Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I emailed Dr Peikoff as to whether there is a objectivist manifesto/constitution and whether there is a political objectivist  party in the US or anywhere else and if not why not  -and got an email back saying tersely: No. ! No explanation as to why there is not such was given and it has prompted me to wonder whether in fact objectivism is nothing more than an intellectual ivory tower construct that cannot be translated into political reality as its critics claim.There is certainly a marked reluctance on the part of objectivist to step into the political fray leaving  liberals and leftist statists to rule unchallenged.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Not Brand New

Listening to the precious popinjay Russel Brand's spoutings  you would think he was promoting some new revolutionary ideas when all he is doing is serving up the same old tired mouldy musty rancid leftist views dressed up as new and radical.The BBC radio 4 fellow guests on Start the Week of course swallowed it all whole and uncritically.Now what would be truly revolutionary would be for the BBC to invite some defenders of liberty and individual rights on to the programme,some libertarians, but of course,do not hold your breath.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Banned from Conhome!

I consider it an honour that I have been proscribed by Conhome the weasly conservative website and for what? Calling the ridiculous Grant Schnapps a plonker!I also advocated bombing Mecca and Medina to rid us of the murderous death cult of Izlam but that did not seem to bother them!Coupled with a banishing from the Mail online Peter Hitchen's website it has been quite a month.It was such a waste trying to wake up the dead on those sites it will leave me more time to concentrate on posting here.


First the state tells you what kind of healthcare you will have and creates a monopoly and when as all socialist plans do it results in rationing it begins to lecture people on the food they are eating,levies taxes on unhealthy food, bans food outlets near schools,bans advertising and thus we see the socialist ratchet effect of one incursion on individual rights begetting many more on the inexorable path to socialist serfdom.The fact that this socialist NHS behemoth has killed hundreds of thousands of people over its 60 year reign of tyranny bothers the socialist ideologues not a jot as they continue to laud a healthcare system in thrall to the discredited morally bankrupt ideology of socialism.The NHS death cult has many slavish adherents not least the conservatives who are forever wearing their socialist heart on their sleeves and promising yet more tax  infusions to the voracious blood sucking socialist NHS beast.From NHS to NHSS it goosteps its way through healthcare and no one stands in its way as the political class fall over one another to salute and champion its monstrous advance on the nation's liberties and health.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Demokracy's Endgame

As the whole rotten corrupt western Ponzi welfare mixed economy model collapses upon its own internal contradictions and is kept alive on the dripfeed of printed money no one is calling time on it but rather everyone is happily whistling thru the graveyard of demokracy and characteristically blaming capitalism and arguing for yet more of the same failed statist solutions.How long this danse macabre wil continue is anyone's guess meanwhile it is those few who argue for pure capitalism unregulated and untaxed who will eventually be heard if they speak loudly and clearly to the horror that is unfolding.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Democracy. The Grand dellusion

Every 5 years the electorate sign a blank cheque to their political 'representatives' in the mass illusion that this constitutes proactive participation in politics when in fact it is the exact opposite, being the ultimate expression of passivity.Viewers who phone in to vote for their preferred X Factor contestant on ITV are more pro actively engaged.Somehow their elected dictators have convinced the voters that handing their lives over to them constitutes political engagement.By voting in the present system people are effectively contracting out their lives to politicians and this can only have a pernicious infantilising effect on the electorate.The masterstroke of our political leaders is convincing the people that this system of democracy will ensure their liberties when in fact it is the very thing that has ensured that their liberties have been removed.