Thursday, December 28, 2017

Why is the BBC promoting Religion and the Monarchy?

I will preface my comments with a sick note re five days of absolutely  horrendous flu under my belt (thanks a lot flu jab) plus a sleepless nite but still feel compelled to address this phenomenon abovementioned which when examined turns out to be no such thing at all and which I will hopefully be able to explain.

We tend to buy into the argument that to be left wing is to be anti monarchy and anti religion.Yet where did communism choose to plant its jackboots but in the most primitive,backward steeped in superstition country on earth namely Holy Russia itself.

This was no accident.A people already softened by religious credulity and servility are ripe for totalitarian rule as they have already bent the knee and subjugated their minds to a holy tyranny of obedience and obesiance to priest craft and its hierachical stipulations.Its but a small step from worshipping God to worshipping Stalin -a seminarist let us not forget.

Civilised advanced industrial nations fully embracing science reason and technology -forget it they would not buy the communist line although of course they would later succumb to the equally irrational albeit Germanic nationalistic blood race theory of Hitler.

The essential characteristic of both institutions of monarchy and the Church is Collectivism,a virulent anti individualism so those who wish to bring about a socialist state will find both those institutions very helpful in ushering in their dictatorship.

Hence the BBC's allegiance to both monarchy which it is pushing tirelelssly of late and the Church which just as it is announced that religious belief is in sharp decline in the nation it has decided to give yet even more coverage to.

So do not fall for the propaganda that the likes of Peter Hitchens is forever pushing that the Left is anti religion and anti monarchy but instead trust the overwhelming evidence to the contrary illustrated every day in the nauseating sycophantic coverage of both those things on the BBC day in day out.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Tories Time for a er, Realignment?

I've been saying for some time that the tories need to have a Corbynesque internal purge,open up party membership to the public as Milliband did with Labour at a fiver a time and it will quickly become apparent that the membership are far to the right for want of a better word than its MPs.

This is the only hope for the party if it is to have a future,to recognize that the public are restless and Brexit-intolerant of leftist malcontents within the tory ranks who it is becoming painfully obvious if left unchecked will drag us all screaming back into the clammy embrace of the Brussels federasts.

A day of reckoning with these running dogs of leftist revisionism is long overdue,they do not belong in the party and never did - the Ken Clarkes  Soubreys and prince of darkness himself Dominic Grieve and the sorry cabal of their acolytes,nameless nonentities all who should be driven out of the party on a rail -presumably to the open arms of the Labour and Liberal ranks.

So be rid of its traitorous treacherous vermin or allow them to drag the whole party down in ignominous defeat and certain Corbyn hegemony from which consequent economic catastrophe and depradation  this country could very well never recover.

Suitably purged of its broad church satanic leftist Brusselphiiliac cliques it could then have a clear unobstructed path to Brussels,suitably armed with with cast iron ultimatums and demands brooking no dissent or compromise.If it is spurned it will go to WTO rules forthwith and sail off to brighter shores and sunnier uplands free from the oppressive yoke of the Brussels potentates who can devour themselves, no longer having the productive UK to batten on for their parasitic sustenance.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

UK: Stay in the EU - Or have a Civil War?

It's true. I thought Peter Hitchens was being hyperbollick when he said a while ago that the UK was on the brink of civil war but now especially after the Westminster chicanery last evening I see it is a distinct possibility.

What are the options? The numbers in the house of commons are stacked against the UK exit of the EU. The Conservatives are arithmatically on the Remain side -hell's teeth we have a tory prime minister who is an avowed Remainer and who has steadfastly refused to answer when asked directly if she would voter differently were a second referendum called today.

We can either accept the inevitable, that the corrupt elite political class will not let us leave the EU or very bluntly seek its overthrow by direct action - there is no third way.

Democracy has been spurned by the very people who made the most noise in favour of it -when it was going their way. But as soon as the people voted against their grand plan they decided that it was a pesky thing and needed to be replaced with rule by a self selected patrician elite of technocrats.

Of course they seek to cloak this undemocratic naked power grab in the guise of parliamentary supremacy but no one should be fooled by this cynical act of doublespeak for a minute since their sole aim is to keep us bound hand and foot to Brussels with parliament reduced to a rubber stamping institution for the the Eu

To use the  principle of parliamentary democracy as the very  tool to destroy it is the kind of cynicism that even Macheivelli would never have imagined.

But so it is and we awake this morning with the sober thought that our so called representatives are iredeemably corrupt and wicked beyond all reason and are the product of a degenerative rot 40 years in the making,captured body and soul(?) by Brussels,the kind of moral reprobates for whom the tower of London is way too good.

So where do we go to now? May can hardly call an election to have it out with her Remainers when she is one herself.

She could do the decent thing and stand aside for Borris or Gove to fight on with no hands tied behind their backs (yeah,right) and dare the country to commit national suicide by voting Corbyn but that seems unlikely as it would take prescience and intelligence on her part which she is clearly and entirely lacking.

Then we have the problem that the tories and Corbyn are not that far apart ideologically so no concerted consistent critique of the mad Marxist has been proffered and there is hardly time to mount one now even if it had the ideological credentials to do it.

We are left with the stark choice of mute acquiescence with the inevitable Brussels business as usual model or civil unrest and since the latter is unpalatable and most likely logistically impossible we better get used to continued rule by the oligarchic apparatchiks across the channel - in perpetuity.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

America 1 Evangelism/God 0

Yes! Elmer Gantry defeated! It Can Happen here!

Donald attached his wagon to a fallen star. Is the  net finally closing in on the molestor-in-chief - will his Gotham ingress be halted?

(It's supposed to be Congress Donald,not sexual Congress).

When will he be Weinsteined? Holy hubris batman!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Deep blue sea,meet Devil

What an invidious position we find ourselves in: de facto staying in the EU with the present cobbled together dispensation wrought last week or  the very real prospect of a  Corbyn government. Treason May the arch remaining Remainer has saved her skin but sold the country down the stygian Eu river

Or how about: the present dispensation or -the IRA will resume bombing the bejesus out of us? The DUP arrangement has been revealed as the pact from Hell.

So where to next,how to extract us all from another fine mess May has gotten us into?

Three letters: WTO. Wir kann nicht anders.

We get to pay zil;ch to the Brussels Bastards,call their bluff and usher in a true laissez faire,unregulated free market capitalist tarriff and protectionist - free market - and probably inspire other countries to follow suit and bring the EU house of cards tumbling down.

Yeah,like that's gonna happen! EU serfdom it is then.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Time to tell the EU where to put its 'negotiations'?

There comes a time when we have to acknowledge the elephantine creature in the  drawing room location wearing emperor's clothes commonly answering to the name of EU,(or the vernacular Brussels Bastards) -and tell it  few home truths.

We cannot negotiate with a bad faith partner who sees its chief role as humiliating scourge of the errant UK for daring to quit its dysfunctional loony tunes outfit of misbegotten collectivist fantasists o d'd on protectionist and supra statist delusions.

We think we better leave right now, we are getting weaker and weaker trying to reason with EU guys when all you want is to ensnare us in your serpentine games of smoke and mirrors,your byzantine Kafkaesque word games,semantic chopping conceits and all round linguistic circumlocutions.

Enough,we are out of here before you can say WTO,ready to embrace the sunny uplands of liberty,to inhale the intoxicating invigorating winds of change sweeping EU into the dustbin of history as we go as you fold like a pack of cards upon your own internal contradictions.

With a Nixonian flourish we have to tell you there will be no UK to kick around anymore,you will have to find someone else to milk to fund your bottomless appetite for danegeld - good luck with that one as Europe is near to bankrupt thanks to your shennanigans -'there's no money left,Germany is prostrate and its 4th Reich delusions will crumble like pie crust as they did before in the wastelands of Stalingrad all those years ago. France continues to be a basket case of leftist retards fighting the endless revolution and so on.

Bye bye,nice not knowing you!

Shroud waving time at BBC Grenfell

There's nothing like a good vicarious wallow at the scene of a disaster to facilitate truckloads of finger pointing grievance mongering-left politiking-faux moral outrage -hand wringing and censorious posturing at the BBC - such a pity to let a tragedy go to waste after all.

Cue the BBC camped at the burnt out wreck of Grenfell, the perfect location upon which to launch its  lavish gruesome pity fest exercise in virtue signalling. The takeaway: the government is evil,probably plotted Grenfell to get rid of chav detritus,is unfeeling,uncaring - and lets have dollops of taxpayer's money to shower like confetti upon the poor victims of government larceny and callous insouciance at the grief of its despised underclass - yada yada yada (repeat to not fade).

Form an orderly queue at the vomitorium....

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Theresa May wins Chamberlain Negotiation Prize

(Or: It's easy to join the EU but impossible to leave. Or: It was hard for us to join the Eu but even harder to leave).

Ve hav vays of making you stay in the Eu. When the hoopla and the smoke and mirrors of yesterday's staged euphoria have evaporated like a snowflake in sun we are right back where we started from.Stasis is spun as movement,  status quo as change.You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave...

Cynicism rules and what is abundantly  clear now amidst all the semantic prestidigitation of the faux negotiation terpsicorain go round (or dance macabre) is that when it comes to arrant chicanery and doublespeak, Westminster is  in every way Brussel's equal.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Uk low productivity Why?

Is it the taxes, regulations,British tea and coffee addiction ('drink coffee and do a lot of stupid things quickly') famed British bloodymindedness, the entitlement culture, political correctness in the workplace - feminism, the anti business envy culture Yep, cracked that one in a sentence! Only a capitalist party could fix all of that bar the coffee of course.. So be prepared for the Uk downward economic spiral to continue apace or if Corbyn prevails a high speed version of the same.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Open Letter To Trump

Stop twittering and take out North Korea. The idea of a nuclear tipped missile winging its way to the UK -well it would spoil my whole day. Please do not conflate bluster with action.Your bragaddociao has made America the laughing stock of the world and you are only one year into the presidency.What have you accomplished? I shall leave the rest of this page blank -nada nicht nothing.A few timorous tax reforms.

Right now you are doing a brilliant impersonation of the Wizzard of Oz. The world knows you are full of sound and fury signifying nothing.Kim very ill knows it too believe me which he why he keeps on hurling weapons hither and thither.The enemy sense your weakness,your paper tigerishness.Donal get your gun,you ain't foolin anyone.

Your moral impotence is in inverse proportion to your bluster. Striking poses,looking bullish will not cut it.You think you will be heard for much twittering, your strenght is mad imperfect by weakness. Instead of being castigated by the Left for things they accuse you of doing which you are not doing why not be castigated by them for actually doing those things?

You end up in the absurd position of being attacked for values you do not possess or choose not to act upon - the worst of all possible outcomes.

Even your base will rumble you sooner or later unless  of course what you have going which many suspect is a cult,like Bernie Sanderism and Corbynism where the glassy eyed adherents sing your lavish praises no matter what you do or fail to do.Like the character in 1984 as long as you give your acolytes their daily one minute of tweet hate they will continue to swoon at your clay feet and keep on taking the Trump tablets. 

Meanwhile the world goes to hell in a handcart,bereft of a moral steer and in that vaccum what hell awaits when the greatest military power in human history cowers before muslim troglodytes in caves and a psychopathic Marxist in the dysopia of North Korea?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Illiberal Hegemony Potemkin Village

There is no Left at one end and Right at the other -its a lie as there is Left and Right at one end and libertarian small delimited state at the other. The Left and Right should make it official and merge,come clean and fess up to the bipartisan ideological affinity and brothers under the skin kin ship they share and stop fooling everyone including perhaps themselves.Their cognitive dissonance re this obvious reality of the state of affairs is deafening and occludes the reality beneath that it is a monumental stitchup by the political elite establishhment to deprive the electorate of political plurality and choice - to effectively disenfranchise them,to create a barrier of separation between the state and the people it ostensibly represents -which it never did or  has done anyway..

This Giant Deception is preventing a much needed realignment in British politics and is a roadblock to genuine democracy,sucking the oxygen out of the polity facilitating ever greater statism and robbing people of their liberty birthright.

Prince Hewit? A Paternity Test Perchance?

Well I think this should be cleared up especially as the head of state may very well skip a generation as the plant talking - muzlim loving - spidery writing - meddling eco maniacal all round nut job Charles is invited into premature retirement and one of the sons is anointed and as the eldest is clearly dopey to say the very least the crown may well fall on the affable ex playboy  media savvy gingery one notwithstanding his recent comments and protestations about being a reluctant member of the Firm.

Thus the monarchy is neatly saved from its well deserved and overdue place in the dustbin of history and revivified with new blood to live to plunder another day and another day into the distant future. But whose blood is Harry's -I think its the least his put upon indentured slave taxpayers who are supporting him in the manner to which he has become all too obvioulsy accustomed are entitled to know especially as the media sycophancy over this sickly and degenerate dysfunctional outfit is about to go into mega fawning fulsome nauseating forelock tugging overdrive in the next few months.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

School's Out - but only just

Labour's fixation with the youth vote is very revealing. Those who have been round the block a few times or even remember when the unreconstructed Labour Left was last in power are under no illusion what socialism means in preactice let alone theory and would have none of it.

Only the youth preferably 16yrs old wet behind the ears militantly ignorant,mentally unformed living in a totally dependent world where only black and whites exist and even they are tenuously grasped would be prey and fodder to the socialist siren call of Marxist in its most virulent toxic form.

It is just as questionable that 18 yr old university students should be given the vote either as they are merely degenerate forms of the abovementioned in whom the rot is more pronounced and aggressively manifest in all its decadent ultra naieve nihilistic progressive delinquency.

And they don't pay taxes -so we have the inversion of the principle of no taxation without representation and just as a grevious corruption.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Guru Roy Masters Pulls Gun,Arrested,spends night in jail..........

Well,it had to come. The hot headed guru of the quick buck has landed himself in big heap trouble as that infamous and legendary pesky emotionalist hare trigger temper got the better of him in a recent altercation which landed him in jail. Unable to headbutt his interlocutor (his old preffered style before becoming demented -(spot the difference lol) and frail) he pulls out his trusty widowmaker and flourishes it around.

What goes around comes around and it is only a while ago that I reported his spawn of satan Mark Masters got himself arrested for a,er contretemps with his beleagured wife and found himself arrested so it definitely runs in the family.

Anyways, no doubt all his cloned followers will rush to his defense and characteristically spin it to his glory and valor -the usual trajectory of denial and fiction weaving so renowned of cult devotees. The rest of us eye opened ones can sit back and enjoy the spectacle of another clay footed pretender of the mystical and unknowable disintegrating before us.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Great News from German Front!

The very motor and dynamo of the EU lies crippled and prostrate, hoist on its own foolish immigration peturd,too weak and eviscerated to dictate to Britain anymore,a compromised basket case of a country, meaning its one more obstacle removed from a smooth victorious Brexit. Zumwhol to the Ger,mans! They don't like it up em,but its up with them now. Just rejoice at that news! Just rejoice at that news!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hammond: Madoffenomics or Frugality?

Eyore's tendency is thrift when it comes to big government notwithstanding his contradictory and frankly bizarre pro Remoaner status so there may be some restraint in his budget next week but at best it will be frugality around the edges and big splurges may feature in it as let us never forget even the most provident Tory is still a big spender -its the nature of the beast, tory or Labour. So no alarms and no surprises please.

And yet will he resist the siren call to deploy vast injections of taxes towards  housebuilding - in a eerie Groundhog Day re run of what got the world into a disaster in the first place a few years ago -anyone remember that little er economic hiccup?

Commonsense is in short supply and in the mixed economy madness of the age we can only muster small hopes  and recognize that any chancellor in such a system can only engage in disaster management -unless of course his name becomes Macdonnel  when we are all marched off the cliff into a bottomless Marxist void.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Poor Matthew! (Yeah, Wright).

One almost feels for the simpering rabid EUphile Matthew Wright as he twists himself into pretzels of simmering rage over the Brexit Brussels 'negotiations' (which seem more like the demands of hostage takers to me).After excoriating the Telegraph for daring to call the Brexit quslings 'mutineers' he insisted with all the sincerity of a politician on the take that he was neutral in the debate.

It's not his fault. This absurd pantomime pretense of neutrality that tv presenters are forced to be party to is the result of the antediluvian broadcasting rules which stipulate in effect that presenters must have no bias re politics and present both sides. We all know this is impossible as the writhing Euphile Matthew illustrates ever other day on his detestable daytime prog so why not dispense with the rank hypocrisy and let every presenter wear his political bias or predisposition on his sleeve so the viewers can be accorded some respect as adults and not treated like children who can't tell the difference between between a Left and Right winger or Brexiter and Remoaner.Please!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Isis: Off you go you naughty boys!

If anyone wants proof that the West is not engaged in a serious programme of anhiliating Isis in the Middle east they need look no further than the story yesterday from the Bbc about the thousands of Isis fighters who were allowed to flee from their occupied territories in Syria or Iraq - with all their military hardware equipment in intact!

This explains why the so-called war on terror is a sham and was from the very start. It would take a master in conspiracy theories or someone with infinitely more time on their hands than I have to figure out why the West does not wish to defeat jihad but it is an inescapable fact that this is the case.

Geldolf makes Dublin an offer it can't refuse

Arch serial bore Gob Geldolf has offered Dublin an ultimatum: either San shoe Sue goes or I'm going, to which Dublin should fire back 'Sure,give us the keys and don't let the door hit your sorry precious ass on your way out.' Poor Sue  shoi does not seem to have done much wrong. We cannot see what is going on in Burma (not its' Pc name)other than in context: the number one source way above any other for world conflict and misery is emanating from the followers of Mohamud (piss be upon him). Who would want them in their country? Even meditating peace loving Buddhists can't live with them. No country can -even muslim ones! When they are not killing foreigners -the other, the Kaffurs they are killing each other. Whatever moxie the Buddhists have we could do with some.

Remains of the Day

Will the tory Remainers be prepared to bring down their own government and usher in a Corbyn administration in order to keep the UK in the EU? Do not put it past them they are that desperate and will stoop to any means. Corbyn may appear anti EU but his party is pretty much of the opinion that the country should stay in the EU by hook or by crook and their strategy is to pretend we are leaving whilst advocating we remain in all the EU institutions like customs union single market etc.

It would be good incidentally if the likes of Laura Kuunsberg stopped talking about a 'finely balanced cabinet between Remainers and Brexiters when the last time I checked out of the 23  or so cabinet members 17 of them are Remainers! I guess she must be using her own special Kuunsberg dictionary .

Friday, November 10, 2017

How and Why Evil Triumphs

If Corbyn reaches 10 Downing St it will be the tories fault. If Islam waxes strong in the West it  will be the West's fault. Evil triumphs by default. Post modernism winning? Our fault for not taking a stand for civilisation,reason liberty. All those evils could never triumph by their efforts alone. It is always the weakness of the opposition,its pathetic pusilaminous resistance that gives strength to the enemy,emboldens it too push its agendas yet further and with every retreat of those who should be resisting it waxes stronger until it eventually takes over and is triumphant.

Thus a country sleepwalks into slavery and that is what is happening now in the UK and there is very little time to stop our ultimate descent into servitude and totalitarianism.The bovine complaceny of the tories as they go about their infighting is staggering and surreal and has all the hallmarks of the band playing on the Titanic as it slowly slips beneath the waves.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Why Criminals are Prone to Religious Conversion (Pt2)

Following on from yesterday's observations about where religion and faith gets its converts it is well established that our prisons are fertile recruiting grounds. Where can criminals who have grown up on crime and terrorizing their communities get their kicks if they give up their career of evil? Why,via militant Islam where they get to kill, torture, terrorise all with the religious imprimatur of their Imams, all justified  and rationalisedby faith!It's a perfect fit.

They go from being secular bullies to celestial bullies. Instead of threatening their victims with violence to extract obedience and compliance they threaten them with celestial horrors of what is to come if they do not bend their minds and souls to their will as representatives of the great supernatural fuhrer.

Instead of having to go to bed at night feeling guilty  that their depradations have been in the service of their base earthly desires they can comfort themselves with the knowledge that their depradations have been done in the service of a higher power that will richly reward them for their heroic (depraved) deeds. They get the sublime  satisfaction of knowing that their former empty spiritually bankrupt lives have been transformed into a higher purpose, that they indeed are representing the one that organized the cosmos.

How can the liberal West counter this toxic lure of eschatological militant Islamic ideology -what does it offer as an alternative? That will be the subject of my next post.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Public Death of Faith

Religion if it comes late and not inherited from religious parents tends to happen to those involved in self destructive behaviour such as drug addiction alcohol abuse,crime etc who embrace faith on the rebound.Stand on any high st where evangelist preachers are harranguing totally indifferent passers by and the old I was saved by faith from terrible addictions is the familiar tedious and predictable meme.

It never seems to occur to such fanatics that they have merely exchanged one extreme for another and this is not something that just afflicts the lower chav criminal classes,even the likes of Peter Hitchens tells a similar trajectory with in his case mad Marxism and militant atheist thrown into the mix.

With militant Islam converts the same holds true although in many cases they manage to very conveniently combine elements of the old criminal mindset with their new found religion -a heady mix  of drugs,sex ,on the paedophillia  scale taking after Mohumud (piss be upon him) and indeed even their martyrdom is self serving - not for them the reward of being with God amidst heavenly choirs but screwing 70 virgins in a celestial harem.

Those of the criminal fraternity who convert tend to go for extremist fringes of faith or outright cults and   pride themselves on not being of the orthodox organised religion  but instead take their faith neat without any human intermediaries,laying great emphasis on this and somehow imagining that this makes them different in kind from the former,ie pure and uncorrupted when in fact they are merely literalist interpreters of a faith the non literal moderate eschew and are therfor far more dangerous and toxic.

These types can be found in said high streets ignored as I say by the passers by and it does not require humanists or atheists to take up the market place with their counter arguments because the indifference of the crowds to their white noise is more than sufficient as they have rightly concluded that religion is strictly for the birds.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Paradise Lost

Thieves broke into the personal financial data of millions of private citizens involving their off shore investments  and passed the cache on to an international organisation of journalist who pored over them for a year and then released  the information to media outlets.Instead of this provoking a universal cry of outrage at such flagrant and wanton  violation of privacy and individual rights the media true to form has whipped up a frenzy of synthetic rage at the details of tax avoidance individuals have engage in including celebrities and even the British monarchy.

Such orchestrated faux moral outrage re taxation always begins with the following unquestioned,unchallenged and baseless premise: taxation is a moral good and all who avoid or circumvent it are immoral. I would like to reverse that conventional wisdom and instead say: taxation is immoral and all who attempt to avoid it are moral.

Since when did tax avoidance become immoral or the implication is, illegal? The distinction between avoidance and evasion has always been a semantic conceit of convenience but it has served a useful purpose of saving the world from complete economic meltdown and facilitated the continued functioning of what is at best a compromised semi capitalist mixed economy.Remove that and the world becomes an economic basket case of Venezuelan proportions.

In a sane world the felons engaged in such violation of privacy and depradation of individual rights would be hunted down,tried in a court of law and if found guilty as they would in any objective jujidicial process thrown in jail for a bare minimum of 10 years.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Self Denial

Arch bore and purveyor of prolix pretentious prose Will Self in R 4 thoughts was virtue signalling like only the left can about the lecherous male with the 'male gaze' suggesting that young males should be placed under curfew once a week so the delicate weaker sex can traverse the streets at night free from their predatory attentions. Much grovelling breast beating ensues,how awful men are, how abusive pornography is (funny to find he has written for Playboy,)the usual feminist Dworkins tropes,urgings for the government to instigate female positive discrimination in the board room (bawd room?) institutionalise equal pay yada yada yada. It was a toe curling craven excericse in self loathing internalised misandrism.

Sleepwalking Into A Nitemare?

There is a shadow across the land in the form of a hammer and sickle as Corbyn by default takes inexorable steps towards 10 Downing St. Just as the tories facilitated the neo communist takeover of the country in1945 by refusing to point out to the country the existential threat posed by the Labour party so it it refuses to name the evil Corbyn and his henchmen represents because it fatally shares the ideological philosophical premises of socialism with Labour.

Hard Labour will inevitable come to power unless something pretty radical is  done very soon to expose and head off the threat and whence could political salvation come with apparently no one even remotely of a Thatcheresque stature and callibre in the Conservative party to identify name challenge and thus vanquish the enemy within?

Iran -the Final Solution?

Of course no one but the parties concerned namely Israel and the US know if plans are afoot to militarily take out Iran but judging from past form of which we have a lot especially from the US I would say it is extremely unlikely and as I say it is only speculation but one thing I do know is that Trump is a sheep in wolves clothing, a man who clearly cannot tell the difference between words and actions and uses the former as a substitute for the latter. He inverts the Truman dictum Speak loudly and carry a, well,nothing actually.Shooting from the lip rather than the hip he has achieved that rare almost unique feat of having his lame duck period at the start of his presidency rather than at the end.He is to put it in the blunt language of which he would no doubt himself approve, a Blowhard president par excellence.

So Iran will wax stronger than it is already and Trump will Tweet himself into history's footnotes -if we get to have a history that is and Iran does not take us all on an eschatological journey to nuclear hell which is the inevitable endgame of leaving it to its own nefarious devices.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

OxyMoronic Student's unions

Student unions have always been an absurdity by very definition. Unions are organisations set up to ostensibly at least, protect employees but since last time I checked students are not employees they are essentially engaged in a fraud and imposture and should not therfor be recognised by any university that relies in part on taxation.

Such a move would instantly de fang the toxic culture generated by the usually middle class playing- at working class phonies- of radicalism that make up the student 'union' leaders. The nonsense  of no platforming,trigger warnings,micro aggression and the whole absurd politically correct nomenclature of grievance anti free speech culture would be terminated at a stroke.

Failing the above simple sollution and cure to the cancer, corruption and anti intellectual/ free speech culture of our state funded universities they should be put on warning that said funding will cease and they will be on their own,effectively privatised. They will then be at liberty to close down all free enquiry and see their profits freeze and face eventual closure as no parent in their right mind would pay to have their offspring brainwashed and lobotimised in a free market system of education where they could choose from a wide variety of universities and avoid the latter like the plague.

Aristocracy of Pull!

The New Puritanism is upon us. Damsels are in distress everywhere and seek chaperon service from the State,the ladies have the vapours,their honour is traduced,their kinees touched,their virtue compromised and the likes of Peter Hitchen the self confessed 'Victorian prude' are in paroxsyms of joy at this new puritanism from  -yes - the feminists!

Unable to succeed in the cut and thrust of the marketplace the fragile creatures- known here on in as the 'weaker sex' are reverting and regressing back to Victorian times,,put-upon victims of insatiable male lust -Victorian victims who need the scaffolding of the state to protect their delicate sensibilities,virtue and honour.

Meanwhile the power lusting politicans are exposed as pathetic lubricious inadequates who have to use their work seniority to gain sexual advantage of young interns and are now a disgraced class which although judged by bizarre insane politically correct with hunting Salem like McCarthyism is a useful weapon to destroy the corrupt political class which needs to be deracinated and hollowed out anyway as it presides over state gigantism where the politician is truly God like and believes - because the political culture tells him so - that he has power over the totality of human life.Hubris crouches at the door of our politicians and its about time.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

R4 Today prog celebrates 60yrs of Broadcasting Hegemony

The highlight of the self regarding love fest was Gove who confessed live on air as a politician to stealing billions of pounds of taxpayers money and encroaching on their liberties but wait for it: the larceny was ok because the state broadcaster the BBC was going to hold him to account!

Yes folks the Bolshevik Broadcasting Company is a guarantor of your liberties. Next it will be grilling a mafia boss and speaking more truth to power.

The most abused Orwellian word in the English language is Independent. As the State encroaches on the very last smidgeoens of private life remaining if there are any it constructs silo agencies and labels them 'quasi autonomous' - (ever seen aquasi pregnant woman? Me neither).  It attaches to them the eupehmism 'independent' to advance its inexorable State creep. Thus the BBC is 'independent', the whole of quangocracy is 'independent' and freedom dies by a thousand cuts.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Treason May Chokes on her Socialist Vomit

The toe curling May performance at the tory con-erence was an illustration of Niconoclast's ironclad political dictum that those who do not have an ideology are condemned to follow those who do. But in May's case it is more true to say that she does have an ideology of left wing toryism and if there is someone in the party brave enough to do it now is the time to plunge in the knife and finish her off.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Left v Right Mythology and the Alternative

It's way beyond time the old canard of the political spectrum of Left at one end and Right at the other be comprehensively debunked and rejected  as its falsity is plain for all to see. As Theresa May makes her socialist not so  lite speech about building council houses  and the threat of a socialist rule by demagoguery Corbyn style hangs over the tory conference and the country it really must be confronted head on.

90% of the State should be eliminated. In a capitalist system that would happen but we are far from that and it is getting harder and harder to tell Labour and Tory apart anymore. In a supposed democracy this is a terrible and intolerable state of affairs.

True, there is no political movement or party at present or indeed in the forseeable future that is prepared to discuss this matter and all we can do now is lay the foundations of what could comprise such a movement, articulate its aims and objectives and some of the policies that would comprise a manifesto but only in broad outlines and  thumb nail sketch as it were, plus a declaration of political philosophy and ideology that could counter the statism of all other political parties - without exception.

Some headline grabbing features of this radical pro freedom capitalist movement would be: The proposed abolition of the monarchy,the separation of church and state through disestablishment and abolition of the lords, re privatising the bank of England and declaring a separation of economy and state, abolition of all quangos.privatisation of the BBC and an end to all foreign aid and a complete end of all corporate welfare and the notion that business and the State are in a partnership in a corpocracy, one of the worst excrescences of the mixed economy. A repeal of all anti freedom of speech backdoor blasphemy laws of hate speech and thought crime.would also be included. The UK's membership of the UN should be put under serious review with the end goal of withdrawing from the corrupt  dangerous bloated organization.

Separation of school and state - privatisation of schools and a systematic staggered phasing out of the welfare state over a generation with the concomittant reduction of taxation,simplification of the tax code with the eventual conclusion of complete abolition of taxation and removal of all regulation on trade business and industry would complete this admittedly radical manifesto for real change.

The above will of course be dismissed as fantasy politics,la la land policies but they would have not inconsiderable appeal to the youth and give them some genuine radical revolutionary politics instead of the pallid conservative stale statst establishment faux revolutionary middle class witterings of Corbyn.

The philosophy and ideology underpinning this programme would be pro reason,individual rights and a reasoned critique of altruism and identification of its philosophical roots of faith, a defence of capitalism and the limited state it is predicated on.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Faux Liberalism and its Malcontents

One of the cancers of the age is the phenomena of illiberalism masquerading as liberalism. The rot set in the latter part of the 19th century when the liberal party went rogue and started flirting with socialism and welfare and indeed it prefigured the 20th century full blown version in the post war Labour government with wholesale nationalsation and welfarism.

Today the cancer of illiberalsim has all but devoured classic liberalism in its all invasive advanced statism that will not leave any area of human experience untouched by the clammy hand of the state whether it be human action words thoughts and emotions even.

The closing down of Uber by the Transport for London authority is one of thousands of illiberal state incursions into freedom and markets that masquerades as liberal and concern for the public good which is a transparently self serving rationale for yet another state powe rgrab and sop to the unions who have long lobbied against Uber and what they rightly regard as the threat it posed to their cosy state enforced monopoly of the taxi service in the city.

Illiberalism flying under the false colours of liberalism poses the greatest threat to freedom since feudalistic times albeit it is worse as the latter never made any pretence that it was doing anything other than holding down a whole class of people to further its own class hegemony and tyranny whereas the modern liberal is forever wearing his liberalism on his heart proclaiming his love of the people  as he busily deprives the unwary subjects of the last few remaining liberties left to them.

It is very hard to criticise this faux liberalsim without running the risk of the charge of illiberalism oneself so captured has the word been by the faux liberals.It will be very hard to break though the carapace of liberalism they have cased themselves in to reveal the true tyrannical nature of their programme and fully expose its malevolent intent. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Capitalism Serves the Collective Good!

The worst possible defence of capitalism is to attempt to defend it on collectivist grounds of serving the common good which is exactly what true to form, Thesera May did in her speech to the  Bank of England.  She went on to 'defend' it by championing progressive taxation for  state spending on education and welfare! Damning capitalism with faint praise isn't the half of it. Misrepresenting capitalism and justifying it on socialist grounds is worst than Corbyn's full assault on it and is an admission of defeat and act of moral cowardice. It amounts to handing the keys of 10 Downing St to Corbyn which is probably where he will end up if the tories carry on in this self defeating apologetic craven way towards the only system that has ever delivered freedom and prosperity around the world.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Freedom of Speech. An Obituary

In this country you can go to jail for seven years for handing out literature and videos critical of Islam on the charge of 'religious harrassment'. Blasphemy laws long abolished have re insinuated themselves back on the statute book in a new guise of 'hate speech'. Our response to terorism has been not to search and destroy the terrorists but search and destroy free speech in order to protect the terrorists.

During the second world war no one would have suggested that the best way to defeat the Nazis would be to pass hate speech laws making it an inprisonable offence to criticize Nazism.

There has not been a peep of protest against this outrage which illustrates the illiberal age we live in where the population has been dumbed down and  conditioned to tolerate the intolerable with passivity and craven silent acquiescence.

Bombardied with Statism

With all the furore over Trump's decision to levy gargantuan tarriffs on Bombardier and the outcry in the British media over such wanton protectionism it has gone virtually unmentioned  that Bombardier has been bankrolled by the British government to the tune of billions of pounds and this approach to state cosetting of British industry is a perfect illustration of the mixed economy and the unholy alliance between business and State implicit within it.

If a company or corporation cannot exist survive and flourish without huge injections of state ie tax funded cash in the real world  ie a free market laissez faire capitalist system it would be left to fail and regarded as objectively an unsustainable, non productive  dud. But in the mixed economy corporate welfare world it is given huge infusions of state largesse which has provoked the Trump hostility regarding unfair trade practices and although his response is regrettable and lamentable and downright un American and anti capitalist it ill behooves the British government to cry foul when it is engaging in its own virulent strain of protectionism with its market distorting interventionism rendering it guilty to charges of rank hypocrisy and double standards.

Although this blog has been consistently critical and opposed to Brussels and all that emanates from it is it not one of its rules that the nation states of its respective members should expressly not be funding businesses and corporations thru their tax system or is it yet one more EU rule that is honoured more in the breach than the observance?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Corbyn. Appearance v Reality

Have the chattering twittering classes got Corbyn all wrong though? Is he the insurgent gadfly on the political establishment as he is presented or have we all been taken in by the radicalist posturing which when examined a little closer doesn't really hold up at all.

I would suggest that far from being a radical change agent Corby is the political establishment personified. In the age of mixed economy statism to be arguing for yet more statist controls on business and trade and the economy, less individual autonomy, more oppressive paternalist government not less, an expansion of the bloated welfare state which saps initiative and self reliance and depresses economic growth is the most reactionary articulation of the political class it would be possible to imagine.

Not trusting the British people, suspecting them of holding unnaceptable non politically correct views,seeking to circumvent their wishes and desires by a top down centralist statism is not radical but profundly regressive and undemocratic.

Today's youth are conservative,risk averse,whiny,neurotic,fragile dependent and fully steeped in the entitlement grievance culture and Corbyn far from being the radical firebrand of subversion is their political enabler and comfort blanket, the facilitator of their neurotic flight from reality and low moral intellectual horizons. The mischaracterization of Corbyn as radicalism personified could therfor well be one of the greatest political con tricks and frauds of modern times

End of Ideology Theory Debunked

Now that the ideology taboo consensus of the last 20 years since the Blair Switch Project ie that no party should have a philosophy let alone dare speak its name has been well and truly smashed with the meteoric rise of Corbyn it would be good for democratic plurality if the tories were to rediscover ideology and start articulating it before Corbyn wins by default.Will there be any sign of that in the upcoming Conservative conference? Expect porcine aviation before that happens.

Under the present political system it has been demonstrated that it is all but impossible for a third party however seemingly popular and successfull in tapping the zeitegeist to break through - witness Ukip's rise and fall, but it hard to see how any relief from the dreary statism of the political classes can be circumvented without a new political movement and party to challenge the statist quo.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Theocracy V Liberty

Defender of the faith Peter Hitchens made an extraordinary claim in a recent interview on youtube that the British people had to decide whether to re embrace Christianity or succumb to Islam.He said that they might suppose  rejecting Christianity would result in a more free society but they would be sorely mistaken and the far more likelier outcome would be the UK becoming a muslim nation.

Leaving aside his vested interest in the matter - in the words of the great philosopher Mandy Rice Davies 'he would say that wouldn't he?' - and his transparent attempt at desperate theological irridentism to recover lost ground to the secularist forces, his argument is clearly absurd as practically no one in this country even believes in the British establishment's soft feeble eviscerated version of Christianity and are hardly likely therefor to fall into the arms of totalitarian Islam.

The main  reason the threat of an emboldened Islam in the UK is even broached is because it is itself  a defacto theocracy with a State religion via the Church of England which makes it impossible or extremely difficult to challenge and defeat Islam. One can hardly muster an argument against theocratic Islam if one is living under a system of theocratic Christianity. No argument of principle can be made against the idea of a State religion if one is compromised by having  it entrenched in one's own political system in the form of a national church and religion - even if it does exist  chiefly by force of the inertia of tradition.

Those who protest most voiciferously that the UK is not a theocracy are the first to argue that this is a Christian country with a Christian heritage which has informed our art,literature music and law so they cannot have it both ways.

The only solution to the threat of Islam is not to embrace another primitive religion but to have a clear separation of Church and State and let the C of E fight its cause in the market place as churches do very successfully in the United States which is clearly not (alas) suffering from any consequent dearth of religious sentiment and fervour.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mixed Economy Blues and Reds

Why is the mixed economy still a thing and who on earth really thought it would be a good idea in the first place to put together such an unstable mix of contradictory ideologies as socialism and capitalism? As this combustible mix has created inevitable periods of boom and bust exacerbating economic cycles since its inception decades ago, it is worth examining the motives behind its construction and looking at its deleterious effects and consequences more closely.

It is undoubtedly the case that the mixed economy is a product of pragmatism,hedge betting, an avoidance of principles in favour of a shabby compromise that ultimately satisfies no one and causes endless wrangling between the respective advocates of its conflicting constituent parts, the socialists blaming  the capitalists for its failings and vice versa. Bizarely what is more often the case and something very noticeable in recent times is for capitalism to take the whole rap for the sins of the mixed economy - witness the endless discussions on the 'crisis of capitalism',the failings of 'late capitalism' which goes entirely unchallenged by the alleged and putative defenders of capitalism the conservatives who in the face of this onslsught for some reason best known to themselves maintain a trappist silence.

The injustice of this much repeated canard that capitalism is the sinner rather than  the sinned against lies in the the glaringly obvious fact that in the mixed economy model it is the socialst element that has been free riding at capitalism' expense since its unfortuante inception, as the wealth creation is solely on the capitalist side of the equation and the socialist part is merely the redistributor of its fruits and profits and is defacto parasiting off capitalism's achievements.

It is for the above reason that capitalism has nothing to gain and all to lose from this marriage made in hell of the mixed economy for when as  inevitably it must, the mixed economy crashes upon the rocks of its own internal contradictions it will be tainted by the association and the calamties laid at its door alone.

 Is this not precisely what we see in the Corbyn phenomenon?  The failings of  socialism go undetected in a mixed economy which were it to be forced to stand alone in a complete socialist system without capitalism to masks its defects they would be all to obvious and glaring,witness every single country throughout the last hundred years that has experimented with socialism from Soviet Russia to present day Venezuela. Granted that even in those obvious examples socialist's defenders still argue theirs is a good moral system, nevertheless, minus the mixed economy it would be that much harder to maintain such a fiction. This is not to say that a Corbyn governement would be welcome to dispel any illusions people still have about socialism but merely to point out the fallacy of those who blame capitalism for the failures for the mixed economy.

The obvious solution to the mixed economy conundrum, having exposed its follies and fallacies would be to advocate for either outright socialism or capitalism allowing the respective ideologies to stand or fall by their own merits,a fair fight in other words without all the obfuscations,evasions tawdry compromises and conflations implicit within the mixed economy. This is unlikely to happen all the while the conservatives stick stubbornly to their pragmatism but its beginning to look decidedly like thin gruel in contrast to Corbyn's red meat ideological socialsm and whilst it sufficed in the Blair years it is not looking like a viable proposition as the emboldened advancing Islington Marxist snaps ever more menacingly at May's heels.

Things are made more problematic however by the sad fact that under May the long standing lamentable vice of tory pragmatism has given way to an implicit endorsment of a soft tory socialism - witness her first speech as leader where she pledged to redistibute wealth towards the 'just about managing' and this explains why the tories have been so reluctant to confront Corbyn's socialism uncompromisingly -it is hard to critique an ideology that one partially shares and has been stated before in any contest between similar ideologies it is the party that holds to the ideology most consistently that ultimately prevails. This will explain the horror of a Corbyn government if it comes to pass. In such a dynamic Corbyn looks principled and May shifty.

If capitalism loses it will be by default,the absence of a principled opposition to socialism and its altruist roots. To lose a debate is regrettable enough but to lose by never having the debate is tragedy itself.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What Would a UK Capitalist Party Look Like?

Is the UK ready for a capitalist party and what would it look like? The Monarchy would be no more and few I suspect would miss it especially with the ominous prospect of Charles on the throne.(To even be having to discuss such a thing in the 21st century is absurd and surreal in itself).

There would no longer be a national church with disestablishment and again few would miss it as the Church of England is a pathetic anachronism which should have been put out of its misery long ago and is merely going through the motions spouting its shop worn liberal nostrums truly manifesting its liberal party at prayer status. With diminishing numbers of people professing a religion of any description it is absurd to keep up the pretence that we are a country of believers and it is immoral for people to be forced through taxes to support this morribund institution.

The Lords would be abolished as the two parliamentary chambers conflict leading to a systemic democratic deficit in favour of unelected Lords.

But all of the above is a mere formality,stripping away the superfices and excrescences of mindless tradition. The main changes would be the total deregulation of the economy,radical tax reduction, the closing down of most gov depts, an end to all foreign aid,privatising the BBC,ending all quangos,banning all public service trade unions with the explicit intent in due course of privatising them all bar the police, privatising the education system, freeing up the broadcasting airwaves from gov regulation. These are a few pointers.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blowhard President

He is deffo schizoid,bipolar,unhinged,unstable,demented,fascistic - and the North Korean leader is not much better! The whole world knows the USA is a paper tiger that cannot win wars and has not done so since WW2 and so the present intemperate bluster of Trump's is fooling nobody except perhaps himself.

So we are in a parlous state with two psycho regimes that need to be taken down namely NKorea and Iran and no chance whatsoever that will happen. I am wondeingr what Trump has got to do or fail to do before his supporters finally admit they were wrong in backing him. Right now it seems he has a free pass for life.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Privatisation of Political Parties

Forcing citizens to finance any political party whose philosophy and ideology is perceived by them to be antithetical and inimical to their deeply held values and philosophy is tyrannical. It has created a tax funded duopoly of Conservative and Labour and it violates the principle of free speech and the right of the citizen  not to have to finance the promotion and promulgation of ideas that potentially or directly threaten their individual rights and liberties.

For this reason all political parties should receive no tax funded contributions and each individual citizen should financially support the respective political party that most represents their views and ideology and there should be no monetary cap on how much they donate as at present. The latter notion is pure egalitarianism implicitly saying that every party should receive the same financial amount and no one should be able to give more than anyone else which is a gross violation of free speech.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Are EU Having a Laugh?

You can take Britain out of the EU but you cannot take the EU out of Britain -  not at least if you transfer the thousands of burdensome Kafkaesque EU laws into British law and call it a Repeal Bill which is precisely what the government is proceeding to do today. Can Britain be said to have left the EU at all if it places every jot and tittle of EU law onto its statute books? Only in a pigs eye.

The argument for doing this insane thing is as weak as it is specious -namely that not to transfer all the thousands of EU laws into British law would create a 'legal black hole'.I have yet to hear an explanation of what this means. That an absence of  laws that cripple business and give employees faux rights will cast everyone into a black hole? Maybe it will cast lawyers into a black hole? That is almost an argument for it in itself.

No, the only explanation why the British State wishes to visit the thousands of EU laws on the UK is because it shares the same statist agendas as the EU and intends to emulate it  in an en bloc cut and paste adoption of its non objective statist laws.

Bonfire of the Regulatory State

As I have pointed out previously State regulation of business trade and industry is defacto nationalization of them in a creeping underhand implicit unstated form. When the State is not strangling business in mountains of regulation it is launching expensive tax funded governmental research from 'independent' personages - witness the report on Uber's business model from the Blairite Leftist Matthew Taylor -  with the express and sole purpose of using such 'expert' advice to initiate yet more anti business legislation in this case forcing Uber to pay the same onerous benefits to their employees as traditional employers, effectively destroying the whole gig economy in the process.

On top of this invasive creeping nationalisation of the whole economy the State plunders the so called private sector with punitive fines for poor services,trains running late etc. This is another gross violation of property rights and is further reason why the State should have no role in policing or regulating business trade and industry. The State should no more be able to fine rail companies for running a poor service than they should be able to fine the local newsagent for failing to provide sufficient amounts of newspapers or oranges to their customers.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Free Housing

The takeaway from Grenfell is the imperative to privatise all social housing. The Sovietisation of housing created the tragedy and the State should not be in the housing business. Its only business is to protect  its citizens from harm done to them via force or fraud. It should therfor provide police, the courts and armed forces and these should be paid for by voluntary taxation.Every other service should be delivered via the free market unregulated and un taxed by the State.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Public Sector Menace

The plague of public sector militancy has never been properly addressed and now that it is dealing with a weakened vulnerable minority Conservative party it is flexing its muscles and making more  unreasonable pay rise demands. A weakened compromised government is about to cave in to such demands when what it should be doing is quite the opposite.

Public sector unions should be banned as their wage demands can bankrupt the country and they can hold it to ransom with threats of strikes which because their jobs are in a State monopoly it is difficult to resist.

Monday, July 03, 2017

The Austerity Delusion

The age of austerity is dead. Mr Government Creosote is going to deny himself a wafer-thin mint! The money printing press is going to crank up the works and produce yet more magic money to spend on our bloated public services (that word public again).

If the country were an individual it would have been made bankrupt a long time ago but even with national debt 86% of Gdp we've got to bring austerity to an end.

Until we go to a system of private free banking,abolish the Bank of England and have a separation of finance and State the latter will continue printing  money and the Ponzi scheme of public spending will roll on.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Murdoch Murder( No) Mystery

The mooted Cma  investigation into whether Rupert Murdoch should be allowed to own all off his own company (!) Sky by buying up the remaining shares   is a direct full frontal government assault on free speech and private property and as usual has been met with total acquiescence by the media and commentators.

The Cma should be abolished along with all the other so called independent non departmental government bodies whose implicit intent is to destroy what's left of the free market and strangle business by hedging it around with restrictive,arbitrary non objective laws, couched in deliberately ill defined,vague language  making it impossible for business to function,never knowing from one day to the next whether it will fall foul of one of the bureaurcracy's subjective rules and stipulations.

The overall intent of such invasive government agencies is to punish the most successful and innovative businesses by forcing them to be broken up to allow 'fair' competition and access to the less competent and innovative businesses and is thus an example of egalitarian ideology enforced by the State.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Google V EU

The EU's commission's announcement earlier this week that it is fining Google £2 billion for unfair practices is another obscene illustration of how the institution is the very antithesis of neo liberal as some on the Left bizarely assert and that it is on the contrary a semi socialist protectionist block wholly hostile to entrepreneurship and capitalism.

If Trump wants to really put 'America first' he would announce that the US will  no longer recognise the EU as a legitimate legislative body that can impose such criminal fines on US companies and grant Google legal immunity from any actions of the Commission.

Google should announce that it is withdrawing its operations from the EU also.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The 1967 Abortion

The Abortion Act of 1967 was a legal evasion in that it allowed abortion on certain conditions including the assent of two registered doctors and if the life of the mother could be proved to be in jeopardy by giving birth, rather than asserting what it should have, namely the right of the mother to her own body and to choose whether to have an abortion or not. By this evasion morality was circumvented in favour of expediency re the above mentioned exemptions.

So abortion has remained a criminal offence punishable by jail and the recent move to decriminalise it is way over due. The fact that the present law has been used by millions of women to have an abortion is beside the point as the fundamental principle of the right of the woman to her own body and what to do with it ie the protection of her individual rights should haven been unequivocally asserted as inalienable, a fundamental principle  not be evaded or obfuscated by the weasel fudge  of legal loopholes.

For the same reason all drugs should be de criminalised but again a compromised evasive solution has been adopted where those with clinical conditions are allowed access to certain drugs.

The purpose and motive behind both legal positions is clearly the State's deliberate intention to  deny the principle of individual rights and replace them with subjective arbitrary rules and conditions totally at the mercy of their favour  ie special privileges, not rights.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Social Disease

Whenever a word is prefixed by the word 'social' alarm bells should start ringing as some fraud or logical sleight of hand is invariably about to be perpetrated. 'A Social Attitude survey has found' is definitely a case in point. I have already discussed collectivist words and phrases that go under the radar such a 'public opinion' etc and the collectivist word  'social' is another.

The media this morning is full of a Public Attitude Survey that reveals that a sizeable proportion of those asked would like to see taxes raised to pay for public services. Leaving aside the dodgy methodology of such surveys and the rigged leading questions with their false premises - (ie that more money given to poorly run State services will improve them) there is an obvious solution for those who feel that they are not being taxed sufficiently,namely, they can contact the Inland Revenue service and request that it take  more tax from them.

Of course such people would protest vigorously at such a suggestion as what they are really doing in such a case is virtue signalling  and what they want is for other people to pay more taxes as well.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

Nick Robinson twice prevented Grant Schapps from critiquing Corbyn  on the Today programme this morning revealing his true red colours and blowing for the trillionth time the BBC's absurd, fantastically false claim to be politically neutral. The organization clearly believes it is beyond the reach of any sanctions as every time the Conservatives moot such a step there are howls about political interference in the Public Service Broadcaster from the liberal establishment and it thus has total immunity -and what's more knows it and acts accordingly as witness Robinson's brazen  behaviour.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Myth of the 'Right Wing Press'

In order to nail the obvious Left canard of the 'Right wing press' one only has to do a simple balance sheet of British newspapers. In the Right corner we have the Telegraph, Daily Mail and  Daily Express. In the Left corner we have the Guardian,the Daily Mirror,  the Observer and by my reckoning the Independent but even if that is rejected there is the Morning Star which last time I checked was selling in Smiths! So another Left lie exposed.

I noticed recently that our local newspaper has been taken over by the Mirror group so we are now treated to endless lefty propaganda columns by the likes of novelist, environmentalist and Corbinist Julie Wassemer and all the letters seem to be written by lefties. Whatever else this is it is defintely not indicative of a 'right wing press'.

On the other hand we definitely do  have a Left wing broadcasting media totally controlled and regulated by the State. Just watch and listen to any BBC political output with Question Time being the most blatant illustration with its 'self selected' left wing audience.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Can Conservatism Survive?

All the while Blairism ruled the Labour party pragmatic Conservatism could trundle along winning the odd election and still be just about a viable force in British politics but with the emergence and triumph of the hard left Corbyn socialism of Labour it is looking decidedly threadbare,weak,pallid,insipid  compromised and downright shifty by comparison.

 Post mid 90's there was no discernible need for a Thatcher,the socialist dragons had all been slayed, or so it was thought,and it remained merely a managerial task of the tories to run the country efficaciously.Ideology was out the window,buried along with history and post Blair the tories had practically become the unofficial Blairite party. It was the future once.

Then  Labour changed its rules and opened up membership to the general public at £5 a time and it opened the floodgates for all the old hitherto alienated Labour voters  and activists to pile in,swell Labour's ranks exponentially and allow Corbyn to come back from the political dead and take over the party.

Are there lessons for the tories to be learned here? I would say absolutely. It should take a leaf out of Labour's book and do the exact same thing. Membership would double and it would be considerably to the right of the tory MPs, in a cabinet where currently and staggeringly 20 of the 27 members are Remainers (which roughly reflects the stark fact that 75% of all MPs in the House of Commons are Remainers).

This policy if adopted would put some lead in the tories pencil but ultimately I believe it is a victim of its pragmatism which was there from the very start and its pragmatic chickens are only now just coming home to roost. Its decline  and moral disintegration is inoperable and a new party of a liberal,libertarian bent will be the only real and credible counter to Labour's statist authoritarian advance. The only question remaining is  will there even be enough time for such a movement to emerge for Corbynism has taken everyone by surprise including myself and I am not so sure or confident that there will be.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Unidentified Collectivist Terms in the Political Baggage Dept

There are everyday words and phrases that go under the radar below conscious awareness that we should really identify and pay attention to   in order to understand the motivation of those politicians and influencers who use them on a daily basis thus enabling us to  be protected and immune from their intended effects.

Some examples are: the public, public mood, public anger,public opinion, public consciousness,the people, the will of the people, society,the local community,the many not the few - and it should be noted that all of these have something in common in that they are collectivist terms and they are invariably articulated by statist politicians when justifying yet another power grab by the state in the form of regulation,tax increases and  state creep in general.Some statist politicians occasionally break cover and refer explicitly to the 'collective consciousness' which only they can somehow mystically divine and articulate.

As Thatcher said there is no such thing as society (although Rand said it before her in a 60's essay) and the claim has been  vehemently repudiated by statists ever since but has never been invalidated simply by virtue of the fact that it is a statement of the obvious.

It is clear why politicians would want to deploy such collectivist terms when proposing yet another piece of invasive state legislation but it would be enough for people to simply identify them when they are invoked and  reject them.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Religious People Say the Dumbest Things( Part 300)

1.  Roy Masters  the leader of the self styled Fhu cult within a cult once said, to paraphrase, God made sex exciting for man because he knew that otherwise he  would fall down on the job of perpetuating the human race. Note that having children is not seen as what  it is, namely  a profoundly  selfish act done for the benefit of the parents but as an altruistic self sacrificing collectivistic duty and chore of man to replenish the human  race. Note also that there is no reference in the Bible to this motivation  of God's cited by Masters and it is just yet another bizarre concoction created by him out of thin air. (As there are so many fantastic unbelievable events and claims documented in the Good Book  one would not have thought there was any need to invent yet more but there we are).

2. Another gem from Roy as his craven supporters love to call him: Christians have to be burried so that if they are brought back from the dead they are more or less intact whereas if they were cremated how could they be reconstructed . Youwhat?! The God that can perform mind blowing miracles too many to enumerate here is going to have problems reconstituting a pile of ashes back to its former human form and state? Really? Having swallowed a camel you are going to strain at a gnat? In the words of the late great Christopher Hitchens, don't waste my time with such nonsense!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Not Bringing it All Back Home

Why is the UK repatriating all Brussels regulations to the British parliament -did we not vote to leave to get away from all its Byzantines rules and regulations in the first place? If they are they are to be duplicated and replicated here at home  one wonders what the point of the exercise of freeing ourselves from Brussels was all about.

Way too much has been made of the complicated negotiations in store for the UK chiefly by those who want us to stay but it is only complicated if we play the EU's game which is about frustrating our intention to have a clean break from its oppressive rule by bogging us down in endless negotiations that lead nowhere.Cut the Gordian knot on the other hand, acknowledge openly and publicly that the EU is not a good faith negotiator and we are simple leaving and the thing will be done.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maj Serves up Maybot's Thin Gruel

It was a squalid document from a crippled Maybot, impudently promising a rise in the minimum wage, an outrageous statist construct to begin with, representing a grievous state intrusion into the market,violating the individual rights of both employers and employees -the former to the inalienable freedom to run their business as they see fit and the latter to the right to work for whatever sum they agree with their employer - and the continued craven obedience to the UN dictat that the UK must spend 0.7% of GDP on the international welfare programme commonly known as the Black Hole of Foreign Aid.

The desultory speech lasted a mere 10 minutes reflecting the tory's total humiliating general election rout, and was bereft of the promise for more grammar schools -about the only good think Maybot came up with ever and the necessary reforms of the social care crisis.

Insipid Blairite toryism may limp on for a season but the Marxist vultures are circling above poised to pick its rotting flesh and cranking up for the Communist horror show to come.

Day of Rage and Envy

McDonnel,the smiling asssassin, master of the carefully cultivated innocent disengenuous look has ordered his fascist left supporters onto the streets in their millions today to intimidate and attempt to bring the government down.When the Labour party was purging itself of its hard left members in the 80's McDonnel and Corbyn clearly slipped through the net with the catastrophic result that what was a lunatic fringe within the Labour party has become the main controlling body of it and we now face a defacto British Communist party within spitting distance of power.

I drew parallells in a recent post between the fascist Left and its Orwellian policing of language through political correctness and the fascist Islamists with their censoring of dissent and hatred and intolerance of freedom of speech but another thing they both have in common is their understanding that they face no moral intellectual opposition anywhere,that the liberal establishment is corrupt and decadent and if you push consistently over time it will fold and collapse. Enough intimidation and terroristic acts playing  the long game and victory will be had.

We consequently face the twin terrors of Islamism and the fascist Left on the march - but crucially, no Thatcher in sight. This is the peril we confront naked and defenceless,intellectually and morally disarmed by decades of betrayal and subversion by the intellectuals and a conservative party long given over to amoral cynical pragmatism.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Other Foot, Meet Shoe

Suddenly the 'Muslim Community has found its voice,become passionate in unequivocally denouncing terrorism ,muslims are queueing up to get in front of a tv screen denouncing terrorism - terrorism directed at them that is.Now they are vocal,animated,outraged.Before,when it was Islamic terrorism against non muslims -nothing,silence complcit,passivity,silence. Now they want to tell us all about how they are a persecuted minority,everyone's got it it in for them,they are victims,neoNazis are round every corner targeting them. And the BBC and other self loathing liberal broadcasting outfits can't get enough of it. Compare and contrast.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Why is the Left so Sympatico with Islam?

With its political correctness of enforced speech codes,intolerance of opposition,hostility to free speech,illiberal silencing of dissenters,no platforming,boycotting,theories of micro aggression,safe spaces,trigger warnings and Orwellian policing of thoughts and ideas etc the thin skinned fascist left bears an uncanny resemblance to the thin skinned illiberal intolerant islamists and together they pose a serious threat to freedom and liberty in the West.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Howard Jacobson: A Study in Pure Evil

In BBC's R4 Points of View Howard Jacobson likened Brexiteers to Nazis and Remainers to French resistance fighters inWW2. As if this was not obscene and unconscionable enough he went on to compound the moral outrage by claiming those who won the referendum and were telling the losers to 'get over it' were like those who said survivors of the Holocaust and Auschwitz should get over it and seek closure. It was a case he continued of 'sore winners' re the Leavers. No Mr Jacobson the reason the Leavers are so mad at smug liberals like you is the entitlement culture you embody that makes you think the result should be reversed and it should liberal establishment business as usual.The contempt for democracy that such liberals exhibit belies the idea that they believe in it and reveals that their defence of is dependent upon them prevailing politically and if they are rejected by the majority they are quite prepared to throw their democracy out the window.This is the shocking reveleation that the referendum result has revealed.

That the BBC saw fit to air Jacobson's rant is indicative of the cancerous state of liberal thought in the early 21st century.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Praised Be the State

Faith in the state to deliver salvation is no less irrational than faith in God yet it is such a common delusion held in spite of all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary that it has to be acknowledged that  statism is indeed the new secular religion,the faith that passeth all understanding.No matter how many times it is demonstrated that a large intrusive invasive state pledged to provide people's every need and watch over them permanently from the cradle to the grave creates dependency infantilism,delinquency and an illiberal state that tramples on individual rights in pursuit of the collectivist ideal still people cling stubbornly to its nostrums and promises, holding to the Augustinian precept 'I believe because its unbelievable'.

No matter how many millions of corpses have been sacrificed to this statist ideal,never mind,the morality is pure and will ultimately lead to the New Jurusalem. Just a bit more sacrifice,a few more corpses and the eschatological destination will be reached.

The Left and the politics of Hate

The ugly street scenes yesterday from the left wing rent a mob Socialist Workers Party -surely redundant now  with the emergence of Corbyn, fanned unconscionably  by the vanguard of leftwingery the BBC was a perfect illustration from the left wing handbook on how to whip up hatred and rage and sow the seeds of discontent on faux class lines. The ugly shroud waving and grievance mongering was on display in all its toxic putrescence,a glimpse of the kind of world we will be entering if Corbyn and his fellow socialist thugs and henchmen get their hands on the levers of power.

There is a shadow on the land and the very real visceral fear that thanks to the ideological betrayal of the Conservatives personified in Theresa May the sinister clown Corbyn and his fellow socialist cohorts will end up in 10 Downing St and begin their Venezuelan Project and Britain as we know it will cease to exist, replaced by a dark tyrannical power that brooks no dissent and in all its vile core essentials is totalitarian bound.

Friday, June 16, 2017

One Religion is all Religions

If Christianity and Islam were only formed 40 years ago objectively speaking they would  rightly be viewed as cults but time and longevity has lent to them (totally unjustified in my estimation), respectability and gravitas to the point where criticism and satire of them is actually regarded and treated as a 'hate crime' punishable by prosecution and even jail not to mention imminent threat of death re Islam.

The UK state is not an impartial observer as it should be regarding institutions of faith as it is wedded to the state religion of Christianity re the Church of England and it is imperative that this ceases to be the case and disestablsihment should proceed apace in conjunction with the dissolution of the monarchy which is inextricably bound up with it and is the institutional constitutional physical manifestation of faith re the ancient heritage of the 'divine right of kings'.

Living in a Political World

If every fire,every flood,every natural disaster is political then we really are moving ever closer to totalitarianism. Is there anything that the State is not responsible for? It is already policing our thoughts, emotions,loves and hates and now it has taken control over every element of existence itself. Listening to the wailing and gnashing of teeth and demands for government action over the fire tragedy is like listening to semi free serfs demanding more chains.

Statist politicians are demanding more state control,evading the fact that the tragedy in London was caused by State control of housing which is the most regulated in the world and the fact is that the tragedy and regulations cannot be separated as they are causally linked. So too it must  be noted that there were environmentalist factors and agendas dictating regulation policy that impacted on the fire.

None of these things of course will be addressed in the post mortem amidst the hysteria, political cynicism and opportunism and all the wrong conclusions will be drawn about the imperative for yet more regulations and state control of housing.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Faux Idealism

Re the student Corbots, what is idealistic about voting for a political party that promises to take stuff from other people and give it to you -am I missing something here? This is a perversion and corruption of idealism,its antithesis in fact. True the young are idealistic but they spend all their educational years in corrupt institutions where 80% of their tutors teachers and lecturers as I have previously mentioned are leftists. They have consequently never been exposed to any non statist arguments.Everything has been funneled through a left wing perspective leaving them no chance to hear opposing views,counter arguments. Voting at the recent election was not some out of the blue (or red) inexplicable phenomena but the culmination of 15 years propaganda programming which culminated in the students dutifully carrying out the instructions of their socialist change agent  educators.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Zombie State

A neutralised government is not such a bad thing. It cannot be legislatively hyperactive and with May's statitst leftist tendencies this has its advantages. The plague on both your houses verdict of the electorate also has a lot to commend itself morally and politically -none of these jokers are fit to run the country so a paralysed state in the lamentable circumstances may be the best option available. 'None of the above' is a perfectly respectable response of the electorate and is the true victor of the election.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Democracy in Crisis

Democracy is not inherently corrupt as it denotes a voting process that has been perverted by egalitarian concepts such as redistribution of wealth which were never originally intended and which has led to a perversion of liberty. If the role of the state was properly delimited voting in a democracy would be over minor details not fundamental issues involving individual rights and their violation as in the present system.

Such safeguards are essential if democracy is not to lead to demagoguery but as this past election has showed it is perilously in danger of  happening ,throwing up a demagogue in the form of Corbyn. It should not be forgotten that Hitler was elected legitimately in a democratic process but that did not save Germany from his egregious depradations.

Corbyn was never subject to the close inspection and criticism by the broadcasting media as the incumbent party and was never once referred to as leader of the 'far left'  as the tory party would have been if it adopted  extreme views in the opposite direction   undoubtedly being referred to as a 'far right' party.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mixed Economy Chickens Come Home To Roost

A mixed economy is a house divided against itself that cannot stand. Sooner or later it must perforce collapse upon its own internal contradictions. Beloved by pragmatists it cannot withstand the full force of a confronting ideology that makes it seem pallid and vacillating by comparison even if the ideology in question is insane as Corbyn socialism clearly is. It holds up an idealistic vision albeit in this case patently dystopic of total state control,fairy tale solutions involving money trees and manna from Marxist heaven run by unions and party aparatchiks hunting down heretics who deviate from the programme and show any recidivist Blairite tendencies.

A mixed economy by defintion is a mixture of two competing ideas of government,socialist and capitalist. This unstable combination and contradiction has to resolve itself either by coming down on the side of complete socialism or complete capitalism.No one looking at the prevailing cultural norms could possibly assert that capitalism is the predominant ideological trend that will triumph when the Conservatives don't even believe in it or dare espouse its premises and fundamental precepts of liberty,small government, limited state interference in the markets  (reference May's semi socialist manifesto and speech on entering 10 Downing St).

After decades of compromising and selling out on capitalism,apologising for it,damning it with faint praise offering statist conservative solutions the mixed economy chickens have finally come home to roost and an avowed Marxist came within a few votes of becoming prime minister and may well cross the finishing line next time in the absence of an uncompromising pro capitalist conservative candidate which as far as I can see does not exist at this time.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anti Establishment Youth. Really?

One of the most bizarre fictions of this election is the idea that the student  youth's support for Corbyn and their explicit  wish to be permanently sucking on the state's tit is a sign of them being anti establishment. The students are, on the contrary, institutionalised body and soul,reared by state funded leftist  teachers and professors in the universities and brainwashed into thinking that the state is the solution to all their problems and primed into a cravenly  statist groupthink in the most abjectly non radical and conformist way.

It is a total triumph of the Corbynite cult of personality propaganda that this glaring fact about him and his statist politics and the student's support for him has been so comprehensively misinterpreted.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Something In the Water?

The fact that the British electorate came within a whisker of electing to power a Marxist government and a left wing dictatorship should give us all pause and cause some reflection on the role ideology has played in this disastrous election. People will go to the barricades for an ideology but they won't get out of bed for pragmatism -even if the ideology on offer is barking mad and would lead to national suicide if ever implemented.

The Conservatives should look back and re think their obsession with pragmatism or Corbyn will win outright next time. I do not however think it can or will.Unless a new political party right of centre emerges the future for the country is very bleak indeed.

Er, I Told You So Part 2

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017

Jeremy Trump

The anti establishment paranoid rant from Corbyn could have been lifted straight from the Trump handbook and who's to say it will  not resonate with all the angry pro big government section of the electorate here too? If recent trends are anything to go by the mad Marxist of Islington could well be snapping at  May's heels and overturn all media and pollster expectations once again.

Statism is the national religion so the electorate may conclude why not elect its high priest? The country will continue on its trajectory to a big state authoritarianism either way  but will just arrive at it quicker under Corbyn when the country will no doubt be twinned with Venezuela.

With the help of the Greens and the duplicitous Liberals,the SNP and Welsh there could even be a coalition of the deranged, a multicoloured nightmare all needlessly created by May herself, a woman  clearly without principles or integrity who has recklessly instigated this general election from hell.

Er, Told You So



A record low turn out at the general election would send a clear message to the Westminster parasitic political elites - a plague on your house as they all share the same political home and there is no fundamental choice between the parties.Hubris is waiting in the wings for May and she shows herself to be very dim in actually basing her cynical decision on opinion polls of all things!

May was a continuation of Cameron,there was no break, no justification for seeking a mandate for herself,she was a Remainer like him and it was business as usual so the mandate seeking argument does not fly. No this was pure politicking and the public sense it and will probably punish her with a small majority hardly bigger than her present one - or with a hung parliament. There is a very real risk that she will be hoist on her own Heathite peturd.


May's Folly

An opportunistic move that could backfire spectacularly and unite all May's opposition to bring about her downfall. It will be Brexit Revisited but with the opposite result -this is the danger and I think it is a massive miscalculation on her part born of cynicism.The election will be a de facto referendum re run bringing out all the divisions when the country needs to get on with the job of getting out of the EU. Imagine a hung parliament and what that will do to Brexit.This is an unconscionable act of gross irresponsibility.