Monday, January 23, 2017

The Conservative Party is Not the party of Business

With its latest announcement of an industrial policy it is clearer than ever before that the Conservative party is not the party of business but the party of State and business melded together in a 'partnership' and all self respecting business should disassociate itself from such an unholy alliance  in the same way it would the mafia as any partnership between them can only be one of slave and master. Not to put too fine a point upon it this association that the government wants to have with business re regulation,taxation,industrial policy,subsidies etc is the working definition of fascism. Capitalism it is not and business should wean itself off its unhealthy corrupt and cronyist relationship with government and at the very least stop giving it funds and filling its party coffers with millions as this is a totally dysfunctional relationship with distinct overtones of  masochism bearing in mind the levels and degrees of taxation,regulation,bureaucracy,meddling lecturing and abuse that this government has heaped upon business to the point of demonisation and persecution.

Business needs a party that will defend it from abuse, not one that wants to get in bed with it which can only ever result in corruption and cronyism and its inevitable, fatal concomittant and excrescence - the ugly, exponential parasitic  growth industry of the lobby system.

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