Monday, December 25, 2006

MSM 2006 Highlights

Poxman getting a serious drubbing from Anne Coulter. Truly Coulterised. The look of total perplexity and confusion on Pox's face is one to be treausured forever. O sweet Hubris. We all relish the sight of a thug and a bully getting it back. From Rottweiller to Whipped Cur in five minutes. Special...

Christopher Hitchens losing it on radio 4 with Matthew Parris -a 'man' I at all other times despise. Hitch was championing Trotsky.(?!?) Paris didn't think he made a very convincing job of it and Hitch saw er, Red. Lost it big time. (Must remember to remove the scrote from my blogroll (if that's what it is). He is sound on the War on Terror but sheer barking on everything else. Funnily enough his better brother Peter is the opposite. Totally loopy on the War and right on just about everything else...


Leona on TOTP. Not only did she outshine all the XFactor competitors but the TOTP ones as well today. Made them all look like rank amateurs. Xtraordinary. The most a nameless relative could sneer was that she came from a priviledged background ,stage school, no wonder she won, unfair advantage, yada yada. The politics of envy that so corrodes the British soul. No matter that her parents scrimped and saved and made sacrifices working their butts off. ...

Surreal moment in broadcasting: Dylan reading out a recipe for figgy pudding on a Radio 2 prog recorded on an American station. Nadir of broadcasting. Truly bizzaro. Stick to being a recording and performing genius Bob.

Christ Mass-Delusion

Humbugger it. Scrooge it. Do whatever you like but don't lay this execrable pile of horse s on me. It gives Christianity a bad name. It is paganism. Aetheism, Satanism dressed up as the Holy.

Much as I believe Dickens was a total genius we may have him to thank for this orgy of hypocrisy and mawkish sentimental organised cretinism. Bring back the cratchety old Marley before he was worked on by the ghosts of Crassmass past (or presents ).

Worst of all is when delluded religionistas try and triangulate christmas with Christ etc. It's a Turkey. Stop conflating it with the transcendental for Christ sake. An Aetheist Mass is what it is. Let them have it. Disassociate. It is for the shallow and superficial sheeple, the Masses.

24 hours rolling in pain, Cold Turkey has got me on the run....

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Austria's Anti Nazi Nazis

Putting David Irving the Holocaust denier in jail for a year is what psychologists would call over-compensation. Austria being guilty for its war record seeks to expiate its guilt by throwing a silly historian in jail for a year. All it has succeeded in doing is reminding the world of its Nazi roots.

In Germany Meine Kampf is banned. The same syndrome is at play here. You can bet Das Kapital is not banned: National Socialism bad, International Socialism good....

I wonder if there are any Muslims in Austria?(!) and if so whether any of them have been jailed for their anti semitism. Ditto in Germany. ..

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Liddle Scourge Of Aetheists

Excellent programme on ch 4 (all its past sins are forgiven!) by Rod Liddle wherein he did a demolition job on aetheism. Although he gave them a good going over the most damning indictment of this fallacious creed issued from the mouths of the aetheists themselves. Such hermetically sealed ignorance was a wonder to behold. Close to being programme of the year.

For Crying Out Loud

Much as I enjoy reality shows I can see how manipulative they all are. Not one of them can get through the hour without the participant's copious shedding of tears. I blame Diana... From stiff upper lip to cry baby nation in one generation, and it ain't an improvement.

Heaven knows there is enough to cry about in this country alone without manufacturing the emotion.

Secret Millionaire/ Scrooge?

If you appear on a TV programme as a great philanthropist millionaire giving money to the deserving and hand out £5 ,£10 ,£15,000 pound cheques why bother? It is the equivalent of me giving 10p to charity. From thinking it is a good programme I have gone to thinking it is all a bit of an empty show. It is on again tonight so I will porobably watch anyway. Maybe the mills' get paid for being on the show as well?!

Dickins Curmudgeon RIP

Sad death of Mike Dickins in a car crash. Probably one of the best British broadcasters in the last 50 years. There will be a big hole in Talksport which not even the great Whale will be able to fill.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Methadone In Their Madness

Monty Don's attempt to help junkies by inviting them to leave their urban drug fuelled squalor and work on the land (BBC prog) may be commendable - or a fool's errand, but the role of the State in facilitating their addiction by dispensing methadone is worrying. It is typical of the coke-eyed approach of State that it thinks it can salve a problem by feeding it. Whether it is providing needles to junkies or houses to single parent mothers the State has become an enabler and facilitator to social evils across the board.

Now there is talk of liberalising the prostitution laws in the wake of the Ipswich killings. Always the counsel of despair... A nice little tax revenue from the 'sex industry' is beckoning. We now face the prospect of the State As Pimp. It already has its grubby hands in the gambling industry which in my book spells only one thing. It is official. We now have Government as Mafia....

And Another Thing....

Is there much difference between what goes on in Saudi Arabia with bribes and what happens here in the UK where every time you want to effect a business transaction you have to pay off government officials via tax? The system is more sophisticated and has a patina of legality to it but essentially the two systems are the same.

As I mentioned below Sordid Eurabia has corruption written through it yet the Anti Saud Squad are quite happy to turn a blind eye to it....

Stray Thoughts

Tax funding for political parties is the sine qua non of Tyranny.

The Ipswich 'Sex workers' who met a watery grave should receive Darwin Awards. Which is preferable -the survival of the fittest -or survival of the stupidist?

Governments should not get involved in prostitution or gambling. That is the role of the Mafia.

You don't get rid of a problem by legalising it. That is the philosophy of the madhouse (and libertarians)

Inside every libertarian is an illibertarian trying to get out.

If Leona doesn't win the X Factor musical talent will be sacrificed on the altar of Mediocrity, brain dead nymphet-driven subjectivity and whim.

Those who deplore the decision to drop the corruption investigation re Saudi Arabia are high water hypocrites. Do they favour cessation of relations with the African continet which is the byword for corruption? Ditto the EU which has failed every audit test and is a hotbed of egregious corruption and fraud?

Anyone who claims Rothko was anything other than a Con Artist is delluded. Simon Schama spent an hour last week attempting just that and all he proffered by way of his defense was an endless procession of cretinous daubings consisting of one half blue, the other black. Later on, as Rothko's mental condition deteriorated further, the blues were replaced by pitch blacks. More intelligent work could be found on the walls of nurseries of 5yr olds up and down the land. Or even dare I say in mental asylums - if such anymore exist.

Picasso I am prepared to acknowledge after years of resistance. Dali of course, the impressionists, expressionists etc but to include Rothko in the canon of serious artists is to reduce art to the level of sub-kindergarten; the domain of charlatans and frauds. We now have Government State enshrined freaks where the Artist's/ Emperor's New Clothes are tax subsidised.

All those who claim that the Paleswinians would live in peace were it not for Israel's existence are given the lie by the latest civil unrest in that Godforsaken hole. The sight of the Pallasts turning on one another does invoke shadenfraude sensations as we see the endgame for the Palestinian death culture so beloved of delluded liberals.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Diana: Extinct as Mauritius Dodi

It was a conspiracy! To rob the tax payers with a totally futile time wasting investigation. The girl was an airhead who was elevated above her station and capabilities. She got in with the wrong crowd and died in a car accident with a drunken Frenchman at the wheel.

Thatisall. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Anti Communist Hero Pinnochet Dies

He rid his nation of the evil of communism and presided over an economic boom as well as giving assistance to the UK in the Falklands war. If he was such a right wing president how come he sided with Britain against the fascist dictatorship of Argentina? No leftists have addressed this. As the hate figure of the Left Pinnochet's departure deserves our commiseration and their hounding of him in his last years in which this government assited will be one more black mark against Kim ill Blair.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Moral Degradation As Sport

Following on from the previous post there was another reality prog last night, on I think ch 4, (can't rember the title) that perfectly illustrates the points made on said post. Here they had a Big Brother scenario where people are placed in a hermetically sealed controlled artificial environment and promised a large sum of money. They all have to give reasons why they think they most deserve to get it.

I only saw a fraction of this odious prog but got the gist of it. A homosexual (token -actually there were two) insisted that a Lapdancer was the most deserving and the group then proceeded to have bitter arguments over the issue. High moral postions were assumed and no one had the ethical perspective to recognise that not one of them deserved this unearned largesse. Morover they were incapable of seeing what a corrupting effect the mere hint or possibility of receiveing the unearned had had on them and their behaviour.

The fact that TV companies are prepared to place people in such compromising and degrading situations for pure greed and larcenous motives and that they can find willing participants in such a degrading dehumanising excercise is a sad commentary on the moral state of the nation eh what?

Secret Millionaire

They go undercover posing as Joe Public eking out a living on the dole, mixing with the underclass whilst really being multi millionaires. Their objective is to find worthy recipients of their dough. A reality programme I find engrossing and instructive. At the end of their stay they reveal their true status and hand out largish cheques to their chosen recipients.

This week the chap was a plain speaking Conservative voting businessmen who dismissed all of the doleites as the parasites they undoubtedlty are. He was not going to give them any more unearned dosh. Just like Government huh?

He eventually found a few deserving hard working people, one a recent refugee and also, (perhaps dubiously), he contributed to an asylum refuge. The point is clear however. Where individuals can discriminate between the worthy and unworthy, deserving and undeserving poor, benevolence has true value and purpose. When governments get in on the act the results are almost always deleterious not to say catastrophic - socially, economically, politically and morally.