Monday, January 23, 2017

Wimmin against Trump. Really?

There is a great hysterical sobfest afoot from women's groups who do not like the result of the US election. Have they ever complained about the electoral college before by the way?Only now it has delivered a result not pleasing to them -infantile or what. Besides they are acting like only men voted for Trump rather than the millions of women who did so. They obviously need to direct their ire at their sisters who voted 'incorrectly'. Its a sisterhood problem,they  ought to talk it out amongst themselves rather than rail against  the system. That's the problem though when everything is seen through the narrow distorting prism of gender,you get yourself into this cul de sac and end up looking and sounding ridiculously and embarrassingly, cringe-makingly silly. Collectivism -and that is what feminism is after all -as if all women are Democrats and all men Republicans - robs people of their reason, strips them of their individual integrity and seeks to stereotype them into lock step where they all are required to think and act the same and conform to some prescribed notion based on gender not reason.Such is the essence of collectivism, such is the essence of virulent and unthinking feminism.

Any self respecting woman would run a mile from feminism and its pernicious toxic inhuman socialist collectivist ideology, it is a form of insanity and deeply and profoundly antithetical to women's best interests,demeaning them,insulting their intelligence and reducing them to aggregates and biological components,degrading their moral and intellectual integrity and damning them to biological determinism.

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