Monday, January 03, 2005

Brits Irresolute?

90% of Britsh people will break their new year's resolutions befor a fortninight is out. Why bother making them?

Perhaps they will be just as undecided come the general election where it is predicted that Labour will win handsomely.

Well the pollsters got it wrong over the US elections so maybe we are all in for a surprise?

My predictions for 05 include surprise wins for the UKIP. There are many disaffected Tories out there.

Whatever happens we will still have a conservative government even if the cross dressing Blair switch project continues. New Labour's win in 1997 is the first recorded case of political transvestism. Not just a case of a little pilfering of the Tory wardrobe but wholesale plunder.

Verily it is true the only way liberals can get elected nowadays is by pretending to be conservatives. That is the triumph and lasting legacy of Thatcherism. Just rejoice at that news.....

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Blunket -a sorry record

He might have pretended to speak softly and carry a big white stick but Blunket he has presided over the biggest increase in crime in British history.

The police have handed the streets over to the criminals - that is the Blunket legacy.
Labour have always been pro criminal as they take the Marxist view that all property is theft: ergo let the criminals seize it.

We need much longer prison sentences,return of the death penalty and corporal punnishment for young offenders.

An overhaul of the judiciary is also necessary. It has been infested by an army of tax funded do gooders,probation officers social workers, psychobabblers and counsellors -mostly women I should add. A plague of feminist do goodery destroying the very fabric of our society and creating a country fit for robbers rapists and muggers to thrive in.

Three nails in the coffin of the UK


Multiculturalism -unchecked immigration

Death of Christianity

Heterogenous nations cannot long survive. Monocultures have built in longevity.

In times of peace multiculturalism can sort of work for a while but in a case of national emergency it is a recipe for disaster as there is no national identity, no focal point people can rally around, no common frame of reference.

In the meantime basic freedoms of speech are being eroded in the UK in a futile attempt to pander to ever emboldened ethnic minorities, hostile to the very liberal society they took refuge in to to escape persecution at home. Verily it has been said: you can take the man out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the man. These people bring their old ways with them and are not beyond forcing their beliefs on the rest of us as the recent SIkh riot at the Birmingham theatre has demonstrated. The book burning Nazi islamafascists are on the march.

Those who dare speak out against multiculturalism and Islam in particular are arrested in the dead of night and thrown in police cells. Yes -here in Great Britain! The ghost of Franz Kafka stalks the land and the PC thought police are everywhere, policing the internet sniffing out thought crimes and trampling on our hard won freedoms.

Are the British a nation of alcoholics

Drink is part of our culture. All the TV 'soaps' are predicated on drinking, set in pubs, ie Corrie and Eastenders Emmerdale.

We have the highest rate of alcoholics and binge drinkers in europe. Now thanks to feminism it is considered okay for women to drink to oblivion also, with the malign laddette culture.

The core could be that Brits are just plain anal and repressed. The only way they can bear each other's company is to be totally blitzed out unconscious, when they become even more boorish than they otherwise are and liberated from the normal social constraints of decency.

One cure could be to raise the age of legal drinking to 21.

Drinking and the costs in loss of business in absenteeism go into the tens of millions to say nothing of the fractured society and broken homes caused by alcohol abuse. It also places a huge strain on police services as they are called out every night and particularly weekends to pick up the pieces of drunken yobbery, not to mention the strain on an already compromised health service.

Far from having 24 hour drinking we need less pubs.

Miseducation Miseducation Miseducation

Children in the UK can be in the State education system 11 years and come out still not being able to read write or spell. Imagine if you took your car to the mechanic at a garage and after having it repaired as you drive away the wheels fall off or the engine falls out -would you pay the mechanic? So why do we pay teachers for not teaching?

A friend's 12 year old daughter looking at her school work was shocked to discover that the teacher had ticked all her writing completley ignoring all her howling spelling mistakes and writing at the bottom 'good English'. The worrying thought occurs that perhaps the teacher didn't even notice the mistakes?

At the universities it is just as bad. Students only get six hours tutorials a week. This is what they run a £10,000 debt for?

Perhaps they should do what the great entrepreneur Richard Branson did and leave school at fourteen. Had he gone to university he would probably be pulling pints at his local pub now.

Tsunami: Enough already

It has to be said. I'm bored with tsunami. The first few days okay, it was a spectacle but the entertainment value has definitely worn off. The veritable pornography of grief and disaster the media is indulging in is plain unhealthy. Voyeurism and mawkish sentiment masquerading as social conscience is beginning to grate.

One of the downsides of globalism is that every world wide disaster is brought in to our living rooms and we feel oblidged or rather manipulated and badgered into doing something about it whereas in the past such incidents would barely have registered as a blip on the international radar. The media plays the guilt game to the max. Barely had the tsunam hit when we were being told that America was to blame for not sounding the alert and then for not sending enough aid.

The media talks glibly about how much the government is giving. The government? That is tax payers money. The government has no money other than what it has expropriated from the producers and tax payers.

Yes the general public has been generous and have demonstrated that when it comes to reacting to situations on the ground private charity is infinitely superior and more flexible than the bureaucratic State. Perhaps this is the salutary lesson of this disaster: private charity good Foreign Aid bad.