Thursday, January 26, 2017

Legitimate v Illegitimate State

A State becomes illegitimate when it violates the individual rights of its citizens. At that point they have a right to overthrow it. They may not have the ability to do so being disarmed and confronted with the whole panoply and arsenal of a militarised State but they do have the moral intellectual right and justice is on their side.The battle is therfor intellectual and has to be waged on that front and this is hugely advantaged by the advent of 'social media' which is actually an inappropriate collectivist term created by leftists because the internet facilitates the power of individuals to posit individualistic pro freedom,pro reason,pro capitalist ideas and is therfor the antithesis of collectivist social group think as suggested by that deliberately misleading term.

The practical reality is indeed that a disarmed populace cannot bring down a heavily militarised State that has grown so large that its very existence is a daily threat to their liberties and freedom, rather than an intellectual argument that the time is not yet right to bring such a leviathan to heel.One would not argue, to illustrate this point, that the time has not yet come to confront a mugger,burglar,rapist murderer and that more discussions need  to be had,more education required,maybe if we can just reason with the criminal and try and talk him out of his delinquent criminal ways we will not have to resort to throwing him in jail. No, we apprehend the criminal,try him in a court of law and if found guilty throw him in jail. The only reason we do not do the same for a State that has gone rogue is that we do not have the power and force to rein it in and punish it for its misdeeds and depradations -not that we should not if we could.

The greatest evil of all therfor is not the entirely manageable common garden criminal however heinous and broad his depradations because they pale into insignificance when contrasted with the wholesale industrial criminality of the modern day democratic State with its vast confiscatory powers,its scope of intimidation and limitless power to enslave and impoverish with all the governmental agencies at its disposal and its clamy finger on the windpipe of the nation.

When the body elected to protect and defend its citizens namely the State becomes corrupt and predatory that is the greatest betrayal and threat to individual life imaginable because there is no recourse,no restitution possible as the very infrastructure designed to protect liberties has been turned against the people and used to subjugate and enslave them. To who or what can one appeal when every institution has been captured by the rogue State and turned against its sole purpose and function and co opted to serve another wholly hostile foreign interest ie that of its bureaucrats and officials elected or otherwise who have weaponised the State and turned it from its original pure purpose against its citizens for their own nefarious financial and political power and interests. Such a State is illegitimate and it lies to the citizens who comprehend this to work diligently to its destruction by whatever means it has at its disposal.

The education part comes in with reference to what should replace the illiberal State,how it would function,what its objectives should be and what the philosophical underpinnings are that necessitates freedom and liberty under the law which can only be facilitated by a system of free market laissez faire capitalism as opposed to all the extant statist solutions or the equally bizarre irrational anarchist or anti intellectual anti philosophical libertarian solutions which have plagiarized Randian Objectivism but stripped it of  the very philosophical foundations that alone made sense of it.

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