Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Rise of Liberal Fascism

John Major's speech on the error of the Brexit vote speaks volumes about the the liberal authoritarianism of his ilk and how the champions of democracy really do not believe in it at all and pose as a great a threat to individual liberty as the alt right  populist insurgence movement sweeping the world.Between the two we are in mortal danger as there is no one speaking out for liberty today. It is good to hear the likes of Major and Blair reveal their true illiberal colours however for they reveal themselves as a serious threat to our freedoms and as nauseating as it is to have to listen to their illiberal doctrines,their condescension and molten contempt for freedom it is  necessary to know the nature of the beast and to have exposed for all to see and heed the true enemies within.

Monday, February 27, 2017


As I wrote a few weeks ago before last week's bi election results, Ukip had to have a death wish  re its hapless and absurd new leader  Nuttal  and so it proved to be with their ignominious defeat in Stoke last week which is surely the final proof positive that the party is going through its last painful death throes but characteristically in the form of farce more than tragedy. It is beyond dispute that Ukip was Farage and Farage was Ukip and since he relinquished the helm of the party it has resembled nothing more than a listing Titanic with its passengers fighting among themselves for deckchairs. There is nothing to be lamented in this as Ukip is little more than a rehash of Labour with its anti capitalist corporatist memes and its whoring after Labour votes so it is no great loss.The job was done,kudos to Farage but his party's demise will make the formation of a genuine bona fide anti Left party somewhat easier.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rise and Fall of Milo

As I predicted the popinjay Milo has had a spectacular fall from grace the details of which I have not followed too closely as I find him a profoundly unsympathetic sickening character in all his bizarre contradictions and self publicising vacuity but it can only be a good thing that the alleged bette noire of the Left has been deposed and maybe a more serious assault on the Left can be mounted that has some substance to it rather than the meritricious froth that Milo proffered that actually brought the anti left argument into disrepute to say nothing of his disastrous and lamentable flirtation with Alt Right Nazism or at the very least a connivance and support of it and the endorsing of Trump and the religious fundamentalism he advocated and espoused although directly contradicted in his overt flamboyant promiscuous lifestyle. All of it may hopefully be swept away with his ignominious fall and perhaps a useful lesson drawn from the whole debacle,namely that just because you can say almost anything does not mean that you have to or indeed should.

There is a principled intellectual rational philosophical argument and alternative to left wing collectivism and it is not an emotional right wing collectivism that Milo embodied. He never was a counter to the Left and it will be a good thing if he now returns to well earned obscurity so that a genuine war against the Left can be waged.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Always Let Your Reason Be Your Guide

Intuition and instinct -avoid them like the plague! Religionists love to encourage folk to rely on intuition because it fosters credulity which they count on to perpetrate their fraud. Apply reason to religion and its ridiculous claims fall at the very first inspection.Intuition on the other hand allows people to play it deuces wild,there is nothing that cannot be regarded as plausible if one relies on the inner reverberations of intuition.Its on the 'I feel it in my water' scale of nonsense and mountebanks depend upon such anti scientific irrational bases of belief to ply their evil trade of deception and dissimulation. Religious frauds urge their credulous flock to listen to the inner voice,the 'wordless word', ie intuition and not 'lean to their own understanding', to relinquish their mind to a higher mystical entity. It is a de facto psychotic's charter.Intuition rather than being as its advocates preposterously claim a higher state of consciousness reduces man back to the pre reason level of mind emptying abnegation and intellectual anhiliation.

Instinct is another false foundation of action as human beings are no longer animals and have to use their conceptual faculties to reason out what is good and bad. Relying on instinct will take human beings right back to the cave where reason was but a nascent flicker of the future and brute force and instinct early man's only guide to perform the rudimentary actions necessary for mere subsistence survival.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Objectivism: For Real Life or the Ivory Tower?

(The following are just some lucubrations and not intended to be of interest to the general reader.)

Does Objectivism have any practical application besides being a great intellectual philosophical system? There are many great entrepreneurs who have built vast business empires who have never heard of or read Ayn Rand and it is hard to see how their business could be improved by doing so other than that they would be more defensive of what they do and speak out against State encroachment and meddling in business that cripples enterprise and regards it as a necessary evil rather than a moral virtue. In other words Objectivism has great political applications but I confess to struggling rather to see how it can improve a person's life in their daily activities. If a businessman who is mega successful started arguing for capitalism rather than collectivism as most business people seem to do, that would be a great improvement and would change the culture.It is just on a personal level that I wonder what real value and application it has and it is certainly not something that is discussed much in Objectivist circles.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beware, Business Politicians at Work

Something rather odd happens to business people when they get involved in politics,a subject I have touched on briefly elsewhere and it is a strange phenomenon. One might reasonably assume that a businessman would be more sympathetic to free markets and capitalism than to state meddling but invariably this is far from the case and it might be instructive to examine why. Lots of business people have been corrupted by the coercive involvement of the state into business affairs re tax,regulation,licencing etc so they think it natural and a matter of course that governments should be intimately involved in the business world and workplace.Another reason business people seem dictatorial in their political views and ideas is that they are used to being masters of all they survey within their business universe and merely transfer such autocratic approach to politics. They are people who like to get things done,act decisively and unless they have a strong ideological belief in free markets they are apt to see all the levers of the State as there be used to produce the desired result -regardless of what individual rights are being violated in the process.Arbitrary decisions that brook no dissent may be acceptable when running a personal business fiefdom but this cannot translate happily to the operations of the State with the public reduced to mere employees who should put up or shut up.

Business and the State are odd bedfellows and their unholy alliance is doomed to failure as they are completely different entities with different roles and purposes and to attempt to meld them together is an exercise in futility and ultimately disaster as we may well discover when Trump has finished rampaging through American politics, leaving what I fully predict will be a trail of havoc behind him..

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

All's Fair in Love and War?

I have never understood all the rules of engagement in war, the international law regarding it, Queensbury rules,Geneva Convention,International courts and suchlike. War is about the breakdown of relations between countries and ergo one would suppose all rules governing their respective behaviour so it is a fiction that such observances can have any traction in the real world beyond liberal la la land.If they could there would be no war in the first place.

To hobble one's own side with ridiculous injunctions is to risk defeat on the battlefield and countries that do that to their soldiery are decadent and doomed to destruction.Israel and its prosecution and imprisonment of the soldier who shot a prone Palestinian is a case in point. The brute had already attacked Israelis with a knife and the soldier did nothing wrong in taking him out and should have been given a medal for services to humanity not hauled before a court and sent to jail. But when it comes to Israel normal rules of justice and fairness do not seem to apply and it is deemed guilty before the court of international opinion merely for existing.In reaching such a perverse judgement it has done serious harm to itself and cause and suggests a country regrettably  unsure of its inalienable right to defend its interests and very existence.

Towards a Secular Om?

Meditation has been dominated by mysticism from the start but shorn of its mystical accretions it is a useful secular tool to centre and relax the mind  to facilitate deeper levels of intellectual accuity and there is no reason why it should be exclusively the preserve and domain of mystics and anti life gnostics of spiritual babble. The mind is a complex tool and is subject to distortions abberrations and psychological malfunction and meditation can asssist in countering some of its more errant tendencies,focusing the conscious mind and facilitating greater efficacy in thought and deed and as a very effective assist in memory improvement.

Self awareness is invaluable to understanding personal motivation and the tendency of evasion that human beings are prone to. Too often it is tempting  to focus exclusively on what is wrong out there,in the world of culture and politics, to fixate on the failings of others and institutions to the exclusion of self examination -so much harder to apply the same rigour and analysis to personal flaws. This could explain the popularity of so called social media and blogs - how much more pleasant,satisfying and enjoyable -not to say addictive - is it to be permanently examining the mote in other's eyes rather than one's own! But without such self examination there can be no growth improvement and flourishing and deeper understanding of philosophy and personal motivation and in the absence of such, railings at the world and culture alone will serve us nought.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Robo Tax

Not kidding,the greatest entrepreneur of the late 20th century Bill Gates thinks companies that employ robots rather than human beings should be taxed heavily to retard the process of robotisation of the workplace because it will leave some workers behind and the money should be used to retrain them in government funded programmes. When did new technology ever lead to mass unemployment -it creates new jobs by the gazillion and why should the inclination to stagnate and not progress amongst some workers hold everything else back? Its a monstrous collectivist altruist assault on progress and freedom and sits ill on someone who achieved phenomenal billionairehood by being ambitious,innovatory,radical,revolutionary and massively technologically disruptive his whole career. Apparently the arch altruist Warren Buffet is corrupting poor Bill with such ideas which sit equally odd and incongruously on someone who has made billions as a rugged individualistc traider in the capitalist system with not a trace of altruism in any of his financial forays. How quickly entrepreneurs discard everything that made them mega successfull and go native as soon as they put their big toe in politics.

Can the West Survive?

Enlightenment values appear to be in mortal danger as the West coasts on their remnants whilst recklessly abandoning all their core premises of free speech,individual rights free trade etc.With America succumbing to a crypto fascist agenda of protectionism,virulent nationalism religious fundamentalism,violation of 1st Ammendment principles and Europe even further down that road of serfdom it is hard to see how the West can avoid spiralling into a vortex of statist illiberal collectivism,corruption and tyranny. The over regulating taxing State is encroaching on individual liberties and will eventually crush them completely if this direction of travel is not arrested pretty soon. As all the centres of learning,the universities and intelligentisa have been taken over by illiberal thought and practices,silencing debate,demonising free speech and jailing people with politically incorrect views it seems inevitable that the final collapse into a prolonged period of hysteria,emotionalism and unreason will result. Freedom has to be fought for daily and not traded away for security and fuzzy feelings.Who will defend it and upon what philosophical ground when that ground has been eroded out of existence and only empty platitudes and bromides of subjectivist emotionalism remain?

Monday, February 20, 2017

What's the Meaning of Life?

What's the meaning of life is really a trick question loaded with premises regarding the supposed and unsubstantiated existence of an entitity from another dimension ie God who is directing all human affairs and who has to be contacted by means of craven obesiance to get instruction on how to live life. There is no meaning of life apart from the individual,it does not exist outside of the individual's personal space and experience but on the contrary is entirely dependent upon every individual's action or inaction,effort or lack of it,direction or lack of it,purpose,drive initiative,industry and goals. Meaning is not floating around independent of the individual but is entirely dependent on that individuals self actuating behaviour.To ask the question what is the meaning of life itself is to unwittingly subject oneself to helpless passivity,fatalism,determinism and philosophical abdication of one's life and existence.

Selective Satire?

I am not a reader of Private Eye but I know it is highly regarded and has a reputation for fearsome satire although I am not altogether sure it is entirely justified. Has the organ printed for instance cartoons of the Prophet -piss be upon him? Has it lampooned Islam and its absurd claims and behaviour? I am prepared to stand corrected but I do not think it has. No doubt the editor Ian Hislop has his head screwed on and is not about to risk having it chopped off by mad mullahs so satire clearly has its limits re his magazine and only targets that are unthreatening will fall under its beady and merciless satirical Eye.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

There is A Vacancy in the Whitehouse

The thin skinned narcissist of a President needs more validation! His glassy eyed adherents duly pack stadia to validate him once more. The US it is true has thrown up a pretty odd bunch of psychologically flawed Presidents but surely nothing like this.Its not a presidency so much as a therapy session /cult/ eerily reminiscent of the Jim Jones saga with the crazed crowd crying  for Koolaid.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Anti Corporation League

It is weird how a perfectly good phone in programme on the evils of business rates can quickly morph and deteriorate into an anti corporation /anti Big Business fest as it it did on Ian Dale's Drive prog on LBC last evening led shamefully it must be said by himself as he lambasted Big Business for getting away with light taxation - which is untrue anyway as it pays the lions share as all surveys have shown. This hatred of big business and corporations which callers to the programme joined in on is verging on the pathological and paranoiac. In business big is beautiful and often we mistakenly fetishise the corner shop for the hard truth is that they cannot compete on price as they do not have the economy of scale of big business and corporations and far from demonising the latter we should be forever grateful that they provide an amazingly great service to the poor who thanks to them can purchase good quality cheap products which adds immeasurably to the quality of their lives and keeps their expenses down. On top of this corporations employ lots of people unlike small businesses.The critics of Big Business are invariably advocates of Big Government which of course poses the sole,greatest direct existential threat to our lives, liberties freedoms and economic well being.We should praise Big Business,not bury it.

Business Rapes

With business rate hikes of over 50% coming in April (appropriately and with mordant cynicism on the 1st) with costs going up in the tens of thousands to small businesses in some cases any lingering notion that the Conservatives are business friendly should be well and truly put to rest, for when it comes to depradating entrepreneurship and persecuting business there is no moral difference whatsoever between them and Labour. One wonders when it will finally sink in to the business world that Conservativism is every bit as much hostile,inimical and a threat to it than the Left and to stop supporting it, voting for it and filling its coffers.To carry on doing so in the light of this latest direct frontal assault on enterprise and business would be masochistic and suicidal on its part. Now more than ever a political party that is openly and proudly pro capitalist is required that will also expose the Conservative party for the execrable statist collectivist business-hostile party that it so plainly is.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Class Act

Class is fetishised by the Left but it merely denotes achievement and talent and in a free society people can move up and down the class scale by effort and skill and only in sclerotic ossified hidebound autocratic states is there class stasis and immobility. In the 80's when Thatcher deregulated the economy this freed up the stratified structures and produced the phenomenon of the Yuppie -the upwardly mobile young and it is highly significant that it pleased the Left not one jot as they saw their power base shift under them and former Labour voters turned to Thatcherism for liberation and to facilitate social economic advancement.It became apparent that rather than welcoming and being pleased about working class liberation upwards the Left hated feared and resented this process and wanted the working class kept in their place to be patronised and condescended to by them. So much for the idea that the Left hates the class system as it is clear that they had a vested interest in its perpetuation. The sneering inverted snobbery of the Left regarding those who rose out of their working class background is one of the many indictments against them and a major cause of their fall from power and the leaching away of their base support from which they have not recovered to this day.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Channels Putin

A sinister assault on the free press and the 1st Ammendment. A press conference almost entirely taken up with an assault on the press, a deeply disturbing sinister deranged performance from a President so out of control and order it is terrifying to witness. Such would be expected and par for the course in North Korea,Russia or Iran but the United States? This alone is grounds to start impeachment proceedings against this mountebank and would-be Fascist.Why no outcry,no outrage?

Scourge of Mysticism

New Age mysticism is old age mysticism in modern jargon. Without the baleful influence of religion the New Age movement would never have emerged to blight and stunt the lives of millions of gulled fools with its empty promises,vague incantatory doggrel and false hope of result without effort.A whole industry of piffle has robbed people of their lives and reduced them to passive recipients of the reverberations of supernatural emanations, claptrap, mind shrivelling ambition destroying nonsense.Effort and reason or mindless passivity are the only choices for human beings,in other words, life and purpose or a living death of passivity,hope and unreason and the unfocused drift it engenders and necessitates.With nothing but centuries of tradition between religion and New Ageism thee is not an iota of moral difference between them as both beget inertia disintegration, morribund passivity dissolution and death.

PC Endgame

I never believed the advocates of political correctness who claimed back in the day in its defense that it was just an issue of good manners and decency and respect towards others and now that people have actually ended up being thrown in jail in the UK and other places for merely expressing a wrong opinion on homosexuality,transgender, race etc the sheer sinister nature of PC is there for all to see in all its grim fascistic evil. Hate crime,hate speech,thought crime this is the end game of leftist totalitarians and it has now gone mainstream and been incorporated into law. Not even Orwell would have imagined this in his country of birth even in his darkest pessimism about human nature. It is bad enough that our universities have been turned into sanitised safe spaces where no expression of thought is allowed to upset the delicate sensibilities of the students but now the whole country has been designated a safe space and wo betide anyone who speaks out of line and takes an unconventional view of anything because they are going to have their collar felt.It couldn't happen here? - it just has. Worse even than that, the almost total silence on the matter from the general public.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

To Russia with Loathe

True, 'modern' Russia under Putin is a crypto Fascist Christian rogue State but if the US is going to be excoriated for fraternising with it what about all the other horror states it has close ties to like the ghastly Arab Nazi State of Saudi Arabia and China for a start just to pick two that is no less authoritarian than Russia? The Left has turned on its former love because it has lurched to a sort of right wing Christian authoritarianism but other types of authoritarianism of a Islamic nature appears to bother it not. So Left and Right both have a penchant for totalitarianism of one sort or another and neither are anything other than compromised and mired in hypocrisy in what countries they choose to tacitly endorse by their silence or overtly condemn.

Democracy and the Rogue State

It would be possible and compatible for a Democracy to enshrine individual rights at the centre of its polity but no such democratic state exists to date, indeed, democracy has become synonymous with an absence of individual rights and an enshrinement of collective rights in its place,majority rule with the biggest gang and aggregate of votes prevailing.So to speak of Democracy today is to implicitly reference force and coercion through statism.Democracy is incompatible with liberty therfor as it is the means by which the state through the taxation system combined with regulation and licencing uses coercion as a principle of control to amass a vast amount of wealth to facilitate the exponential expansion of state agencies and so rob people of their autonomy and liberty.

Collectivist Delusions

After the great God Delusion the second most important delusion the public should really divest itself of is the Great Left - Right Delusion. Nothing has caused more confusion than this deliberate deception. I freely admit to being taken in by it myself for over 30 years. It is of course the idea that the Left and Right are opposites and it is upon this great lie that global politics has fed and flourished for over a century pitching people against one another in faux opposition and driving forward the statist agenda under cover of political plurality. But the clues were there right from the start. From the Bismarkian rightist militarist Welfarism to Hitler with his socialist programmes the differences with the Left were always only very superficial and presentational,one of tone more than substance and the results of course were all but identical,mass graves,totalitarian horror,war,slavery,genocide.

 Right up to the present day the Left Right Delusion persists with Trump and his Republican Socialism and Bernie Sanders economics.One has to hope that people will finally see through the Left Right Delusion as the statist trick it is to create a false opposition between two versions of the exact same thing and reject this hydra headed monster of collectivism in favour of freedom,liberty and individual rights within the only system that protects,ensures and facilitates them,namely capitalism.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Economic Nationalism

Nothing is more economically backward and chauvinistic than the notion of economic nationalism,an ugly virulent form of racism. The state steps in to stop a company merger with a foreign competitor cheered on by the xenophobic press and everyone applauds but this anti capitalist nativism is economically destructive and a recipe for economic disaster. Globalisation has raised billions of people out of poverty but to turn inwards and eschew interaction and interpenetration with foreign companies will only lead to financial sclerosis and poverty and the country that indulges in it is signing its own death warrant.

Petrol Theft

Inflation is up partly due to a rise of fuel costs but it is rarely pointed out that the government is wholly responsible via its criminal 70% tax on petrol. This is breathtaking larceny on an industrial scale but it makes one wonder how much it would have to raise it before there was public opposition and the government  has rightly concluded that there is no limit to the extent it can shaft the public with total impunity.

Tout Alors

In property rights is implicit the right to buy and sell what one has bought. When it comes to ticket touting this basic right is violated by the State quite flagrantly. If you buy a ticket to some event and sell it at a profit why the hell should the State have anything to say about it or criminalise such an entrepreneurial act?  I have yet to hear why selling a ticket one has bought is any different from selling anything else one has bought and this wanton demonisation of ticket touts by governments is as sinister and pernicious as it is profoundly immoral and unethical. An assault on free trade should not be countenanced for first they came for the ticket touts...

The Madness of King Donald

For a President of the United States to attempt to turn it from the melting pot of the world to North Korea and prevent Americans purchasing cheap products from abroad is so tyranical it beggars belief and is the reason  why psychiatric tests on Trump should be mandatory. When they come back positivie as they only can,  he can then  be unceremoniously bundled out of the Whitehouse. To try and pretend that he likes Ayn Rand and the Fountainhead as he has does -presumably on the grounds it is about architects and building -  is  is beyond risible and shows his concrete bound view of the world where abstractions,concepts and ideas are completely absent from his mental realm. This is a dangerous autocrat subject to capricious whims and arbitrary dictat issuing which is why he has such an affinity with Putin another thuggish demagogue who invokes religion to justify his psychopathy.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ukip Nutter

The Ukip leader Nuttal has already been exposed pretending to live in a house in Stoke he has never set foot in to curry favour with the electorate in the area for the upcoming bi election and there is now doubt about his claims to have been at the Hillsborough football disaster when he was a child where drunken Liverpool football hooligans trampled one another to death in a case that has recently been whitwashed after a concerted politically motivated campaign by the surviving families. Why would someone pretend to be at a football disaster other than to get some perverted cachet from shroud waving about it?The man looks a plonker and  confirms the fact when he opens his mouth and that vile ridiculous absurd scouse accent comes out of it.Ukip must indeed have a death wish.

Kim ill Trump

Its hard to see how a mentally unstable narcissist like Trump is going to be able to deal with a mentally unstable narcissist Kilm ill North Korea. This is a man who thinks you can do a deal with the Devil and has spent his life cronying up to every authority for economic gain. The man would not know a moral principle if it kicked him in the teeth. Now more than ever we need principled ideological stand against evil whether it be the theocratic Islamic Nazi regime of Iran or the psychopathic state of North Korea. Expect only bungling and empty bombast from the intellectual pygmy who has inveighled himself into the Whitehouse with empty braggadocio and verbal wind. His refusal to even mention Pakistan and the Gulf state,Saudi Arabia is indication that no morality is governing his actions,just arbitrary knee jerk emotionalist spasm and his economic ties with Saudi Arabia show a president hopelessly compromised and mired in corruption which could well ultimately and inexorably lead towards impeachment proceedings down the line.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trump Economic Jihad against America?

Building an economic wall round America to keep competition out is assinine economic illiteracy,economic chauvinism,waving a white flag and cowering in a protectionist bunker,an act of national suicide. Maybe the judges will rule that it is unconstitutional? If not the repercussions for the US could well be greater than 9/11 but all the worse in that the economic jihad will have been self inflicted.

Religion and other lies

Elderly people who have been scammed are very reluctant to admit  or talk about it,ashamed and embarrassed at the credulity involved and the same applies to those caught up in a cult,it is a source of embarrassment to them.For the same reason many people hold on to the same belief all their lives as to reject it would involve having to admit that they had been wrong all that time and this could explain the hold religion has on its glassy eyed adherents but also just as worrying the same could well apply to people's political allegiances.Political beliefs resemble religious ones in that they bypass the cerebral cortex and exist in a non rational locus.The connection between religious and political beleifs has already been made here -how else could people blindly accept the idea of self sacrifice,altruism,man being his brother's keeper explicit in all collectivist statist socialist fascist ideologies had he not already been softened up by religion to accept such a notion.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ponzi Faith

No matter how big and seemingly plausible a Ponzi scheme is sooner or later it will be exposed and its operators thrown in jail. Bernie Madoff was the biggest perpetrator of Ponzi fraud but there are gazillions of other smaller operators and they all come a cropper sooner or later but imagine a fail- safe Ponzi scheme that only promised reward after death -the ultimate never to be exposed Ponzi! I wish I had thought of that one ha ha.The religious folk got there first however and it has been the gift that keeps on giving for centuries and they are still plying their lucrative trade in fraud to this very day.There is a sucker born every minute said the illusionist PT Barnum and it is upon such credulity that every religion builds its church. One is tempted to say against one's libertarian instincts that such such hucksters should be banned from this fraud of extracting monies under false pretenses but for some reason they have legal immunity so it just goes on. Will there ever come a day when the human race leaves behind this primitive urge for immortality and drops its need for superstition and false comfort and becomes truly human and rational I wonder?

Thou Shalt Not Question Religion

Religions are constructed on the most flimsiest of foundations,another indication of their human provenance.Take  Christ for example,a deluded psychotic who heard voices,thought he could perform miracles and heal people -(corroborated incidentally only by ignorant uneducated peasants)  and became a human sacrifice nailed to a cross to save the sins of the human race - on this basis was created the biggest religion of all time -an absurdity upon an absurdity which even a cursory  examination of would expose as an obvious fraud and nonsense on its very face. This stuff can only be approached in the same way my English teacher taught me to approach the reading of  a novel -with a willing suspension of disbelief,something which apparently religious devotees are all too ready to do.This is the sine qua non of belief for the minute you begin to look critically at this stuff it falls apart.

Muhamud -an illiterate epileptic peasant with a deviant penchant for little girls and by all accounts a serial killer starts to hear voices and another bizarre insane religion is born. The greatest enemy of religion is critical thought,turn it for one second against any of the world religions and their ridiculous claims and assertions crumble like pie crust.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Cancer of Religious Faith

When I was a believer in what I can now see was a very vaguely defined  Christianity, I will freely admit to hating the humanity. It really does go with the territory. From the bible,surely the most evil man made document ever we are told 'love of the world is emnity with God'. Hatred of the human race is therefor mandatory for a believer! I was into the very deservedly little known  self styled guru and all round fake called Roy Masters who I have had the displeasure to write about before and he would come out with such gems as 'even for the best of us life is a living hell'  and 'heaven forbid I should die before my wife and leave her alone on this miserable earth' and 'my wife understands people better than me because she has a snake's eye view of things' and so on, ad nauseam. This is the pure hatred that religiosity engenders as a matter of course,a malevolent world view,toxic and misanthropic, replete with bile and rancour yet presenting  itself at the same time as benign and loving. Who needs a philosophy like that and where can it possibly lead but to nihilism and self imiseration?The record of all religions and the horror they have left in their wake down the centuries is hardly surprising animated as they all are with such a malign eschatology.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

National Health Shipman Service?

We do not pay other people's house or life insurance so why do we pay other people's health insurance? Why is the health service run on a socialist ideology that has been widely discredited, exploded and rejected pretty much around the world except for North Korea and Cuba? Why is the media silent on this matter? We tell our children that Santa Claus doesn't exist sooner or later don't we? Maybe we should give a name to our collective denial about the NHS -how about Nhsosis - an irrational fear of pointing out that socialism cannot run a whelk stall let alone a complex health system?

It is thought tasteless to invoke Harold Shipman re the NHS? No what is tasteless,nay downright immoral obscene and evil is to knowingly attempt to operate a health system on socialist principles when you know fully well and for a fact that it  cannot possibly work and will result in the deaths of millions of people but will serve the most important purpose of all, namely allowing you to feel good and virtuous  about your belief in socialism - that, I would submit, is beyond evil.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Up On Housing Project Hill of Beans

The housing market crisis! What market? Nothing is less of a market than the housing market. And have you noticed how every area the State is involved in is under rationing? Education -do you feel postcode lucky Punk? Health - NHS -its not even funny anymore as since its inception it has been rationed and lurched from on crisis to another to the point now of possible complete collapse, the socialist dream cum nightmare collapsing like the Berlin wall.

Housing has been quasi nationalised since the end of the second world war with massive council housing building,then the housing benefit system,regulations planning restrictions,so called nimbyism, environmentalist obstructionism,green belt fetishisation, taxation,every such State intervention another distortion of an already totally compromised and hobbled market and endless governement 5 year plans has created a Sovietised housing system leaving generations homeless and priced out of a rigged market.

What's the chance that a State that cannot punish criminals,fight wars -the very things it exists to do where necessary is going to be able to solve a housing crisis that it created to begin with?

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Brussels Scum V Westminster Scum

The reason it is desirable to return powers from Brussels to Westminster is not because the latter has any more probity than the former as the same dictatorial mindset prevails in both places, but because more control can be exerted over politicians on the national level (although that is hard enough) than in some supra national body that is accountable to no one and uses the very opaqueness of its bureaucratic structures to frustrate the will of its subjects which was its very original purpose of course. Those Westminster scum who favour the UK remaining in the EU and are doing their darndest to achieve it know their days are numbered when departure is effected as they will then be accountable directly to the UK electorate thus bringing their power lusting machinnations to an end.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Faith Schools - Child Abuse?

The man-made evil of religion finds its greatest manifestation in Faith Schools -the deliberate and wanton indoctrination of young minds into the warped ideology of faith with its life negating misanthropism, engendering a distrust of anyone outside the particular sect in question, fostering alienation as social policy and breeding mistrust and hostility among faiths and inverting moral values in the name of a loving God. How can this be viewed as anything other than systematic institutionalised child abuse? Indeed it is no accident that religious organisations appear to specialize in actual child abuse,using the cover of their faith to avoid detection and enable them to perpetrate their heinous life destroying depradations upon their innocent and captive charges with seeming impunity

In the 21st century it is surely way past time this  promulgation of pernicious primitive.anti scientific anti reason irrationalist obscurantism was no longer sanctioned and  financed in the name of education by taxpayers leaving those who seek to hobble their offspring with this deleterious indoctrination to get their funding from their church and pay for it themselves rather than implicating society at large in this egregious act of superstition pedaling and mind control.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Give Me Inequality or Give Me Death

If you want equality go to f****** North Korea. Inequality is good,nay essential as a distinguisher between good and bad, competence and incompetence, quality and dross, achievement and non achievement,industry and sloth,creativity and rote imitation. Far from seeking to eradicate it by government intervention it should be cherished as an invaluable indicator of value versus non value. The very reason the Left hate it is the reason we should value and seek to protect it by laissez faire hands off State delimitation. The equality drive is a collectivist argument from scarcity -there is only a limited amount of stuff and its government's job to 'redistibute' it 'fairly' ie take from those who have created it and give to those who have not. The only claim those who have not created it have on those who have is their need which trumps justice,equity and all concepts in a civilised society of moral right.

As a cursory glance at reality will show there is no finite stuff,it is created by the individual mind and is limited only by the extent of knowledge and creativity he or she can bring to bear on any given endeavour. The idea that the fruits of their labour should be taken from them and given to those who have done nothing beyond just existing indicates a culture and social system bereft of moral principles and values which has become a predatory communistic collectivist dystopia. This is what is held up as morality and desiderata by our political elites.

UK Republicans: Seize the Day!

If not now, when? On the eve of the sucession to the throne of a man who all by all accounts is mentally unstable, talks to plants, thinks the only problem with Islam is that we are not accommodating enough to it,subscribes to the arrant charlatanism and quakery of homeopathic 'medicine' and the irrational anti scientific pseudo science of environmentalism and who seems to spend most of his time penning rambling semi coherent missives to ministers, breaching every convention of non royalist intervention in political affairs the time has never been riper for a concerted political organisational philosophical intellectual assault on the monarchy as an immoral excrescence of a bygone tyranny long due for abolition.

In my 35 year close interest in politics I can honestly say I have never even heard or seen a debate or critique of the UK monarchy in this country which is a staggering indictment of our media in a so called free country illustrating  the sinister extent the monarchy has made the press a lickspittle to its will and has gained an unhealthy ascendancy over the intelligentsia who seem happy to play the role of court sycophants and lackeys to this corrupt and morribund institution that likes nothing better than to hobnob with fellow royals in Saudi Arabia with their blood soaked tyrannies and bronze age barbarism.

Now is the time to launch an all out assault as I say on the British Monarchy and its putrid toxic legacy of parasitism and arbitrary rule, representing as it does everything that is backward and intellectually sclerotic in our culture and public life and to end the cringing forelock tugging obesiance we show towards this tawdry criminal family sitting on vast appropriated wealth and sucking the life force out of its hapless captive tax enslaved subjects.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

3 Jeers for Democracy?

Democracy has done such a great publicity job on itself that most people think an absence of it can only lead to tyranny. Well it could of course but it ain't necessarily so. How about freedom instead? The need to avoid this debate is paramount for the Democracy advocates as the minute the subject is broached one can see the fallacy of the end of Democracy leads to tyranny argument for what it is -an attempt to scare people off from even contemplating what could replace it and  safeguard all the precious things such as liberty and freedom that Democracy has deprived people of from its very inception and miss characterisation as the greatest manifestation of civilization - rather than what it actually represents I would posit,its nadir.

How  anyone could have thought that mob rule through the ballot box would lead to a civil polity is beyond belief but maybe Democracy itself is indeed best understood as a secular religion - the Augustinian I believe because it is unbelievable - but it certainly defies all rational analysis.If politics has become a religion there is an increasing sign however that more and more people are becoming agnostic towards it if not downright atheistic.The time has never been more favourable for a movement to emerge against the very concept of Democracy and its mob rule illiberal manifestations.

The present semi global insurgency movement as I have repeated many times is the very antithesis of such a movement for although it dresses itself as anti establishment it is the most establishment statist illiberal composition imaginable and will set back the freedom movement for decades if the idea that it is pro liberty becomes the established wisdom. Never has any movement flown under such false colours which makes it profoundly dangerous in that it parasites off the concept of liberty whilst robbing people of it at the same time, and most calamitously of all when it leads to disaster as it only can, people will then fatally conclude  that liberty itself is suspect and reject it. This is why it is so paramount now to take a stand for liberty and individual rights and point out that the biggest threat to them is the twin evils of Trump alt rightism and Democracy itself -the first of course being merely a logical conclusion and ugly excrescence of the second rather than its alleged opposite.

Friday, February 03, 2017

19th century Politics V 21st Century Technology

What a disjunct between politics and technology -the horse and buggy politics of class conflict, the narrow sectarian tribalism of the old defunct moribund political structures and the liberation of the internet. This mismatch is so stark between technology and fustian bankrupt ideologies of collectivism and statism that it will not be long before the latter is swept away as the detritus of history to be replaced by bespoke individualism, the small state and freedom from the tyranny of top down centralised political control.The latter is only kept going by lazy unthinking tradition and the inertia of groupthink. The corrupt political classes are taking their last gasp as  their obituaries are already being written.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

God V America

A country built on the principle of a separation of Church and State cannot elect an atheist president and the latter is barred from office as an unbeliever -incredible! A man can be a known and self avowed sexual predator,and mysoginist but only has to mouth some asinine religious sentiments to indicate he is a' reformed' character and gets voted in as president.Should it not be religious belief that bars someone from holding high office or becoming a top  judge?

The only wall that should be erected is the Jeffersonian one between Church and State and to so violate Constitutional principles by dragging God into public office is one of the most flagrant violations of core principles in the history of the US. Do we now have a Theocracy,a Democracy or a Republic?

Instead of religion being a private matter between the believer and his conscience it is now used as a stepping stone  and sine qua non for political office and an atheist dare not express his belief and risks persecution and denunciation for doing so -the world is turned on its head and has become fit only for religious frauds charlatans and mountebanks -cometh the hour cometh the Trump.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Democracy or Liberty

It is no truism to say that Democracy leads to demagoguery as the alarming developments across the atlantic amply illustrate. People are becoming dimly aware that something is not quite right to say the very least with democracy, that it is throwing up disturbingly illiberal elements that pose a direct existential threat to their liberties and imperiling their lives as free citizens. Donald the sinister clown has actually - albeit unwitttingly - performed a very useful service in alerting people to the dangers of unfettered democracy in stiring up a mob mentality that can only lead to a totalitarian conclusion. Now the debate can be had about democracy and how it can deprive people of the very things is purports to defend and how it represents the biggest threat to individual rights,the very thing the Constitution was devised to protect. The fact that it has failed dismally in this regard suggests its deeply flawed nature and the need to return to first principles to correct its errors and omissions that has led to this calamitious pass. The fact that the Establishment blob is terrified that people will start such a debate is the clearest and most compelling reason why it should be had and not a minute too soon as freedom itself is drinking in the last chance saloon.