Friday, July 24, 2015

Obama s wish and my wish

Obama told the BBC he wants the UK to remain in the EU.He is visiting Kenya now and I would like Al Shabab to do us all a favour and behead the communist swine.Or he could become a tribal leader of Kenyans which is all he is fit for.The US should definitely refuse to let him back in in any case.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn Now for the good news!

The polls may be hyping Corb and up to their usual tricks but for the sake of argument let us assume they are right for once  and Corb is indeed riding high and in with a chance at becoming Labour leader.What good can be gleaned from this? It illustrates that a sizeable portion of the electorate respond well to a politician with consistently held and expressed  principles values philosophy and ideology even if those values are as in Corbyn's case palpably pernicious,toxic,insane immoral and evil.

So good news! All we need to do now is find someone who is as passionate about liberty individual rights and their practical application and advocacy via the articulation of pure unregulated laissez faire capitalism.No such person exists within the Conservative party so there is no point looking there.He or she must come from outside that toxic institution that has made so many compromises and concessions to statism over its long tortuous and tainted history in the form of mixed economy policies that anyone wanting to promote capitalism must look elsewhere and form a new political movement and party.Such is the task before us.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Patriachy and its malcontents

Some laud patriachy but its record is not salutary.It is a sign of primitivism and cultural backwardness.Islamic societies are essentially patriachal.Women walk so many steps behind their menfolk.They are subject to sexual abuse and horrendous genital mutilation.They have to cover themselves from head to toe,worship separately,be educated separately,sometimes not even allowed to be educated at all.They are baby incubators and any contact with the outside world is severly delimited.They shall not drive cars.If they are unfaithful they can be stoned to death.

Mr S who is an advocate of patriachy once boasted on air that when his wife was wanting a separation and was going to visit her female friends he physically prevented her from leaving by dragging her by her hair back in to the house.When a friend visited him in a caravan he was having an altercation with his wife and said at one point if you do not shut hp I'll knock your teeth down your throat.His wife said: 'this is the man who preaches love peace and understanding on the radio!

Such is the way of patriachy and few with asny sense of decency would be promulgating it in the 21st century or any other for that matter.

Alzheimer conundrum

Old age is an epidemic,afflicting more and more people thanks to medical progress.The downside is the sept and octagenarians are prone to degenerative diseases like alzheimer and dementia which in past times they would have avoided through early death at say 65.Mr S used to claim that alzheimers was a sign or moral depravity,he called it 'old caca's disease' and mocked those who were so afflicted.Why could they not be old and robust with all their marbles -like Ronald Reagan?( ?!) We all know how that one ended.In fact astute observers had already suspect something was amiss with the old dodderer long before he left office (sorry,I just can't remember if I authorised the funding of the Nicaraguan contras).

But Is alzheimers a consequence of bad psychoepistemology rather than a purely biological degeneration of cells?Not sure if any research on this has been carried out but think it would be worthwhile.Mr S and his band of followers have already made up their mind on the issue unsurprisingly:Alzheimers is a manifestation of demonic possession!There you are then,by their inexorable logical  inference Ronald Reagan as some had long suspected, was in the pay of Beezlebub.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Religious mentality

In a recent youtube talk I received Mr Snake oil (as I have previously alluded to him) is seen openly boasting of his low vocabulary (standing at a proud 8oo words). He mentions that 50,000 are available, but 'you don't need them'.Look up  Mr S,see the planes gracing the sky,or at the skyscrapers or perhaps at the internet that you so abuse to promulgate your anti intellectual anti man philosophy.Do you think any of those things were created by men with a mere 8oo word vocabulary?If you want to see people with the latter just go down to skid row,you will find them aplenty there.

Further on in the video he claims that wealthy people are merely compensating for their failures and that he spurned the advances of a millionaire who was seeking validation from him.Mr S proudly resisted bestowing on the hapless millionaire this dubious favour.I would suggest that the man in question is indeed suffering profound self esteem deficit if he is seeking validation from such a profoundly immoral evil man who trashes the achievements of mankind like some atavistic  primitive yahoo whilst benefiting from them on a daily basis.Wonder if there is a recognised medical condition called self awareness deficit?

The Jimmy Saville Religion (Piss wee upon it)

Dave was half right.If you are a (a hum) 'British' Muslim male and go join IS you will become cannon fodder for Jihadists.If you are female you will become their sex slave or if you are  extra lucky you will get to beat and slit the throats of infidels.What's not to like? He failed to mention that IS males have a Jimmy Saville like interest in pre pubescent girls and love to rape them ,it is the signature of their sexual perversion.In this they are merely taking the lead from the originator of their faith Mohumud who was a paedophile and took to bed an 8 year old girl.

So this is what we are walking on eggshells round:a paedophile religious cult.No Dave,your measures will not work however well meaning they may or may not be.It is their religion itself that is evil,barbaric,primitive anti human and we have to be able to point this out without fear of prosecution.We Must be free to print the Mohumud cartoons.By surrendering this point we have sent a clear message to the 'muslim community' that we have bent the knee to their sick death cult.The rest is just a matter of time.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jeremy Hitler and the tell tale Heart of darkness

The liberals in Labour thought they were being o so inclusive when they put the communist Corbyn on the the leader's electorate role and now it has come back to bite them big time.He could become leader! Ho ho leder hosen as we goose step towards Jeremy's Brave New World.Even tories tried to assist his meteoric rise thinking it would destroy Labour.He his like Labour's special idiot child who has been tied up in the basement for 20 years and has suddenly broken loose and is running amock thru the polity stating in bold unambiguous terms what has till now been kept deadly secret ; the Labour communist soul of collectivism.

The Blair Switch Project kept all this hidden from public conciousness by a programme of stealth,subterfuge linguistic sophistry newspeak,terminological inexactitudes using language as vague approximations,never defining terms, deploying the language of babytalk and obsfuscation.In 3 weeks all of this has been blown away by Mr Corbyn and the public can see clearly and unobstructedly the ugly face of Labour and the menace it represents.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nazi Monarchy!

Hitler admired the British royal family.The arbitrary power of fascism is attracted to the arbitrary power of monarchy.Hold the front page!Buckingham Palace? Third on the Reich.Ve have vays of making you tug the forelock,pay that tax,tote that bale!Of course poor old Queenie to-be could not have understood the significance of the Nazi salute she is clearing making in the photo printed in the Sun today.Not the point!It was the poisonous toxic pro Nazi environment she was reared in and the British establishment was flirting with that is at issue here.

As if to make the point the corrupt political establishment is outraged - not at the revelations but at the Sun for printing it!No wonder they used to say the monarchy is not to be scutinised,don't let any light into it or the magic will dissipate.Now we know why ,its a rotten corrupt depraved institution with about as much moral political legitimacy as the German Fascist regime it was truckling to.In fact it is worse because at least the German people voted for Hitler in a popular plebiscite.Who ever voted for this shady outfit of chancers,parasites,leeches freeloaders and bloodsuckers?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Left has euroskeptic conversion

When the EU was issuing statist directives and socialist edicts by the truck load the left loved it.Now it is attempting to impose some fiscal discipline on the delinquent Greeks it has become a hate figure for the left heaping anathema on it,hurling out epithets like undemocratic,imposing a coup etc.Hello? When Berlusconi was thrown out of office and a puppet government from Brussels with a EU tecnocrat installed they were not complaining then.Have they suddenly discovered what a totalitarian construct is the EU.Will they now apologise to the Ukip persuasion who was there pointing all this out long before the latest Greek tragedy unfolded.Better late than never I suppose.So let us all huff and puff  togetherand bring the EU house of cards tumbling down.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Scotland parasite on English host

Scotland should never have been given devolution and a parliament.To do that was to pathe the way for it to become a state within a state,with tax raising powers et al.What were politicians south of the border thinking of.It might have started off as a Potemkin village with pretend powers but it has become an out of control monster.A repatriation of powers from Edingborough is the only answer just as we should repatriate powers from Brussels back to the UK.Scotlands power grows with the feeding.We should starve it into submission and let it know which side its bread is buttered on.An end to craven appeasement,to tail wagging dog syndrome and our masochistic desire to truckle to this ridiculous region of leftist malcontents.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama great satan

Why has this man not been taken out already? This black Hitler has sold America to socialised communist healthcare,sucked up to Cuba, and today sold Israel down the river to Iran. To what level of moral depravity and treason will he not sink.Impeachment should have seen him ridden out of town on a rail long ago.Israel will have to act alone to defang Iran and neutralise it.It should have done  years ago.The world is an even more dangerous place tonite than before and it is the Benedict Arnold in the Whitehouse who has achieved this calamitous end.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Come Acropolis

No no no no no Yes! Greece the debt crack whore has screwed the EU out of yet more cash as I predicted it would.All the mainstream media is presenting it as a Greek climbdown but since when did a climbdown result in coming away with tens of billions of more cash than you formerly demanded?!

If the EU is the bastion of 'conservative austerity' as Shipras claims why is a Greek Communist party so desperate to remain within its club?There is no austerity in the EU as there is hardly a country within it that is not bankrupt from crazed state spending.The whole continent is one big basket case of statism.They all deserve one another and will go down the plughole of history together clutching their useless euros.

Still the Greeks have played the EU like a fiddle and have given a classic textbook lesson in brinkmanship and we have to be grateful to them for making the Eurocrats look even more stupid and craven than they did before.The EU Titanic sails at dawn.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Death by altruism part 2

Poor old biddy who suicided recently after being bombarded with begging letters perfectly and tragically illustrates the fatal error of altruism which is the gift that keeps on giving even unto death.She just coudn't turn down a request till she was overwhelmed by the mendicancy of the askers. She truly believed to give is to be and derived her fractured self esteem by servicing the needy until she had nothing left to give and labouring under a diminishing return of self sacrifice that which sustained her self esteem devoured her.The selfless self exacted its ultimate revenge.

Cor,bin socialism

Jeremy Corbyn is making waves in the Labour party leadership contest but he does represent the true nature of Labour which  has spent a small fortune in  spin doctors and focus groups over the last 25 years attempting with some considerable success to re brand.He rips the figleaf of respectability euphemism and linguistic sophism off the Labour project and reveals the dark festering toxic rancid heart of the Labour beast red in tooth and clause 4.We should be thankful to him at least for making that which was obscured, transparent,naked and fully revealed.The Labour soul is laid bare -and it is halitosis ridden.

Firewall of China

When the free market starts to correct itself as it was doing in China recently re its stock exchange the automatic response of the politicals was to reach for the Communist handbook and introduce interdictory controls and issue minatory statist edicts in a state of pure red funk.Unless it starts to understand the invisible hand China's exponential growth could well be reversed.Watch this space.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Crooked thinking

Re Tunisia it now emerges some of the British tourists went back to the scene of the crime to quote, show solidarity with the Tunisian people.Altruism in all its twisted masochistic glory.You will sacrifice your life as a human shield to terrorists in solidarity with hotel staff who otherwise would be unemployed?Nothing more needs to be said about the immoral evil of altruism than that sordid pronouncement.

Royal Scum

Prince phillip showed the true ugly face of the parasitic monarchy, swearing and  snarling in hate filled venom at a camera man and the nasty scene was thankfully captured for all the world to see.The twisted distorted face of privilege and entitlement etched in his vile visage tells anyone who cares about the truth of the matter what  an evil immoral thing monarchy is.They say every picture tells a story,worth a thousand words etc and what a picture it paints of the vice and criminality of royal parasitism.

Hammond house of horror

He has got it all wrong.You don't tell tourists abroad to come home,that is their choice.What he should have said is the British gov cannot guarantee UK tourist's safety in Tunisia so if they go there on their own heads (or off their heads) be it.He would have drawn less wrath from the Tunissian gov had he taken that tack and also from the irate tourists who can only see as far as their own sunbeds and care not a jot for geo political realities which after the horror of few weeks ago one would have thought they might have started taken a slight interest in.

This is just another illustration of gov getting the tone all wrong but in a sense it is not undeliberate as all UK political parties of whatever stripe are paternalistic in nature and such announcement as Mr Hammond made and the way it was framed goes with the territory.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Every day is like Sunday

It is bizarre that the government decides when shops will open or close.Now such arbitrary powers have been shifted to the Mayoralty which is hardly an improvement.How about the state minding its own delimited business and the market left to its own devices? The Sunday trading laws are an anachronism going back to the days when the church ruled with totalitarian reach and  cast a very long shadow over the land and its laws.With a diminution of its powers it it long overdue to scrap Sunday trading laws and let a thousand entreprenurial retail flowers bloom.Oh and can we have disestablishment while we are at it?

Greece the palm

One would have thought the EU mandarins being the archetypal repositories of graft and chicanery would not have been at all fazed or thrown by Greece's antics but they sound genuinely flabbergasted by it which is a bit like expressing surprise at being stung by a scorpion -that's its nature.Greece has surpassed the EU in Machiaveliasam which is perhaps why it is so peeved -it has been out -cynicised.

The best bet is still my one of an EU fudge,Greece has all the swagger of a person who knows they have the upper hand and are free to squeeze the maximum benefit and advantage out of a defeated and prostrate foe.For those of us of the told you so persuasion the whole charade offers bittersweet vindication over a story that could not have ended any  way other than it has:  a tsunami of tears before bedtime.

Osbourne Channels Marx

In a Communist spasm Osbourne announces a National Living wage wiping out at a stroke any half way decent policies in his budget articulated prior.That's it then.Meet the new statist,same as the old statist.Who are you Mr Osbourne,Fidel in fiscal drag?Way not to go.Will the last businessman to leave the country please switch out the lights.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Dougla Carswell: NO!

It was all going very well for Duggy,letting the BBC have it with both barrels over the licence review on r4 last week.Then he committed a classic textbook error at the end when he said to quote, almost verbatim:  'I believe there is a place for public service broadcasting.' Arghh! In one fatal sentence he undercut his whole argument,nay he negated it completely because once you concede a fundamental principle in a debate you demolish the platform upon which you stand and from thereon it is only an argument on detail between two sides who share the same basic premises.

In such a scenario an error like that is fatal because when two groups share basic principles it is the one that is most consistent in its application that will prevail and in this case it is the pro BBC licence side which explains why with such weak vacillating opposition as exampled by Douglas Carswell it has managed to prevail to the present day and indeed will continue to do so as I predict  the licence will stay pretty much intact tact next year after the review with just minor nugatory symbolic tweaks.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Greeks will vote for more eu pottage

Like the parasites they are Greece will vote Yes in the referendum on Sunday because they cannot live without bailouts as they are a failed state ,clinically dead but kept alive artificially on the EU life support system.The EU cannot lose face so they will continue to pay greek geld no matter how many times the Greeks come back for more.

I could be wrong! Maybe the Grecian idiots think they can get what they want by voting No and maybe they are right.Its a tough call.One thing is sure.The EU is irreparably damaged by this fiasco regardless which way the vote goes.Lets just rejoice at that prospect.Pity we cannot hold our EU referendum this week.The Brexit would be a done deal.

Planet Hilton

Tory Cameron the human oil slick has an adviser Mr Hilton and he thinks the Living wage- which I call the Dying wage cos it will kill jobs just as the minimum wage did - should be made compulsory and employer's nat ins reduced to offset it.If these are the kind of people whispering in Dave's ear we are in a worse state than I thought we were.

Apparently Mr Hilton is a businessman and has a company in the US which goes to show that when businessmen get involved in politics they leave their business head at home and go native big time.This is such a common syndrome someone should make a study of it.Richard Branson was urging the UK to remain in the EU  just last week so it seems that  even business geniuses are not immune from it.

I guess people should stick to their chosen field and not go wandering off into realms which they are clearly ill equipped to understand

In brief the problem of statism and gov interference in the market and the economy is not solved by substituting one act of gov intervention in the economy for another.Such a concrete bound anti conceptual approach is doomed to failure as it illustrates a complete lack of comprehension of the free market and the harm that all state incursions into it wreaks.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

French Neighbours from hell

Union mafioso in France setting fire to rail lines -what is that if not an act of terrorism? Live rounds should be used on such Commie scum.France is what a country looks like that has never gone thru its Thatcherite revolution.Basically it is Greece in slow motion.No one in their right mind would choose France as a neighbour but geographical fate has made us neighbours so the very least we can do is reprimand it for its gross negligence in allowing the union terrorists to destroy British commerce and industry and a very large law suit against this insane country is the very least we should expect from the British government.

The antics of the French is just one more reason along with the never ending Greek farce why Britain should exit this EU mess asap.