Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Soul Of Man Under Democracy

Under democracy your life does not belong to you but the group.Your life is determined by majority vote.If you happen to belong to the right group you get advantages taken from those not in your group.Under Democracy your life is not your own.Conservatives are perfectly happy with this arrangement which is why anyone wanting to defend freedom and liberty should never vote for them.Many do out of a mistaken belief that they believe in freedom because they make some sympathetic noises to that effect but their actions invariably belie their words.Hence the frustration of so many Conservative voters and if you don't believe me go to Conhome website and witness all the frustration expressed by contributors towards the party they for some strange reason support.

I am puzzled why a libertarian party has not emerged here in the UK and would love to see such in the near future but am not aware of any grassroots movement alas.The political climate in the UK is very repressed and politically correct and even those who do have serious issues with Statism feel they have to pay lip service to it and pledge allegiance to welfare and taxation and big government.Anyone who stands up for unconditional liberty is villified and demonised and called an extremist so it takes strength and conviction to resist the tide of statism sweeping all before it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Got Mitt Uns

Ok the man is a buffoon,belongs to a mad religious cult,is gaffe prone and once instituted an Obama type socialised healthcare programme but he is still a million times preferable to that Benedict Arnold Kenyan Communist Muslim change agent Sociopath in the White house now.Can he beat the psychopath incumbent I do not know but America's very survival rests on him doing so.5 more years of Obamination and America as we know it will have ceased to exist and it will have been replaced with a full blown Sovietised Marxist State.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Military Listen Up

Thousands of our boys come back from war traumatised and suffering from PTSS and it is a scandal that they have not been provided with the basic rudimentary fundamental psychological weapons of war to prevent this condition from developing in the first place never mind ignoring it after the fact and sending them back to civvy st to fill our jails and wreak havoc on their hapless families who bear the brunt of their untreated and wounded psyches.And what is the essence and core of the problem,what ommission in their training has left them vulnerable to psychological trauma,to turning them in effect into walking time bombs ready to explode at the slightest domestic stress or pressure?

The enemy has written the psychological handbook of winning by intimidation but it seems our best minds in the military have not read it much less disseminated it to their men in the field.This is scandalous.Outrageous.And the answer is so sublimely simple.We teach our military men not to be intimidated by the enemy.Yes we teach military tactics but what use is that if the enemy knows how to penetrate the psyche of our forces and traumatise them,effectivly programming them to go home and destroy their loved ones?

We must teach how to kill the enemy without compunction and without any reaction to intimidation by the enemy. The results will be instantaneous - no guilt,no trauma to bring home and unload on loved ones,no excess emotional baggage because there will not be any acccrued.An army like that would be invincible.

And lastly we must respect our military and not use them as pawns in some politically correct UN inspired phoney war where they are tasked with impossible missions to civilise Arab barbarians instead of just despatching them to hell where they belong. It is morally criminal treating our military like social workers attempting through some fatal misbegotten liberal conceit to win hearts and minds when the enemy's heart is black and the mind reprobate.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BBC Radio 4 Cognitive Disonnance Central

Radio 4 Today programme does cognitive disonnance on automatic pilot.Every other item is a shameless pitch for more government involvement.No matter what is under discussion the conclusion is invariably: the government needs to do something about it.My own solution to this is to mandate that a Conservative minded journalist like Andrew Neil be put into the Today prog and shake things up.

Imagine the likes of Naughtie and Humphries having to deal with Neil and the tension that would produce.Right now it is like a morgue,an air of death pervades the studio.Liberal assumptions of the programme and its ethos need to be counterpointed by a Conservative perspective and this should be mandated by the government in the name of balance and fairness.

Ultimately the BBC should be sold off to the highest bidder but in the meantime fairness and balance must be introduced into the programme composition as a matter of urgency.It is nothing short of a scandal that things have been allowed to develop where the Leftist tendentiousness of practically the whole output of radio 4 has gone unchecked and unchallenged for literally decades and it represents an abuse by the BBC establishment of its powers on an egregious and disturbing scale.

Conservative Necrosis

I was asked by Tim Montgomerie over at Con Home in the comments section to give my recipe for the party as I had criticised his.I couldn't be arsed because it would be a bit like giving careers advice to a cancer patient on his death bed.There is no future for the conservative party,it is in an advanced stage of necrosis.It needs death rites,not a manifesto.

Yes I come in for a fair bit of abuse for my pains on that site but the evidence is all on my side that this historical monstrosity belongs in the natural history musuem perhaps entitled Brontatoryaswrecks.To hear those folk over there suggesting various tweaks to get the show back on the road is so pathetic it almost makes you feel sorry for them in their deluded belief in their political resurrection.

A party that could not defeat Gordon Brown and had to save its very skin by getting into bed with Satan Liberals has got moribund written all over it.We should rejoice at that news.It will make way for a genuine pro Capitalist party that can stem the tide of Statism and reverse it radically.This I predict.The Tory party is dead.It just won't lie down -yet.

Friday, July 20, 2012

God And Peter Hitchens

In extracts I have heard of the estimable Peter Hitchens reading from his work Rage Against God apparently inspired by his late brother Christopher's personal campaign against the Deity I was rather disappointed that he did not attempt to counter any of the innumerable charges levelled against the faith by Christopher but instead has written a sort of confessional along the lines of St Augustine perhaps, telling us the sorry story of his abandonement of God at age of 14 and his consequent temporary descent into perdition via the primrose path of dalliance and prodigality until he was mercifully saved by a damascene epiphany to become the upright stern representative of the Good we all know and are familiar with today.

In a symbolic act and break with his reverence and respect for God and Authority the plucky and anarchic schoolboy Peter set fire to the Good Book and although his attempts at holy immolation were not fully successfull this symbolic act of rebelion and defiance unleashed he believes dangerous dark forces that he had no inkling of at the time.Leaving his faith behind unleashed a capricious,rude lawless helion who was free to dabble with the dark forces of drugs,treat people contemptibly, even mocking a boy in a wheelchair, generally acting obnoxiously and peppering his vocabulary with liberal helpings of obscenities at every available opportunity.He seemed to have concluded Dostoyevsky fashion that without God 'everything is permitted.'

This is a curious and common phenomena amongst believers ie that without God no moral ethical system for man is possible or conceivable.He tells of his time in the Soviet Union, its atheism and hatred of faith, almost implying that non-faith will lead to Communism.(He was at one time an unavowed Marxist.)For those undecided folk the believers do not help their cause by refusing to even join the debate on the issues and they leave a lurking impression that they have no answers to the aethiest argument.It is hard not to conclude that Mr Hitchens has switched from one ridiculous belief system to another without missing a beat.


People lining the streets to see the passing of the torch born by the ridiculous Tracey Enema who looks like a spaz, smiling lopsidedly,and the nation off its collective head in slavish groupthink Pavlovian response to a bread and circus folly signifying nothing.Terrorists will probe the soft underbelly of the city and we will rue the day Labour foisted this tax bloated monstrosity on us.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where Is Our Ron Paul?

Why is there such a deafening silence from libertarians here in the UK?If anyone has spotted one on their travels please let me know.The MSM is a wasteland when it comes to expression of non statist views.This may puzzle some as we are supposed to be in a Democracy wherin exists a plurality of viewpoints.Obviously some viewpoints are more equal than others.

It seems in the national debate the parameters of the narrative have been set in concrete.Don't mention freedom.(I did it once but I think I got away with it.)I know some people think I am too hard on the Conservatives but they really are to blame for our plight by pretending to be defenders of Capitalism whilst selling it down the river at every available opportunity.They are like a dead weight of history ,a giant corpse of betrayed trust and false promises,a roadblock to freedom,prempting the field and flying under false colours.Until someone slays the beast there is no hope of change.

William Waldegrave Is An Idiot

So a Tory comes on the Today programme and warns against fetishising the free market.He appeals to a mystical Burkean tradition which involves (apparently) worshipping the unborn and the dead who comprise past and present voters - (don't follow me,I am lost too!)- and herein he claims, is the tory heritage of conjoining State and Market in some mushy embrace - and this is the essence of toryism.Well I guess this worship of the mixed economy is now the offical State religion and what a great record of success it is.Where is this mythical fetishinsing of the market anyway?Is Mr Waldegrave living in some other place,does he go round with blinkers on?I believe he is the standard Tory representing its prevailing 'philosophy' and if so it explains why when searching for a party that upholds freedom and liberty and Capitalism the Conservative party should be the very last place anyone should look.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dark Night Of Democracy

Individuals have nothing to benefit from Democracy and everything to fear.Throughout history individuals have been tyrannised by the Church,Monarchy and the State.Only in 19th century America did they escape this tyranny partially but because the constitution was flawed and did not stress individual rights fully it has been encroached upon by Statists of very stripe and gradually witled away until in its present form America is all but Socialist.

No one in Europe has any inking of liberty and its guiding principles as they have no history to draw from.There was never a time when some Lord,or priest or monarch or politician was not tyrannising over the populace and enslaving it with burdensome taxation.By 1945 the British people were totally set up to accept and even vote for their ultimate serfdom in the form of the Welfare State.Centuries of conditioning to enslavement led them like sheep to the ballot box were they duly bondaged themselves to serfdom.

Talk to anyone in Europe about the need for a small state and individual rights and a glazed look will come into their eyes or a sort of unfocused anger will possess them and the ad hominems will follow as sure as night follows day.Remember the movie The Body snatchers where everybody had been taken over by aliens and programed to do their masters bidding-this is where we are.Those who have not been 'snatched' have to take to the hills.You cannot debate with captured aliens or reason with them.Save himself who can.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Freedom Cannot Come Via Democratic Process

The trouble in democracy when it comes to regaining liberty is that there are too many vested interests ie part of the electorate for whom redistributing money via the tax system from their neighbour's wallets into their own is too attractive a proposition for them to want to vote for changing it.The producers and business people who create wealth are in a permanent minority and are ripe for plundering by politicians seeking power and votes from the majority.At least they should stop supporting financially the conservative party that never delivers any relief for the business sector and only heaps more taxes and regulation upon it.

This is known as sanction of the victims and the business community should cease such masochistic behaviour.They should instead seek to fund a movement that is wholly supportive of their interests but even this would never provide a majority at the ballot box and in conclusion one has to say that change cannot come through the democratic process and will of necessity involve employer's non compliance with the tax laws and concerted action by business to no longer play the sacrificial lamb to the state butcher.

Here I part company from the Randians who say that through education change will come.Well they have been saying that for over 60 years and look where we are.The States across the so called free world have only got bigger waiting for that to happen.Business should assert itself and no longer act as unpaid tax collector for the State or as welfare provider to their employees.Appealing to the masses to support such measures is like expecting turkeys to vote for christmas.

We have heard and seen an awful lot of delinquent behaviour from Socialist unions over the past century flexing their muscles and using force sanctioned by the State to extract money and concessions from employers.It is time now to see some collective action from the wealth producers in the form of civil disobedience and witholding of taxes and active resistance against state tyranny of taxation.

Friday, July 13, 2012

State Education V The People

A properly educated citizenry would have very little need for the State as provider.It would only seek its legitimate protection via its implicit threat of force towards those who would seek to cause them harm.This is why the State has a vested interest in ensuring that the broad mass of the populace is not properly educated.For this reason State education system is remarkable only in its success at producing uneducated and therfoe economically useless youths fit only to swell the ranks of the unemployed.Hence the resistance of State school establishment towards the academy movement started under the previous government and given form and self autonomy under the present administration.

The teachers unions have resisted this trend as they see the writing on the wall for the statist hegemony over education which is a form of pretectionism from competition and which defacto monopoly would be threatend by the introduction of independent non governmental groups running such schools thus freeing them from local council control with their implicit ideological stranglehold over the ethos of the schools.

So dogged and ideologically driven are the teachers unions that they have en masse resisted teaching phonics as a learning method of reading even though its staggeringly high success is well documented.With a looser curiculum not dictated by government this will introduce academic rigour into a system sadly lacking in the non academies sector which has been failing pupils for decades with trendy liberal politically correct subjects and methods of teaching that have failed too many young people whilst inflating their examination results in a cynical attempt to create a false picture of improvement and achievement.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Socialism As Secular Religion

Some people get annoyed when I say that Socialism is a secular religion but the characteristics and similarities between the two are striking as I will attempt to show.In a recent programme about the social reformer Annie Bessant it described how she abandoned her Christian faith for Socialism as she felt that the social ends she sought to achieve via Christianity could be better achieved through Socialism.

Many on the Left I believe made a similar journey from the mysticism of faith to the mysticism of collectivism with its dogma driven certainties, absolutes,pieties,authoritarianism,anti individualism,anti Capitalism and ruthless intolerance of dissenters and appeal to irrational groupthink tendencies.

Just as Christianity sought to control people's lives from a centralist authoritarian top down hierachical structure of the Church, scattering its benisons on the masses so too did socialism seek to appeal to the infantile wish of the masses for salvation from want and indigence via the agencies of the State rather than personal effort and achievement.Capitalism it was claimed led to selfishness and greed and alienation.

But is turns out that the profound deracination of self hood and anomie could just as easily be caused by an abandonment of individual action and the contracting out of personal responsibility to the State.God is dead,long live the State.At the root of both Christianity and Socialism is self sacrifice.The former urges people to sacrifice themselves to a mystical omnipotent deity, the latter to the omnipotent State.In both cases the individual wants and requirements are sacrificed to the 'other'ie anyone but them.

Lastly the two faiths are indeed held to by their adherents very frequently despite all evidence to the contrary. For example,even though the ministrations of Socialists have had palpably deleterious effects on their supposed beneficiaries the adherents to the faith evince no self examination or revision of said belief but hold fast to their faith even more doggedly and stubbornly showing once again how both religion and collectivism rely on mysticism and irrationality for their sustenance.

It is no accident that the country that took to Socialism and Communism most readily was Russia which was steeped in the mysticism of the Orthodox church with its other worldy fatalism, obscurantism,irrationality and superstitions.This fostered a passivity and fatalism amongst the people that the Communists would utilize to their great advantage on their assault on the individual and promotion of the paramountcy of the State to shape the individual into the desired collectivist mindset of conformity and obedience.

Was Christ indeed the first Socialist?He evinced a hatred of wealth and riches and took a vow of poverty.Rich people are going to hell -it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven.Give up your wealth and follow me.

Is Psychiatry The New Religion

Religion was rightly criticised for exploiting vulnerable people and gaining power over them for venal ends but it was duly supplanted by another system of control and manipulation no less pernicious and harmful namely psychiatry which has its own shiboleths and dogmas and uses similar techniques to gain ascendancy over the minds of its hapless followers who are duly subjugated under its malign thrall to a helpless state of dependency.

More sinister than religion psychiatry resorts to drugs to ostensibly 'cure' the patient but of course the only result is a catastrophic destruction of sensibility and cognitive integrity.The father of this chemical tyranny was the arch mountebank and fraud Sigmund Freud and his pseudo scientific psychoanalysis.

A drug addict himself and a nihilist he concocted a bogus pseudo academic theory and soon created a cult following for millions who were only too happy to discard religious superstition for the enlightened Freudian substitute with its emphasis on sexual liberation and analysis of the unconscious.With a marked lack of scientific rigour Freud turned out volumes of turgid prose sprinkled with classical references to lend it a scintilla of authenticity and a whole industry of psychotherapy was born.

Depression is an industry,every other person is diagnosed with it and the drug companies are in clover.Except of course that it has to be proven that such a condition exists.Unhapiness is pathologised but it may just be part of the human condition.For religion to be rejected is a welcome development.For it to be replaced by a superstitious pseudo science with all the worst characteristics of a religion is something akin to a tragedy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why The Left Lie About Ayn Rand

Listening to Stepehn Fry tell an interviewer why he hates Ayn Rand anyone not familiar with her writings would think her a preternatural monster up there with Hitler and Ghingis Kahn.(Indeed this is not an exagerration as Hitler is often invoked by the Left when discussing Rand of which perhaps more later.)

This is a syndrome that those familiar with Rand's critics and the methods they employ will recognise all too readily.It seems that their desperate desire to appear even handed fair reasonable and intellectually honest in discussions flies out the window when confronted with the uncompromising Rand and her unique brand of individualism and assault on collectivist thinking.When under threat and put under the microscope the Left have no conpunction in resorting to the most crude primitive anti intellectual weapons of assault including ad hominem ,non sequitors,evasions,distortions,caricatures and smears.

Fry admits to not having been able to read Atlas Shrugged but does not of course allow this to be an impediment from passing damning and definitive judgement upon it.Imagine if someone came along and asserted that although they had never completed reading a single work by Dickens or Shakespeare this was not a bar to being an authority on the subject and how they would be laughed out of court by Fry and co.

Obviously when dealing with an unalloyed evil like Rand the Left do not feel obliged to follow the normal rules of critical engagement and objectivity.Why bother with any of that when the scatter gun approach of unsubstantiated charge and abuse will serve your purpose just as well?

To be specific Fry denounces Rand's 'hatred of ordinary people' which he terms 'just sick'.It is true that the Randian universe is mostly peopled with the extraordinary but that is the whole point.She is from the Romantic school of hero worship.Just as well criticise the authors of Superman or Batman for their lack of depiction of ordinariness and mediocrities.There is a whole literary genre depicting ordinary folk in the literature of Naturalism where anybody can have their fill of portrayals of zero worship and the anti hero.

In wanting freedom over slavery surely it could be argued that Rand is showing more respect for the ordinary people than the likes of Fry and his fellow collectivists who would have everyone herded into a Socialist commune and be delivered State edicts and directions from on high - for their own best interests of course.Disturbingly in his assault of Rand Fry evokes Meine Kampf and The Communist Manifesto and remarks that although Stalin did some terrible things at least the Manifesto offers some hope for humanity!Yes it is hard to fathom just how intellectualy dishonest delinquent and well,evil the Left can be.Perhaps he shares the latter's view that while one death is a tragedy a million is a statistic?

Monday, July 09, 2012

Why Murray Couldn't Win

Listening to Martina Navratilova on Desert Island Discs one couldn't help be moved by her spirit and the story of how a girl from a Marxist hell hole Communist Checslovakia escaped to America and was removed as if onto another planet with amazing shops and variety of food and the contrast between the drab prison of communism and the bright shiny lights of Capitalism could not have been more vivid or pronounced.It was just the icing on the cake when she chose Ayn Rand's Fountainhead as her book to take with her on the mythical island.That extraordinary novel is a handbook for winners and a cry against all the mediocrity that collectivism preaches and extolls.You cannot imagine the dour Andy Murray reading the Fountainhead far less understanding it.This country has schooled losers and failures for 60 years.Glorious failures are written into its dna.There are no winners,no competition,all must have prizes.See the grotesque spectacle of XFactor and the number of people who think they can sing because someone has told them so and because they deserve it.It takes a lot to turn a prosperous country into a economic and spiritual basket case but the Socilaists did it through the Welfare State and yesterday one more of its chickens came home to roost on the Wimbledon Centre Court.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Towards A Smaller State

People are quite receptive to reducing the size of the State if you ask them some simple questions.One would be 'who do you think should determine the kind of school your child attends,the State or you?' or''who should decide what sort of medical care you receive,you or the State?'Or 'who should decide what charities you support,you or the State?'The questions could go on like 'who should decide what art you pay for, you or the State?'All of these are no brainers.No one but a dyed in the wool Socialist would answer 'the state' to any of the above.And yet we see the State expand exponentially removing choice from people in more and more areas.This can only mean that it is expanding by default,in the absence of such questions being posed.If you offer people a real choice between freedom and slavery who would choose the latter but masochists?

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Sins of The Mixed Economy Visited On Capitalism

The way the narrative about the economic crisis has been written by the statists is instructive and the unchallenged smears levelled against Capitalism have been unconscionable.See,the statists argue,this is the failure of capitalism when of course it is gross interference in the market by various governments that caused the crisis in the first place with their ill advised regulation,meddling and too big to fail bailing out of banks via taxation and pressurising of banks to dispense housing loans to people who could never afford them which caused the housing crisis..Whatever else this was it was not Capitalism but more like phoney crony corporatism.Still the narrative persists and the anti banking,anti business,anti Capitalist rhetoric is ratcheted up by the Leftists who see this as their chance to claim the moral highground and reimpose their collectivist solutions.If they are allowed to do this by default in the absence of a vigorous defence of freedom liberty and capitalism we will surely enter another dark night of the soul of collectivism in a back to the future socialist dystopia.

Can a Freedom Party Gain Traction In A Democracy?

It is an odd characteristic of Democracies how they gravitate to the centre ground of the Statist Quo and bar the US no libertarian movement has emerged across the globe.This is a puzzler and one I do not pretend to fathom.There are clusters of libertarian thought but they have not coalesced into a political force.Is it for want of a charismatic figure to lead the charge or more the individualistic nature of the libertarian that militates against collective action?Probably more the latter.A third explanation could be that libertarian thought is so diverse and contradictory that no coherent ideology has emerged for people to rally around. It is true that libertarianism is a very broad church,comprising such irrational theories as anarchism,minarchism,mutualism,Communism socialism ad nauseam.All the while it is so fractured and schismatic no united force against Democractic Statism can be anticipated.We have to look as mentioned to the US for guidance and as a marker of how to proceed with the tea party and the resurgence of interest into the founder of libertarianism herself although she repudiated the movement as irrationalist and opportunist - Ayn Rand.Her theories and writings on liberty and Capitalism and exposes of Leftist thought have never been equalled and any defence of Capitalism has to reference her contribution as a guide to how to proceed. An obstacle to freedom has been the Conservative movement which has presented itself quite unjustifiably and misleadingly as the champion of Capitalism when it has temporized with the mixed economy for 60 years and counting.Because it has been mischaracterized by its opponents on the Left as being pro Capitalist people have wrongly assumed that it is pro freedom when all its actions in accommodating mixed economy have belied such an assumption.Until people can be disabused of the notion that Conservatism equals Capitalism the Conservatives will continue to prempt the field and prevent the emergence of a pro Capitalist movement to dethrone it and consign it to well earned political oblivion. The weird thing about Democracy is how limited the debate is.Those who believe in small government are nowhere to be see and if they dare to stick their head above the parapet they are immediately shot at with ad hominem abuse and labelled extremist.