Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Religion's Deadly Legacy

It would be good if the evil religious influence in Ireland was buried along with the wretched  corpse of  McGuiness but of course the Irish are still sending their children to Catholic and Protestant schools and Ireland stands as a horrible salutary illustration of the evil that religion does. England should set an example and decouple the Church from the State with an act of disestablishment that is long overdue. Only when organised religion is purged from the State and separated from it can we begin to leave its bloody legacy behind and move into a rational 21st century Republic, rejecting totally its depraved altruistic philosophy of sacrifice and self immolation.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BBC Terrorist Lickspittle

Fawning adoration or something approaching it from the BBC over the death of murderous Catholic psychopath  Martin Mcguiness amounts to a licence to terrorise. Still the BBC knows it is inviolable, untouchable, a State within a State, a holy sanctified institution with carte blanche to commit every act of  moral treason and ethical depravity with its position secured in perpetuity so why shouldn't it laud and give reverential treatment to a religious sociopath and murderer -who's to stop it?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Death by Mysticism

The most lethal thing for those who take their mysticism neat is the insidious idea of passivity, the 'let go let God' trope,the consider the lilies of the field injunction, to forgo effort,will,intellect all the things that go to make a functioning flourishing human being and embrace waiting until something from another dimension impinges on the brain and directs action. The lilies analogy is apt because if you reduce yourself to the non volitional state of passive inaction you will indeed take on the properties of something less even than animal,a non sentient plant or vegetable.This is the state a literal interpretation of scripture reduces a human being to and such is religion's baleful effect on human consciousness -a truly inhuman ideology for the production of religiously reduced automata.

The Dying Wage Revisited

As the BBC reports on the large number of care homes and  care agencies closing down since the introduction of the so called Living Wage those who argue voiciferously that such wage hikes including the minimum wage will not have an adverse effect on the economy and businesses need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror. What was obvious in theory hey ho has turned out to be obvious in practice but of course it is not something those behind such economy destroying policies have to worry about as they swan between one high paid job to the next to the Manor Osbourne.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

How do we get from Here to There?

How to transition from a social democracy to a free market laissez faire capitalist system is beyond the paygrade of mortal man but the need to do so is nonetheless imperative.To fight a war you need an army and none is on the horizon.The enemy is everywhere the opposition nowhere.To destroy a rotten system is one thing but who is there to build the new world but a few faint voices in the shadows talking to themselves. A Herculean task,a Sissyphean one,take your pick,who but a demi god could perform such a feat.The dark ages of the soul with only a few flickering candles to light our way.21st century technology confronts dark age philosophy. Reasons to be cheerful indeed!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Robots, the Socialist's Nightmare

The answer to complete socialisation of the workplace is - Robots! They don't go on strike -or only for a few hours before they are tweaked back into productivity,they don't get pregnant,don't demand maternity leave, paternity leave, holidays,pay rises,anti discrimination rights ad nauseam. They are capitalism's answer to unions: we don't need you,you whined perpetually about  being exploited,well you will be exploited no more,your fired! The only people who will be needed are those as intelligent or more intelligent than robots,it will be an aritstocracy of intellect,the age of little men is over,the rule of mediocrity will come to an end to be replaced by meritocracy and the rule of reason. Want to sue  Uber for unfair work practices and employee rights? Two words to you my socialist fiend: Driverless Cars! You will no longer be exploited by the capitalist system,your wish will be granted.May your little collectivist souls rest in peace.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Wither Democracy?

There is no guarantee of course that the Western Democratic Rogue States will go quietly and collapse upon their own internal corruption and although the old crone democracy has clearly had its day people remain attached to it thinking that whatever replaces it will be worse so it maintains its power over them. The moral case for its over throw is unassailable though the practical and logistical obstacles render it near impossible. Education remains the only realistic means to replace democracy with freedom and liberty but that process has not even begun.From the dark ages to enlightenment is a long journey so the holding of breath is not advisable.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Individualist culture v Collectivist polity

The miss match between people's general individualistic outlook and the collectivist democratic system is glaringly obvious and such internal contradictions will only be resolved by a rejection of the umbrella state and its micromanaging invasive structures. The slow evolution of this trajectory whilst tedious to observe is preferable to bloody revolution.As Uberfication of the economy and growing automatisation continues people will demand a state that reflects these changes and reject top down centralisation of the super state in favour of a a bespoke indivdiualised autonomy in regards to their personal affairs. Old tribalised structures no longer exist and politcal parties predicated on them are dying on the vine.The polity is lumbering reluctantly but inexorably into the 21st century notwithstanding all the efforts of the corrupt political class desperate to hang on to their bloated emolument troughing parasitic existence.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Democracy Cult Endgame

The present political upheaval across Western Democracies could well presage a post democratic age as people begin to assert their nascent  autonomy and their rage becomes more focused on the political system itself and its primitive nature.The cult of democracy is beginning to crack as its glassy eyed adherents begin to question its assumptions and arrogations of power from the individual to the mythical construct of society.Just as religion has lost its grip on the culture so the politics of divide and rule that is democracy is beginning to look vulnerable and assume a very precarious status. As Democracy's cumberous and onerous limitations become more glaring pressure will mount on the political class to delimit its power and relinquish the micromanaging control it exerts in all its infuriating arrogant authoritarian arbitrary and dictatorial manifestations. Democracy will ultimately be rejected as people begin to perceive that it violates their right to self autonomy and individual choice.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Mystery of Democracy

Why would people want to hand over control of their lives to others ie politicians through a system of majority rule? To put and rest the decisions of some of the most important aspects of their lives to the vote of others? Wish someone would explain it as I have never been able to understand it.What lack of confidence and self esteem it demonstrates and what cavalier disregard for the rights of others to regard such a system as commendable and worthy of defending and championing.A man who cannot control his finances cannot control his life and such is the state of affairs in a democracy. It must be that the majority of people do not want to take responsibility for their own affairs and wish to delegate it to others. But what about the people who are not afraid of that responsibility? The agony for them is incalculable. Living under a system that denies them that fundamental inalienable right to self determination and autonomy is nothing less than unbearable servitude.Will they ever revolt or just continue to acquiesce in their slow mind destroying self immolation?

A Walk on the Wilders Side

As batty as Wilders is in many respects,proposing a ban on the Koran and closing down of mosques etc I find myself hoping he will win in the elctions tomorrow just to give the liberal establishment another bloody nose and to really put it is a spin as the old arrogance is still much in evidence and they relish the thought of stopping the Brexit bandwagon but are completely discredited re the EU and everything else so it will send a very clear message to the liberati that the gig is up and a Wilders win will be beneficial all round and hopefully the electorate will see through the anti Turkey posturings of the present incumbent as a cynical ploy to act tough against the Islamists in order to clinch victory and not be swayed by it.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Religion's Cancerous Legacy

People will often assert that the UK is a residualy Christian country in that it rests on a Christian heritage. This is true regrettably and explains why everything has been infected by it and this is particularly so in its politics and applies equally across most of Europe. With such a mystical irrational base it is hardly surprising that most of its political ethos shares the shaky foundations of irrationalism and that is to include its philosophy. Most of philosophy takes its cue from religion and is shot through with arbitrary postulates,wild assertions,irrationalism and altruistic premises. Until people can reject the religious foundation of modern politics and root out its altruistic elements there is no hope whatsoever of rejecting statism,collectivism and welfarism. Until it is recognised that statism is but a secular version of Christianity and religion in general there is no hope whatsoever in countering it effectively on the philosophical grounds upon which it is based.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Greatest Scam in Human History?

After religion democracy has to be the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on civilization. Think of it. The very thing that promises liberty and freedom actually enslaves people so comprehensively that all autonomy worth having is eliminated. How has it it fooled so many people for so damn long? Is human credulity bottomless? Whatever rage is abroad is misdirected against democracy for not providing people with all the goodies they have come to expect.The masses are crying for more bread and circuses and the politicians are not about to tell them they are crying for the wrong thing.They will placate them with more government,more entitlements,never any home truths as their job depends upon them not delivering anything related to reality.The politicians lie and the people demand the lies.Both will spiral down into the vortex of  social collapse and anarchy. The relationship between state and people is that of prostitute and client:disimulation and deception.

When human autonomy is subordianted to majority vote the only outcome will be rage and frustration. How long will human beings carry on doing the same thing expecting a different result? How can the individual survive in such a system?A veritable torture chamber of the mind,the enslavement of the mind to serve the caprice of the masses,such is the horror of Democracy and the fact that it is held in near universal regard as the highest form of human organisation shows how far the human race has to go before it becomes fully human. If it makes it that is.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Politics - Organized crime

The corrupt ruling class of  political elites  is reaching the end of its decadent reign, having engorged itself on the public coffers leaving nothing but a ballooning out of control debt yet still borrowing more and mortgaging the future of the yet unborn, all of which leads to the inevitable collapse of its liberalist statist hegemony with only indeterminate the time of its final demise into ignominy and self destruction. People understand more than ever the choiceless choice laid out before them in stark relief of the Democratic fraud with identical parties engaged in ritualised faux emnity all standing in line for their turn at the public emolument trough,playing groups off against one another for power at any cost, bankrupting the nation in the process with nothing but feeble public interest bromides as fig leafs for their naked power lust and desire for the unearned,depradated and usurped wealth of the people.

The opposition to this cancerous parasitic orgy of statism is nowhere to be seen,a vacuum exists and shows no sign of being filled by anything other than an even more extreme version of the status quo namely alt rightism or alt leftism. The silence of the intellectuals is deafening and we are truly sleepwalking towards totalitarianism with no sign that this drift can be halted. A few distant voices warn of the coming danger but the enclaved Objectivist movement is nascent at best if not totally powerless and needs decades to mature into a viable alternative,decades it is clear we may not have. Still we can but persist in pointing out the folly and sheer unreality of the present course as the State veers perilously close to the edge of the cliff taking its people with it over the abyss.

Friday, March 10, 2017

End of the Ruling Class?

With the slippery Socialist May giving her imprimatur to Hammond's tax blow to the entrepreneurs any lingering doubt as I have said that the Tories respect free enterprise has been thoroughly removed and now is the perfect time to stage a revolt against the political class who are in cahoots between parties to rob and pillage the citizenry and who clearly see the political system as their personal fiefdom to milk and tax at will with no opposition, possessing all the moral legitimacy of the mafia.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Further Socialist Experiments in the LabourTory

Hammond's raid on the self employed with the National Insurance rate hike in yesterday's budget is proof positive of what I have been saying for the longest time that the Tories are no friend of business or capitalism and have been miss selling themselves on that front for decades in one of the biggest cases of political fraud in history. The only reason they are able to get away with it is because they have been mischaracterised as being the party of business by the Left and the label has stuck but there has never been any evidence  to support it and the Left has unwittingly paid the tories a compliment that they do not deserve.

This travesty of the facts will continue until a political movement emerges that challenges the Tory hegemeony for right now those in favour of a hands off approach by the State to business have nowhere else to go politically and they are like those opposed to canibalsim who end up having to vote for the political party that want less canibalsim than the other parties but still adheres to the principle that there is nothing wrong with it in moderation but as we have seen the tory appetite for predatory socialist taxation grows with the feeding. It seems in politics the electorate can vote for any party they like -as long as it is statist.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Lords Kiss sorry Ass Goodbye

The undemocratic Lords vote to keep the UK in the undemocratic EU -hold the front page! This suicidal act is actually to be welcomed as it shows once again the contempt the establishment has for the will of the people and it will be one less parasitic layer of government for taxpayers to fund. The fossilised remains of the Lords can be deposited in the unnatural history museum.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Who Will Speak for and Defend Capitalism?

Those who will not defend capitalism are colluding in its downfall. There are precious few in the public arena who will stand up and defend freedom and liberty from the State's encroachment on it and none of the mainstream political parties are prepared to see it as anything other than a necessary evil to be regulated and controlled to the point of attenuation. The public is lukewarm about it because the intellectual establishement who have a strangle hold on the educational citadels are so downright hostile to it and have given it such a bad press to the point of demonisation that no one is prepared to stand up and protect it on moral ethical philosophical grounds.

Until and unless the business world can recognise that Conservatism and capitalism far from being synonymous are mutually exclusive and incompatible the capitalist system will continue to be eroded and they will be funding its downfall. The eerie silence or non existence of capitalism's supporters means it is only a matter of time before Western Democracies get swallowed up in collectivist movements from both Left and Right and freedom and liberty are no more - the signs of which tendency are all around us today.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Who is Altruistic?

It's been said that Ayn Rand's philosophy of selfishness and anti altruism cannot take root because people are altruistic by nature almost and it is a futile struggle doomed to defeat. But who is altruistic  -no one would sacrifice their children's lives for the children next door so it is a principle honoured in the breach and not the observance anyway. To bring this fact out in the open in public discourse would go a long way to remove the stigma of anti altuism and the results of such self sacrificial creed could also be pointed to namely the State's established right to help itself to the everyone's bank account. Once that right  has been accepted people have effectively relinquished control of their lives to the State. The only way to wrest control back is for people to assert the principle of individual rights and to reject the self immolating ideology of altruism ie collectivism. As the chancellor prepares to announce a tax raid on the self employed in the upcoming budget the need to challenge the evil creed of altruism is as vital as ever. The self employed should stop supplying the conservatives with the rope to hang them with by not voting them into power ever again.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Essays in Legal Madness

As heinous as child pornography undoubtedly is there is something sinister and totalitarian in prosecuting those who merely look at it on the internet.This is the worst example of non objective law in practice. The sheer evil of paedophillia seems to have warped society's moral sense of justice and distorted its  judgement throwing all legal precedent out the window. Would anyone be charged and arrested for example with burglary for merely watching a video featuring a compilation of burglaries, ditto car crashes,or terrorist acts? To ask the question alone is to see the absurdity of it all but when it comes to paedophillia all reason has fled and major injustices are the result. At the same time this Alice in Wonderland approach to law is being enacted we have the story this week of the government announcing that 4 year old children will be given mandatory sex education in schools which will turn all teachers into de facto paedophiles tasked with grooming infants.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Beware of Dystopic Utopias

The R4 Today prog this morning featured a 'radical' utopian vision and two of the writer's radical ideas were a 15 hour week (Ted heath got there first) and a Living Wage which we have heard a lot about in recent times. How old tired collectivist ideas can be presented as radical I do not know but it shows the moral intellectual bankruptcy of the Left that it could come up with such assinine statist interventions that would require even more coercion than the old left had envisioned. No mention of course was made of who would be footing the bill for this orgy of wealth redistribution. As the movers and shakers would only be working 15 hours a week it is hard to see where the money would be coming from as no wealth would be produced under such a bizarre system in the first place. This is just a desperate makeover of the welfare state but a massive extension of it which will only produce poverty and social disintegration and illustrataes how the left never dies it just reconstitutes itself in another guise pedaling the same old collectivist snake oil remedies in new bottles.  

Friday, March 03, 2017

Psychopathology of Religious Thought and its Equivalents

Man unrestrained by reason is but his former animal self, governed by preternatural  passions,atavistic instincts and barbarous inclinations which with a tincture of culture he seeks to rationalise with religious apologetics or their secular outcrop Marxism. It is significant that many former religionists abandoned their faith and embraced Marxism but the traffick whilst predominantly in that direction does go the other way too occasionally and is best exemplified by journalist and broadcaster Peter Hitchens who appears to have gone from an avowed Marxist to an avowed Christian overnight ommitting all the common half way compromises in between. It does not take much observation of either moral and intellectual disciplines to see all the glaring similarities between them with the one over arching shared common denominator between them namely their mutual impulse to control human behaviour in an absolute and dictatorial way.Whether it be the totalitarian Marxism or the equally totalitarian Christianity the result is the same,human beings seen as non autonomous fodder to be controlled and shaped by external forces whether it be the supreme State or the supreme Godhead from another dimension.

Rather like the mother who cannot control her offspring and will threaten them with dire consequences when their father returns the religious rulers would threaten their congregation with the direst of consequences if they did not desist from their sinful practices and so gain control and ascendancy over them. To threaten and instill fear inside others by warning them of some supernatural punishment after death is to exert the ultimate control over them in the here and now and such is human nature in its desire to control others. The secular totalitarians do the same thing but both impostors should be rejected wholesale and reason and rationality put in their place if mankind is ever to reach its true human potential or indeed to survive at all.