Thursday, October 05, 2017

Treason May Chokes on her Socialist Vomit

The toe curling May performance at the tory con-erence was an illustration of Niconoclast's ironclad political dictum that those who do not have an ideology are condemned to follow those who do. But in May's case it is more true to say that she does have an ideology of left wing toryism and if there is someone in the party brave enough to do it now is the time to plunge in the knife and finish her off.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Left v Right Mythology and the Alternative

It's way beyond time the old canard of the political spectrum of Left at one end and Right at the other be comprehensively debunked and rejected  as its falsity is plain for all to see. As Theresa May makes her socialist not so  lite speech about building council houses  and the threat of a socialist rule by demagoguery Corbyn style hangs over the tory conference and the country it really must be confronted head on.

90% of the State should be eliminated. In a capitalist system that would happen but we are far from that and it is getting harder and harder to tell Labour and Tory apart anymore. In a supposed democracy this is a terrible and intolerable state of affairs.

True, there is no political movement or party at present or indeed in the forseeable future that is prepared to discuss this matter and all we can do now is lay the foundations of what could comprise such a movement, articulate its aims and objectives and some of the policies that would comprise a manifesto but only in broad outlines and  thumb nail sketch as it were, plus a declaration of political philosophy and ideology that could counter the statism of all other political parties - without exception.

Some headline grabbing features of this radical pro freedom capitalist movement would be: The proposed abolition of the monarchy,the separation of church and state through disestablishment and abolition of the lords, re privatising the bank of England and declaring a separation of economy and state, abolition of all quangos.privatisation of the BBC and an end to all foreign aid and a complete end of all corporate welfare and the notion that business and the State are in a partnership in a corpocracy, one of the worst excrescences of the mixed economy. A repeal of all anti freedom of speech backdoor blasphemy laws of hate speech and thought crime.would also be included. The UK's membership of the UN should be put under serious review with the end goal of withdrawing from the corrupt  dangerous bloated organization.

Separation of school and state - privatisation of schools and a systematic staggered phasing out of the welfare state over a generation with the concomittant reduction of taxation,simplification of the tax code with the eventual conclusion of complete abolition of taxation and removal of all regulation on trade business and industry would complete this admittedly radical manifesto for real change.

The above will of course be dismissed as fantasy politics,la la land policies but they would have not inconsiderable appeal to the youth and give them some genuine radical revolutionary politics instead of the pallid conservative stale statst establishment faux revolutionary middle class witterings of Corbyn.

The philosophy and ideology underpinning this programme would be pro reason,individual rights and a reasoned critique of altruism and identification of its philosophical roots of faith, a defence of capitalism and the limited state it is predicated on.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Faux Liberalism and its Malcontents

One of the cancers of the age is the phenomena of illiberalism masquerading as liberalism. The rot set in the latter part of the 19th century when the liberal party went rogue and started flirting with socialism and welfare and indeed it prefigured the 20th century full blown version in the post war Labour government with wholesale nationalsation and welfarism.

Today the cancer of illiberalsim has all but devoured classic liberalism in its all invasive advanced statism that will not leave any area of human experience untouched by the clammy hand of the state whether it be human action words thoughts and emotions even.

The closing down of Uber by the Transport for London authority is one of thousands of illiberal state incursions into freedom and markets that masquerades as liberal and concern for the public good which is a transparently self serving rationale for yet another state powe rgrab and sop to the unions who have long lobbied against Uber and what they rightly regard as the threat it posed to their cosy state enforced monopoly of the taxi service in the city.

Illiberalism flying under the false colours of liberalism poses the greatest threat to freedom since feudalistic times albeit it is worse as the latter never made any pretence that it was doing anything other than holding down a whole class of people to further its own class hegemony and tyranny whereas the modern liberal is forever wearing his liberalism on his heart proclaiming his love of the people  as he busily deprives the unwary subjects of the last few remaining liberties left to them.

It is very hard to criticise this faux liberalsim without running the risk of the charge of illiberalism oneself so captured has the word been by the faux liberals.It will be very hard to break though the carapace of liberalism they have cased themselves in to reveal the true tyrannical nature of their programme and fully expose its malevolent intent. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Capitalism Serves the Collective Good!

The worst possible defence of capitalism is to attempt to defend it on collectivist grounds of serving the common good which is exactly what true to form, Thesera May did in her speech to the  Bank of England.  She went on to 'defend' it by championing progressive taxation for  state spending on education and welfare! Damning capitalism with faint praise isn't the half of it. Misrepresenting capitalism and justifying it on socialist grounds is worst than Corbyn's full assault on it and is an admission of defeat and act of moral cowardice. It amounts to handing the keys of 10 Downing St to Corbyn which is probably where he will end up if the tories carry on in this self defeating apologetic craven way towards the only system that has ever delivered freedom and prosperity around the world.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Freedom of Speech. An Obituary

In this country you can go to jail for seven years for handing out literature and videos critical of Islam on the charge of 'religious harrassment'. Blasphemy laws long abolished have re insinuated themselves back on the statute book in a new guise of 'hate speech'. Our response to terorism has been not to search and destroy the terrorists but search and destroy free speech in order to protect the terrorists.

During the second world war no one would have suggested that the best way to defeat the Nazis would be to pass hate speech laws making it an inprisonable offence to criticize Nazism.

There has not been a peep of protest against this outrage which illustrates the illiberal age we live in where the population has been dumbed down and  conditioned to tolerate the intolerable with passivity and craven silent acquiescence.

Bombardied with Statism

With all the furore over Trump's decision to levy gargantuan tarriffs on Bombardier and the outcry in the British media over such wanton protectionism it has gone virtually unmentioned  that Bombardier has been bankrolled by the British government to the tune of billions of pounds and this approach to state cosetting of British industry is a perfect illustration of the mixed economy and the unholy alliance between business and State implicit within it.

If a company or corporation cannot exist survive and flourish without huge injections of state ie tax funded cash in the real world  ie a free market laissez faire capitalist system it would be left to fail and regarded as objectively an unsustainable, non productive  dud. But in the mixed economy corporate welfare world it is given huge infusions of state largesse which has provoked the Trump hostility regarding unfair trade practices and although his response is regrettable and lamentable and downright un American and anti capitalist it ill behooves the British government to cry foul when it is engaging in its own virulent strain of protectionism with its market distorting interventionism rendering it guilty to charges of rank hypocrisy and double standards.

Although this blog has been consistently critical and opposed to Brussels and all that emanates from it is it not one of its rules that the nation states of its respective members should expressly not be funding businesses and corporations thru their tax system or is it yet one more EU rule that is honoured more in the breach than the observance?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Corbyn. Appearance v Reality

Have the chattering twittering classes got Corbyn all wrong though? Is he the insurgent gadfly on the political establishment as he is presented or have we all been taken in by the radicalist posturing which when examined a little closer doesn't really hold up at all.

I would suggest that far from being a radical change agent Corby is the political establishment personified. In the age of mixed economy statism to be arguing for yet more statist controls on business and trade and the economy, less individual autonomy, more oppressive paternalist government not less, an expansion of the bloated welfare state which saps initiative and self reliance and depresses economic growth is the most reactionary articulation of the political class it would be possible to imagine.

Not trusting the British people, suspecting them of holding unnaceptable non politically correct views,seeking to circumvent their wishes and desires by a top down centralist statism is not radical but profundly regressive and undemocratic.

Today's youth are conservative,risk averse,whiny,neurotic,fragile dependent and fully steeped in the entitlement grievance culture and Corbyn far from being the radical firebrand of subversion is their political enabler and comfort blanket, the facilitator of their neurotic flight from reality and low moral intellectual horizons. The mischaracterization of Corbyn as radicalism personified could therfor well be one of the greatest political con tricks and frauds of modern times

End of Ideology Theory Debunked

Now that the ideology taboo consensus of the last 20 years since the Blair Switch Project ie that no party should have a philosophy let alone dare speak its name has been well and truly smashed with the meteoric rise of Corbyn it would be good for democratic plurality if the tories were to rediscover ideology and start articulating it before Corbyn wins by default.Will there be any sign of that in the upcoming Conservative conference? Expect porcine aviation before that happens.

Under the present political system it has been demonstrated that it is all but impossible for a third party however seemingly popular and successfull in tapping the zeitegeist to break through - witness Ukip's rise and fall, but it hard to see how any relief from the dreary statism of the political classes can be circumvented without a new political movement and party to challenge the statist quo.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Theocracy V Liberty

Defender of the faith Peter Hitchens made an extraordinary claim in a recent interview on youtube that the British people had to decide whether to re embrace Christianity or succumb to Islam.He said that they might suppose  rejecting Christianity would result in a more free society but they would be sorely mistaken and the far more likelier outcome would be the UK becoming a muslim nation.

Leaving aside his vested interest in the matter - in the words of the great philosopher Mandy Rice Davies 'he would say that wouldn't he?' - and his transparent attempt at desperate theological irridentism to recover lost ground to the secularist forces, his argument is clearly absurd as practically no one in this country even believes in the British establishment's soft feeble eviscerated version of Christianity and are hardly likely therefor to fall into the arms of totalitarian Islam.

The main  reason the threat of an emboldened Islam in the UK is even broached is because it is itself  a defacto theocracy with a State religion via the Church of England which makes it impossible or extremely difficult to challenge and defeat Islam. One can hardly muster an argument against theocratic Islam if one is living under a system of theocratic Christianity. No argument of principle can be made against the idea of a State religion if one is compromised by having  it entrenched in one's own political system in the form of a national church and religion - even if it does exist  chiefly by force of the inertia of tradition.

Those who protest most voiciferously that the UK is not a theocracy are the first to argue that this is a Christian country with a Christian heritage which has informed our art,literature music and law so they cannot have it both ways.

The only solution to the threat of Islam is not to embrace another primitive religion but to have a clear separation of Church and State and let the C of E fight its cause in the market place as churches do very successfully in the United States which is clearly not (alas) suffering from any consequent dearth of religious sentiment and fervour.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mixed Economy Blues and Reds

Why is the mixed economy still a thing and who on earth really thought it would be a good idea in the first place to put together such an unstable mix of contradictory ideologies as socialism and capitalism? As this combustible mix has created inevitable periods of boom and bust exacerbating economic cycles since its inception decades ago, it is worth examining the motives behind its construction and looking at its deleterious effects and consequences more closely.

It is undoubtedly the case that the mixed economy is a product of pragmatism,hedge betting, an avoidance of principles in favour of a shabby compromise that ultimately satisfies no one and causes endless wrangling between the respective advocates of its conflicting constituent parts, the socialists blaming  the capitalists for its failings and vice versa. Bizarely what is more often the case and something very noticeable in recent times is for capitalism to take the whole rap for the sins of the mixed economy - witness the endless discussions on the 'crisis of capitalism',the failings of 'late capitalism' which goes entirely unchallenged by the alleged and putative defenders of capitalism the conservatives who in the face of this onslsught for some reason best known to themselves maintain a trappist silence.

The injustice of this much repeated canard that capitalism is the sinner rather than  the sinned against lies in the the glaringly obvious fact that in the mixed economy model it is the socialst element that has been free riding at capitalism' expense since its unfortuante inception, as the wealth creation is solely on the capitalist side of the equation and the socialist part is merely the redistributor of its fruits and profits and is defacto parasiting off capitalism's achievements.

It is for the above reason that capitalism has nothing to gain and all to lose from this marriage made in hell of the mixed economy for when as  inevitably it must, the mixed economy crashes upon the rocks of its own internal contradictions it will be tainted by the association and the calamties laid at its door alone.

 Is this not precisely what we see in the Corbyn phenomenon?  The failings of  socialism go undetected in a mixed economy which were it to be forced to stand alone in a complete socialist system without capitalism to masks its defects they would be all to obvious and glaring,witness every single country throughout the last hundred years that has experimented with socialism from Soviet Russia to present day Venezuela. Granted that even in those obvious examples socialist's defenders still argue theirs is a good moral system, nevertheless, minus the mixed economy it would be that much harder to maintain such a fiction. This is not to say that a Corbyn governement would be welcome to dispel any illusions people still have about socialism but merely to point out the fallacy of those who blame capitalism for the failures for the mixed economy.

The obvious solution to the mixed economy conundrum, having exposed its follies and fallacies would be to advocate for either outright socialism or capitalism allowing the respective ideologies to stand or fall by their own merits,a fair fight in other words without all the obfuscations,evasions tawdry compromises and conflations implicit within the mixed economy. This is unlikely to happen all the while the conservatives stick stubbornly to their pragmatism but its beginning to look decidedly like thin gruel in contrast to Corbyn's red meat ideological socialsm and whilst it sufficed in the Blair years it is not looking like a viable proposition as the emboldened advancing Islington Marxist snaps ever more menacingly at May's heels.

Things are made more problematic however by the sad fact that under May the long standing lamentable vice of tory pragmatism has given way to an implicit endorsment of a soft tory socialism - witness her first speech as leader where she pledged to redistibute wealth towards the 'just about managing' and this explains why the tories have been so reluctant to confront Corbyn's socialism uncompromisingly -it is hard to critique an ideology that one partially shares and has been stated before in any contest between similar ideologies it is the party that holds to the ideology most consistently that ultimately prevails. This will explain the horror of a Corbyn government if it comes to pass. In such a dynamic Corbyn looks principled and May shifty.

If capitalism loses it will be by default,the absence of a principled opposition to socialism and its altruist roots. To lose a debate is regrettable enough but to lose by never having the debate is tragedy itself.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What Would a UK Capitalist Party Look Like?

Is the UK ready for a capitalist party and what would it look like? The Monarchy would be no more and few I suspect would miss it especially with the ominous prospect of Charles on the throne.(To even be having to discuss such a thing in the 21st century is absurd and surreal in itself).

There would no longer be a national church with disestablishment and again few would miss it as the Church of England is a pathetic anachronism which should have been put out of its misery long ago and is merely going through the motions spouting its shop worn liberal nostrums truly manifesting its liberal party at prayer status. With diminishing numbers of people professing a religion of any description it is absurd to keep up the pretence that we are a country of believers and it is immoral for people to be forced through taxes to support this morribund institution.

The Lords would be abolished as the two parliamentary chambers conflict leading to a systemic democratic deficit in favour of unelected Lords.

But all of the above is a mere formality,stripping away the superfices and excrescences of mindless tradition. The main changes would be the total deregulation of the economy,radical tax reduction, the closing down of most gov depts, an end to all foreign aid,privatising the BBC,ending all quangos,banning all public service trade unions with the explicit intent in due course of privatising them all bar the police, privatising the education system, freeing up the broadcasting airwaves from gov regulation. These are a few pointers.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blowhard President

He is deffo schizoid,bipolar,unhinged,unstable,demented,fascistic - and the North Korean leader is not much better! The whole world knows the USA is a paper tiger that cannot win wars and has not done so since WW2 and so the present intemperate bluster of Trump's is fooling nobody except perhaps himself.

So we are in a parlous state with two psycho regimes that need to be taken down namely NKorea and Iran and no chance whatsoever that will happen. I am wondeingr what Trump has got to do or fail to do before his supporters finally admit they were wrong in backing him. Right now it seems he has a free pass for life.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Privatisation of Political Parties

Forcing citizens to finance any political party whose philosophy and ideology is perceived by them to be antithetical and inimical to their deeply held values and philosophy is tyrannical. It has created a tax funded duopoly of Conservative and Labour and it violates the principle of free speech and the right of the citizen  not to have to finance the promotion and promulgation of ideas that potentially or directly threaten their individual rights and liberties.

For this reason all political parties should receive no tax funded contributions and each individual citizen should financially support the respective political party that most represents their views and ideology and there should be no monetary cap on how much they donate as at present. The latter notion is pure egalitarianism implicitly saying that every party should receive the same financial amount and no one should be able to give more than anyone else which is a gross violation of free speech.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Are EU Having a Laugh?

You can take Britain out of the EU but you cannot take the EU out of Britain -  not at least if you transfer the thousands of burdensome Kafkaesque EU laws into British law and call it a Repeal Bill which is precisely what the government is proceeding to do today. Can Britain be said to have left the EU at all if it places every jot and tittle of EU law onto its statute books? Only in a pigs eye.

The argument for doing this insane thing is as weak as it is specious -namely that not to transfer all the thousands of EU laws into British law would create a 'legal black hole'.I have yet to hear an explanation of what this means. That an absence of  laws that cripple business and give employees faux rights will cast everyone into a black hole? Maybe it will cast lawyers into a black hole? That is almost an argument for it in itself.

No, the only explanation why the British State wishes to visit the thousands of EU laws on the UK is because it shares the same statist agendas as the EU and intends to emulate it  in an en bloc cut and paste adoption of its non objective statist laws.

Bonfire of the Regulatory State

As I have pointed out previously State regulation of business trade and industry is defacto nationalization of them in a creeping underhand implicit unstated form. When the State is not strangling business in mountains of regulation it is launching expensive tax funded governmental research from 'independent' personages - witness the report on Uber's business model from the Blairite Leftist Matthew Taylor -  with the express and sole purpose of using such 'expert' advice to initiate yet more anti business legislation in this case forcing Uber to pay the same onerous benefits to their employees as traditional employers, effectively destroying the whole gig economy in the process.

On top of this invasive creeping nationalisation of the whole economy the State plunders the so called private sector with punitive fines for poor services,trains running late etc. This is another gross violation of property rights and is further reason why the State should have no role in policing or regulating business trade and industry. The State should no more be able to fine rail companies for running a poor service than they should be able to fine the local newsagent for failing to provide sufficient amounts of newspapers or oranges to their customers.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Free Housing

The takeaway from Grenfell is the imperative to privatise all social housing. The Sovietisation of housing created the tragedy and the State should not be in the housing business. Its only business is to protect  its citizens from harm done to them via force or fraud. It should therfor provide police, the courts and armed forces and these should be paid for by voluntary taxation.Every other service should be delivered via the free market unregulated and un taxed by the State.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Public Sector Menace

The plague of public sector militancy has never been properly addressed and now that it is dealing with a weakened vulnerable minority Conservative party it is flexing its muscles and making more  unreasonable pay rise demands. A weakened compromised government is about to cave in to such demands when what it should be doing is quite the opposite.

Public sector unions should be banned as their wage demands can bankrupt the country and they can hold it to ransom with threats of strikes which because their jobs are in a State monopoly it is difficult to resist.

Monday, July 03, 2017

The Austerity Delusion

The age of austerity is dead. Mr Government Creosote is going to deny himself a wafer-thin mint! The money printing press is going to crank up the works and produce yet more magic money to spend on our bloated public services (that word public again).

If the country were an individual it would have been made bankrupt a long time ago but even with national debt 86% of Gdp we've got to bring austerity to an end.

Until we go to a system of private free banking,abolish the Bank of England and have a separation of finance and State the latter will continue printing  money and the Ponzi scheme of public spending will roll on.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Murdoch Murder( No) Mystery

The mooted Cma  investigation into whether Rupert Murdoch should be allowed to own all off his own company (!) Sky by buying up the remaining shares   is a direct full frontal government assault on free speech and private property and as usual has been met with total acquiescence by the media and commentators.

The Cma should be abolished along with all the other so called independent non departmental government bodies whose implicit intent is to destroy what's left of the free market and strangle business by hedging it around with restrictive,arbitrary non objective laws, couched in deliberately ill defined,vague language  making it impossible for business to function,never knowing from one day to the next whether it will fall foul of one of the bureaurcracy's subjective rules and stipulations.

The overall intent of such invasive government agencies is to punish the most successful and innovative businesses by forcing them to be broken up to allow 'fair' competition and access to the less competent and innovative businesses and is thus an example of egalitarian ideology enforced by the State.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Google V EU

The EU's commission's announcement earlier this week that it is fining Google £2 billion for unfair practices is another obscene illustration of how the institution is the very antithesis of neo liberal as some on the Left bizarely assert and that it is on the contrary a semi socialist protectionist block wholly hostile to entrepreneurship and capitalism.

If Trump wants to really put 'America first' he would announce that the US will  no longer recognise the EU as a legitimate legislative body that can impose such criminal fines on US companies and grant Google legal immunity from any actions of the Commission.

Google should announce that it is withdrawing its operations from the EU also.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The 1967 Abortion

The Abortion Act of 1967 was a legal evasion in that it allowed abortion on certain conditions including the assent of two registered doctors and if the life of the mother could be proved to be in jeopardy by giving birth, rather than asserting what it should have, namely the right of the mother to her own body and to choose whether to have an abortion or not. By this evasion morality was circumvented in favour of expediency re the above mentioned exemptions.

So abortion has remained a criminal offence punishable by jail and the recent move to decriminalise it is way over due. The fact that the present law has been used by millions of women to have an abortion is beside the point as the fundamental principle of the right of the woman to her own body and what to do with it ie the protection of her individual rights should haven been unequivocally asserted as inalienable, a fundamental principle  not be evaded or obfuscated by the weasel fudge  of legal loopholes.

For the same reason all drugs should be de criminalised but again a compromised evasive solution has been adopted where those with clinical conditions are allowed access to certain drugs.

The purpose and motive behind both legal positions is clearly the State's deliberate intention to  deny the principle of individual rights and replace them with subjective arbitrary rules and conditions totally at the mercy of their favour  ie special privileges, not rights.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Social Disease

Whenever a word is prefixed by the word 'social' alarm bells should start ringing as some fraud or logical sleight of hand is invariably about to be perpetrated. 'A Social Attitude survey has found' is definitely a case in point. I have already discussed collectivist words and phrases that go under the radar such a 'public opinion' etc and the collectivist word  'social' is another.

The media this morning is full of a Public Attitude Survey that reveals that a sizeable proportion of those asked would like to see taxes raised to pay for public services. Leaving aside the dodgy methodology of such surveys and the rigged leading questions with their false premises - (ie that more money given to poorly run State services will improve them) there is an obvious solution for those who feel that they are not being taxed sufficiently,namely, they can contact the Inland Revenue service and request that it take  more tax from them.

Of course such people would protest vigorously at such a suggestion as what they are really doing in such a case is virtue signalling  and what they want is for other people to pay more taxes as well.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

Nick Robinson twice prevented Grant Schapps from critiquing Corbyn  on the Today programme this morning revealing his true red colours and blowing for the trillionth time the BBC's absurd, fantastically false claim to be politically neutral. The organization clearly believes it is beyond the reach of any sanctions as every time the Conservatives moot such a step there are howls about political interference in the Public Service Broadcaster from the liberal establishment and it thus has total immunity -and what's more knows it and acts accordingly as witness Robinson's brazen  behaviour.