Monday, January 09, 2017

How Now Red Cow?

I have not been able to glean what Theresa May means by there being a need for a more 'sharing culture' but it smells nevertheless. When parents enjoin their children to share their toys with their friends it is clearly a socialist injunction that they do not even honour themselves as they cannot be found 'sharing' their house or cars with their neighbours so sickening hypocrisy is clearly at play leaving aside if one can the evil unjust and obscene immoral philosophy of socialism that they are seeking to inculcate into their hapless charges.

Whatever she precisely means by this sharing meme it is becoming clearer by the day less there was any doubt before that the woman is a socialist change agent and has been shoehorned into her job under the radar,bipassing  the electorate and is a remainer in Brexit clothing who cannot be trusted in any capacity whatoevere and is under the malign influence of a dodgy cabal of advisers whose political persuasion is dubious and ideologically sinister in its leftist composition and for this reason an early general election seems to be the only just and politically appropriate way to proceed.

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