Saturday, July 21, 2018

What is Socialism

Socialism is middle class people bossing working class people about.


Socialism is secularised christianity.

That's why the BBC loves Thought for the day and religion in general. It is an endless parade of leftists in dog collars or their multicultural equivalents excoriating on a daily basis: Individualism, Selfishness, Egoism and lauding,cooperation, teamwork, non material values.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

No Deal Means - No Deal!

At last! The monumental  sound of a very large penny dropping: No deal means - EU f*** off, and we're off too.

Even the EU is getting it, warning its 27 vassalaged members to prepare for ND. Granted it is a desperate ploy to put the fear of liberty into the doughty Brits but like all its other desperate gambits it is transparent to all but the most obtuse ie the glassy eyed Remainoids, the body snatched who zombie like go round the country attempting to devour all freeborn Englishmen with their paranoia fantasies of the paradisiacal nirvana of a Brussels hegemony.

The water is warm,the sunny uplands of of a non eu future stretch out before us,a free desovietised people,40 years of occupation ended,40 years of solitude ceasing,what's not to like?

The Cables and Cleggs,Soubries,Mandelson,Campbels, Blairs et al will be but a distant memory as they sail off to board the eu titanic before it disappears under the waves. We shall be free!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

EU: Final nail in 'Tory' coffin

Here we go, the danse macabre gathers apace, the Remanaiacs get more hysterical -empty vassals make most noise. This could well be the end of the 'tories' as they make the corn law reform days seem like a May vicarage tea party. Speaking of which we may have a revival of that movement over here in Old Blighted.

Farage waits in the wings ready to re assume the Ukip mantle in March; the latter are riding high in the polls as delinquent as we know them to be notwithstanding.

But just rejoice! The conservatives will soon be no more! They are irideemably rotten to the core and it is sublime and poetic justice that the vile evil EU construct that they engineered us into should be the very instrument that brings about their demise.

And what a time for a new party,not a godamn 'national unity party- as the remainoids are bleating for - we have that already with the existing parties, they are all interchangeable -see how Labour mps came to May's rescue last night. No, we are talking a major phlosophical revolutionary new party that will turn British politics on its head where it needs to be, so screwed up is the polity.

The political air is febrile,feverish,the tecnological Guttenbergian revolution of the internet means the time has never been riper for such an existential axis shift. Carpe diem!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Conclusions from my last post

Following on from my Russian roulette with democracy post what do the now exposed former faux lovers and advocates of democracy as the Holy Grail of politics now want? Isn't it obvious? Technocracy,rule by the self elected elites - That is to say the EU, a project of the elites or pseudo elites to be more accurate as they were never the elite of anything other than illiberalism and their own miss estimation. The political scum rises to the top.

Or more to the point democracy was always illiberal from the start but now the pro democrats find it to be less illiberal than they desire. Sometimes it would come up trumps for them and they could live with it. But it was always immoral. Now they are going for what they desired all along,a liberal authoritarianism. So we see how democracy is just a launching pad,a stepping stone to the true real destination of the political pygmy elites -outright totalitarianism.Tryranny light becomes a hard tyranny.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Playing Russian Roulette with Democracy

Do the ideologically possessed Remaniacs know what they are doing playing fast and loose with democracy or do they just not care as they go hurtling off the cliff in pursuit of their Brussels idee fixe dragging the rest of the country with them?

Are they so naive that they believe they can totally bi pass the democratic Principle,the very mainstay of our freedoms - that at least something they  have always loudly espoused as their badge of honour,the very dna of their political being - and expect a free country to carry on as if nothing has happened with the infrastructure of society untouched by such undermining of its very foundations?

Or are we to conclude that the putative defenders of champions of democracy -the liberals of big and little l's were from the very get go contingent supporters of democracy -as long as it was delivering their desired outcomes? The minute the people returned a verdict hostile and inimical to their world vision of social and political norms ie Brexit they threw off their carefully constructed over a century democratic masque to reveal the ugly totalitarian illiberal beast beneath.

Those of us who were leary of the democratic 'ideal' from the start as least do not labour under such a burden of conflicting belief systems -we knew and were fully conv3rsant with the inherent contradicitons of democracy,its limitations and fundamental flaws -we never said it was the best thing since sliced bread -they  did and it is the flimsy superficial cynical  shallow nature of their committment to the principle that is coming as such an existential shock to all observers of the political fall out from Brexit. That is the devastating takeaway from the present debacle.

Should There be a Revolution Now?

There is a strong case to say the Houses of Parliament should be closed down. 17. whatever % of the people should demand its closure as their democratic vote has been thrown back in their face,their clear unequivocal mandate, the biggest in British electoral history has been held in utmost contempt,ignored and up ended.Parliament now has no legitimacy whatsoever,the people have no obligation whatsoever to continue paying taxes to support the traitorous,parasitic political elite who have stolen their birthright of liberty and sold them into abject bondage to Brussels.They should be swinging from lamp posts not drawing a salary.Its way past time for a reckoning with the governing elite.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Potemkin Village World cup

They think it's almost over. The English from Russia with love are very impressed with Putin's shiny bright Potemkin fantasy football extravaganza.

Wow. The Russians love their children too! (Stalin was my uncle, Adolf loved dogs,Castro loved cigars and meantime all the journalists are tided up in the basement)

What's a little poisoning between friends? Vlad the impaler ex KGB goon is really a nice cuddly guy with a crooked sly smile granted but its all propaganda got up by the British press don't you know.Quite why he is a multi multi millionaire or is it billion we are not quite sure since he has never had a real job in his life but who are we to judge, businessmen are a crooked lot anyway and capitalism is passe.

Glad we've cleared all that up then.

Well it was the land of Tolstoy and Checkov et al so I guess fiction and story weaving is in the Russian soul -if it had one. Maybe in a land of make believe who needs the Master and Margarita anyway? Only Solzenitsyn is looking on with grim amusement at human being's capacity for  bottomless credulity...

Friday, July 13, 2018


Trumpton is a foreign country,they do things differently there. But if it comes to dissing May I am more than happy for MR Beer,Baseball and Bragadacio Narcissist to put the boot in with all his famed brutality and undiplomatic unceremonious candour.

May has been cruisin for a bruisin for the longest time but none of her cabinet of weasels have the cojones to do it. It takes an American shooting from the lip to do the job so kudos to Baby Trump for telling the bitch How the Cow Ate the Cabbage.

His effigy may be floating over the Thames satirically  aposite, the usual Left self-parodic rent-a mobocracy may be in full frontal autopilot boorishness but Mr T has done the British people a great service in exposing the sartorially challenged Queen May with her altogether nakedly delusional arrogant ghastliness in openly flaunting her contempt for the British democratic principle.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Brussels or Bolshevism?

That's the choice we are told by May and her 'tory' Remoan co conspirators that lies before us. Do we believe it ladies and gentlemen? Of course they want us to. Hague was pedalling this line on the Today prog a few hours ago. Do they think we are that stupid? Really?

If this were a few hundred years ago May and her Brussels lickspittles would be holed up in the Tower receiving protracted and exquisitely creative surgical attention from the experts in that field as befitting the traitors they so patently are. Conspiring with Labour Remoaners is the final proof if it were needed as to the moral depravity of this wretched She Devil incarnate.

We can have our Brexit and eat it too.With the TransMoggrifier we can navigate our way out of the treacherous waters of Brussels to the sunny uplands of freedom,liberty and Brexitainia where we waive the rules shoving EU dictats and regulations where the sun doesn't shine.

Ireland will erupt if we have a little border security? That is racism,bigotry, moonshine. The Irish know where their interests lie even if the EUphilliacs do not.A resurgence of sectarianism is not on the cards or in anyone's interests either side of the border and to pretend otherwise and scaremonger is immorality not to say evil on steroids.

With Mogg synthesisa we will be out of Brussels,not a penny of Brusselsgeld paid and the fears of the Corbyn is coming 'tory' crowd will melt like snowflakes in hell wherein Corbyn and his fellow Venezuelan renegades are no doubt bound (if I wasn't an atheist).

Monday, July 09, 2018

Time for A General Election

It can't go on. The Danegeld May must be ousted and a general election called. Mogg should stand for leader on a No Deal ticket explaining why it is not possible to make a deal with the EU, that they are not honest and sincere negotiators and that the UK will leave on WTO rules but that even those are chalengeable.

Boris Johnson,Gove and the other so called brexiteers should back him and let the people decide. Notwithstanding that Gove is a wittering incubus and Johnson a buffoon.

This deal is so bad even a Corbyn gov would be preferable. He dislikes the EU more than May. What a mess.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Ve Hav Vays of Makin You Stay in the EU

Merkel's Bitch has has played her Remoaner joker card and enforced Collective compliance on her brain dead cabinet to Brussels Diktat on pain of sacking and her Euroskeptic In Name Only lackeys have dutifully grovelled in line wrapping themselves in the white flag of moral appeasement and treason.

Whodafunk it?

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Gay Conversion now Illegal!

Look, who cares re gay or straight - certainly no one round here. But if religious wingnuts want to go round trying to 'convert' gays back to 'normal' ie like them(!!?) they should be free to offer such wacky and potentially harmful treatments -just like heroin is harmful but people should be allowed to partake.

But: not on the NHS! Ban it there absolutely, the NHS, well see my recent posts about the unspeakable evil of it - you can only stomach so much of the subject -but not a ban on private 'conversions, because that is the state meddling in free speech and adjudicating in the realm of ideas and as all good libertarians and objectivists know, that is a NO NO.

So once again the state advances into the private domain of the citizen and no one bats an eyelid -or those that do object because in their tired hackneyed cut and paste response 'it's not going far enough'. There's still some freedom left! We still have work to do!

Monday, July 02, 2018

Non Business Rates

Most governments corrupt from within, their greed for the citizen's money grows with the feeding and this is true whatever stripe the party of government  it is, Conservative or Labour. Mostly the latter, as we have seen are superfluous because predation knows no particular affiliation -one political party is all political parties in the mixed economies of the West and statism is the common denominator between them all.

Business rates under this and past administrations are killing business - everyone knows it yet the brigandage and plunder goes on leaving a trail of destroyed businesses behind it. So ravenous is the state that it ends up eating itself  and we are fast approaching that stage in the UK.

The Daily Mail is right to launch a campaign today against this scandal and wanton abuse of  State power though whether the gov will see reason in this matter is far from clear. If characteristics are reliable it will continue its rampage devouring all before it and thus pave the way for Corbyn to finish the job - Uk RIP.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Railway Blues and Reds

A railway franchise gets its timetable in a tangle and the gov says it is drinking in the last chance saloon. A health service murders tens of thousands of people over the decades and it rewards it with yet more taxpayer's money and lauds its 70 year killing spree with anniversary salutations. When did it ever call last orders on the NHS killing machine?

Of course the franchise system for the railways brought in by the Blair government was a dog's breakfast as governments do not know how to structure business -it's not their job and have no business poncing about as franchisees.They don't even know how to run the State let alone something as sophisticated and organic as business.

So it all went pear-shaped as perforce it must and now there are calls for renationlisation but was it ever denationalized with all the regulation,taxes and the absurd franchise system - an arbitrary construct wrenched from the unity of the original railway system. It was tantamount to dismantling a Rolls Royce and  selling off different parts of the car to different companies and then wondering why only dysfunction results.

The absurd chuntering Chris Grayling does not help things but then he is in an impossible position because his job is absurd -Transport Minister -the railways were supposed to be privatized so why is he meddling in its affairs? Because it never was privatized -it is a semi nationalized hybridized mongrelised Down Syndrome of a railway system part funded by the taxpayer -a regular pushmi-pullyu me circus freak show of a railway system.

If we want to see a proper railway system sell the thing off and close down the Ministry of Transport. No? Then this railway soap opera will outlive Cornonation St.