Tuesday, March 31, 2015

General erection

This circle jerk of dismal nonentities going on 5 weeks is definitely one to miss.Only a  masochist could find such a spectacle inviting.At least 30% of the electorate will have the sense to stay home switch off and boycot this democratic freak show.

They will attempt to bore you into submission and make out there are vast swathes of ideological tracts between them but they are all in the democracy ponzi game together and you are about to be shafted yet again.Statism is the only game in town and all roads lead to serfdom.Wake up and smell the coffin and the foul stench of the death of liberty.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Religion and its Malcontents

The late great Christopher Hitchens once said that religion makes good people do bad things but I am wondering if he got that one right.Many jihadists started off their path in life as small time hoodlums and members of gangs,sexual abusers,drug takers involved in violent crime.So I am begining to think that religion allows bad people to do bad things.

These people are already psychopaths and converting to Islam merely allows them to act out their psychodramas on the world stage rather than in their local hood.What better justification and rational could any such delinquent thug have than that their criminal barbaric subhuman acts are directed  and sanctioned by God?

I have been critical of guru Roy Masters but on this one I think he was right on the money when he said that most people join religions not to deal with their anger and hate but to validate it.They actually join the religion to give their rage intellectual validation,to in effect sanctify their anger.For evidence I give you Islam in its current incarnation where anger seems to be the leitmotif alone.

In forever frothing at the mouth Islamists are only taking their cue from the prophet  - piss be upon him - who was let it be remembered an epileptic.Go figure.

The Banality of evil

The suicide is always an interesting study in pathology.Many suicides have the desire to take someone with them.This was done on a large scale in the French Alps last week.But whether it is motivated by pique,being jilted or because the suicide/homicide heard God telling him to so do the act of murder is the evil and not the motivation/excuse behind it.

All those innocents taken last week would be just as dead  whether the homicide was jilted or a jihadist,there are no degrees of evil here.Murder is the evil,not the motivation,rationale and excuse behind it.

In the case of the co pilot it is pure narcissism and self esteem deficit rather than as someone illogically claimed, an act of selfishness.This was self destruction married with homicidal intent -the very antithesis of selfishness which is about the preservation of the self  and not its anhiliation.

Gog and Demagog

Next time you hear someone extolling the virtues of democracy remind them that it produced Hitler and that we have George Galloway.Democacacy can let in demons sociopaths psychopaths and Nicola Splurgeon.Be warned.Electoral tyranny,mob rule thru the ballot box is what democracy is,that's its endgame.It is coming to a  town near you in May.In the general erection we will all be stiffed.

What is the defence against democracy but taking up of arms.No gentle persuasion is going to unseat the demagogues,fascists,communists,socialist,collectivists,nihilists, psychopaths sociopaths hiding under the name politician.Only brute force will drive them off.They think an electoral mandate gives them a licence to tyranise and they are right.

Yes,vote Ukip as they are the nearest thing to a freedom party right now but the road back from hell is long and tortuous and we have yet to take the first step.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Uneasy lies the head

The publication of Prince Charle's letters to politicians will shine a spotlight on the slobbering dauphin's meddling involvement in politics and the violation of the rule of strict political neutrality of the monarchy it represents, thus proving the total unsuitability of Charles to be king.It will furthermore reveal the mental instability of the man and the bizarre causes that animate him.

Bravo to the Guardian for doggedly pursuing this matter to the furthest legal extent which will hopefully lead to a reexamination of the British monarchy itself and start a long overdue debate on its abolition.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Would you buy a second hand religion from this man?

If  Iwas touting some business scheme that postulated that there are hidden treasures in the ether that only have to be mined to bring great wealth and that if everybody just sends me a cheque I will share with them the access to this undreamt of wealth I would probably end up prosecuted and in jail.

But how is this any different from what all the religious organizations are doing other than the sheer scale of their operations that go into the billions.They tell their followers that they have a direct line to the creator of the cosmos and if  everyone sends them a cheque they will intercede for them and bring them great peace and prosperity.

They also use fear and warn their listeners that if they do not heed their word they could end up in  a very dark place for all eternity.Is there anything more wicked and evil than this I ask you gentle readers.

This is certainly what the guru Roy Masters has been doing for half a century and it has brought him wealth indeed.He once decried the way Plain Truth religious group suckers people into funding them but whenever I listened to Masters he was forever begging for money on air and playing on people's unearned guilt for more cash.

It is rather difficult to  bring christianity into disrepute but this guy achieves it single handedly.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Employer strikes back

We all know of unions for employees and all their rights but where is the union of employers? No, I do not mean the socialist CBI or chamber of commerce and other pathetic toothless paper tigers but a real union for employers and the first piece of business for such would be to call a General Strike! Not as in  tools down but a Tax Strike.And assert the right to run your business how you see fit,to hire and fire ditto,to pay your workers what the market will stand not what some jobsworth government bureaucrat with socialist agendas thinks is a fair price in mythical egalitarian la la land.

For centuries the mediocre have asserted the right to strike and withdraw their labour and now its time for the movers and shakers to do likewise.Lets see who needs who the most.It will not take long to determine.The sleeping giant of business needs to awake and assert the right to its life for all our sakes.

Ukip latest,So what?

Fiddling EU expenses is no big deal and is on a moral par with fiddling mafia expenses as the whole EU is one big criminal racket.So no Atkinson should not have been sacked for seeking in her words to repatriate some UK money.

My second piece of advice to Ukip following on from a previous post would be to forget trying to seal UK borders and having immigrant quotas to protect British jobs and approach it from the other end and take welfare away from the indigenous people so they would have to go out in the fields and work and do the immigrant jobs they grandly dismiss as being beneath them.

Immigrants are not stealing jobs from British workers,they are doing the jobs the latter will not do.In the absence of free money of welfare British people would have the option of working or starving.Problem solved. This would be a huge vote winner for Ukip and I urge them to adopt it forthwith.

Friday, March 20, 2015

What Ukip should be saying but isn't

Ukip does come in for a lot of negative media scrutiny which is an indication of its success in rattling the establishment but also undoubtedly a lot of the controversy around its candidates is due to the fact that as an anti establishment party it does by its very nature tend to attract individualistic mavericks who tend not to be on message in the controlled and cynical way the main parties are.So far so good but there are some important aspects surrounding the emergence of this political phenomena where I think in its policies Ukip is in serious need of radical rethinking.

Some of Ukip analysis is just plain wrong, take for example immigration.It claims there have to be caps because otherwise the public services will come under intolerable and unsustainable strain.Note it does not say with the large influx of immigration the shops,cafes,restaurants will not be able to cope with the additional customers.It is only in the public service that the problem will arise such as schools and hospitals.The logical step would be to remove the latter from the state ministration and allow them to operate in the market where innovation and money would flow and there would be more than enough schools and hospitals offering their services for all who wished to use them.

Rationing only exists in the public sector.If shops and restaurants were run by the state we would not have enough of them to service the immigrants and they would be complaining  about how their resources were being drained by immigrants.

So instead of saying we will free the public sector from its privations by turning it over to the free market Ukip seeks to solve the statist caused problem of finite public resources by another statist measure of closing the country's borders!

There are indications that within the Ukip ethos there is a fairly strong libertarian strain and maybe overtime this will become more dominant and the unfortunate more statist element as illustrated above will diminish.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rand's alleged hypocrisy

It is claimed that Ayn Rand was a hypocrite because she allegedly used her hubbie's medicare when she was diagnosed with cancer whilst of course being all her life a passionately avowed anti welfarist.This is quite incredible.First she had her wealth stolen from her in taxes to pay for an unsolicited healthcare system and when with depleted reserves due to said depradation she could not consequently avail herself of quality private healthcare in the  market and  was forced to use  the inferior state care she was condemned for it!

This is like saying to a person you are a hypocrite because you claim to be passionately opposed to highway robbery but when that hoodlum pointed a gun at your head and demanded all your money you gave it to him!

Are her critics really saying that she should have not used the healthcare system she was forced at the point of a gun to finance?Like I say,incredible..

Bravo Bibi

Another four years and you will go at with with your customary gusto I am sure.We are expecting great things.On our shopping list: you now have a renewed mandate to kick Palestinian ass,build more settlements or rather let people do so and of course most imperatively of all take out Iran's nuclear capability.

Your victory has illustrated something that we in the UK should pay closer attention to namely how innacurate opinion polls are and more seriously how they are being manipulated for political purposes.We saw that in the recent Scottish referendum and I fear we will have the same manipulation and propaganda if there is an EU referenda.

Another UK Brain Drain on the way?

The most successful achievement of the coalition is to convince people that it has engaged in a programme of austerity when it has done nothing of the sort.It has consequently suffered all the vituperation and anathemisation for a  policy that it wasn't even following whilst reaping no financial dividends whatsoever. But the greatest condemnation of the Conservatives in the person of George Osborne is his suicidal course  of victimising and persecuting the wealth producers with his tax policies.

If this does not result in a massive haemorrhaging of business activity and an exodus of businesses to more economically favourable climates this will be a reversal of all known historic economic business principles namely that business flees from statist countries that have oppressive burdensome taxation regimes.It is a classic case of a relatively succesfull country commiting ritualised self slaughter on the altar of an unnamed creed namely that of collectivism and altruism.

Minimum Wage: Most evil of all Government legislation?

The contender for the worst piece of government legislation in recent times has to be the introduction of the minimum wage.If Ukip care as they profess to do about the plight of the unemployed indegenous population they would pledge to scrap this wicked evil legislation forthright.This pernicious law has deprived millions of young people and others of ever getting a foot on the employment ladder and condemned them to a wasted life of idleness and moral depradation.

The next time you hear the left or anyone else crying crocodile tears over the unemployed or indeed of people languishing on unpaid internships and zero hours contracts bear in mind that none of these things existed or were even a twinkle in the eyes of any employers until the introduction of the oppressive job destroying minimum wage.Unable to hire people on below minimum wage they were forced to hire them for nothing! Or on time limited contracts to preserve their profits through flexibility which via a market level wage rather than an artificially legislated one of the minimum wage they would have been more able to do.

And spare a thought as well all you bleeding heart liberals who are prepared to sacrifice the welfare and lives of millions of young people on the altar of your collectivist creed that existing employees are suffering directly from the minimum wage  as well.Staff shortages: I hear from young people working in a very well known retail store that they are effectively being forced to do the work of 3 people as less people are being hired because of the above market priced minimum wage.

And lastly but perhaps most importantly there is the issue of individual rights and how the minimum wage wipes them out with one legislative pen stroke.If a young ambitious person wants to work for 4 50 and hour as opposed to nothing via internship   why the hell should some bureaucratic political nonentiy living parasitically off the taxpayers deprive them of their right to so negotiate with any prospective employer  to their mutual advantage?What successful millionaire entrepreneur did not start off at the bottom working on low wages and then rising through the ranks on their excellence and talent?

The minimum wage stands like a dark menacing oppressive Berlin Wall blighting the aspiration of millions and locking them in to a  despairing life of misery and hoplessness and represents the ultimate indictment of statism and its cruel and anti life collectivist premise.

Ukip loses its way

People should vote Ukip by all means to get us out of the EU but their other policies are disappointingly wrong headed.Protectionism for starters.Wanting to control immigration to keep out unskilled labourers who compress wages and undercut the indigenous population is statism at its worst,a socialist policy that is not worthy of Ukip.

A points based quota system like Australia to attract specialised skilled workers may seem appealing but it is based on the notion of the national good, ie what the country needs in terms of scientists,doctors etc - a statist premise which is the very essence of collectivism rather than the correct position that the state  should exist to protect individual rights, one of which being the right of employers to hire those people who are best and most suitable for the position from whatever country they choose.

Then there is its support for the NHS.Nothing needs to be said about that other than this is a base populist appeal to what UKIP mistakenly believes the public want -a clapped out health system  predicated on the discredited theory and practice of socialism.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Budget giveaways!

When I listen to the budget address it reminds me of the mafia handing out turkeys at Thanksgiving. Yes,its a giveaway but its your money they are giving away.The democracy scam is so blatant only the wilfully blind cannot see it as such.Or its a racket on so large a scale no one can see it.I wonder whether the public at large will wake up to this con trick or will it just go on forever.There are it seems no limits to human credulity.

Monday, March 16, 2015

War on terror.Yeah,right

There are countless examples to illustrate that Western governments are not serious in fighting Islamist terrorisim and the latest is the British authorities release on bail  of the three youths caught heading off from the UK to fight with Isil after the Turkish authorities intercepted them at the airport and sent them back.

Nothing more needs to be said really except the next time we hear the government explaining why it needs to have blanket surveillance of all British citizens hopefully people will remember this incident and treat their comments with the contempt they so justly deserve.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mad Marxist Molecule Kitchen sink drama

It would be nice and grown up if the media so close as we are to a general election concentrated on the Marxist threat of a Labour government rather than the number of kitchens its leader has.Why bother with the personality albeit autistic when the policies are so toxic they demand immediate attention scrutiny and critique.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Farago of Faragisms

Farage is shaking up the liberal establishment and even if his messages can seem at times garbled  or not fully thought through there is always more than a kernel of truth contained within them.His latest foray into liberal baiting involving the suggestion that anti discriminisation laws on grounds of race should be scrapped is spot on.An employer should have the right to hire and fire on whim on the basis of a person's skin or eye colour if they so choose or for any other reason.It would be totally arbitrary and irrational but it would still be their right to so act.

The hysterical reaction by the left is of course predictable but the libertarian argument that Farage promotes is more sound and just than their collectivist policies which are illiberal and violate property rights at their core.

But Farage ruined his perfectly coherent stand by then saying employers should hire British only workers rather than foreign workers when he should have said employers should hire the best workers regardless of race or ethnicity,thus leaving him vulnerable to the charge he is chauvinistic and nationalistic. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daily Mirror: Cracked from side to side

The recent revelations about the sheer scale in volume and time  of the phone hacking by the Mirror makes a mockery of the whole anti Murdoch crusade engaged in by large swathes of the media and the persecution of the man as it now emerges that the Mirror was doing something of comparable venality.

As the News of the Was felt obliged to fold at least this latest Mirror scandal will hopefully silence those who sought to make the Murdoch into a pariah and used it as as a pretext to muzzle the press by the state  even if the paper will not face the same pressure to close down.

Fallacy explosion

One of the most misleading nay mendacious expressions of the left is 'giving something back' as in reference to some businessman who does charity work which by such inverted logic amounts to expiation of sins - the sin  of course that of being a successful businessman.The implication of the expression is that something was taken by the businessman and he now has to give something back.But what has been taken?

A successful business employs many people who would otherwise not be employed in that position,it provides a service that people want and for that the business enjoys a profit -a win - win situation.No one has lost,nothing was taken and no consequent reparation is required to anyone.Only the acceptance of unearned guilt would prompt any businessman to assert that he was doing charity work to give something back,like some common criminal compensating his  victims via community service.

It would be good to hear this toxic canard and pernicious peice of leftist sophistry challenged once in a while but the only people around to do that are the Conservatives and they of course alas  share the same altruist premises as the left and remain shamefully guiltily and therfor collusively silent on the matter.

Political v economic power

A Labour candidate out canvassing for the election told a reporter that an argument he used at the door was that Ed Milliband was prepared to stand up to Murdoch.The pathetic smallness and vacuity of such a boast is patent and craven as it completely conflates political with economic power.

A newspaper tycoon has only persuasion as a tool to increase readership but politicians have the full power of the state behind them to enforce their arbitrary dictat up to and including stealing from its subjects in taxes and sending them to jail.In such a context what on earth does 'standing up to Rupert Murdoch amount to? A lion standing up to a mouse is about the size of it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love's Labour Lost

In a classic instance of the school playground practice of crying before being hit, Mrs Gromit Milliband is bewailing the verbal kicking she anticipates her hubby will receive from the press in the run up to the general election.She believes he will be the subject of a vicious personal attack but for what? His principled stand on his values and beliefs and his uncompromised statist convictions.

The perpetrator of illiberal authoritarian statist policies which will rob people of their few remaining freedoms is presented as the victim.Only a lawyer and such Mrs Milliband is could so invert reality  to produce such a a bizarre fantastic analysis.Self pity and self delusion are the halmarks of the left and find full expression in the absurd figure of Mrs Milliband

Obama the Iranian Candidate

Obama is clearly helping Iran with its nuclear programme and should be impeached for collusion and treachery.Like democrat Carter before him who facilitated North Korea's nuclear prog it is clear Obama is working for the enemy.The republicans are right to send the letter warning Iran that Obama's promises will be torn up if they assume power after the election.This is a socialist muslim change agent and America and the world is in dire peril whilst he remains in office.Israel should take the necessary action very soon if this Iranian threat to world peace is not neutralised.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

State of the Union

What do we want? Evolution.When do we want it?Now!

The fact is the State is too big to overthrow however desirable that would be so evolution is the only option at present.Morally the overthrow of the state would be entirely morally justifiable as it has become over bearing, monolithic,totalitarian in many respects,authoritarian, gargantuan,invasive and criminal.The things it should do it abjures and the things it shoudn't do it does.The very role of the state has thus been inverted and invasive creeping inexorable statism is the consequence.

The Democratic Cannibal State

Cannibals should be able to elect the candidate that represents their best interest and he or she should offer the best services  and infrastructure required for a healthy productive cannibal life.The Conservative candidate will advocate eating fewer people per week and the liberal candidate will be more generous with flesh provision as befitting the liberal ideology but all opinions will be represented in the democratic process and the ballot box will ensure that cannibalist principles are accessible to all in the democratic tradition assuring  equal  race age and gender - neutral opportunities in  the excercise and disemination of  cannibalist values.

Who can doubt when all this is taken into consideration that democracy is the most civilized method of human association ever devised by man? Only backward,primitive reactionaries could possibly demur.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Protest too much

The plan to have protest groups who stage events in public places pay for the policing costs and having private companies to do the policing is long overdue.Why should such groups block the public highways to begin with as they are violating the rights of all those who wish to go about their business and are being prevented from doing so by inavariably left wing groups who are vile,smelly,anti freedom, obnoxious arrogant,deluded evil commie scumbags.

If they wish to protest and until all public property is privatised as it should be let the disruptive,protesting detritus foot the bill for their obstructive protesting and not the hapless taxpayers who pay twice so the leftist lowlife can parade their silly views and block the highways preventing business and trade in the process.

Statist debate

All this  political mass debate is just a circle jerk of statists vying with one another for the title of more statist than thou. Only a masochist would enjoy such an unseemly spectacle.The public should join Cameron in eschewing the event. Until a wealthy libertarian sticks his or her head above the statist parapet and proposes radical change the slide towards totalitarianism will proceed apace.The nearest we have to such at the moment is UKIP which despite its support of the NHS and some other dubious statist positions is the least worst option.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Burglar State

In a mixed economy which everyone has been fooled into thinking capitalist the very things the state should not be doing it does whilst neglecting the things it should be doing such as maintaining law and order, the very foundations of a free society.This week it is confirmed in a report what many have known for years that burglary is no longer something the police deem worthy of their attention and that it has effectively been decriminalised.The state in a semi collectivist system of democracy is more interested in concocting political crimes as befitting its totalitarian agenda and one is more likely to be arrested for having and expressing politically incorrect thoughts than robbing and burglaring.

Then again the state is engaged in burglary itself with its massive tax and grab redistribution programmes which rob the citizens of their wealth to fund welfare programmes for their electorate hence its lenient attitude towards the small time crooks.It then gives some of its stolen money to other countries re foreign aid so we are dealing with a kleptocratic state with no more legitimacy than the mafia.

Yet we are told this democracy is the highest manifestation of civilization,something to be exported to the four corners of the earth.Rape and plunder via the ballot box is an export most sane countries would do well to pass on which is probably why all such attempts to evangelize and recreate democrcay abroad has been met with undisguised contempt and rejection.

Monday, March 02, 2015

change is gonna come

There will emerge in the next few years a political movement that will challenge all the statist shiboleths of the age and which will revolutionize the way people view the state and its monstrous reach,re shaping the maps of reality along the way and exploding all the misbegotten collectivist ethics.

The ground has been set by the disillusionment of the masses with the polity,the doors are open and the way clear.Never was a time more ripe for revolution!The ramparts of democracy are cracked and rotting,the stench of corruption overpowers the nostrils,the age of mediocrity is offensive to the meagerest of intelligences.Enough!Statism is exposed ,the powerful are about to be dethroned and the lie exposed.The language of deceit laid bare,truth and clarity will be the foe of unreason and tyranny and strip it of its bogus power and force!

Centuries of statism will finally make way for another age of enlightenment.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Democracy is tyranny!

Democracy: The bludgeoning of the people,by the people,for the people.(Oscar Wilde.) Taxation which   oils the wheels of democracy is extortion with menaces and those who resist lose their liberty and are thrown in jail.This state terrorism - for such it - is  is not only tolerated by the befuddled masses but actually deemed by them a system of the highest moral repute and to seek to evade or avoid the attentions of the state tax machine is to find oneself on the level of the most abject moral delinquency along with child molestors.

Or such is what appearances may suggest but in reality of course the only people who pay taxes are those who cannot avoid or evade them as their income is taxed at source via their employers.Everyone else will resist the attentions of the rapacious state tax system with all the ingenuity they can muster or hire in the form of highly skilled accountants.

So why not come out and say it,admit that taxation is theft and that democracy is a criminal racket.The morality of altruism with roots in religion silences our natural protest,paralyses all resistance and renders us dumb and compliant.