Monday, December 31, 2012

Come,Let Us Reason Together

People have by and large rejected religion as a way of guiding them through life.Religion has had its day.Even traditional mainstream orthodox religious institutions of the establishment have had to water down their core beliefs to such an extent they have been rendered inutile,enfeebled,emasculated,etiolated and reduced to mere ritual and formality.The old dog has had its day and to the extent that it endures it does so in such an abridged,corrupted, debased and compromised fashion that even its dwindling adherent are merely going through the motions and paying lip service to a creed they long ago abandoned in their minds and daily life.Where the original fundamentalism persists such as in Izlam we see the full flowering of barbarism and nihilism in action -suicide cult followers,primitive anti human tribalistic sub humans in their pre-civilization excrescence hell bent on genocide of their own kind locked in a sectional death grip,driven like crazed beasts to the very brink of collective anhiliation,reduced to an irrelevant back water of stagnation and decay.So,religion flounders in its own inexorable logic of death and people turn elsewhere for sustenance.But where do they go?Into the arms of another false comforter and liar,the State.God is dead,long live the State.But now again,another false God,the God that failed lies exposed as an impostor and fake.The deliverer of false promises and bromides,promising salvation in the form of a welfare cheque and a seductive promise of a life without effort or care -'from cradle to grave'.A new Jerusalem -check out the religious imagery and linguistics.For those who cannot take their religion neat we have a bastardised version -salvation without tears and wailing and gnashing of teeth.Except,ah except it is a tale told by an idiot,full of empty promises and dashed hopes.There is no social security.It is a lie,a monstrous lie and most of us fell for it didn't we?Could it be that just as we have come of age and abandoned childish fantasies of some supernatural being who is going to free us from the irksome scary business of taking responsibility for our own life we may too come to see the folly of handing our lives over to clay footed government operatives and agents of the State who seek to buy us with the very money they pilfered from us in the first place, like a dodgy car salesman but without the ethical integrity? I will take a wager they just might and it is on that premise that I dedicate and persist with this my blog.The field is wide open for anyone who will care to take up the challenge.You will have no rivals as all the political parties without exception are singing from the same hymn sheet.We are lacking only the will passionate intensity and conviction.Only!Well,the Left have all of those things in abundance.They have no claim to them.We do.What are we waiting for?

'13: Any Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Let me see.Well, as that Labour chap said as he left the office,'There's no money left'. So we have reason or cause to think the age of Big Government is coming to an end.If not now,when.In a boom,however artificially created by government there is no appetite for prudence but now the coffers are empty we should expect fiscal rectitude,a time of State contraction.Regrettably, whilst a Conservative government might normally be relied upon and able to achieve this it is of course shackled to the liberals and consequently hamstrung when it comes to making the real lasting changes needed in order to ensure some future for the country so one's optimism is tempered with some realism about what will be achieved.It is however moving in the right direction.The EU remains an obstacle to liberty and freedom but perhaps we may even come to grips with this monster and finally decide to a parting of the ways.Better late than never.A dark cloud hangs over America as it lurches ever leftwards to a European type of State and the last great hope for mankind becomes a laboratory for failed discredited calamitous Socialist programmes of government expansion,dependency and ruin - truly an American Tragedy unfolding, like a slow motion train crash.The Randian vision of a small delimited State seems further away than ever alas.So a little bit of cheer but mostly gloom I am afraid.One has to look dispassionately at the facts and not engage in wishful thinking.Happy New Year to my tiny readership and - tell a friend!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Insufferable Inverted Sneering Snobbery Of The Left

Will Self the sneering arrogant left 'intellectual'is at it again on the radio -public service BBC don't you know sneering at the aspirating middle classes and the proliferation of food outlets and broadening palates of the British people.It has taken their minds off the class war he and his kind like to foment and disseminate,it has given them choice in the place of what he clearly favours the stark choicless fare of totalitarianism and its command 'economy'.Oh the multiplicity, the superfluity and the sheer abundance of choice in the food basket is more than this sqeamish small minded sensitive little Socialist Self can handle.How offensive to see people spoilt for choice,not having to grub around for presumably, State rationed scraps of provenance, but free rather to roam far and wide across the culinary ethnic palate exploring and broadening their horizons as they go.No - as Mr self is keen on interjecting,let them eat Socialist bread and be content with it.Bah humbugger,Will,get thee to North Korea.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some Would Argue

That because some people are incapable of making decisions no one should be allowed to,we should all be treated as mental retards,not to be trusted with freedom and liberty less we makes some mistakes and get into a muddle.So we have society and systems predicated on human beings with the mental capacity of cretins and imbeciles.Welcome to democracy folks,you know it is all in your best interests....

To Continue

In order to be happy living in a Democracy you have to have the capacity to believe at least seven impossible things before breakfast,some of which are: a beleif that politicians and bureaucrats are wiser than yourself and know better what is good for you and your life than you do yourself.They know more about what sort of health care you should have,what of sort of school is good for your child,how much of your own money you should be allowed to keep,and what your money should be spent on.In other words you have to hold that you are not intellectually morally ethically equipped to handle the basic fundamental things of life and these should be decided by a system of majority voting.What sort of cretin and low esteemed person would hold such a delimiting pejorative craven low view of their own capacity and worth that they would tender out to a third party with it must be added highly dubious credentials untested by any rational reality based criteria the right to make the most important decisions pertaining to their life?The answer is of course in the question yet this is the very system deemed the highest evolution and flowering of human development and one to be fought for and defended across the globe at no expense.It is a damnable lie and Democracy is nothing less than the enslavement of the many by the many for the many. Such is where we are today.

How Does An Individual Live In A Democracy?

With great difficulty.A bit like how does a Jew live in Nazi Germany.When the whole culture is antithetical to your deepest beliefs and values it is agony to have to listen to all the claptrap, all the leftist drivel that spews out of just about everyone's mouth and infests all public discourse.The boundaries and parameters of what is respectable have been delineated in stone and anyone who crosses the parameters is a leper,a madman or a fool according to all the received wisdom of the day.This subtle totalitarianism of thought is all pervasive and is like a cancer running through the body politic.People's minds and bodies have been captured by the prevailing orthodoxy and the suffocating air of unchallenged assumptions hangs over the polity like an oppressive pall,stifling discourse and delimiting it to the expression of stale socialist collectivist bromides that no one truly believes but holds to like a desperate chanted mantra to cover the fear and horror of having to contemplate the opposite,namely freedom and liberty - a dangerous subversive idea that may frighten the horses and bring the whole stinking corrupt morribund depraved Democratic tyranny crashing down.

What Is The Essence Of All Religions,Their Common Denominator?

The answer to the above question is to me deafeningly clear and obvious: they all preach the insignificance,inefficacy,absurdity and paltriness of the individual and the need for the latter to deny itself in the sacrifice to the greater good ie anything or any one other than itself.It is a self denying,decrying, abnegating ordinance.In a recent church service on the radio over christmas this message screamed out from every lesson from the preacher during the mass service.Forget your self,serve others,deny yourself,the self is an egotistical illusion, you are only truly really alive when you subsume your interests and devote your life to the service of others.All earthly considerations are trivial,the pursuit of wealth futile,only giving and sacrificing will bring true meaning and harmony to your otherwise. miserable existence.It is very hard to see how this message differs from the secular philosophy of the age, namely Socialism,collectivism,the sacrificing of the individual to the group,the common good except that in this version God is replace by his earthly substitute the State but the underlying theology is identical: self sacrifice as the highest human good.Conservative Christians may vehemently object to this analysis but you do not have to listen to them that long to know that they subscribe t the self same philosophy,namely that altruism,the sacrificing of the self to others is a noble thing.This explains why for 60 years since the inception of the welfare states across the Western world we have not heard a peep out of them in challenging the ideology behind this collectivist movement of welfare statism and they have gone along in collusion with its assumptions and implementations,only seeking here and there to amend some of its more egregious and extreme applications but never challenging its altruist Christian based roots, fundamentals and provenance.

A Question Of Balance

If you have a sense of the numinous and transcendent you may appreciate the Moody Blues album A Question Of Balance.I was disappointed with it 40 years ago as an adolescent but bought it recently and have just played it.Where it sounded bland back then it now seems pregnant with meaning.I can understand why they were big in the US.The musicianship is of the highest order to.They really were very good and I am checking them out again for sure.The lyrics are of a spiritual nature,a mix of traditional Christian and the more what we now know as new age but I find that admixture with the classy musical accompaniment irresistable.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mrs Bill Gates -Dumb Cow

What an irritating woman is Mrs Bill Gates.On the radio telling us all about her good works.Puke worthy.Nothing about the genius that is Bill Gates,the innovator,the creator and spreader of wealth and jobs and happiness,inspiration,invention.Oh no, nothing about the core values that go up to make this special man.Just how she is giving all his vast wealth to the godforsaken Africans in their mud huts.If she thinks this is inspiring she could not be more wrong. Giving other people's money away,what poverty of thought this betokens,what depravity of mind,what parasitic mindlessness this manifests.The only values are those achieved by work and achievement.Philanthropy is the lowest of all human actions or near the bottom.It takes a lifetime to achieve values and wealth and virtue.It takes one day to squander it all on so called good works .Giving to the undeserving and the needy is only something a second hander,a worthless person with no self esteem would waste their time on.Sad Mrs Gates,why don't you go and get a life or try achieving something instead of indulging in your puking vicarious philanthropy and spare us your self satisfied trumpeting of your neurotic do goodery.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Then Again....

There are advantages to having an obscure site.You can say what you like without fear from a knock on the door from (very) PC Plod -Big Brother's foot soldiers of the now corporatist neo Fascist UK State.An individualist will by their very nature be in a minority.The great unwashed masses are never going to tune in to such a message of liberty and freedom.The pigs love their trough and would never appreciate a silver platter of pearls.Leave them to their Queen's speech and wallowing in the muck of yuletide fayre and their dollop helping of sentimental lachyrmose morally inverted corrupted sub philosophical religious mumbo jumbo drivel of self sacrifice and altruistic pious masochistic anti human ordure.

Monday, December 24, 2012

How To Live In An Irrational World?

It may not be a malevolent universe but the vast proportion of the human race is clearly not rational or logic abiding so for those who are it can sometimes seem an alien strange world to negotiate.The blogosphere has its consolations but its very strength is its very weakness in that millions can now express and share their thoughts in a way that was heretofore the preserve of the fifth estate but conversely in such a crowded arena the chance of getting your message out to a wide audience can seem beyond daunting.How can one compete with some idiot pretending to ride a horse and mouthing some incomprehensible gibbersih about 'gan man style' or whatever it is who apparently has now had one Billion visitors to his site.Try on the other hand waking people up and telling a few home truths and you are luck if, like me, you can garner fifty visitors a day(from such far flung places as Laos,Latvia and Slovakia apparently according to my stats).I am not complaining (right!), its a free market of ideas and views so if if the people want to remain asleep and stay on a shallow level of junk entertainment fine but then one questions if there is much point in talking to yourself and wasting your energy on here.So expect less postings as I attempt to chanel my wasted energies into more profitable pursuits from now on(Happy Christmas!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

America Unbowed

The only good news out of America since the gun incident and liberal media-whipped hysteria and O Bummer's cynical manipulation of a tragedy to opportunistically pursue his Socializt gun-grabbing agenda is that Americans have rushed to the gun stores to stock up their arsenal before the Obumination seeks curbs on their constitutional rights.Brave and good America,never bow the knee to the tyrant impostor in the White house,blackened by his pestilential presence,defamed by his anti-Americanism,besmirched and dragged in the gutter by his Communistic change-agent agenda against America.They will not be chastened by this mountebank and will stand as one to ensure his Machievellian plots against their birthright are confounded and brought to nothing. Yes,God bless America,shining light on a hill, undimmed by the Obummer anti-Christ and his evil plots against it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Junkie State

Of course in a free society unshackled by statism and Socializm what substances people choose to ingest would be between them and their drug addled brains - and not the state.But government knows best it thinks and wants to police what people ingest because its all part of the paternalist state.Truth it is the biggest junkie of them all -addicted as it is to taxpayers money.Weaning it off that addiction will prove much harder than getting your average smack head off theirs.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Desert Island Diss

Outrageous abuse from Kirsty Young towards Eric Pickles today.A full on assault on tory values and personal attack in a way unthought of had he been a Labour minister.This is standard fare for the BBC and no matter what the programme is and no matter what the context and how inappropriate, the same old Leftist agenda is to the fore.Mr Pickles was way too polite to this stupid bitch,she needed slapping down big time but she got away with bloody murder and the old chap just took one gratuituous blow after another as Young continued abusing her position and the programme's which is supposed to be about favourite music and a short biography of the guest,not this left wing harrangue.Shameful -and a sacking offence.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Plonker Of The Week

The prize goes to Peter Oborne the oddball tory journalist who said on Nicky Campbell R5 prog this week that Peter Green of Topshop and co is more immoral for avoiding tax than a benefit fraudster.Wonder how many jobs Mr Oborne has created and how much tax he has generated compared to the admirable Mr Green? Come to that one might ask the same of the Leftist communist Tax uncut rabble who are promising to invade(infest) Starbucks stores today and 'set up creches' to highlight the plight of the poor who but they say for the likes of such companies avoiding taxes would not have to face welfare cuts .These parasites probably have never worked at all and certainly are not wealth creators and employment providers.They are scum and are society would be much improved by the removal of their pestilential presence.The likes of Oborne and the so callled conservative press are the true betrayers of the free market system which even though its mere residue remains are hell bent on eradicating even that by condemning Starbucks and joining in the hysterical malevolent envy driven witchunt against it.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ozzie Osbourne Despatches Pipsqueak Evan Davis

Fine performance from the Oz on the today prog as he swatted away the noisome fly Evan Davis with his impertinent, rude,aggressive,petulant, tendentious, biased and abusive partisan interrogation tactics.Georgy boy was having none of it and would not let the girly Evan get away with any egregious statement whatsoever.Brauvra performance from this very slick and able minister.He also managed to character anhiliate the stammering foot in mouth Ed Balls-up after his appalling and embarrassing, faltering, gaffe riddled train wreck of a speech in the commons yesterday.It was like shooting fish in a barrel but this obnoxious conscience free zone bruiser Balls has had his come uppance coming for a very long time now and yesterday and Today, he got it.

UK Uncut -Terrorists

We have had eco terrorists but now a new ugly virulent strain of urban terrorism has appeared in recent times in the form of anti-Capitalist thuggery and intimidation of organised leftist mobs hell bent on force and aggression to further their communist ends.The vilest and most hypocritical pompous pious prattling canting organisation to emerge lately has been UK uncut with its terrorist tendencies and intimidation tactics,occupying stores and generally infesting the high streets with their maladorous criminal presence all dresed up as a virtuous crusade against those who do not in their diseased Socializt minds pay enough tax already to the welfare Socializt State of the UK.If this sanctimonious bunch of unwashed smelly dirty creeps invade Starbucks this weekend and 'occupy' their shops I hope the police will drag them out by their hair and give them a sound and well deserved drubbing.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

UK Lurches Greekwards

Like a drunken sailor on shore leave Ozzie Osbourne (who according to the critics is cruel to the poor and bites heads off bats) read out the country's death sentence with a planned orgy of tax increases and borrowing on a tortuous long and winding road Greekwards.Austerity has taken on euphemistic Orwellian dimensions of doublespeak meaning its complete opposite and whilst the Welfare addicts kick and scream the bill just goes up and up on a nevernding exponential trajectory and we stumble ever closer to economic ruin and Desolation Row.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Taxation Is Immoral Obscene And Wrong

Starbucks have caved perhaps inevitably under the avalanche of abuse vitriol and intimidation directed towards it by an organised left wing cabal in the liberal media spearheaded by the wretched already discussed vile Hodges woman sending a clear message to any future multinational company to steer well clear of Britain cos its closed to business and sees any prospective company that settles here as mere tax fodder for its ever growing gargantuan super Socializt Welfare State.Way to go team GB, claim your Hammer and Sickle prize for job destruction and hatred of free market Capitalism

Sunday, December 02, 2012

You Can't Be A Little Bit Statutory

The amount of dissembling equivocating and semantic prestidigitation that preceded and was contained within the Leninvson Report tells us pretty much all we need to know about the malevolent and malign intent of the slippery authors of this appalling liberty destroying bloated tome of prolix and soporific legalese.It whitewashed the police,and the politicians and although I have no prior knowledge of this Lenivson character he seems like a wittering incubus of iliberal wind.Small wonder the Marxoid reared Red Ed Militant is full score behind this malodorous document of shame and wants it implemented immediately.I bet he does,wetting his pants at the very idea that this Socialist wet dream of muzzling the free press may now be within his clammy clawlike grasp.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Palezinians -Mythical People?

Look,what I know about the Middle East when it comes to all the fine historical details could be put on a postage stamp but I do understand morality and ethics and on these grounds it is obvious beyond any doubt that the right is on Israel's side 101% and counting.If I seize my neighbour's back garden and claim I did so because it was not really theirs but was 'occupied territory' and if I repeat that a million times does it then become the truth? Hitler did say if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth and this is what the Palezinians are counting on.They have fooled the so called international community at the UN -a 'cess pit of racism' as Israel called it and millions of dupes around the world have bought the lie that the Palezinians are the victims when they clearly are the perpetrators of all the violence and terrorism and are a malevolent cancer in Israel's back yard.Normally you treat cancer with radical chemo-therapy do you not?The UN has just acknowledge the fictional Palezinians as a concept and potential State and this is an egregious act of provocation on the part of this misbegotten dysfucntional delinquent organization comprised as it is of criminal States,corrupt regimes,racist loonytune barbaric countries who barely have the rule of law in any meaningful sense and yet are passing judgement on the only civilised democratic country in the whole of the middle East namely Israel.Pure madness.Well done Israel for pledging to build more houses on your own land which the lying bastards have misnamed Hitler fashion 'occupied territory'.Yes those filthy Arab Paleswinians must have their Lebensraum mustn't they -even if it means as they have openly pledged, to push Israel into the sea to get there.Build away Israel,build proud,build strong,live long and prosper.

Richard Madely Evil Bastard

Can I believe my ears - smarm ball Madely is extolling the virtues of squatting on R4 just now.Wonder how he would feel if some scumbag took over his house -maybe someone will now that they know he is a fan of such wanton criminality and uses standard leftist base sophistry to justify it,the despicable human being - and shame on BBC for allowing him to rationalise such delinquent immoral criminality.When you mess with property rights and argue that it is ok to take over someone else's property if they have left it empty for a while you are on the slippery slope to Communism.Whether you leave your property empty for five minutes or five years it remains soley yours to dispose of at your will and anyone who argues otherwise is a double speaking equivocating lying dissembling amoral corrupt evil communistic bastard.Madely,you've been named and shamed.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Negligent Parents and divers Others Scapegoat Free Press

The nauseating outcrop of the Levenson farrago continues.This time it is the McCans,the appalling negligent parents who left their young child unattended and now want to destroy our free press to expiate their own well deserved guilt.Yesterday it was the ridiculous stupid bitch Ann Diamond wanting to shackle the press -'just like we have in broadcasting' yeah right bring that on, a state controlled left wing tax funded biased and abusive government controlled media -what a good idea that is.Self awarenes bipass award goes to Miss Diamond or perhaps she can share it with the McCans.There has been a serious concerted assault on the press this year amounting to the most serious in centuries.Organised by the rabid bigoted Fascist Left,the likes of Spew Grant and the Hacked Off Communists with their shady anonymous funders(North Korea,Cuba,Iran who knows? - the hypocrite Hugh does not want any daylight shone on his murky fifth column of freedom-hating fellow Nazis and he is given full rein to pedal his illiberal bile on tax funded Channel 4.History has been rewritten to spare the poor guilt racked Liverpudlians and after the airbrush and hysterical revisionism it turns out that the scouse fans were all Florence Nightingales and Mother Theresas,social workers and do gooders and not the marrauding drunken rioting criminal rampaging semi humans we have always known them to be.How could we have got them so wrong ye Gods.A newspaper has been destroyed because of the pecadillos and bagatelles of a few over enthusiastic journalists motivated by an over developed sense of public service.The great Rupert Murdoch has had his wings clipped and deprived of a very sensible business deal which would have benefitted the public enormously and now this appalling criminal assault on freedom of the press.Cameron must resist the siren calls of the liberal left and refuse to budge an inch re Statutory control of our beloved free press.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hugh Grant, Left Wing Fascist

The great dictator -actor-clown Hugh Grant was fulminating against the free press last evening on the state subsidised more left wing than the BBC Channel 4 and it was a predictably nauseating affair.A one way ticket to North Korea may be the only solution for this hater of liberty and freedom of the press and the sophistry and dissembling he deployed was worthy of any left wing dictator justifying muzzling of the press in the public interest.This self serving drivel is well rehearsed and anyone with any sense can see through it but the ultimate irony which the likes of Grant are either oblivious to or are happy to ignore is this.Here we have a cynical ploy to deprive people of free press broadcast from a channel that is subsidise by the public without their consent!If people refuse to pay the TV licence they get sent to jail. No one is sent to jail for not buying the Sun,Mail,or Telegraph.They are free to choose whether to buy these 'evil right wing' papers.They have no choice about subsidising the likes of CH 4 and BBC.That is the ultimate tyranny these left wing people sanction and champion.They are left wing fascists all and we should dismiss their freedom-hating black propaganda with the utter contempt it deserves.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Virtuous State = No Cakes And Ale

An inevitable corollary of Welfarism is of course Nannyism.What and how much you drink and eat becomes the business of the State.The inexorable logic goes like this.We Big Government are going to take care of you from cradle to grave whether you like it or not - you have no choice.We will provide you with Socialized healthcare -you have no choice about that either by the way but we know best.From that it also means that what you eat and drink is Our business,not yours.Ergo control on alcohol sales and junk food also follows and is now up to us Big Brother to determine.The Road to Serfdom is well delineated.Don't say you were never warned....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A 70 Year Mistake

The BBC pushed the boat out,wet its pants presenting a three hour marathon anniversary edition on R4 to mark the 70 years of the inception of the Welfare State. Saint Beveridge the author of this evil construct was of course lauded in the customary way Leftists do and no critical eye was cast on the purblind amorality of the concept and the inevitable corollary of its misbegotten misconceived fallacious premises.The lives it has blighted is incalculable,the miscreants it has bred and sustained beyond the wit of man to say,the mendicants it has spawned and nurtured,the hopes dashed,the aspirations crushed, the ambitions extinguished,the dreams anhilliated -if one were to attempt such calculation one would not know where to begin - and it would never end.A land cursed by such a monstrous moral inversion,an idea so stupid and fatuous a three year old child could have seen through it,yet here we are to this day bedevilled by the evil welfare leviathan and yet, a chorus of idiots to sing its praises.When human madness reaches such a pitch of godawful absurdity one can only grieve at the folly of the intellectuals in the grip of insanity who devise such utopias and deliver dystopias and never ever it would seem, have to say sorry.Nay they are proud of their folly and trumpet it far and wide.It is truly a wonder that as a human race we are still standing on two feet.The devolution of man and the role Socialism and welfare played in it,that would be a worthy study albeit grim,requiring the genius of Gibbon to encapsualte the horror of it all.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Obscene Insidious Evil Of Rotheram Social Services

Most know there is something rotten at the heart of Social Services in England,how it is run and driven by Left wing zealots with virulent pc agendas but yeseterday with the news about Rotheram and the adoption couple re UKIP this has been confirmed and illustrated in a horrific display of Leftist bigotry and malevolent discrimination.This Labour council has a load of explaining to do and the people involved in this McCarthyite witch hunt against the decent couple who have devoted their lives to bringing up the next generation through adoption work should be summarily dismissed and never allowed anywhere near social services work again.A purge on the Leftists who run these services is vital and essential and Labour must disavow such monstrous behaviour unequivocally.Yesterday the Left's multicultural chickens truly came home to roost with a vengeance.Shame on all those concerned and the ideological malcontents who created this unholy morally criminal mess.

The Intolerant Illiberal Fascist Left

Perfect example this week to illustrate the sheer molten visceral hateful,abusive Fascist illiberal tendencies of the Left when confronted with an opposing view.Firstly the Church of England vote against women bishops.The supporters will not accept they have lost!Ungracious in defeat is one thing and that is bad enough in so-called religious people -of course they are nothing of the sort but rather Satan-worshipping Feminazist entryists who seek to destroy the church from within and make it a secular sewer to reflect so-called 21st century values but I digress - no it is bad enough that they are ungracious in defeat but far worse than that they have actually refused to accept the result and are making the most threatening,un-Christian,abusive intimidating noises against those who are simply standing up for the true traditional beliefs of the church.Shameful and wicked unconscionable evil behaviour.At least they have shown their true colours and have been given ample opportunity by the liberal mainstream media to spew their hatred and venom against those decent folk who were not going to be intimidated into giving up the true and timeless values of the church.What ugly vicious people these female pro-women bishops have revealed themselves to be.And shameful for Conservatives to join in the witch hunt against the traditionalists.The Left - for such the pro women bishops are - will not rest until the verdict has been overturned just like the EU forced those countries who voted No in referendums to go back and vote again until they got the 'right' answer.Left wing fascists!

Adolf Joseph Fidel Levenson

Screw Levenson! Cameron must reject any proposals by this Fascist hater of liberty and freedom to muzzle the press in any way shape or form. Only an outright, swift, uncompromising wholesale rejection of any legislation will do for this is the potentially biggest assault on freedom of the press for many a generation and must not be allowed to succeed.The Left are gathering like slathering jackals to pounce on and silence the press which is effectively the only check on their Communist anti liberal impulses and aspirations and they must not be allowed to get away with it.The Left already controls the airwaves with the BBC and CH 4,for the sake of freedom they must not get their filthy corrupt criminal hands on our free press.Cameron,send the Levenson report right back to hell from which it is about to ooze and strike a resounding blow for Liberty!

Friday, November 23, 2012

BBC's Jeremy Bowen - Evil Anti Semitic Bastard

It was a great pity that Israel's attack on Gazza did not despatch the vile Jeremy Bowen to hell but missed him by a glass shard as his windows were shattered at the hotel he was in.This despicable human being has been sending out anti Israel despatches for the BBC over the years and is an utter disgrace.This subhuman piece of slime cannot report without the odious 'both sides' phrase tripping from his mealy mouthed lips thus giving moral equivalence to the Paleswinians the instigators of the whole conflict.Maybe next time things flare up Bowen will get his just desserts,we can only hope and pray.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yellow Red Spawn

Communist China has put pressure of Hollywood and got them to censor their updated version of the classic 80's film Red Dawn because it featured Chinese characters portrayed as the baddies.So cravenly, Hollywood redigitalises the Chinese characters replacing them with North Koreans.Why not just replace the Hollywood sign with the hammer and sickle and have done with it? Only good thing is China is no real threat because it is terrified of freedom and liberty and will never be an enduring super power economically as America was.Rather than being a sign of strength its muscle flexing over this issue and sensitivity to criticism betokens a weakness and political and philosophical fragility just under the surface.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

State Funding Of Arts Is Immoral And Evil

Left wing artists need your support! You may be struggling to meet your bills but their free artistic expression of left wing views is essential to our culture!Only phillistines would disagree.Have you no culture for shame?No one really wants what they have to offer,their turgid tomes of self referential masturbatory self congratulatory infantile agit prop disguised as art,but we must keep on funding them anyway,mustn't we.HELL NO! These left wing parasites with their pseudo art need to take what they have to the market place and if people voluntarily want to pay for what they produce all well and good but we will no longer tolerate a gun being placed at the head of the hapless taxpayers to fund these leftist parasites with their narrow politically correct obsessions masquerading as art.Let them starve,or produce art people want rather what they in their deluded arrogant, phoney, pseudo acculturated full of crap posturing pomposity think us plebs need in order to enrich our sad culturally impoverished lives.Screw them!

Israel -Hatred Of The Good For Being The Good

We don't like heroes.We like underdogs and more dog they are the more we love them.Heroes we cannot handle,brave countries that stand on principle,valour courage,tenacity morals and ethics we loathe and fear in equal measure.Israel the nation is hated by all for just those things.It reminds us of how we back down and appease,truckle and compromise with evil on a daily basis in our own lives and nationally.The last thing we want is a reminder of our own moral depravity and sickness,our evil and cowardice,our inability to stand for anything and Israel by standing firm against the obscene evil as represented by Hamas and the Palestinians in general is a terrifying terrible painful reminder of our own immorality and appeasement of evil so we hate Israel and side with the subhuman Arabs.We want to see Israel brought low, to 'compromise' with the evil Paleswinains, anything but see them triumph and slay the evil.We want the UN to force them to capitulate and give in.To Hell with that.Go for it Israel,flatten Gazza and settle the Arab's hash once and for all.Shalom!

The Road Less Travailed

Travelling on some of Britain's roads I am shocked by the Third World standard of some of them.As I am jolted about, potholes and all I cannot help reflecting that this country is sending billions of pounds to other countries in Aid and we don't even have half way decent roads.It is clear one day we will just have to line all the politicians up against a wall and shoot them for they truly are Communist psychopaths and sociopaths who love the idea of giving other people's money away and enjoy the warm feeling of vicarious philanthropy -the gift that keeps on giving them warm feelings.We need to stop all foreign aid for it is nothing more than industrial scale looting by the State of the people for foreign people for whom most of us if we had any say in it - which of course we don't, wouldn't give the sweat off our brows.

C Of E Grows Cojones

Well well well, the Church has finally got some and voted against women priests.I have now raised it a few rungs on the ladder of hell for this.The angry mob of feminizsts are not happy which means the rest of us can be.Rejoice,the evil Satan-worshipping Left have been frustrated in their plans to corrupt and deprave the church from within!Even some silly Conservatives are not happy,they want to be all liberal about it but the whole point of the church is that it is not supposed to reflect the secular world back to its people.It is supposed to hold to a higher, timeless standard of what is right,not what is politically correct/right.Let the Satan worshipping he-women start their own church and leave the C of E alone.Of course I am aetheist practically but I still like to see the Left thwarted in their campaign of Evil!

Buddhists Kick Muzlim Ass!

In Burma the Buddhists seem to know how to deal with the Muzlim contagion and have driven it out of their country.Can we borrow some of these doughty Buddhists please?Wherever Izlam goes death is not far behind as its spreads its cancerous pall,devouring and laying waste as it insinuates itself into the obliging,weak and accomodating host country,infiltrating,corrupting,infecting,depraving,depradating,poluting and ultimately conquering.Buddhists are leading the fight against this evil cancer of Izlam and we should all be pleased about that.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bravo Israel

Turns out Arafat was probably poisoned by the Israelis.They know how to get their man.This piece of Arab slime was a terrorist murderer and psychopath.Thank goodness there is one country in the world that knows how to deal with such human offal.We roll out the red carpet for ours and let them wander at liberty around our streets.The latest fiasco re Jordan and the muslim qatada or whatshisname is one more example why we are rightly regarded as a laughing stock around the world.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fat Bloated Parasite Chris Patten Must Go

The smarmy arrogance of this man is nauseating.Patten the liberal's friend was a perfect fit for the pinko BBC.His purblind hear no evil see no evil is all of a piece for this weird Conservative with a penchant for patrician posturing and grandee pretensions.It now turns out he has held a personal grudge against the wrongly accused 'Conservative from the Thatcher government' and his looking the other way and 'nothing to do with me governor' looks suspicious, calculated and cynical.Whatever the case this preposterous deluded oleaginous ball of slime should be given his marching orders immediately.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

BBC Beyond Shame

The relish with which the BBC repeated over and over 'a senior minister in the Thatcher government' last week was telling enough.Now we learn the whole thing was a tissue of lies and smears against the gentleman in question and the Conservative Party.They should both sue the organisation for millions of pounds.The BBC is drinking in the Last Chance Saloon.Will this be the tipping point to breaking it up and putting it out to private tender? The BBC has always been anti Tory and heaven know the Conservatives don't have many principles or believe in anything at all really other than power but even the little bit of commonsense and pro capitalist tendency they do possess is hated and feared by the BBC and this antipathy goes back half a century.In the early 60's Evelyn Waugh in the famous Face To Face Series made refernce to the institution's Left wing bias so this problem goes back a very long way and is really insoluble.Tebbit tried to get it in line in the 80's but failed dismally.Now there is perhaps real opportunity to give this Marxist organization the kicking of its life and purge it of it's Leftist culture.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

666 The Beast Is Back

Channeling Elmer Gantry,Hitler and Stalin his victory speech foreshadows an out of control presidency lurching further Marxwards to the ultimate endgame,the Redding and ultimate destruction of Amerika.Good mourning America,a pall of toxic cancerous sulphourous smoke hangs over your once hallowed now sadly benighted land.Obuminatiion is here to finish its job of anhiliation and decimation devastation and ruin.Another kick in the solar plexus another lurch European Socializtwards,down to the pits of Hell.You wanted a Democracy,you spurned the Republic.You now have your wish.God help you all.Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

BBC Obummer Love-In

The disgraceful wall to wall partisan coverage by the BBC of the American elections should be a cause for investigation by the bodies set up to ensure non bias at the institution.There is surely a case here for it to lose its licence as the tendentiousness has been so marked and brazen.I have never witnesses such jaundiced and slanted reporting although I am a seasoned observer of BBC Left bias over the decades.This has plumbed new depths and is some sort of nadir on another level from its standard customary institutionalised everyday bias.I have watched in the last few days in sheer disbelief at what has almost seemed to be the Obummer channel and it has been quite surreal.Heads must roll and the BBC deserves to have licence revoked this time for sure.

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Road To Selfdom - Business Shrugs

Employers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chainstores.You are bled white to feed an ideology of death that claimed millions of lives over the centuries but just in recent times decimated lands and peoples and now like the dog returning to its vomit the States across the world seek to reimpose this tyranny with burdensome taxes and micro managing business and free enterprise, weighing it down with Marxist Red tape and directives from bloshevik bureaucracies across the western world intent on another round of serfdom and tyranny.No! Resist,refuse,strike for liberty!We do not mean put down your tools and close up shop.No we need more sophisticated measures than that.Let us be as subtle and serpentine as the enemy.Let us learn from its insidious stealth handbook.I propose witholding of taxes across the board,incrementally in unison.You need a Union! Study the enemy,the enema within and learn from the instruction.To be continued(here)

Romney Wins

There is no Death Wish! Americans are exceptional,they have exceptionalism written into their dna.They will not go down the European Socializt Road to Serfdom,they have stared into the Obama abyss and pulled back in trepidation and horror.As Europe crumbles and disintegrates into apocalyptic ruin and decay like the Roman empire itself,whole towns and cities ravaged and decimated by Socializm and welfare depradation,wastelands of lost utopias, its citizens scavenging for food across derelict swathes on Desolation Row they know this way perdition lies.Americans are stout and canny and survivalists, loving freedom far more than the seductive siren lure of unearned welfare largesse funded by their own ever onerous taxes.They will fight for their liberty,to be free men,they will not bow the knee to their upstart Socializt de-Magog in chieftan,Obummer the Impostor,the enslaver,the rabid Marxist change agent,the bringer of death,the plague of liberty,the enemy of promise,the Dark Knight of the soul,the mountebank,the spiritual criminal, the larcenous incubi of doom.They will survive,let Romney in and traverse the sunny uplands to freedom and liberty and send the charlatan Obummer back to the hell from which he oozed out of whilst America slept.Arise America and meet your Manifest Destiny!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Fat Slob Christie Hands Obama 5 More Years?

What an oaf Christie is standing side by side with the great black Satan just days before the most important date in American history for a generation.Do Republicans have a death wish or what? Why? Why do that,it beggars belief.Natural disasters are not the province of politicians and if Christie understood the role of the State he would know that but it seems that just under the surface of every Republican is a Socialist trying to get out.The dam breaks,the water floods in and suddenly all principles fly out the window and its we are all Socialists in this together.Calamitous and insane.The American people have little choice but to vote Mitt and save the country from complete and utter disaster.But bloated idiots like Christie do not make it an appetising choice and the man is looking more like a liability after such a promising start.Still one can only hope and if necessary pray that Americans do the right thing and rid themselves of the worst President since Roosvelt.

Obama Communist Spawn Of Satan

The incumbent is a scum bag pretending to be a nice decent reasonable man.He is a Sociopath,a psychopath,an Elmer Gantry,a charlatan,a Muslim,a Kenynan,a Benedict Arnold,a Communist,a lying, mendacious,deceitful,dissembling,parasitic,never had a real job,piece of human offal,a socialist, a pathological peddlar of fairy tales,Roosveltian Marxist, predatory,plundering, usurpatious, freedom hating, anti-American protoplasm of human garbage.If Americans vote for this vile evil human turd they deserve everything that coming to them.

NHS Witch Doctors

It must be good to be a NHS doctor.A patient comes in,whines about being depressed and you know that in 5 minutes you can get them out of your surgery by writing out a prescription for anti depressants which will probably addict them if not kill them and for this you get £1000,000 a year. Nice work if you can get it.More fictitious diseases are being created all the time and with them an attendant pill which the taxpayers have to subsidise though the socialized healthcare system and so general unhappiness is pathologised and we have half the nation addicted to toxic mind bending drugs.Who can doubt that the same cockamayne system obtains re cancer too?The only solution I can see is to have a free market in healthcare and people can subsidise their own drug dependency so us healthy non neurotic folk do not have to.As a friend once said when visiting a nurse in a mental establishment, what these people need is the 'Peter Lorrimar treatment'. He was a footballer in the early 70's who had a very big kick.All the patients would assume the position and Lorrimar would administer to each in person a tremendous kick up the arse and the cure would be effected .

Friday, November 02, 2012

Evil Communist Criminal EuroFederast McShame Collared

The vile Europhile Dennis McShane has finally been exposed as a criminal and fraudster and lost his Labour job.This will hopefully be the last time we have to listen to this insufferable bore and hypocrite with his Euro communist ramblings as he has been exposed as a felon and hopefully the police will resume the enquiries they dropped into the murky skulduggery of this obnoxious little runt and parasite.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Load Of Wind

Kyotism, (tilting at windmills) we have slouched towards wind scale disaster.Underneath the Green roots is darkest Red.There is no man made climate change - it is a Communist fiction. One wind turbine on British soil or sea is one too many. Let them stand idle - as they do anyway most of the time,fitting monuments to Blair folly.Stop this madness Now!

Heseltine Takes Tea With Mussolini

Corporatism or Fascism is the merging of State with business.Up pops a figure from the past with this new idea from the 30's Mr Tarzanizm himself old Hezza.The coalition needs him like a hole in the heart with his kind hearts and coronaries. Fascizm,Communism and Socialism -Centralism have been rightly discredited.Simply transposing all of that same dynamic to a local level will just duplicate the same madness but on a smaller localised scale.As well meaning and decent as Mr Heseltine obviously is his plans will put the final nail in what is left of Capitalism in this country -and that isn't much.Rather than a brief however tenuous it may prove to be I would like to give him a zimmer frame,slippers and the Collectivised works of Disraeli but keep him a million miles away from public policy -in fact lets not have one of those at all!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mind Your Grammar

The destruction of the grammar schools was an act of cultural educational vandalism worthy of Charming Mao.Paul Boating with his irony bipass operation could not make the link between his bringing copies of Tongue's Red book into his grammar school and the destruction of the latter by his beloved Labour party soon after he Left.Shirl the girl must have imbibed Mao's little tome to play her part in the downfall of the grammars along with Crossland and other haters of excellence and enemas of promise as they putsched forward their Garmmarscian cultural revolution.Where is she now,does she have no shame?

Greece Leads The Way In Tax Revolt

What a model country Greece is in prefiguring a tax free society.They just refuse to pay taxes!Why bother when UK taxpayers will fund their welfare programmes?! If we stop paying them too the Greeks will have to find a job and so will our parasitic political elite who have grown bloated by parasitic feeding off the people, empire building power lusting and indulging in rabid Statist mania on the life blood of the people.

Jimmy Saville Was An Amateur

Children being given contraceptives at 13 in our State schools without their parent's knowledge.Let us take our eyes of the smale scale violator Jimmy Saville.Our Socialist schools for scandal have far greater ambition to corrupt our youth and faciltate pre teen sex.With the collusion of the health services they intend to roll out the Savilisation and Glitterisation of our society but what is worse they seek to put a characteristic gloss of sophism and ersatz morality on to their moral depravity.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

PC Plod

The politicisation of the police has been a calamitous disaster. I think the rot set in when they were unionised.Theirs has been a closed shop of strange handshakes, an insular culture of nods and winks,a sense that there were beyond the law themselves and a peculiar and over developed sense of entitlement and desire for emolument over achievement,and an absurdly generous pension system with early retirement that has rendered the police force soft and complacent.The police culture on top of all that has been captured by a weird sub Marxist politically correct dynamic which sees the police arresting people for saying politically incorrect things but appearing seemingly impotent to deal with the menace of low level and hard core crime.

The Left Has Won

Yes Frasier Nelson is correct in a recent piece i the Telegraph stating that Labour people run public bodies and quangoes etc..The total ideological capture by the Left of practically everything under the sun has never been fully grasped even to this day.You could add to the list business and so called free enterprise itself which has undergone by stealth back door nationalisation.You may think you are running a business but it is so bound up by red tape and gov edicts that you are really nothing more than an unpaid tax collector and welfare administrator for the ever expanding tentacled State.

School For Scandal

The Blowhard NUT leader does not want there to be a rigorous barrier preventing unsuitable people becoming teachers.Why would that be? What purblind ideological malevolence drives these people,has not enough damage been done to successive generations of failed pupils,enough academic carnage wrought,a vast expanse of cultural wasteland opened up by the Marxist footsoldiers in the State sector with their covert Gramscian directives and agendas? If we want education to flourish in this country we need to close down the toxic teachers unions and drive them out of our schools -and then privatise the lot.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BBC Hoist On Own Peturd

Now the Saville debacle is engulfing the BBC perhaps they will lose some of their enthusiasm for home affairs select committees or whatever the Levenson thingy is?Their obsession with media wrongdoing re Murdoch will of course not extend to self examination of their own orgyan stables.Already they have gone on the defensive accusing the culture secretary of 'politicisation' of the affair.It is almost as if the word chutzpah was invented for the BBC.When it is caught bang to rights it expects a whole different set of value judgements to be applied.Its over developed sense of exceptionalism and denialism has a pathology all of its own.And is it not absurd for BBC journalists to seek to put a totally fictional distance between themselves and the organisation,talking about it in the third person as if they were not broadcasting from its very putrid bowels when discussing the Saville debacle!Cognitive disonnance on stilts or what?

Free The Airwaves!

What is needed is a Conservative TV station like they have in the US re Fox.Why not a Daily Mail channel? After all, there is a Guardian channel - it's called BBC lol.All the while the likes of Naughtie Guardian and Humphries rule the airwaves,radical out of the box thinkers like Peter Hitchens Richard Littlejohn James Delingpole and a host of others of their ilk et al will be marginalised.Free the airwaves!Why is the general public treated like children when it comes to broadcasting? They can be trusted to buy tendentious newspapers but not watch tendentious TV channels.This is all very ill-sorted,paternalistic and frankly has more than a totalitarian hue to it.

Jail House Rock( Not) The Vote

Give the prisoners a padded cell,the Bible, the works of Shakespeare and Ayn Rand. Teach them to read if they can't,a radio fixed on radio 4,five pieces of fruit and veg a day and not much else. But give them the vote? I hardly think so.Give them long sentences instead of letting them out after five minutes.In fact if I could influence penal policy the recidivism rate would nose dive as they would be taught how not to become criminals and develop a success mindset instead of the criminal loser one...

Friday, October 19, 2012

In Loco Parentis

Why do people obsess so much about what is going on outside their front door when the real determining factor is what is going on inside theirs.If parents love their children and protect them with boundaries and precepts the whole world outside can go to hell in a handbasket and they will be immune,in a virtuous bubble,un buffeted by the cold winds of unreason arbitrary whim and the vicissitudes of fate.They won't have to worry about the corrupting influence of television because they will have control of the off button.They will police the internet and put on it the proper checks and bars.They will monitor all of their children's influences,mobile phones,the lot.They won't have to worry about going to the supermarket and whether or not their child will create a scene and demand sweets,nor will they complain that the shops cynically target their children by placing the sweets in a strategic child level position.

They will not have to worry about their children falling into drug addiction or prey to sex fiends because they will teach them to avoid such predators. This may involve a visit to the local morgue to show their children what may await a fall into narcotic or alcohol abuse.They will have no one to blame if their children are beyond their control but themselves.Having learned to control themselves their children will love them,not resent them and welcome their attentive vigilance over their interests and know that such light touch protection is love.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Name Is Blogs,James Blogs

News that the secret services are going to diversify their employment pool by going beyond the traditional public schools for their agents and dumbing down to chavdom via State schools.Prospective chav secret agent may feel more at home if the Bond theme tunes are modified. Bling fingers, Bling Is Forever....Then again the public schools created many traitors to be Blunt so maybe we will get a better quality of stealthdom amongst the tinker tailors or their modern equivalent.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Victory For Madness

How do you now avoid justice in the UK? Just get a lawyer to say that if you are subjected to legal process you will kill yourself.Centuries of British jurisprudence demolished in seconds by one of the worst disastrous home secretaries in living memory.And invoking the Human Rights Act to do it too.

The look of sheer incredulity on the face of the American commentator on ch 4 said it all when listening to a Conservative apologist of his catastrophic decision.

The argument about the crime being committed on British soil is of course the worst sort of sophistry.It is as if Mc Kinnon had created a long mechanical arm from his bedroom that stretched across the Atlantic,guided it into the Pentagon,deleted files etc,withdrew the mechanical arm back again and claimed he could not be extradited because he never physically set foot on American soil!

Just because you can commit criminal acts by the click of a mouse does not imply immunity from the consequences.The same results were achieved than if he had physically breached the Pentagon walls and broken into the building.The added irony is that we are quite content to have people extradited to EU countries with far less rigorous legal system than the US which is similar to ours and not based on insane Napoleonic principles.

Christopher And His Fiends

What happens when the Left falls out?I don't know, but it can be very entertaining! Like an existential frisson,the divided Left is always good news for us freedom and liberty lovers.Its a bit like I imagine what it must have felt like when the Soviet Communists and the German Nazis were slaughtering one another on an industrial scale.Just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.It always amuses me how mad Leftists know that they can no longer truckle and fawn to the old Soviet union but they can express the love that dare not speak its name in disguised form by eulogising over the heroic battle the Soviets fought against the Nazis in Stalingrad or wherever it was.

Yesterday it was Media Hassan who was caught up in an argument with a fellow Leftist Guardian feminist on radio 4 Today programme.I have not enjoyed an exchange on the radio so much for a very long time.Hassan dared recently to take a critical position on abortion and apparently has been excoriated and kicked about like an football across the pages of the media ever since.Do I feel any sympathy for him? None whatsoever.Conservatives and pro-freedom Capitalists have been brutally assaulted by the Left for the longest time.Now lets see how a leftist likes it when he is subject to ad hominmen abuse and unwarranted character assassination for daring to deviate from the standard received wisdom of the Left.

Christopher Hitchens suffered the same fate when he dared to support the war on terror and Bush.He went from hero to zero overnight.Him I do have sympathy with because he was a great man,a brilliant journalist and a person of principle unlike Hassan who is a vile attack dog of the left and who has now at long last got a taste of his own medicine.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Someone Has Blundered

Looking at an old book of 1922 poetry of my grandparent's I read the inscription 'awarded for good conduct'.A schoolchild today would probably consider being given a 500 page book of Tennyson's poems punishment for bad conduct. We were told as children that gran had to be carried to school piggy back because she was that poor she did not have any shoes.Even into her 80's she could recite pages of poetry by heart so she had obviously benefited from her gift.Today's children are not made of such stuff I fear.They may have ipads and God knows what else but I know who is truly impovershed and it wasn't my gran.Someone indeed has blundered.

Elizabeth Barrat Browning Syndrome

A friend once coined the phenomenon Elizabeth Barret Browning Syndrome.For those who may not know she was a poet and lost in love and so took to her bed -permanently. The friend said what would happen if Barrat Browning had lived in a Welsh mining village and the only choice open to her was going down the mine or starving?She would be up before the lark and queueing for her turn down the mine.

I think the same about todays welfariat.Most of the people who are unemployed tend to be those who are awfully particular about what job they will and will not do.If they have to choose between wiping someone's backside in a care home or drawing the dole you don't have to know much about human nature to know which one many will choose.

When the State comes along and gives them that precise choice small wonder we have a major incentive and motivation problem amongst the unemployed.I put out adverts for job vacancies and no one one replies and yet we are told we are in the worst recession for decades.Something is not right about this picture.I know of people who are on benefits and they have not been pushed into taking a job or losing benefits.This so-called reform of the welfare system seems to be more rhetorical than real methinks.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Within A Budding Gove

I knew Mr Gove was a class act.Fresh on the heels of sorting out the mess wrought by Socialised education that has laid countless generations of youth low,blighted aspirations and created social desolation on an industrial scale, he is now turning his powerful sights on that other arch enemy of promise the EU and giving it due warning: shape up or we ship out.Cometh the hour,cometh the man.

There is no hope of course for this morally depraved institution with is moribund death grip on the windpipe of Europe,there is no hope that it will suddenly see the error of its ways and reform its institutions any more than a scorpion will stop stinging.It can't help it,that's its nature.All we can do is assist its terminal decline by walking away proudly and saying,no more dane geld,goodbye and good riddance.

How dare they award a peace prize to this obscenity and tell us it has stopped wars (ie German caused wars), tie us up in their tyranical yoke and seek our moral imprimatur for the favour.Screw you EU,may your death be swift and rid us of your malevolent curse!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize!

Saywhat? Next year's Nobel Peace Prize will go to Iran for its peaceful nuclear programme? Or,the Taliban for promoting harmony and pacific love and benign will to all men? The age of satire is now officially dead.It just cannot compete with straight reporting of the news.Greece lies in economic ruins the whole misbegotten EU project is in tatters -give the authors of this desolation a prize!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Is The BBC

On A Point Of View BBC radio 4, a 10 minute opinion piece this week will be.Yet another left wing oriented person called Martin Jaques,more of whom at the end.Shall we explore why this tendency to only have left wing people on the BBC is, or shall we look into why cats chase mice or dogs bark.Because of its very nature the BBC cannot be anything other than left wing-liberal.It is possible for a newspaper to be Left or Right wing but it is practically impossible for a public service broadcasting service to be anything other than left wing.Why would it reflect a pro-capitalist ethos when its very existence is predicated upon an ideology that supports a State run broadcasting service ie mixed economy-socialist?To be anything other than what it is would be like proverbial turkeys voting for christmas

I do not complain about the fact that the BBC is a left wing institution,there is a place for left of centre oriented broadcasting station -its just that it should not be funded out of taxation via the licence fee(those who argue that it is not a tax but a fee are engaged in mere semantics).

Then there are those who try risibly and absurdly to deny that the BBC is tendentious but then what else can they do,for if they acknowledge the blindingly obvious fact namely that the instiution is biased the gig will be up and privatisation would be inevitable So they must keep up this absurd fiction about political neutrality.The very idea is a myth as no one can conceal their political inclinations any more than they can conceal their body language -it leaks from them every time they open their mouths.Returning to Martin Jaques.How many people when listening to his first broadcast about China on the Point of View programme will know that for years he was editor of Marxism Today the now defunct magazine?At least he will find the BBC a comfortable spiritual home from home.

Love Labour's Loss

It is always left to the Conservatives to clean out the orgean stables from Labour's financial debaucheries.And then they have to put up with the endless carping from the very authors of the devastation ie Labour.'There is no money left' they said and that uncharacteristic unguarded confession should be the millstone round Labour's necks and ensure that they never get their pilfering purloining kleptocratic hands on the nation's coffers again.

No doubt about it Cameron cuts a dash and hopefully taxes as well.He has nailed the Labour canard that when you allow the mugged victim known as the taxpayer to crawl home with a little bit of small change left in his wallet this cannot in the world of logic and reason be referred to as a 'tax giveaway'.To try and pull this one is dishonest,and frankly an abuse of language on an Orwellian scale.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free Speech May Not Survive The Present Assault

Someone has I think been sentenced to jail for making comments about the tragic missing girl April and I think we should be more concerned about this than we appear to be.No matter how obscene the comments may have been short of advocating and promoting abuse of children - people must be allowed free speech and not risk being carted off to jail for offending sensibilites or just being downright obnoxious and offensive.As I say I do not know the details of this case but it does appear to signal a dangerous trend of late of intolerance by the powers that be of people expressing unpleasant views.

The danger is that with all the justified heightened sense of outrage and despair over this tragic missing girl people will be reluctant to defend someone who makes offensive comments relating to it.This will be all the authorities require to smuggle in a law that will inevitably end up encompassing the expression of any unpopular views and set a dangerous precedent of intolerance of the free expression of opinions and beliefs.

Ex Post Facto Hysteria

Is it acceptable to judge past crimes ie those committed in some cases 50 years ago if just unearthed, by today's mores and standards?We try and do this but I cannot help but think it is wrong headed and rather ridiculous excercise.Historians started this trend with historical revisionism,re trying centuries old cases by current values and it cannot but be a redundant endeavour.I think this is exactly happening with the Saville Row.

We have to understand that the past truly is a foreign country and they do things differently there.Footballers usued to carve each other up -remember Chelsea in the early 70's and it was accepted as the norm but today no players would get away with such wanton and conscious brutality.

The same goes for attitudes towards sex.It was very liberal and permissive.Things were done and people looked the other way.It was wrong but it has to be seen in the context of when it was done and within the contemporary cultural norms and their implicit or explicit assumptions and not wrenched out of its time and revisited and judged by the light of today's politically correct orthodoxy.

This is not in any way is not to condemn Saville's actions but merely to set them in context and avoid this rather ridiculous smug and self indulgent moral posturing which too many in the media seem to have succumbed to.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Gaucho Marx Wins

Communism has its appeal to this day and populist politicians love to buy electorates with other people's money. Chavez has bought the Chav's vote and is the darling of that dwindling band of Leftist fellow travellers in the West,or should we say they are not dwindling but they just have fewer Marxist despots to fawn and truckle to.This morning the likes of George Galloway and Ken Livingstone will be delighted that Chavez has secured another term in Venezuela.The rest of the civilized world will probably just sigh in resignation at the continuing dogged credulity of the crackers Venezuelan electorate in perpetuating the dead and clapped out ideology of 20th century Communism.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

You Could Be A Conspiracy Theorist If..

1.You have the capacity to believe 7 impossible things before breakfast

2.You hate Capitalism

3.You think you are part of an elite cognoscenti,(as opposed to all the 'deluded,uninformed 'sheeple').

4.You are paranoid

5.You are a sad loser

6.You've taken too many drugs

7.You have vague inert thwarted aspirations

8.You have an inflated sense of entitlement

9.You are regular devotees of the Max and Stacey show

10.You need cockamayne theories to fuel your rage

Friday, October 05, 2012

Stephanie Loves Karl

I only saw two episodes of the BBC Moneymasters series with Stephanie Flanders,one on Hayek the other on Marx.It was noticeable that she was enamoured of the latter and not the former, quelle surprise.The fawning tone was vomit inducing.So many on the left are Marxists under the skin, believing that his theory - which has been exploded by countless folk - holds the key to the money problem.

The worst aspect of this is that the whole programme was based on a false premise namely that it is the capitalist system that is in crisis.This is factually incorrect and fallacious.The mixed economy is in crisis.If capitalism in the undiluted laissez faire form ever existed it was eroded and etiolated from the late 19th century onwards incrementally to the present day where we have a full-blown mixed economy.

Once this is grasped -and it is a palpable fact that we do have a mixed economy, the whole assault on capitalism is exposed as a act of dishonest deception and cynical opportunism by the Left.In a real capitalist system there would be no bailing out of banks for a start.There would be no taxation and no welfare state etc etc.

No,this is in no way shape or form capitalism and it is the failure of the media and education system, both captured institutions by the Left,that has deliberately prevented people from grasping this.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Virgin On Sad

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder if Labour deliberately made a mess of rail privatisation in order to discredit the latter but whether it was that or sheer incompetence it sure remains a mess and the latest action by the government in rexamining the tender process involving Branson and others shows how bad the State is in these matters.It is good Branson will get another opportunity to prevail in his bid but rather sad that he claimed he is not in it for the money and the profits will go towards research into renewable energy and charity.Apologising for the money motive is a bad example to budding entrepreneurs and it would be nice if Branson and co stopped doing it.

From Russia - With Love?

Noticed I get a lot of visitors from Russia.Either it is Putin keeping an eye on me or perhaps the Max Keiser incident a few weeks ago when I critiqued RT? A country that gave us Dostoyevsky,Lermonotov,Gogol,Tolstoy, Checkhov,Bulgakov, Nabokov, Solzhenitsyn,AYN RAND! has greatness written into its dna.Pity about the Communism lol. Lets hope it will not be back to the future and the old Soviet dog returns to its vomit.Watch this space.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Marxist Klingonism

Class warfare and envy served up by Mr Weird Red Ed militant at the Labour party conference.Now channeling Disraeliesque One Nation Communism.Comprehensive failure.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Jim'll Fix It

Of course I have no way of knowing whether Jimmy did what he is alleged to have done but if it turns out the BBC were sitting on known information and did nothing this will be a major breach on its part.Contrast this with the way Jonathon King was mercilessly hounded and demonised and you cannot help thinking that King was an easy target because he was known to have staunch Conservative views whereas Jimmy was the Establishment's darling with his politically correct social do gooding and was therfor considered akin to saintliness.

It was the astute Louis Theroux who first highlighted in one of his famed documentaries Saville's defensivness and secretiveness and there was always something rather dodgy about Saville with suggestions of a darker hinterland which now it seems is emerging into the light of day one year after his death and near deification.

Big Brother Has Ways Of Making You Save

How sad to see the great Theo Paphritis taking part in a government advertisement heralding its latest incursion into people's personal affairs with its enforced pension programme being rolled out from today.To be fair to him he did look a bit sheepish,as if someone was pointing a gun at his back whilst delivering his announcement.Maybe a mega rich entrepreneur like Theo will not suffer too much financially from this change but smaller businesses will be crippled by it to say nothing of the cost incurred in terms of administering the bureaucracy.

The country is on its knees and the government's response is to burden business with yet more Red tape regulation and to continue a very long trend of turning private enterprise into just another extension and conduit for intrusive and invasive government welfare programmes.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Religion And Its Psychopathology

Someone asserts on his blog that religion is the bedrock of the rule of law.Bizarre when you consider that if you tried to count how many people have been slaughtered in the name of religion you would not know where to begin and it would never end.The only reason most people no longer kill in the name of Christianity is because it has lost its power over the people,its day has gone and it has been supplanted by another religion doing the same old things it used to do namely Izlam.

Still, where Christianity does still exert power it uses it to abuse children and then seek to cover its tracks re the catholic church revelations scandal.Human beings seem to have the need to tell themselves fairy tales written in their DNA,every race and nation under the sun has its own religion,Gods,God,myths,shibboleths and one's religion is almost entirely based on geographical circumstance: if you are in China you are Buddhist,India-Hindu,Israel-Jewish and so it goes.

Then we have sectionalism.The last time anyone counted there were two thousand Christian sects alone and they each claim they are the true and only one.Human beings seem as I say to have been telling each other tall tales since the earliest recording of mankind,libraries are full of books,replete to the rafters of tales,myths,fables,allegories.Its what humans do.Even the Bible turns out to be a plagiarisation of previous texts which featured tales of floods,virgin births,resurrections etc.

Mainly religion is and always has been about the power to control others through fear,the Churches were the first instance of totalitarianism and it was about controlling people in this life by threatening them with hellfire in the next if they did not fall in line.Human beings do have the capacity to be irrational,to be riven with superstition and they embrace the supernatural to avoid having to take responsibility for their own actions,it is an act of moral abnegation and thus in essence the ultimate moral depravity.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peter Hitchens Channels Marx

It's good to have these things out in the open rather than subject to speculation and supposition but even I am quite shocked by Peter Hitchen's latest essay into Marxist thought on his Mail blog where he quotes Marx at length in what can only be described as a rant and harrangue against Capitalist progress and innovation and Peter marvels at its prophetic nature.Peter hates progress too you see and would rather we went back to a pre industrial idlyl presumably where there are no horrible cars, people go around on bicycles -his favourite mode of transport,there is no pollution,folk know their place and go in fear and trembling of the Lord and there are definitely NO Sunday opening laws.

With his desire for rail nationalisation and all of the above it is hard to see how even the broad church of Conservatism would find room for the likes of the delightfully batty and eccentric Mr Hitchens but as he is a self confessed ex Trotskyite now-Conservative one is left marvelling on the profound inefficacy of his conversion.

Old Labour Dog Returns To It's Vomit

Red Ed Militant is returning to his roots by invoking the spirit of '45 when Britain first went Socialist and its cradle to the grave enslavement officially began. From defeating German Socializm to embracing British Socializm,this was surely Britain's darkest hour.Yet the Marxist reared Mr Milliband thinks it was great,he has a poster on his wall of the architect of this miserable misbegotten Welfare construct Clement Atlee himself.

You have to look carefully at his portrait because Mr Atlee bore an uncanny resemblance to Lenin and this of course is just where the similarities begin.Both of them were consumed by a toxic nihilistic ideology of State supremacy over the individual, both shared a hatred of Capitalism and a wish to destroy it once and for all.Many Labour members had close links with the Soviet Union and looked to it for intellectual inspiration and direction.

Yet Mr Milliband is misty eyed about this appalling period in British history where the people voted for their own serfdom and where only the prophet George Orwell could see the writing on the wall when he penned his masterpiece 1984 which it turns out was simply the year 1948 reversed,a satire and terrible warning of the shape of things to come under the Big Brother State.

Back to the future with Old Labour, with a centralist command style economics, an I'm alright Jack union militancy and Labour Leftists taxing what is left of the economy into oblivion -what's not to like?

Friday, September 28, 2012

New Totalitarian Kid On The Bloc

The admirable Hitchens asserts on his Mail blog that Britain does not need Trident Nuclear weapons any more because all the bogeys have been slain.We can turn our warheads into ploughshares. But there is a little Hitch.Izlam.The new totalitarian kid on the bloc.Maybe the Soviets decided that it was better not be Red than dead but will these kamikaze muslims feel the same about their cult? Think so.All the while the mullahs can send their foot soldiers out to be martyred they are quite happy but if they were faced with nuclear anhiliation they would no doubt think twice before acting.We need our nukes to make sure they do just that.

Silly Mr Hitchens,take your place alongside the others before who thought the final war had been fought.Besides he claims the Soviet Union will never return,we have buried it.More dissonnance I fear. Even here barely a day goes by without the expression of Communist Socialist sentiment amongst our liberals.We have adopted part of the Communist manifesto with our progressive income tax,the State is bigger than ever before.

Human nature has not changed since the end of the cold war.Izlam is the new Communism and as Iran stands on the brink of acquiring nukes only the MAD would suggesting disarming.

Hitler Speaks At The UN

Armadinnerjacket comes to the UN,makes his customary anti semitic death to Israel rant and America does -Nothing! This Hitler is on American soil.Why don't they arrest him,charge him with war crimes,cart him off to Guatanamo,torture and execute him? America is in paralysis mode.Instead of being behind Israel it gives the Iranians all the time they need to secure their nuclear facilities.Strike while the Iran is hot should be the watchword but of course with Obummer in charge it's all systems stop.

Meanwhile the minister for railways in Pakistan puts a fatwa on the film maker who brought us the much appreciated anti Mohumud youtube and the world does Nothing.Surely this imbecile should at least be drone-targetted?

And now this craven appeasement to evil even manifests itself in the Daily Mail of all places.Another customary attack on Salman Rushdie for daring to write Satanic Verses just to draw attention to himself as the journalist claims and bemoans how it cost the UK £13 million to protect Rushdie from the fatwa.No it cost far more than that.By refusing to take Iran on for defacto declaring war against the UK Iran was emboldened and a fairly straight line can be drawn from that appeasement to 9/11.The Rushdie affair and the mishandling therof cost the world dear and continues to do so to this very day for shame.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The March Of The Catastrophilliacs

The peddaling of conspiracy theories is an industry in itself.Whether you work for the mainstream media or operate on the fringes in David Icke country where they do things differently, you do so to pay the bills.The only real difference is the end is nigh catastrophiliacs claim they are operating in a high minded way, on a higher plane to save humanity from itself but when this obvious self serving rationale is put to one side the bottom line is,well,the bottom line.

I do listen quite regularly to the con theorists and what is noticeable is the rambling non sequitir nature of their discourse.You get one construction overlayered with the next, invariably contradicting the former, on top of which yet further are piled creating a veritable melange of baseless theorising extrapolatives signifying nothing .

Books,dvd,TV programmes abound proving that feeding people's paranoia is becoming big business,as witness by the fact that Mr Icke now fills large stadiums.The vacuum left by the mass exodus from organised religion has now it seems been filled by New Age credulity.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The White Queen's Off Her Head

As this is supposed to be a constitutional monarchy with the latter as mere figurhead what is the queen doing receiving the PM every week for private consultations the details of which cannot be legally divulged as they rightly should? We know the mad would-be King Charles is forever despatching missives to ministers with his meddling prattling crackerbarrel greenist interventions which of course is a complete violation and abuse of convention and protocol but the latest revelations by BBC reporter Gardiner show how this practice is not just confined to the batty prince.

The queen too is on on the act and this exposes the hollowness of the pretence of non involvement by the royals in British politics.The unseen power on the throne indeed.

The Psychopathology Of Modern Politics

To pursue the theme from the previous post I pose the following question: what sort of person gets involved in modern politics? For the most part activism and radical politics is the preserve of the Left and that is for another discussion but in national politics ie politicians one can discern a certain archetype,a pathology at work that is instructive to examine.If altruism is a product of low self esteem ie we give to acquire approval and status as a caring compassionate person what can be said of those who in politics seek self esteem and moral cachet by giving away other people's money?!

Values normally have to be earned but in the human realm as well indeed in the natural world living beings can mimic certain types of behaviour in order to in effect steal values from others.Creatures can assume an innocuous unthreatening exterior to deceive unsuspecting creatures into thinking they are harmless and when close enough they pounce and devour their victim.

Plants and creatures can camouflage themselves in order to disguise their true intent.So it is in the human realm.We call such behaviour sociopathy or psychopathy.

The world of politics is not just replete with such characters but in its present construction actually facilitates and attracts such human pathology.For in modern politics the prize goes to the party that can most convincingly persuade its electorate that it possesses all the human characteristics the culture most values ie compassion,caring,giving.Thus the more taxation a party can extract,the more 'benefits' it can promise blanking out of course where such 'benefits' derive from-the more popular and successful the political party making the biggest promises will be.

Thus can it be seen that we have a political system that mirrors the predatory dog eat dog system in nature albeit dressed up in semantics and sophistry.

Compassion By Proxy

I've spoken in the past about a favourite political pastime I have termed 'vicarious philanthropy',ie the giving away of other people's money in welfare or foreign aid.It is the stock in trade of all corrupt politicians who like to cut a moral dash on the political stage and win votes by vying with their opponents as to who can give the greatest amount of others people's money away.It is such an obscene evil it is hard to get one's head around the kind of amoral vacuum that the perpetrators of this fraud must inhabit.

In order for this organised looting of the people to be pulled off successfully it has to be accompanied by an artfully constructed language of morality so such words as compassion are deployed thus making it hard for any opponents of this wholesale plunder to oppose it on moral grounds.It will follow as night follows day that any abuse of freedoms by a government on its people will be automatically accompanied by an abuse of the english language in order to facilitate the smooth execution of said abuse and so is it here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Homage To Catatonia

As a footnote to my recent pieces on the evil of Izlam I just note that people who are quick to anger as muslims clearly are, are surely contravening a principle that most religions teach as a fundamental,namely the exertion of self control.It is observable that Christians do not react to provocation when their faith is being routinely assaulted by all and sundry.They keep a dignified counsel and the idea that they would threaten the ridiculers of their faith with violence let alone death would be unthinkable.And yet these violent hysterical juvenile paroxysms of rage in response to every slight - real or imagined - against their prophet convey the distinct impression that muslims doubt their own beliefs and are not confident in the verity of their professed religion.(Small wonder!)Dignity and grace are surely the lodestars of any religion worthy of respect and yet in this basic fundamental and rudimentary precondition of faith Izlam is singularly and starkly lacking.

These are my beliefs and if you don't respect them I will kill you is hardly the response of a civilised man and yet this is the default position of Izlam to any criticism and that being so it is the reason I do not believe Izlam has any place in the civilized world and should be banished to the outer reaches of the earth.

What lapse of journalistic judgement it was for the BBC radio 4 to invite an Izlamist on to the Today programme who refused outright to condemn the imposition of death threats directed towards any purveyors of anti Izlamic sentiment in the media despite all the legendary persistence of John Humphries to extract it from him.He should have been ejected from the building,interview over as soon as he crossed that line but of course being the BBC he was treated with the same respect as any other normal interviewee on the programme.As Lenin once observed of his liberal supporters, these useful idiots would sell us the rope to hang them with.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Churchill, Greatest Conservative?

Ok it has to go to Churchill not so much for helping to destroy German Socialism but for pointing out that English Socialism would lead to the same loss of liberty and freedom for which he was roundly vilified but prophet-like turned out to be correct.He also wrote a brilliant expose of Izlamism which again showed how visionary and prophetic he was on a truly Orwellian scale.

Liberals,Communist crime Syndicate

The only good thing to come out of the coalition is the total discrediting and destruction of the Liberal party and the complete toxification of the brand.The conference season is upon us and the liberals are indulging in their customary pastime of attacking the wealth creators and threatening them with persecution and visits from State heavy mob taxation vigilantes.Like the Mafia that goes round pillaging businesses the Liberals are threatening to hunt down the entrepreneurs with their tax goon squads and rob them of the fruits of their labour to fund liberal welfare programmes.Clegg's disgrace and public humiliation is just reward for heading a party motivated by malice and hatred of the productive.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Keep The Aspiration Flying

Advice from Richard Branson to would-be entrepreneurs: DON'T GO TO BUSINESS SCHOOL! Well,from someone who was a semi-literate,semi-numerate high school drop-out and has become one of the most successful business men of his generation I guess he knows wherof he speaks.Makes you wonder why people waste so much money on courses that are guaranteed only to part the students from their money.Get out there and run a business says Sir Richard, and learn by doing.For once practice comes before theory.In an ideal world all the schools would teach properly but this is not the case and the school of life is where it's at.

Muslims,Thin Skinned Rats

A muslim day of anger is a redundancy as for muslims every day is a day of anger.Outrage is their default mode.French cartoon depictions of their prophet - piss be upon him - have upset them.Well diddums,suck it up,its called freedom, clearly an alien concept to these primitive dark age troglodytes.It has almost become a duty for liberty loving folk everywhere to ridicule Islam and muslims just to show them that they will not silence free speech or intimidate us into self censorship.

Izlam is a death worshipping cult and needs to be exposed.Its pretensions as a world religion should be lampooned,its leader shown for the suspect character he was and no respect given to this evil brainwashing cult.

Yes the crazed adherents of this nonsesnse will be out in force rampaging and frothing at the mouth just as their false prophet was wont to do.The rest of the world should look on and laugh at its absurdity and send a clear message that this behaviour is infantile,delinquent and will not silence its critics but make them more determined to face down this crude primitive anti-human death cult of Izlam.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Mitts Are Off

The way the BBC Today programme reported the video recording of Romney castigating the welfariat you would think he was caught confessing to beating his wife or something worse.Liberals have the capacity to be shocked by the expression of common sense and the reason of the man in the street and are quite affronted by it.

It is just a plain fact that most voters on welfare vote Democrat.It is the party of the dependants just as in the UK.Most voters on the dole will vote Labour to get more benefits.It is such a corrupt system but the Left depend upon it for their very survival.

There are no votes in independence which is probably why the Left favour a useless education system that leaves many unequipped for the world of work and thus dependant on the State for their survival.More Labour voting fodder.

Rather than putting American voters off Mit's railing against welfare bums should be the very reason he makes it to the White House come November.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Towards A Libertarian Tomorrow?

An encouraging sign on the British political landscape in the last decade or so, not in itself but in what it betokens, is the rise of small parties challenging the hegemony of the big 3 and snapping at their heels electorally.Parties such as UKIP,the Greens,BNP,even Respect all indicate that there is room in British politics for non mainstream parties to make their mark if they resonate with enough people who are sick of the status quo.The only political movement conspicuous by its total absence on the political landscape is a libertarian one.This is a mystery I have not delved into but it is a perplexing one.I have no idea what percentage of the population would respond positively to a libertarian party but it is sorely needed.

One would imagine that such a party in promising radical abolition of most taxes with an endgame of their total elimination would attract a lot of financial support from business big and small and even more from people who feel as they indeed must that the State has just got way too big and none of the other parties are even discussing this let alone proposing any reduction in the size of the behemoth state.I have never discussed this with any libertarians as I know of none but again I wonder and am baffled at their silence and non involvement in the political process.

How To Defeat And Destroy Izlam

Countries across the world have succumbed to the threat and terrorism of Izlam.Wherever it goes it strikes terror into the hearts of weak psychotic nations who have been gulled into believing that tolerance of evil is good.With the support of liberals Izlam has infiltrated into every country across the globe and like a malevolent toxic virus it has overcome all natural resistance to its virulent strain of death.People have doubted their own reason and sanity and have allowed themselves to be intimidated by the evil of Izlam and its minatory threats against them.

The unholy aliance of liberals with Izlam has swept all before it.Countries with a former impeccable record of adherence to liberal values have fallen like dominoes before the onslaught of Izlamic intimidation and abandoned those values for censorship,fear and silence.In the UK citizens can be arrested for even criticizing the evil death cult of Izlam.Communism and Socialism once considered defunct ideologies have joined forces with Izlam to destroy all human values and set people up for totalitarian rule.When Izlam triumphs of course its liberal useful idiots will be put to the sword.

The only way to defeat Izlam is to understand its power which is the power of intimidation.Not responding to the pressure to submit and conform,standing unmoved at the insanity of Izlam and its threats will destroy the power it has over its victims.Once the psychopatholgy of Izlam is exposed it will be very easy to deal with it.This may or may not involve additional action including the nuclear option.Its time to start terrorising the terrorists.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Izlam's Useful Idiots

The Left has got a long inglorious history of sympathising with totalitarian regimes most notably the Soviet Union and for best part of the last century it was the poster boy of every liberal wet dream.The Labour party had links with the Soviets,barely ever criticised it,Left wing intellectuals drooled over it,both Shaw and Wells were hugely impressed with the Socialist experiment and apart from the sole and notable exception of Malcolm Muggerdige of all people writing in the Manchester Guardian in the 1930's after a trip to the Socialist paradise of Russia and exposing the lies and Potemkin village grand deception, the Left almost to a man and woman saw the Soviet Union as the living embodiment of the Socialist utopia.

Now of course in a desperate and cynical act of hysterical revisionism you can hardly find a single fellow traveller who would admit to ever being enamoured with the USSR.To listen to them they were all violently opposed to the whole thing from the start.Anyway when 1989 rolled round and the Berlin Wall fell and crumbled and with it the Soviet dream the Left were bereft and did not know what to do with themselves.It was pretty much all over for them by then and the 90's saw the election of Blair and with it the consolidation of centrist policies and the ditching of clause 4 and the Left were routed and retreated into a sulking sullen silence.

It seemed like history had dealt the Left a final blow from which it would never recover.Then came 9\11 and they could hardly believe their luck or contain themselves.Before the dust had even settled on what were the twin towers it was gloating in public,America had brought it upon itself,had got a bloody good hiding.Historians,philosophers pundits all lined up to critique the US and soon were to join forces in the huge anti war demonstrations and so began the Blair demonisation and of course, the Left's pro Izlam coalition was born.The Left useful idiots, phoenix-like had risen from the ashes of history and had found another totalitartian monster to grovel to to.

Royal's Bare faced Cheek

The latest monarchy Kate furore does not show the institution in a good light.When the royals stop funding their lavish lifestyle with tax payers money they can have back their privacy.Until then the public owns their ass,and all points northwards.

Rabid Izlam:Elephant,Room

Still the pathological denial persists.It's just a few hotheads who in no way represent true Izlam.Yeah right.Everytime another astrocity occurs in the Middle East the same old line is intoned mantra fashion and no one believes it.There is no more a moderate Izlam than there is a moderate Nazism.Obama and Hillary Clinton come from a long line of masochist liberals who refuse to confront the reality of what Izlam is and represents - total human barbarisation.

Izlam is the ne plus ultra of nihilism,the desire for the destruction of all values and a return to the dark ages where brute emotion and blind worship of a supernatural entitity is demanded of sheep like people on pain of death at refusal.It was headed if we are to believe the records by an epileptic murdering paedophile.Its adherents betray all the characteristics of a cult,slavish obediance,mindless conformity and a willingness to sacrifice their lives to defend their mad cultic beliefs.

Wherever Izlam goes,death, carnage and genocide is never far behind.The rabid followers take their cue from the epileptic leader who had a penchant for little girls.Contrast this with the moral virtue of a Christ and we see the yawning chasm between Izlam and Chritianity although I hold no allegiance to any religion these days.

Ignorance and a complete denial of individual rights characterises Izlam.Where Western values teach dialogue and debate Izlam still knows recourse only to the edge of a sword.It has had no reformation,it is unreconstructed and poses the greatest threat to civilization.Until we recognize these facts and stop rationalising the barbaric evil of Izlam we will only encourage further atrocities.

The Arab Spring Time for Hitler should wake us all up to the folly of aiding any arabic country in the deluded belief that they want secular liberal values just like us.This weeks event in Libya should surely put pay to that liberal delusion.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'Christianity Began As A Cult' (BBC)

Could this possibly be true -that Christianity began as a cult? It was asserted confidently as fact on a BBC history programme about Britain.Say for a moment it was true then the only conclusion could possibly be that it still is a cult.Distance in time does not change the essential nature and origin of things ie longevity does not bestow upon stupid ideas any moral or intellectual legitimacy.A fallacy uttered a thousand years ago is still a fallacy today.The number of adherents a particular idea or philosophy attracts does not lend it any more validity either.Everyone used to believe the world was flat and those who said otherwise were considered heretics and were persecuted but they just turned out to be correct.(Incidentally the ones doing most of the the persecuting were religious.)So I think it is safe to conclude that yes,a) Chritianity did begin as a cult and b) it still is.Amen.

Time, distance,the hypnotic suggestion and power of authority,tradition and social conformity have all conspired to intimidate folk into believing something that were it appearing for the first time today would be summarily dismissed as the worst sort of cultic hysteria and supernatural doggerel and charlatanism promulgated by fraudsters and mountebanks playing on the credulity of the sperstitious masses - much in the same way that psychics ,tarot card readers,chanellers and astrologers do to this very day.