Wednesday, September 28, 2005

German Labour Heckler Thrown Out Of Conference

He was a refugee from Nazi Germany and today he was ejected from the Labour conference hall by burly bouncers for heckling Jack Straw over Iraq. ITV made the most of it and dropped in references to communist totalitarian tactics but the only thing that occurred to me apart from the ineptness of the affair was that a refugee from fascism should be in support of his party's war on islamafascism rather than opposing it.

The war against the muslim foe like the war against 1930's European fascism will be long and bloody but it must be fought and it is to the credit of Blair that he recognises the threat for what it is and is prepared to go against all the leftist pro Saddam islamafascist terrorists in the Labour party.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blair Switch Project On Hold

It may have been a good speech at Brighton - I don't know, but it was good enough to keep the Brownites at bay and that is all that matters.I don't trust Brown.An unreconstructed leftist he would be a disastrous PM.At least Blair is a semi conservative in some respects and has had a very good war.

On the Tory front they still have their constitutional wrangles but I think what they voted on today to let the grasss rooots members have a pivotal say in who the leader will be means Ken Clarke is stuffed.Perhaps now he will go to his spiritual home:the liberal party.He and Kennedy would be a dream ticket - they are both Rum politicians.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Council Tax Tyranny Claims More Victims

So a second old age pensioner has been thrown in jail for not paying her council tax in full -it having gone up over 100% in the past decade.Surely now the rumblings of revolt will grow apace.

The racket has to be exposed.Money goes to worthless parasitic government employees to shuffle paper and obsfuscate and tie everyone up in red tape.Precious little quality services are provided for all those taxes.The police are little more than change agents for political correctness,criminals have taken over the streets,the educational service is in meltdown and still the profiteering political racketeers keep on upping the ante.

Thugs with criminal records like telephone numbers stalk the streets free to roam and terrorise at will,while old people are thrown in jail for not being able to meet the extortionate demands of a power crazed,corrupt kleptocratic local government Thiefdom.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Can The Muddle East Embrace Democracy

Looking at Iraq it makes you wonder if Democracy can be imported artificially.It took us a thousand years to get it right -or at least functioning fairly well. Only Israel significantly has achieved this feat but the jewish history of diaspora helped them absorb the democratic values of other nations and adopt the template.

No doubt the war in Iraq has been hamstrung by liberal media driven politcal correctness where a more iron fisted approach would have purged the terrorists sooner rather than let them flourish and regroup as has happened.

The BBC may regard psychopthic terrorists as 'insurgents' but a purge on them would obviously be preferably to the much vaunted and boasted-about 'hearts and minds' operation of the British (as opposed to the more head on, take no prisoners American way.)

The softly softly British policy in Iraq has had no more effect than it it has in the UK with criminals.They now rule the streets. It is to be hoped that we now draw lessons from the debacle and take off the velvet gloves.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tony Blair Discovers BBC Anti Americanism Bias!

It is all happening this week.Hard on the heels of the Guardian shock horror revelation that UK universities are hotbeds of radical political religious extremism, comes Tony Blair's discovery that the BBC is anti American.His eyes were opend to this amazing truth by the Beeb's er, incredible coverage of Katrina.

Lip smacking relish by the corporation's journos at the New Orleans destruction left our Tony shocked and angry according to Rupert Murdoch no less who recounted Blair's comments to the media.

Pity Tony didn't tell the BBC about it instead of a third party.Surely now this governement must see that after the BBC's tendentious coverage of both Iraq and now Katrina it has quite simply lost the plot,is no longer a public service broadcaster but a partisan,biased and abusive anti American,anti Israel propaganda outfit ripe for free market liberalisation via the long over due scrapping of the TV licence.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Guardian Makes An Astonishing Discovery

At the weekend the Guardian made an astoninshing discovery: our British universities are hotbeds of ideological extremism.The sound of scales falling from eyes is heartily welccome.

Who knows, next week it might even discover that the welfare state is being used by layabouts who don't really want a job.Who hasn't know for the longest time that universities are centres for politcal leftism and that what goes on there in the guise of pursuit of knowledge is little more than liberal indoctrination?

The only comforting thing is that our educational system is so abysmal across the board that the dolts who come out of it the other end are going to be so stupid and uneducated that they will not pose a threat to anyone but themselves.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The British People Have Been Ethnically Cleansed

Race equality comissar Trevor Phillips claims the UK is in danger of turning into a land of ethnic ghettoes.That's multiculturalism for you.His sollution? Force institutions such as schools to take in ethnic minorities to balance things out.As if that social engineering hasn't already been tried in the US with dire results.Remember bussing?

Multiculturalism is a bad mistake that keeps on festering and growing until somone steps up and speaks the truth that unchecked immigration, an influx of aliens is untenable and no amount of forced assimilation such as Phillips recommends will address it.

Small wonder more and more true born Britains are leaving their country in droves as they no longer recognise it as their own; whole swathes of the nation have been turned over to alien subcultures,poisonous enclaves of interracial strife and pustulating decay.

The very skylines have been disfigured by ugly mosques inside which who knows what moral and spiritual criminality takes place,what plots and schemes to destroy the British way of life being being hatched out,what dastardly criminal acts being devised,all in the name of a sick and degenerate cult called Islam that worships death and destruction on a global scale.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

UN Cannot Define 'Terrorism'

Welcome to that bizarre parallel luniverse of the UN where a motely crew of semi barbarian states acquire civilized status by association with democratic ones thus reducing the latter to the same level of moral delinquency -where no agreement (surprisingly) can be reached on the definition of the word 'terrorism' and the whole issue is fudged and left unresolved.

What further proof is needed that the UN is morally bankrupt,built on a fallacious premise that moral absolutes can be traded for sake of unamnimity and that the good needs the sanction of the bad and evil before action can be taken on any issue, where the lunatics indeed have taken over the asylum.

It is time to close up shop,send the UN into the trash can of history burried with the League of Nations and to introduce a United Nations of civilised Democratic States leaving the dregs such as Syria and Iran to fester in isolated enclaves of irrelevance and decay.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Palestinans Sack Synagogues

Hardly gets a mention does it? Palestinians taking synagogues to pieces in sacrilegious vandalism.No liberal outrage.Move along, nothing to see here.

Now imagine if the story was: Jews destroy Mosques and the outrage that would ensue from the MSM -and then try telling me there are not hideous and obscene double standards at work here.

Proof if proof were needed that the Jewish withdrawal from Gazza is a fatal error and that for 'Palestinian State read 'Nazi State'.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Christopher hitchens Nails George Galloway

In a classical debating performance of surgical precision Hitchens nailed Galloway's ass.A savage mauling executed with all the refined adeptness of a master interlocutor.The most Galloway could muster was ranting ad hominems feeble and cliched, laboured,third rate debating tactics which had the biased crowd roaring with approval but was embarrassingly weak and self parodying so much so that much of Hitchens work was done for him by the ranting bufoon.

Imagine a heavy weight intellect against a non weight intellect and that pretty much covers it. There was time enough for Hitchens to demonstrate his intellectual brilliance and superiority and righteous indignation and more than time enough for Galloway to dig himself into a mighty big hole -and then spend all of the two hours digging deeper.

The ranting demagoguery of Gallway was no match for the measured polite urbane tones of Hitchens which made his expose and disection of the Scottish bruiser all the more effective and devastating.

State Cultural Atrocity

A statue has been placed in Trafalgar Square of a limbless pregnant woman in what must be the most tasteless example of politically correct State subsidised 'art'. One more example of how government subsidised art is always bad art promoted on a narrow political ideology which is sinister art fascism.

Alongside this monstrosity are statues of people commeorated for their achievements and accomplishments so it is a direct asssault on aspiration and success,a grim Sovietised base appeal to non achievement, and the culture of compensation and mediocrity.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Northern Ireland Anti Loyalist Bias

Whilst not condoning the present loyalist riots in Northern Ireland I cannot help but notice the double standards the government and media operate under when condeming it. James Whale on Talk Sport Radio allowed endless callers to attack loyalist and Orangemen but when someone came on to defend the loyalists he cut him off and wouldn't allow him to speak.Whilst being a crude example of bias this is by no means an isolated example of it.

Thirty years plus of Ira terrorism that continues to this day is somehow airbrushed away and not seen as a bar to Sinn Fein participation in politics whilst loyalists are written off as beyond the pale for far less crimes.

As I have previously mentioned Blair's appeasement of the Ira is in total contradiction with his hard line against world terrorism and the loyalist riots cannot be seen as being disconnected from the gross and continued bias against the loyalist community by this present government.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Psychopathology Of Islam

On a National Geographic channel to mark the 4th commemoration of 9/11 they had a four hour special, and comments by a flight ticket inspector on meeting Mohumud Atta who flew one of the planes into the Twin Towers was revealing. He remarked that this man exuded hate from every pore, to paraphrase.

There we have it. Islam is sinonymous with Hate.It is an integral part of the Cult of Islam.It is not a religion of love but a religion of Hate. This explains why the muslims are forever foaming at the mouth.Their leader as well as being a paedophile and murderer was also an epileptic and we can see Islam as not a religion but a disturbed psychological state,a psychic abberration, a form of mental derangement and psychosis.

To be a muslim is defacto to be a psychopath,to follow Mohumud into a fugue state of epileptic narcosis.Behind epilepsy this mad derangement of the senses, lurks the very blackness of Evil itself.That is what we have to contend with.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Katrina's Idiot Wind

One striking image of New Orleans of black looters has defined the schism between that benighted racial group and the rest of America. What is it with the blacks that has held them back in social immobility and squalor whilst successive waves of immigrants have entered America and raised themselves up to affluence and self sufficiency?

Surely one word will suffice: Welfare. Breeding dependency parasitism and moral delinquency such programmes have held black people back and plunged them into a downward spiral of mendicancy and shiftlesness. To suggest as the liberals are trying to that more welfare is the answer is tantamount to prescribing arsenic as an antidote to food poisoning.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Liberalism Is A Mental Illness

I used to think that liberalism was a political philosophy but now I realise it is a psychological confession.

BBC Radio Four is full of it.You cannot turn it on for five minutes without being assailed by liberalism. This morning Walters from Pink Floyd was attacking Bush and it was so cliched sloppy thinking straight out of the left wing handbook as if all liberals have been to the same School of Dumb.

Why do most people from the entertainment industry hold left wing views that are so at odds with how they live their own lives -a rich elite who live as far away from the common man in their gated mansions as they could possilby get.

Then it was the former editor of the times Harold Evans rambling on about America's Spencerian Social Darwinism and how the New Orleans disaster will lead America back to core values of higher taxation and socialism.

Polemics and propaganda has its place on the media but the BBC Guardian agenda is one sided partisan biased broadcasting and flies totally in the face of it alleged ethos as a public broadcasting institution.Why does it continue to flout its own charter with impunity and such brazen contempt?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Roots of 9\11

Excellent TV prog I just got round to seeing on the origins of the present Middle East problems -and on ch 4 too!

It outlined the provenance of strife in the region by the Arabs alignment with totlitarianism -going back 80 years, with Hitler's Nazis,then the Soviet Union and it went on to explain that it was only after the Arabs cosied up to the Soviets that the US started supporting Israel.

It was heartening to hear arab commentators noting that by and large the arabs are the authors of their own misfortune and they need to get their act together and stop blaming others for their own failings.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fuel Tax Protest: About Time

A fuel tax protest next week is long overdue. We pay 70% on petrol - almost the highest in Europe but the government is always trying to shift the blame onto oil prices and Katrina -anything but where the real guilt lies -with a bloated parasitic State that mugs people every day at the gas station.Not so much petty theft as grand larceny.

The Americans went to war over tax far lower than we are paying but then us Brits tend to respond to government demands with a craven acquiescence which only encourages it to more depradations; its appetite grows with the feeding.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Daily Mail: Victim of Left Wing Coup?

To read the Daily Mail these days is to experience a weird disorienting sensation as if a moral universe has been turned upside down;for this great Conservative organ has seemingly overnight morphed into The Guardian/Daily Mirror.

Apopleptic anti American tirades feature in its leaders and opinion columns every day, former conservative stalwart Peter Hitchens fulminates against Bush and all his works. What is going on? Peter McKay's and Max Hastings outpourings wouldn't be out of place in some far left magazine so why they are given house room in the Daily Mail is totally beyond comprehension.

One expects to hear liberal nonsense on the BBC every day, blaming everyone for Katrina except those responsible: the sub human denizens of that benighted State Of New Orleans - but the Daily Mail? Words for once, fail me.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Arizonian Sheriff Arpaio Says UK Prisons Are Like The Hilton

Arpaio the no nonsense Arizonian sheriff would like to bring his tough penal reform that has been so sucessful in the US to the UK. He could not believe the liberal regimes in our prisons when he visited recently. The inmates are allowed to smoke,drink coffee and watch TV.That's not the half of it.

He has his prisoners on chain gangs picking up litter and digging ditches.We treat ours like royalty so they keep on coming back for more.

The wild and feral youths who terrorise the neighbourhoods across the UK are in sore need of robust chastisement. Public flogging would be a salutary check. Why also should they remain anonymous at 14 as if their rights need protecting and not their victims?

Murderers are getting off with less than ten years in jail. Public hanging is what they need.

We should take all the social workers and liberal judges and give them a spell behind bars in spartan conditions.They have given the green light to all the juvenile delinquency that has torn the social fabric of this once pacific isle.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Evil Left Seizes on Politics of Grief in New Orleans

I cannot believe I heard a black US 'Bishop' on BBC radio claiming that Bush was deliberately letting poor blacks starve in New Orleans because that was the Republican mindset. Heaven help blacks if those are their kind of leaders and representatives. Not leaders but cheerleaders as one commentator said.

Cannibals elect cannibal kings and I guess the blacks have the leaders they deserve. I for one am rather pleased that the white middle classes were able to flee the devastation with foresight and so many of the trailer trash scum were left behind to perish if that lawlessness and looting mentality which we have seen in the last few days prevails amongst them.

The only time my family were ever mugged was when they went to New Orleans on their US trip. Lets hope the scumbag that did it was swallowed in the sewage or the gators got him.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Environ-mentalists Wade In

It didn't take long for the environ-mentalists to blame Bush for Katrina by failing the Kyoto accord. Such obscene distortion of reality is of course the tree huggers MO but they have surely sunk to new lows in using a natural disaster for cheap politcal gain.

There is also a PC double standard exposed for imagine if Christian evangelists dared to suggest that New Orleans was facing vengeance from an angry God wreaking a flood of Biblical proportions on the decadent music loving gambling State. The condemnation and outrage would never cease. (Lets face it the latter argument has more to commend it than the environ-mentalist's.)

Goes to show how environ-mentalism with its junk science is the new religion for the world's paganists and they are spreading the message with all the fanaticism of religious zealots.