Monday, October 31, 2005

Crime Doesn't Pay - For Once

Five youths in a stolen car used for joyriding crashed into a wall and died yesterday in theUK.Good news.Instant punishment for crime.They were all inebriated and thankfully only took their own wretched souls from this life rather than any innocent folks.

Had they survived would they have faced any justice?From a corrupt leftist compromised judicial system that rewards crime and leaves its victims to the tender mercies of thugs and hooligans?Yeah, right.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Dismember The 5th of November

Why should anyone celebrate the failed terrorist act of blowing up the houses of parliament? Fireworks day,November the 5th is not a day to celebrate but bury.It is used as an excuse by delinquents up and down the country to let off very loud fireworks weeks and sometimes months before and after that date and it is time it was stopped.

Collecting money for the guy is merely disguised begging and should also be discouraged.Banning fireworks is hardly er rocket science and as this government is ban happy mostly where it is inappropriate perhaps for once it can ban something that is in dire need of banning.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Riot Of Colour

Riots in Manchester by blacks and Asians.Property smashed.Nothing to do with whites.More proof that multicultralism doesn't work.We used to deport undesirables.At least we could give them a public thrashing.Turning our country into ghettoes,crime infested hellholes.

Inadequate policing sends a clear message to such thugs that they will be handled with kid gloves.The time is approaching when private citizens will have to do the job the police have abdicated.

Already there is a council tax revolt.We pay the police but they do not police.Withdrawing part of the tax would send a clear message that the police are not delivering and have gone native,showing more concern for the perpetrators of crime than their victims.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Soddam On Trial

Saddom is in the dock holding his koran.The liberals are worried he won't get a fair trial and are claiming it is an American rather than an international trial overseen by the UN. Clearly liberalism is a disease for which there is no known cure.

This UN just the other day played host to that other Marxist tyrant Mugabe who used its platfrom to lambaste Bush and Blair dubbing them Hitler and Mussolini.Why this monster was not arrested on the spot is testimony itself to the moral delinquency of that organisation.The African delegates all cheered his speech of course.

Already it is becoming clear that the trial will merely be a platform for Soddam to grandstand and propagandise,posture and pose.As long as the scafold is the denouement it will be worth it I suppose, albeit to my mind it is all a bit of a circus.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Clarke: Hushed Puppy

Clarke is out and that is good but I cannot stomach the smarmy Cameron with his slippery evasive oleaginous supercilliousness.Is that the best we can do? He'll ensure the party truly goes to pot.

Fox is a real tory but will not make it through. It is not looking good for the future of the party. They are so far away from espousing real tory values I don't know if they will ever make it back again.Lacking a Thatcher persona the wilderness years could stretch on to infinity.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Netherlands Heads The Backlash Against Islam

The brave Netherlands have banned the Muslim headress Burkah from public places which is an excellent move that should be followed by all other European countries.This sends a clear message to the evil satanic cult of Islam that its absurd customs and ways will no longer be tolerated in civilised countries.

If only countries across the EU would send Islam packing,dismantle its mosques,sterilise and deport them.Still,this is a start I suppose.

As Iran, the very centre of this death worshipping cult is arming the terrorists in Iraq it is surely time to give it one last chance to dismantle its nuclear installations before a joint American Israel military strike is unleashed.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Prisons: Porridge Not Croissants

We are told today that our prisons are full and they will have to release felons earlier with electronic tags.Don't buy it.There is a simple sollution.Prisons are way to expensive to run because of all the luxuries that are lavished on the inmates.Take all them away and have a no thrills prison eviron and costs could be slashed by 70% and the money could be used to build more prisons.Simple.

No TVs,no junk food,tea and coffee,carpets,etc etc.Problem solved.
The problem of recidivism that has also been cited today would be eliminated with longer sentences.They keep on letting them out to re-offend! We have a revolving door policy which is insane.

Capitol punishment for murder would also reduce the prison population as would the harsher regime which would act as a disencentive.Right now jail is a holiday camp and they are lining up to get in although it is very hard to end up in jail as the judiciary bend over backwards to let criminals off the hook.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blunket's Blind Man's Bluff

We've heard it all before.Welfare Reform Ad Nauseam. Now it is revealed that 9 Billion pounds is lost on Welfare fraud.(That is a tautology if ever there was one:Welfare Is fraud.)

Cheats are caught on video playing golf whilst claiming disability allowance -a literal case of swinging the lead .2 million people are on disability for either stress - that catch-all get-out for the idle, and back pain - both practically impossible to prove,hence their popularity.

Don't anyone try to tell me that socialism is about compassion.It is the modern slavery where the working class support the non working class on pain of imprisonment if they demur. Government as mafia and the welfare state as a protection racket where if you don't pay instead of crudely beating you up they throw you in jail.

No tinkering with this insane system will do.It must be systematically dismantled and the way to bring that about would be good old civil disobedience and widespread non payment of taxes organised by the put upon middle class.They are as mad as hell and they haven't spoken yet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Muslim Earthquake In Pakistan

God is not happy with Islam and sends a clear message to the infidels to turn away from their false faith.

They laughed at Katrina and gloated at the deaths.Surely God has passed judgement on the muslims of Pakistan and sent them a unequivocal message they will not forget.

In Bradford the relatives are grieving but for the UK it simply means there will be less muslims from Pakistan heading this way and flooding our country with hostile and alien subcultural detritus,exploting our tax system and plotting their heinous terrorist crimes.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Justice Behind The Looking Glass

A 12 year old girl who tried to hang a 5 year old boy from a tree with a rope has been ordered to pick up litter in a park.You think I am making it up gentle reader?No.Welcome to that parallel luniverse called British Justice.

On a BBC radio programme they discussed it with the usual suspects: a child psychiatrist and a barrister.They spent the whole programme talking about the rights of the offender to be protected and the victim could quite literally go hang.

When they show those reality police programmes on TV if the offenders are children they always blank out their faces to protect their identity Why? Let them be seen,named and shamed.

What would constitute justice here?A public flogging for that girl,a good thrashing for all the dumb social workers, do gooders,child psychiatrists,liberal nitwits that run our judiciary,allowing crime to flourish with their 'there there',coddling, pandering,delinquent-enabling,tax funded crime protection industry.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Axe Murderer Demands His Human Rights

A man who served 25 in prison for hacking his landlady to death with an axe has won an appeal he took to the European Court Of Human Rights for the right of prisoners to vote.The liberals and labour party must be rubbing their hands with glee:more votes!

The BBC reported the whole thing straight faced,commenting that from now on prisoner's rights would be on the political agenda.

By rights this piece of human excrement would have been six foot under after committing such a heinous crime.Instead he studied law in prison and is on TV smirking that he has won a victory for freedom and liberty.

Perhaps some public spirited person will track this pile of human ordure down and bury an axe in his addle pated skull.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tory Tweedledee and Tweedledumber Part Two

Much talk about 'compassionate conservativism' which I find truly insulting.The inference being that if you are conservative you are uncaring when the exact opposite is true.Might just as well talk of 'compassionate kindness' or generous charity'.

'Compassionate conservativsm' is a tautology and just one more indication of how the right has sold itself short,is suffering from a collective loss of nerve,has spent too many nights poring over Guardian articles about uncaring consertvativism and listening to too many BBC Guardianista journalists instead of harking to its own base core values of conservativsm that require no apology but rather an insistent and proud championing.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nursery Crimes

A seven year government study costing who knows how much has come to the amazing conclusion that children reared in nurseries apart from their mothers are not so well adjusted as those that are. It took them seven years to figure that out?I could have told them that after two seconds reflection.

This government has practically forced married women out to work through the tax system and made them farm their children off to State run nurseries so they can be socialised and brainwashed to be good little socialist clones for the brave new Blair world of social conformity and a-dolthood.

A tory government would hopefully reverse this dire Stalinist State kidnapping / social engineering and return the children back to their parents to be reared in commonsense and decency free from the malign influence of politically correct socialist change agents.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lets Not Talk Turkey

The EU is edging closer to allowing the entrance of Turkey into its hallowed organisation.A fascist State that prefigured Nazi Germany killing one million Armenian Christians in 1915 and used as a template for Hitler with the jewish hollocaust,Turkey has yet to even acknowledge its criminal history,so what on earth is the EU up to?

Pandering once again to the Muslims of course.We have more than enough of them here in the UK and would like to be shot of them all.The last thing needed is to open the floodgates to yet more of these cultic camel abusers and anti semites. Yet one more reason to get out of the EU and leave it to its corrupt and criminal devices.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Red Ken Is The Joker In The Tory House Of Cards

Another Tory leadership contest and TweedleDee and Tweedledumber line up for the tired routine to a collective yawn from the Demos.Could it get any worse.Red Ken the fag end of One Nation Toryism,the Two Davids vying for supremacy in the vapid vacuous stakes,sepulchral Rifkind.

A motley crew of no hopers,weak,vacillating tepid,flaccid,timorous,apologetic,self flagellating, miserable,hoplesss excuses for conservatives.Theresa May too,the scourge of the party saying sorry yet again for the most successful period in the party's history when it actually stood for something, reduced to saying what is needed is more blacks and homosexuals in the party.Is this Death Wish Part Two or Three?

Now we are told the Torys must have their 'Clause 4 moment'.Sorry? New Labour has stolen all our clothes so we should start stealing their Old Labour ones and support high taxes and public services?Don't look for rhyme or reason in any of this.This lot have had a collective cojones bipass operation.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Man Speaks The Truth About Black Crime

A republican on a talk show in the US stated the bald fact that if all black babies were aborted most crime in the US would be eliminated.Putting the inevitable furore this caused aside, the fact remains that most crime in America is caused by the black population, as it is in the UK.

The formerly liberal Holland has woken up to this fact and cut back on its welfare to immigrants thus drastically reducing its immigration - they only come for the welfare cheques.

We unfortunately do not have the resolve to go the Holland rout and thus have the phenomena of 'white flight' as huge numbers of white middle class flee the cities that are festering cess pits of black crime with yardie youths turning whole areas into waste lands of gang warfare and people are shot dead in broad daylight.

The police will not venture into these hell holes and are even told not to racially profile black youths and so they are free to depradate their (non) community with impunity. Policemen are brainwashed with politically correct courses on how to be 'non racist' instead of being trained to fight crime.None dare call it conspiracy - or insanity....

Saturday, October 01, 2005

BBC Watch

I shall endeavour to monitor BBC Radio Four Any Questions each week on the political composition of the invited panel.It invariably consists of three liberals and one token liberal conservative.True to form this week the panel was comprised of:

1. Peter Hain - Labour (NI sec)

2. Menzies(pronounced'Minger') Campbell -Liberal

3. A Guradian journalist(can't remember his name)

4. Teresa May - said liberal conservative who has made a career out of bad mouthing her party.

Throw into the mix a biased liberal compere Dimbleby and a selected partisan liberal audience and you have standard Guradian/BBC fare.