Thursday, July 31, 2008

Intolerance of The Fascist Left

Two obnoxious characters heard on the radio recently, Peter Tatchel and Richard Dawkins spouting their usual liberal fascist views reminded me as if I needed reminding of how bigoted and hidebound liberals are.In Tatchel's world no one is allowed to be anti homosexual on religious grounds.In Dawkins blinkered universe if one doesn't spout the Darwinistic claptrap that he endorses one is less than human and to be treated with contempt.How shaky are the foundations of this deluded man's false beliefs that he has to go round proselytising his perverted religion like the mad zealot that he is.

There is simply no way truth and falsehood can coexist peacefully.There is no peaceful way of reconciling good with evil.One has to prevail over the other.Either babies are killed or they are not.Either sodomy is regarded as normal and acceptable or it is not.One side has to win.We know which side has won.Evil flourishes,the liberals have won.On every front.Liberal hegemony is hell on earth.Nothing short of a war against liberalism will turn things around.Like that is going to happen.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Karadzic Anti Muslim Hero

Nothing but lies have been told about Kardadzic on the media.He was the scourge of muslims and was right to protect Serbia from their malevolent effects.Would we had a Karadzic to purge us of the pestilential presence of muslims in the UK. What a disastrous policy was pursued by the Western powers in the Balkans spearheaded by the twin evil of Clinton and the New World disorder of the UN.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ich Bin Eine Osama

Just embarrassing.Now he is pretending to be president.The Germans who of course have past form of being duped by a leader with messianic delusions took Obama to their hearts and he didn't disappoint with his usual aplomb at delivering empty flowery rhetoric and meaningless phrases such as 'improbable hope'.We can only hope this arrant charlatan will be kicked firmly in the ass by trusty old hubris.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cof E - Church Of Satan

Women bishops,sodomites,there is nothing the Church of England will not sanction other than common sense.A Mass exodus to the Catholic Church seems imminent.I am not into Churchianity but you have to respect the RC's for holding out against the suicidal secularisation of faith that the Cof E has indulged in.The idea that the Church should refelct all the madness and modish trends of society is so against the spirit of Christianity that one has to wonder if those at its head have been taken over by the other guy.Looking at Rowan Williams who has proudly referred to himself as 'a New Statesman Liberal' such speculation is not so far fetched.

Dubya: Strike At Iran Now!

Time is up for Iran.It has been given the benefit of the doubt where none should have existed.This is a rogue State that needs taking out.If Bush and Israel don't do it it will be too late and the whole world will be on the edge.The next few weeks will be crucial.I am no military logistician but this would involve temporarily removing troops from Afghanistan and Iraq to deal with the greater threat.You don't swat flies when a tiger enters the yard. The UN and the EU have assisted Iran with its delaying time buying tactics.Yet another reason to question the existence of both these flawed and corrupt organisations.

Knife crime UK: Cutting Edge Of Societal Devolution

We were told that capital punishment had to go by the liberals 50 years ago because it was the sign of an uncivilised society.Roll forward to the present day and people are being knifed to death on our streets for the most absurd petty slights.Life could not be cheaper now.Innocents are murdered and instead of the murderer heading towards the gallows they head towards a cosy cell with dvds,computer games,molly coddling guards told not to upset them and make them have low self esteem.Liberals want to give them the vote.They want to rehabilitate what was never habilitated in the foirst place.They want to counsel them,set them free to kill again.

Enough, enough.The liberals have had 50 years to experiment with people's lives in the criminal justice arena.It has been a catastrophic failure.It's time to do things our way now. Our liberal judiciary should be purged.For what they have done they should serve a very long jail sentence indeed.Will the real offenders ever be put in the dock?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Official:Peter Oborne Is Barking Mad

You have to hand it to Peter Oborne.The man likes going out on a limb.On Monday he was on Ch 4 telling us that 'British' Muslims are a persecuted minority.We don't understand them.People aren't being nice to them.They are victims of prejudice.If we were saying the kind of things we are saying of muslims about black people or jews it would be seen as unacceptable racism.Er, one little problem here Peter,the last time I checked there were'nt any jews or black people in the UK threatening the West with extinction and blowing themselves up on the buses and underground.

It is not enough that a large percentage of muslims think 9/11 was justified and that we should have sharia law in the UK and that thousands of mosques have sprouted up around the UK and that the establiushment is in a permanent posture of cultural cringe re muslims in the UK.We are now asked or told by the likes of Oborne that UK muslims are a persecuted minority and we should be ashamed of how we are treating them. Perhaps the man should seek help for his masochistic tendencies and should seek to exorcise them rather than excercising them on national TV.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

NHS 60 Years Of Socialist Medical Tyranny

It was perfectly clear from last nights' BBC2 programme marking - or should I say celebrating - 60 years of the NHS, that this was nothing short of wholesale appropriation of private property by a Socialist State using brute force, coercion and naked propaganda tools borrowed directly from totalitarian regimes.

The Stalinist Marxist Aneurism Bevan used every criminal machinating device to corral and dragoon the doctors into his Socialist dystopia of the NHS.His contempt for the doctors and their profession was apparent from the start.During a campaign speech the real dark motivations for his Socialist zealotry were revealed when he launched into an unguarded vitriolic attack on 'the tories' and here his ugly envy eaten class war driven inferiority complex/malice was clearly manifest as the motivating force for his drive to total State socialised medicine.

The doctors through the BMA were stalwart and stout defenders of their freedom from Statist intervention and fought a robust and courageous campaign against the brazen assault on their intelllectual and professional independence knowing full well the implications for them of being shanghaied into the service of a Socialist State-run medical system in terms of what it would do to jeopordise quality of service, their profesional autonomy, personal judgement and financial freedom.They would become mere State hirelings, working at the behest of uneducated political pygmies driven by ideological socialist mania -effective slaves of inferior rabble rousing politicos.

They voted overwhelming to reject the NHS but Bevan went over their heads to a sympathetic and influential supporter in the medical hierachy ironically none other than Lord Moran Churchill's famous doctor.He was effectively bribed and bought off by minor concessions from Bevan and with the help of vast sums of taxpayers money he launched a massive propaganda advertising campaign touting 'free' medical service for all.Clearly the phrase 'there is no such thing a s free lucnch' had not been born at that time. This 'free' canard was repeated endlessly by the BBC narrator and indeed has been ever since the NHS's inception. Clearly Bevan had learned from a fellow Socialist Hitler that "if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth".

So in the end the NHS was steam-rollered into existence and in the words of Ayn Rand: "The British people sold their souls for a pair of NHS spectacles".

This envy of the world - which hardly any other country has emulated - has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people like all Socialist systems are, and to this day obesiances are paid to this false God that failed,worshipped like the totem of a religion.

What was not reported was the vast 'brain drain' which resulted where thousands of self respecting doctors simply packed their bags and fled the Socialist Labour New Jerusalem and took their practice abroad where they were appreciated as profesionals and paid accordingly.Britain was left with inferior State paid lackeys of a dumbed down profession.