Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John McDonnel Socialist Asshole

I don't often fight an urge to thow something at the TV but I had to last evening listening to the trogluddite Socialist John Mcdonnel calling for 'massive redistribution of wealth' to fight the supposed gap between rich and poor which according to a report out Monday instigated by Brown has grown ever wider under this Labour government over the last 10 years.We all know why that is.Social mobility flourishes under a meritocracy.Under a mediocracy is goes into reverse.Egalitarian Socialist meddling,Social engineering,tampering with exam results, dumbing down the curicula,ending grammar schools,punitive taxation, all drive excelllence to the wall and rewards mediocracy, creating a stagnant effluent society.Welcome to Nu Labour Britain.What better representative of this non aspiring,whining, loser failed state UK than the grievance mongering mediocrity himself Mcdonnel,Socialist throwback Old Labour mafioso godfather figure.And John Snow was in awe at this towering intellectual figure of the Left.'What you are asking for is a revolution isn't it?' he drooled.The mauling rottweiller of interviewers became a docile and fawning lickspittle.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Evil Of Psychology

The Gary Mckinnon case involving the UK cyber terrorist who the Americans want to extradite encapsulates what is wrong with the modern pathologising and therfor excusing and whitewashing of human evil.This moron decided he would hack into US military comoputers ostensibly to explore his obsession with UFO and conspiracy theories.The Daily Mail is organising a campaign to stop the extradition on the absurd grounds that McKinnon is suffering from 'Aspergers Syndrome' and was not responsible for his actions.

Leaving aside the fact that this once great newspaper has lurched to the Left in recent years and is now anti American,anti Israel and anti War on Terror this is an inexcusable populist campaign on its behalf and plays to the modish inclination of the Left to attempt to excuse away every form of human evil by giving it some bogus psychological term,inventing new conditions on a regular basis.Thus children who behave badly are not naughty or bad but are suffering from ADD and given drugs.Criminal and delinquent behaviour used to be punished.Today it is 'treated'.Psychobabblers have moved in to the criminal justice system and are ever ready to explain away every imoral act as a psychological affliction.Criminals go to hospital instead of jail.

McKinnon should be extradited.His imoral delinquent actions of military espionage could have triggered an international incident with nuclear weapons.What on earth is the Daily Mail and those idiotic Conservative politicians thinking of in defending him?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

When It's Moral To Lie

The mother who lied about her place of residence to secure a position for her child in a good school has been roundly vilified in the MSM as if she had committed a crime of high treason.She lied to the State and with the State in its present form that is an act of virtuous self preservation and moral integrity.Her legion of critics suggest she is setting a bad example to her children which is precious nonsense.She is protecting her children from the capricious,imoral irrational over- weening State. Any parent worth thier salt would do the same thing.

Most of her critics are hypocrites who preach egalitarianism for other people's children and send their own to independent schools -and Labour politicians are the worst hypocrites of all in this matter.

Let us examine briefly just what parents are avoiding when circumventing the average State comprehensive school.Tens of thousands of children leave the State system not being able to read or write or think in the realm of ideas.They have no History just an unrelated highly selective tendentious politically correct interpretation of history.Geography is little nore than environmentalist propaganda.All subjects are debased by political correctness.Sex education promotes a morals free ethics and the idea that homosexuality is normal.

The whole rotten corrupt system is run by left wing teacher unions and corrupt politicians.Until education is freed from the dead hand of the State parents will continue to do whatever they can to militate against some of its worse effects and if that means lying to protect their children they would not be loving parents if they didn't.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Conservatives Broken Moral Compass

The human oil slick Tory Cameron has made a career out of apologising for Tory virtues.Now he is seeking to curry favour with the perverted homosexual 'community' by apologising for supporting Clause 28 in the '80's.Homosexuals want to get to children.Clause 28 prevented this.Now teachers are effectively grooming five year old children into the homosexual lifestyle in the classroom.The sooner Conservatives realise that the Conservative Party is dead and gone and has been taken over by sodomite pandering Lefties,pinkoes,moral inverts and big Government Socialists the sooner we can start a new party which represents Conservative values and send this bunch of insidious Tory pretenders into the political wilderness.

Criminal Thinking

The Howard In League With Criminals Reform Group has just published a commissioned report which revealed that in the UK there are too many criminals being sent to prison! Meanwhile back in the real world most people know that only a tiny fraction of those criminals who should be in prison actually are.

This absurd organisation of criminal enablers goes on to make the ridiculous assertion that 'prison doesn't work'.Not if you let the criminals out after five minutes so they can resusme their life of crime it doesn't -or if you have 'life' sentences which last 15 years and then the psycho is free to carry on his criminal career.Hardly Newtonian physics is it?

After performing these amazing somersaults of reason and hare brained ratiocination the HLPR numpties make the following proposal for solving this 'problem '. Instead of sending criminals to jail we should be giving them money and gifts to alleviate their 'Social Deprivation'!How many years in University studying Sociology did these genuises spend to enable them to come to such a staggering conclusion?

Of course as we know, Liberals make a career out of promoting counter intuitive and sublimely nonsensical illogical ideas which they periodically inflict on the hapless population.Perhaps it is a conspiracy to drive us all nuts with their nonsense but whatever the case the best thing all right thinking people can do is ignore them or listen and then do the exact opposite of whatever it is they are proposing. Then all our problems really will be solved.