Saturday, December 10, 2011

Democracy Stupid

It would be very hard for a man to argue that the world owed him a living.Even politicians would never come out with such a bald statement.In order to get away with such an obscene proposition the defender of such an untenable argument would have to deploy deliberately vague imprecise language with liberal helpings of euphemism and obsfuscation.Ostensibly laudatory statements along the lines of 'no man should go hungry or be without shelter' would have to be put to service.Even better, hunger ignorance and want could be presented as enemies to be fought and overcome by the benevolent State which is exactly what was done at the inception of the welfare stte in 1945.Thus the wool is pulled over people's eyes and no one has to think about where the money for such noble aims is going to come from.An impersonal agent called 'the government' is somehow going to magic this money out of thin air and play santa claus to every bum who chooses not to work or provide for himself.Thus all anathema can be heaped upon the government for not providing enough or for being heartless in its meagre response to the needs of the indigent.

No man would go to his neighbour and demand that he feed and shelter him,that indeed it is his duty to so do but he will vote for the politician who promises to take money from his neighbour in taxes to do just that.How can anyone doubt or question that such a system is depraved,corrupt and evil,that it robs people of their substance in the service of parasitism and mendicancy? Is it even possible to comprehend the state of moral depravity of the man who would make a career out of redistributing the money from the productive to the non productive and that a whole body of philosopy and politics could have been constructed to present such criminality as a moral ethical system and that if anyone demurs from such a view they would be castigagted as themselves being immoral and heartless?Such is the audacious achievement of the collectivists and socialists who now dare not speak their name and rather present themselves as social democrats or liberals.

How is this injustice to be properly challenged? Anyone who chooses to take on the collectivists would have to challenge the language they deploy and translate their true intent therby.No easy task...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marxist Scum On The March

Here we go again.1979 revisited.This is the scum Maggie was supposed to have routed but it was just tory folklore because the stake was not driven into the black and rotten heart of the union beast, it only had its wings clipped.None of the political parties will deal with the unions.It would take another party representing capitalism to do that.Expect more of the same as we death spiral over the cliff Greekwards.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

As Berlusconi Is Bundled Out In EU Coup What Price Democracy?

There is no longer any pretence that the EU is democratic with the summary ousting of Berlusconi by EU commisars and his replacement with euphemistically termed 'technocrat' Monti as the BBC refers to him with drooling approval.This is a naked power grab more in keeping with third world banana republics and thugocracies.Imagine if the Spanish Socialist MP had been similarly ousted as his country goes into economic meltdown and the howls of outrage and gnashing of teeth this would elicit from the MSM BBC Guardianistas But.because it was the Left's bete noire Berlusconi is was met with relief approbation and dancing in the streets.The mask is now off and the Germans are now forth reich in their demands that UK falls in line with their master plan of complete EU German hegemony.

Tim Nice But Dim Mongomerrie Thinks Cameron Is The New Major

Major Major?He kept us in the EU, the quisling.He tinkered with welfare and Curried favours.Anyone who dared to stand on principle was a 'bastard'.Thatcher's verdict on him: "I thought he was one of us.I was wrong." At least no one could make that mistake with the human oil slick Tory Cameron with his Maoist localist tendencies and Big Society collectivism.(The above is what I posted to conhome but for some reason they have not carried it.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Interview With Myself

When does a mixed economy become a Socialist economy?About 50 years ago.

What do you think of Economic liberalism? I think it would be a very good idea.

Why don't Conhome allow half of your posts? Can't handle the truth.

Does Izlam pose an existential threat to Civilization? You bet it does.

When are you going to start your Capitalist movement? About 3 months ago.

Why is the Occupy Capitalism movement gathering momentum? Total lack of any concerted rebuttal of its patent absurdities and toxic anti freedom message.

What should be done about the BBC? It should be privatised,sold off of course preferably to Rupert Murdoch.Failing that - and no one hold their breath - there should be an organised non-payment of licence fee.

Are you an extremist? Yes.I beleive everyone should be extremely good extremely moral and extremely rational.Extremism is a measurement not a moral value.

Are people ready for unregulated laisez faire Capitalism? They better be. Freedom is not optional and cannot be put to the vote.Or you get Nazi Germany or Democracy which is mob rule by the ballot box.

Why are Conservatives so morally weak,spineless, confused, irrational and contradictory? Glad you asked! They are all those things and more because they have no moral base,no rational moorings, no guiding principles or values.They are whim worshippers,subjectivists, pragmatist,traditionalist,tribalist,religious with vague inconsistent leanings towards Capitalism.All of which is why they were not able to oppose the construction of the Welfare State,The EU and now the global anti Capitalist movement.If you are waiting for them to put up a moral defence of Capitalism take to the hills and find a nice cave.

Do people have a right to self defence? Do you have to ask?! Of course.The Brits even have a Bill of Rights which clearly allows the bearing of arms.

Is taxation moral? Hell no.It is the most evil imposition of force against a defencelss population in the whole of human history.It is worse than cannibalism.At least cannibals wait till you are dead before eating you.Taxation is the devouring of man's substance whilst he is still alive.It is so monstrously evil and obscene that no man has ever justified it or even attempted to but has merely served up stale bromides in its defence which a three year old child could see through yet whole nations have been cowed by in the absence of any moral consistent,coherent defence of liberty and freedom with the sole exception of Ayn Rand.

Why are Conservatives worshippers of tradition? Because they are tribalist.Collectivist in short.They believe in blood and race which makes them irrationalist and racist.They support rule by bloodline and birth ie monarchy,the divine right of kings, constitutional totalitarianism.Unless someone has been knighted and a sword placed on both shoulders he has no moral legitimacy to rule over his subjects,note subjects, not citizens.This is feudalism,mysticism, ancester worship,voodoo in ermine,ugly primitivism masquerading as civilization.

Is there any hope for the human race? Could go either way.At present trends are not looking good.There is an intellectual moral vacuum and tribalistic yahoos and collectivists are filling the breach.The voices of opposition and reason are crowded out and marginalised in the mainstream media.The blogosphere and modern media are the only hope that things can be turned around.But the yahoos appear to have co opted those as well by default as the rational are too quiescent and unorganised.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Harrison Mystical Materialist

Don't know what to make of the first half of the George Harrison Scorsece film last night.It was a bit of a muddle but I think that is his MO.Half the people who spoke I did not recognise because in order to distance himself from Run of the Mill documentarists Scor thinks it is a cachet not to include their names.The only thing I was thinking last night was that the genius of the Beatles was obviously Paul.In five minutes or less I had counted 20 classic ballad tracks of his but when I tried to count lennon's contribution I was struggling after identifying just three. It has now been confirmed that Paul was the driver and had he not rallied the troops a good third of their recordings would never have seen the light of day as Lennon was notoriously lazy.There has been so much hype and idolatory surrounding Lennon,about he was the Beatles but there is no hard evidence to back this up.He made a right tit of himself in 69 with his bed in peace nonsense,got lost in avant garde excrement with Loco Ono,flirted with Janov Primal Scream and then retreated into pseudo domestic bliss whilst Loco built up the Lennon empire.As for Harrison he got lost up his own mystical fundament and started to preach religious mumbo jumbo after being slipped some acid by his dentist.They all trooped off to Maharashi but soon took flight after his charlatanism became obvious to everyone but George who by this time was set on a path of blisful inanition.He wrote a handful of cracking songs not least the iconic Taxman and was genial enough but definitely the third Beatle and hardly deserving of 4 hours on BBC2.It turns out as a footnote that when a mad assailant broke into his mansion and stabbed Harrison just missing his vital organs by inches instead of repelling the would be assassin Harrison sat there and chanted Hari Krishna whilst his long suffering American wife Oliva beat the attacker over the head with a lampshade thus saving George from certain death.You couldn't make it uo.Give Peace a Chance what?!

This all begs the question what makes certain celebrities embrace mysticism when they appear to have the world at their feet.I think it is misplaced guilt.We live in a culture that says money making is evil and to assuage this unearned guilt they retreat into the unreality of mysticism and merge into an unfocused induced trance-like state where guilts and neurosis are purged in an amnesiacal haze brought on my chanting into a hypnoidal state which is how Harrison describes the process in the Scorsese film.Yes he was an arch defender of property rights and opponent of taxation per se but his irrational unease with wealth led him to the unreason of mysticism as a refuge.This is where all the hypocrisy comes in.We now have an extremely wealthy man living in a mansion that most quotes ordinary people could not even imagine in their wildest dreams preaching to the world the virtues on non materialsm.A few miles down the road John Lennon is sitting in his mansion at a grand piano or was it Steinway? singing a song to us with the lyrics,Imagine no possessions.Clearly none of them did irony.The hangers on were too timid and self interested to point out the glaring contradictions.Both Beatles now literally had everything: their spiritual/materialist cake and could eat it too.

This brazen hypcocrisy is now common.The two Beatles were merely the trail blazers in it.Now we have to listen to lectures by millionaire rock stars on an almost daily basis on the the evils of capitalism. Must it not be intensely irritating to people who struggle to make ends meet to have to listen to the likes of George Harrison in his mansion telling themthat money is not important?It is also the height of irresponsibility as many impressionable people possible tens of thousands who knows? dropped out of the material world altotgether but unlkike Harrison did not have a mansion to retreat into and ended up destitute on drugs and then dead.Some legacy George.


Lest We Forget And Get A Life

Trying to forget it is Rememberance Sunday.Not very difficult really is it?! It is so vacuous an affair, so insubstantial it is a bit like railing against thin air.Basically it is an excuse for perpetuation of monarchy, empty pomp and non circumstance and a terrible criminal waste of tax payers money.It is a display of fraudulent pseudo patriotism, an obscene pantomime of empty gravitas played out against the total capitulation to our slave masters across the channel,our liberties sold on the instalment plan to Brussels.This betrayal of our birthright on such a massive scale is a cause of shame but this sham sorrow and ersatz sentiment is an added insult to our national shame.British soldiers died for nothing.We are slaves of the Germans and French.Hitler won. End of.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Render Unto Caesar What Is Seizers

As someone has just helpfully pointed out to me the history of taxation is a long one indeed.I do not pretend to be a student of that.I seem to remember reference to ancient Egypt in that regard.One thing I do know is that Jesus Christ appeared in the Bible to give his tacit consent to the principle of taxation when he said to an enquirer into the proper role of the State: "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.Someone else also told me that in the Mormon church it was said that people should obey their State masters if they are honourable men.There is more evidence amongst the big religions of an anti capitalist,individualist bias.I think the Socialists can rightly claim religion as being on their side.There is some evidence that contradicts this trend however re the quote: 'you do not see the righteous begging for bread'.The good samaritan is able to help because he has money but altruism seems to be advocated here.The story of the talents may also be construed as a defence of Capitalism and investment so the picture is not unequivocal. The point is however that just because taxation stretches back into the mists of time and even Jesus Christ seemed to accept it morally does not mean it is moral or good.As well say human sacrifices go back thousands of years ergo they must be good.The argument from tradition is fallacious.If it were not one would have to accept cannibalsim as a moral system since it stretches back a long way.

Why We Desperately Need A Capitalist Party

On Con home recently someone posted a piece about the need for a moral defence of Capitalism.All well and good but the writing in question completely failed to propose any coherent strategy to that end.It is futile in my opinion to expect the Conservatives to mount such a defence.They lack the philosophical consistency and rigour to do it.They pride themselves on their anti intellectualism and pragmatism.This is why over generations they have betrayed the cause of freedom and compromised with collectivist premises and policies all the way down the line from the construction of the Welfare State to the UK membership of the EU.Their tacit if not overt support of a 'constitutional' Monarchy is yet another indication of how they are not equipped to defend liberty and have no moral ground upon which to do it.Waiting for Conservatives to secure our liberty agsainst a predaTory illiberal State will be a truly Becketian excercise of delusional and groundless wishful thinking escalating to Dizzying levels of Kafkaesque futility.

Who Will Defend Liberty?

It is not fair to expect producers and business people to be on the frontline in defending the right to keep the fruits of their labour for this reason.Producers and businessmen spend all their time pursuing their goals and objectives and do not necessarily have the tools and knowledge to argue philosophically against the State's predatory and illegitimate claims on their productive labour through taxation.Just because someone is a very sucessful businessman does not mean he or she will be able or willing to articulate a coherent defence of property rights from an anti taxation position.That takes an acquisition of knowledge and great familiarity with the arguments against egalitarianism and this is not something necessarily the business world is cognizant of, familiar with or equipped to articulate.Businessmen are not ipso facto qualified to give an intellectual defence of freedom.That is the job for intellectuals and activists,writers,bloggers,indeed anyone who is prepared to enter the fray and campaign for liberty.It would be nice if they were as their contribution to the battle would have extra ballast and weight simply because they would be speaking from a position of direct knowledge and experience of the productive wealth acquisition principle but we cannot expect them to be experts in the defence thereof.The greatest defenders of liberty have been profesional writers and thinkers, not entrepreneurs.This is because writing is a profession in itself and a comletely different discipline from trade and business and an ability in one does not necessarily imply and ability in the other.The downside of this reality is that such intellectual defenders of liberty can be dismissed as mere armchair theorists and ivory tower intellectuals although the Left are quite happy to quote verse and chapter from the quitessential armchair theorist Marx who apparently never set foot inside a factory and spent most of his life in the British library! In his defence at least the latter did not rely on State handouts but instead the patient financial assistance of Engels albeit with rich irony with money sourced from the Capitalist system he sought to destroy, but I digress.

None of the above however is to excuse the craven capitulation of the business class to the anti capitalist sentiment abroad,the grovelling apologetic defence of Capitalism,the half hearted support of it, the damning it with faint praise, the obscene defence of it on altruistic grounds of all things.If business men cannot defend Capitalism properly they would do better to say nothing at all.

Until I understood the above regarding defence of Capitalism as a job for profesional writers and thinkers etc I was prone to get very annoyed with the so-called business community but I think I maligned them albeit unwittingly here.The one group of people I will not forgive however and who deserve the greates obloquoy is the so- called defenders of Capitalism ie the Conservatives.They have done more to betray our liberty and freedom in the last 200 years than any other group including the Socialists and the Labour Party.Their crime is unforgiveable because it is their job for which are paid out of the public purse to defend our freedoms and they have done more to destroy them as I say than any other group, political orgnisation and movement throughout history.Why do I say this? Well everyone knows the Socialists hate freedom and liberty and Capitalism and they only pretend to favour it if pushed but the Conservatives are supposed to be the defenders of Capitalism and their betrayal of it is so complete,absolute,comprehensive and total that no one could possibly claim that it is accidental or caused by some misunderstandng of the principles of Capitalism.It is deliberate and intentional.No mistake over such a wide span of generations and time could possibly be accidental.They know exactly what they are doing.It is systematic and conscious.To vote for them after such knowledge is to participate in one's own destruction and is an act of self immolation.

Here to interject a small but not insignificant point.I do not seek to decry intellectuals but only to point out that at least inthe UK there is a deep seated distrust of them particularly from the Right. The writer Anthony Burgess used to decry British mistrust of intellectuals and I know it has a long history but more recent times and events have given it momentum and a patina of justification.Conservatives sometimes appear militantly anti intellectual and I think this is because of recent history re intellectuals and how it lead to the bloodbaths of the 20th century via Communism and Socialism and Fascism which of course are all variants of collectivism as much as the Left seeks to distance itself from Fascism and purports to be its greatest enemy.Hitler lest anyone needs reminding called his party National Socialist.How the Left resent this being pointed out to them which is the very reason why it should be,regularly!So because of this lamentable record of intellectuals siding with totalitarian concepts the Right Conservatives wrongly concluded that they should abandon the field of intellectualism entirely which has only led to the Left by default, holding complete hegemony over it in all our institutions of learning and media.But the point is this,intellectual promulgation of ideas is work,productive activity if it takes the form of books written and sold,dvd broadcast and diseminated etc.Intellectual property is as valid as any other and should not be decried or apoloogised for.It is the food and ammuniton for the public and as such is essential.

So to conclude who should we go to for an unbreached intellectual philosophical comprehensive defence of liberty and Capitalism? There is only one writer I could in all honesty recommend and that is Ayn Rand.I am very familiar with her writings but would not in any way pretend to be in the same stratosphere as her in any way shape or form and and consider myself as nothing more than a pedestrian student of her work.There may be other defenders but I have never come across them.Ludvig von mises has given a partial defence of Capitalism.Frederik Basiat is a brilliant essayist and satirist of collectivist thinking but for a complete,closed universalist philosophical system comprehensively supported by rational argument no one has come close to Ayn Rand.It is to her writings alone I would direct any students of Capitalism.Even if afterwards people choose to dismiss her arguments they cannot really argue agsinst Capitalism without first familiarising themselves with its most brilliant and uncompromising defender.( please forgive appalling grammatical and spelling errors,they will be corrected in due course, or at least those I identify!)

Freedom - If You Want It

The 19th century writer Henry David Thoreau went to jail for not paying his taxes and wrote an essay about it entitled On Civil Disobedience.I hold no brief for him from a philosophical standpoint as his writing spawned the environmentalist movement of the 20 and 21st century but he is an interesting though sadly rare example of someone who understood the essential tyranny of taxation and the implicit violation of liberty it entails.Precious few others have taken a stand.Indirectly we have to come up to the present day almost with Ken Dodd who simply did not file his tax returns but he did not explicity consciously stand on principle in so doing although his comments suggested that he understood the prevailing evil of the system when he remarked that he kept his money around his house because he thought society was going to collapse in the 70s and he needed to take precautions against such a calamitious eventuality. He was spared jail only because he was practically universally loved as a national treasure and comic genius adding immeasurably to the joy of nations and the tyranical State dared not risk the wrath of the people by incarcerating him and therby possibly precipitating a mass revolt against such a tyranical tax system.Lester Pigott on the other hand being a less sympathetic character faced the full rigor of the law's wrath and was promptly jailed for similar act of 'tax evasion'.The State is sinuous and serpentine in its carefully selective deprivations of people's liberty.Other than that no other high profile case springs to mind although Phillip Green's heroic avoidance of tax has to be commended alongside Vodafone's.To be fair however, there are perhaps many more such fine examples except that I do not have further details myself.

Next time I will discuss how such abovementioned examples could be utilised into a more general and systematic mass resistance programme against the bully looter State.

Reflections On The Capitalist Revolution

Without wanting to be a Pain or a Burk it has to be said, a strong coffee does spur the Capitalist revolutionary impulse.All things become possible for the duration.Not that I am a hot head.I understand the Marxist thing about the long march through the institutions.But last night I was a thinking.If someone is mugging you and demanding your worldy goods (not that there are any other sort I might add) do your really have to launch into a philosophical discussion with him about the evil of plunder and the instigation of force against another to apropriate his or her wealth,or do you just hit him over the head with a blunt instrument? This is where I depart some what from the Randian Objectivists.I ask them, if the State is mugging you every day and looting your property do we really have to engage in a generation long philosophical re education programme to convince everyone that looting whether it be done by individuals or the State against others is immoral and evil,or do we just resist the State in a massive civil 'disobedience' non-compliance campaign? Seems a no-brainer to me.Of course where we depart is only regarding the means to achieving freedom, not the end ie freedom itself.

Friday, November 11, 2011

In Remembrance Of What Exactly?

We are invited today to observe two minutes silence for Armitice or something,I only vaguely know what.Millions died in the First World War and I still can't figure out why or what for.In the Second World War we defeated German Socialism and embraced British Socialism.Then we surrendered to the Germans and French by joining the EU.What did all thoise people die for - the EU? Does putting a poppy on our lapels and not speaking for two minutes make up for this genocide which was all for nothing? If there are martians on other planets looking down on us maybe there is an explanation as to why they have never deigned to land on planet earth :too much insanity.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Phoney Blair.An Epic Journey In Tedium

I bought the box set of Blair autobiography with high expectations. Five minutes into the 13 cd yet abridged My Journey I was exhausted and fatigued with the cliche bound pedestrian tedium of his shallow substanceless triteness.How on earth was anyone ever taken in by this phoney? I am going to grit my teeth and try again.I must solve this conundrum.Watch this space...

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Conspiracy Afoot

With the liberation of the media to free market competition via internet and cable satelite has come the phenomenon of chanels devoted entirely and exlusively to conspiracy theories.Now to the undiscerning the power of the conspiracy theory is very seductive.It holds out the alluring prospect of revealing the secrets of the universe, giving power to the powerless and providing an explanation of everything in a neat hermetically sealed closed system of knowledge.It empowers the disenfranchised and marginalised with a intoxicating feeling of righteous indignation,self validation and serves up a rationalisation of their anger at the deal they have been given by uncaring impersonal cruel world.It tends to attract those on the margins of society who hold a grudge against the system which in their minds has left them out in the cold and has not recognised their trute worth and consigned them to subsistence on a low wage menial existence where their inherent virtues have been ignored and not recognised.

The spiritual has been sidelined for crude materialism,so the narrative continues,and New Age here steps into the breach with its alternative medicine and philosophy which is another strand of the Conspiracy theorists which I will not go into now sufficing at this point to allude to it as another strand in the rich and variegated tapestry of conspiracy theorists.The multifarious conspiracies be they wildy contradictory and divergent share a common denominator namely the existence of a sinister cabal of elitists in their hideaways plotting and planning the global takekover and enslavement of the masses in a dark conspiracy to rob the people of their birthright and liberty. A bewildering cascade and melange of disconnected arbitrary facts and figures are put to service to illustrate the fiendish plots of these putative Masters of the Universe and no scenario however preposterous is excluded from the dogs dinner of conspiracies be it 9\11,Apollo landings ('supposed'!) ad nauseam.Of course a degree of plausibilty is required to make the conspiracy theory medicine go down so interpolated with the more wild and outlandish crackerbarrel UFO storiies and elaborate concoctions there is a smattering and verisimiltude of truth,eg,the idea that the push to a One World order either through the EU or UN has a genuine internal logic to it.There are those be they Al Gore with his climate change propaganda (which the Conspiracy theorists funnily enough oppose) who do want to enslave us with their Big Government solutions.Herin lies the bait for the unwary for by inserting some truths into their narrative the conspiracy theorists manage to ensnare some genuinely enquiring minds into embracing the theories lock stock and barrel and we end up with the absurd scenario described to me by a friend who when challenging the ridiculous theories embraced by an associate was met with the asinine retort:'why wouldn't David Icke be telling the truth'? (As well go into a lunatic asylum and attempt to convince the inmates that they are not really Napoleon!)And here we come to the issue of what happens when the conspiracy theorisits are challenged.They invariable become defensive and abusive to their detractors.We have been brainwashed by the media,we are too stupid to see what is going on, television has robbed us of our critical faculties, we are not part of the elite initiated who know what is going on,we are basically dupes of 'the system'.It becomes clear that one is confronting the belief system that is every bit as immune to logic and reason as the most primitive hysterical hidebound religious zealot and bigot.Unbeleivers are treated to an admixture of ad hominem abuse pity and contempt in equal measure.

There is a political and ideological base to the conspiracy theorists agendas that becomes discernible fairly early on into any examination of their programmes and broadcasts albeit allowing for some notable and exceptions to the general rule but these are by their very nature unrepresentative and marginal and so can be dismissed as they go against the general trend which can only be categorised as pro Left and anti Capitalist.(A good - or bad example of this is Max Keiser on RT although I am really intending to concentrate predominantly here on TV chanels such as Edge Media and PSTV so will perhaps return to Keiser later on).to be cont

Friday, November 04, 2011

Who Are The real Tory EU Traitors?

Eurosceptics are to blame for providing cover for the mad europhiles who run the Conservative party.The skeptics perform the good cop to the philes bad cop and Conservative voters fall for it every time.Tory voters should direct their ire towards the Redwood and Cash cadres for allowing the party to get away with the scam for so long.They furnished it with a moral sanction and as such are ultimately morally responsible for leading us along the primrose path to destruction.Without the figleaf of skeptism provided by the Redwoods the tory EU scam would have been exposed a long time ago.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Religion and the Left: Ugly Bedfellows

The St Paul debacle shows as I have said previously how religion and its secular equivalent Collectivism share the common philosophical roots of altruism.The Left and the Church are in ideological lockstep and the absurdist theatre they have indulged in in the last few weeks illustrates this.The BBC has treated this incident from the start as occupiers good,Church bad but in reality they are both on the same side of evil.No one has pointed out that the occupiers are immoral scumbags using force aggression and intimidation to trespass on church property notwithstnding the Church's appeasement and craven capitulation to their tyranical bullying antics.This occupation is standard Leftist intimidation behaviour but it is presented by the BBC as highly moral and principled.In the morally inverted world of the BBC evil is the highest good and is to be defended and championed in a brazen disregard for truth and objective reporting.Using force to occupy property that does not belong to them the only recourse possible and the moral imperative is for the occupiers to be removed by force.Because the Church loves to appease evil this it will not do hence its moral depravity and ethical delinquency.It stands condemned as an evil institution beyond all hope,cast adrift in a moral inverted universe where good is bad and bad is good.It hypocriticaly has economic ties with the City but then decries the very institution by which it is able to flourish.The Church is a corrupt morally bankrupt institution and as such is the perfect location for the evil Leftist rabble who have gathered on its purlieus.They truly do deserve one another.A plague on both their rotten houses.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Monarchy,Benign Tyranny

You have to pinch yourself really.We still have a monarchy in the 21st century.Selling it off would probably sort the National debt.Why did this country re install the monarchy?It set us up for Socialism.The royal welfare spongers have set a terrible example to the lower orders in encouraging parasitism.Monarchy is incompatible with Capitalism.A republic is the only answer.The congential idiots who comprise this motely crew of royal freeloaders makes us the mockery of the world.A deranged mystic lunatic prince with mesianic eco delusions waits in the wings to assume the role of king.Let us sit on the grass and talk of the madness of kings and monarchy.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welfare Straits

The global economic crisis will not bring about the collapse of Capitalism as there are no Capitalist countries today.But it will bring about the end of Welfare States as put simply, there is no money left.An end to welfare,the dream of Capitalists now looks close to becoming a reality.Welfare is approaching its 1989 moment.Countries across the world are etiolating their State power,cutting back on government programmes and as much as some of the inhabitants march and protest and 'occupy' this trend will not be reversed.Global max-out of State credit cards can mean only one thing,a contraction of State powers,a moving towards defacto Capitalism.The only alternative is a shift to totalitarian government and most people have no appetite for that,even lovers of State largesse entitlement programmes.

Advocates of unregulated laissez faire capitalism will be in the ascendancy if they seize the day and push home their advantage by delineating the parameters of State power,arguing for individual rights,phasing out of government programmes,across the board privatisations of all extant State bodies that do not fall under the essential role of the State such as armed forces,police and law courts.The economic arguments however will not suffice without a moral argument for Capitalism as people are not swayed by implacable logic so much as by moral ethical arguments and it is in this field that so called defenders of Capitalism have been so woefully and pitifully inadequate not to say delinquent.Once again it is the Conservatives who have been largely responsible for damning capitalism with faint praise,apologising for it,attempting to sneak in capitalism lite through the back door,watering down and emasculating it with hamstringing regulations and qualifications,in effect sabotaging it by contaminating and corrupting it with mixed economy policies thus discrediting the very thing they claim to advocate ie Capitalism.This then gives ammunition to the anti Capitalists who say it does not work.As most people have no idea what capitalism actually is -and believe absurdly that it means welfare and taxation - this is a successful gambit by capitalism's enemies.A little basic eduacation would explain that Capitalism is not about regulation,taxation,government picking winners,red tape,bureaucracy,quangoes and that all such things are the antithesis of Capitalism.But this alone will not suffice as it is in the realm of morality and ethics that as I have said, Capitalism needs to be explained and defended.Without this moral ethical philosophical foundation there will be no sea change in the public mind regarding capitalism.

Testimony to the truth that it is not economics that move and inform people's judgements but ethics and morality is the continued popularity in spite of all the economic arguments against it of Statism,welfare and Socialism.People want to believe that they are on the side of the angels,the good guys,the little man and Socialism has been so good at convincing people that it holds the moral high ground that it has managed to carry the day in the face of all the evidence to the contrary that it only delivers poverty crime,moral squalor,dependency, depradation,unemployment over-regulated markets,brain drain,global welfare dependency as peoples flood in from all over the world to batten on to the handout society funded by British taxpayers.In the face of all these self evidencies about the consequences of Socialism Conservatives are weak, vacillating,timorous and apologetic and effectively silent about Capitalism's virtues.In this moral vacuum the Socialists and Statists step in have carte blanche,occupying the moral highground entirely by default.

So we can see that it is in the realm of morality that Capitalism needs to be defended.Why it is the moral system.That will be my next post -unless something interrupts it first asnd I will return in due course to this central issue.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Stem The Anti Capitalist Tsunami

Stop apologising for others sins! That is Capitalism's greatest fault.It takes on the sins of the world like a biblical sin eater.I know people who do this.They apologise for their existence.They assume others guilt.I had to speak to my neice about this recently.She thinks if people dislike her it must be her fault and she is doing something wrong.I had to explain that this is far from being always so.How about the Bush haters/ The Christ haters? Even taking it on a story level it illustrates the point ie people hated this guy because he was good.Hatred of the good for being the good as someone once put it as being their working definition of envy and I think, a very good one.Good people hate bad people. Translated into the current occupy protests the logic is played out thus:Communists Socialists city occupiers hate Capitalism, ergo Capitalism must be bad and evil and it must apologise to its detractors.You acquiesce in the narrative and agendas of your enemy.You are on the back foot.You now start cravenly apologising for your virtues.Conservatism anyone?They specialise in this self loathing.They cravenly truckle to the anti Capitalist forces, insisting on watering down the mixed economy with even further regulations,bureaucracy,closing down of tax loopholes,castigating the producers excesses,apologising for Capitalism's achievements.If you dare to be a whiole hearted supporter of Capitalism they sneer that you are an ideological purist and say that you are no better than the absolutist Stalinists.In effect they are saying,you claim 1 and 1 is two.This is extremism.You must compromise and say it is 3.If you do not that makes you as bad as the 1 and 1 is 5 Stalinists.How can you reason with such crackerbarrel illogic?But I digress.(Or do I?!) So we have Capitalism apologising to its enemies.What impression does this create in the wider public?That Capitalism is guilty.That it must be muzzled.That is exactly what is happening.Right in front of our eyes,like a sleight of hand we are buying into this anti Capitalist agenda and there are now policies afoot that will snuff out the last remaining freedoms we do have and another lurch to the Left with illiberal programmes which will end with our complete subordination and enslavement to the State.

So how do we counter this dynamic? We need to recognise the game that is being played.Someone called it winning through intimidation.The Left is all about violence,agression,intimidation.Look at its tactics.Look at its language.Occupy.It is about then use of force for political ends. It conflates economic power with political power.If you are rich you must be powerful and ergo dangerous and your power ie money must be taken from you.It completely blanks out how that money was acquired adopting the Balzacian Marxist line that behind all great fortune lies crime.The smear campaign against capitalism is as viral as it is malicious.It is a trojan.The bailouts have complicated the issue somewhat as the occupiers are protesting also about corporate welfare and in this alone they are correct.There should have been no bailouts.But they are using this as a pretext to muzzle freedom and nationalise the banks thus totally socialising the economy leading to the inevitable communist conclusion.

To conclude, Capitalism's virtues but be heralded.It must be defended.The forces of darkness are gathering.Global Marxist Jihad is on the march.The anti Capitalist foot soldiers have breached the citie's defences.The forces of freedom must be gathered,the battle for our future must be joined.If not we could be looking at another feudalist back to the future lurch, a barbaric atavistic return to subsistence and penury a, post industrial wasteland of totalitarian proportions, another pre capitalist dark ages where tribalist yahoos tyranise with licence roaming the earth, plundering and looting at will, seeking who they may devour and good men hide in caves.

World's Religions Common Denominator

All religion is voodoo.Hardly surprising that they all share one common essential principle ie that self sacrific and altruism is the highest ideal.They all embrace the voodoo economics of Socialism,Communism,anti Capitalism.It is no accident that the anti Capitalist occupy movement fetched up in St Paul's with their encampment.They knew they would have a cosy berth and indeed this proved to be the case as the church spokesman was swift to defend these irrationalist tribalistic yahoos against any police action against them.Of course the hypocrisy of the church and its own Capitalist base was soon exposed and we know that even religion peddlars cannot live by their own preachments but the fact remains these ideological bedfellows speak to the main point that all the main religions are ideoligically bound up with the idea of human sacrifice and altruism which in its political manifestation equals indeed Socialism Communism.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Answering My Conservative Critics

As a regular visitor to Conhome and other Conservative sites I come across a lot of hostility to my pro Capitalist views. Only half the comments I post see the light of day as they seem to be very sensitive to criticism and can only take so much.They are quite happy to let left wing people post however so I leave others to draw their own conclusions on that one.I should not be surprised at this I suppose but I am for several reasons.The level of incomprehension I meet with is quite shocking.I am accused of being Stalinist, an SWP mole trying to discredit Capitalism! I will leave that job to the Conservatives as they are past masters at that.My Conservative critics have far more in common with Stalin than I do as many support socialised health care,redistribution of wealth, the welfare state.I can only conclude that this ignorami are products of the State education system and have had all the common sense and intelligence bred out of them courtesy of UK Socialist indoctrination from birth.They are prone to projection accusing me of the very things they are guilty of.Ad hominem assaults and abuse are all they have as obviously there have no arguments against my position.

Conservatism. An Obituary

Why is Conservatism in Europe and America an abysmal failure at reversing the tide of Statism and Socialism? One word.Prgamatism.It thinks it can fight ideology with pragmatism.Despite all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary in particular re the EU but more broadly the whole drift to State gigantism Conservatism has had no adequate response and has been dragged along by the rip tide of Statism.Conservatives are weak morally intellectually,philosophically.They boast about their greatest weakness and wear it like a badge of pride.They are low on self awarenss and believe you cannot eat principles missing the whole point that without them no one can survive except on a brute animalistic anti conceptual subjectivist level of concrete bound day to day reactions totally disconnected from reality.They think this is superior to working from first principles and scoff at those who believe in them as 'unrealistic, and 'immature.' A classic case of projection.What could be more puerile than reacting on a non conceptual level lke a child that has learned no hierachy of values and moves on a range of the moment level reacting to events in an arbitrary disconnected pre conceptual stimulus response level?

Capitalist Evolution

Yesterday I posted on the Capitalist Revolution.All well and good but that is a projection down the long and winding road from Capitalist Evolution.A vision of last resort.We are a long way from such a scenario.First must come education,dissemination of ideas,a laying of foundations.Unlike the Left we must not indulge in perceptual concrete bound level of puerile gesture politics.It must be based on a sound footing a coherent philosophical ideology based on a foundation of reality.There is a place for Tea Party activism but it must be alongside a coherent world view and not just a mish mash of conflicting confused interest groups babbling incoherently.(Again,to be continued)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How To Bring About Capitalist Revolution

The common mistake people make is to think that change has to come from the top.We have to have the consent of the governing.Wrong!Pressure has to be applied from the bottom up.Those with the economic power will also play a major part,ie the creators of wealth,the industrialists, the businessmen large and small.Power to the people as John Lenin once said.You say you want a revolution Left?Ok we will give you one.Not a mixed economy Thatcher revolution with one foot on the barricade and the other on the shouting 'the NHS is safe with us'.Not with us it won't be.Ono.We are going cold turkey on Statism.No gradualism.What do we want?Freedom.When do we want it? Now.See? we can chant slogans too, Left.We can organise.Hell,we organise the country as it is.We pay your welfare,we pay all the taxes.Not any more,or much longer.So to business.

Capitalism needs to get a voice.I am a small one but with modern technology the whole world is our oyster.Why do we think we have to get permission from the State to be free?That we have to get a majority in Parliament to excercise our right to be free people?What nonsense.It is in our hands.We willingly supply our neck to the State's noose.We pay our taxes voluntarily.We are psychotic masochists.Do not think to wait for politicians to stop taxing you,that they will one day see the light and back off and allow you to keep the fruits of your labour.Would you put your head in a lion's mouth after appealing to its better nature and writing pamphlets and petitioning for lions to becoome vegetarians?It makes as much sense as thinking that politicians will ever listen to reason and stop being parasitic predators.The answer is in our hands.

At some future date we may end up having to make a Declaration of Independence from the State as a Socialist entity.To return the State to its proper functions.We at that time will issue a call to all freedom Capitalist loving individuals and businesses that will amount to this:Employers.Stop being unpaid (or paid) tax collectors for the government.Do not file any tax returns,nat ins,income tax,capital gains.Do not comply with any legislation,red tape,Brussels dictats,work and time directives,unfair dismissal laws,union laws ad nauseam. Self employed do not file your self assesment forms.Occupy Wall Street?Occupy the Mixed Economy.The bloated parasitic so called public sector? We will bury you. (To be continued)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Michael Moore Fat Bloated Capitalist Hypocrite

Jabber the Hut Michael Moore gets the easiest ride on the MSM since that other arch faker and blowhard Lord Tony Benn.When this Capitalist pig Moore graces the stations studios a hallow hovering over him,the interviewers speak in hushed reverential tones as they gently direct their softball questions to him which is his cue to launch into his tedious rambling monologues replete with wild generalisations devoid of facts or substantiation, tumbling forth like a torrent of verbal sewage.No probing questions,no challenge to his absurd assertions.This is a religious experience not an interview.Mr Moore is now sanctified by the MSM.To question this absurd hypocritical jackass would constitute a liberal heresy.The world according to Moore is so morally inverted and distorted so shot full of logical holes and ridiculous non sequitirs, a mind-numbing serving of hare brained ratiocinations,that one emerges from this miasma of absurdity as if from a drunken spree.This Tony Benn with a baseball hat, hypocrite of the lowest order,a multi millionaire pretending to be an ordinary working stiff standing up for the beleagurered proles and organising a global Communist revolution, pandered to by a craven MSM not even pretending to conceal its liberal partisan Leftist bias should serve as a reminder that we are in an age of mass credulity,a flight of reason and given to the irrational worshipping of cretinous idiots with the iq and common sense of an amobea.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Turkey Pays For Anti Israel Assaults

Revenge served cold is what Turkey has got for its anti Israel mischief making last year in the form of this earthquake.Israel being too kind as usual offered assistance but the evil anti semitic Erdogan refused which shows where this primitive chimpanzee like muslim despot is coming from lest there be any doubt.An evil satanic muslim country has been bitch slapped by nature (and God if you are that way inclined).Just rejoice at that news.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Capitalist Party Manifesto

Death Penalty for murder.If you take a life you forfeit your own.Murder has gone up exponentially since the death penalty was abolished.Everyone was shocked by the Moors murders because it was so rare.Now it happens every other day.Murderers know they can quite literally get away with murder.Let them know this will no longer be the case.A life for a life is the only justice.Travesty of justice is what we have now.No deterrent but rewards are now offered in our jails for psychopaths whose only real and deserving place is six foot under.The liberal experiment of 5o years has left a trail of carnage and innocent dead bodies that cry up to heaven for restitution.Return of the death penalty will be a return to sanity and justice and it cannot come a day too soon.

Banning of Public Sector Unions.The Unions represent organised crime at its most vicious and tyranical because it has the power and the sanction of the State behind it.The Mafia are seen as outlaws at least but the Unions conversely are seen as honourable institutions when in fact they are just a bunch of bullying thugs who periodicaly hold the country to ransom with their criminal and extortionate demands acquired with the active connivance of the State and the Labour party who are payrolled by the Unions to do their biidding in the form of legislation giving them criminal immunity and defacto monopoly of Health Education and Public services,furnishing them with gold plated pensions,early retirement in the most corrupt Socialist cronyist stitchhups period.

UK withdrawal from the EU. The greatest betrayal of modern times was the Conservatives taking UK into the EU.The arguments against the very existence of the EU do need to be rehearsed here.It is a national pastime for us and much good it has done us debating away whilst they incrementally rob us of our freedoms which the forefathers of our country laid down their lives to defend.Enough already.We must unceremoniously leave the EU and do everything in our power to destroy it politically and if it threatens us in anyway, militarily as well which is why we need to maitain our nuclear deterrence.

Privatisation of the Welfare State.Private insurance should replace welfare.We have house,car, life insurance.Just add health and unemployment to those.Not rocket science.Schools should all be privatised.Education and health are not a right.There is only the right to pursue values such as health and education with one's own resources,not one's neighbour's.A person's need is not a claim on another person's life.Its time to grow up and stop whining about the State providing us with our every need.That is how we got into this mess.It took our money,created a monopoly and then failed to provide us with the service.Result? Hundreds of thousands killed by the Sovietised NHS and the same amount of children robbed of a future by Socialist Marxist change agent teachers deliberately mis educating countless generations leaving them defenceless in a world that has passed them by as they languish on the scrap heap created for them by the parastic tenured radicals we miscall teachers.

An end to the mixed economy.No more crony Capitalism.No more bank bailouts.No more picking winners and favourites and subsidising non productive businesses which would not survive without corporate welfare infusions from the State.Away with Red tape,regulations,watchdogs,quangoes and ergo the corrupt,criminal evil lobby system will melt away like a snowflake in hell.No taxation of enterprise and business.Abolition of income tax,corporation tax,capital gains tax,business rates ad nauseam.

Zero tolerance of Islam and the outrageous imposition of Sharia law in the UK.A strict monitoring of mosques,a curb on new construction of same,banning of burqahs in public places.No laws curbing free speech and so called anti hate speech laws forbidding the giving of offence to religions of whatever stripe.

Privatisation of roads,streets,pavements.All public protests would only take place at the say so of the owners of streets thus ending the ambiguity over public spaces that belong to everybody and nobody.Henceforth the only place people will be able to protest is on their own property or with the approval of the owners of streets.This will en all the opportunities for riots,sit-ins occupations that have so bedevilled our recent times and allowed anti freedom groups to intimidate,terrorise and deploy force to impose their illiberal agendas with their puerile squatting and trespassing tactics.

End of State support of Arts.Good art will out.Bad Art needs a subsidy.Not in a free country.The people can choose what art to patronise,not the State who will wield influence to subsidise bad art with a political message they are sympathetic to,which is the kind of thing one usually associates with totalitarian States.A Minister for culture should make any freedom loving person recoil in horror at the very idea.Away with this sinister encroachment on free expression.And away too with State involvement and subsidy of sport.

Abolition of Human Rights Act

Abolition of Foreign Aid.This obscenity is unspeakable in its evil and immorality.The Welfare State decimates our country so we say,lets spread across the world,see what other nations we can corrupt and demoralise with unearned handouts.It has worked so well here hasn't it?We pay bums in the UK and now we pay bums across the globe.Enough.No more.Not a penny more.Let them all rot,or more likely pick themselves up by their bootstraps and sort out their own problems.We can only harm and cripple them with our giving.Besides it is not our money to give away. It belongs to the people.This orgy of vicarious philanthropy has to stop.Now.

Legalisation of drugs.This includes prescription drugs made available on the high street.

NHS privatisation.An end to socialised medicine.

Abolition of monarchy.

(To be continued)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

St Paul's Nemesis

Hoist on its own peturd St Paul's only has itself to blame for siding with the disgusting dirty smelly Marxist scumbag protestors in their pathetic anti Capitalist absurdist encampment in the heart of London.Indulging in some cheap gesture politics of their own the church initially sided with the bums but as soon as it became apparent that their ever expanding lodgement was interfering with their operations (not least monetary ones) they have volte faced and asked them to leave.Unsurprisingly the moronic protesors are bemused by this about turn and are refusing to go.What a delightful spectacle gentle readers for our enjoyment and perhaps we can speak as one when we say 'a plague on both your houses'.Lesson to the church.If you invite Satan in for tea and biscuits don't be surprised if he is not in a hurry to leave.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadaffi Dead

The psychopathic monster is dead.One down millions to go.When the West struck liquid gold in the Middle East in primitive barbarian Arabia it spawned tyranical monsters like Gadaffi.You cannot implant civilisation in prehistoric tribal countries.The Arabs will never be civilised because of their satanic Islamic religion.One dead mad Arab changes nothing alas.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neighbourhood Bully 1 Israel 0

Either Israel is so cunning its gameplan elludes me re the Hamas deal over Shallit or this is the dumbest thing it has done for the longest time.I hope I am wrong but this does not look good.The fact that Israel has conscription complicates things somewhat but the principle is still inviolable: no deals with psychopathic nihilist Arab Islamic terrorists, period.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's Left,What's Right?

The Right and Left are both Statist ,they just differ in what aspects of personal life they want to interfere with.Now more than ever they meet happily in wanting a big State and just haggle over the fine print of differences.It is like a Ponzi scheme with two operators,one slightly more rational than the other ie the Right.Two false choices.Reject both and embrace Capitalism as the other two have a mystical irrationalist base and lead to the mixed economy mess we are now in.

Wall Street Bums

Here we go again.The Looters are back.The 9/11 Al Quedistas,the anti Capitalist Communists are on the march or rather dossing in front of the palaces of Capitalism,the moochers and Leftist parasites, the skidrow welfare bums,Obamaists, anarchists,nihilists who leech off the Capitalist system and who seek its destruction like a suicidal maniac busily sawing the branch off the tree it is perched in.These tribalistic atavistic throwbacks to pre history are being feted by the world's media as heroes instead of what they are destroyers of civilisation,the malcontents of history who prey on the productive,the primitivistic yahoos who like vampires suck the blood of Capitalism,reap all its benefits and decry its workings whilst gorging and eating on their proverbial cake too. Do not be fooled by their phoney outrage and angst.They are like gatecrashers at a banquet who start complaing about the food.Their contribution to Capitaslism and civilisation is zilch.They are its parasites and destroyers.They should be met by force and despatched back to the hell holes from which they have crawled with extreme prejudice.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Softly Softlt Catchee Nothing

Watching policemen in town not handling drunks.In America the bums would have been on the ground and handcuffed instead of which they were insulting the police and getting away with it.The police seemed more interested being photoed by members of the public with their friends.What are they for?They just want to be liked.Pathetic and yet they truly believe their policing is superior to America's.It is soft and decadent and the reason why we have so much crime.Yes the police are now corrupt and seem to be on the side of the criminals.If I had voiced these complaints they probably would have arrested me.I am glad the government is reviewing the way the police are paid and their crooked practices.They need a radical overhaul and their whole passive non confrontational approach to law and order thrown out the window with all the other Left wing PC nonsense they have imbibed these past decades.If they do not protect the public what exactly are we paying them for?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Balls Bollocks Syndrome

Listening to Ed Balls lecturing on economic solutions to our problems is kind of surreal,a bit like attending a lecture by Bernie Madoff on investment tips.Has the man no shame.He should be in purdah,the political wilderness.Madoff is in jail but the perpetraitors of our bankruptcy are free to write their memoirs and make millions.Should they not be in a adjacent cell with Madoff or his UK equivalent.At the very least they should be barred from public office.But no here they are, given ample BBC airtime, replete with irony deficiency sindrome and we have to listen to these moral nihilists, the self same architects of our doom preaching their voodoo economics with our licence fee money.

Brothers Grim and divers Fairy Tales

In town yesterday came across David Milliband doing a bizarre royal walkabout with a band of sad Labour university students.He is taller than I thought but every bit as weird looking as his brother.At one point when he was stationary and talking to the public he had his foot pointed downwards to the pavement like a ballerina and I wish I had had a body language expert to tell me what that signified.Smartly besuited he looked like a popinjay, a dandy of the underworld and as his pathetic acolytes followed him round town they stopped and congregated just next to the preacher stand I referred to in my previous post.How appropriate: two religions, Christianity and Socialism coming together in a theatre of the absurd.What is this man's game anyway? He is out of power but somehow the residue of power still clings to him.People stop in the street to gawp at him including myself of course but then they also stop and gawp at the a ridiculous juggler who drops all his batons.I think it is power worship.The Blair government was that alone and Milliband played his part in that weird era of smoke and mirrors, that low decade of moral and political depradation and depravity.

Religion And Its Malcontents

Altercation with street preacher blocking the pass outside Macdonalds with his blackboard and gibberish.Told him his religion was bunk.He had to ask me 'is what' and I repeated it.Bunk I said.Then he pointed at me and said are you saying you know better than Him? I simply said do not point at me you are not supposed to judge people.At this he turned away and resumed spouting his gibberish.I waited for his rejoinder but he had none.It is not for me to prove an absurdity but for the person asserting it.Rather than attempt that he ignored the isue and starting talking about Him again as if it were a given and established fact.There is no reasoning with the irational of course but it got me thinking of the double standards of these religious folk.This idiot and the craven morons listening to him are happy to block people's path in a busy City concourse but presumably they have some sort of church.How would they feel it it was invaded by market stall traders selling their goods and wares?We know their great leader had form on this as he threw the money changers out of the temple.Yet he was quite happy to go into the market place and preach.Double standards or what.Keep your gibberish for the Church and your own property religious nutters and leave the market place for free ingress and egress of shoppers who do not want their access blocked and hampered by your impudent and obstructive proselytizing irrationalism.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Don't Panic, Recession is Good For Us All.

Always look on the bright side of life.This recession is cutting the State down to size.State downsizing,its all good.Reasons to be cheerfull: it may be an Iandruryance test but that which does not kill us makes us stronger.Nietzsche abhors a vaccuum.Capitalism will let a trillion flowers bloom.The State may not be dead, but long live Capitalism! It may enjoy a renaissance now.There is no money Left as Labour said switching off the lights as they egressed.As they lurch further Left with autistic silly Milly there is a chance now for the revolution to be ushered in by the back door if necessary with Cameron or with a full frontal push with an overtly Capitalist Party.Watch This space.

Shoot A Burglar Today!

It's open season on burglars! Have you shot one lately?Its now all the rage.The Law is now on your side,innocent homeowners and long suffering victims of the criminal underworld.Yes Liberals used to run the (very) criminal justice system but things are turning around now.In the last few months three burglars have been despatched to Hell by beleaguered homeowners and the Law has acquited them of all charges.Oh glad confident morning again.All we need now is for our right to bear arms enshrined in the Bill of Rights (yes we do have one) recognised and for homowners across the land to pack some heat and shoot a pesky burglar today.Lets be shot of them once and for all.Give praise to the patron saint of self defence Tony Martin.Amen.

Sunday, October 02, 2011


As Labour lurches to the Left with Mad Marxist Milly dragging it into the wilderness of irrelevance and lunacy what are the prospects for the Tories on the eve of their conference? There is the debate in the House on EU withdrawal would you believe but this has been forced upon them and Hague is already forestalling any possibility of a vote by the people on this disastrous cataclysmic issue.Perhaps the Tories have a deathwish in refusing to confront the problem called the EU. Who will plunge the knife deep into the hideous misbegotten EU changeling?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Global Mixed Economy Crisis

The chickens of the global mixed economy are coming home to roost with a vengeance. To mix metaphors, all the world's leaders are running around like headless chickens but it is almost risibly obvious that they haven't got a clucking clue.Commentators are also in the dark and can only muster tired bromides about leaders lacking 'political will' to do anything.An intellectual paralysis has set in,the mixed economy is twitching like a recently deceased chicken(again) but all the leaders are saying its not dead it just needs another dose of quantitative easing!

The pathology of denial is endemic across the board.No one is saying it: the mixed economy is going through its death throes.No amount of stimulus will save it, no pumping it with money hot off the over used printing press will help, we have a profound implosion of an intellectual fraud,a Ponzi scheme so large it is invisible but nevertheless deadly.The failure is a philosophical one, an abandonment of reason and the results are as inevitable as they are are catastrophic.The mixed economy wherin Socialism is fused with Capitalism is such a hideous intellectually schizophrenic anti concept that the consequences flowing from such an absurdity could only ever have been as they indeed are , namely political chaos and economic ruin.We have sown the mixed economy wind and we have reaped the mixed economy whirlwind: bankruptcy,fraud,wholesale larceny,cronyism,corporate welfare fascism.

Having created this chaos deliberately the architects will now step forward and declare that the cure for this moral philosophical intellectual collapse is more of the same,more Statism,more Government, more Socialism,more taxes.The pathology of their denial and mendacity is bottomless.The world's media feeds this insane crackerbarrel rationalisation back to us in its incessant range of the moment commentary,obsessed with the minutaie of the calamity but never exploring its roots,the intellectual breach that has led us to the brink of extinction economically and politically. Like a mental psychotic lost in his own twilight world of subjectivist delusion the global mixed economy axis can only mutter incoherently to itself,chanting mindless mantras of denial crying out for more medication, more stimulus,more debt drugs,more deficit spending,more government,more programmes and it descends remorselessly into catatonic paralysis and political dementia.The mixed economy can only mutter alzheimically now as it disappears up its own sorry fundament and we are left to survey the desolation before us and stare off into the shadowy hinterlands that was once our future.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hiway Niconoclast Revisited: A Self Critique

Looking back in languor at my blog over time I have to admit the tone has seemed implacably rancourous and splenetic with some of the views expressed not those I frankly share now.The writing is overwrought and verbose so in both style and content there is much I would now edit away or radically prune and excise but then it is the raw material of what was felt at the time so why indulge in palimpestic revisionism but rather see it as a sort of journey towards the light with lots of faltering steps,excursions into blind alleys and downright erroneous assumptions in liberal proportions before the destination of truth is arrived at or approximations therof.Let my critics if there be any point to past errors and point out my extravagancies hyperbolic licences and seeming inconsistencies and dwell in the past if they so choose.I shall leave all my glaring errors to the judgemnt of posteriority and embrace the now and the battle for clarity of expression and meaning. Forgive this self indulgent regardant essay as it is probably more me thinking out loud than for any general reader but if anyone is still following at this point I can assure you this will be the last self regarding post you will get from me...

The Great Liberal Con

Somehow the Liberals have managed to con Vince people that they are not as way out Leftist as their Labour cadres yet in reality they are to the Left of Labour on key issues.They are more rabidly pro EU than Labour, more rabidly pro eco, they cannot see a business without wanting to slap taxes and regulations on it,they play the envy class anti business card with Leftist ideological zeal and they are to the Left of Labour on law and order and their ideological progenitor was the arch Communist and real begetter of the Socialist Welfare State the evil Lloyd Goorge.If it waddles like a Leftist and quacks like a Leftist it is a darned Leftist.The Tories are in bed with Satan.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Taxation Is Slavery

Taxation is the use of force by the State against a defenceless populace to deprive it of its property.It is an act of theft and should not be sanctioned or rationalised away by eupehemisms or evasions.The State's sole function is to protect individual rights not to violate them by arbitrary dictat and appropriation of private property in the name of some subjectivist mushy non defined 'public good'.Any country that practises such larceny is violating the liberty of its citizens and is rightly speaking Communist and totally without moral legitimacy.

The argument for taxation is couched in deliberately vague terms,words such as 'fairness' are deployed, tired phrases such as 'those with the broadest shoulders should bear the most',(shades of Animal Farm) and bizarre comments such as the rich will not down tools because the highest earners are compulsive entrepreneurs who cannot stop working even if they tried with the obvious implication that therfor they can be taxed with impunity.The tax mongers have become so mad and arrogant with power that they do not feel the need to even disguise their naked wealth grab and are brazen in their contempt for such pesky little matters as property rights,liberty and the individual rights of the wealth creators.They have sussed the zeitegeist and know that they can stick it to the rich and be respected for it by the non productive envy ridden mediocrities who are the liberal's natural voting clientiele.

Once it becomes clear in the public mind that taxation is indeed theft no matter how many euphemisms are deployed and layered upon it to disguise the fact,then taxation will no longer be tolerated and no governement that tried to impose it would be given the time of day.We have a distance to travel before we reach that destination but it can be done if presented in clear terms and explained in such a way that the big lie of taxation is exposed and the elaborate obsfuscation painstakingly constructed around it is stripped away to reveal the nasty little secret of the great tax con.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Capitalism Takes The Rap For Mixed Economy`s Sins (hold the front page!)

Capitalism is in the dock and is being falsely accused of felony,malfeasance,corruption ledgerdemain.The evidence is not even circumstantial and the real offender,the Mixed Economy is getting away scot free.For generations Capitalism has taken the rap for the Mixed Economy and the media, one of its tools is perpetrating this canard in concert with our politicians.Until a political movement arrives on the scene to expose this hideous travesty of the truth we will continue to stumble about in the dark falsely and unwittingly chasing Capitalist scapegoats and perpetuating the folly with compund interest.Socialism and the Mixed Economy has done it again and pulled of the prestidigitatory scam of debauching our economy via taxation and Government and dumping all the evidence at Capitalism's door.

Bringing It All Back Home

Well its been a long long time since I`ve been gone due to computer breakdown. Back now without a vengeance except for evil liberals Communists Socialists and divers such jokers who are wrecking our world.There have been riots and large insurrections here and elsewhere but when all the peices thrown up by such seismic events come back to earth we find the global landscape pretty much unchanged so the work continues to bring sanity to insanity and restore it back to that happy but sadly distant place,the sunny uplands of Capitalism.I will go about the task with revivified relish gentle readers.