Saturday, December 31, 2016

First they came for the business men....

Well it has been an eventful year. The low was definitely the relentless and near criminal hounding and scapegoating of Phillip Green by the media hyenas particularly the Daily Mail and I cannot help thinking some of it is pure anti semitism. The Mail has a dark history of suporting Fascism in the 1930's  after all.Green committed the cardinal sin of being a successful entrepreneur who legitimately sold a business all perfectly above board that had pensions liabilties which were passed over to the new owner. As the man said if you sell someone a car and they crash it its not your fault. Impossible standards are demanded of the wealthy that are not applied to anyone else and they are treated like moral lepers, a persecuted minority who are fair game and ergo subject to inhuman villification and prejudice and its permanent open season on them. Envy is an ugly emotion at the best of times but when it is passed off as moral indignation it is all the more nauseating and vile. Spare us all from the faux moral outrage of moral pygmies and envy eaten mediocrities who go by the name of hacks.There is no more sickening a spectacle than such in full cry. Meanwhile the great man has been hauled in front of a kangaroo court of third rate politicians standing in judgement on him and small wonder he has retreated to a foreign land nursing his wounds and bemusedly asking journalists what it is with the British media that so hates successful people and seeks to character assassinate them. The real villain of the pieice is undoubtedly the sanctimonius pipsqueak Frank Field who has turned this witch hunt against Green into a personal vendetta and crusade. Had he lived in another time one can imagine him in full Nazi regalia persecuting his jewish victims in a show trial with obscene and sadistic relish.

What IS Prison for?

Rehabilitation! We have that mantra trip from the lips of wooly minded liberal do gooders with monotonous regularity and like most things they opine it is sooo wrong on multiple levels. As an old associate used to say in his characteristically concise way ' you cannot rehabilitate those who have never been habilitated in the first place'. But I actually say that should not even be the aspiration. Prison serves one purpose and one purpose only: Punishment! Or should I say two purposes the other one being incarceration to protect the public from dangerous felonius criminals.

Even putatively hard line Conservatives like Anne Widdicombe seem not to get this point and bleat on endlessly about the R word. Sorry, Why does a good parent reproove his recalcitrant offspring if not to din into them the folly of their ways and course and to imbue them with a positive worldview and instill within them the discipline to live a good and productive life therafter? Prisoners are the end product of the absence of such an upbringing and prison is effectively acting as a surrogate stern albeit just disciplining loving father.Not a nurturing spoiling mother who gives it drugs and television and panders to its delinquency, rewarding it when it runs riot anthrows the equivalent of a tantrum and hurls its toys out the pram. Cause a riot and we will give you more amenities! Madness. Take All their toys away and throw away the key more like. And totally privatise the prisons and make the inmates work for their bed and board.And lastly but not leastly send all the armies of penal reformers packing with their pleas to half empty all the prisons of their inmates and deploying their lethal confection of  psychobabble excus- making, false, absurd, Marxist rationalisations, explanation and exculpationss for pure plain human evil.

The day God died?

Profesional miserabilist and jaundiced columnist Peter Hitchens the very mediocre lesser talented brother of the much lamented late great writer and polemicist and scourge of religion Christopher, asserts in so many words that effectively Christianity died on the fields of Flanders which is extrarordianary in its ahistorical and purblind perspective. As if Christians had not been slaughtereing one another on a pre undustrial scale centuries before that and dreaming up exotic ways to torture the innocent who refused to bow the knee to the insane and demented cult of Christianity. Very often of course it was murdering its own kind who had deviated ever so slightly off the doctrnaire course and paid for it with a very painful and protracted death of gothic dimensions.Up to the present day Christians continued this homicidal trajectory as witness the horrors of the internicine sectional killing grounds of Norther Ireland.

It was perhaps only the fusion and marriage of modern technology with barbaric Christian faith  that made the First world war so uniquely horrific in form and scale and if Hitchens wants to claim that it was the last nail in the coffin of Christianity I am happy enough to concede as much. It is not to be lamented that man leaves aside his childish delusions and fairy tales about his origins and embraces this life in all its multifarious beauty and wonder and promise unless of course the Hitchens of this world (or the imaginary other) choose to throw a reservoir of cold water on their aspirations and make a sick career of it.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Israel and Obama

John Kerry the Herman Munster of politics has monstered Israel over its settlements and colluded with the UN to put it in the dock of public disapprobation yet again but this latest assault smacks of cynical opportunism and moral cowardice being as it is the equivalent of a drive by shooting or someone who thinks it smart to make a debating point whilst half way out the door so they cannot hear the riposte of their interlocutor.

There may be someone who knows less about the Israel Arab conflict on planet earth but I have never met them but this will not stop me from making a general point on the matter as it never seems to be an impediment to everyone else airing their views on the matter so why not me. How can it be called occupied land since it was got from conquest after Israel was invaded by its neighbours in a full on unprovoked attack, and faced the very real threat of total destruction and extinction.The land was part of the spoils of war.

There is however the thorny issue of US foreign aid to Israel and if that is what it is Israel should wean itself off that and the US should not be using American tax payers money for that purpose. There is no doubt notwithstanding that the Democrats are anti Israel and have been for the longest time and their support for the Palestinians is amoral but par for the Democrat course.


As a precious few other people have pointed out what Russia did in hacking into the computers of Democrats is a re run of Watergate which caused such a cataclysmic effect on American politics for a generation and led to a presidential impeachment. Yet not a peep of outrage from the establishment to what is in effect an act of war. Obamma has been very late in condemning this espionage by Russia which is morphing back into the Soviet monster of old although he is right to apply such sanctions he has announced but they hardly redress what Russia has done.

Trump of course is seeking to dismiss this outrage as he would wouldn't he, but my only suggestion would be for the US to block the State run RT TV channel if it is possible. As it is a tool of the Russian government this would be entirely justified.

Socialised healthcare is bad for your health (part 2)

Another lamentable but inevitable corollary of socialised health care that I did not explore in my last post on the subject is the sinister encroachment of the State into people's personal lives and habbits that flows from it, which if not totally necessitated by the nature of the NHS is certainly used as a pretext by politicians to justify it, namely, its involvement in attempting to change behaviour, to 'nudge' people in certain directions re the kind of food they consume, using it as rationale for yet more taxation of those goods deemed bad for people. Ergo one massive governement intervention into the health market is followed by another into the personal consumption and behaviour of its citizens and the slow inexorable ratcheting expansion of the State is thus effected.

Once Upon a time in NHS land...

Aside from all the obvious reasons against socialised healthcare such as the implicit violation of individual rights involved, namely the State appropriation of the doctor's profession, the hijacking of their careers to the service of the State and the denial of individual rights of the patient to choose their own doctors and treatment and personal healthcare all of which is worthy of much comment and criticism, there are some baleful and often fatal effects of socialised healthcare that are not so commonly discussed that involve the calamitous harmful medical  consequences of a health system 'free at the point of use' to use the coy socialist newspeak by which the NHS was visited on an unsuspecting, naieve albeit eager public when it was ushered in to much fanfare some 70 years ago.

In a proper rational  free market private health insurance system a patient's premium would be predicated on their health and lifestyle choices and those who smoked or took drugs,were obese through over eating and reliance of junk food would pay a higher premium than those who led a more healthy lifestyle and rightly so. A stunt man pays a lot more insurance than someone working at a sedentary job in an office for instance as objectively reflecting their respective lifestyles. If they both paid the same premium the insurance system would simply collapse and no one would have any insurance at all. Now examine the same principle as applied to the NHS! Well it does not obtain which is why it is in a perpetual state of crisis and people are dropping like flies from poor health choices confident in the knowledge that no matter what harm they inflict on themselves,how much food they stuff how much they smoke and drink the 'free' NHS is going to put them back together again. Well it won't and it can't anymore because it is collapsing upon its own internal contradictions but all politicians without exception know that the public does not want to hear that so they go on telling them what they want to hear, that more shed loads of money are going to be thrown at the Sovietised healthcare system and maybe at the end of an umpteenth 5 year plan it will all turn out fine.

Good luck with that one -wasn't it Albert Einstein who observed that insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result? So politicians lied and millions died. The NHS killing fields will claim many more victims, their corpses will circle the earth before the politicians come clean and admit that socialised medicine is a poson toxic and just as socialism has failed wherever it has been practiced it has failed in the NHS with catastrophic cataclysmic consequences and that the only solution is to dismantle the whole thing and return it back to the free market from which it was criminally wrenched 70 years ago in an act of national state brigandige, a defacto communist takove of healthcare without a shot being fired. We are all living, or rather not living, with the consequences.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Referendum Revolution!

Received wisdom is the bane of reason. Take the issue of referendums and their putative conflict with democracy as voiced by the Establishment -the commanding institutions of State and the media in general. There is almost universal disapprobation towards referendums not to mention the predominant un named never to be admitted emotion regarding them, namel blind pathological fear and panic. It is that age old terror of the powers that be, the prospect of the mob in all its incandescent rage, rebellion, bloodymindednes and non conformity. This keeps the politicians awake at night for they have contrived the whole democratic process with the sole purpose of obviating the will of the people,to circumscribe it,limit it,circumvent it through the sclerotic bureaucratic offices of State and cirumlocution the intent of which is to frustrate the will of the people,retard its advance and true expression,to dilute its wishes and to further its own statist agendas and garnish ever more emoluments and monetary advantages in expenses and fiddled accounts. All the while they couch their empire building and embezzling chicanery and self advancement in bromides about public service and fulfilling the role as representatives of the electorate.

The very word Referendum sends them shreiking into the night like Dracula at the sight of a cross. We have seen how reluctant they were to hold a referndum on Brexit and how they have tried and are still trying to make its resounding verdict null and void by every contrivance and pretext they can muster.It is for this reason that I have come to the conclusion that referendums are the way to go.Imagine a roll call of them on all the burning issues politicians never want to go near: the death penalty, the future of the NHS, Britain's membership of the UN and Nato, the BBC licence, the Welfare State, legalisation of drugs, taxation, regulation and so on.

Starting a political party is so difficult, the first past the post system is not the problem and PR is problematic but the tribal nature of politics is very hard to circumvent and the media tends to perpetuate the two horse race of Tory Lab because it suits their statist agendas as the two parties are almost identical in ideology, protest as they strenuously will to the contrary. Referendums cut through all this historical bar to entrance and introduction of innovatory radical ideas for change.Voter turnout for Brexit was phenomenal and it has scared the beejesus out of the 'Stabs.Endless plebescites horrifiess it which of course is the greatest argument in their favour.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Taxing Times

Most people would balk at mugging someone and taking their purse or wallet or burglaring a house but they are perfectly ok with the State doing it on their behalf through the tax and welfare system. Theft by proxy -no problem! Politicians being the arch parasite's parasite are happy to oblige of course, making sure they couch this larceny and wholesale looting in euphemistic terms and coda such as 'wealth redistribution' and other Orwellianisms such as 'fairness',public good 'asking' people to contribute more. They are not 'asking', they are demanding money with menaces but this lying and deception is par for the course and the tribute vice pays to virtue but even the mafia would not stoop to such tergiversation although they do like to give children turkeys at Thanksgiving with their stolen loot of course so there is a politician in them too.

All of this is a perversion of the original rationale for taxation that most leaders going back into antiquity would invoke,namely, taxation to fight wars and maintain a standing army -bad enough and  morally insupportable in itself but at least having the semi saving grace of being delimited. Then came the ideologues who decided to co opt the tax system to pursue their egalitarian agendas and thus was born the redistribution of wealth on ideological socialist collectivist grounds. Dressed in quasi religious terms -the New Jerusalem the Welfare State was born and in the UK at least, and a wholesale takeover of private property and business was effected without a shot being fired. Why did it take a bloody revolution is Russia to achieve such ends when in England people voted in their millions for socialist servitude? That is harder to determine but it is not insignificant that both countries shared a common characteristic that made them vulnerable to the siren call of collectivism namely they  were both steeped in Christianity and no doubt this prexistent credulity pathed the way for and made it much easier to effect the desired end of statism in both countries.

The mysticism of God worship was simply transferred to the mysticism of State worship where the collective substituted for the Almghty to be genuflected to like the totem of a new religion. All the Marxist socialist votaries were fresh from the seminaries and churches, steeped in the mysticism of blind faith and obesiance to the Godhead and thus the spiritual and secular were easily interchangeable as passivity and credulity were the chief requirements in both cases.

Exaggerrated Death of an Illusion?

It cannot be stressed enough that though we appear to live in a post-religious secular world this is illusory for as I hinted at in a previous post the average person may think he or she has shed the superstitions of faith entirely and indeed to a large extent has at least in its overt outward forms of organised rote worship, but it  remains true nevertheless that  far more more than vestigial and residual religious premises - albeit largely unconscious - animate their political beliefs and allegiances.It is not just those who as I alluded to in said post still aver their belief in God but do not attend church but those who will tell you that they no longer believe at all and yet still hold to political beliefs and views that derive soley from religious precepts about man being his brother's keeper and the need for self sacrifice and the paramountcy of eschewing 'selfish individualism'. This is because most people hold beliefs implicitly without fully identifying if at all the roots of said beliefs,from where they philosophically derive.

This is why it is so important during debate to point out the roots of people's political views and subject them to the light of day where they can be challenged rather than just accepting the premises of their positions as given conventional wisdom. When such positions have their roots exposed it is far less likely that people will be so ready to defend them or at the very least they may be forced to revisit some core assumptions in the light of such exposure and those who are less doctinaire may be far more likely won over to the argument from freedom liberty and individual rights or at the very least to give it some consideration.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Leftist Mythology

One of the biggest myths or canards the left likes to peddle is the notion that Western culture is suffering from a surfeit of individualism. This is to pay the culture a compliment it most definitely does not deserve.Would that it were true. It conflates individualism with consumerism and hedonism and the misplaced accusation is nothing but a pretext to argue for yet more state domination of  citizen's private lives and erosion of liberty. The word selfish usually accompanies the anti individualism charge which again is the conflation of subjectivist feelings with individualism. This false meme is a cover to conceal the true nature of what animates the culture which is nothing more than a faux individualism oriented around consumerism which is not the essential aspect of human existence.Man may be free to consume but he is severely hampered in his freedom to produce and enjoy the fruits of his production.

The Left is correct however in identifying the greatest threat to it which is individualism in its truest sense for if individual rights were ever to trump its much revered collective rights that would be the end of leftism so it must perforce attack individualism though it be a patent chimera and bogeyman as the chief characteristic of modern culture is a prevailing and oppressive morribund collectivism  that is reflected in all its institutions, politics and  ideology.

Religious Folly

Church attendance may have radically and progressively reduced since the end of the first world war but a common error lots of lapsed churchgoers make is encapsulated and articulated in the following ratiocination: I do not need to worship in a church but I still believe in God. Such people like to present themselves as free thinkers but this a nothing but a conceit. Imagine if someone said I don not like going to Nazi rallies and going through all the rituals of saluting Hitler and dressing up in all that Nazi regalia but I do beleive in Nazism and its core principles. Would anybody think well of them?  The  non church goers are unctuous to the extreme in wearing their faux non conformity on their sleeves but in any objective analysis they are all in the same faith boat and share the same irrational creed as the church going fraternity.

If we add all the faith based non church attenders to the those who observe their faith in outward forms we would see that far more people are faith oriented than the church attendance figures would suggest. Add to that all those who adhere to New Age mystical mumbo jumbo and other religious and quasi religious sects from paganism to Jehova Witness Church of scientology Mormonism and God knows what else and throw in the equally irrational conspiracy theorists, believers in astrology, UFOers and junk science Environmentalists and we are dealing with probably a majority of the population that are irrational to a fault,unhinged and quasi insane to boot. Not to mention all the irrational philosphies people adhere to which practically means all of modern philsophy with hardly any exceptions.

Against this culture of unreason it is hardly surprising that modern politics is so bad and completely dominated by collectivistic ideology as this flows directly from the core beliefs  people hold and the general culture. As all the abovementioned faith systems Without exception adhere to the notion of self sacrifice and altruism any attempt  to challenge the altruism implcit and explicit within collectivist statism is to challenge people's deeply held philosophy and belief structure and this explains the awesome Herculean labour that will be required to turn the culture around and why the question what is to be done is so vexing and challenging and resistant to any easy solution or programme.

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Individual versus Democracy Or What can be done?

I do not pretend to have an answer to my question. End of post really! So permit me a Boxing day ramble instead and we may get somewhere obliquely. If you are a Jihadist life is at least simple. You blow yourself up taking as many people as possible with you. The attraction is in the simplicity. Nihilism means never having to think or care to think. It is pure destruction which is why it attracts the lazy minded, in other words the religious. We must not forget that this was the Christian way until a short while ago but parliament stepped in and wrested power from our theocratic tyrannical capricious psychopathic mercurial  jihadist off with her head for not bearing me a son, Kings. They had monuments built to their name and image,monstrous cathedral edifices constructed with the people's blood in taxation and to this day the public is forced to finance the upkeep of these mausoleums to the faded gory glory of the popes and satanic votaries of hell called Christianity.And we have no separation of Church and State, and we have a monarchy soaked in the blood of its victims down the centuries still exacting tax tribute and parading its mannered parasitism at every national event. So I come back to my question what can we do? This is the 21st century for chrissakes why are we still even having this ancient problem and am I having to waste my time attempting to clear up the garbage of history that should have been done and dusted centuries ago? This post is destined to raise more questions than answers clearly.And we have not even touched on our political masters who have merely transferred all the arbitrary power once endowed to the priesthood to themselves and brilliantly effected and installed a far greater and subtle tyranny in the very name of freedom and liberty! Ingenius indeed.How to steal candy from a baby.And the worse part of it all is that people don't even care or are even aware of this all pervasive and invasive tyranny and serfdom.Maybe there is something in the water? End of post!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Christlessmass

Season's cheers to all my numberless readers and thank God its been secularised. Co opting Christmas was a masterstroke of Reason and one to be warmly welcomed as the Godless appropriate the fairy tale of faith and turn it into a celebration of life rather than the celebration of death the religionists promote. We should all raise a toast to the much to be wished for death or religion in all its multifarious manifestations and horrors. The queen may blabber on her throne and condescend to her witless subjects but her days too are numbered for the monarchy has a sell by date on its crown and is counting down to dissolution though it may not know it yet.Brexit is the start of things falling apart, all our institutions are on shaky foundations and would not take much pushing to come tumbling down if the right pressure is concentrated in the proper locus.The Establishment corrupt and rotten to the core is ripe for a massive kicking and the old order will not survive in its present form. Happy Brexmass one and all!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Prince Charles's brain fart

Thought for the day on R4 featured Charles lamenting the persecution of christians in the Middle East and beyond. What a short memory the royal prat has when it was only a few centuries ago that Christians were hunting down muslims like wild animals and his own Christian ancestors were chopping off people's heads under the slightest pretext. No doubt Diana would have been for the chop had she been born a few centuries ago for consulting with psychics and committing adultery all over the place.

If Christians are being persecuted in a modern crusade it is only the chickens coming home to roost and when it comes to religion a plague on all their houses as it causes war death and destruction and the sooner the human race grows up and throws of its primitive need for fairy tales and starts treating  one another with reason instead of superstition and barbarism the better.Bear in mind also that the only reason Christians now behave civilly towards everyone is because Christianity has been defanged and reformed and stripped of its power. Were that not the case it would still be behaving as barbarically as the muslims are right now who have yet to have their own Reformation. It is not morality that keeps Christianity in check but the sheer power of the law that circumscribes its latent and suppressed baser impulses.

Ve have vays of letting Jihadists kill you

The latest security debacle in Germany is one more confirmation of the folly of allowing the Security State to keep surveillance on us all when once again it lets known jihadists who are on the radar in plain sight and with past form as long as the human arm get away with their atrocities with impunity. Thus when they argue with siren like sinuosity for yet more sweeping surveillance powers to watch our every move we should resist it stoutly with every fibre of our being in the full knowledge that it is we, innocent citizens who are in their sights and not the jihadists who are going around in broad daylight with death to the West practically written on their foreheads and shouting it from the rooftops. A European army of keystone cops anybody?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It's the Philosophy, Stupid

A lot of people get hung up and depressed with politics thinking the world is going to hell in a handcart and although this is partly true in many ways we really have never had it so good and this can be overlooked if we focus soley in on politics which admittedly is dire to the exclusion of everything else. The modern poor live better than kings of old and are surrounded by opulence with their I pads and widescreen TVs courtesy of foreign imports of cheap goods which the Donald seems to want to put a stop to with high tarfiff walls and concrete ones as well.

We live longer,healthier lives today, have vast arrays of foodstuffs from all over the globe,cars and material goods are cheaper, more fuel efficient which gives us more disposable income.And we have short memories. Anyone who looks misty eyed and longingly back to the 70's was clearly not there or is suffering from a chronic case of amnesia and selective memory syndrome. The technology was crap,cumbersome,ridiculous, primitive unreliable unwieldy. The politics were dire,violence was far greater etc etc.

No one in their right minds would rather live in the 70's or even the 50's if given a choice. So why all the lament? It is being stirred up by the intellectuals who want to foment and fabricate discontent for their narrow sectarian Machievellian ends, to effectively convince us that we have never had it so bad so they can introduce even yet more government interference in our lives and thus gain total control over us. So they wheel on economists who insist that things are as bad as the 1920's that capitalismk is in crisis even though we palpably do not even have capitlism in any true sense or definition of the word but rather live under a hobbled compromised mixed economy that is tilting towards further statism and government hegemony over the market. Yet despit this business thrives,despite all the controls taxes and hyper regulation the American spirit is unbowed and Silicon valley continues to lead the world in technological innovation and creativity.

Yes politics is awful and dire but what drives politics but philosophy and it is this that needs to change for if people have the wrong philosophy they will perforce have wrong politics so it is the culture and philosophy that we should be focusing on not its end product politics. To attempt to change politics whilst leaving the prevailing philosophical culture unadressed is like trying to treat a cancer patient with aspirin.

And we get hung up on the political process too! Thinking that if we just abolish the electoral college or have proportional representation all will be fine and dandy and the system will then be kook- (Donald) proof. But the electoral college was set up expressly as system of checks and balances but it did not protect the people from Obama being elected or Roosvelt, the first socialist President proper. Only philosophy -good philosophy will protect the people from tyrants,not political process.But what philosophy? That I shall leave for another post.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rule by Inferior Beings

Watching a nauseating hagiographic BBC lecture on the life of the monumental nonentity Clement Atlee (about whom Churchill famously said 'he was a humble man who had a lot to be humble about') it was clear that this miserable runt of a human being, who bore a fitting and uncanny resemblance to Lenin had political views that were informed by his religious upbringing as so many socialists did.Indeed it is not an exagerration to say that were it not for the baleful influence of Christianity socialism would never have emerged into the light of day and gained the traction that it did in the last century with such devastating and catastrophic consequences for its millions of victims.

The chief reason why socialism and the collectivism that underpins it has never been fully vanquished across continents and has made a depressing comeback recently is down to the fact that its putative opponents have never been able to take a moral stand against it for the simple reason that they have shared the same philosophical roots of socialism namely the belief that man is his brother's keeper, ie, the altruist ethics of self sacrifice as being man's reason for existence as opposed to his own self interest. Every advancement of the socialist argument up to and beyond the creation of the welfare state was met with the feeblest of opposition from Conservatives who could not challenge the fundamental root of socialism and so were impotent to stop its advance and eventual triumph. And so it is to this very day.

This failure to halt the progress of socialism and collectivism is mirrored by the West's inability to challenge and defeat militant Islam. Christianity remains the West's  nominal and residual belief system and the monotheism of Christianity cannot defeat the monotheism of Islam any more than socialism can be defeated by socialism.

The two ideological bugbears of faith and collectivism can only be defeated by reason and this will never be done by Conservatives and it is foolish to look to that quarter as it has sold the ideological pass from the get go. It is up to the men of reason to wage ideological war on these two great evils of mankind if there is to be any future worth having.    

Saturday, December 17, 2016

From our own Correspondent - Not

As news of the death of veteran war correspondent Nicholson has been announced today it is timely to reflect on the fact that his trade seems to have died with him as today's correspondents can usually be found skulking and loitering in an adjacent country to any war that is raging and preface their reports by announcing that their source is from an activist on the ground which is about as far from objective reporting as it is possible to get. Whether it is the decadent risk-averse  health and safety culture we are living in now or just  plain cowardice on the part of today's correspondents I do not know but it is a poor show and a travesty of journalism either way. If we have to rely on the tendentious outpourings of activist  'citizen journalists'  or the equally biased UN to tell us what is going on, all of which is relayed and funneled through the equally biased BBC State television, an arm of government at barely one remove, small wonder we have a totally skewed impression of what is going on in Syria right now. It is not only people who are dying in today's wars but journalism itself and with it our proper understanding of world events.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Alt Left and Alt Right Unite

Len Mcluskey of Unite has come out against free movement of labour aligning himself with Ukip. Proof if proof were needed that on economic issues there is not a cigarette paper between the far left and the far right.They both advocate protectionism which means the electorate has no choice as no political party is arguing for free movement of peoples.We are in the era of Henry Ford politics: you can have any ideology you like as long as it's Statism.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Syrian blood on British hands

That the West and the UK in particular is guilty of war crimes in Syria there is no doubt, funding as it has been jihadist terrorists, the so called rebel militia even though the British parliament had rightly expressly voted against any such military involvement in the civil war there. And that the western media has lied consistently about the war is also undoubtedly true, using the emotionalism of child casualties as a propagandisitc tool, a sort of a human shield against the true realities of the conflict presenting it as soley Russian caused rather than a Western proxy war.The ancillary players have also contributed to the horror by protracting it with their involvement such as the White helmets and the UN and other bodies making the war last much longer with their ill advised ceasefires which have enabled the rebels to regroup and re arm. Even now the extraordianary UN organised retreat of the rebels will no doubt have the same result.

Rather than draw the obvious conclusion namely that British involvement has been calamitious congenital idiots like George Obsborne of course still do not get it and was pontificating in the House of Commons about how the UK is responsible for not getting even more involved and was guilty for the horror by its ommissions which is the kind of crackerbarrel logic which has governed all his policy making across the board so we at least can be grateful that he is no longer involved in British politics at least and has been summarily dismissed from the cabinet.But what devastation he and his ilk have wrought on poor benighted Syria and for that of course they will not be  punished as they rarely if ever are as they sail off into the sunset with their book deals and highly lucrative public speaking careers leaving a trail  of corpses and bloody havoc behind them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

State of the Unions: 3 Strikes and We're Out!

What do the following current or recent  union strikes have in common:  The junior doctor's strike, the never-ending,rolling railway strike, the postal strike. You guessed it, they are all 'public service' run operations. If employees of a privately run business attempt to go on strike indefinitely they know they run the very real risk of that business declaring bankruptcy and them losing their jobs. This can never happen in a public service organisation because the government will always bail it out with taxpayer's money. The unions can consequently flex their industrial muscles with total impunity because they know they have the State over a barrel and they can fight a proxy war with the Conservative government using taxpayer's money to fund their politically motivated militant strikes. The public are merely the collateral damage,the commuters whose journeys are disrupted, the thousands of businesses crippled because their employees cannot get to work.

It is not true that the railways are privatised because they are still in the State sector and receive huge subsidies and the financial brunt of this endless railway strike is being born by the taxpayer's thanks to the deliberately botched and sabotaged privatisation of the Blair government who could not bring itself to totally relinquish State control over the railways exacting a very heavy price and burden on the long and  suffering British public to this very day.

Politicians have a vested interest in this appalling state of affairs continuing, their strenuous protestations notwithstanding because the last thing they want is to see the privatisation of these State services as that would mean they would be out of a job and power lusters never give up their power willingly. Industrial devastation all around them, people's economic lives blighted, jobs destroyed, the public screwed in a rigged non market, none of this matters to the politicians and unions locked as they are in a deeply  cynical, amoral  corrupt mutually beneficial symbiosis each needing the other in their power game of  monopolised thiefdoms.  

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ouch this hurts, But: Owen Jones is Right!

Although it greatly pains me to say it cos he is an irritating runt of a boy/man but Owen Jones is undoubtedly correct in pointing out that Putin's Russia is unmistakably Fascist in complexion and makeup and has been almost from the outset but it has has been hard to see so conditioned and fixated as we are to seeing it soley  as the home of Communism, and Putin as an ex KGB goon but the characteristics with Fascism are compelling.

There are its Christian orthodox ties and the Church has a very long association with Fascism  in Germany and Italy, France etc, its virulent anti homosexuality, its xenophobia and nationalism, its strong man, cult of personality worship, its State control of business and close ties with it, its persecution imprisonment and murder of journalists.And the kind of friends it attracts abroad from the far right groups in Europe which it now turns out are being funded by Russian banks, its tacit support for Trump, Farage's respectful noises towards it. Oh, and its tendency to invade neighbouring countries and annexe them. This is definitely one to watch  and further illustration of how Communism and Fascism are mere sides of the same coin of collectivism.


The second thing Trump should do is not build the Great Wall of China or Mexico but close down the UN! This totally absurd corrupt profligate criminal  organization was a non starter from the very outset, a rebranded version of the League of Nations and has enjoyed the same success rate but spent infinitely more,billions of dollars swelling its coffers from its  member's enforced donations and contributions extracted through taxation in what has been little more than a criminal racket of phenomenal mind boggling proportions.It never made sense including practically every nation on earth in its club regardless of moral stature and it simply provided a sanction for every gangster state to acquire automatic cachet by being included and brought nothing but compromise to those nations observing the rule of law and the liberal principles of liberty by being associated with such criminal nations and effectively giving them cover therby. Meanwhile genocides continued,millions died in endless wars and the UN grew fat empire building, a metastasising bureaucratic talking club of multilingual madness and institutionalised insanity.Enough! UN,Your fired.

Snowden. Bringing it all Back Home

Trump's first job on entering the Whitehouse should be to give Edward Snowden total legal immunity from prosecution, not a 'pardon' as he has done nothing wrong save expose the chilling totalitarian nature of America's surveillance network which as I have said in a previous post owes more in its nature and scope to Orwell's 1984 dystopia than the principles of its Founding Fathers in its sinister invasion into the private lives of its citizenry. This is why Snowden is so reviled by the political class that is now ireedemably corrupt and covered in ignominy and treachery,peopled by Benedict Arnolds, the enemy within who have undermined the very bedrock of America's moral intellectual and political foundation, as he represents their nemesis that has been long in coming and this is why he has become an exile when it is they in truth who should really be banished to the arctic Soviet wastes,their true spiritual home and why Snowden should be given a hero's welcome,feted and honoured across the land and duly recompensed for his maltreatment at the hands of an out of control State with only a broken moral compass for its guide.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nigel Adolf Churchill Farage

Yes Farage has saved us from the living death of membership of the EU but  has he actually set us up for a fate worse than death by stirring up ugly nativism,xenophobia, racism and neo fascism which is now spreading like a cancer across the whole of Europe and America? I fear so. The fact that UKIP is now whoring after Labour votes is not encouraging,  appealing as it is to the working class - in so much as they exist anymore - Enoch Powell vote, pandering to a narrow parochialism, a protectionist, pull up the drawbridge anti capitalist mercantalist mentality, deluding British workers that it can protect them from the harsh cold winds of economic reality which it demonises as 'globalisation' and sneeringly  villifying  corporations that are the very lifeblood of capitalism.

Another party on the left but with Nationalist overtones is hardly what we need and it certainly does not herald a new dawn of British politics but rather a possible  descent into a darker place where the old certainties and liberal verities - the protection of individual rights and liberties can now it seems, no longer be taken for granted.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Sworded Arabia

Nauseating hypocrisy is the chief characteristic of British foreign policy and it gets no more depraved than the UK's sick relationship with the barbaric gulf States particularly Saudia Arabia.This barbaric sinister autocracy with its Royal family sitting atop the dung heap has close ties to the British monarchy and this totally corrupt association is a lasting and shameful stain on the British State and yet one more reason why our royals should be sent packing into the garbage can of  our dismal and dark history. Let us not forget it is not that long ago that our monarchy was beheading people right left and centre on an industrial scale on the slightest of pretexts and it is no doubt partly why it kow tows to Saudi Arabia and has such close ties with it as it looks upon its with wistful envy as a reminder of  the arbitrary totalitarian power it once wielded but  no longer thankfully does, but can still enjoy  by proxy when hobnobbing with the Saudi royals.

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest exporters of terrorism and was far more worthy of being taken out after 9/11 than Iraq as it was its homegrown terrorists that flew the planes into the twin towers not to mention the vast jihadist wahabist literature it disseminates globally which feeds the terrorist narrative.The very least we can do is withdrawal all diplomatic contacts with the country and stop selling it arms for godsake.But that would be to have a consistent logical and rational approach to foreign policy, a concept that is clearly alien to our sad to say, morally depraved British State.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Welfare Straits

You don't have to be listening to R4 BBC Today prog for long to hear some whiny representative of a Left wing pressure group bemoaning the poverty of the masses and it is usually a few seconds after you have turned it on as the BBC is one long pitch for more government intervention and it has a rolling programme of figures it wheels on from the ever growing burgeoning Poverty Industry with their State wishlists and dodgy statistics and false analysis of the issues. In fact the BBC sees its remit as a public service broadcaster not to keep a beady eye on State depradations and empire building but rather the complete opposite - as the gatekeeper in-chief holding government's feet to the fire to ensure that they are expanding State operations into every nook and cranny of our lives and to make sure that they are not back sliding on their job to snoop regulate tax and meddle us all to death in the name of the Public Good of course.

Such indeed it proved to be this morning as the first item under discussion was someone from the Joseph Roundtree organisation bewailing the poverty of the Working Classes ie those who are working and claiming benefits. Here we must pause to give Gordon Brown his due in successfully roping in half the country to the welfare trap couched characteristically and euphemistically as 'Tax Credits' (wonder who thought that one up) as all government expansion programmes must  perforce be disguised in Orwellian speak. The representative gave the usual sob story about people trapped in low wages and gave a number of reasons for the cause, all erroneous of course but the overwhelming picture she painted was or should be deeply insulting, not to say deeply condescending to all those in question because she painted a picture of helpless individuals with no free will, predetermined to remain in their condition,with no autonomy,no motivation to self advancement,helpless hapless  ciphers of circumstances beyond their control, pawns in some giant capitalist conspiracy to do them down and whose only salvation was for the State to come and ride in on a great white charger and save them all from themselves and their foredoomed static existence as prole feed for the cruel, unfeeling capitalist bosses who are deliberately blighting their existence with low pay and job insecurity.

Could the root of all this lefty wailing and gnashing of teeth that goes on at  the BBC be  down to nothing more than guilt - guilt that as employees of this vast monolithic State broadcaster they are far far removed and immune from the vicissitudes of the market place where the Insecuriat dwell( ie the Real World) as they receive their monies from the licence payers at the point of a gun and know not what it is like to work in a semi free market where they might have to, perish the thought, actually compete for their positions and  produce something of objective worth pertaining to reality rather than being brave reporters on the frontiers of Socialist La La Land?

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The More things change.....

Have you noticed how most prognostications (bar mine of course) have  turned out to be way wide of the mark or more bluntly, plain wrong. We were told a few years ago that we were at the 'end of history' but it is it still going on last time I checked. Then we were told there was an Arab Spring and it turned out to be a Jihadi Spring. And now we are told there is an anti Establishment movement across the world but this too is shaping up to be one hell of a sham as it turns out (well he diddle diddle) that it is in fact an Establishment movement masquerading as anti establishment. Consider the facts. Every so called insurgency movement across Europe bar non is not small government, pro capitalist, anti statist but rather the complete absolute opposite. It is Statism writ large whether it be Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Trump Le Pen,, Austria, Italy,ad nauseam, all the faux insurgents are pro big government, pro statist,vehemently anti capitalis/ individualist ie pro Estblishment. The twin horned goat of collectivism is bestriding continents dressed up as anti Establishment! Ever felt you been had? to quote the Punk Poet John Lydon.

The true revolutionaries have yet to appear and they will hail from neither right nor left which are the same anyway when you strip away the superficialities. The vanguard of the movement will be Objectivists as they alone have clear philosophical premises underwriting their positions and they do not float off disconnectedly as the Libertarians do, the free riders, parasites and pale imitators of objectivism who give a bad name to liberty and individualism by basing it on subjectivist emotionalism stripped of all its philosophical foundations and antecedents. There are no short cuts to liberty, the groundwork must be done and the work is all before those who choose to take up the cudgels for liberty, freedom, reason,objectivity and reality.

Monday, December 05, 2016

The Prostitutes of State

The oldest profession in the world may be unsavoury and one would wish it away but The State's  proscriptive incursion into this area is destructive and immoral.  Prostitutes indeed lie to their clients but so does government so they have something in common right there and between the two of them morally there is not much tot tell them apart but to outlaw the keeping of a brothel has just driven women out on to the streets making them vulnerable to attack and this policy has undoubtedly led to the murder of many women.

As with drugs what people choose to engage in sexually  between themselves is their business and the state should mind its own business but as I have explored here many times over the years that is the one thing the state can always be counted on not to do. Our business is their business and they are more addicted to our money than your average crack whore notwithstanding their nauseating hypocritical play acting as our moral guardians.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Come with me Diana

Miss Abbot, fondly referred to by some as 'Jeremy's bike' said in a recent fawning BBC profile on her that when she applied for the Civil Service and was asked directly why she wanted the job she  replied  bluntly, ' for power'. The way the story was recounted it is clear that Miss Abbotexpects to earn respect and regard for such an honest reply when in fact the only thing it should elicit from ordinary folk should be one of shock, horror and disapprobation. In a sane world when she gave that reply she should have been given the bum's rush and told not to darken the doors of the Civil Service evermore but of course she was given the job and the rest is dismal history.

I have only had several ocasions when it fell to my lot to give a portion another person's money away and I must say it gave me as much if not more pleasure than giving my own away so I understand how vicarious altruism is addictive and politicians live for the rush of this charity by proxy, its what brings them into politics in the first places. Power, yes Miss Abbot that is indeed what it is all about, the power to rob steal enslave create dependency and generally lord it over people. We are grateful at least that now and again the mask slips and politicians reveal their true actual sordid  depraved and morally corrupt motives for going into politics.

Friday, December 02, 2016

MPs Mentally ill. Hold the Front page!

They are suffering from low self worth apparently and are prone to mental illness and drink too much because they are addicted to social media and have to suffer the privation of having two houses and having to commute which gives them a sense of semi permanent displacement. They are subject to abuse by trolls cos in seeking approbation they end up being criticised. Provide your own violins please.

Well yes please moderate your sympathy for these benighted souls who only want to do good but are often misunderstood although according to the report we must not be too hard on the critical public because they are only human. Returning back to reality for a moment small wonder MPs are mentally ill and have low self esteem when they spend their lives trying to be loved by giving other people's money away and regulating every single waking and sleeping hour of their imprisoned servile hapless electorate who are nannied to within an inch of their lives by these do gooding parasites and social metsphysicians who practice the cheapest of all charities, namely the vicarious sort, charity by proxy, the gift that keeps on taking. State altruism is their raison d etre and that will always lead to self loathing before bedtime as it is a fraud perpetrated on British tax slaves who loathe their taskmasters and know them to be frauds,conmen, corrupt,semi criminal plunderers who perpetrate financial rape and pillage on an industrial scale and euphemise it with bromides about public good and fairness. That's why they are universally despised and hated and are now we are told, slowly going mad as well.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Globalization Package deal

Another favourite hypnosis-inducing word of the Left is Globalisation and it is of course coded language for the dreaded never to be spoken word Capitalism. It carries with it lots of undeclared items in the baggage department of the Left, a trigger word that sends down the Red mist and gets the leftist slavering with Pavlovian rage.

To merely unpackage it is to disarm it and we need to do that with all such smuggled ideological leftist contraband. (I should of course stress that is only a metaphor  as I do not believe in customs control other than for terrorist suspects and those with communicable diseases!)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Beyond Nostradamus?

No one, not even perhaps Ayn Rand predicted the resurrection of the Far Left in the beginning of the 21st century. Her acolyte Peikoff did forecast the emergence of Fascism in the US and that is shaping up accurately with the rise of Trump and the Alt right. So where do we go now and what can we do about it, taken so off guard as we admittedly have been, off footed with not a little chagrin into the bargain?

 Objectivists are running around like headless chickens, turning to in-fighting and frankly exasperation at some of their fellows who bizarelly and for God only knows what conceivable reason other than uncontrolled rage or mass hysteria have mind blowingly conflated Trumpism with Objectivism. Even more worrying is they appear to be beyond reasoning with and when their contradictions are pointed out they double down on them and create a word fog of obsfuscation to justify their hair brained ratiocinations. No reverse gear clearly.

Right now I have no clue where we go from here which hardly makes for a satisfactory blog post I know and apologies for that but there we are. Our thinking hopefully starts right here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Syria, the West's part in it's Downfall

The Middle East Vietnam in Syria is nearing its inexorable endgame and its another own goal for the West and its liberal  authors, yet another abortion of foreign meddling with the predictable results of carnage and devastation caused wholly by an abject and pathetic posturing caricature of re heated cold war politics.. Still it made us feel good and vindicated even if we caused the wholesale slaughter and devastation and massive almost unprecendented displacement of peoples, a diaspora of horrendous proportions, incalculable misery and suffering, it was all worth it cos it made us feel good. We stirred up sectional factionalism in an alread bifurcated Middle East hell hole, funding scores of renegade extremist terrorist groupings including Al Queda but its all good apparently. We can even get a frisson from war porn,lamenting the very horror that we architected and orchestrated. We are all Neo cons now apparently. Count me out of course but weep at what the West in its immorality and decadence has wrought.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mother Teresa

When we find ourselves in times of trouble Mother Teresa comes to us whispering words of wisdom for God sake woman Let it Be. We do not find it assuring that the PM hears voices, believes in God and lets it guide her actions. But it does make sense re her silly tedious wooly liberal socialist views that she insists on wearing on her sleeve, just above her leather trousers. This is the bad side of America and we do not need it. Leaver you crackerbarrel religiosity for your closet where it belongs as Becket once said, with Bog and all his glory.

Far from being a passport to power religious faith should be an bar to it if it is to be carried into policy making. I feel a general election coming up and the sooner the better ye gods.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Quote of the week - if not the Year

BBC reporter: (almost verbatim) Millions of normal people idolized Castro and the  dissidents opposed him. Fake News anyone? Note the use of the word normal here. Communism is the new/ Old normal in BBC la la land.

And it was fun to see the ex ch4 Marxist economist Paul Mason almost wetting himself praising Fidel whilst mightily struggling at the same time not to appear too unrestrainedly  enthused about the crazed mass genocidal maniac and the resultant conflict was apparent in his contorting body language,like a snake on a live rail. The only conclusion to be drawn re the Left and Fidel is: He may be a despot, but he's our despot - and the trains ran on time, or everyone can read and has good health care.We have the healthiest literate slaves in all of Latin Amerika, Hail Fidel!  And Pinochet was a monster who tortured people to bring about Capitalism but Fidel did it to bring about Socialismo and the good of The People. Hope you are following all of this gentle readers? Here endeth the lesson for today on the insanity of Lefty thinking. More next time!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Havana Loon is dead

Makes you almost wish there was a hell as it would be the only fitting destination for this evil communist bastard. The BBC is staging an orgy of a sobfest for this monster but for some reason they cannot find one single solitary  Havanan on the streets who is critical of him! Will Grant a BBC journalist is referring reverentially to him in hushed tones as 'Fidel' and it is clear the BBC is mortified and stricken with grief at the loss of one of its communist heroes. The only voice of reason in a sea of media wailing and gnashing of teeth is from Trump who has released excoriating invective against the Marxist scumbag so for once Trump has got the right tone. The great recent Nobel prize winner  summed it up best 'I hate Fidel Castro and his beard'. The left's search for yet another totalitarian despot to idolize starts here.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Here We Quango Again

With not a trace of irony the Daily Mail informs us today that the Institute for Fiscal Studies (yet another Q word) 'has long prided itself on its its independence' before going on to inform us that it is funded to the tunes of millions of pounds from Brussels! It gets millions from the European Research Council, and other European agencies such as the European Comission,gets in  addition funding from the  UK State and is stuffed to the gunnels with Leftist Remoaners. It is clear that the Mail and indeed the Establishment is using a whole other  dictionary when it bandies the word Independence around. Words mean what we want them to mean....

The IFS has bought into the whole MSM leftist trope of we have never had it so bad propaganda, claiming we are back to 1920's and 30's type poverty which demonstrates the extent to which it and the left in general have taken leave of their senses and are promoting a propagandist alarmism and  pedalling unadulterated agitprop and passing it off as sober objective fact.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Do the Quango Tango

Here we go again. A Quango has spoken. Its called the OBR,  acronym for  Office for Budget Responsibility. It is, you guessed it, 'independent' of government which roughly translated means 'not independent of government'. In  further Orwellian speak it is held at 'arms length' from government, the pseudo separation of a body from the State that I have referred to in another post which is  a cynical attempt to present a organization as independent from government, in other words to perpetrate a deception on the public which in non fancy language means to commit fraud. So the fraudulent OBR, flying under false colours has made pronouncements hostile to Brexit, distorted and gloom laden prognostications seemingly oblivious to the fact that it made similar grossly erroneous claims and predictions just a few months ago. Its policy appears to be if you screw up, don't apologise just double down on the canard.

Thus we see the Establishment will erect whole Byzantine layers of State each closely interconnected  and separated only by a wall of semantics and bureaucratic obsfuscation and prestidigiation. Lets see how many we can identify going forward and hopefully burst the bubble of their ill gotten credibility and expose the fraud going on at the black heart of the Deep State.

Privatisation and other Myths

The biggest deception politicians have engaged in over many decades is the pretense that they have   presided over a a massive reduction of the  State, privatising all over the place, when the terrible truth is all in the opposite direction, namely a vast growth of the State into areas past generations would have thought inconceivable and politically impossible, and indeed undreamt of by the most fanatical of statist collectivist leftists. But so it has come to pass and I want to explore briefly how this amazing feat of State expansion has been accomplished and by what methods and I will suggest it has been done by stealth and downright lies and disimulation on a grand  and industrial scale.

As I have suggested in recent posts it is all in the language. If you want to achieve what would normally be unpalatable or subject to challenge and resistance you have to use a narrative that is emollient in style, sprinkled liberally with anodyne words,euphemisms,linguistic approximations, bromides,trigger words,throw in a few dog whistles and the use of repetitive phrases designed soley to hypnotise the listener through the process of constant repetition where words become detatched from meaning and float off sonorously into opaque abstraction separating the hearer from all meaning and thus achieving the desired goal  namely to gull, lull, deceive and mislead.

The goal in question, an exponential expansion of the State into every nook and cranny of people's lives has been pretty much accomplished and it has been done by the above mentioned means and I want to focus on the objective of a large superstate by means of what I call Socialism and Nationalisation by the Back door. Particularly in the so-called private sector -a socialist phrase in itself. Most business people presume that they run their own business but do they, really? Who decides the proces and criterias whereby someone is hired or fired,  what rates of pay they will receive as well as the scourge of the Minimum wage and now so called Living wage? To say nothing of the fact that employers are now defacto tax collectors for the State having to deduct punitive levels of national insurance and then the mountains of regulations that requires the employment of accountants and lawyers if the company is big enough. To be cont.

Budget Autopsy Turvy

John Mcdonnel makes the stereotypical second hand car salesman appear a paragon of economic probity and to hear him give prescriptions for the country's future economic  health is akin to listening to Ghenghis Kahn giving a speech on the need for  pacifism.

But to the budget. Someone has to go down to the sewer and report back. I referred yesterday to the deployment of certain words that politicians have recourse to which act like a dog whistle and bipass the conscious mind which of course is their express intention. Today's such code word in Hammond's long drawn out drone was Infrastructure. Over and over again he interlarded his tedious spiel with the word. Like Public Good it has but one purpose: to extract yet more money in taxes from the subject British slave peoples  who toil all day long so he can filch their lifeblood and spend it all on grand projects,white elephants which he euphemistically calls Infrastructure.

'Infrastructure' spending, like 'Public Service' is a phrase designed to get in under the radar allowing the chancer or chancre of the exchequer to go on an orgy of borrowing and spending and this  Hammond did yesterday sprinking around like confetti billions of pounds  and no one batted an eyelid.  So for Conservatives its a clear case of we are all socialists now. Why not just close down the house of commons as we have effectively a one party State with the various political parties taking it in turn to inhabit 10 Downing street and screw us royally with their identical socialist depradations. As the houses of Parliament apparently needs massive renovations running into the tens of billions they should perhaps spare us the expense and just do their work from a more appropriate venue such as the local slagheap.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

All Roads lead to Popery

The Pope dope has given his priests the right to forgive women who have had abortions. Remember, every abortion means one less kiddy the priests can fiddle with so they need a steady uninterrupted supply of new victims. Still it is touching that priests will be spending their time unctuously forgiving women for choosing their own lives over their foetuses yet you would think the votaries of the higher cant  would be much more productively employed seeking forgiveness for all the paedophile horror they have inflicted on their countless victims over numberless generations

On the premise that it takes a loon to know a loon, let us leave the last word on Rome to that embodiment of sweetness and light Ian Paisley who managed to be right about one single thing his whole life and here it is: " We know the Roman Catholic Church to be an abomination and the mother of all harlots."

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Public Service Broadcasting

It seems it only takes the word Public placed in front of something to give it automatic validation and acceptance. Words are indeed hypnotic and politicians in particular count on this when making policy. Certain words and phrases are guaranteed to elicit sympathy albeit on a subliminal level which again is what politicians rely on in order to push through legislation in their change agency capacity and this human failing to only be semi conscious  is an invaluable prerequisiste in facilitating their daily incursion ever deeper into what is left of the private sphere of their hapless and disarmed subjects.

The phrase 'public service broadcasting' is a case in point and indeed the general invocation by politicians of the 'public good'whenever they want to raid the so called public purse for some public work or other. In the realm of State funded broadcasting the outcome has only ever been the same ie political tendentiousness,bias,and  in one single direction -leftwards,the service used to promote overtly in some cases but usually covertly, a statist pro big government orientation and nothing could better illustrate this than the daily output of BBC news and political commentary which is relentlessly and unfailingly left in all its applications.

When one thinks about it, it could not really be otherwise, this leftist  composition of public service broadcasting journalism.A State run TV and radio station cannot but reflect a statist ethos in its  output and it would be counter intuitive to expect such a national nay international behemoth - which the BBC undoubtedly is - to be pumping out free market pro capitalist oriented journalism! Why would it bite the hand that feeds it?

We then get into the totally fallacious on its face and outright brazen untrue assertion by the BBC defenders that the organisation is independent of government! In a very big pigs eye. But then like the character in Alice in Wonderland the left who are the BBC s most fanatical defenders  -bar some masochistic lefty Tories - adopt the position that 'words mean what I want them to mean'. Independent State broadcaster. Get your mind round that one folks.

So let us examine a little closer what the word independence means in this context. We hear the word bandied about a lot by politicians when they want to expand the State but want that expansion to go on under the radar. They know that even the comatose masses will only put up with so much State so what do they do. They create these hybrid constructs that are of the state but positioned at one remove by the stratagem of employing  some artificially contrived bureaucratic space between the State and the institution in question. This can be seen with the phenomenon of the Quangoes. Quasi autonomous. Sound familiar? This is an oxymoron of course. Quasi pregnant anyone? Quasi independent? But in the case of the BBC this subterfuge is not even deployed and instead the apologists for it assert brazenly that it is independent with not a shred of evidence to support their patently bogus claim.The simple solution to a quandary if such it be over the validity of the independent claim is to simply follow the money. Who is the paymaster? The State. And why should the BBC be in conflict with this anyway when it is on the same side of the State in pushing the statist agenda. There is no tension between the State and the BBC employees because they are working in ideological tandem.

But this potentially compromising and morally untenable situation must not be openly acknowledged or the game would be up so periodically the BBC indulges in some faux conflict between it and its State paymasters, in order to assert its 'independence' and people say oh brave BBC standing up to the bully State! This cynical charade is repeated periodically and it manages to fool most of the people most of the time.

When challenged about its obvious leftist bias the BBC has recourse to a tried and tested resort. It denies it.This can be explained in only two ways. Either it is lying and knows it,or it truly thinks it is being objective. Either one of those positions does injury to the trade of journalism for the following reasons. If it is the first ie lying it means that journalists are  violating their core principles of journalism, namely, to be truth tellers.If it is the second ie they are not aware that they are biased and tendentious it means they are in the wrong trade because being a journalist means having allegiance to objectivity or at least striving towards it. Not a good look either way.

And briefly ch 4 which is also public service broadcaster - with adverts just to gull the masses is guilty of all the same sins abovementioned and for the exact same reasons. I rest my case, for public service broadcasting read Statist biased, tendentious and partial. I argue for its complete abolition not because of any of the reasons here given but because it is immoral and fundamentally illiberal to force people to pay for a service they have not voluntarily chosen to purchase and it is adding insult to injury to describe this act of naked State coercion under the grotesque Orwellianism of 'public service broadcasting'. If they wish to subscribe to a left leaning tv or radio broadcaster by all means they should be free to do so but the State has no business whatsoever getting involved in the medium any more than it should be running a State newspaper and for exactly the same reasons. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Interesting times have become very interesting times. We have the very real prospect of a defacto Fascist Le Pen government just across the channel not to mention the idiots across the Atlantic who have given the keys to the Whitehouse to a left wing Fascist in all but name and a weak already left wing government here in the UK with a wafer thin majority who face the prospect of being hustled in to a general election early next year by a a motely crew of judicial activists resulting in the very real prospect of a full blown Socialist in 10 Downing St from the outer reaches of Corbania. No? Let us explore.

If people can vote for a US Republican with far left Statist views why is it a stretch to imagine that they will not vote here for a very left wing Corbyn with almost identical protectionist interventionist views? And who is responsible for this very real nitemare scenario prospect? Why, the Conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic who have failed so abjectly to put forward the genuine and only alternative to statism and collectivism,namely capitlism. And why did they not? Because to do so would be 'ideological' and not 'pragmatic'. Well Conservatives look at what your steadfast adherence to anti ideology and pragmatism has brought us to -and hang your heads in shame.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump Objectivists (?) in Denial

Yaron Brook is coming in for a fair bit of abuse from certain people who one assumes are Objectivists over his position on Trump who he asserts with all the evidence on his side it must be said, is a leftist on many issues not least economic.He has been shouted down at quite a few speaking venues on both sides of the Atlantic recently. But if he cannot be trusted on this issue how about those on the left who appear to see things the same way. Far Leftist George Galloway no less said on his RT programme Sputnik at the weekend that on economic issues Trump 'position is socialist. Our local newspaper carries a column by an avowed far leftist and he asserts that there is not a cigarette paper's difference between Trump and Sanders on economic policy except that according to him Trump does not mean it, it is just rhetoric whereas had Sanders stood against Trump he would have won because unlike Donald he would actually put such protectionist policies into action. From the horses's mouth Trump is a Leftist statist. Still the objectivists in question appear to have checked out their objectivity some time ago and are impervious to reason and have gone over to the dark side where emotions rule and the realm of feelings reigns supreme.

Lily Livered Republicans

Buckingham Palace wants a right Royal renovation and demands taxpayer's money to pay for it and what do the so-called Republicans have to say about it? Wait for it: The palace should open up more times in the year so the public can view its splendors and pay royally for it into the bargain! That's it. Not a word about the fundamental amorality of this fosillised corrupt moribund crime syndicate family parasiting off the blood and toil of the hapless captive tax payers who apparently are quite content to carry on tugging the forelock to their royal masters in perpetuity -80% of them we are told although like most opinion polls it is probably a self serving lie.

Who are these in-name-only Republicans? A bunch of lefties whose contact with reality is every bit as tenuous as the royals  they are supposedly against. They resent the royals soley because of the arbitrary power they wield and like jealous Gods want to appropriate said power to themselves which is the modus operandi of all such collectivist statists.Their contempt for individual rights is only equaled by the monarchy itself who like nothing more than extracting huge royalties from their servile taxpayers who must cough up on pain of imprisonment. There is absolutely no principle at stake here for the faux republicans.They just want arbitrary power and see the Balamoral royals as rivals to achieving it.

A principled ethical stand against monarchy (which thinks it can get under the moral radar if it puts the word  Constitutional in front of it) has yet to be mounted and it certainly will not be coming from the Republican Socialists whose desire for a Kleptocratic system is itself Monarchical in all but name.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Supreme Folly?

No one knows less about the UK Supreme Court than me I would imagine and to be honest until a few months ago I was not aware of its existence which, I own, could well be an indication of my constitutional ignorance but I am rather glad it has emerged into the light of day and hope that some attention will now be paid towards it and its composition in the light of the momentous verdict that is before it regarding Brexit and the government's appeal to have the recent case against it by opportunist activist litigants reversed.

The role of journalism is to shine a light in dark places and I hope we will come to learn more about the Supreme Court in the coming weeks and at present I can only go by a hunch that it is stuffed to the gunnels with Europhile lawyers of the Blair/Cherie kidney and we are all screwed if they get to have the final say on Brexit. Not to beat about the bush I think there should be some sort of commission or public inquiry into whether the Supreme Court is indeed fit for purpose or whether as I suspect it has been captured by special interest activist judges with a very bad case of Brusselphilia. A serious constitutional review is in order whose remit should be to inquire as to whether the Judiciary has by a process of attrition and stealth over recent years subordinated or at least attenuated the proper role of the Executive. I fear it has.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Milo Yapper V Kathy Young

I continue to be very unimpressed with Milo Yannapolis and his perforamance on CH 4 last evening  has only reinforced that impression. As a journalist is it not shocking that he can come out with the following 'we live in a post truth age'? Once that is said the pass has already been sold and no one could possibly have any reason whatsoever to take the boy seriously -which apparently is the idea anyway. But as a poster boy for Trump he is perfect: vacuous,facile empty headed puerile, unserious, irrational,contradictory and absurd.

This is what a real War on Drugs looks like

The Phillipines is run by a mad serial killer with genocide on his mind and hands. 3 thousand (or is it 4?) of drug related executions have been carried out by the State this year alone with the kind of homicidal rigour  that the arch crank and anti drug fanatic Peter Hitchens would no doubt be envious of. He has railed for years at the pusillaminous approach of the British State to the drug 'problem' and has mocked what he terms the so -called War on Drugs as being nothing of the sort but rather a soft liberal attitude of appeasement to the 'menace' of the drug culture. Makes you wonder what planet he is actually living on when you consider the tens of thousands of inmates clogging up our jails serving time for drug offences.I wonder what part of drug prohibition has been an unmitigated failure and disaster he does not get.

Even the Liberals who are right in calling for total drug legalisation are doing it for the wrong reasons and motivations which it must be said is their modus operandi across most issues.. Decriminalisation is not to be supported so the State can muscle in on the act and tax and regulate the drugs,nor in the name of any therapeutic benefit that may be derived from certain illegal drugs. It is because Prohibition is immoral and should be repealed for the plain reason that what people choose to ingest and inject or smoke is no one's business but theirs and the State does not own the individual's body and soul and has no business policing either one. The law's sole purpose is to protect people from the harm Others would do to them, not the harm they may do to themselves.

Abolish House Of Lards?

Beginning to wonder. Should they not at least be elected? If they see their role as to frustrate the will of the people over Brexit it really is time to close up shop. Not to be trusted with used toilet paper let alone the future of this country. Another layer of parasitic government accountable to none stuffed to the gunnels by cancerous toxic liberals who will keep us in the Brussels dungeon using whatever underhand tactics they can dredge up from their faeces packed brains. And to be sure they will dress it up in parliamentary language to gull the untutored in their political dark arts of chicanery and dissimulation. All in all I am struggling to see what the point of these moral ciphers is and think it is well and truly the Last Chance Saloon for them except that I do not think they can be given even that as like the cockroach in the mythical story they will sting and we will be stuck in the Brussels matrix. So Off with their metaphorical heads!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Welcome to the Hotel EUania

You can check out any time you like, but EU can never Leave. The UK burEUrocRats, the Yes Ministers will see to it. And we need 30,000 more according to Deloite doolittle or whoever,dutifully reported by the now Brussels in-house journal The Times,echoed by the Pinko Financial  Times and the ditto BBC who seem to have gone into servile Brussels worship overdrive of late -must be all that pent up tension having to maintain a facade of objectivity during the referendum. Anyways extricating ourselves from the Brussels matrix may prove harder than Joseph K escaping from his invisible masters in the Czech Castle. Someone may well need to invoke that tried and tested redoubtable tool: the Gordian Knot Solution. When it comes to Brussels, EUvolution will  just not do it. We may need to Rev up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Imprisoning Ideology

UK jails are in crisis apparently but because the unions are saying it we should take it with a truck load of salt.Remember the doctor's unions who wanted to close down the hospitals and the London Underground unions who want to close down Christmas so we know something smells about this latest alarmist talk from the prison unions who seem very corrupt and often in collusion with the inmates so that it is hard to differentiate between the two oftentimes. Their solutions of course are interlarded with the usual self serving rationale and bleatings about cuts in staff and low pay and low morale ad nauseam, the stock in trade of parasitic unions running their criminal monopolistic rackets and note that in these 3 areas we are talking Public Sector, the most corrupt parasitic areas of the workplace.

The solution to the Underground, prisons and hospitals crisis is to privatise them all and in the case of the prisons the main solution would be to end Prohibition since a majority of inmates seem to be there because of drugs offences which in a sane free country would not exist as all drugs would be legalised. There are of course too many vested interests to allow this to happen but it is something worth campaigning for nonetheless.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Created the Frankenstinian Monsters of Sanders Trump and their Statist equivalents abroad?

Traison de Clerics, or in plain English: the Betrayal of the Intellectuals, that's what has got us into this catastrophe of the Faux Insurgency Movement as I have called it with its pseudo alternative of an Alt right crypto Fascist Demagogue  or a neo Communist Sanders Demagogue, or a Hillary surrogate and  even  so-called Objectivists appear to be falling for it as I alluded to in my last post. Someone even said 'we must not be doctrinaire' which I have translated as 'let us get away with contradictions', or, do not confine us within the stifling constricts of reason -we want to be emotional and let our political hair down. We hate the Left far more than we love reason -even if it means becoming the Left and defending the protectionist Trump who hates capitalism as much as Bernie Sanders does. Small wonder that lots of Sanders voters have flipped over to Donald - not so much a long tortuous ideological journey as a casual stroll across the political street.

We are in the Henry Ford era of politics it would seem: you can have any colour of politics you like as long as it's statist. Lean to the Right? Donald's your man. Lean to the Left? Bernie or Hillary. The destination is the same, a collectivist statist nightmare with the hapless confused electorate playing the star role as victims of the totalitarian double bind.

The intellectuals set us up for this of course and I will probalby return to this in a later post but suffice to say it created a false political map which posited Left wing over here and right wing over there  -take your pick. But it never told people that both are variants of statism and the real choice is between Leftist and Rightist Statists or limited government libertarians or as I prefer to specify Objectivists.The mainstream media will not unpick this fallacy because they are in the forefront of pushing this false consciousness of statism and dare not let the public know there is a real alternative to the statist semi global-wide horror show taking place before our very eyes.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The 6 Faces Of Trump

Which one will we get today? He is chameleon Corsican and caricature.This is the characteristic of the sociopath, all things to all people - or perhaps we should just call him a politician? The man is a palimpest and republicans can write what they want on him, project all their wish fantasies and who knows, on Monday or Tuesday they might just come up Trumps. Ye gods. Americans one can forgive, but Objectivist Americans??!!! Take 3 Ayn Rands and see me in the mourning.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Rise and Rise of the Faux Insurgents

Beware of Establishment figures flying under the false colours of insurgency! The insider corrupt crony Donald posing as out the beltway when he could not be more establishment if he tried is one of the richest ironies of the whole Trump campaign. He is up to his neck in deals with political apparatchicks on the take which is why he leans towards authoritarian statism. This is not a break with the past but a consolidation of it, an entrenchment of it a doubling down with it. The unholy alliance of State and business could not be more typified than in the absurd strutting bragadocious person of Donald Trump. His latent Fascism stems from this toxic source. How one might wonder can he not be bedevilled from day one with a conflict of interest as both political poacher and gamekeeper? The fact that he will not be called on this obvious fact shows the extent to which everyone has now come to terms with the corruption of the mixed economy system with its unholy alliance of business and state.

 This is what the people wanted and it is what they have got and will be stuck with until someone comes along and explains to them that the choice does not have to be big statists of the Left versus big statists of the right but rather between a candidate arguing for big government versus one arguing for small government in short between statism or capitalism. Unless this is addressed we run the very real risk of being overtaken by either the shadow of Fascism or the shadow Communism without anyone discovering that these are false alternatives and the real choice is between slavery or freedom.

Feminist Cat out the bag

Interesting to hear Germain Greer say last week on Woman's Hour R4 that Feminism requires socialism to be realizeable which is something I haven always thought but not heard any feminist say to starkly, if at all. The delightfully subversive and caustic yet very amusing Julie Burchill gave her a right royal verbal straffing which was very enjoyable even though she is a self confessed Communist and  I have never actually heard her try to defend  or articulate her socialist views. Still  University Professor Germain Greer is dangerously unhinged and who would  want any son or daughter of theirs having  their head filled with the rancid embittered feminist gobblegook she peddals and running up a huge £9 thousand bill in student fees in the process?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump the Palimpest?

Most politicians wait till they get in power before they do a policy volte face but Trump has wasted no time dialling back on a key programme policy to dismantle root and branch Obamacare (note the Stalinist cult of personality reflected in the title ) even before his inauguration. There have been various indications, this being the most notable one, of Trump's tendency to change his mind in midstream and to completely contradict his former position without missing a beat and this is indeed a characteristic of the psychopath for whom concepts are alien constructs frustrating their progress through the visual concrete bound contiguous literal world they inhabit.

This could either be a good sign or a bad one depending on what position Trump flip flops on. If he were to do that with the Berlin Mexican Wall Plan then that would be most welcome and ditto too his disastrous plans for a protectionist fortress America which if carried out would be an act of national suicide. We wait to see whether his new incaranation as  Mr emollient all things to all people will be the hallmark of his( hopefully) 5 year Presidential incumbency. It is more likely alas, just a feature of his Jekyll and Hyde, Good cop bad cop Sociopathy.

Deep down like all insecure people he just wants to be liked if not loved and as Ken Livingstone said of Borris Johnson who apparently has the same tendency, that is a fatal flaw and weakness. Is he a cushion who bears the impression of the last person who sat on him -be it Obama in the Whitehouse the other day or Putin who he wants to chum up with.? National policy should be determined by reason and clear thinking  rather than an exercise in personal therapy. Is it too much to expect that  maybe America will one day find someone to run the country who knows the difference between those two things?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump the soul of a collectivist laid bare

Human beings are mere ciphers in Donald's world, pawns on the chessboard of life to be moved at will by the great Chess Master Statist; they no more have free will than said chess pieces and are born to serve the Master's 5 Plan. He is going to put them to work. Lift that fork,tote that bale! In the Trump Brave New World the poor rust bucket Hillbillies whining for their lost jobs will be employed by the deal maker, on bridges and roads, 'infrastructure' to the tune of billions in a Roosveltian orgy of tax funded spending. What's not to like? This is Bernie Sanders in fiscal drag. A great free nation is about to sink under a European style spending orgy of public works. Like a very tired sad old movie we all know the end of, as sure as night follows day its Goodnight America, hello United States of Cuba. Sinclair Lewis wrote a book about this called It Can't Happen Here. Well, it just has.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

How to become President of the United States

If you are facing a Leftist candidate and want to win the way to do it clearly is to move even further to the left  and that is exactly what Donald Trump has done with his protectionist statist programme making Hillary look like a capitalist in comparison. That is the takeaway message of this presidential campaign. It has nothing to do with the mythical glass ceiling which is more a mental state that some  victim status excuse making feminists are prone to  with their gender politics.

Loony Tunes Productions Ft Donald and the protectionist Tooth Fairy

Fiction Trumps reality and my nitemare predictions have come to pass. Wish I got paid all the money the pollsters make for calling it wrong -time after time after time. It is surely time to put this dubious non science of psphelogy to bed once and for all. Poll sniffing should be classified as an addiction from now on and one that needs serious treatment ie a dose of reality - an alien concept for most liberals it would appear..

So Donald cum Santa Claus is here now children of America and he is going to make you feeeel good! He will wave his statist wand and make that wicked evil world go away in a puff of smoke, he will banish those globalist demons that have kept you awake at night, and threatened your cosy jobs for life with the cold wind of competion, he will build a nice safe wall for you to keep all those foreigners with their dastardly cheap goods and trade from your delicate fragile economy that is averse to challenge and open markets, he will stop evil foreigners dumping all their cheap products on you so from now on you will have the privelege of buying expensive stuff which you probably will not be able to afford but never mind, it s the princple that counts -lets make America great again.! Just chant that mantra eveytime you feel a bit doubtful and wonder where all the growth is going to occur as you dig that hole for Donald and build that subsidised bridge to nowhere and dream the subsidised protectionist dream.At least the Wicked Witch is dead! Long live King Donald!

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Trump Will Win

Applying the Brexit criteria which I think is apt it should be a shoe in for Trump but obviously my Nostradamus powers are not infallible and there is room for error. If it goes the other way America will be in gridlock which will be a good thing because a mega State that is paralysed is preferable to a functioning one. Still I think the fascist Donald will win and then America can kiss its sorry ass goodbye and ours with it no doubt.If there is a silver lining to this cloud louring over all our houses I cannot see it. Goodnight America, see you in the mourning.

Harry Hewitt the Royal Playboy Parasite is Upset

In a flagrant assault on the free press Buckingham Palace has released a hysterical rant against the media for daring to publish stories about Harry's latest whore for whom he clearly has an insatiable appetite.For the biggest crime family in history they sure have an extreme sense of victimhood and a persecution complex but this is all of course smoke and mirrors in an attempt to distract the public from the parasitism of the institution of British Monarchy and an attempt to drag its gaudy horror show across the 21st century unless concerted action is taken to dissolve this evil institution that has sucked the blood of the British people for centuries.

The Gnomes of Parliament

The moral and intellectual pygmy gathering known as the House of Commons was in full swing yesterday talking about repatriating all the Brussels powers, every dot and tittle to Parliament. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. It's a Who's Who of nonentities ready to boilerplate or template all those onerous Brussels Kafkaesque edicts you thought we were throwing on the bonfire of history after Brexit folks. But its even worse than that. MPs -Tory MPs were open bragging and crowing about the fact that Brussels laws were actually inferior as they were insufficiently invasive and lacked the regulatory rigor -unlike British legislation that was far more prohibitive and injurious to the free market! Never mind 6 impossible things before Brexit these more-loyalist-than the Brussels King Tories are planning six thousand impossible things after Brexit. Look in the mirror Tory Boy, you have become the enemy.

Monday, November 07, 2016


The UK is behaving like a dodgy banana republic incarcerating political prisoners re its disgraceful treatment of Julian Assange holed up for years in the Ecuadouran Embassy who in an interview with RT last week came across as a very measured sane dignified individual in the face of wanton and protracted persecution by the British State. Rather than being treated as a political prisoner for exposing the surveillance State he should receive the Nobel prize for journalism and be granted  immunity from extradition to the States which seeks to punish him for revealing that it has now become a de facto totalitarian State based more on the principles of Orwell's 1984 than those of the Founding Fathers. And that goes for the British State too, hence its barbaric treatment of Assange and its abuse of taxpayer's money to monitor his round the clock movements (or lack of them) in said embassy to the tune of tens of millions of pounds - and counting.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Crooked Thinking = Trumpism

How can the cure for the cancer of Rule by the Establishment be more Big Government via  Trump? How is that rejecting the corrupt system of Cronyism -to embrace protectionism and big State solutions, trade wars with China and the rest of the world,to turn your back on the free market and retreat into economic isolationsm? Will anyone tell me that. Deathly silence. The media does not point out this absurdity because it has more in common with the Trump Bernie Sanders solution than it does with free market capitalism that only the Randian Objectivists are positing from their obscure website redoubts outside the gates of academia, largely unheard and ignored. So we go hurtling towards the precipice in ignorance and rage, into the dark vortex of hopeless despair all for the want of basic knowledge guided by reason and objectivity and cleaar sightedness. How a country was lost. Watch and weep...

What Institutions Are not fit for Purpose?

It is hard to know where to begin when talking about our corrupt institutions. Whether it be the Bank of England, Parliament, the Lords,  the Judiciary, the broadcasting media specifically the BBC, the Cof E, the Monarchy, the Civil Service, our Quangocracy, most Gov Depts,the NHS, our regulatory system, the tax system,,Cronyism of government and business re subsidies and the lobby system, the surveillance State that snoops Stassi-like on private citizens, the bizarre liberal criminal justice system and collapsing prison regimes - all are silos of Statism that are expressly designed to rob people of their liberty in the guise of serving the public good -that whore of all rationalisations and that's not to even mention our involvement with corrupt supra national bodies such as the UN, Nato, OECD,IMF, EU.

Religious idiots will say as an old associate used to that this proves man cannot rule himself but this is just a cop out as man can rule himself but only if he is governed by reason not by emotionalism and collectivist statism which all the above institutions withou anyt exception whatsoever embody and encapsulate.

What we have learned thus far

Judges are corrupt ( !) The Lords are corrupt  (!) Liberals are Fascists (!) Liberals care as much about Parliamentary Sovereignty as Casanova cared about virginity. In fact lets pause there. Why are Liberals invoking PS after decades of willing its evisceration and subordination to the Gnomes of Brussels? Why this new found respect for Parliamentary Sovereignty? Why, so it can be used to subvert Parliament and put us back on the EU Brussels hook! One can imagine the likes of Clegg and Ashdown being presented with the following deal. Have the UK remain in Brussels but it will involve the slaughter of your whole family - and them both readily agreeing to it. It would be dressed up as a noble sacrifice for the greater good of course, just as Paddy boasted on Friday's BBC R4's Any Questions about sacrificing his children to State Comprehensive Education as a virtue signalling exercise -never mind the sacrifice of their souls in order to get to his desired destination -Liberal Sainthood. Just use your children as human shields and guinea pigs why don't you. You went to Private School but you can atone by screwing up their whole lives on the altar of your sanctimony. Nothing is sacred but the Liberal dream, all is subservient to it be it the rule of law, moral integrity, honesty decency,freedom,liberty, it must all be thrown under the Liberal bus for the greater good - read Evil.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Bar Council Channels the Stassi

Not content with returning the most perverse decision in recent UK jurisprudence history this week the Bar counsel is now cutting up rough that the press has had the temertiy to criticise its tendentious verdict which was a flagrant attempt to monkey with the Brexit  referendum result and to subvert and frustrate the will of the people. Sometimes the over vaunting judidiary forgets what country it is living in but then again as most of it seems to have been captured by Brussels this perhaps is not so surprising, but chilling nonetheless.

Russo Envy?

Could the true source of  the Western powers violent hostility to Russia be down to nothing more than military and moral envy -not at the threadbare paucity of Russia's armed forces but in the spectacularly successful way they prosecute all out/take no prisoners/ uncompromising war against their enemies be it in Grozny back in the 90's and soon Alleppo in Syria? Lacking any moral compass whatseover the West blunders and flounders into foreign conflicts without a first clue as to objectives or purpose, fights half heartedly with one hand tied behind its back, is crippled with hobbling politically correct notions of warfare that put the fear of so called collateral damage before and at the expense victory, seems more intent on prosecuting members of its armed forces for legal infractions in the field rather than prosecuting all out war against the enemy,has incoherent, contradictory, defeating, sabotaging policies that lead to massive social dislocation in all counrties they occupy and then wonders why it cannot win wars anymore and has spent more time fighting a bunch of troglyditic Muslim hillbillies hiding in caves than it did to defeat the massed ranks of Panza Nazi divisions in WW11. Still, at least we have the moral high ground with our Pansy Divisions.

Lacking any moral principles whatsoever the West just funnels money into dodgy homicidal  Islamist sectarian splinter groups and feeds Saudi Sordid Arabia with arms to fight its proxy wars and when the result is chaos on a  cataclysmic scale as it has been in Libya and flowing into Syria and spilling out to Africa and Europe with the migrant diaspora it blames Russia instead of looking in the mirror at the horrible spectre  of the amoral, cynical spiritually decadent  corruption that is its Western foreign policy and the dead end it has led to and the carnage it has wreaked.