Monday, January 16, 2017

End of Religion?

Whilst the prediction of the end of history and politics has been wide off the mark and downright wrong and mistaken  it is far more probable that the 21st century will see the beginning of the end of religion. Why -because of Islam and its monstrous depradations. Like Christianity before it Islam will find such opposition and rejection of its minissaries and core fundamental assertions and its evil nihilistic applications that history itself will turn against it in much the same way it did against Christianity in all its rabid tyrannical totalitarian inhuman and barbaric expressions. Christianity as we know it today is an eviscerated emasculated depleted morally and intellectually spent force,a parody of its former minatory and robust self ,stripped of its military associations with absolute States across the globe,themselves supplanted by democratic institutions,its whole base diminished and etiolated to the point of near extinction.This it hardly needs to be iterated is a stupendous victory for the forces of genuine progress and enlightenment,the ultimate corollary of the glorious age and triumph of reason over superstition and the tyranny of priest craft.

The next monotheism for the chop -an apt analogy in this context is of course Islam itself the unreformed monster bestriding our civilization like a Collosus,wreaking havoc through national polities,sweeping across borders with crazed insensate blood lust,unchecked by decadent democracies hamstrung by self defeating self denying ordinances of political correctness,emboldening the Muslim enemy to yet further atrocities but this too will be but a temporary Spring for Islam to be followed a cold winter of Reform as international powers muster to defeat this pathetic rump of ultimately self immolating stone age mystics and Islam itself will be reformed unto death and become an absurd caricature of its former inhuman self as Christianity is today with its feeble mutterings and limp-wristed pontifications from on low.

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