Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blog Off!

Is the internet all that? How has it changed anything?Politics in the UK is business as usual.We have a Left of centre Tory party and the same old corruption of the two party system.People are chattering away in their own blog enclaves, each with their own clique,claque, hangers on and groupies, the politicians have wised up to the game and are all blogging.Ditto the MSM.I fail to see any revolution here, just a reconfiguring and regrouping of the status quo.When a billion voices are chattering who can hear?Maybe China and Iran will become more politiclly free but there are precious few signs of that and it will probably take Israel to nuke Iran into the 21st century(please God).We have the internet to thank for the abomination that is Obamma, a nightmare of inconceivable horror that the free world may well not recover from.It can be an educational tool but even that is somewhat overplayed.Are today's children better educated as a result?! It could end up being a more effective tool, conveyor and facilitator of ignorance and mass stupidity.

Is The State The Enemy Within?

If the use of force against an individual by an individual is illegal and carries a prison sentence why is force against an individual by the State permitted and sanctioned? The role of the State in a free society is to protect individual rights ie the use of force against an individual is a crime and the State's function is to punish those who commit such acts with the full force of the law.In a Democracy this principle is reversed.The State is the initiator of force against the individual through taxation which is the violation of property rights.Such a State has at this point become illegitimate and the people have a right to overthrow it! Democracy is the mantra of all demagogues,the hypnotic tool of despots and every four years the demoralised drones of demagogueryy dutifully file through the ballot stations and sheep like vote their oppressors in for another four like lambs voting for kebabs.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

British Tea Party?

Is a Tax Revolt in the offing?The British are renowned for their bloody mindedness we are told, although I have seen no sign of it in my 51 years.(The Government says Tax! and we say How high?) Still, you have to dream.They just need a figurehead.Someone who will lead them to the barricades.What they have to see is the present Parliamentary system is not working and something along the lines of Labour's latest proposal of electoral reform of quasi PR will have to be introduced to allow the smaller parties to influence government.The cosy LabTory Con-sensus is long over due for demolition.It gave us the EU,Multiculturalism, Big Government that has taken us to the very brink of Totalitarianism.Surely the British people have eaten husks long enough? Or will they like the Leviticus dog go back to their Tory vomit?
The corrupt two party system has also given us the eubonic plague of Multiculturalism. In the 80's there was a genuine choice between the big two but now that is no longer the case and they both represent Statism we do need PR.Independents,BNP,UKIP,Libertarians all need a voice if we are not to slouch towards totalitarianism.Parliament is corrupt and is aping its taskmasters in Brussels and the whole stinking system needs to be purged.The cosy LabTory Statist consensus needs to be smashed.

Innumeracy. It Doesn't Add Up

On TV the other day: how children cannot do basic Math - and neither can their teachers!They are teaching them who knows what gobbldegook in maths class but the children have not got the basics.Only under a Socialist State Education system.They try to pretend it is only one fifth who are falling behind nationally but when both pupils and teachers sat a test of basic math they all failed dismally so whoever is calculating the percentage of failure in the Government schools is clearly as innumerate as the techers and their hapless pupils.Why does this public scandal continue? It has to be by design.The teachers are all Socialist Change Agents brainwashed and programmed in the State Teacher Training Laboratories where all those with any intelligence are weeded out and the useful idiots who are Left are primed to miseducate and create another generation to add to all the past generations of brain dead students fit only for the welfare line and a life of dependency on the State, swelling the ranks and legions of undead, unthinking Labour voting fodder.

The Bible. The Truth -But Not As We know It

Ch 4 has been inviting different folk to say what the Bible means to them in a weekly series on the Good Book.Ann Widdecombe was on recently and the murderous Bastard Gerry Adams is on next week - so sick bags to the ready.Last week some dumbass feminist called Betthany was rewriting the Bible in front of our eyes and going through a list of Women Who Are In The Bible from Jezebel('misunderstood'),Eve('only obeying orders' -it was the snake what dun it), Salome, Lilith etc.These days I don't know what to think of the Bible but it is amazing how people bring all their prejudices to bear on their reading of a text which is predominantly unambiguous and lends itself to straight literal interpretation.One thing is for sure.The Bible may be lots of things but it is not a feminist Marxist tract.Women do not come out of the Bible smelling of roses.Their name stinks.Theirs is a peripheral role in all events except the Fall Of Man when they play an ignomionous role an no amount of verbal sleight of hand, hysterical revisionism and politcal correctness can alter that.

Climate Change Agents

As Europe continues to shiver in the Big Freeze and whole swathes of America is snowed under you would think the Climate Change Liars would finally shut up for good -but not a bit of it.Their latest wheeze is well,so dumb, but here it is.What we see as the Climate is really nothing of the sort.It is The Weather. Climate is the overall picture, and the weather is what happens every day.So even if we are freezing to death that doesn't mean the Climate Isn't Warming.Got that? Thank God that's cleared up then.It is really good all these Liberals are able to put us straight on these matters although Mr Donald Trump is not impressed and was on Fox Tv channel yesterday saying Al Gore should have his Nobel Prize for -what was it now? - gently but firmly removed from him for telling porkies.He says that all this Government taxation is putting America at a disadvantage and the rest of the world is taking us for fools.The Climate Changers have been exposed as charlatans and fibbers and its time to stop paying them any mind.On this humble blog we can only concur with the Master Builder and Capitalist Hero.The Inconvenient Truth Trumps Lies once again!

Mossad Rocks!

You have to hand it to the Israelis.They know how to slay the enemy and will go to any lengths to pursue their quarry.The world hates it for that.The Main Sewage Media is outraged that Israel has used British Passports to enter Dubai and get the Paleswinian faecal matter.It is ok for Muslim terrorists to use British passports to blow us up, but if Israel uses them to kill terrorist Muslim Ham-ass scum that is a different matter.Ch 4 is especially filled with righteous indignation and devotes 10 minutes to indulge in a fit of the moral vapours.It cannot bring itself to to describe the murdered Arab as a Hamas terrorist and refers to him coyly as 'a Palestinian.'We have seen the enemy and it is within.....

Back By (Un)Popular (Non)-Demand!

I have been away from my computer since late Sep 09 for the simple reason that it broke and financial challenges meant I could not have it repaired.My latest posts (ie the two under this one) are some I did months ago on my word pad and they do need editing and correcting but I have posted them anyway and will touch them up when I can.I am glad that the blogosphere did not collapse from my absence......
Watching a David Starkey prog on Elizabeth 1st recently it emerged to my historically ignorant self that the habbit of taxing everything that moves and doesn't move is of semi ancient origin.Our greatest monarch- as Starkey would have it- was busily taxing her subject like there was no tomorrow,nothing escaped her ravenous maw and so it is today under our second elizaabeth although it should be stated of course that the honourable lady is entirley blameless in this present frenzied raid on the hapless 21st century British taxpayers and is but the mere innocuous shadow of an old tyranny now reconfigured in the form of parlaiment. A tyranny made all the more shameless and abject it must be said in that it has the imprimatur of the British electorate who every four years vote back into power their own oppressors!Can it be doubted that taxation is the tool of tyranny as a man once said?It is a modern form of slavery in that it necessitates State coercion to force a disarmed population into the sevitude of those who will not work to maintain their is ann insurance scheme that no insurance company would ever dare to concoct.. It would be indicted if it did for running a ponzi scheme.The welfare state is totally unfunded,built on a promise which is not worth the paper it isn't even written on.The foundations of the welfare state are of course socialist and thus made of sand.From each according to his ability to each according to his need.From independence to dependency in one slick fatuous bromide and on such evil foundations the welfare state was born,a monstrous afterbirth an Hegelain deformity proudly displaying its hideous stumps and misbegotten hideousness like a badge of honour. A nation brought low by a con trick,a ponzi scheme which if perpetrated by any businessman whould find him in jail for the rest of his life, enacted by people so amoral that they are proud of their accomplishment and preen themselves on its efficacy and brilliance.The inverted moral universe these denizens of the dark inhabit in unimaginable in its depravity.We live with its baneful effects on a daily basis and our slavery is made all the more onerous with the knowledge that we were and the willing participants in this human bondage.

Freedom: How To Lose It

Freedom is not lost overight but taken away in installments.This way anyone claiming that the incremental erosion of freedom is a threat to liberty can be readily and effectively accused by the freedom stealers of making a mountain out of a molehill. it is only down the line when the accumulative effect of freedom erosion becomes apparent that it may dawn on the general populace hitherto preoccupied with their own daily struggle for a living that their freedom is indeed under threat, by which time it is invariably to late to mount any effective resistance as all the institutions have by this time been so comprehensively co opted into the service of tyranny and oppression and the anti freedom trend already so extensively established and entrenched that it is impossible to overcome.Like the lobster that is slowly being boiled in cold water by the time people awaken to the threat posed by the anti freedom forces it is too late to do anything about it as the powers ranged against them are at this point too mighty, institutionalised and entrenched to repel.Thus do people lose their freedoms under the installment plan and no clearer illustration of this insidious principle could be offered than that of the hydra headed pan European institution known as the EU which has sinuously advanced its totalitarian agenda over a period of half a century by carefully gradated calibrated and calculated stages, at each step justifiying its further encroachments on National sovereignty and liberty in high sounding pseudo Democratic terms masking its insidious intent in coded emollient language calculated to induce a stupefying bored indifference amongst the general population who will then at this final concluding stage be completely subject to its totalitarian dictat.


Ideology is a much despised word in modern political nomenclature but ironically enough the benefactor of this agreed upon omerta by the political establishment elite on ideology is ideology itself.It can thus do its work unoticed existing in a subterrannean netherworld of unspoken established othordoxies.A love that dare not speak its name of ideology thus escapes any challenge, forever lurking in the darker recessesses of the collective unconscious and national psyche all the more powerfully positioned to spread its invisible noxious poison unchecked into the body politic.What is this established orthodoxy,this political shibbolith,this ideology which chooses to lurk on the outskirts of political consciousness, carrying out sorties on the polity,wreaking havoc on the culture of our beleagured and broken nation?It is none other than the ideology of Collectivism,Socialism and its greatest friend is the cover of darkness and its partner in crime Pragmatism.This is where the Conservatives come in.They are friends coming to the assistance of Socialist ideology via pragmatism.Thus we hear from the Tories the mantra that the NHS is safe in their hands.Cameron has gone down this path of slavish adherence to the Socialist nightmare vision of Socialise health care that is the NHS.How proudly he champions this Socialist neanderthal in the name of anti ideology! We can now see how ideology spurned in public discourse continues to exist in reality and informs all political policy and that rather than rejecting it as an anachronism and throw back to 20 th century thinking it is an indespensable ally that must be explicity articulated in any posited objectives by all parties in the clear light of day so that never again can the leftist ideologues promote their policies under false colours of non partisan non ideology. Let their poisonous ideolgy rather be named and called out.And let the Conservatives totally and utterly disavow any tincture of socialist ideology from their public policy especially heaven forbid when smuggled under cover of the arch fiend and impostor, Pragmatism.