Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Fallen of 9 11

As long as human beings  remain denizens of planet earth - and beyond, We Will Remember Them.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Maggie May?

Watch this space of course but this is looking good. Pardon my Grammar but up with the present prevailing orthodoxy of egalitarian leveling  of State education we should not put and reform appears to be coming from the most unlikeliest of places in the shape of Remainer May. If she pulls this off and there are no timorous appeasing concessions to the rabid egalitarians ranged against her in  practically the whole educational establishment and beyond we will all raise a glass to her success. Upon it rests our very future as a trading productive creative successful wealthy nation .

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Burkina Fascism

During WW2 German and Italian citizens living in the UK were imprisoned for the duration of the war in internment camps as it was reasonably assumed that their sympathies  could not be fully determined. Likewise in the present war against Jihadism and extreme Islamism - allowing for the appallingly pusilaminous confused way  in which it is being conducted by the Western powers- it is axiomatic that those who are wearing a mode of dress that indicates an extreme interpretation of Islam should be prevented from doing so.

To continue with the analogy how would the British authorities have reacted if those aforementioned German and Italian citizens in the UK during the WW2 had gone round dressed in fascist Nazi regalia and moreover had engaged in terrorist acts murdering British citizens on British soil? Who would have dared to suggest that what the German and Italians wore was of no concern to the British State and that they should freely flaunt their Fascist credentials in their dress and uniforms?

For make no mistake, in the Burkina, Burka and hijab we have the outward manifestation and symbol of extreme oppressive political Islam with its barbaric Sharia based illiberal  philosophy of world domination and Caliphist hegemony to be enforced by the sword bullet and bomb. This outright provocation should not be sanctioned and the French State is absolutely correct to clamp down on it with the full force and rigour of French law and custom as befitting its proud and unique tradition of upholding the principles of secular liberalism.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Olympian Hypocrisy

Wall to wall coverage of the Olympics has been for those who do not care a jot for sport a veritable month of hell as the news services have been completely co opted by the coverage and sport elevated to the headlines instead of its normal proper place after the news.

So why this obsession by the media outlets for this event and its complete domination of the airwaves and printed press? Is it because our culture loves success and achievement and wishes to champion it from the rooftops? If only..  No, this love affair with the olympics has a darker  cause. It is because it is uncorrupted and stained by commercial gain, the gold medalists do not gain directly financially from their achievements and it is seen as a triumph of statism, a state created event which can be exploited for yet further government involvement in funding. Witness all the emphasis is placed on patriotism and how we must continue to fund the athletes through taxation and gov funding.

If a love of individual success and achievement were the prime motive for the blanket coverage of the olympics I would be among the loudest champions but this as I say is clearly not the case or it would be extended across the board to all other human achievements and endeavours. Is it? Hell no. Anyone who achieves anything spectacular in the world of business is vilified as an exploiter and plunderer, ordered to 'give something back, pay swingeing taxes and make a public announcement of atonement for the sin of being successful and oustanding in his field and forced by pain of prosecution to redistribute his talents and the fruits there of to less productive competitors and not monopolise his talents for his own personal gain but instead self cripple and hobble himself to create a 'level playing field for the less capable and productive. He must also face the most evil of public denouncement and character assassination for having the temerity to be excellent and dominating his field by stint of hard work, monumental effort and creative innovative genius.

Translate such evil philosophy to sport and Mo Farah and his ilk would have to undergo amputation of a limb to allow the competition a 'fair' chance.. Such is the hatred directed towards the men of achievement in every other field than sport and specifically the olympics. Yes one can enjoy the spectacular success of individuals in Rio but do not expect it to be carried over into any other area but rather exactly what has happened, namely the Olympics being championed as a celebration of a colectivistic patriotism and  statism.

Thou Shalt Not Think

Idiot non savant Roy Masters used to say to his small audience of psychotic followers 'get a trade or you will have to live by your wits'. What does thinking by your wits actually entail? It requires thinking, the excercise of judgement, thinking on your feet, using your mind to engage in the productive activity of money making. Think the financial market, Wall St etc. Thus religion again is exposed as being anti rational, anti mind, anti achievement. You are only productively engaged if you are working in the field and sweating blood.Masters and his religious ilk will determine what constitutes real work - not that he has done much of that in his adult life by that definition, nor indeed his children who as far as I can determine have never had a trade at all as most have been in sales apart from David and who knows exactly what he does other than being Roy's idiot sidekick, a sort of Roy-lite for the very intellectually challenged.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fair Stands the wind for Capitalism

Political insurrection, unrest,rebellion against the status quo, the frontal assault on the politcal elites and the corruption of the Establishment all  provide the perfect opportunity for pro-freedom capitalist advocacy. If everything is now on the political agenda and  nothing is taboo, and people are openly talking about undiluted pure socialism as a viable proposition, however bizarre and irrational that undoubtedly is, then correspondingly it must now be equally acceptable to put forward the idea and argue for  pure undiluted capitalism, untrammeled by the excrescences and impediments of the mixed economy with all its statist concessions and compromises such as taxation,regulation and protectionist tarriffs. What is sauce for the political goose of Socialism is sauce for the political gander of capitalism. In a climate where the unthinkable and unsayable is now thinkable and sayable let's have at it!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Religion's Pretzellogic

Mountebank Roy Masters once said on the radio that coming out the bathroom he decided not to switch off the light but then realised that this was a serious omission because it was selfish. Pause to reflect on this convoluted bizarre harebrained ratiocination. If you do not turn off the light in your own house and consequently face a higher electricity bill you are being selfish! No, I can't figure it out either. Now if it were your nextdoor neighbour's light that you left on that could at a stretch be characterised as selfishness at least in the received meaning of that word but your own light?! Such is the mad inverted thinking of the religious who afflicted with misplaced guilt seek to preselitize their own neurosis cum faith.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Socialism keeps coming back

Socialism and its economic theories have been roundly defeated but it persists and returns periodically because it has never been challenged on the only grounds it can be defeated, namely moral grounds. The conservative right cannot mount a moral assault on socialism because it shares the same philosophical roots of  Christianity with its,self sacrifice and brother's keeper altruism.
Hence the tediously predictable alternation of Conservative,Labour,Conservative,Labour governments over the decades.

Only a political movement divested of this religiously rooted philosophical impediment can defeat the toxic virus of socialism and its fraudulent  moral claims.

Capitalism's Defaulters

It is a profound error of judgement and intellectual miscalculation on the part of the commentariat to assume that a Corbyn government is not possible. On the contrary, it is entirely possible for as the advent of Bernie Sanders, Trump and even Brexit testifies, the old political assumptions and certitudes of the the intellectual establishment  have been swept aside. These people are way behind the curve.

If socialism does triumph in the UK it will be by default of the intellectuals and the right who have comprehensively failed to mount a spirited principled stand against statism and collectivism for the very reason that they are tainted with it themselves, having engaged in their own  welfarist redistributive policies over the decades to such an extent that it is hard to tell conservative and Labour apart.

Just as the West cannot oppose Islamism because of its own horrendous history of barbarous Christianity sharing as it does the same philosophical roots so too the conservative right cannot oppose or challenge socialism because it has supped at the same statist table and shares the same collectivist assumptions as the Left albeit in slightly diluted form. And this is why those who wish for a return to capitalism will wish in vain if they seek such deliverance from the traditional quarters from which  all that emanates  is an ignominious shameful and deafening silence.
To those who persist in questioning my statement that Roy Master s organization is a cult on the grounds of his disclaimer that there is no church and that 'you cannot join', I can only reiterate that in the modern age religious frauds no longer need to gather people together in a specific physical geographical location but can achieve their nefarious ends far more effectively and on a  greater scale by recourse to broadcasting, in the recent past via radio and now by the far more powerful means of the intenet. TheJihadis and Islamists illustrate this point graphically for they no longer need to go to Syria or a mosque for their brainwashing but just go on the internet and then blow themselves up in the public thoroughfare. Does anyone seriously question their cultic psychopathology  on the grounds that they were indoctrinated online rather than in Syria?

Religion's rule of unreason

Mountebank Roy Masters used to tell his witless listeners that they should not leave their babies unattended in a room at night lest they be overtaken by demonic spirits. Such is the insanity of the religious mindset in its unreconstructed unreformed state. It is hard to understand why such madness would draw an audience and it can only be explained by the wholesale abandonment of reason by the intellectuals and the irrational trend in modern philosophy which has enabled outright charlatans like Masters to gain a hearing.

In the past when religion held sway any who questioned its demented nostrums would be tortured and killed. At least now in the age of enlghtenment we can laugh at such nonsense and arrant  absurdities and only risk criticism from its deranged votaries.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

What Brexit Should mean but probably won't

We must demand not just the honouring of the spirit of Brexit which means the full repatriation of powers from Brussels but also the dissolution of those very powers altogether for if they are merely duplicated in Westminster it will be a pyrrhic victory indeed. I fear it will turn out to be just that as our own politicians are power lusters and they will naturally seek to guard and gather such powers jealously to themselves rather than relinquishing them. We may find that the Westminster dispensation is no different from the Brussels one but all the more chagrining and onerous in that it will be our own government doing the enslaving. This we must guard against but I am not optimistic.

How to End Future Nice s

Here is the recipe to bring the outrages like Nice to an end .We must stop fighting proxy phoney wars like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya et al and go straight to the head of the snake, Iran and Saudi Arabia and take them out.. Take out Mecca and Medina militarily. End of..

Erdogan the Anchora W####r

Pity the coup failed and was bungled. This vile Izlamist Erdog is ripe for overthrowing. The Turkish military should have studied the Egyptian model to see how it is done. O well,next time hopefully.

Religion Poisons Everything

Religion is a cancer devouring the world. The carnage in Nice was religiously motivated. The fact that the pepetrator was a unhinged psychopath does not alter the fact that he was radicalised by religion and used it to justify his psychopathic acts.

I see the vile evil bastards proselytising their christanity in town and there is not a hair's difference between them and the Islamists except the death cult of Christianity has been de fanged, disempowered and all it can do is rail at its arch enemy reason and science. It no longer has the power to enslave and torture and now just makes bleating noises as it seeks to gull the imbecilic, the psychotic and the philosophically disarmed.

Religion indeed - all religion without exception is a cancer and the  cure and antidote is reason,science and ridicule. If there is a hell which of course there is not it would be reserved for the religious and their preachments, for all the misery and suffering it has inflicted on mankind,the oceans of blood it has spilt,the wars it has caused, the mental psychological havoc it has wreaked over the centuries and to this very day. A plague on all its houses.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meet the New Boss..

How quick the tories were to close ranks and place their Establishment lickspittle Treason May in Downing St acting for all the world like the referendum had never happened and the status quo had not just received  its biggest thrashing in living memory. With her Stassi approach to 'national security' where everyone is under cyber surveillance it truly is now the Nazi Party and this vile woman has lost no time in positing a far left socialist programme that would not be out of place in the Socialist Worker's party manifesto. She will lose no time also in sabotaging the EU Brexit negotiations as an unprincipled Remainer who skulked in the shadows during the referendum debates waiting to see the result and then hoping no one would remember she was an ardent defender of the EU and its criminal depradations.

As the Labour party tears itself apart its business as usual for the tories who spurned the best possible candidate in Teresa Leadsom who could have truly ushered in a capitalist revolution and opted instead for an amoral mega statist robot who will lead the UK to its ultimate demise down the long and winding road to serfdom.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Remain in denial

Further to my comments on the illiberal nature or the Remain side is the despicable way those Remainers in the Labour party are now seeking to depose the democratically elected Jeremy Corbyn and replace him with a New Labour apparatchik via a crudely staged  coup.

In the past Trotskyites and Marxist of every ilk had to sneak in the back door of th Labour party and seek to undermine it from within as entryists but thanks to Milliband's change of rules last year they can come in through the front door clutching their three pounds membership fee and this they did in their tens of thousands and now comprise Corbyn's not inconsiderable army of activists but it is no point bewailing this state of affairs when it was willed by the party itself and it now has to live with the consequences rather than seeking to drive its democratically elected leader from his post in a maladroit and bungled putsch.

This unseemly spectacle is only surpassed by the hordes of Remain's bad losers who have taken to the streets demanding another referendum because the first one did not go to their liking.

Remain's dirty little secret

Funny how the great champions of democracy have turned against it now it has delivered a verdict they do not agree with. They are saying the referendum was a mistake and that it should never have been called. This of course is not a new conversion to the anti democratic position as the advocates of the EU supported it for that very reason, namely that it is anti democratic and  they are quite open about  this declaring that the EU secures worker's rights which politicians in Westminster cannot be trusted to defend; in other words the EU is good because it circumvents the will of parliament and ergo its electorate!

Instead of democracy the Remainers favour a technocracy -rule by technocrats and experts,a global elite comprised of the IMF,OECD,UN,EU,Bank of England et al. Electorates are pesky ignorant,uneducated,troublesome guaranteed to vote the wrong way and they cannot any longer be allowed to thwart the global elites who alone know what is best for them. As a half way house they favour proportional representation which will dilute the popular will and mitigate against its worst effects ie someone like Thatcher who under that system would never have come to power and brought about her anti socialist revolution.

Not only has the referendum therefor liberated the British people from the tyrannical totalitarian yoke of arbitrary rule from Brussels but it has also exposed the EU defenders in the Remain camp as profoundly illiberal and anti democratic. Indeed,the referendum is the gift that keeps on giving because it also provides schadenfraude in the form of the sight of Heseltine and co near foaming at the mouth that their master plan to enslave the British people has been so comprehensively thwarted. The only pity is that Edward Heath the chief architect of the EU UK folly is not here to taste the bitter fruit of defeat to the dregs. Still, Heseltine will do.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Will Self is not happy

The sight of Will Self angrily stabbing his finger into the face of a black Brezxter on ch 4 yesterday evening was an encapsulation of a liberal establishment prostrate and incandescent with rage at its wholesale defeat and rejection  by the people who dared to challenge its decade's long liberal hegemony. As he twisted and writhed like a snake on a stick hissing his venom and impotent fury I could not help deriving exquisite pleasure from his obvious dicombobulation. Now you know what it feels like Will to be spurned and  rejected and alienated. We are the mainstream now, suck it up. You  can no longr condescend to us, look down on us with lofty disdain,ridicule our aspirations and desires and mock our ambitions. Never glad confident morning again for you and your patronising liberal elites who have misruled for decades. Now you are shaken to the core as the old liberal assumptions lie in ruin before you and your faux composure is gone and all that is left is undiluted rage out in the open for all to see and that dear Will is the icing on the cake of yersterday's historic victory. You were the future once. Now crawl back under your stone.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Our work is all before us

Brexit is not a guarantee of bringing about a capitalist revolution in the UK but it is a precondition of it. A country that can make its own decisions and formulate policy can go any way it chooses which it cannot do under the statist straitjacket of the EU. So the obstacle of EU has now been removed but the work is all ahead of us.

End of the affair

The way the hate filled left wing mob descended on Borris Johnson this morning illustrates perfectly the infantile entitlement mentality and illiberal nature of the fascist left who wanted Britain to remain in the evil Marxist EU construct. We have lanced a 43 year old boil, righted a 43 year old mistake and the left are now in retreat as their master plan has been scuppered and they are left only with their molten self  devouring rage.

Not since the fall of communism has history thrown up such excitement and now we can enjoy the spectacle of the domino effect around Europe as the whole misbegotten project starts to unravel and go into reverse. One by one countries will demand their chance to bid for freedom,to be free from the shackles of a behemoth that devours their substance and gives them bindweed regulations in return and issues arbitrary Kafkaesque edicts with the express design of making them slaves to an insane moribund ideology.

End of the Establishment

It is glad confident morning again as I predicted it would be in the face of a near terrorist- like assault on the British people by the corrupt elite Establishment which they would not bend to. This was their finest hour. So many good things have happened. Cameron is going Osbourne is surely only a beat away from going also, Corbyn may be ousted, Borris is waiting in the wings.

Even a corpse dragged onto the stage  would not sway the doughty British voters who saw through the lies,chacanery,dissimulation,tergiversation dissembling and wanton intimidation from all the crackpot institutions who tried to bully them into submission. Steadfast they remained amidst all the lies of pollsters who after their third failure in a row must surely be discredited forever and not given houseroom by any self respecting media outlet again.

So many frauds,criminals professional liars peddlars of outright untruths have been comprehensively routed and scalped by the British public I do not  remember ever feeling so proud of them, I did not think they were made of such sterner stuff. Think of the rogues gallery of liars and low rent politicians and personalities who have been found on the wrong side of history,  Geldolf, Major, Heseltine,Darling,Postman prat Johnson,Blair,Brown, Kinnock, Rudd, all the media luvvies I will not lower myself to name -all owned by the British voters  and forever discrdited as the mountebanks and unprincipled scoundrels they undoubtedly are.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Why we will Leave

Opinion polls lie as we saw with the the Scottish independence referendum and the last election. It will be Brexit 60 to 40. You saw it here first. It is the individual versus the corrupt establishment elites and it will trigger a revolution and the dominoes will fall across Europe and the EU will implode and be no more. The gig is up for the power elites and they know it hence their hysterical Goebelles like black propaganda. There will be a day of reckoning for them and it will be soon. The Conservative party and the Labour party will not survive in their present form as their electorate have turned their backs on them both. Massive realignments will take place.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Master non Ego

Of all the arrant lies and misrepresentations of religious mountebank Roy Masters the most egregious is his claim that  the ego is evil and represents the death of man and the birth of the risen ape. Here is the prime example of how religion seeks to dethrone man with his pride and achievements and replace him a sniveling apologetic pathetic quivering bowl of jelly  of low self esteem and non achievement, grovelling for forgiveness from his alleged maker.

The human ego is what gets man out of bed in the morning to create the amazing technologiocal civilization we all take for granted today. The religionists must first destroy this if they are to regain their power of old when they held tyrannical sway in the Dark Ages before the Enlightenment swept them away with their evil priestcraft,hatred of science reason and man.

So let us celebrate the ego and reject the anti life philosophy of religion and its evil miscreant emissaries.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Fancy a bet

Pathological liar and religious crank Roy Masters excoriated the Us government for its involvement in the lottery claiming it was dangerous for man to place himself under the law of chance or for the state to sanction such behaviour. But religious people do something far worse,namely they place themselves under the law of faith which is the biggest gamble of them all.

Religion has always been hard on gambling and yet it urges its followers to place and entrust their lives on an unknowable entity from another dimension. I would sooner take my chances on the lottery.

Someone called the lottery the idiot's tax but at least people have a choice about playing the lottery unlike paying taxes so if the State has to be funded by one or the other the lottery is preferable.

Master Race

Roy Masters small time charlatan is obsessed with the Jewish race to the point of being a racial supremacist. In a recent video he castigates George Soros for being a self loathing jew and to all those who question my fairness or otherwise towards this absurd character in said video he actually challenges Soros to a cage fight! Go check it out. To see someone mentally disintegrating  has a certain compelling fascination to it but someone should really take the poor man aside and suggest that he calls it a day.

The equally dubious purveyor of the higher nonsense Krishnamurti told his inner circle to stop him when he went gaga and Masters should have done the same. Too late now I guess.

Demonstrating that he has a tenuous grasp of capitalism as he does of everything else  he accuses Soros of becoming rich by stealing from the British when he shorted the pound during the ERM crisis when in fact he was performing a useful corrective function of price discovery and precipitated the UK exit from the disastrous ERM. Soros s real crime is being a hypocrite in benefiting from capitalism whilst advocating socialism for everybody else.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Canute's Law

Are people really still complaining about automation lol? Peter Hitchens has done so recently and someone on RT was doing it today and in both cases the usual suspect Capitalism was in the dock - the whipping boy for the sins of Statism.Today it was argued that automation in transportation will put millions of men out of work as so many do delivery jobs and the automatically driven vehicles will spell their doom including taxis etc.

What did such men do before the birth of the automobile? It created all those jobs just as the next innovation will create jobs. The alternative for the Canutists would be man living in caves because every innovation threatens somone's job so lets just have the divine right of stagnation instead.

And what is the primary cause of automation anyway? Labour laws, unions unreasonable demands, the minimum wage,the Living Wage, regulation,taxation,restrictive practices ad nauseam Look across the channel to see how that is working out.

Innovation or Luddism, its that simple.


A man has been arrested for wearing the wrong t shirt which mocks Hillsborough victims. It was deemed his freedom of speech was threatening the feelings of others and upsetting them. This kindergarten retreat from the market place of ideas has spilled out of the universities and is playing out in the wider culture threatening to close down free speech altogether.

Anyone who cares about liberty and its bedrock freedom of speech and the concomittant right to offend should be very worried by these Orwellian developments. In a country where telling the truth or expressing unpopular non conventional views is deemed threatening and abusive and subject to prosecution and possible inprisonment via the  insidious introduction of a sinister new concept   called thoughtcrime and speechcrime the only victor is tyranny. First they came for the Hillsborough deniers....

What would a society without freedom of speech look like? We are about to find out if current trends are anything to go by. Of course we can look at a country that has totally eliminated free speech and it is North Korea but we have no grounds for complacency. You may not be arrested for criticising the dear leader David Cameron but you could well end up in the dock for lampooning one of our many sacred cows, for instance as alluded to, the alleged sanctity of Liverpool football fans.

Freedom of speech is what separates us from the animal kingdom where differences can only be settled by force and violence. Humans can resolve differences by debate and discussion. Remove that and the only recourse is to violence. Indeed freedom of speech is sacrosant or should be as it is a social safety valve that protects us from force and violence, where views can be challenged and combated by contrary ones in a free exchange of ideas.Once that is removed  only a rapid descent into barbarism is possible.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Who Loves EU?

We are told that the older generation are more pro Brexit than the young and that the working class are more likely to be anti EU than those who have been to university and we are suppose to infer from this that the bright and intelligent can see how good the EU is whilst the dull and uneducated are against the EU. But there could be another explanation. It is a little known fact that many British universities receive funding from Brussels and it is responsible for so called European Studies which is little more than thinly veiled EU propaganda disguised as objective academic study.

So insidious has the EU become that it is getting harder to find any institution that has not in some way been co opted and captured economically and politically  by Brussels. So the next time you hear a spokesman from an institution warning us of the perils of leaving the EU behemoth question its independent status and follow the money.

Age of Unreason

As a footnote to my last post it is worth pointing out that when reason is rejected people cast around for explanations  for current events and strange people emerge to satisfy the void left by reason. Conspiracy theories flourish,the likes of David Icke fill football stadiums with credulous followers ready to swallow whole his latest bizarre constructed castles in the air populated by shape shifting reptiles and denizens of Bilderberg.

There is no theory too strange or removed from reality that the people will not embrace so desperate are they for guidance and solutions and balms for their mental perplexity. Cynical manipulators emerge exploiting the credulous herd who have been abandoned and betrayed by the intellectuals and left to the tender mercy of the hobgoblins of little minds be they Icke or Russel Brand.

Religion of course has set people up for this credulous state, predisposed are they to accept tall stories from the beyond.

The Emotional States of America

What accounts for the emergence of populist political parties across the political spectrum - although to be accurate both Trump and Sanders and indeed Corbyn over here are collectivist statists of one stripe or another? It is the almost complete abandonment of reason and its replacement with emotionalism that is the cause. Pure unfocused rage seems to govern the populace and it attributable to the collapse of the intellectuals into unreason indeed into a total rejection of reason as man's tool of knowledge and its replacement with feelings and emotions.

Reality we have been told by intellectuals for generations is unknowable,objectivity impossible to achieve and we are left with intellectual constructs and arbitrary random theories entirely removed from concrete reality.

 Universities have gone from being places of intellectual enquiry to nurseries designed to protect the delicate  sensitive souls of students from being exposed to contrary views that challenge their preconceptions and possibly upset them. So no- platform policies have been intrduced to prevent controversial speakers from entering the universities and triggering emotional responses in the students.

It is in this prevailing atmosphere of intolerance to challenging different ideas,mistrust of reason, rejection of a knowable objective reality that the emerging populists are cashing in on, rising up and threatening to take leadership over the country in the form of Trump and Sanders whose electorate appears to be interchangeable. Notice how Trump talks in soundbites, vague generalities,rambles incoherently from one topic to another,contradicts himself in mid sentence,plays on the emotions of the crowd as all demagogues do, constantly demonises the other, stirs up primal irrational zenophobic fears and encourages protectionist anti American policies andpromises to build a Berlin Wall on Mexican borders.

Americans have gone over to the dark side where emotions rule and they are desperately seeking a furher who will look after them like the regressed infantilised cry baby emoters  they have sadly become.

End of the Estasblishment?

One thing the so called referendum debates on UK EU membership have demonstrated is how in thrall we have become to corrupt establishment elites and captured compromised institutions whether they be the EU itself, the OECD, the Bank of England, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the CBI all of whom seem to be in some way subsidised by the EU. How marvellous it would be if the British people were to stick a collective two fingers up to the lot of them and voted to leave. In one fell swoop all those institutions would be reduced in stature,their influence diminished considerably leaving them permanently discredited as they deserve to be.

These self same rotten to the core institutions failed to predict the biggest recession in a generation and indeed contributed towards it by their misguided policies and recommended Britain join the Euro another doomed venture, supported British membership of the ERM mechanism and have given consistently wrong predictions over the years.

A Brexit vote would devastate the establishment elites and change not just British politics irrevocably but the whole Soviet style EU construct and could even a trigger its complete collapse. Bright confident morning again!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Master of the Non Objective

Like everything else that issues from the lips of the arch charlatan Roy Masters his claim that he teaches an eecercise in objectivity is patently bogus. There is nothing remotely objective about his teachings which are pure unadulterated mysticism delivered in turgid doggerel. As I have had cause to mention in previous posts on this topic just being aware of your thoughts without analysing them or differntiating between them in any way is the very antithesis of objectivity and it is the level of cognition of a mental retard.This is exactly the state of mind he seeks to engender in his hapless ignorant followers as it suits his purposes which is of course to gain total ascendancy over their minds

Thinking,sorting one's thoughts,analysing learning the art of concept formation and arranging thoughts in a hierachy is what separates humans from animals and it is a unique capacity that has resulted in all the wonders of technologial civilisation.. Just observing one's thoughts is to reduce oneself to abject cretinism and it is no accident that this condition is typical of Roy Master's followers. I had the misfortune to spend a week at Roy Master's seminar in France in the late eighties and a learned Dutch memeber of the audience told me that he had been to countless religious philosophical seminars and he had never experienced such levels of cretinism and ignorance and stupidity amongst any audience as he did at the Roy Master seminar.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Rage against Atheism

Peter Hitchens makes quite a habit of abusing atheists mainly one suspects because he received such a humiliating drubbing from his brother Christopher in a debate about God years ago. In an extraordinary concession he openly acknowledges that he cannot prove God's existence but in a debate if one side admits that it cannot prove its case does not that automatically signal the end of the debate and  defeat for  the one so conceding? Yet on he goes resorting as he only can to ad hominem attacks against atheists whilst ignoring their arguments which he cannot refute by his own admission.

Religious believers are very thin skinned and cannot brook the slightest criticism. In the case of muslims they resort to violence and be headings. In Hitchen's case he has a fit of the vapors and is prissily indignant that anyone should dare to take on those of faith. You would think the last centuries of religious persecution,torture,imprisonment persecution wars had never happened. Now the religious are the victims - of satire,ridicule,contempt! And they just cannot handle it and are whining like infants.

Then there are the smears. According to Hitchens atheists are only so because it gives them licence to be hedonists,extolling sex drugs and rock n roll.This is much more like a confession on Hitchen's part. Without belief in a supernatural entity from another dimension he would be a hedonist without self control or moral compass.

He claims that an afterlife secures justice for people but man unaided by superstition and governed by reason can perfectly secure justice here on earth with objective law and the claim is absurd on its face.

What are we really dealing with here? Pure emotionalism. As someone observed most religious belief is neurotically determined. Religious people only have their emotions to govern them. Reason has been abandoned, what else is left?.Let us leave the last words  to Hitchens himself. 'You cannot prove God's existence.It requires faith and that is a choice.'

Master of Misogyny

Arch woman hater and religious nut job Roy Masters once said a very revealing thing on his radio programme that may very well explain his life-long pathological misogyny to which  anyone who has had the misfortune of listening to his horrendous radio programme would testify. He said that when he was a youth and being fairly handsome he could not understand why when he went into a restaurant or bar he was invisible to women who gravitated to the less wholesome type of man. Right  here we see  the roots of his venomous hatred of women,the sleight and abject humiliation he felt all those years ago of being ignored by the fair sex.

This festering hatred was nurtured for many a year before he eventually secured a radio programme where he could finally vent his bile and spleen against womankind.He would fashion an organization around his malicious misogyny and use religious texts to back up his perverted hate filled philosophy. Of course in this he was well served for where else but in the Bible itself is such molten contempt of women memorialised in the vile story of Adam and Eve?

(As a footnote no one ever told the beligerent chippy youth Masters that he was as ugly as sin and had the kind of face that only a mother could love. Of course as the late great Frank Cain once observed the deluded do not know they are deluded because they are deluded.)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sympathy for the Devil

The Devil got a bad press. He was the good guy. He never got to tell his side of the story. In the greatest novel ever written the Bible he is presented as the seducer and destroyer when he was in reality the saviour of mankind.

 God ordered Abraham to kill his own son. How satanic is that? The Devil on the other hand urged man to use his mind,reject the totalitarian deal of eternal security that God offered man in exchange for his soul in the form of blind  obedience and mindless obesiance and passivity, living in Edenic sheltered accommodation for eternity - a veritable living hell of North Korean proportions.

Fortunately Adam listened to the Devil's wise counsel when he urged him to use his mind,to think, reason, gain knowledge achieve his own greatness and happiness.Man learned and studied,created a world of magical invention and ingenuity,he wrote books,accumulated knowledge and lived happily ever after.

Well, not quite... Although a great work of fiction the tragedy is that man fell for the hoax of the Bible and sought to follow God's counsel instead of the Devil's.We are living with the consequence of that to this day.

Man is forever looking for the next Fuhrer,The Donald, the Bernie, the Pope,the King or Queen,the EU, the UN, Nato ,some authoritarian guide to take the place vacated by his mind and reason. The dire consequences are all around us as we tip toe once more towards totalitarianism.