Monday, January 09, 2017

Is Trump a Soviet Manchurian Candidate?

His refusal to acknowledge that the election was tampered with by Russia when the evidence is overwhelming suggests that Trump may well be under the evil sway and tutelage of Putin and his goons in the Kremlin and it is not altogether impossible that he could face impeachment down the line as the collusion and his special relationship with his new found friend and fellow authoritan  soviet thug is beginning to smell real bad.

That Trump is mentally unstable there can be no doubt.His incessant tweeting in response to every perceived affront to his fragile and precarious self esteem and to every imagined slight suggests a man with a tenuous grip on reality and a thin skin that is positively and potentially lethal in a soon to be innaugurated President of the most powerfull country of the free world.

His prodigal recourse to twitter, the latest being an attack on Merril Streep in a Hollywood reward ceremony in response to a few critical remarks she made about him is on the petulant level of the kindergarden in its lack of proportionality and suggests that he is locked in a seemingly perpetual presidential campaigning mode and indicates a man dangerously and perillously mentally unfit for high office.

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