Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Personality is the Political

In all the criticism of Corbyn there has been extremely little about his ideology and almost all the attention has been focused on his personality defficiencies,his appearance -like a geography teacher apparently. It is a bit like Hitler being castigated for his moustache. If there has been any serious analysis of Corbyn's socialism I have clearly missed it.

This coyness to identify ideology or indeed to even discuss it at all is not just an exclusive pathology - for such it is - of the media but even extends to the Left itself and Corbyn in some respects for the Left as a whole usually tries to deliberately couch its toxic ideology in code and euphemism so as not to scare the horses, a sort of bland baby-talk of innocuous sounding bromides to gull  the inattentive public who are not so versed in subjecting their utterances to a close reading and will be more inclined to take their anodyne blandishments at face value.

Most leftists know that a bald unvarnished statement of their intent would drive away all but the most committed collectivists to their cause  so they have resort to this abovementioned blandspeak, liberal servings of stock phrases and words such as as fairness. income inequality, the rich asked to pay more,the income gap,growing gap between rich and poor ad nauseam.

So between the media that contrives to evade any discussion of ideology and the leftists who collude in this evasion by resorting to self censoring generalities and obfuscations the public is totally disarmed and left in the dark as to what is in store for it until it is a fait accomplis and an ideological demagogue is installed in power and the mask is finally discarded.

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