Monday, April 23, 2018

Which is Legitimate - Islamaphobia or Judeophobia?

It seems morally justifiable to be Islamaphobic because of Islam's appalling human rights record huh, its barbaric behaviour wherever it gets a foothold in the world and its all round toxicity and immorality.

Judeophobia on the other hand is totally irrational as last time I checked there are no Jews blowing themselves up across the world and their only ambition is to own a tiny pathetic strip of land no bigger than Wales to call home and are not causing havoc and mayhem across the world wherever they lay their hats or turbans.

Judeophobia seems to be motivated by that ugliest of, emotions envy, correctly identified by Rand as hatred of the good for being the good. Israel is resented for its virtues,for standing up for itself. It was only loved particularly by the Left for a brief period of time when it was the underdog and driven by its millions to death in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

Fear of Islam on the other hand is justified and appropriate as it is expressly designed to bring fear to the unbelievers and be merciless towards them and its barbaric behaviour throughout its whole wretched and misbegotten existence has been to strike fear in its detractors and spread terror across the whole world - something jews have never done or would never aspire to do.

The only reason to reject Islamaphobia as a term which of course is expressly designed to silence all dissent against its toxic nostrums and half baked Bible-plagiarized drivel is because a phobia is an irrational fear and there is nothing irrational whatsoever in fearing such a monstrous inhuman religious ideology as Islam.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Silly Billy 2

In the aforementioned debate with Bragg and Luke Johnson entrepreneurial son of the famous historian Paul Johnson Luke was very apologetic about 'capitalism' (otherwise correctly known as the mixed economy#) justifying the 2008 corporate bailout by the state and thereby handing his argument to Bragg who said the money should have gone to British consumers. To be a consistent and thereby credible defender of 'capitalism'#  one has to be against both forms of welfare -corporate and individual or one has lost the argument before one has begun.

Johnson correctly and repeatedly pointed out to the bovine Bragg that far from being underregulated the economy and business is highly-regulated already to which the socialist Bragg replied it needs to be more.

Now for the rich and well heeled like Bragg it is fine to clamour for yet more regulation because they are largely immune to its deleterious and calamitous effects namely price rises that hit the poor who the likes of Bragg are forever ironically purporting to represent.

Big business tends to favour more and more regulations because it can more easily absorb the costs and it effectively protects them from would-be competitors seeking to enter the field who are prevented by the prohibitive costs and it can always pass on the those costs in higher prices anyway. So every new regulation is another burden on business and potential price rise to those least able to pay but the main purpose of calling for such regulations is the old left motivation of virtue signalling and another darker psychological motivation namely unearned liberal guilt.

Many in the entertainment business are lefties because they feel guilty for their wealth and seek to expiate themselves by making a noise about the need for higher taxes and more regulations. If they think they can get away with it they will often seek to shelter their wealth in circuituitous tax avoidance schemes and every now and again they are exposed in the 'right wing press' -names such as Russel Brand, Bono head and Alan Carr to name just a few of the more prominent suspects.

Far from needing more regulation the economy and business should be 100% deregulated and a private banking system allowed to grow up which means privatising the Bank of England and having a complete separation of economy and state so the latter can no longer print money,corrupt the currency and go on spending splurges which has taken the country to the brink of  bankruptcy.

The Labour government of 1945 nationalised the Bank of England so it could pay for the Welfare State and thus began the moral and economic decline of the nation with government as a printing press for funny money . Unlike the non state ponzi schemes that always eventually collapse, the State just cranks up the printing press for another orgy of spending. No one ever goes to jail.

The only reason ridiculous characters such as Bragg proliferate is because their alleged opponents such as Luke Johnson are invariably apologists for the mixed economy, crony capitalism with bailouts for corporations -statists of the right who obviously cannot stand up to statists of the left like Bragg because they are so compromised in their position so they come across as weak,pathetic and on the defensive and amoral characters like Bragg get away with it and manage to claim the moral high ground which by rights they have absolutely no claim to whatsoever.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Silly Billy

Embarrassing in the extreme to listen to the half wit Hill Billy Bragg on r4 Today prog yesterday holding forth in  his excruciating faux cockney accent presuming to lecture the bankers who foolishly opened their doors to him in Thread needle st in an act of masochism and moral cowardice as he laid out his half baked sub marxist juvenile socialist drivel.

No doubt after indulging in this gross act of ideological jerk off he went back to his mansion imbued with a warm glow of self righteous validation.

Perhaps he should reflect on the fact that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eyes of Thread needle st than a rich man to enter the socialist kingdom of heaven. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Why is Jordan Peterson a Thing amongst Some Objectivists?

It is a bit of a mystery this interest in Objectivist circles of the very oddball Peterson with his wild rambling lectures overladen as they are with mysticism and the irrational 20th century psychologist theories to say nothing of his prediliction for Dostoyevsky's nihilism and Nietzche's equally dubious philosophical ideas.

If Peterson wants to example a great debunker of collectivism why not go to the most preminent source Ayn Rand rather than the limited journalistic concrete bound account by Solzhenityn who of course gets Peterson's imprimatur chiefly for his Christian theological beliefs.

Peterson makes no attempt to conceal his own agendas in the lecure hall which is surely a violation of the university principles of non partisan,non doctrinaire educational standards to mention nothing of his highly emotionalist browbeating harranguing style.

But Peterson is studious in his avoidance of Rand refusing to recognise that she represents the only alternative to his false opposing alternatives of nihilistic destructiveness,collectivist ideologies or mysticism.

Amy Peikoff has spent over 4 hours discussing Peterson's ridiculous best seller 12 Rules for Life which consists of nothing but embarrassingly bromidic platitudes and commonplaces such as,stand up straight improve your posture,don't let people take advantage of you,regulate your sleep and eating habits,don't let your children behave in a way that would make other people hate them -a regular Guide Book of Duh.

But worst of all of this is his malevolent view of human existence which flies directly in the face of everything objectivism believes,  the world is a dark forboding Hobsian place controlled by evil supernatural forces,man is a fallen being and the way to confront it is with fortune cookie wisdom.

It is hard to believe that Peikoff needs such kindergarten instructions from Peterson but even if they have some shop soiled value it it does not forgive or justify tolerating his appalling metaphysics any more that a doctor who diagnosed a perfectly healthy man as being riddled with cancer and then advised him to eat healthily and get a good night's sleep should be respected or hailed as a fine physician.

This is not to say that Peikoff and co have not critiqued Peterson merely to question why they have given him any attention and publicity at all seeing that his fundamental philosophy is 360 degrees opposite to Objectivism.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Foreign Policy as Virtue Signalling

In the dead of night,with parliament still in recess Theresa May clinging desperately to the coat tails of  Tourettes Syndrome Trump lets loose the dogs of war on pathetic Syria in an act of craven cowardice. If chemical weapons was the issue they were used on British soil by Russia and the only response by May was empty rhetoric and the pathetic dispelling of a few Russian bureaucrats so the Syrian attack is clearly feel good politics, displacement activity which is fooling nobody and is proof if proof were still needed that May has no judgement whatsoever and operates in a moral and intellectual vacuum driven by pragmatism and cynical amoralism.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Syria De ja vous all over Again

Here we go again, the UK contemplating yet another misbegotten Middle East adventure folly debacle,following the petulant child President into another blundering ill sorted foray into the Arabic morass to nowhere,feel good posturing and virtue signalling.

May bloody well better go to parliament before she dabbles in this madness with France and parliament better send her away with a flea in her ear doubling down on insanity with Einsteinian purblindness as she appears to be.

Get this,our obsession with the use of chemical weapons as if they are uniquely horrific is a dangerous shibboleth we could do well to abandon henceforth.War is about killing people and the methods that are used are irrelevant and to fetishise chemicals is simply windowdressing to excuse yet another foolish intervention.

A sane foreign policy would be to only ever ever engage in hostilities with foreign countries that directly threaten our own people in the UK period. Anything else is self immolation and that ugliest immoral and evil of all motivations: altruism.

A Legend Comes to Whitstable

It was good to see Nigel Farage turn up to Whitstable harbour to support the beleaguered fishermen in their heroic protest against the dark forces of Brussels, their tory cohorts and their cobbled together treasonous transitional sell out.

The usual suspects turned up to protest and rain on the fishermen's parade but they were outgunned and out shouted by the amazing Whitstable crowd and even the vile Julie Wassemer with her megaphone could not drown them out. The latter rentamob of leftist fascists were actually hosed down by a fisherman from his boat to the amusement and applause of the crowd of loyal Brexiters.

Then the coup de grace was the highly symbolic ritualistic burning of the fisherman's boat festtoned with Brussels flags that burned beautifully in the pre twilight evening.Joy was it to be alive...

It was even more delightful to run into the 80's comedian Mark Arden now a local Whitstablean, an otherwise delightful chap in peevish mood it must be said who tried to deny that Farage was a charismatic figure as I put it to him in what I thought was a non confrontational way -knowing full well his Remainer disposition. But he was in no mood to agree even on the bleeding obvious insisting that Farage was a cynical opportunist and  went off muttering to himself.

There were some heated exchanges amongst the interlocutors,highly emotionally charged and the odd scuffle but by and large the event was conducted in good spirits all round.

Henry Bolton the ex Ukip leader who even the party has forgotten already was in the crowd with his 25yr old bit of fluff - who brought him down,an odd couple indeed but such is his characterless non descript appearance he went largely unoticed by the crowd and they cut solitary figures he no doubt reflecting ruefully on his lost 15 minutes of fame as he observed Farage on the fishing boat wallowing in his well deserved attention fame and glory the cynosure of the press and the crowd alike.

Yes the flotilla of hooting honking fishing boats with their loud pink trail of flares thrown up into the evening sky were largely engaged in a futile gesture of impotence and rage, the event heavy on symbolism light on political significance but sometimes such things are needed,a cry of defiance against the tin pot tyrants who would subject them to humiliation and oppression but it is of such symbolism that revolutions are sometimes made.

Meet the New Party.....Same as the Old Parties

The old corrupt political elite are planing to re brand themselves in a new party,a Blair switch project which as I predicted would be the old statism dressed in new garb of centrism. The centre of what exactly? A mad leftist demagogue and a soft socialist tory surprise surprise. False positioning which will fool absolutely nobody.

But hey ho anything that threatens to destroy the Labour party is fine by me as lots of New Labour outcasts will no doubt join the new party and the slavish europhiles like Ken Clark, Heseltine and their lesser satellites,although why would they need to when they run the tory party anyway headed as it is by a Remainer who even to this day cannot bring herself to say how she would vote were a theoretical 2nd referendum take place(we know,Thersa,we know). and 70% of the cabinet are equally treasonous Remainers.

Still it was quite refreshing to hear Blair on r4 Today - in comparison to the mad Marxist who no heads up the party. But this new incarnation of the old will be of course pro Remain and will probably campaign for a 2nd referendum, a transparent Trojan horse that will fall at the first hurdle as all third parties do under the present electoral dispensation.

The Establishment is in desperate need of a makeover, but like a seasoned  raddled whore with a facelift the result will only be an embarrassment to participants and spectators alike -albeit amusing enough I suppose.

Blair made the now common oft repeated and quite absurd  critique of the tory party that it is run and dominated by mad Reese Mogian Leavers. Ah if only....

Monday, April 09, 2018

To Dream the Impossible? Objectivist Dream

Objectivism is a hard sell. A streak of masochism is almost a sine qua non for engaging in such a thankless task. Indeed,as even the head no less of the Ayn Rand Institute himself Yarron Brook frequently opines it is depressing and dispiriting how little headway into the culture objectivism has made.

If someone at the top of ARI is openly lamenting the dire situation of the 21st century state of Objectivism one wonders what future it realistically has. And yet,what's the alternative but a headlong descent into the abyss -one has to persist in making the case but it is Sisyphean labour.

Part of the problem is linguistic.Objectivism is so alien to Western culture it proponents can often seem like they have just beamed down from another planet and it requires an extremely articulate person to convey its complex challenging revolutionary concepts requiring as it does almost the adoption of a new  language as so many redefinitions are needed.

Try for instance  telling people that selfishness is good when thousands of years of conditioning have dinned into them its inherent evil. Good luck with that one.Who is going to criticise motherhood and apple pie.

Where on earth do you begin? As most people are not taught to think in principles or at all come to that and have been through an educational system of cognitive assault and battery,indoctrination,almost brainwashing into the altruist statist dogma one would have to get to someone extremely early before such damage is done in order to stand any chance of having a salutary influence.

A culture can get so corrupted it can reach  a critical point of no return  and one wonders indeed whether that stage has not been reached already; certainly  the radical deterioration in the last few few has been breathtaking and staggering to witness - on a veritable exponential level and has taken even the most seasoned objectivists by surprise. Rather as I said than it being too early for Objectivists it has turned to be out much much later than they thought.

Who would have imagined just a few short years ago that a truly terrible figure like Donald Trump would emerge to become president of the most powerful country on earth, or that a far left Bernie Sanders would almost pip Hillary Clinton to the post as head of the Democratic party -or that Jeremy Corbyn would become leader of the Labour party 25 years after Margaret Thatcher had to almost universal acknowledgement kicked socialism into the dustbin of history forever?

Yet here we are in an Alice Wonderland world where 6 impossible things have happened before breakfast and the time that Ojbectivists thought was on their side has been contracted to almost nothing hence the bemusement of Brook and co which is beginning to look like desperation if not outright despair.

The situation is made even more awful by the staggering fact that people who call themselves objectivists have gone over to the dark side, openly defending Trump and his economic nationalism,his insane anti American protectionism and tarriff impositioning.If Objectivists are now behaving irrationally what hope in convincing those unversed in its principles?

It is now looking like a monumental mistake on the part of objectivists finally not to have started making inroads in politics decades ago. When I asked Peikoff years ago of the existence of an objectivist manifesto he replied tersely monosyllalabically in the negative. Such lofty academic detatchment and disdain for the political arena amongst the higher echelons of Objectivism has now come back to bite it and the consequences could alas, prove to be fatal. 

Friday, April 06, 2018

Alt Left Statism or Alt Right Statism?

Labour statism or Tory statism? The hung parliament tells its own story: there is no essential difference between the parties. The real political spectrum would be Tory and Labour statism v capitalism but as there is no party representing capitalism we are in effectively a one party state.

The standard Objectivist line has always been its too early in the culture for Objectivism but looking at the political and cultural landscape it would be more accurate to say its too late for Objectivism, game over.

Someone once said a communist is a socialist in a hurry. It is also undoubtedly true that a socialist is a Christian in a hurry. Without Christianity there would never have been a socialist and communist movement. Many Christians abandoned the faith and switched to socialism but the core socialist values of altruism and self sacrifice were lifted directly from Christianity so much so that they even framed their socialist programmes in religious terms referring to the welfare state as the New Jerusalem.

So a capitalist party would have to be prepared to jettison the whole Western Christian ethic- tradition of altruism and self sacrifice which strangely enough should not be that difficult as most people in the UK abandoned their religious faith generations ago but they have retained its altruist essence in their political outlook and it is this deep profoundly embedded,cellular,psychological visceral secular christian ethic that the statists from both Left and Right and right play on so skillfully so that whatever party rules the statist song remains the same and the creeping authoritarianism proceeds apace.

Those wishing to fight  socialism have to understand that they are not fighting a 2oo year old ideology but a 2ooo year old ideology of Christian altruism and will have to go right into the beast's lair to root it out.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Jordan Peterson Called Out (again)

Jordan Peterson absurdly claims that to commit to study or apprenticeship represents a sacrifice on the part of the student as they have to forgo the immediate pleasure of the moment,carousing every night and generally living it up in order to get their life changing degree that will set them on the path to wide expansions of experience, a livelehood and the broadening of their horizons in being able to start a family and to have a good life. So where is the sacrifice in that? Blank out.

A sacrifice as Peterson  must surely know is the forgoing of a greater value for a lesser one. As the student knows that a degree or apprenticeship will lead to a much better life and job experience to study is no sacrifice at all but a mere deferment of pleasure in order the reap the great rewards of so doing. If the student thought for one minute that giving up all the pleasures of the moment for study would reap him no rewards at all or rewards so meagre that they were not worth putting pleasure on hold they would not enter into any such study in the first place.

So why would Peterson introduce the completely fallacious concept of sacrifice into a dynamic where clearly no sacrifice is taking place? Surely it is all part of his concealed religious agenda where at the root of all religions,at their very heart lies the notion of sacrifice -show me the religion and I will show you human sacrifices aplenty.

Next we have the problem of psychology,a pseudo science which no amount of pedigreed professors can dignify with their academic jargon.To be generous it could be argued that psychology is a nascent science but that would be stretching it and the father of psychology Freud himself has long been exposed as an academic fraud with flawed and corrupt methodology who was quite prepared to falsify the facts to further his agendas.The other psychologist Peterson is forever invoking is the even more dubious character of Jung an and out and out mystic and surely deserving of the mantle of the father and prime progenitor of New Age  religion.

Thirdly we have the problem of what I call Peterson's inverted anthromorphism. The proper study of man is man -not animals yet the professor is forever claiming that to understand human beings we need to study babboons or other such animals and he indeed refers to human beings as animals. He is obsessed with domination hierachies extrapolating from chimpanzees to humans somehow forgetting  that mankind went through a revolutionary process known as the enlightenment where barbarism was replaced with the rule of law and reason  governing man's affairs rather than brute force and tyranny. Trade replaced the blade as man's means of survival.

It is absurd to claim that a man who has studied and is industrious and so becomes a ceo of a large organization is dominating others like a babboon in a monkey colony and to seek to conflate those two things is anything but an innocent error on the part of the professor but rather a willful intent to reduce the sophisticated exchanges of human beings to the level of the primeval jungle.

Where is free will in Peterson's dystopic universe where humans are reduced to bundles and collections of genetically biologically determined reflexes and the world is populated by mythic demons and dark malevolent forces? And what student would run up stratospherically high debts to imbibe his toxic confection of discursive fictional ramblings masquerading as science?

Monday, February 12, 2018

Ben Shapiro, Intellectual Pipsqueak - (or Why the Right Hates and Fears Ayn Rand as much as the Left does)

It must be very humiliating being Mrs Ben Shapiro to know that,as he confessed to his legions of Youtube followers  he considers his continued relationship as her husband a chore and an act of charity for if as he made clear in a recent interview he followed his true desires he would be driving around in a Corvette and pursuing younger female models. Because he is a God fearing man he instead makes the supreme sacrifice of staying with her and dealing with domestic chores such as crap-covered diapered babies in the early hours.

God tells him to stay with his wife and as the good altruist he is he puts up with it.

Ayn Rand is fine re capitalism but when it comes to human relationships Objectivism does not cut it because it is not altruistic he goes on to say.

This is further proof if proof were needed that the rights strugles to understand Rand every bit as much as the Left does because as I have pointed out ad nauseam and this is just another tedious illustration of it, the Right is fundamentally altruistic because of its religious foundations.

An associate of mine claims that the Right should be as united as the Left but if that means people such as me should not point out when the Right is being as statist as the Left but should just shut up and support it because at least it is not Left I say hell no as a statist be it Left or Right is a statist and does not get a free pass from me,sorry.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Jordan Peterson: Return of the The Age of Endarkenment

When religion was under siege in the enlightenment Kant saved it from extinction with his anfractious philosophical circumlocutions setting in train the hideoous ratiocinations of lesser Kantians from Schopenhaur Kierkergard Nietzche and the fruitcake company of Post Modernists to the present day no platforming anti free speech multiculturalist quasi fascist political correctness crowd.

Now they have a new champion in Jordan Peterson the youtube poster boy of alienated males  who ostensibly opposed to them is reintroducing a whole new dark age revival under the guise of a psychological analysis of mythical archetypes with a plethora of Jungisms and sociological tropes thrown in for good measure.

A full-on defense and promotion of religion faith and mysticism would not get too far in an age where only 5% of British people even go to church so a novel approach was required. How to present religion faith and mysticism in an interesting unthreatening non-doctrinal non preachifying way without attracting the ire of the new atheists -how effectively to spread the word by flying under false colours of neutral investigation, in the guise of an objective psychological enquiry into the religious mythos.

Thus it was that Jordan Peterson has achieved the seemingly impossible of almost single handedly bringing religion back from the dead and presenting it as a perfect template for understanding modern times,a valid guide and and aid to navigating the perils of the human existential plight.

Herein lies the rub for the very notion that Peterson propounds -that man is born into an existential dilemna and haunted by malevolence at every turn is nothing but an asertion built on sand, on the shaky shot to pieces and discredited and exploded biblical theory of original sin,the Fall, man as a cursed being wandering around beyond the firmly closed gates of Eden,buffeted by the cold winds of circumstance and biologically conditioned moreover to falter and fail through the matrix of his wretched life unless armed with the super consciousness of self awareness that will set him free which itself is a thinly veiled modernised version of religious redemption and salvation through good works.

Not since Kant himself has someone attempted to revive religious faith through such devious underhanded means and one can only marvel at the genius of the execution,the flair and aplomb involved in the operation - the sheer bare faced audacity of such chicanery.

It is hardly surprising that Jordon Peterson has become the champion of the religious right and the right in general with his anti feminist anti political correctness left positioning but those who believe in the smaller limited state should be extremely wary indeed of his solution to our present day ills if it leads straight back into the dark age mysticism from which the human race has only in such recent history so triumphantly and comprehensively extricated itself.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dumbass Reshuffle

A government cabinet hired on the criteria of race,ethnicity gender and age is something so profoundly immoral and disturbing that it should be unequivocally condemned. The tired diversity meme was used as justification but as the word is entirely devoid of meaning the only response can be diversity of what? The answer being of course diversity of the non essential meaningless categories of race ethnicity age and gender -the ugly manifestation of the anti conceptual mentality writ large.

It is immoral in the extreme to judge someone by such perceptual criteria as race ethnicity gender and age, let alone apply such empty criteria when hiring them -it is the height of such anti intellectualism and primitive,irrationalism that any political party that behaves in such a way has forfeited the right to any trust or respect of the public and should be treated with the contempt it so richly deserves.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Madness of Jordan Peterson

He is a bit of a Youtube phenemonon with a large folowing,very prolific and oftentimes engaging but the social psychologist has a metaphysic and epistemology from hell which frequently manifests itself in mad extreme manifestations of near stream of conciousness psychobabble and gibberish delivered in a manic semi demented fashion quite alarming to behold.

Now this is a problem for the reason that most of his talks are lectures given to a class of young impressionable students and here I think there is a definite breach of academic standards and violation of codes of conduct and ethics for he makes no attempt to present both sides of any issue and  is engaged in naked outright academic activism and tendentiousness.

He majors in Jungian mysticism,forever alluding to archetypes and expressed in pseudo academic intellectual manner designed it would seem to bamboozle his listeners rather than to enlighten them.

Arbitrary unsubstantiated assertions trip from his tongue with rapid fire alacrity making it hard for the untutored mind to detect the logical flaws,apriori leaps of reason false assumptions and bizarre conclusions arrived at all at breakneck speed.

Peterson makes much of his contempt for the post modernist movement which is ironic since most of his conclusions are congruent with it and he is fond of name checking some of the worst suspects of that movement such as Nietzche who prefigured it and Piaget whose ambition we are told was to reconcile faith and science which is telling for Peterson's whole schtick appears to be just that a convoluted pretzelogical foray into circle squaring neatly disguised as an examination of mythical archetypes drawing heavily on biblical stories as templated for the human existential dilemna.

There is much dishonesty in this,much disengenuousness and when confronted directly with the question do you believe in God Peterson is unable to answer it prefering evasion instead,  declaring that such a question is designed to pigeonhole him.

There is much that is good and beneficial for the viewer in many of his videos not least his ability to instruct the lost and damaged bringing them back to individual responsibily and it is undoubtedly the case that his psychologicial insights and observations can at times be mesmerisingly brilliant and elucidating, liberating many young people from the spiral of depression,negative thoughts and destructive behaviours that can potentially ruin lives and blight aspirations and for this he is to be unreservedly commended.

Oh but the metaphysics and epistemology  are simply appalling! The biological determinism,the denial of free will implicit in his harping on the subcultural norms of ancient non civilisations,his drawing on the lives of semi barbarian peoples of the middle and dark ages and further back still -as if such monsters could possibly be a template for understanding modern man in any way shape or form - simply preposterous.

What of any value can possible be learned from such pre renaissance,enlightenment pro reason and scientific cultures,why dwell on their subhuman behaviours as if anything could possibly be extrapolated from them to shape and inform and throw any light whatoever on the modern mind with its sophistication and adherence for the most part, to reason and logic over mysticism and brute force? Blank-out.

The question is why go to such elaborate lengths to dwell on the pre renaissance cultures to emphasise the nihilistic Nietzchean view of the human dilemna and then attempt to transcend and negate  it all with positive thinking,self help inspirational talks? The setting up of a straw man followed by a Dale Carnegie pep talk -all very odd bizarre and contradictory.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Why is the BBC promoting Religion and the Monarchy?

I will preface my comments with a sick note re five days of absolutely  horrendous flu under my belt (thanks a lot flu jab) plus a sleepless nite but still feel compelled to address this phenomenon abovementioned which when examined turns out to be no such thing at all and which I will hopefully be able to explain.

We tend to buy into the argument that to be left wing is to be anti monarchy and anti religion.Yet where did communism choose to plant its jackboots but in the most primitive,backward steeped in superstition country on earth namely Holy Russia itself.

This was no accident.A people already softened by religious credulity and servility are ripe for totalitarian rule as they have already bent the knee and subjugated their minds to a holy tyranny of obedience and obesiance to priest craft and its hierachical stipulations.Its but a small step from worshipping God to worshipping Stalin -a seminarist let us not forget.

Civilised advanced industrial nations fully embracing science reason and technology -forget it they would not buy the communist line although of course they would later succumb to the equally irrational albeit Germanic nationalistic blood race theory of Hitler.

The essential characteristic of both institutions of monarchy and the Church is Collectivism,a virulent anti individualism so those who wish to bring about a socialist state will find both those institutions very helpful in ushering in their dictatorship.

Hence the BBC's allegiance to both monarchy which it is pushing tirelelssly of late and the Church which just as it is announced that religious belief is in sharp decline in the nation it has decided to give yet even more coverage to.

So do not fall for the propaganda that the likes of Peter Hitchens is forever pushing that the Left is anti religion and anti monarchy but instead trust the overwhelming evidence to the contrary illustrated every day in the nauseating sycophantic coverage of both those things on the BBC day in day out.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Tories Time for a er, Realignment?

I've been saying for some time that the tories need to have a Corbynesque internal purge,open up party membership to the public as Milliband did with Labour at a fiver a time and it will quickly become apparent that the membership are far to the right for want of a better word than its MPs.

This is the only hope for the party if it is to have a future,to recognize that the public are restless and Brexit-intolerant of leftist malcontents within the tory ranks who it is becoming painfully obvious if left unchecked will drag us all screaming back into the clammy embrace of the Brussels federasts.

A day of reckoning with these running dogs of leftist revisionism is long overdue,they do not belong in the party and never did - the Ken Clarkes  Soubreys and prince of darkness himself Dominic Grieve and the sorry cabal of their acolytes,nameless nonentities all who should be driven out of the party on a rail -presumably to the open arms of the Labour and Liberal ranks.

So be rid of its traitorous treacherous vermin or allow them to drag the whole party down in ignominous defeat and certain Corbyn hegemony from which consequent economic catastrophe and depradation  this country could very well never recover.

Suitably purged of its broad church satanic leftist Brusselphiiliac cliques it could then have a clear unobstructed path to Brussels,suitably armed with with cast iron ultimatums and demands brooking no dissent or compromise.If it is spurned it will go to WTO rules forthwith and sail off to brighter shores and sunnier uplands free from the oppressive yoke of the Brussels potentates who can devour themselves, no longer having the productive UK to batten on for their parasitic sustenance.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

UK: Stay in the EU - Or have a Civil War?

It's true. I thought Peter Hitchens was being hyperbollick when he said a while ago that the UK was on the brink of civil war but now especially after the Westminster chicanery last evening I see it is a distinct possibility.

What are the options? The numbers in the house of commons are stacked against the UK exit of the EU. The Conservatives are arithmatically on the Remain side -hell's teeth we have a tory prime minister who is an avowed Remainer and who has steadfastly refused to answer when asked directly if she would voter differently were a second referendum called today.

We can either accept the inevitable, that the corrupt elite political class will not let us leave the EU or very bluntly seek its overthrow by direct action - there is no third way.

Democracy has been spurned by the very people who made the most noise in favour of it -when it was going their way. But as soon as the people voted against their grand plan they decided that it was a pesky thing and needed to be replaced with rule by a self selected patrician elite of technocrats.

Of course they seek to cloak this undemocratic naked power grab in the guise of parliamentary supremacy but no one should be fooled by this cynical act of doublespeak for a minute since their sole aim is to keep us bound hand and foot to Brussels with parliament reduced to a rubber stamping institution for the the Eu

To use the  principle of parliamentary democracy as the very  tool to destroy it is the kind of cynicism that even Macheivelli would never have imagined.

But so it is and we awake this morning with the sober thought that our so called representatives are iredeemably corrupt and wicked beyond all reason and are the product of a degenerative rot 40 years in the making,captured body and soul(?) by Brussels,the kind of moral reprobates for whom the tower of London is way too good.

So where do we go to now? May can hardly call an election to have it out with her Remainers when she is one herself.

She could do the decent thing and stand aside for Borris or Gove to fight on with no hands tied behind their backs (yeah,right) and dare the country to commit national suicide by voting Corbyn but that seems unlikely as it would take prescience and intelligence on her part which she is clearly and entirely lacking.

Then we have the problem that the tories and Corbyn are not that far apart ideologically so no concerted consistent critique of the mad Marxist has been proffered and there is hardly time to mount one now even if it had the ideological credentials to do it.

We are left with the stark choice of mute acquiescence with the inevitable Brussels business as usual model or civil unrest and since the latter is unpalatable and most likely logistically impossible we better get used to continued rule by the oligarchic apparatchiks across the channel - in perpetuity.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

America 1 Evangelism/God 0

Yes! Elmer Gantry defeated! It Can Happen here!

Donald attached his wagon to a fallen star. Is the  net finally closing in on the molestor-in-chief - will his Gotham ingress be halted?

(It's supposed to be Congress Donald,not sexual Congress).

When will he be Weinsteined? Holy hubris batman!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Deep blue sea,meet Devil

What an invidious position we find ourselves in: de facto staying in the EU with the present cobbled together dispensation wrought last week or  the very real prospect of a  Corbyn government. Treason May the arch remaining Remainer has saved her skin but sold the country down the stygian Eu river

Or how about: the present dispensation or -the IRA will resume bombing the bejesus out of us? The DUP arrangement has been revealed as the pact from Hell.

So where to next,how to extract us all from another fine mess May has gotten us into?

Three letters: WTO. Wir kann nicht anders.

We get to pay zil;ch to the Brussels Bastards,call their bluff and usher in a true laissez faire,unregulated free market capitalist tarriff and protectionist - free market - and probably inspire other countries to follow suit and bring the EU house of cards tumbling down.

Yeah,like that's gonna happen! EU serfdom it is then.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Time to tell the EU where to put its 'negotiations'?

There comes a time when we have to acknowledge the elephantine creature in the  drawing room location wearing emperor's clothes commonly answering to the name of EU,(or the vernacular Brussels Bastards) -and tell it  few home truths.

We cannot negotiate with a bad faith partner who sees its chief role as humiliating scourge of the errant UK for daring to quit its dysfunctional loony tunes outfit of misbegotten collectivist fantasists o d'd on protectionist and supra statist delusions.

We think we better leave right now, we are getting weaker and weaker trying to reason with EU guys when all you want is to ensnare us in your serpentine games of smoke and mirrors,your byzantine Kafkaesque word games,semantic chopping conceits and all round linguistic circumlocutions.

Enough,we are out of here before you can say WTO,ready to embrace the sunny uplands of liberty,to inhale the intoxicating invigorating winds of change sweeping EU into the dustbin of history as we go as you fold like a pack of cards upon your own internal contradictions.

With a Nixonian flourish we have to tell you there will be no UK to kick around anymore,you will have to find someone else to milk to fund your bottomless appetite for danegeld - good luck with that one as Europe is near to bankrupt thanks to your shennanigans -'there's no money left,Germany is prostrate and its 4th Reich delusions will crumble like pie crust as they did before in the wastelands of Stalingrad all those years ago. France continues to be a basket case of leftist retards fighting the endless revolution and so on.

Bye bye,nice not knowing you!

Shroud waving time at BBC Grenfell

There's nothing like a good vicarious wallow at the scene of a disaster to facilitate truckloads of finger pointing grievance mongering-left politiking-faux moral outrage -hand wringing and censorious posturing at the BBC - such a pity to let a tragedy go to waste after all.

Cue the BBC camped at the burnt out wreck of Grenfell, the perfect location upon which to launch its  lavish gruesome pity fest exercise in virtue signalling. The takeaway: the government is evil,probably plotted Grenfell to get rid of chav detritus,is unfeeling,uncaring - and lets have dollops of taxpayer's money to shower like confetti upon the poor victims of government larceny and callous insouciance at the grief of its despised underclass - yada yada yada (repeat to not fade).

Form an orderly queue at the vomitorium....

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Theresa May wins Chamberlain Negotiation Prize

(Or: It's easy to join the EU but impossible to leave. Or: It was hard for us to join the Eu but even harder to leave).

Ve hav vays of making you stay in the Eu. When the hoopla and the smoke and mirrors of yesterday's staged euphoria have evaporated like a snowflake in sun we are right back where we started from.Stasis is spun as movement,  status quo as change.You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave...

Cynicism rules and what is abundantly  clear now amidst all the semantic prestidigitation of the faux negotiation terpsicorain go round (or dance macabre) is that when it comes to arrant chicanery and doublespeak, Westminster is  in every way Brussel's equal.