Friday, August 03, 2007

How To Deal With Drug Peddlars

Like this

Muslims are Psychos -Official


When are we going to stop pandering to these scum and throw them out of the country?

Great News

Great news!

A long and painful death we trust?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Environmentalism and the New Political Breed of Witchdoctors

Gullible warming. Scam report . Scam alert! If any modern superstition and pseudo science was tailor made for politicos and chancers, environmentalism is it. It has all the composites for mass manipulation and tax raising revenue. Fear. Fear. And more fear. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. This tool of Fear is the geatest in the politican's arsenal and he wields it with all the panache of a master hypnotist.

Guilt is the back up ploy. Do you want to leave a ruined planet for your heirs? Small wonder the Leftists fell on environmntalism like a starving man on food. Just when everyone was beginning to see the utter bankruptcy of the left a new superstition was constructed guaranteed to keep them in business for decades. From the ashes of socialism rose the phoenix of environmentalsim. Collectivism was taken off the life support system,given a makeover, a new meme, lexicon and dialectic and the monstrous hybrid is striding across the politcal landscape like a colossus.

All political parties have had to give obesiance to the God of Environmentalism, offer it sacrifices, mouth its pieties, spew its plattitudes, observe its rituals, rehearse its vacuities, spout its doggerel.Heretics are burned at the stake of 'public opinion' (definition: whatever the liberal elite bien passant say it is).

Politicians are used to playing God and now they can assume that role officially. They can now control the weather! The kudos, the maniacal power!

Lies and the Lying Liberal Leftists Who Tell Them

Why are liberals so in the ascendancy when all their shibboleths and fallacies have been exploded a thousand million times? Because the human race has a preternatural genetic predisposition and need for lies. The liberal merely plays on this predisposition for his own political gain. That is why there is no real hope for the human race.

Every day a new get rich quick con appears because there is a sucker born every minute. People want to hear lies. They want to be told that if you roll this dice, bet on that horse,buy this business report and the rights to reproduce it and send out mail shots you will end up with the flashy car and the women hanging on your arm that are featured in the glossy brochure that arrived in the post this morning. Small wonder Labour jumped on this bandwagon of get rich quickism and licensed all those casinos. The lottery mentality can be milked to the max for revenue.

All such schemes and ponzi pyramid scams pale into insignificance however when compared to the greatest scam of all time -the Welfare State. At least with the former you can choose to be scammed. With the WS there is no choice. This is a cult which does not allow refuseniks. All must be a member. This gigantic fraud and confidence trick spanning over six decades has stolen billions from its countless victims and not a single person responsible has ever seen the inside of a prison cell. The crime of the century -and they got away with it!

For politicians the lie is always their best gambit. People want to hear that they can be paid for not working, paid for having children by different fathers,paid for some imaginary racial slight,paid for falling over their own feet and injuring themselves,paid for existing.We get the kind of governement we deserve and if you are one of those tiny weeny minorities, the independent minded, free thinking individual the best thing you can do is hide in a cave and wait for the whole stinking show to come crashing down.