Friday, August 29, 2008

Osama: A Change Agent Is Gonna Come

With his faux sang froid and empty vacuities,the Manchurian Candidate took to the mock Romanesque stage and performed his one trick pony act. The power to emote with facile superfluities is what stirs the delinquent Democrat audience into a collective circle jerk and Osama was a hit yesterday. To any causal outside observer it was frankly embarrassing and pathetic.The pathology of delusion is a Democrat thing.The messianic sub Kennedyesque routine slid into top gear and all the worst aspects of this delusional jackanapes were on display. It can only be likened to the sickening self congratulatory performance of Neil Kinnock at the Labour election rally when he thumbed his nose at hubris with hillarious and calamitious results. I remain more convinced than ever that Mc Cain has a walk in the park to the Whitehouse.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Slick Willy is on tonight.The Manchurian Candidate Osama Biden laden follows him tomorrow.Hillary yesterday.The three stooges who should demonstrate to all Americans of sound mind that voting Democrat is anti American.Any American who cannot see that should have their vote gently but frimly removed from them.

Hillary tells us that Osama Barak Hussein will bring in universal healthcare.As I have said many times before,giving your money away may be construed as philanthropy but giving away other people's money is theft and the Democrats major in the art and even come off appearing virtuous so doing.That is some skill,the black art of dissimulation.

My prediction - for what its worth - is that Osama will collide head on with hubris tommorrow and in the coming months and his slick ersatz Kennedy pizzaz and phoney charisma will be exposed by Conservative media pundits and that the American people will get a reality check,withdraw from the Osama abyss and give Mc Cain a very healthy electoral ushering into the Whitehouse.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Truths

A friend maintains that property speculation is unChristian and unsocialist.I agree with the latter but un Christian? Property he argues is a necessity and essential and should not be used as currency for profiteers.What about food? Nothing is more essential yet we are happy enough for Tesco to make huge profits and provide us with a service.I think as a non property owner he may be suffering from sour grapes syndrome. There is nothing sacred about bricks and mortar which mustn't be tainted by the corrupting influence of capitalism.Property ownership is not a divine right.It is subject to market principles.The alternative has been tested to destruction.An Englishman's home is not his councils -thank God.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Origins Of Specious (Part 2 )

The Dorkins prog on ch 4 (of which I missed the first half) was predictably wooly minded and obtuse in its flawed ratiocinations.We had nature red in tooth and claw with the Dork in the jungle - a picture of mass carnage (which I must say is hardly the cuddly image of the animal kingdom depited by the animal rightists)and from there we were told Darwin worked out his theory of natural selction,adaptation and survival of the fittest.Fair enough but from there to giant apriori leaps of logic to extrapolate from animals to humans?!No recognition of the blindingly obvious fact that humans are not animals and you cannot extrapolate from one to the other without calamitously egregious and erroneous results.

It is clear that for the Dork Origins of Specious is a revered text and he is the high priest of its fallacious credo.If Darwin's theory were correct by now animals would have made evolutionary leaps to the human level but this is far from the case and the most humans have been able to achieve re training animals is to get them to perform a few juggling tricks with balls.I have yet to see any Shakespeare or Motzart of the animal kingdom.

The higher conciousness, philosophy,morality,the powers of conceptualization,the intellect, science,technology,conscience,metaphysical awareness - all things humans have and animals do not - renders the whole idea of evolution as applied to human beings absurd and ridiculous.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Environmentalism: Left Wing Death Cult

Lisa Jardine on Radio 4 typifies the arrogant delluded Leftists in all their totalitarianism.She objects to a recent ch4 programme challenging the environmentalist claims of doom and catastrophe.For her and her ilk there is only one truth and only leftists like her are privy to it.The rest are heretics to be silenced and villified.Liberal fascism is what she represents.There is to be no debate.The majority of scientists say global warming is man made so there can be no tolerance of detractors.This is collectivism with a vengeance.Enquiry,challenging the status quo,independent analysis of received wisdom - all of this is to be outlawed in a censorship of ideas in a craven obesiance to the intellectual consensus.This is a brazen attempt to shut down any critique of the flawed and tendentious politically left-driven environmentalist argument which is based on little more than fear-mongering hysteria and distortion of facts.

If environmentalists are on the side of the good and true obviously anything they do to save the planet is justified up to and including acts of violence and terrorism.The latest protest at Kingsnorth where the campaigners have pledged to close down the site is proof of this.What the owners should have said is that anoyone who breaches the wired perimeter of the the site will be regarded as a terrorist and shot.Threatening to destroy the providers of energy is an act of violence against the civilian population and should be treated as such.It is only because the offenders believe their criminal activities will be treated tolerantly that they have become so brazen.They need to be swiftly disabused of such notions.

At the core of environmentalsim is an undiluted hatred of mankind which takes the form of a compensatory love of the earth which has undertones of paganism and earth worship.The slug and the worm have more value to the environmentalist than human beings who are mere interlopers and defilers of planet earth.There is a Marxist,anti Capitalist anti life thread running through all environmentalist discourse.A hatred of production and consumption,a zero growth death wish of screaming nihilism informs all environmentalist argument.The left have embraced environmentalist creed with all the desperation of a drowning man clutching at the last straw.Their economic argument against capitalism being roundly trounced by reality and the facts they turned to the environment to save their discredited creed from the dustbin of history.Man is destroying the planet!His rapacious consumption is raping the eco system! Translated this reads,man is a producing productive being.We are not and wish to live parasitically off the achievements of others through redistribution of wealth.If we can convince everyone that being productive is evil and a sin we can then feel better about ourselves for not producing and not being able to achieve success through our own independent efforts.In short environmentalism is a psychological confession of inadequacy and fear projected onto the healthy wealthy and productive.The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not...

Everything Is Broken

Liberals strongly object to the conservative phrase'broken society' because they know they are soley responsible for causing it.Woy Jenkins with his 60's liberal reforms created the broken society.It really is about time his ilk were held accountable for the mess society is in and the whole social experiment of liberalism was roundly and comprehenisively condemned and indicted before the bar of public opinion.Instead of which incredibly and staggeringly it still holds the moral highground and continues to spout its toxic poison on all media platforms masquerading as a moral ideology.This represents a wholesale failure on the part of Conservatives who have simply rolled over and accepted all of this with only a token resistance.Perhaps this is further evidence of my recent contention that liberalsim cannot be defeated within the Democratic system and sooner or later it will have to be dealt with on the streets with organised resistance.

Liberal Paedophillia

Corrupting young children seems to be a liberal thing.They cannot wait to subvert their innocence with untimely premature sex education,defiling their minds with images of perverted and unatural sex acts.This as I have said before is defacto paedophile grooming. Even when paedophiles are apprehended liberals are first in the queue demanding that their identity and whereabout be kept from local communities and have resisted laws such as exist in America to this end.Once again the rights and the welfare of criminals is ever upmost in the liberal mind. It is perfectly correct to therfore conflate liberalism with paedophillia and as has been mentioned by a recent commentor here the arch liberal homosexual propagandist and activist Peter Tatchell wants the law to allow boys as young as 14 to be sodomised.

Leftism And Its malcontents

The other day on the radio I heard someone making the familiar conflation of leftism with idealism re young people.Why does this outrageous canard go unchallenged and why have the Left been allowed to equate Leftism with youthful idealism? The only way it could be confused with idealism is if you think treating human beings as sacrificial animals on the altar of collectivism is idealism.It is the piety of the left I find so unpalatable.Roy Hattersly was at it yesterday arguing for a 'windfall tax' on the energy companies with his usal economic illiteracy and faux piety.Lets get it straight.Giving your money away can be seen as a virtue.Gving other people's money away is not.It is theft.It is immoral.It is vicarious philanthropy.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Evilution Devilution

For evolved beings why do so many humans act inhumany? That would be the question I would like put to the Dorkins fraternity.The hell on earth humans have created over the centuries totaly belies the central thesis of the Darwinists that man is evolving into a higher being. None of the 'other animals' have the problems visited on humans.Think of all the diseases,the psychological neuroses, disorders, conflicts and pathologies that he is heir to.All of this points to one obvious conclusion:man is a fallen being,dysfunctional, not functioning the way he was intended to,is in short,subject to the curse of Original Sin.In the words of the great Roy Masters,"even for the best of us life is a living hell".

There is one distinguishing characterisitic of most aetheists of the Dorking stripe and that is their unswerving leftism.They are almost to a man Leftoids.This is the religion to which they cling with all the slavish devotion they so contemptuously attribute to their religious enemies!

It is the littleness,the moral vacuum at the heart of aetheism that is so pronounced and glaring.When you only have yourself to believe in,when there is no over-arching otherness,no existential context for the human condition it is small and desperate indeed.You are left with the prattling of the Dorkins,with their delimited universe,devoid of meaning or purpose other than the perpetuation of the flawed ego,the narrow confines of the self where aggrandisment and delusion is the only compensatory refuge, in short, the self referential sollipsism of secular humanism and all its conceits.