Thursday, August 25, 2016

Burkina Fascism

During WW2 German and Italian citizens living in the UK were imprisoned for the duration of the war in internment camps as it was reasonably assumed that their sympathies  could not be fully determined. Likewise in the present war against Jihadism and extreme Islamism - allowing for the appallingly pusilaminous confused way  in which it is being conducted by the Western powers- it is axiomatic that those who are wearing a mode of dress that indicates an extreme interpretation of Islam should be prevented from doing so.

To continue with the analogy how would the British authorities have reacted if those aforementioned German and Italian citizens in the UK during the WW2 had gone round dressed in fascist Nazi regalia and moreover had engaged in terrorist acts murdering British citizens on British soil? Who would have dared to suggest that what the German and Italians wore was of no concern to the British State and that they should freely flaunt their Fascist credentials in their dress and uniforms?

For make no mistake, in the Burkina, Burka and hijab we have the outward manifestation and symbol of extreme oppressive political Islam with its barbaric Sharia based illiberal  philosophy of world domination and Caliphist hegemony to be enforced by the sword bullet and bomb. This outright provocation should not be sanctioned and the French State is absolutely correct to clamp down on it with the full force and rigour of French law and custom as befitting its proud and unique tradition of upholding the principles of secular liberalism.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Olympian Hypocrisy

Wall to wall coverage of the Olympics has been for those who do not care a jot for sport a veritable month of hell as the news services have been completely co opted by the coverage and sport elevated to the headlines instead of its normal proper place after the news.

So why this obsession by the media outlets for this event and its complete domination of the airwaves and printed press? Is it because our culture loves success and achievement and wishes to champion it from the rooftops? If only..  No, this love affair with the olympics has a darker  cause. It is because it is uncorrupted and stained by commercial gain, the gold medalists do not gain directly financially from their achievements and it is seen as a triumph of statism, a state created event which can be exploited for yet further government involvement in funding. Witness all the emphasis is placed on patriotism and how we must continue to fund the athletes through taxation and gov funding.

If a love of individual success and achievement were the prime motive for the blanket coverage of the olympics I would be among the loudest champions but this as I say is clearly not the case or it would be extended across the board to all other human achievements and endeavours. Is it? Hell no. Anyone who achieves anything spectacular in the world of business is vilified as an exploiter and plunderer, ordered to 'give something back, pay swingeing taxes and make a public announcement of atonement for the sin of being successful and oustanding in his field and forced by pain of prosecution to redistribute his talents and the fruits there of to less productive competitors and not monopolise his talents for his own personal gain but instead self cripple and hobble himself to create a 'level playing field for the less capable and productive. He must also face the most evil of public denouncement and character assassination for having the temerity to be excellent and dominating his field by stint of hard work, monumental effort and creative innovative genius.

Translate such evil philosophy to sport and Mo Farah and his ilk would have to undergo amputation of a limb to allow the competition a 'fair' chance.. Such is the hatred directed towards the men of achievement in every other field than sport and specifically the olympics. Yes one can enjoy the spectacular success of individuals in Rio but do not expect it to be carried over into any other area but rather exactly what has happened, namely the Olympics being championed as a celebration of a colectivistic patriotism and  statism.

Thou Shalt Not Think

Idiot non savant Roy Masters used to say to his small audience of psychotic followers 'get a trade or you will have to live by your wits'. What does thinking by your wits actually entail? It requires thinking, the excercise of judgement, thinking on your feet, using your mind to engage in the productive activity of money making. Think the financial market, Wall St etc. Thus religion again is exposed as being anti rational, anti mind, anti achievement. You are only productively engaged if you are working in the field and sweating blood.Masters and his religious ilk will determine what constitutes real work - not that he has done much of that in his adult life by that definition, nor indeed his children who as far as I can determine have never had a trade at all as most have been in sales apart from David and who knows exactly what he does other than being Roy's idiot sidekick, a sort of Roy-lite for the very intellectually challenged.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fair Stands the wind for Capitalism

Political insurrection, unrest,rebellion against the status quo, the frontal assault on the politcal elites and the corruption of the Establishment all  provide the perfect opportunity for pro-freedom capitalist advocacy. If everything is now on the political agenda and  nothing is taboo, and people are openly talking about undiluted pure socialism as a viable proposition, however bizarre and irrational that undoubtedly is, then correspondingly it must now be equally acceptable to put forward the idea and argue for  pure undiluted capitalism, untrammeled by the excrescences and impediments of the mixed economy with all its statist concessions and compromises such as taxation,regulation and protectionist tarriffs. What is sauce for the political goose of Socialism is sauce for the political gander of capitalism. In a climate where the unthinkable and unsayable is now thinkable and sayable let's have at it!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Religion's Pretzellogic

Mountebank Roy Masters once said on the radio that coming out the bathroom he decided not to switch off the light but then realised that this was a serious omission because it was selfish. Pause to reflect on this convoluted bizarre harebrained ratiocination. If you do not turn off the light in your own house and consequently face a higher electricity bill you are being selfish! No, I can't figure it out either. Now if it were your nextdoor neighbour's light that you left on that could at a stretch be characterised as selfishness at least in the received meaning of that word but your own light?! Such is the mad inverted thinking of the religious who afflicted with misplaced guilt seek to preselitize their own neurosis cum faith.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Socialism keeps coming back

Socialism and its economic theories have been roundly defeated but it persists and returns periodically because it has never been challenged on the only grounds it can be defeated, namely moral grounds. The conservative right cannot mount a moral assault on socialism because it shares the same philosophical roots of  Christianity with its,self sacrifice and brother's keeper altruism.
Hence the tediously predictable alternation of Conservative,Labour,Conservative,Labour governments over the decades.

Only a political movement divested of this religiously rooted philosophical impediment can defeat the toxic virus of socialism and its fraudulent  moral claims.

Capitalism's Defaulters

It is a profound error of judgement and intellectual miscalculation on the part of the commentariat to assume that a Corbyn government is not possible. On the contrary, it is entirely possible for as the advent of Bernie Sanders, Trump and even Brexit testifies, the old political assumptions and certitudes of the the intellectual establishment  have been swept aside. These people are way behind the curve.

If socialism does triumph in the UK it will be by default of the intellectuals and the right who have comprehensively failed to mount a spirited principled stand against statism and collectivism for the very reason that they are tainted with it themselves, having engaged in their own  welfarist redistributive policies over the decades to such an extent that it is hard to tell conservative and Labour apart.

Just as the West cannot oppose Islamism because of its own horrendous history of barbarous Christianity sharing as it does the same philosophical roots so too the conservative right cannot oppose or challenge socialism because it has supped at the same statist table and shares the same collectivist assumptions as the Left albeit in slightly diluted form. And this is why those who wish for a return to capitalism will wish in vain if they seek such deliverance from the traditional quarters from which  all that emanates  is an ignominious shameful and deafening silence.
To those who persist in questioning my statement that Roy Master s organization is a cult on the grounds of his disclaimer that there is no church and that 'you cannot join', I can only reiterate that in the modern age religious frauds no longer need to gather people together in a specific physical geographical location but can achieve their nefarious ends far more effectively and on a  greater scale by recourse to broadcasting, in the recent past via radio and now by the far more powerful means of the intenet. TheJihadis and Islamists illustrate this point graphically for they no longer need to go to Syria or a mosque for their brainwashing but just go on the internet and then blow themselves up in the public thoroughfare. Does anyone seriously question their cultic psychopathology  on the grounds that they were indoctrinated online rather than in Syria?

Religion's rule of unreason

Mountebank Roy Masters used to tell his witless listeners that they should not leave their babies unattended in a room at night lest they be overtaken by demonic spirits. Such is the insanity of the religious mindset in its unreconstructed unreformed state. It is hard to understand why such madness would draw an audience and it can only be explained by the wholesale abandonment of reason by the intellectuals and the irrational trend in modern philosophy which has enabled outright charlatans like Masters to gain a hearing.

In the past when religion held sway any who questioned its demented nostrums would be tortured and killed. At least now in the age of enlghtenment we can laugh at such nonsense and arrant  absurdities and only risk criticism from its deranged votaries.