and intellectual bankruptcy -does not Mr Prescott expose the Labour problem right there? A clapped out moribund party still promoting the politics of envy and hate,doomed hopefully to never be in power again.(until the next time,as I have explained in a previous post).

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Q and some A s

When its it appropriate to hold another referendum on the same subject ? When you lost the  first one.(If you won it, it is settled for a generation.)

If the UK votes to stay in the EU will the Scots mind if we have another referendum a few years later?

Why is it ok for Scotland to have a referendum on seceding from a country it has been part of for hundreds of years but not ok for the UK to have a referendum on seceding from a non country it has only been a member of for 40 years and has caused it nothing but grief?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hold the front page! Bank of England wants UK to remain within EU

There are some things in life that are just not surprising.Like for instance the meat industry doing a survey on whether vegetarianism is good for you and finding that it is not.Or government paid 'scientists' researching global warming discovering that yes it is happening and something must be done about it.

Another non surprising thing is the Bank of England's leaked memo to that stalwart of free market capitalism the Guardian revealing that it is worried what will happen to the British economy if it leaves the EU.The BBC naturally jumped on this story this morning with Jim Naughtie almost wetting himself with glee but then we already know what the BBC line on the upcoming referendum is do we not: if we leave there will be an economic Armageddon.

The Bank of England is a tool of the state that actually dictates the political direction of the economy.Of course a tool of the state is going to be in favour of the UK remaining within the EU, a supra statist construct.

The only question remaining is will the tories do anything about the BBC in the Queen's speech.Ha ha ha (etc etc.)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ukip go fly a kite

Ukip in Thanet are behaving in a crude populist way seeking to press for a compulsory purchase order for Manston airport in the same opportunist way Roger Gale tory is doing.The land has been bought,plans are afoot for creating thousands of jobs and Ukip and campaigners are seeking a Communist seizure of private property.Manston has never been a viable airport which is why divers companies have come and gone seeking to make a go of it.Pity politicians do not understand the market and the principle of private enterprise and are behaving like soviet commisars with five year plans.

Teresa May wears jackboots

Now we find May of the Nazi party wanted to screen tv programmes before they went out but was vetoed by other tories who had perhaps read 1984.We still have that performs pretty much the same defacto censorship role so we can see where we are headed with the tory taliban.So just watch what you think or say and if you thought we had a free airwaves and broadcasting,well think again.Just make sure it is not an extreme thought or you May have your collar felt.

Cameron Eunuch man's up in Latvia

Peace in our time! Cameron is going to let those EU commizsars know whose boss.And I am off to scale Mount Everest.Let the lying cheating equivocating misrepresenting,caviling,grandstanding fabricating distorting dissembling propagandising begin! Only now we have the interenet and I'm hoping they will not be able to get away with it so easily.It's not 1975 any more and the public are a bit more awake.Here's hoping anyway.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chukamoney in tax avoidance scheme

We were treated to a lot of guff by chukka amana no I cannot spell his ridiculous name about how he did  not want his family to be dragged thru the media mill but it turns out that he and his tax advisers have cooked the books and saved him loadsamoney and this is what he was afraid would dog him thru his Labour leadership were he to be selected .What a hypocrite.It seems there is one rule for rich capitalists and another one entirely for rich socialists.Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Friday, May 15, 2015

How to achieve world peace

There are two roadblocks to world peace and they are faith and force. I will deal with force first although they often go together.If the world is to advance to true civilization what is required is the introduction of the principle of non coercion in human affairs ie force.I should clarify and quality  this by stressing the non initiation of force  because if someone is coming towards you with a knif you have every right to use whatever force is required to repel that person up to and including taking their life if necessary.No,I am talking about the absence of coercion in human interaction meaning no one shall be permitted to initiate force against another and that is to include the State initiating force against an individual or any group of individuals and this would include taxation which is the use of force by the state against people en masse.

Faith is the second cause of absence of peace because it is irrational and people who practice it have the tendency to start wars and use force against others who do not share their irrational beliefs.A world without faith and religion would be half way towards civilization.For evidence of this I cite the menace of Islam around the globe in our present time. Christianity was equally barbaric until it was defanged by the reformation.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Black Spider Prince

So now the extent of his monarchist meddling is laid bare or at least a portion of it as Charles's redacted letters are published thanks to the Guardian's tireless pursuit thru the courts  to secure their release.It is hardly surprising that the palace should have done everything in its not inconsiderable power to prevent these damning missives being released as they reveal the sheer extent to which Charles has involved himself in the offices of State down to minutae detail bordering on the OCD and clearly overstepping the carefully delineated parameters of royal involvement and patronage.

For years we have been told of the nugatory ornamental role of the monarchy,its sharply transparently delimited influence and its innocuous role in the scheme of things and now we find Charles has been insinuating himself in state affairs in a wholly innapropriate way,assiduously weaving his black spidery web of intervention in pursuit of who knows what ideological end.

The nature of his concerns or hobby horses are of little import,whether it be badger culling or the invasive  commerce inhibiting EU directives on homeopathic herbal vitamins -both of which positions are laudable and would get some public sympathy,it is rather that he is seemingly incapable of recognising that he has over leapt the boundaries of royal prerogative and sunk to the woeful level of a lobbyist seeking to further his divers causes.

Clearly a frustrated man with way too much time on his hands and effectively waiting for his mother to die if Charles is really concerned woith the plight of limited state resources he might reflect that the monarchy is sitting on over 7£billion tax payers money which if the institution was abolished as the archaic morribund feudal throwback that it is,it would go a considerable way to drawing down the national debt.

English Devolution

Its a seductive idea,localism.letting power be devolved to regional areas,giving them policy and tax raising powers but what it effectively means is whole new layers of government and bureaucracy,the creation of mini soviets,a sinuous concentric Maoist incursion of the state into every nook and cranny of citizen's lives.Powerhouse indeed but the power will reside with the state compounding its monstrous reach to regions hitherto untouched.

The introduction of these  politicised statelets on regional levels are a cynical  refashioning and entrenching of statism,a makeover to counter the growing skepticism amongst the public of the state and its ever devouring maw as it sucks the money and life out of its populace.A distant tyrannical state is infinitely preferable to one on your doorstep which is what Trojan horse like is being proposed in this much trumpeted English devolution plan.The Devil is in the devolution.

Before the law

A characteristic of totalitarian states is their fluid law that can be interpreted in an arbitrary subjective way by the state hanging like a Damocles sword over its citizens who never know from one day to the next whether they are breaking the law or not and the design of this is to create a permanent state of chronic uncertainty and fear to cower the population into silence passivity and compliance.

Non objectivity in law is the sine qua non of all dictatorships.This is the essence of the government's newly announced hate crimes crackdown and its consequence will be to have a chilling effect on free speech as its net will be cast far and wide to encompass the expression of any views that fall outside the narrow state dictated political liberal consensus.

The incoherence and vagueness of the language the government is deploying is a deliberate  attempt to conceal its true objectives and it requires inexact terms and wooly  ambivalences to cloak its intent. We are now told the new legislation will be employed to combat indoctrination.This is Orwellain territory indeed.Why not just call it the Thought Crime bill and have done with it? 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Teresa May. Serious case of White Noise

All politicians have it very bad in the clarity department.They speak a coded language all their own that is expressly designed  not to express anything in precise language but in this black art Teresa May is in  a class of her own.The mistress of obfuscation May specialises in opaque language and it is indeed her defining characteristic.If it were a minor department she was in charge of this might not be so serious but this is the home office minister and she is in charge of a new programme on curbing political extremism and drawing up legislation to counter it.

It is hard to think of any issue that demands absolute clarity of expression,concise definitions,plain language more than the issue of frees speech as it goes to the heart of liberty and a free society but it is at this very core issue Miss May shrouds the English language in fog and a miasma of obfuscation.It is very hard not to conclude that this is deliberate,or it could just be she really is that confused in her thinking.

Hence we are told the battle is with extremism,a vague wooly term in itself as it only denotes the degree of a person's belief  and the extent to which they hold it not whether the belief itself is good or bad.Some people are extremely good -does that make them extremist?By her non definition one would have to say it does.

Then she proposes to act against those who 'incite hatred'. What exactly does that mean? If someone says homosexual acts are obscene is that  incitement to hate and if so since when was a belief or a thought constituted a crime? Blank out.Is any strongly expressed disaprobation against a particular individual group,religious persuasion ethnic characteristic  to be now regarded as illegal rather than what it is,an irrational prejudice and an indication of gross ignorance? Note she does not say incitement to violence which would be the correct point at which the law steps in to prevent such speech.

One can only conclude that this is yet again a deliberate covert assault on the principles of free speech in the guise of protecting it,a refusal to pursue the real threats to our liberty in the form of islamism and to to cloak the whole country under suspicion of automatic guilt in the expressing of unpopular controversial views that challenge the state and its arbitrary oppressive power and unchecked expansion.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bad losers

The incredible sulk of Paddy Ashdown on Question Time was a real treat.For sheer bad grace   it was in a class all of its own.Bad loser doesn't really approximate it.Aside from the fear factor that I covered in my last post Paddy came up with a real gem to explain why the liberals lost.It was Rupert Murdoch's fault! If it wasn't for that darned pesky  free press we'd have won it! Levenson should have been effected and a complete liberal hegemony of the media would have ensured the liberals won.

Failing that they had to rely on the BBC - that tool of Toryism! Yes folks,I really did hear some Labour loser citing the unfair coverage the BBC gave them.I suppose with levels and depths of self delusion of that magnitude we can anticipate a decade at least to pass before the left  return to power.


Was wondering what line the political losers of the election would take to explain away their catastrophic defeat.It did not take them long to come up with one.It was Fear gentle readers that did it for them.The nasty wicked Tories frightened the voters into electing them!They conjured up such  unspeakable horrors of an SNP Labour pact that the poor helpless voters went scurrying back to Tory nurse for fear of a stitched up North South Marxist cohabitation of Labour and SNP

.For sake of argument say it was so.Is that such an unreasonable fear? If you know the person walking across the street had ebola would you not run away in fear? Or your house was on fire? No,some fears are rational and fear of a rabid SNP Milliband coalition was one such fear.


Very odd and cynical behaviour from Sir Allan Sugar,qutting the Labour party a few days after its electoral wipeout Looks like he was waiting to see which way the electoral wind was blowing  before deciding what to do.Had the mad Marxist won no doubt Sir Allan would still be in the Labour camp. Funny fellows these liberal businessmen eh what.

BBC and the least we should expect

Scrapping the TV licence is never going to happen but with the battle of Britain re the EU about to commence the BBC should be forced to shed all its political broadcasts and programmes because as the recent events of the Scottish referendum and the general election have amply demonstrated the corporation cannot be trusted to present an even handed,balanced,unbiased non tendentious  non rabid pro liberal gloss to its output.

Some will rightly point out that so left leaning is the BBC,so entrenched is the liberal bias that it even manages to turn the Archers into an anti tory drama and they will further point out the left wing comedians who dominate the field and whilst this is true that will be a battle for another day.Right now it is its political programming that must be excised if the beeb wants to keep the licence.That should be the red line.

I go,I come back

Ok the way it was handled was a bit clumsy but the most important thing is - he's back!Ukip not only need Nigel Farage in what is their most important hour with the imminent negotiations over EU membership but at the risk of sounding grand the country does too.Cometh the hour cometh back the man.

Cameron is not called Mr Slippery lightly and he will go off to Brussels cap in hand,be given a few morsels by way of concessions by the eurocrats and come back home presenting it as a banquet of concessions and then urge a yes vote.He has past form and to use the cain expression once more, 'characteristics are reliable'.

It will need a Farage to cut through the evasions,obfuscations,double talk,double dealing sophistry,propaganda that we can expect from the europhiles and no one can do that more effectively than him.Welcome back to the fray!

Am I naieve or what?!

Ok,I admit it.I must be credulous as I really thought that with the total routing of the Liberals and Labour we would be spared anymore from them for quite a while and that they would disappear from our screens.How wrong was I! There has been wall to wall Paddy Ashdown,Shirley Williams since Friday morning.

 On Question Time on Friday Paddy gave a masterclass in sanctimony and smug conceit and in the light of the catastrophic results for his party on Thursday a period of protracted trapist silence was not an unreasonable expectation, but not a bit of it. Governments come and go but the BBC goes cranking out its weary liberal meme. Do not adjust your sets,abnormal service will resume immediately.

Tall tales dept

If anything fundamentally changes at the BBC after its ten yearly licence review  I will personally buy a hat from Paddy Ashdown and eat it.The conservatives have past form on huffing and puffing about the BBC and its institutional leftism yet here we are with a bloated corporation a thousand times more powerful than ever .Even Norman Tebbit could not touch the BBC but the idea that this feeble Whitingdale character is going to slay the beast is frankly risible.

I do not claim any Nostradamic  powers on this matter,it is rather that, in the words of an unknown philosopher called Frank Cain,"characteristics are reliable".

Getting off Scot free

Cameron must not give Splurgeon any more devolution without first giving the rest of the UK a cast iron guarantee that when Scotland goes belly up financially with SNP Greekenomics we will not end up bailing it out.Right now Cameron is preparing to hand the SNP a credit card with England's name on it.This is intolerable.

The conservatives should also insist that if there is to be another referendum on independence all the citizens of the UK will be able to vote on it as it affects and impacts on the whole of the UK.But fundamentally all such referendums are illegitimate for reasons I gave in my previous post.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Scottish Solution

The approach by the new conservative government towards Scotland should be this.Abolish the Barnet formula,close down the Scottish parliament and ban any future referendums on independence.No rump within a country has the right to referendum a secession becuase it wants to form a socialist state in its place as this would impact on people in the rest of the country and take away the freedom of those who do not want to be enslaved by socialism.

The only grounds for secession is if the existing country is socialist and the people residing in it wish understandably to free themselves from that oppression and form an independent country based on the prinicples of liberty,individual rights and a small delimited state.

This is why the 1975 referendum  on British membership to what was then deliberately misleadingly called the common market was illegitimate because no country can vote away its sovereignity and liberty to an external supra power  thus violating the individual rights of its citizens.You cannot vote to enslave your neighbour.

It is clear that Scottish devolution was a halfway house to independence ,creating a defacto state within a state with all the trappings of a country -a parliament,legislative powers,separate polity etc and the inevitable result be a staging post to independence which is exactly what has happened.Offering to throw more powers to Scotland as Cameron has promised is merely to compound the folly.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The strange non death of liberal England

It is a salient characteristic of post war British politics that the electorate alternate between Labour and Conservative rather like a drunk forswearing alcohol and then falling off the wagon periodically.Labour bankrupt the country,the tories come in and clear up the mess and elctorate promptly go to back to profligacy and vote in Labour once more.This pattern as depressing as it is predictable has never really been properly analysed re its cause andn until it has been we can anticipate a continuation of such wild swings indefinitely.

Thus we can say with a fair degree of accuracy that it will not be long before the electorate once again returns to its Labour vomit and I believe the explanation for this is very simple and it is this.The philosophical moral underpinnings of Labour have never been challenged and no alternative moral system posited.The Conservatives simply say Labour are economically illiterate and they can run the system more efficiently,balance the books.They totally ignore the moral philosophicl sphere and openly boast of being anti ideological.Thus the field of morality and ideas is abandoned to the Left for them to claim the high ground.

After a while of economic stability and growth facilitated by a more market friendly Conservative approach (although far from pure capitalism) people start to feel guilty about their prosperity and success as they have been taught the morality of altruism and self sacrifice,that self interest is wrong and so they go back to a Labour government who promptly bankrupt the country with their socialist welfare programmes: 'there is no money left' as one Labour aparatchick baldly admitted at the end of Labour's last administration.

So the public are given an invidious though totally fallacious choice: be successful and prosperous but guilty as hell or be economically poor but feel morally good.This explains why the electorate having voted in the Conservatives yet again apparently still dislike the party according to Matthew Parris and its brand is still toxic ie the 'nasty party' tag.So we can expect this self loathing guilt tripping electorate to return to morality ha ha and vote Labour in again in the not too distant future.

We can see how the liberal Dracula is never slain - liberalism is dead but it won't lie down.Not until that is, a stake is driven right thru its rotten black heart.The weapon required however is not wooden and pointed but rather a moral argument,a philosophical ideological defense of capitalism.Nothing less will do.

Soviet dog returns to its vomit

Celebrating the anniversary of Russia's heroic battle with the Nazis the country is clearly suffering from collective delusion syndrome.Don't mention the Nazi Soviet pact -I did it once but think I got away with it (and no I do not want any polonium in my tea thank you).

At least the BBC is swallowing the Putin soviet line referring in its bulletins covering the anniversary to ,wait for it: 'soviet citizens'. Can you imagine the bloshevic broadcasting corporation referring similarly to the 'Nazi citizens'?!

Of course as the modern kleptocratic neo nazi Russia state run by Putin the ex soviet KGB goon lurches towards full blown totalitarian status it is worth reflecting on the numbers of its own people who ended up in the gulags far exceeding as they did those slaughtered by the Nazis.No wonder he seeks to glorify one of the bloodiest tyrannical periods in Russia's history.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Just rejoice at that news

It is important to savour this delicious moment.The defeat of evil,the triumph of good.This is worthy of celebration.The sheer scale of defeat for the left is undreamt of.No more smug faced liberals spouting their pious cant their holier than thou rhetoric.All gone.Labour too wiped out.48 hours later and only just sinking in.Never mind VE day,this is the true victory.

Yes there will be time to discuss what the future holds re the EU etc but just for now rejoice at the routing of the left,its anhiliation and be glad.

Friday, May 08, 2015

End of statism in UK?

What an opportunity to roll back the frontiers of the state the tories now have.Talk of One Nation from Cameron is not reassuring but his right wing should be able to hold his feet to the fire and prevent his leftism which was not possible when he was butressed by the liberals in coalition.

But what anhiliation for the Liberals and Labour! When Labour lurches to the Left it loses.How quickly the old lessons get forgotten.They will now have time to reflect on the bleedin obvious and return to their New Labour position or remain out of power for a generation if not forever.

With the stay of execution we now have it is time to create a capitalist party and begin the argument for a small state.

Wow! Phew! (but I did predict it)

Nitemare on Milliband street was just that.It is bright confident morning again.Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief.The nation peered over the precipice and drew back.Milliband who had parasitically atatched himself to the New Labour phenomena and sought to get into 10 Downing St on a Stalinist prospectus has been roundly seen off by the conservative electorate who may have lost some of their marbles but had enough left to see what a disaster and toxic menace Labour represented.

And the Liberals too, eviscerated.Can it get any better?Another parasite on the conservative host this time,riding to unearned power on Cameron's coat tails has been practically wiped out.But we need shed no tears for yet another party flying under false colours as moderate when it brought into being the Labour party with its liberal welfare agendas.

So it is goodbye to the lot of them and hello to a conservative party dependent on its right wing re EU etc.It could hardly get any better.

Of course I  wanted Ukip but they were never going to win and with the present electoral system they will be unrepresented but they live to fight another day for sure.And no I am not a conservative any more but with the terrifying prospect we were confronted with were it not that I dislike alcohol I would be drinking a toast to them myself this morning.

Thursday, May 07, 2015


What is the meaning of life? that is not the question.What is the meaning of your life is.Life is not some thing separate from a person,that happens to and impacts upon them independent of their actions but is  rather the end result of their actions.To ask what is the meaning of life is to go nowhere as implcit in the question is the premise that there is some external  non material being from another dimension that is orchestrating everything and everyone and we have to somehow get in contact with that being and do its will.

Ukip Sunny Uplands

Just as it was wrong for the UK to have a referendum on joining what was then called the common market in 1975 as no country has the right to put the liberty of its people to a vote it would equally be wrong to have a referendum on whether to continue remaining a member of that illiberal supra national body which because of its collectivist underpinnings precludes any possibility of protecting individual rights.

It is therfor extraordinary that Ukip have in recent times come out in favour of a referendum on the continuation or otherwise of Britain's membership of the EU.Going from a principle opposition to UK EU membership to saying let the mob decide is a fall from grace indeed.Still,Ukip are a million miles better than all the alternatives and I urge my few readers to go out and give the political establishment a hard kick in the ballots.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Labcon created Scot Nat Frankenstein Monster

In a perfect illustration of how you cannot compromise with extremism Labour sought to buy the Scot Nats off with devolution and a Scottish parliament but this simply created a halfway house for Scottish independence.The conservatives under Cameron further facilitated this process by allowing a referendum on the issue and then appeasing the Scot Nats yet again by promising even more devolved powers if they stayed within in the union.Surprise surpise this only fed the appetite of the Splurgeonistas and increased their legitimacy in the eyes of the Scottish people.

After a No vote the Scots now have defacto independence,with all the benefits and economic cushion of remaining within the Union but none of the risks of independence.Why wouldn't any Scot vote for them -a vote for having their cake and eating it?

It takes chutzpah on an industrial scale for Labour and the Conservatives to be bewailing a process that they themselves foolishly set in motion.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Government paralysis? Bring it on

I am not convinced about hung parliaments and such like but if it does come to pass with the trend inexorably towards more advanced statism in this country it can only be a good thing.Anything to stop them and slow down the legislative orgy of bill passing,law making,meddling empire building.A mannacled impotent government is our only hope.

But of course Britain is ruled by Brussels so it won't make any difference either way Ruled Britania indeed..

Welfare Duchess has second baby

They may be sitting on £7 billion but the baby needs a new bonnet so tug that forelock,pay that tax!You may have to think twice before having a baby -can we afford it? but the Welfare Windsors don't have such concerns as the tributes keep pouring in.You may object and resist but they will throw you in jail.See the booty of the Royal scam.

A Republic.You know it makes sense.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Democracy and its solution

The disease we have found, is democracy.So what is the cure? Liberty,founded on individual rights!In all the talk of protecting minorities the one minority democatarians have no time for whatsoever is the individual.His rights can be trampled on because he does not belong to any group,or tribe or gang,he is not part of the identity politics that gives advantages based on a person's collective association or pressure group.

If an individual's rights are violated in the process of giving rights to some group or gang whether it be black people,the poor,women etc you can be sure that the one thing that is not being observed is  the principle of justice and rights.


How telling is it that almost half the electorate cannot decide who to vote for.It is the same non existential dillema one faces when confronted by two seemingly identical products in different packaging in the supermarket and there appears to be no way of determining which to purchase.

The public's frustration with the political system democracy  has not been correctly analysed in this election as the last thing the intelligentsia and media want to do is identify the elephant in the room and risk the whole system collapsing around them.So I will do it instead.The problem gentle reader/s is democracy itself.You are all frustrated because you have a sense of powerlessness but that is precisely the intent of those who designed the thing we call democracy.It is called in classic terms the divide and rule strategy.

Democracy is designed to suck the independence from the individual whilst appearing to empower the same .This ingenious construct has fooled pretty much all the people all the time and continues to do so to this very day as no one is saying the fault lies not in us but in democracy itself,they are merely saying something has to be done to make democracy work effectively.Profound error!

And what absurd solutions to this problem they proffer: compulsory voting,proportional representation,public funding of political parties.Apart from anything else if you fail to identify the problem correctly you will be putting forward solution to a problem that does not exist whilst ignoring the actual problem.

Do not think for one moment that this is some sort of accident.Those coming up with all the false analysis and false solutions are the same people who are behind the democracy scam and want it perpetuated to infinity.

Vox Populi Scam

Have you noticed how the putative vox populi put forward by the media to hold forth for minute or two all seem to be droning from the same liberal hymn sheet ?A very selective vox populi indeed with the same depressing unthinking dull pro establishment views.These dullards are about as independent thinking as a BBC audience.

So we can put the vox populi with the rigged dodgy polls with their flawed methodlogy as a joint conspiracy designed to demoralise the public with a sense of futility and helplessness -in this case with the absurd message that nothing can stop the SNP taking over the world when it could not even win an independence vote in the recent referendum -and which result as I  pointed out just recently those brilliant predictors of the future the pollsters got so abysmally wrong.

And how on earth can the opinion polls be predicting a hung parliament when it now emerges that almost half the electorate have not even made up their minds yet?!

The sinister name of the game is to skew the polls to the desired end of a liberal victory and make people think it is inevitable,what do they know,if the majority are voting for that particular party they must know something they themselves do not so they will vote that way too.Such dodgy polling is nothing short of  scandalous voter manipulation.

Friday, May 01, 2015

The Left. Rule of Unreason

What the left has done to civilization over the last hundred years plus cannot be undone overnight.Co opting as it has, education, philosophy,politics,culture, law, science, maths,physics psychology,art ad nauseam lol its penetration is all invasive and pervasive and the battle against it has to be joined on all those fronts.The work required therfor is on an olympian level but in order to be undertaken an anlysis of the root of the problem is essential or the battle will be lost before it has started.Random sorties into enemy territory with nothing but arbitrary concretes as targets will be worse than futile.

Identifying the enemy is therfor the main objective and it is the pure hatred of reason and therfor reality of the left - that has to be where the focus lies.