Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Should Women Be Teachers Even?

Iam beginning to wonder. Perhaps at primary school. Maybe.We have a problem Houston. We have mass feminisation of the State Schools. Socialism in action. The boys are feminized. And taught How To Homosexual Lessons. And how to wear a condom. And all about the Suffragettes (who were terrorists with hysteria.)If only all of them would fall under a horse. Or just shut up would do.

Women drivers bother me as well. You see them talking on their mobile phones. Don't ever believe they can 'multi-task' as the feminazi propaganda has it. They can't even turn a corner and signal at the same time! They should really have their car licences gently but firmly removed from them.

And why do women wear make-up? Still catering to men when they are supposed to be liberated. O well. So many questions. They also seem to dominate the media with their wimmin issues. Are we in danger of becoming a matriachy? The very definition of a living hell.

I'll leave the last word to Socrates: 'When a woman says she has an equal relationship with her husband -you know she is in charge'.

No! Why should I leave the last word to Soc? Here's my last word. Men, if you are going to marry make sure you get a water tight pre nup. Probably won't make any difference as the legal system has been emascualted and easy divorce and alimony laws are all on the side of women.

Here's Brigham Young with the really really last word: 'You won't hear me criticising the Devil . He's very good at his job'.

NHS Killing Fields

There be bugs and dragones..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bonkers UK

Going completely mad? Perhaps people go demented as a way of coping withthe insanity of the world? Or they have information overload and meltdown. They think therfor they go off their rocker.This world not to say country is enough to drive anyone over the edge. It takes a certain skill and intelligence not to go completely maddocks. If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Homeschooling Revolution

The Daily Mail reported yesterday(23.2 07) that more and more British people are homeschooling. Reasons given ranged from poor educational standards,violence and anti social behaviour, innappropriate sex education content,drugs, and lastly but I suspect not leastly circumvention of prosecution of parents for truancy. The latter of course is related to the former because children's truancy is reflected in those problems they are often seeking to escape from.

What an indictment of State education that so many no longer have any faith that it can deliver the goods even on a rudimentary level. Has the time not come to question the State's involvement in education per se and move towards total market based education? Only such a radical step will free the system up from over bureaucratisation,centralisation, sclerosis and insidious socialisation.

Do children who have not even been taught the basics and building blocks of learning such as reading writing and arithmatic need to be initiated into the homosexual subculture with all its attendant unhealthy ramifications? Who benefits from legions of dysfunctional miseducated children flooding the job market other than the welfare departments and the social services who have permanet clients for their dubious services into perpetuity?

Highly unionised education has created an unhealthy bias towards fostering statist mentalities who look to government for all the answers and never develop independence of mind as a result.Parents would do well to examine just what passes for education these days in the typical state school. Lots of it is little more than liberal propaganda across the board with the invidious religion of political correctness supplanting free enquiry and socialist dogma masquerading as objective instruction.

Government plans to raise the school leaving age to 18 are an attempt to extend the lobotomisation process still further, effectively institutionalising the youth population rendering them totally dependent on the State and permanently crippled thereby,wards of governemnt tax based largesse, brainwashed to be little robots of compliance and obesiance.


Egypt arrests blogger. First they came for the Egyptians...Then they will egypp us all.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

What A Racket.

Wimbeldon women to be paid the same as men? They are going to play five sets now are they? One more round in the battle of the sexes lost to women. Here's the elephant in the drawing room: women are weaker physically, mentally, morally intellectually and spiritually (and every other conceivable way) than men. That is why men lead and women follow. Reverse that natural order and hell is come again. Feminism is a cancer and it is devouring the world.

The lost cojones. A woman whipped matriachal society is a hell on earth of socialism, communism, worship of the Mother State. Drive the monstrous regiment of masculine females back in to the kitchen where they belong and they can do least harm.

Homosexuality and all the other curses belong at the door of the malevolent feminnazism sweeping the world.

Nuke women's rights!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Capitalism's bad rap

Having just read an attack on capitalism on the grounds it is inhuman I have been pondering why it is so detested by the left or even some religious conservatives. They talk of the money changers and how Christ threw them out of the temple. I put it down to their own psychological flaws and shortcomings which they project onto a system that exposes those flaws to the glaring light of reality. Where there is no competition there can be no failure.

This particular writer seems to be against non face to face business transactions but unless we return to a primitve communal communistic barter system of rudimentary exchange on a localised level, a hand to mouth existence with no material luxuries it is unrealistic not to say regressive, atavistic, primitivism of the rankest and desperate kind.

He goes on to say that the attack on the WTC exposed America's weak economic underbelly and revealed the tentative contingent and compromise modern trade system with its precarious foundations. On the contrary the globalised reach of capitalism with its movement of intellectual property is the cornerstone of wealth production and has its greatest expression in America, the cornucopia of capitalism from which this ungrateful mental and moral pygmy resides.

If Conservatives have such an ambivalent if not hostile attitude to capitalism is it any wonder the intellectual barbarians of the left are encroaching on our liberties and freedoms from the academic centres of America, through the media to the hearts and minds of the American people.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Now Bush is Appeasing the NKoreans

Why? Is this the lame duck speaking? Expect more duck billed plattitudes. If it waddles like a lame duck and squawks like a lame duck.....

Lets see if I get this right. If you don't build nukes we will give you oil. Is that it? Seem to remember that was the failed and discreditied Klinton rout. Wasn't it that great mathematician Albert E who said "Insanity it doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bush's Biggest Error

- Was to think that you could civilise the Arabs. His people did it with the Japs but obviously the camel shaggers are beyond sub human and enjoy killing each other in tribal fashion and blowing up each other's mosques. His greatest failure was to give these people the benefit of the doubt.

Re Iran he has now learned that Democratisation won't work and its time to get the Nukes out. Fireworks coming soon. Lets all enjoy the show!

Kilroy Roughs Up Muslims on Today

Silk upper Cut Muslims on R 4 this morning. They were bloody and bowed. Women should be able to infiltrate, sorry, enter the mosques. Good on you Kilroy. Help emasculate the mosques,weaken and undermine them. We are with you. A bit of ethnic multicultural cleansing is in order and you are just the street brawler politico to do it. It is open season on Islam now and all self respecting Brits should wade in and proffer their support. The monkeys are on the run. Expect lots of gibbering wailing and gnashing of teeth and phoney outrage to break out from the 'mooslim communiee'.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Stuff The Taxman (Taxidummy)

OK. I never got round to filling in my tax return. They won't bother me, a minnow. Should get a letter soon telling me I owe them £100 for being late, plus a percentage if I continue not to file . Yes but they won't pursue lil' ol' me. I'm safe. Ain't I? Prisons are full. Be a one man tax revolt. How comes everyone is taxed to death and some old aged pensioner sticks her neck out and refuses to pay and goes to jail? Where's everyone else? Then someone bails her out (probably Gordon).

The politicians have got us sussed. We are State Junkies. We know it is killing us but we go back for more. Gordon says jump, tax, and we say how high? We love that which enslaves us. Haven't got time now to explain the psychodynamics but it is sick man. Real sick. Our trumpeted tolerance is really weakness disguised as a virtue. We just can't say no. Our servants have become our masters....

What kind of person would be a tax collector? They went on strike on the 31st. That is the first industrial action I have ever supported!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Culled Turkey

Are the factory chickens coming home to roost. Well I had chicken today. Its a poultry matter. Lets talk turkey. People in the culinary know insist it is a crap meat. That's why most people only eat it once a year. I am personaly convinced by the Jamie Oliver /Hugh Fearnley Whittingsall line that the mass production of foodstuffs should be avoided where possible. I don't have an ideological political opposition to it, just a personal health based one. If others want to eat junk food let them.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Archer: Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction

Two statues have apparently been stolen from Lord Archer's gardens today. One was of a female figure doing handstands. Forget the cedar logo. What a perfect symbol for Party of Dave turning tory principles on their head: a figure of a girl doing handstands. No, you truly couldn't make it up....

Return Of The Magi

Even in her last days Thatcher has more fire in her than the insipid girlyboy David. She was at a Cold War exhibition yesterday talking about freedom and liberty and what it takes to defend it. What gravitas and wisdom in one little soundbite . Watch it David, and weep ( I imagine you are rather good at that).

When it threw her out of 10 Downing Street it didn't just shoot itself in the foot, it actualy ripped the heart and soul out of the party. Now all that is left is a hollow shell echoing vapid nothings to a tired and cynical electorate which it helped to create.

Meet Your Maker the Mad Muslim Poxy Moron

Frothing Muslim Cummuniee Leaders are outraged! "How dare you try and link us with terrorists?" A book shop owner selling harmless muslim tracts ( you know, containing such enlightened ideas as all jews are pigs etc ) has been released without charge. "Its a police state!" he moans, "my parents have aged 10 years in the last week". Whatever. Stop belonging to a community that wants to introduce sharia law and promoting a death cult and the police will stop viewing you as a possible suspect in a plot to behead those who are defending democracy. Simple really..

Who let these people in? Isn't it time we showed them the door? We have been way too tolerant for way too long. This is the result.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monty Pylon's Flying Circuits

Scotland is up in arms because they want to put up more of these monsters to help the wind farm capacity. (You know, those beautiful aesthetic windmills*). It's for the environment! Gorra laugh ain't yer?

*Now you know why they called it Kyoto: Tilting at windmills.....

Monday, February 05, 2007

Paedophile Prophet

For those who claimed I got all the stuff about Mohumud being a paedo from dodgy websites i hope they caught ch 4's Dispatches a few weeks ago when the mad immams were advocating child brides for muslims on the grounds that 'Piss be upon him' took a 6 or 8 yr old girl to wife.

If he was alive today he would be villified alongside Garry Glitter who apparently may return from Vietnam to the UK. Perhaps he should look up his local mosque for some moral support when he gets here.....

Saturday, February 03, 2007

How To Cut Crime


Thanks to my 14 year old neice for showing me how to link. Over two years blogging and just got it. Covered in shame. Next I am going to show you how I can post pictures! If I can remember....

If you can wade through the verbiage you will see that I join the fray for several heated exchanges. For some reason it seems to have stalled. Why not get it going again and drive the eco fascists spare. I think it has already happened......

Friday, February 02, 2007

Winds Of Change?

I am being asked to switch to the new blogger. Is it a good idea or not. Beta. Or that's what I am on now. Think I shall resist.I'm a Conservative after all...