Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Betweween Northern Rock and a Hard Place

Bailing out failure only begets more of it as we know from the disastrous welfare experiment. Greenspan may be taking the pragmatic line in supporting a bail-out but it is surely a misconceived act albeit one totally in keeping with the meddling interventionist statist leftist PM riding in on his charger to enable the wrong in their folly.

Investment is always a risk. Why should taxpayers foot the bill for a risk gone wrong? How many more banks are waiting in the wings in a similar position? What precedent does it set for future acts of banking folly?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Battle Of Britain Lost In 1945

After fighting National Socialism for over 5 years the British people voted for it in 1945. The Labour government embarked on its National Socialist Welfare State and stripped the country's assets to the bone in an act of kleptocracy unrivalled in modern times.

In the words of Ayn Rand: "The British people sold their souls for a pair of National Health spectacles." Now they not only have no soul but they have to pay for their spectacles as well! Promised the moon they got green cheese.

The timid timorous British rolled over for a right royal screwing and have been doing it ever since. A more contemptible race it would be hard to find. The next act of surrender was only a matter of time. Britian opened up its borders to the social detritus of the world that flooded in claiming British citizenship and a liberal helping of welfare benefits bankrupting future generations in perpetuity.

Having lost the will to live the country has been turned over to middle eastern religious fascists terrorists who have dotted the country with mosques from which they plot the final downfall of Britain and its replacement with an Islamist caliphate.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Topic Of Cancer

Whenever cancer is discussed the word 'battle' is never far behind.

Phooey I say. Disease is turned into a virtue. An heroic battle takes place between the 'victim' and the disease until the victim is vanquished and the media steps in and begins the deification process. The victim's noble battle was lost, ad nauseam.

Give me a break. Why does no one stop to consider the possibility that the victim may have had some part in their dis-ease if not the main part? That would be too painful to the ego of us all so we indulge in this fiction that disease is enobling and it becomes yet one more vehicle for the boundless ego to wallow about in and derive its sustenance from. Are you following all this gentle reader/s?

Love is the only answer, hate is the root of cancer. Not my words but those of a rock singer back in the 70's called Jon Anderson (Yes, 'Then')

The cancer cure industry has been living parasitically off the parasite cancer in symbiosis. The last thing they want is a cure. No need for anyone to hold their breath. Cancer rules OK and is now a defacto cult, a new religion its millions of members worshippiing at the altar of Sick.

Miseducation, Miseducation, Miseducation

Millions of children will be feeling a sense of dread today as they confront the horror of another season in the hell that is the state school system. We don't need no state education, we don't need no thought control...

Future generations - if there be any - will look back in disbelief that such a system was ever countenanced and that people had such blind faith in the State to run education.

Socialist change agents run the school system and are busy inculcating socialist non values into their hapless charges, brainwashing them with socialist environmentalist propaganda, politically correct hysterical revisionism, propagating amoral secular humanist non values of homosexualism and pro abortionism.

Parents have been so dumbed down by this socialist propaganda themselves that they are powerless to challenge such abuse when it is visited on their children. They lead them to the slaughter of State education, in much the same way that an abused child goes on to abuse others.

Thousands now home school to save their children from this abuse or send them to private schools which means they are paying twice for one service. Why don't the tories do something to address this injustice and give said parents their tax money back?

Big Brother Was Watching Him


A commie by any other name...

Monday, September 03, 2007

He Loved Big Brother

I am missing it already. Now I will just have to get a life I guess...

But wait, X Factor to the rescue!