Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Christmas Carol is the most evil book ever written

Forget Das Kapital or even Ragged Trousered Philanthropist my nomination for most evil book ever written has to be Dicken's A Christmas carol as it smuggles across the most evil idea under cover of benign sentimentality and sachyremous dripping syrup that beguiles and disarms the reader getting in under the radar to plant its insidious message that the individual exists purely to serve the needs of others,that self sacrifice is a moral creed rather than a pernicious evil,that Capitalism is souless near criminal system that crushes the poor and exploits them.It has done far more damage to the culture than Das Kapitol ever has as no one has read the darn thing with its turgid impenetrable dry as dust incoherence.The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist pernicious and wrong headed as it obviously is is so clearly didactic polemic dressed as a novel that anyone can see right through it.No,for sheer unadulterated evil Dickens diatribe against the individual and capitalism is the most toxic and mendacious piece of work ever committed to print.

Bitcoin and the slow death of Statism

It may be the canary in the mine today but I believe the emergence of bitcoin into the cybersphere will herald the albeit slow tortuous death of the mixed economy and statism.It is the Western Spring many of us have been looking for the longest time.Just as internet has broken the spine of the MSM Bitcoin will do the same for the politicos with their born to rule arrogance and collectivist hegeMoney.The brilliant Max Keiser has to get kudos for trumpeting the birth of this monster even if his analysis of the present calamitous state of affairs is somewhat off target at times with his incessant bank scapegoating when the true villain is clearly the State and the irreconciliable contradictions inherent in the global mixed economies.'14 will see us living in very interesting times indeed.Happy new year to all my er, fictitious readers (lol,sigh.)

World's Religions: Barren,Cesspits and Wastelands of Moral and Intellectual Depravity

O dear.Can anyone listen to the burblings of church leaders across the theological divides and feel anything other than nausea and disgust? Take a look across the globe at nations who hold to religious pieties and witness the destruction and devastation of all human values and aspirations in those countries.Witness the moral wastelands of the Middle East with one bright spark and exception of Israel,an oasis in a desert of moral intellectual bankruptcy.Listen if you can to the hypocritical creep Welby with his socialist nostrums of fairness and ethics when he is up to his neck in financial entanglements with the evil market and then wonder why the church pews are as empty as as the vacuous witterings of Welby and his cohorts in the morribund church of England with its liberal secular obsessions in a spiritual wasteland.

Ha Ha Mr Cameron,Ha ha Mr Clegg

Mr billionaire Hargreaves says that UK businesses should pay no taxes in Daily Mail today which is what er I have been saying for quite some time.It would make the UK the richest Capitalist nation of the world,wipe out unemployment practically overnight and start a global revolution to the sunny uplands of freedom liberty and prosperity.We have a dream but the powers that be have us in a permanent nightmare of a mixed economy madness re taxation, command control,top down Marxoidal centralist,bureaucratic Kafkaesque trickle up voodoo economics. The bonds of fiscal servitude should be broken and a tax revolution set in train.Hargreaves for PM I say.My last two postings have been blocked so maybe third time lucky or I shall conclude that I have been permanently excommunicated lol?(Happy new year!)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Nigel Farage: NO!

What possessed him to make such an asinine statement that we should take in Syrian refugees -does he have a political death wish? The UK is giving £500 million to Syria which it has no business giving.Not a penny should we give and not a single refugee take in.If we dismantle the welfare system then we can have open borders to the world but not before.

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the political wind blows

It is a sign of the insane times we live that one has to even say this but hey ho: the human consequences of the weather,natural disasters and so called acts of God are not and should never under any conceivable circumstances be the domain of the State to rectify,ameliorate compensate and generally meddle in on baseless grounds of humanitarianism and collective responsibility and all the other fraudulent liberal rationalisations for State intervention via of course the hapless taxpayers.How politicians love to reinforce the largely subliminal narrative that they are indeed invested with God like powers to tame nature and save us poor helpless humans from all the happenstances and vicissitudes of existence!How they love to be on the scene of some emergency like ambulance chasing ghouls feeding on the misery of the victims,promising them largesse made of course at no expense to themselves.But there is a danger to all of this cynical opportunism and politics by emote as Cameron found out to his embarrassment this weekend when a hapless angry resident without power for a week confronted him angrily over the local authorities supposed tardiness at restoring power.She indeed had been schooled in the 'politicans as God' meme and it came back with a vengeance to bite the ridiculous Cameron on the butt.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Izlam is incompatible with Liberal Western Values

This is palpably the case and begs the question should Izlam be tolerated in the West and given any sanction? There is no moderate Izlam,it is a political project,politcs and relgion are one in Izlam,indivisible and is a mongrelized debased corupted plagiarised chritianity shorn of all its humanity and spirituality.It is in effect a cult albeit a two thousand year old one give or take a few.It should never have been allowed to take root like a cancerous toxic parasitic bacillus in the West to corrupt corrode and subvert liberal values with its totalitarian thecratic anti human savage bestial barbaric nihilistic ideology of death worship

Cocaine all around her brain

The Nigella in the woodpile is that the domestic Godess has been partaking of a drug which is supposed to be harmful but does not seem to have taken the edge off her brilliance or beauty but whatever the case we really should grow up and stop persecuting people because of what they chose to put into their bodies and recognise that under liberty people are indeed, or should be, free to go to hell in a handcart if they wish and it is not the role of the State to police what they freely choose as adults to ingest.This is not in anyway to endorse the self destructive act of drug taking but rather to uphold the precious principles of liberty and individual rights without which we are little more than slaves to the state with Orwellian powers to punish us for our personal choices and Big brother us to within an inch of our lives.Freedom and liberty actually means allowing people to do things of which we may profoundly disapprove but it is a price worth paying.The alternative is far far worse.

Winds of Change?

Could there be a UK Spring?People are beginning to give two jeers for Democracy,realising somewhat belatedly that it is a bill of goods and poses a very real threat to their freedom liberty and life choices.Why for instance should a good education depend on the vagaries of one's postcode rather than a proliferation of good schools to chose from which would be the case in a free society? Why should the government decide what sort of healthcare is available making a visit to the hospital only slightly less dangerous than a game of Russian roulette?Why do we have to pay the government a licence just to watch TV -are we in North Korea or Cuba?Democracy gives each man the right to be his next door neighbour's dictator,it does not do what it says on the label and rather than seeking to export it to benighted Middle East hell holes we should take a good hard look in the mirror of democracy and recognise the ugly pinched quasi totalitarian construct that is and reject it.What would it be replaced with you ask?! Capitalism of course,unregulated,laissez faire.Not overnight but over a ten fifteen year period of transition.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The State of the nation

The firemen were on strike.I tried to go to the chemist on a weekday but it was closed because it was one o clock despite the fact that all the other shops in town remained open.When I pointed this out to the departing staff and inquired why this was so the fat one replied surlily that 'we have to have lunch'.I resisted the temptation of saying you look like you could do without lunch today and probably quite a few other days as well.Then when I went to the job centre to use the computer for job search I was told it closes at one pm and all the staff decant to the next town five miles away for some obscure reason and at this point I started to see a pattern to all of this, a common denominator and it is this: all these lazy poor service institutions are run by the State.The people who work in them (and I use that word advisedly) do not see what they do as a service to the public but rather as a facilitator to their own ends of having a job and consequently no care or heed of the latter is part of their thinking or mental landscape.The solution of course is to have all the above services removed from State remit and run on free market principles where the public would get a genuine service rather than the polite fiction that prevails at present like a Potemkin village of pretend service concealing a vacuum of incompetence,laziness,arrogance that is born and directly flows from the monopolistic hold on said services by the State.In anticipation of two possible objections to all of the above I will offer the following. Yes,chemists May be privately operated but are presiding over a government sanctioned monopoly namely the handling of prescription drugs.I was seriously inconvenienced by this and could not get the necessary medicinal aid to an associate as a consequence delaying such by an hour.The fire service should be a monopoly of the State some would say but it is hard to see why.The only consequence of this monopoly is the absurd union run Trumpton like outfits across the country that are little more than disguised welfare homes for the bone idle with absurdly over generous pension privileges and retirement rights and bizarre work practices that allow them to get full time wages for what is clearly very part time work enabling them to have another job on the side.The Left as usual are profoundly hypocritical in all of this,defending such restrictive practices and State controlled monopolies whilst forever lambasting the energy companies and other big businesses for holding 'monopolistic' power over the consumers when these are to the contrary an illustration of the proper functioning and operation of competition in the market - hampered and compromised in their operations to the extent that they are only by over regulation and state interference which is becoming of course ever more intrusive and inhibiting by the day.

Heroes of '13: Edward Snowden and the Guardian

For exposing the sheer extent of State surveillance and snooping engaged in by the US and UK governments Edward Snowden and the Guardian should be decked in laurels not to mention their service to journalism and individual rights. Their revelations have exposed the dirty little Big Lie that there is a war on terrorism when quite clearly the only war being fought is a war on the American and British people.Small wonder the so-called war on terrorism is open ended and in fact never ending and unwinnable because the prime suspects are not being profiled for fear of accusations of racism by the prevailing toxic suicidal orthodoxy of political correctness.So as a consequence 'we are all guilty' and fall under the remit of State spying and thus our freedoms are taken from us and the Muzlim enemy waxes strong and laughs as we rob ourselves of our last vestiges of liberty and thus prepare the way for global Islamization and tyranny.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Month Atlas Shrugged

The Employ Strikes Back! A new film,telling the story about how for the first time in British industrial history a company refused to bend the knee to the tyrannical unions and issued them with a stark ultimatum: accept our reasonable terms and conditions or we will close down this business and you will all be out of a job.Except that it is not a film but a real life event here in the UK.I forget the details and name of the company but anyone who follows these things will remember this case.The important thing is that the cowardly intimidating unions had their bluff called,they blinked first and now the the company was saved,the empoyees jobs were saved,and the whole country could also be saved IF we take the lesson away with us and apply it to all future union confrontations:just say NO to the Fascist Left.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

BBC Shame of Humphrey Interview

We allow terrorist supporting scum like Choudry to remain in the UK when he should have been deported long ago.The BBC is aiding the enemy by giving him airtime and for this treasonous act deserves to lose its licence.The BBC makes pretence of balance but it would never allow an extreme fundamentalist evangelical christian to have such a platform.Izlam gets the red carpet everytime. The rank nauseating hypocrisy of the BBC is boundless -and it doesn't care because it knows it is unassailable, a holy cow that can never be sanctioned.

Torture is Cool

It is a tool of war to defeat the Nazi like Muzlims and the Blair gov should not be villified for such necessary measures.We are so timid in our fight against Izlamizm that it will go on forever and never be won.

You cannot be Syrias

A 'British' doctor goes to Syria to treat the rebels,is captured by Syrian goverment forces,tortured to death.Who is blamed?The British government,not the idot who went over there to aid the Syrian rebel jihadists,put them back together again so they could commit more horrendous atrocities like we saw on the youtube video of a rebel cutting out the heart of the enemy and eating it.Aiding cannibals is not a good look and deserves no sympathy whatsoever.The British gov should issue a warning that anyone from the UK who goes out to Syria to play humanitarian doctor does so at their own peril and that the Brit gov owes them nothing and is not responsible for anything that befalls them.Of course we should offer a plague on both the Syrian sectional Nazi muzlim houses.But the British gov is to blame for encouraging idiots like the doctor to get involved and Hague and co are guilty of fanning the flames of hatred in that benighted region with his silly posturing interference and support for the rebels.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Justice for Lee Rigby

Here is what it would look like.His killers should be first stripped naked and copies of the Koran should be fully inserted all the way into their rectums.They should be force fed raw bacon and then raped by dogs.Then they should be strung up by piano wire to lamposts in the street where they committed their crime and it should be televised around the world.Alternatively they should be thrown in a pig sty with starving pigs who will eat them alive.Instead of course they will be allowed to luxuriate in jail reading their sick Koran and then the EU will ensure they will be released after a few years on human rights grounds.I know which is the true justice but of course the Marxist liberals who run things in this country will go for the second ignominious option.Because of that we are all implicated in his murder because we tolerate an injust justice system.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the 8th day God Created Nelson Mandela

Or was it the 7th? As the deification of the saintly Mandela gathers apace brought to us by the drooling BBC worshipfesters perhaps it is time to reflect on the true lesson of Mandela rather than the official liberal media version of his rise to demi-Godhood.The lesson will not be one the liberal bien passant wish to hear and it is this.Long jail sentences work! 27 years in jail and the Marxist Communist firebrand terrorist converted into a peace loving saintly Ghandi figure.Had he been released on the standard liberal grounds of penal correctness he would have become a very different figure -more like a Mugabe than the Mandela we all know today.So,liberals,lock em up and throw away the key if you want more Ghandis emerging from our prisons.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Seargant Blackman, A Hero Of Our Time

As I have said elsewhere the disgraceful way this man has been treated is sign of the sickness of our age and the moral depravity to which as a nation we have sunk.He served his country bravely and acted flawlessly to rid the world of muzlim scum jihadist insurgents and for that he has been tossed in jail whilst those who stand in judgement upon him are free to drink martinis and watch the sunrise and he sits like Buddah in a ten foot cell,an innocent man in a living hell.Makes you proud to be British.Hundreds of thousands of decent people have signed a petition for his release.I hope they succeed or no brave courageous young people will want to join an army whose country spits in the face of heroes and bends over backwards to protect the'human rights' of inhuman muslim scum.Free Seareant Blackman NOW.